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Vir Honestus
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RP Laureate
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Empty
PostSubject: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 11:45 pm

Five years ago in the land of Hyrule, originally crafted by three golden goddesses, an ancient evil returned once more to try and take over the land. This evil was foretold of in the many prophecies and was destined to return. But also in the prophecies was a story of a hero clad in green who would rise from a lowly commoner to a defender of the people and slayer of demons with help from the maiden of light. This ancient evil is known as Ganondorf also refered to as the Demon King. The hero clad in green traditionally holds the name of Link and is reborn in times of crisis such as this to save the world once again from Ganondorf's anger and malice. The maiden of light is commonly referred to as the Princess Zelda of Hyrule.
      These three are blessed by the goddesses and each of them possesses a part of an ancient relic known as the Triforce. When made whole, it will grant the wish of anyone with a pure heart who touches it, but should someone with an evil heart touch it the Triforce shall split into three and be place within the chosen ones. These three parts have certain properties these being Power, Courage and Wisdom. Ganondorf received the Triforce of Power, Link received the Triforce of Courage, and Zelda received the Triforce of Wisdom. Ganondorf wishes to bring the Triforce back together to grant his own wish and will stop at nothing to get it. Five years ago, he took over the Twilight Realm and made one of its denizens his puppet.
      Using the Twilight, he spread it across Hyrule like a curtain and its citizens became nothing more than spirits who were none the wiser. Link and Zelda were the only ones who were not effected. Zelda retained her form while Link became a wolf.  As the story progresses, he receives help from an imp named Midna. Later down the road, Link learns that she is actually the banished princess of the Twilight Realm. As they journey together, they face many hardships and a relationship between the two is formed. They search first for the pieces of the fused shadows so Midna can gain power; after this, they begin searching for shards of the Mirror of Twilight which is used as a portal to enter the Twilight Realm. At the end of their journey Link and Ganondorf face off after Ganondorf destroyed Hyrule Castle and Midna along with it. Enraged by the loss of his dear friend, Link finishes off Ganondorf by stabbing him through the heart with the legendary blade The Master Sword which those with evil hearts cannot touch. After the fight is over, Link looks for Midna when on the top of a hill the Light spirits that guard Hyrule from the Twilight appear and revive Midna, lifting the curse from her body, changing her from an imp to a beautiful woman whom leaves link speechless. After their reunion, Midna must return to the Twilight Realm to restore order to her lands. Before leaving, she sadly says goodbye to Link and sheds a single tear that she moves towards the Mirror of Twilight shattering it after she uses it to transport herself back into the Twilight Realm. Link tries to stop her but is to late and she is gone. Life for Link was very difficult for him after the incident but he manages to keep living his previous life as a farmer.
      This is where the tale of the hero Link begins anew, with him sleeping in his home on the edge of the village Ordon. This sleep though is not a peaceful sleep. He is plagued by nightmares of his dear Midna being killed before his eyes. Are they just nightmares or something more...
Link bolts upright in his bed covered in a cold sweat from his most recent nightmare. This time he once again couldn't stop the blade from piercing her heart. He wipes away some residue from his eyes along with a few tears.
Goddesses when will these dreams end. I know I can't reach her no matter what. The only way to get there is through the mirror but she shattered it. I might as well get ready for the day.
Link climbs out of his bed and descends to the first floor of his house and begins to shave. He sports a weeks worth of growth typical for a man his age. Now most would say he is about twenty one or twenty two since he doesn't know his birthday. He is an average height with a muscular build from all the farm work he does. His eyes are a pure blue that many say look like the eyes of a savage beast. Although now the citizens of Hyrule call him a hero. If they call him that why doesn't he feel like one?
I could see if the princess need any help around the town. The castle is near rebuilt but there is still much work to be done.
He finishes washing and dresses in his farmers clothes. Stepping out of his house he stretches facing the morning sun. He always rises at dawn to see the sun and sky reach the shade of the Twilight. Its almost as if the two dimensions cross briefly during that time. As he stretches a feeling of dread hits him like a wall.
What is this feeling? I haven't felt this since Ganondorf, but he is dead i saw to that. So why do I feel this way?
Little did Link know that meanwhile in the Twilight Realm things were getting very messy and out of hand.

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Vir Honestus
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RP Laureate
Vir Honestus

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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 12:53 pm

Also Five years ago at the end of Ganondorf's attempt to take of Hyrule once more, the now cured princess Midna made her way sadly back to her own realm. She had just destroyed the only way to enter into the Light World and she also left behind something she cared about very much. wiping away the rest of the tears that came forth from leaving him behind she began to make her way down the path towards the Twilight Palace. As she began to move towards it movement to her right made her stand in a defensive position and gather her twilight magic along with her hair to create a fist.
"Wait your Highness! Its me!"
Lowering her hair and stopping her magic a Twilian male moved from behind the boulder he had hidden behind. The Twilian that moved himself from behind the boulder appeared to be in his late twenties. As he stood up and walked to Midna he was a few inches taller than she was, he wore simple sandals with pants made from Twilian silk, he is in shape and fit with his chest exposed, he wears a small cape attached by beads around his neck, his hair is blond and stands up slightly and he also has a beard along his chin, his eyes are like his hair and are a pale yellow, he bears upon his wrists the tattoos of his office as personal adviser to the princess Midna.
"Its me. Your personal adviser Evander. Do you remember me? I know its been a while since we have last seen each other." Said Evander.
"Ah by the goddesses Evander you scared me half to death." Said Midna.
"The Goddesses your Highness?" Said Evander.
"Its something I picked up in the world of Light." Said Midna.
"I see. Well seeing as you have returned to us is the crisis involving Zant and Ganondorf over?" Said Evander.
"Yes. It is finished." Midna sadly murmurs this remembering who had saved her and all of Hyrule.
"Well that is good news indeed. I believe it is time you returned to the palace. we have been waiting for you to return for some time now. Ever since that man from the Light Realm saved us. Do you know him?" Said Evander.
As they began walking back towards the palace Midna took her time to answer Evanders question.
"Yes I know him well, He is the one who ended the crisis and saved me along the way. His name is Link and you would do well to remember that name." Said Midna.
"Yes your Highness." Said Evander while he looked at Midna skeptically wondering what her relation to this Link was.
The rest of the walk was in silence until they reached the Palace doors when Evander asked.
"Do you believe you are ready to assume the role of our leader again so soon after arriving back home?"
"Regardless of whether I am ready or not I must assume the role again so as to unite our people and rebuild from this disaster that has befallen us." Said Midna.
"Wisely said your Highness." Said Evander.  
After entering the Palace to a loud applause and warm greeting by her court and other advisers Midna called Evander over to the side of the great hall.
"I want you to research our records on dimensional travel to the Realm of Light." Said Midna.
"The Realm of Light your Highness? Very well I shall have a team of our best researchers look into the matter and report to you what they find." Said Evander
"Thank you Evander. This means a great deal to me. I don't care how long it takes but I want to know if we have any information on this subject." Said Midna
"Certainly your Highness." Said Evander
And so from that moment on Evander set up a team to research any history and artifacts associated with moving to the Realm of Light. Midna stuck to her word not growing impatient as two years had gone by yet little was found on the subject until one of the younger and newest researchers found a piece of information in an ancient text.
"We have found that our ancient ancestors that were banished to the Twilight Realm almost at the start of the Realm of Lights history were able to retain knowledge of dimensional travel and managed to create one single portal to the light realm. The bad news of the matter is that they hid it somewhere in the Twilight Realm and no one knows where it is or if it even still is standing." Said Evander.
"I understand. Evander I would like you to now assemble a team to search for this portal after you compile your notes and work on the subject along with using this clue to see if anything else was left about the location of the portal." Said Midna
"Yes your Highness." Said Evander.

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Vir Honestus
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RP Laureate
Vir Honestus

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Roleplay Characters

The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 10:41 pm

While searching through the archives the research team had discovered a near ancient book containing information on inter-dimensional travel.
"Ah this book, be it decrepit as it may be contains information that will prove useful to our research of the portal." Said Evander.
"My Lord, I believe I heard you say something about a book being useful?" Asked Griffin
"Ah Griffin don't sneak up on someone like that you could shave a few years off their life. But yes I did say this book would be useful." Said Evander.
Griffin is the newest and youngest member to the research team although despite this he shows great promise especially after looking at a rather ordinary book several other scholars passed by and opening it to reveal an ancient history about a portal built by our ancient ancestors that would allow them to travel back to the Realm of Light.
"What information does this book hold?" Asked Griffin
"For now you must be patient as I will go and study this book to learn what I can and then present the knowledge to her highness. Griffin I would like you to accompany me when I speak to her Highness." Said Evander
"Ah...Ah yes my Lord." Said Griffin.
"Something wrong Griffin?" Asked Evander.
"N...No my Lord its just that I've never seen or spoken to her Highness in person before." Said Griffin.
"Ah don't be nervous although I can understand your nervousness. I've known her highness my whole life since we grew up together. She has a kind heart and is a just ruler, but get on her bad side and may the "Goddesses" Have mercy on your soul." Said Evander.
After seeing the look of terror on Griffins face Evander decided to stop messing with the young man.
Evander let out a loud chuckle and told Griffin.
"I'm only messing with you. You have nothing to fear. After all she personally requested to meet the one who found out about the portal." Said Evander.
With that Evander set out to his private study to look into the new book.
A day later he is standing in the throne room along with Griffin who keeps fidgeting nervously.
"Your Highness we have discovered some great news that you'll be pleased to hear. But first allow me to introduce Griffin, he is the young scholar who found the book with information on the portal." Said Griffin.
As Griffin bowed his head towards Midna he is interrupted by her.
"You need not bow your head to me Griffin. It is my understanding that you are the newest and youngest member to the research team. With this being said I would like you to study under Evander personally. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Right Evander?" Said Midna.
"Yes your highness I was looking for a worthy apprentice after all. I was going to ask him about it after this meeting but since it was brought up. You are now my apprentice Griffin and I will teach you all that I know." Said Evander.
"Now on to business. What information do you have for me today." Said Midna.
"Yes, what I have to tell you is somewhat disturbing and hard to grasp but I will explain as best as I can. The book has revealed that there are different planes of dimensions that can be directly above or below our own. Also that the higher up the planes you go the more godlike and perfect the worlds are. The lower you go it simply put turns into more and more of a Hell on the Earth." Said Evander.
"Wait you are saying that there are more than the dimension we live in and the dimension that the Realm of Light is in?" Said Midna.
"Allow me to explain if I may Evander I understand completely what you said." Said Griffin.
Evander simply nods his head to Griffin allowing him to speak. Griffin steps forward in front of Midna's throne.
"Your Highness the best way I can simplify what my Master just said is imagine a stack of papers. Now imagine the papers floating only a small distance above and below each other. These papers represent the different dimensions. There could be infinite or there could be a finite amount of dimensions. No one knows for sure but we are somewhere in this stack of floating papers. Now imagine that the paper are waving slightly occasionally brushing against each other influencing one another. Much like what you described of the Realm of Light when the sun rises and sets  it feels like the twilight is in that world. What causes that is partly their day cycle which we do not have. but also our dimension scraping alongside their dimension." Said Griffin.
"I see. This simplifies things greatly. You have my thanks Griffin. Evander is their anything else the book revealed?" Asked Midna.
"No your Highness that is all I could learn. Everything else is illegible due to the age of the book." Said Evander.
"Thank you Evander and Griffin you may leave now." Said Midna.
As Evander and Griffin were leaving the throne room they began talking.
"You don't have to call me master. I'm not fond of that term just call me by my name from now on." Said Evander.
"Very well. You were right though she does have a kind heart. Although I could see sadness in her eyes. Could you not?" Asked Griffin.
"Yes I could. I can see the sadness in her very well." said Evander.

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Vir Honestus
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RP Laureate
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeFri Jul 19, 2013 11:21 pm

Two more years had passed before a breakthrough in the research involving the portal and inter-dimensional travel. Countless books had been looked through, Scrolls of ancient decent had been collected and picked clean but yet nothing of great importance was ever found. Midna meanwhile had denied every suitor chosen for her by the council. She had demanded that instead of being forced to marry she could become queen without a marriage. This idea came to her from observing Zelda during her time in the Realm of Light. The council reluctantly gave in to her request. Evander and Griffin during the two years as master and apprentice had formed a relationship of strong friendship. Evander taught Griffin and Griffin absorbed all that he could impressing Evander immensely. Griffin showed even more potential now that he is 19 years of age, he had grown taller now standing only a head lower than Evander, his hair had grown longer as well he kept it long in the back and parted at the front it was always and blonde color, he was not to fit but had his teenage years muscle still with him, he wears a simple robe that goes from his right shoulder to his left hip then splits in the center of his waist and underneath he wears a pair of pants. No longer does he act childish with his work but seriously and with commitment. Evander had not even taught him how to fight yet for when the time comes he will need it. With little luck in locating the portal Griffin was resting in his new private study adjoined with Evanders pouring over a rather uninteresting book that had little to do with the portal. In fact it was the very book that had started the team of researchers/archaeologists, the book that held information that a portal existed at one point in time when Griffin noticed something strange.
"Bah. Why do I keep reading this one book its not as if ill find anything new." Said Griffin.
"You'll never become a great scholar with that attitude." Evander chided from the other room.
"Ah why don't you just shut your eyes and sleep old man...Wait what is this! Evander come here quickly!" Griffin shouted excitedly.
"What is it?" Evander asked.
"Look here, See that?" Asked Griffin.
What he was pointing at was a symbol that looked very much like an eye.
"Yes I see it, its just a drawing of an eye." Said Evander slightly irritated by Griffin for thinking this was important.
"Its not just an eye. I've seen this before in other books that we have looked through and it is always in the top right corner of a page but only one page in the book has it." Said Griffin.
Evander suddenly realized what Griffin was trying to say that this symbol was.
"My god, Griffin you truly are remarkable. Ill have the scholars search through every book we have and copy the page that has the eye symbol on it." Said Evander also getting excited.
Griffin believes that this symbol of an eye is a key to learning the location of the portal. Each page with an eye is actually a page from another book that was written so expertly that with another book of irrelevant information it could be hidden yet fit with the false book.
After the other scholars had copied each page that contained an eye symbol from every book in the royal library Griffin now had a stack of papers that could be easily the size of a normal book.
"Now to put them in order." Griffin said.
Evander had put him in charge of sorting the information and after that learning what he could from it since he had discovered the eye symbol.
After sorting the pages Griffin spent several days checking and rechecking his notes until he had finally discovered what they had been searching for for Five years. The location of the ancient portal.
The next day after discovering this he personally requested an audience with Midna, he had not even told Evander his discovery.
"Just tell me what you have learned Griffin." Said Evander annoyed at not knowing what his apprentice knew.
"All in due time Evander, you'll learn soon enough." Said Griffin with a slight grin on his face.
Upon entering the throne room Griffin bowed deeply to Midna who stood up and walked over to the two scholars.
"Griffin I told you that you do not have to bow to me." Said Midna as she hugged Griffin and Evander in turn. Another effect of the five years passing by was that Evander, Griffin and Midna had now all become closer friends.
"My lady I have great news that you will be thrilled to hear." Said Griffin excitedly.
"Really? You do?" Midna asked.
"Yes. We have discovered the location of the ancient portal!" Griffin proudly said. Evanders face lit up into a smile as well as Midnas.
"It is hidden underground but the relative location has been revealed. It is past the Black Rose field and beyond the Twilian Plains. The only issue that I can think of is that the relative location is the Sapping Plains. It is a long trip to make but when the other scholars learn of what we have discovered they will jump at the opportunity to begin the voyage." Said Griffin.
"Hmm it is in the Sapping Plains. That could prove dangerous seeing as an extended stay there could kill anyone." Said Midna.
"Ah yes the good news about that is that the notes say the temple the portal is in is unaffected by the Sapping effect, it may even contain a way to reverse the effect and restore the land surrounding it. But that is wishful thinking." Said Griffin.
"Very well if you believe that you can find this temple then I grant you permission to begin the expedition. Send word to me using the spell I taught you when you have found the temple. And both of you please be careful. Midna said as she hugged them both then walked with them both to the library.
After briefing the scholars about the expedition they were ready to go by the next day.
Midna wished them a safe journey then they left.
After two weeks of travel the group made it to the edge of the Sapping Plains.
"We set up camp here. Do you really think it is out there?" Asked Evander.
"It must be, the only detail I left out of my report to the Lady Midna was that the temple is actually causing the Sapping Effect so it must be in the center of this area." Said Griffin.
"You should have told me that, but oh well now lets get camp set up then begin looking tomorrow. We can only stay in the Sapping area for a maximum of four hours before the effects take hold of us." Warned Evander.
The next day after reaching the center of the Sapping Plains the research group could only see barren land and dust.
Griffin sat down on the ground in frustration.
"It must be here!" he shouted slamming his fist into the dirt.
As he lifted his fist the imprint left a strange design. Griffins face lit up in surprise.
"Everyone start moving away this layer of soil." Griffin ordered.
As the soil began to clear out a stone tablet was revealed before them with a single symbol on it.
"What is that?" Asked one of the scholars.
"That is the door to the Temple we have been looking for. Now stand back." Said Griffin.
As the group moved around the slab Griffin stood in front of it. He closed his left eye leaving his right wide open.
"Release." Whispered Griffin in a language unknown to the Twilians.
The eye on the slab glowed red then the entire slab began to retract into the ground in front of it revealing a set of stairs.
"Down we go." Said Griffin.
"What was that you just said?" Asked Evander.
"Oh that was the pass phrase to the door. It was even more hidden in the texts we found then the texts were originally. I had to stay up all night to figure it out back at the palace." Said Griffin.
"I see." Said Evander.
As the group made their way through the temple the Sapping effect had worn off of their bodies and they now had the strength to move. Strangely the temple already had torches lit and the place was filled with light. Large underground rooms with tables and bookshelves were plentiful but empty. As they went lower and lower into the temple the rooms became emptier until the staircase ended and they were on the final floor. On this floor the rooms were filled with what appeared to be the items from the upper levels. Books of all kinds were on the shelves even some from the Realm of Light. even though ancient relics had been found more gruesome things were seen as well such as bones of long dead Twilians with swords and daggers sticking out of them from a long ancient battle. Ancient artifacts lay scattered on the tables but this is not what the team was after they continued for now towards the end of the hallway were at the end all there was is a wall with a carving of a mask on it with the left eye missing.
"These Twilians were guarding something and I believe it is behind this wall." Said Griffin.
Once more Griffin spoke the word release in the strange language and the eye glowed red like before. The wall began to disappear revealing a large circular room with carvings of ancient symbols on the walls but Griffin went straight to the center.
"This is it! This is the portal we have search so long for. I am amazed it is still intact." Said Griffin happily.
The next thing Griffin did was cast the spell to contact Midna. As her face appeared in the black fog that formed he said only a few words.
"We found it."

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Vir Honestus
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RP Laureate
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSun Jul 21, 2013 10:54 pm

Back at the Twilight Palace Midna waited patiently for word to arrive from Evander and Griffin. The trip would take two weeks and maybe a couple days of searching. So far the two weeks had gone by and almost a full day. She said she would remain patient but the thought of a portal existing that could unite her with him again made her excited.
"I hope they contact me soon." Said Midna.
As she said that a small numbness overtook her left index finger. This was the sign for her to activate the communication spell.
She completed her half of the spell and Griffins face appeared before her on the wall she stood in front of.
Before she could ask anything he simply said "We found it."
Those words struck Midna so suddenly all she could do was smile.
"Excellent work you two. I will travel to your location myself using my teleport spell." Said Midna.
"As you wish your Highness." Responded Griffin.
With that they ended the spell and Midna focused her energy to locate Griffin and Evander. Once she had done so she burst into tiny square particles and vanished only to reappear next to Evander and Griffin who were watching the square particles reform to make Midna appear before them. The other scholars were also watching. Once everyone got over the fact that Midna herself was before them work commenced once more.
"This is the room where the portal is housed." Said Evander.
The three of them walked over to the middle of the room where a perfect circle about two and a half feet in diameter and two feet deep waited for them.
"This we believe is the portal itself." Said Griffin.
Midna could only stare for a second before a tear rolled down her face.
"Your Highness whats wrong?" asked Evander worriedly.
"Nothing, It just looks exactly like the Mirror of Twilight I shattered in the Realm of Light. The only difference is that this is not a mirror. its just a hole with the carvings of the mirror in it. We were so close but this is not it." Said Midna sadly.
"I wouldn't be so sure your Highness." Said Griffin as he kneeled at the edge of the hole.
Griffin then dropped into the hole and landed on the carvings that were very dusty. Midna and Evander simply watched as he kneeled in the hole.
Griffin then began wiping away the layer of dust covering the carving. As he did his face lit up in a large smile. He did not move until the entire circle was cleared but Midna and Evander couldn't see below him.
"Your Highness could you tell me what your headpiece is made of?" Asked Griffin.
"Silver I believe since it has been in the royal family for ages. Why?" responded Midna.
"And does the headpiece have any magical properties?" Griffin asked once more.
"Yes it does, since its one of the rarest minerals in the Twilight Realm." responded Midna questioningly.
"Well then I'll be pleased to tell you that this is the portal." Said Griffin as he raised his hand and Evander grasped it to help him out of the hole.
"Now if you'll both look into the hole you will be surprised by what you see." Said Griffin.
"Silver." Evander whispered.
Midna now shed more tears and covered her mouth.
"It is real. I cant believe it. The silver will act as the portals generator. But where is the obsidian slab?" asked Midna.
"Well honestly I didn't know until Evander helped me out and I looked up." Said Griffin as he pointed upwards above the circle.
"I believe that is the obsidian you are looking for. It must go upwards rather far to create the portals walkway." said Griffin.
"Now how to activate it though?" asked Evander aloud.
"I believe Midna herself has the answer."
"What? Me?" asked Midna.
"Yes the only thing powerful enough to activate a portal to the Realm of Light would be the fused shadows you posses. You do still have them right?" asked Griffin.
"Yes I still have them." said Midna.
"You'll have to use the magic from them to activate the portal." Said Griffin.
" I see. First I must get the messengers seeing as I can not leave with our people still being reunited. Second we must search this temple to see if there are any dangers. And lastly How will the messengers survive in the Realm of Light? I'm the only one who could do that since I shared some of Zeldas soul." said Midna
"I'm not sure of a solution to that your Highness." Said Evander.
With that the researches started excavating the entire temple searching for rooms and moving debris, although they left the skeletons untouched. After a few hours some scholars come running to Evander, Griffin and Midna.
"We found something that seems important." they said.
The group moved to the room the scholars had found. Upon entering they saw two pedestals, each bearing a medallion, each medallion was identical to the other.
"I suppose they only had time to make two." Said Griffin.
"What are they first of all?" asked Evander.
"I know what these are." said Midna shocking them all.
"I also know much about ancient ruins and our realms history. These Medallions are very powerful. So powerful in fact they can allow a Twilian to walk in the Realm of Light unharmed. These Twilian symbols stand for protection and the other is the symbol for the sun." Said Midna
"So only two will be able to go through the portal." Said Evander.
"Better make it your two most trusted messengers." Said Griffin.
"I will. Is there anything else you found in here?" asked Midna.
"Yes just this scroll." One said as he handed it to Midna.
"Hmm it says we will need water to fill the portal with just to the edge." said Midna.
"Ah yes. Water is reflective so it will act as the mirror." Said Evander.
"It also says that this temple will be shut in five minutes after activating the portal and can't be opened again for a full year." Midna said sadly.
"Ok we can send the two in and hope for the best." Said Griffin.
"You expect me to knowingly sentence two of my people to death." said Midna as she rounded on Griffin.
"Do you have faith in him?" Asked Griffin.
"Who?" responded Midna.
"The hero clad in green that saved your life during the Twilight Crisis in the Realm of Light." Said Griffin.
"Yes. I have more faith in him than anything in the world." Said Midna.
"Then there is nothing to worry about. If the messengers make it then he will find his way back and destroy every door in this place to get out." Said Griffin.
"I suppose you are right." Said Midna as she smiled thinking about it.
"Very well lets get the portal set up." Ordered Midna.
As they set up her two most trusted messengers arrived via teleport spells.
"We are yours to command your Highness." They said in unison.
One being a man and one being a woman they both stood up in front of Midna.
"Ah Vincent and Rosalie I'm glad you made it. Now I have a task of great importance for you. You will go to the Realm of Light. These medallions will protect you. I want you to find a man named Link. He should be well known but people may fear you because of how you look do be careful. Once you Find him tell him where you are from meaning this realm and tell him he must come to this realm. Ill use one of my spells to stay in contact with you telepathically. Is all this understood." Said Midna.
"Yes your Highness." They both said.
"Alright lets activate the portal" Said Midna.
The other scholars were near the end of the room ready to run up the stairs to escape in the five minutes they had Evander and Griffin were at the front of the crowd watching what was about to happen.
Midna brought the fused shadows out of the small dimension she created to carry objects. Once they were out they began to circle around her and then suddenly clamped onto her head. The scholars gasped but the messengers remained motionless. Midna raised her hands into the form of a triangle and began to focus the power of the fused shadows in the center. Soon after she shot a bolt of the magic into the pool of water not disturbing it in the slightest. At first there was no reaction but then the silver in the bottom of the water began to glow and then it shot the patters of the Twilight Mirror up into the obsidian above it. The messengers wasted no time entering the portal disappearing once they did. Midna then removed the fused shadows and returned them to her pocket dimension.
"Ok everyone out now!" Shouted Midna.
At that everyone began running up the stairs towards the exit.
"Please be safe and please find him." She whispered to herself as she followed behind the others.
Once out they had to keep running across the Sapping Field until they reached their base camp. After they made it Midna bid them farewell and teleported back to the palace before the court could realize she was missing. The others began packing up for the return voyage. As they packed up they heard the slam of the slab locking the temple once more.
Far off in another dimension on the lower levels of the dimensions a figure with one eye woke from a long sleep in a pitch dark room. The figures eye was a bright orange with a green iris. "Ah at last my own power has been used in my own temple, this means that the rift has been opened once more and I can return to take back what was stolen from me. It is time for my return and I will let nothing stand in my way!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 10:25 pm

Back in the Realm of Light more commonly called the Land of Hyrule Link was on his way to the market to see if the construction crews needed any help with rebuilding the castle that was destroyed by Ganondorf.
Its been five years and the castle is near completion once more. Zelda has even gotten her hands dirty during the work assisting the builders despite their protests. She kept saying that she was no better than any other person in the land of Hyrule so she should work with them as well.
"I wonder what is going on their now." Said Link aloud to himself.
Upon reaching the town square things were busy as usual but also as usual the people who noticed him stopped to say hello to the hero.
Link wasn't much for fame and hopped that they would stop soon enough but even after five years the people of Hyrule treated him differently except for his family in Ordon. Despite the fact that Link never knew his parent the villagers of Ordon were his family seeing as they raised him as one of their own.
Although he was glad to have helped save the land from the Curtain of Twilight and Ganondorfs take over he didn't want to be treated differently, he knew this was impossible though because once Zelda made the tale public everyone knew who he was and were always grateful to him. Offering him free wares and products, weapons and armor all of which he refused or payed for in full.
The past five years had been rough on him but at least Zelda still treated him normally and considered him a friend.
Link had finally reached the castle gates that led to the castles courtyards. Link simply walked through without hesitating any normal citizen would have been nervous of the guards on each side of the gate but since Link was a hero they did not question it when he arrived at the castle at any point in time, all they did was simply salute which Link returned to each in kind and proceeded on his way.
Most of the castle was finished except for the main throne room at the top of the castle. So Zelda had set up a makeshift court and throne room on the first level to allow easy access to the public whenever there was a problem that needed fixing. Upon entering the grand hall Link noticed Zelda was not in her throne which would mean she was helping the builders again.
"Ah Master Link how good of you to be here. Are you here to speak to her Highness today?" Asked Zeldas personal butler Cyrus.
"Hello Cyrus, yes I'm here to speak to Zelda could you tell me where she is?" Asked Link.
"Certainly. She is on the top floor assisting the builders again. I really wish she would not do that." Said Cyrus exasperatedly.
"Why? She has gotten stronger physically and mentally by understanding the hardships that commoners such as I face each day. This will help her rule even more when the castle is finished." Responded Link cheerfully.
"I suppose you're right about that Master Link I just wish it wasn't so dangerous. Well I'll let you be on your way. Will you race to the top once more?" Asked Cyrus.
"I believe I will. Is the enchantment on the castle still in place that allows you to never get to exhausted?" Asked Link.
"Yes it is. The rest of the staff will move aside if you simply shout you are coming." Said Cyrus.
"Thanks Cyrus. I'll see you around." Said Link as he took a ready position.
Link counted down in his head Three, Two, One. Then took off running full sprint up the stairs towards the top of the castle. As he rounded corners he warned people ahead he was coming. Several maids giggled loudly as he passed by leaving Link to smile to himself as he continue onward.
Link loved this enchantment. It allowed him to run and think clearly. It also reminded him of what it felt like to transform into his wolf form which he was no longer able to do considering Midna was gone.
Link had made it to the top of the Castle and began looking for Zelda. Once he spotted her on some scaffolding with a hammer and chisel taking instructions from the foreman. As link thought about it he laughed to himself. The now Queen of Hyrule taking orders from a mason seemed ridiculous.
Link began climbing the scaffolding to reach where Zelda was.
As he climbed a worker from several levels up shouted out.
"Look out!"
Zelda, Link and the rest looked up to see a pallet of bricks sliding off the edge of one of the roofs. The group wouldn't have made it out of the way in time. But to Link time seemed to slow down and he began to pick up his climbing speed and found handholds and footholds where none should be he climbed higher and higher reaching Zeldas level. Once he was there he sprinted forwards and jumped towards the pallet. AS he was in the air he put on his dual shot that he kept on his person for various reasons. Luckily the pallet had rope around it. Link aimed for that and the claw stuck to it gripping it securely. The other claw link aimed for some iron bars in the window above. The claw struck home latching securely to the iron. Now Link had to rely on his own strength for the next part of this. He locked the chains of both claws and was immediately brought into a swing towards the wall due to the force of the pallet being stopped. Luckily Link braced himself and hit the wall firmly not causing any damage to it or himself. The group below him now looked up after covering their heads realizing they were not dead.
"Link! You really do always arrive in the nick of time don't you!" Shouted Zelda.
"I guess you could say that. Now if someone would be so kind as to secure this thing before it tears my arm off that would be great." Said Link struggling to keep his grip. After the pallet was secured Link released the claw shots and landed on the scaffold next to Zelda and the foreman.
"By the Goddesses lad you have some great agility, reflexes and strength. If you hadn't shown up when you did we all might be dead here. You have my thanks." Said the foreman.
Zelda turned to Link.
"I am always amazed at the skill you have. You also have my thanks. Now did you come here to talk to me?" Zelda asked.
"Yes actually. I was wondering if there was any work to be done with the castle but things seem to be going well as they are." Said Link.
"Unfortunately you are correct. There is no work here that I have for you, but there is something you could do for me. It is a trip but you're the only one I can trust with this task." Said Zelda.
"Sure I'm up for it. What is this task you want me to do?" Asked Link.
"I want you to go to search for an artifact for me." Said Zelda.
"Alright. Where am I going and what is it?" Asked Link.
"You will be going to the pass after the Eldin bridge. Once in the pass look for a symbol of the Triforce carved into the rock. Tap the center of the triangle and a door should open. The carving is well hidden so you will have to look. As for the artifact it is a ring that will allow its wearer to write whatever they are thinking. It will be guarded by something of an ancient time so be careful." Said Zelda.
"Sounds fun to me. Ill head back to Ordon and get my gear." Said Link.
"Best of luck to you Link. Please be safe and may the Goddesses bless your path." Said Zelda.
Once Link got back to Ordon he put on his traveling gear which consisted of a heavy duty shirt, travel worn pants and boots along with a travelers cloak. He also grabbed his item pouch in case he needed it. He saddled Epona and set out on his way towards the Eldin Bridge.
Back at Hyrule Castle Zelda was admiring the work done to the main throne room thus far. When In the center of the floor a pattern that she had seen only once before was forming. The mirror of Twilights pattern was forming a large circle. She really couldn't believe it since Midna had shattered the Mirror five years ago. as the image grew brighter two figures began to form in the center facing Zelda. Once they had completely formed the circle vanished in a split second. By this time the guards that were always with Zelda had surrounded the two and were ordering them to raise their hands. The two quickly complied.
Zelda then stepped forward and ordered her guards to stand down. They did so reluctantly.
"You...are you two Twilians?" Asked Zelda.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 10:45 pm

"Judging by the way these guards obey your commands I'm presuming that you Zelda? And to answer your question. Yes we are Twilians." Said Vincent.
"Yes I am Zelda. I have a great deal of questions for the two of you. But first and foremost why are you here and how did you get here?" Asked Zelda.
"We came through an ancient portal created by our long dead ancestors." Said Rosalie.
"As to why we are here. We are under orders of her highness the queen Midna to find Link and request his presence in the Twilight Realm. Could you tell us where he is?" Asked Vincent.
"I recently sent him out on a personal errand but he can be found in the pass after the bridge of Eldin." Said Zelda.
"Thank you. Which way is it?" Asked Vincent.
"You'll have to head east of the market and across the western field of Hyrule. Although I recommend not going through the market itself since the townspeople would be frightened of you." Said Zelda.
"No need to worry about that. Her highness's portals from the crisis five years ago are still in effect we can use those to take us to Link." Said Rosalie.
"We will return after we have found Link." Said Vincent.
As they finished saying this they both burst into many blue rimed square particles and accelerated towards the sky where they located the closest portal and entered it, directing themselves east they exited right above the bridge of Eldin.
"This Realms light is hurting my eyes." Said Rosalie.
"We will adjust to it I'm sure, and if we can not then we will just use Links shadow as her highness once did. Now lets go find him." Said Vincent.
Meanwhile Link had found the carving in the rock and had pressed the center of it. Just like Zelda had said a door perfectly hidden on the wall had opened leading down into a dark corridor. Link took out his lantern and began walking inside. Most sane people would never enter a place such as this but since Link possessed the Triforce of courage many things did not faze him. He did not hesitate, he simply did.
"I wonder what type of creature guards this ring?" Said Link aloud to himself.
After navigating through a maze of perfectly cut stone Link finally managed to find a door at the end . He pushed open the door to find a large circular room with nothing but a pedestal in the center and a ray of sunlight landing atop of it.
"This seems to easy and will most likely be trapped." Said Link.
Little did Link know that what was guarding the ring was already aware that he was there.
"Alright there is a spring loaded poison dart pad there, and a guillotine blade that extends from the wall there. I guess the safest way would be forward." Stated Link as he began to walk forward. Once he reached the pedestal he looked around the room and saw ancient statues set into the walls. Each statue pointed towards the back of the circular room. As Link followed the pointing it revealed that the last statue had its hand protruding from the wall with another ring on it.
"I get it the pedestal is also a trap the real ring is in the palm of the statue. But I'll have to climb to get it." Said Link.
He jumped up onto the statue itself and reached for the ring. Once he was sure he had a hold of it he jumped back down.
"That was to easy..." Said Link.
As he spoke his sentence he stopped because standing in what used to be the doorway was a massive creature with the hooves of a goat, the torso of a man and the head of a bull. Link had never encountered such thing.
While Link stood there the creature unsheathed a large and razor sharp sword from its waist.
Immediately after it roared to a point where it was deafening. The next thing it did took Link by surprise. It lunged forward with amazing speed and struck out the sword. Link dodged it by a hair and rolled away unsheathing his own weapon.
Vincent and Rosalie had entered the maze without lights since there eyes were used to darker light settings. They both had been silent until they heard a roar that shook them to the bone.
"We must hurry!" Yelled Vincent as they took off running towards the roar.
Dodge, parry, parry, dodge, strike, strike, strike, dodge, parry. Goddesses this thing is fast. Whatever it is the ancients chose right for it to guard this ring.
Link was doing a series of random moves trying to throw the creature off but it simply kept up with him.
By Din this thing delivers a heavy hit. If one swing connects I could be finished.
"You are fighting a Minotaur. You have to go for its legs!" A voice shouted from behind Link.
Link tried to look but could see nothing but the open doorway. Was he imagining the voice. Regardless Link rolled under the beasts legs and slashed at its calves. The strike was clean and the creature no longer having control of the muscles in its legs crashed to the floor. Link wasted no time in jumping to his feet and leaping in the air delivering an ending blow by jumping above the Minotaur and stabbing downwards through its heart. The Minotaur died immediately and Links sword had plunged into the bricks below it. Using the Minotaur itself Link heaved his sword back out through its body. Wiping the blood off his sword Link sheathed his Ordon Blade.
Link once more looked around the room checking to see if anyone was really there.
"The voice almost sounded...Nah couldn't be." Said Link.
He proceeded out of the cave retracing his steps. As he neared the exit though his body began to shatter into blue rimed squares. As Link looked down at himself in amazement he only had time to feel excitement for a few seconds because the next thing he knew is that he was in the unfinished throne room with Zelda and her guards starring at him strangely.
"I see they found you then?" Asked Zelda.
"Who?" Asked Link
"Oh before I forget here is the ring you requested. It was guarded by a Minotaur. Nasty Thing it was." Said Link.
Zelda took the ring before responding.
"Did those two Twilians find you then." Said Zelda.
"I...I'm sorry Zelda did you just say Twilians? As in from the Twilight Realm?" Asked Link.
Before Zelda could answer something caught Links attention out of the corner of his eye. The moonlight made his shadow long but now more than just his shadow was moving in it.
"Yes we are Twilians." Said the voice he heard in the cave
As the voice spoke two figures rose from links shadow taking on solid forms of a Twilian male and female.
Link was so shocked by their appearance that he could not speak.
In the lower levels of the dimensions an ancient evil that had slumbered for eons was now awake and had reassembled his armies of demons and monsters. As he announced his armies his orange eye seemed to glow.
"Listen to me my followers. I have been awakened by the activation of my power that was stolen from me. It is time that we return to the Twilight Realm and reclaim it! This what we have been waiting for for a millennium! Now is our time to return to power once more! Now move through the rift!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeMon Jul 29, 2013 9:20 pm

The look on Links face made the twili Rosalie smile. Vincent simply stood staring at the man they were sent to find.
"I can see what her highness saw in him." Said Rosalie to no one except herself even though Vincent had heard her.
"He seems kind of slack in the mind right now if you as me." Said Vincent.
At that Link regained his composure and calmed himself.
"I have many questions to ask you to as I'm sure Zelda does too." Said Link.
"Yes I do have some questions for these two. But it may be best if we spoke in private. We can go to my chambers since they have enchantments placed on them to prevent scrying and eavesdropping." Said Zelda.
"Yes that will do nicely." Said Vincent.
As the group of four made their way to Zeldas chambers Link finally took notice of the way the two Twilians looked. The one that appeared to be male stood almost the same height as Link, he had white hair that was rather long although he looked to be in his early thirties, he wore a heavy looking jacket that went up over his neck and opened at his chest, he wore under the jacket a simple half cloak that went past his knees, his eyes looked to be the color of a light turquoise, he seemed to be in fair shape although Link could tell that he could move quickly on a moments notice. The one that appeared to be female also stood about the same height as Link, her hair was a dark red and the main of it that was in a ponytail went down to her mid back the rest was set in two strands on each side of her head going straight down and ending at her hips, her eyes were also the shade of her hair, she wore a top piece that covered her front but around the back left it exposed she wore a cloak as well that went up onto her left shoulder then crossed her body to her right hip then split at the hip and went down to the floor, she also seemed to be fit and much the same as the male Link guessed she was very quick. The two of them had tattoos around their wrists of the Twilian markings Link had seen on Midna. The two of them walked soundly behind Zelda as Link followed from the rear.
As the group moved through the halls many of the maids and servants stopped to stare either in fear or once they realized link was there in awe at the two Twilians. Once they reached Zeldas private study that adjoined to her bedroom she locked the door and the enchantment had taken effect she gestured for them to begin.
"Do none of this realms people know what the Twili are?" Asked Rosalie.
"Of course they don't. After all our people were banished long ago." Said Vincent.
"Yes they have never seen a Twilian. Now can you please tell me who you are and why you got here along with how." Said Link.
"Patience hero." Said Rosalie
The look on Links face made Vincent clarify why he said "Hero".
"Even in our realm you are a hero. I remember seeing you confront Zant and gather the Sols that transformed us back into our original forms. Not everyone knows the story but all have at least heard of a Light walker that entered into our realm." Said Vincent.
Hearing that cleared the look on links face of confusion.
"Now as to who we are. My name is Vincent and this is Rosalie" Said Vincent as they both took a slight bow towards Link and Zelda.
"As to how we got here. Long story short we found an ancient portal and used it to travel here although it closed behind us. So now we are unsure how to get back." Said Rosalie.
"As to why we are here. That is simple. We are here for you Link." Said Vincent.
"Why me." Asked Link hoping that what he was thinking was correct.
"Her royal highness the Queen Midna of the Twilight Realm requests your presence." Said Rosalie.
Link almost could not believe what he had just heard. Despite this he was overjoyed to hear that Midna was doing alright.
"So she sent you two to look for Link. And then what?" Asked Zelda.
"Well he was to return with us to the Twilight Realm but without a portal we don't-" Vincent stopped short as he closed he looked towards a mirror on the wall and shot a beam of magic into it. The next thing that happened is that Midnas face had appeared in the mirror.
"Vincent, Rosalie you must hurry and find Link the Twilight Realm is under attack and we are struggling to retain our footing as it is. Please find him and tell him we are in trouble. My spell will wear off shortly please hurry." Said Midna
As she finished her sentence her eyes scanned behind Vincent and noticed a very familiar figure standing alert and focusing directly at her.
"Link..." Midna whispered as single tear sliding down her face.
"Midna!" Link shouted rushing towards the mirror. As he reached it the image of Midna had faded and disappeared only leaving a reflection of Links own eyes.
"We have to find a way to the Twilight Realm quickly." Link said releasing the mirror.
"I believe that would be best as well. Link you have my leave to do whatever it is you wish pertaining to finding a way to the Twilight Realm. Even though I know you would do so anyways with or without my permission this is just so that the guards around Hyrule can not question you. Take this scroll and present it if any trouble arises with them." Zelda said as she hastily wrote a royal decree for Link.
"Link how will you find a way to our Realm?" Asked Rosalie.
"I'm not sure right now but I'll tear down the sky if it would give me the smallest clue." Said Link as he headed for the door.
"We will be accompanying you on your journey Link." Said Vincent.
"Fine by me. Just try to keep up." Said Link
As he finished saying this the two had already moved into his shadow and Link was instantly reminded of the times with Midna.
"Goodbye Zelda. You may not see me again for a rather long time." Said Link.
Zelda hugged him goodbye.
"Good luck hero. And you better find her." Said Zelda.
Link nodded and ran out of the room charging his way out of the castle heading towards hyrule field.
I wish I could find someone like him. Though Zelda.
Link made it to Hyrule field and used a piece of grass to call his horse Epona. Once he was saddled Link moved her into a full charge towards Ordon.
A single tear rolled down Midnas face as the image of Link standing behind Vincent vanished from her sight.
"It was him. He will find a way to get here we just have to hold on until then." Said Midna as she regained her composure.
"Your highness our losses are climbing from the initial assault. We were caught off guard and are suffering for it. What are your orders." Said Midnas army general Jonas.
"You are to tell our men to hold their positions and push back these attackers." Ordered Midna.
"Understood." Said Jonas rushing to relay the orders.
He will come. He would destroy this army single-handedly if it meant getting to see me once more. I can feel how much he cares even from here.
Once back in Ordon, Link grabbed all his gear from his basement. Everything from his bow and arrows to his slingshot. The only thing he did not take was the magic armor and fishing rod seeing as he would not need them. Everything else he put into the enchanted pouch that could hold an almost infinite number of items it seemed.
"Are all of these things really necessary?" Asked Vincent.
"You never know what we may need and I would rather be prepared than not be." Replied Link.
"Now all I need is my adventurers clothes. Wait here while I change." Said Link.
As Link went up to the top of his home to change the two Twilians exchanged words.
"Do you really think he can find a way to the Twilight Realm." Asked Rosalie.
"I'm not sure but he must. I'm worried about what is happening there. Ever since the message in the castle I haven't been able to contact her highness." Said Vincent.
"If he really is the hero that her highness talks about I'm sure he will find a way. Cant you see the feral beast hidden behind his eyes. They are the eyes of someone who could do anything he wishes even when it seems impossible." Said Rosalie.
"I suppose you are right." Said Vincent.
Link was beginning to descend back to the first floor now wearing specially made clothes ordered by Zelda to fit him for any explorations he may do. The outfit consisted of sturdy leather boots with a piece of steel in the toe. The pants were of a sturdy fabric that were difficult to cut making them ideal for travel yet they allowed the skin to breath making them comfortable. The shirt was made of finely spun cotton that was stained green. And lastly a generals cloak that was a gift from the Hyrule army for Links bravery in saving Zelda. The cloak had the royal family insignia of the ancient bird with the Triforce above its head enveloping its wings around the sides of it. Even the royal family symbol had a story to it. It was something about a land in the sky that housed the Triforce in many eons past and the inhabitants of the land used birds to travel.
"Alright I'm ready to set out."
"Where are we going?" Asked Rosalie as the two merged with Links shadow once more.
"We are going to the Desert Colossus. Maybe we will find a clue there." Said Link.

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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeTue Jul 30, 2013 9:32 pm

The group exited Links tree house. Link didn't bother saying goodbye to the village, they always knew he could leave at a moments notice so when he didn't show up for work around the village they just assumed he was busy and would return one day.
"Are you two ready to go?" asked Link.
"Yes. We will move into your shadow for this trip if that's alright with you?" asked Vincent.
"That would probably be best since not all people in Hyrule are as understanding of the unknown as me and Zelda are." said Link.
Once Link had Epona re-saddled and had all his gear ready to go he set out to the Ordon woods.
While passing the pond that the light spirit Ordona lived in Link decided to stop and bid him farewell.
"Alright you two no matter what happens don't leave my shadow. The pure light of Ordona could easily kill you. It almost killed Midna." warned Link.
As Link approached the pond he did so carefully and with grace. Standing only ankle deep in the pond he called out.
"Light spirit Ordona can you hear me?" asked Link.
"Yes hero of twilight I can hear you. What is it you wish to tell me?" Asked Ordona.
As Ordona began to speak the form of a giant goat made of light with a large tail began to appear. The light on the images surface shifted and moved, flowing towards a ball of pure light set in between the spirits horns.
"I ask of you to watch over the villagers and keep them safe while I am away." said Link.
"I shall do this for you hero. Return safely and do not let your anxiety let you make any rash decisions. I can tell that you are uneasy right now and urge you to be careful." said Ordona.
"Thank you great spirit I shall take your words into account." said Link.
With that Link began to turn away from the pond as Ordona faded back into nothingness. Turning around he looked up to see Ilia standing at the entrance to the pond. Now she was twenty one and had grown up to be a beautiful young woman. Her hair now kept longer reached her shoulders and she was wearing a gown.
"Going on another big adventure hero?" asked Ilia.
"I'm afraid so. This time I may not return." said Link.
In her past Ilia had actually been in love with Link but once she realized he did not return her feelings she had moved on but still cared for him like a brother since they were the same age.
"Well then if you don't return you had better promise me that you will at least be safe." said Ilia.
"I'm unsure if I can do even that but I will try my best." said Link.
"I'm sure you will." said Ilia.
As Link moved Epona to the entrance of the pond he gave Ilia a long hug then moved to leave. As he turned around Ilia whispered something.
"You better find her and keep her safe Link." said Ilia.
Link turned his head slightly his pointed Hylian ears catching her words. A Hylians ears are rumored to be able to hear messages from the gods.
"Don't worry I will." said Link.
With that Link put Epona into a full gallop all the way to Lake Hylia where he dismounted and once he reached the edge of the cliff Link backed up a few steps then sprinted to the edge and jumped. Moving his body into a position to catch more air he descended towards the water. Near the end of the descent he moved into a dive and went into the water cleanly. He swam to the island that had the sky canon on it. Calibrating it to the desert Link climbed in and launched himself to the desert steppe.
"Goddesses its hot here" said Link.
"Good thing we are in your shadow then." laughed Rosalie.
The desert was once home to a tribe of women known as the Gerudo, but now they were all extinct from Hyrule. Their tribe had been wiped out in one of the Hyrulian wars. This race of women also had a curse upon them that no matter what, each woman that had a child the child would always be a girl except for one every hundred years. Each one hundred years a male would be born and would be destined to be king of the Gerudos. One of these kings ended up being Ganondorf and he then became the king of demons and tried to take the Triforce by force but failed.
"Now on to the colossus." said Link.
Link made his way through the desert with relative ease since most things were peaceful in Hyrule. He entered the colossus by midday and had entered the mirror chamber just near sunset.
"Ah I made it just as the Twilight brushes against our dimension." said Link.
"You know about the dimensions?" asked Vincent.
"Yea it was relatively easy to figure out after going there once." Said Link.
"Oh and you two can come out now. There is no one here that will be frightened of you." said Link.
The two Twilians did as he said and exited from his shadow. Once they were out in the open the five sages that watched over the mirror chamber surrounded the three.
"Hero how did these Twilians come to in Hyrule?" asked the sage of the light.
"They found another portal in their realm that is now closed once more. We are searching for clues to find a way back to the Twilight realm." said Link.
"So long as they are not hostile they are free to accompany you while they are here. Search as much as you wish but you may find only a few flecks of the mirrors sand." said the sage of forest.
"Thank you." said Link.
With that the sages vanished from around them. And Link walked over to the pedestal that had housed the Mirror of Twilight before it was shattered. Coming here made Link sad and he remembered the time he spent with Midna. But he regained his composure and began looking at the obsidian slab that towered above him.
"This could be tricky to figure out." said Link.
"But there must be a way to get back right?" asked Rosalie.
"I don't know. That's why we are here." said Link.
After the three had looked around the obsidian slab, the carvings on the walls and event he pedestal itself they could find nothing.
"This is getting us nowhere." said Vincent slightly irritated.
"I know. I'm getting frustrated as well." said Link.
They sat in silence for a few moments when they all heard a rather loud voice.
"Patience Hero, for the way that you seek can not be found in this time." said a mysterious voice.
"What you seek is the knowledge that I have and in order for you to obtain this knowledge you must best me in combat." said the same voice.
The three were looking around when Link spotted it first. The golden wolf that had trained him in the art of the sword. It was perched on top of the broken symbol of the water sage. Once it had Links attention it bounded down off the other columns until it was in front of the obsidian slab where it stood out very clearly.
"There are many things you do not know yet. Now prepare yourself for this challenge will not be easy!" shouted the wolf as it bounded at and jumped into Link disappearing on impact.
Link took a step back then began to wobble and finally collapse on his side. Vincent and Rosalie rushed over to him.
"What happened is he alright?" asked Rosalie.
"He is alive but just unconscious." said Vincent.
The other sages had appeared in front of them once more.
"He is completing the trial of an ancient and long dead hero who must pass on his knowledge to those who are worth of it. If he can complete this trial then he will wake up, and if not then he will perish." said the sage of light.
"Well then he had better survive." said Vincent.
Within Links mind he awoke in a familiar and smoky setting that had a thin layer of water on the floor. As he stood up the Heros Shade appeared before him.
"Welcome back. Hero."
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeThu Aug 01, 2013 10:03 pm

Link awoke deep inside his own consciousness in what appeared to be a endless white room with fog all around him. As he stood up and looked around, shaking his head to clear his nausea, the Hero's Shade appeared before him.
"Welcome back, Hero," said the Shade.
"Why do I get the feeling I am not welcome then?" asked Link.
"That would be because you are about to enter a life or death trial within yourself to obtain the knowledge you look so dearly for." said the Shade.
As Link looked down at himself he noticed that he was wearing the ancient Hero's clothes again. A green tunic and a green hat.
"Trial?" asked Link.
"Yes. This will not be an easy task hero." said the Shade.
"What will I have to do? You trained me before. What else is there?" asked Link.  
"Yes I trained you. Five years ago, if I recall correctly. This will be different. Only those who are worthy of the knowledge I possess can obtain it. To be deemed worthy, you must defeat me in combat!" said the Shade.
When the Hero's Sshade had finished his sentence, he lunged at Link with his sword pointing towards Link's abdomen.
"Woah!" shouted Link as he narrowly evaded the blade by turning sideways then jumping backwards.
"You must be quicker than that Hero to best me." said the Shade.
"I don't have a weapon to fight with though!" shouted Link beginning to get angry.
"Are you that stupid Hero? We are in your own mind. You can summon up whatever weapon you are most comfortable with." said the Shade as he leaped high and struck downwards aiming to cleave Link in two.
As Link let his reflexes take over to avoid the lethal blade, he concentrated on the weapon he was most familiar with. The Master Sword. The legendary blade of evils bane. Once he focused on it, an exact replica of the blade appeared in his hands and Link looked down astonished.
"That's better Hero. Now come and face me." said the Shade.
Link charged forward and struck at the Shade. The Shade mimicked Link's movement and they locked blades each pushing for control.
"Listen well Hero. To obtain the knowledge you seek and more, you must be able to fight and listen at the same time. For the better you do in this fight, the more information I will give you. If you can defeat me right out then I will tell you everything you want." said the Shade breaking away from the locked swords and slashing again at Link's stomach. Link managed to maneuver his sword to take the brunt of the blow, but it still moved him several feet to his left.
"Nicely blocked. You seek to find a way to the Twilight Realm once more. I can tell you that there is no way as of now that in this time is there a way to go back." said the Shade while dodging one of Link's strikes to his head.
Link then tried to use a jab towards the Shade's heart but the Shade simply moved Link's sword out of the way. Luckily, Link was expecting this and once his weight shifted, he pivoted on his feet to change the block of the sword to a spinning attack. Much to Link's dismay, the Shade was prepared for it and moved the sword once more.
"That was well thought up Hero but not good enough to beat me. The two Twilians do not know much about this world of light and the artifacts and beings within it. However, they know much about their realm and this will prove useful to you." said the Shade.
The Shade now moved to attack Link with an angled slash, but Link blocked it with his sword, once more locking the blades. This time, the Shade released one hand from his sword and threw a punch between the blades directly into Link's face. Link had no time to react and was sent flying backwards to land on his back. Link stood up now with a bloody nose and a look to kill in his eyes. The Shade remained silent.
"You never said anything about hand to hand combat being allowed in this fight." said Link angrily.
"All is fair in war, Hero. You should know that better than anyone." said the Shade.
"Very well. If all is fair then since this is my mind, you will be stuck with one sword. I on the other hand have a different idea." said Link.
This time the Shade remained silent as Link focused once more. This time, Link focused on the Ordon sword and it materialized in his right hand. Now wielding two swords Link began to move towards the Shade.
"Impressive Hero. Now it would seem I am at a disadvantage, but I should warn you that I, myself, fought the forces of darkness when I was alive." said the Shade.
Link moved the Shade with his swords crossed in front of him.
"I don't have time for this. I know that outside of this place, time is still marching on and I don't have the patience for this right now." said Link.
"Then you had better end this soon Hero. I will not go easy on you." said the Shade.
The next series of moves happened in a blur. Link separated his swords and led with a horizontal slash from the Master Sword followed by a vertical slash with the Ordon sword. The Shade blocked both of these but now had no time to talk as Link carried on with his assault. The next moves that followed were a slash diagonally with both swords then an X-cut towards the Shade's head with both swords. The Shade dodged the first and, as Link hoped, had put his sword in between the two blades to stop them from beheading him. Link planned for this and kept his eyes focused on the Shade to reveal nothing. The next thing Link did would decide this fight. Link then squatted, moving below the Shade, and dove into a sideways roll that would take him around and behind the Shade, but instead of completing the roll, Link shot out one leg getting it in between the Shade and then moved to stand up pulling the Shade's legs from under him. Using the momentum from the roll, while coming up Link leaped into the air holding both swords out to his sides. Now above the Shade who was trying to get up, Link struck both swords downwards at angles to his body. The swords impaled the Shade just above his wrists pinning the Shade to the ground. With the Shade now immobilized. Link picked up the Shade's sword and felt something familiar about it, but thought nothing of it since his mind was clouded by haste and adrenaline. With the Shade's sword, Link stood above the Shade and plunged the blade through his heart. The Shade did not move for a good amount of time after which confirmed he had won. Link removed all three swords from the Shade's body and all three of them vanished. Soon after, the Shade began to stand back up.
"That was very impressive. I have never seen someone be so skilled with two swords as you. This fight is over and you have won. Now, if you would conjure some place for us to sit then I will tell you everything." said the Shade.
Link did as he was asked and created a clearing in the middle of some woods with some logs to sit on.
"Okay, now start explaining what I want to know." said Link.
"I will only ask that you not interrupt until I have finished." said the Shade.
Link nodded and the Shade began.
"First and foremost. You are searching for a way to enter the Twilight Realm once more and as I said before, in this time there is no way to get there. But I said 'this time', not a time in the past. Secondly, I can tell you are wondering who I used to be. I myself used to be a pawn of the goddesses. I was the Hero of Time that the ancient legends speak of. I aided the Zelda of my time to seal away Ganondorf. We could not completely defeat him and that is why he emerged many times after my death. But I did not pass on. I became what I am now, simply a shade of my former self. You were able to actually kill Ganondorf this time. Although you have accomplished this, he may yet return in another time in the future. Now if you have questions ask me and I will answer." explained the Hero of Time.
"How will I get to a time in the past? Does such an idea exist?" asked Link.
"I also used the Master Sword in my adventures. Do you know of my story and what the Master Sword can do?" asked the Hero of Time.
"Your journey started as a child and when you were called upon by the goddesses to save the land of Hyrule, you were too young to wield the legendary blade, so it sealed your soul in the sacred realm for seven years. It also allowed you to return to your childhood age and...move through time!" said Link excitedly.
"Yes, the Master Sword is the key to moving into the past, but I only moved seven years. You must go back further than that to successfully reach the Mirror of Twilight." said the Hero of Time.
"But if I go into the past, won't I enter into the Twilight Realm of that time?" asked Link.
"I don't believe so. You infused the Master Sword with the Sols of the Twilight Realm. Those two Sols act as an anchor to that time period so no matter how far back you go, you should end up at the Twilight Realm of the present." said the Hero of Time.
"I understand. But how do I get to the past?" asked Link.
"The temple where the sword rests now should have the answer to that question. Tell me Hero, when you defeated Ganondorf, did you notice if the mark of the Triforce left his hand?" asked the Hero of Time.
"Yes, I saw it happen myself. Why?" asked Link.
"Oh nothing that is important yet. You'll learn what I mean eventually. I believe you have the knowledge that you seek now. You have passed my trial with exemplary skill and will return to the real world shortly. Tell me before you go. How did you learn to use dual swords so well?" asked the Hero of Time.
"I haven't been siting around doing nothing these past five years. I have trained myself to be a master of the sword both single and dual wield." said Link.
"I am proud to call you my descendant. If you ever have need of my knowledge, simply delve into your consciousness once more and I will be here. I will live on within you so that you can use me to your benefits. Goodbye for now Hero and don't be overwhelmed by its power." said the Hero of Time as Link began to fade.
"What do you mean by that?" asked Link but he was already waking up in the mirror chamber.
As he awoke he looked around to see Vincent and Rosalie sitting on either side of him and the five sages near his feet standing in a small arch.
As Link began to stir the Sage of Light spoke.
"You have passed the trial we gave the Hero of Time many centuries ago and now he will remain with you. Well done Hero." said the Sage of Light.
"I'm glad you are alright Link." said Rosalie.
"Do you know where we must go now?" asked Vincent.
As Link stood up he nodded and said.
"Yes. We must go to the Temple of Time in the Lost Woods and retrieve the Master Sword."
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeFri Aug 02, 2013 3:11 pm

As the group left the Gerudo Desert Vincent and Rosalie moved into Links shadow saying that the sun hurt their eye. Link didn't mind and once he was back in Hyrule field he called Epona then began moving towards the Ordon Woods. All along the way Link was deep in thought. After whispering a command into Eponas ear the horse knew exactly where to go and went off without having to be led.  Link couldn't stop thinking about what the Hero of Time had said.
"Don't be overwhelmed by its power."
"What did he mean by that." said Link aloud.
"What did who mean by what?" asked Rosalie from the shadows.
"Oh, nothing. I'm just trying to sort some information out.
I could go back and ask him but I don't have time for that right now. Did he mean something I might obtain or something. Gah this is getting me nowhere. I guess I'll find out when the time comes.
Soon after Link had arrived at a rather large bridge made of what appeared to be a massive tree root. The bridge itself wasn't what what he was looking for. He was looking for the bridge that the resistance group had constructed to the Temple of Time. They had made it for accessibility and because Shad had wanted to study the ruins when he had free time. Zelda had put a spell on the bridge to prevent trespassers from entering without her seal. The seal was actually a small tattoo infused with magic on the underside of ones wrist. The tattoo was of the ancient .. As link neared the bridge his tattoo glowed softly allowing him to enter onto the bridge. Since Vincent and Rosalie were in his shadow they passed through harmlessly as well.
Link made his way on the bridge then through the ruins before the temple where the skull kid had harassed him before but had disappeared shortly after Link made his way into the Temple the first time. Once Link had reached the steps that went down into the falling ruin he told Vincent and Rosalie to exit his shadow. They did so without question.
"It is very quite here." said Rosalie.
"Yes almost like the very woods know this place is sacred." said Vincent.
"That's because it is." said Link.
Link led the group in silence towards the Swords resting place.
Once they were in the large room with the Master Sword sitting in its pedestal untouched by time Vincent and Rosalie were in awe at the way the very air in the room remained still. Link stepped up to the pedestal with his hands at his sides looking down at the blade he had used to fight Ganondorfs minions then the man himself. As he put both hands on the grip the Hero of Times voice echoed in his head.
"Wish for it and so it shall be."
"Take us back in time. Take us back to before the Mirror was shattered. Take us back so I can help her." said Link.
Once Link had said those words he pulled up on the Master Sword. The sword slid smoothly out of the pedestal leaving the air filled with a ringing sound. Just as link thought nothing was going to happen a blast of blue and white light filled the room and surrounded Link, Vincent and Rosalie. Once the light had disappeared the three opened their eyes to see that they had been moved backwards in time and the temple was whole once more.
"Where exactly are we?" asked Rosalie.
"We are still in the Temple of Time but I just don't know when we are." said Link.
"Well whenever we are we must find an exit." said Vincent.
Link agreed and moved back towards the way they came the two twilians followed behind him. Link entered the main hall and noticed that the gate he had used before to enter the temple was not at the top of the stairs as it had been before. All that was in its place was a long hallway.
"That must be the exit." said Vincent.
As the group moved towards the door their footsteps echoed. Once they reached the large doors that led to the outside Link tried to push them open but realized they were locked from both sides.
"They must always be locked don't they." he said aloud.
"Always?" asked Vincent.
"Yea it seems every place I go has locked doors everywhere. And if I'm not mistaken now I'll need to find a key somewhere in this place to get out." said Link.
"You seem to know a lot about this. Has this happened before?" asked Rosalie.
"To many times to count." said Link.
"Lets go back in and look for a key." said Vincent.
They all began walking back into the main hall.
"Link I feel we should make you aware of something. We do not posses the skills that her highness has. We are knowledgeable in both offense and defense and hold high positions in the military as advisers but we are first and foremost her highness's messengers. I am skilled in offense and Rosalie is skilled in defense." said Vincent.
"If you ever have a question about a foe we can answer it since we know almost all types of enemies in your realm and ours. We can also sense hidden items or areas." said Rosalie.
"Thank you I'll keep that-" said Link as he was interrupted by a strange humming that now resounded throughout the temple.
"What is that?" asked Vincent.
"The temple is singing. The stories tell that this used to happen in the very ancient temple. This is a clue to what time period we are in. We must be either right after the new Temple of Time was built in the Lost Woods to keep it safe or a few years later. It was moved because robbers and thieves tried to take the Master Sword for themselves. The old temple was also set ablaze, everything except for the room holding the Master Sword was destroyed. Immediately after the blaze the current ruler commissioned this Temple of Time to be built away from prying eyes and robbers." said Link.
"Impressive knowledge." said Vincent.
"I also spent some of the past five years researching Hyrules history. Now lets look for this key." said Link.
As the group went into the actual temple itself Link was amazed to see no monsters inside.
"Usually they are all over the place. I guess this time we will be able to move freely through the temple. How Shad would love this." said Link.
The group went into the tunnel leading towards the room where Link had killed the massive spider Armogohma.
"This room may hold the spider as of now since it was put there to guard the mirror shard. But Zant is the one who turned the spider evil. Maybe as of now it is not." said Link thoughtfully.
As the group entered into the room Link unsheathed his sword and moved cautiously into the center.
As he made it to the center a rather large spider began to hang down from the ceiling on a single thread of spun silk. Link did not attack right away since the spider did not. Once the spider reached the floor its eye on the back of its abdomen opened. Link was shocked to see that the spider was only as tall as his waist yet still large. More shockingly is that the spiders eye was purple. Not red like Link had seen when he killed it.
Link continued to stare at it for several seconds and nearly jumped out of his skin when it spoke in a low voice.
"Who are you? And why are you here?" asked Armogohma.
"My name is Link and we are searching for a way out of this temple are you the spider known as Armogohma?" asked Link.
"Yes. I am Armogohma. How did you know my name?" asked the spider.
"We are from a Hyrule of the future. All we want is to leave this place." said Link.
"Ah so you have used the Master Sword. I can believe you now that I look at your weapon. Speaking of you can sheathe it I will not harm you." said Armogohma.
"Why will you not harm us if you don't mind my asking?" said Vincent.
"Because I am a defender of man as I always have been. In the past my mind was corrupted by the foul wizard Ganondorf ad that led me to attack humans. But once a young boy had defeated me the goddesses forgave me for not knowing what I was doing and place me in this room to guard this temple from unwanted visitors." said Armogohma.
"Wait are you saying that you are one of the sacred spirits." asked Link.
"I am." replied Armogohma.
"Then I should let you know that I am forced to kill you in the future and in my time you are much larger than you are now." said Link.
"I understand and hold no anger towards you. The future is what it will be and we cant change that. Although now I will be more aware when one tried to control my mind once again." said Armogohma.
"So will you help us get out of the temple?" asked Rosalie.
"Yes I will aid you. I can tell that you are on a fast paced quest right now. Follow me." said Armogohma.
The group followed the spider as it moved towards the back of the room where it simply walked through a wall. The group hesitated.
"Are you coming or not." said Armogohma from the other side.
The group then moved through the wall as well.
"This tunnel will lead you to the outside of the temple. Where will you go after that?" asked Armogohma.
"We must go to the Gerudo Desert and use the Mirror of Twilight." said Link.
"Then take the bridge and go to the Gerudo Tribe. They may welcome you and they may not so be warned. And if you are from the future then the Hyrule you know will be slightly different from this one so watch you steps carefully." said the Armogohma.
"Thank you for your help. I'm sorry for what happens later." said Link.
"Worry not boy. I am sure the goddesses will forgive me once again if my mind is not my own. Now go." said Armogohma.
"Right. Now lets get moving." said Link
The group moved down the tunnel and began to see light. Once out they were surrounded by woods but could see a small path that led through them. Once they reached the end of the path they could see the edge of the forest and moved towards it. Link now stood on the edge of Hyrule field many centuries in the past. Looking towards his west he could see the sands of the Gerudo Desert.
Vincent and Rosalie once more moved into his shadow as Link set off. Now he had hope in his heart and hope gave a man strength.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSun Aug 04, 2013 10:55 pm

Link began his trek towards the Gerudo Desert. From where he was in Hyrule field he could see the Arbiters Grounds rising above the skyline but something seemed off about it. Almost as if it was still being built.
Along the way Link to stock of his gear in his enchanted pouch and what he had on his back.
The Master Sword, the Ordon Sword, his Hylian shield, several bombs, his bow and arrows, the claw shots, the Hawk-eye, slingshot and several bottles in case he needed them.
Should I use my two swords I have or just the one for now. I suppose I can use the Ordon sword for now.
Link had walked a long ways in his travels before but this walk seemed to take much longer. By the time he reached the path that led to the Gerudo Desert the sun was well past its mid point. Link felt slightly anxious to get to the mirror chamber.
Just as Armogohma had said, there was a bridge that led across the canyon to get to the Desert unlike in his time where you can only get there by canon.
I hope this goes well.
Link walked across the bridge and passed by some tents that housed what appeared to be carpenters inside them. They paid Link no mind.
Link just continued on his way towards the pass in the mountain that stood before the desert. Once through he stood before a rather large metal and wooden gate that sealed off the actual desert. To Link there was something very familiar about it. Then he remembered that when in the Arbiters Grounds if one looks back towards the desert you can see ruins of buildings. This must be one of them. While Link was looking at the gate he had failed to look behind him then realized someone was there.
Links instincts took effect and he drew his sword while spinning to face whoever was behind him.
"Who are you?" asked Link as he stared at what appeared to be a woman in strange clothing holding a rather menacing looking scimitar.
"I believe the question is who are you? You are the one intruding on our home. So I'll ask you instead. Who are you?" asked the woman.
"My name is Link and all I want is to get to the Mirror of Twilight." said Link.
After hearing Links name the woman seemed shocked and lowered her weapon.
"Follow me. I will take you to our leader so you can talk to her." said the woman.
As Link sheathed his sword the woman was already walking away. He jogged to catch up to her and tried to ask her who she was but she remained silent. She led him into a large complex of stone buildings and eventually reached what appeared to be a meeting room where many of the women were gathered all wearing the same types of clothes.
Are these the Gerudo Women that the stories tell about.
As Link neared who appeared to be the leader since she wore a white form of the clothing except without the face mask  he noticed that she had gone slightly slack jawed.
"Nabooru this man says his name is Link and he has come to see the mirror. The only reason I did not arrest him is because of his name." said the woman.
"I see. You there tell me your name and do not lie to me. I can tell when others lie to me." said Nabooru.
"As I told her. My name is Link and I have come simply to see the Mirror of Twilight." said Link.
"There is only one Link I know and he is dead. I myself attended his funeral. Show me your left hand. If what you say is true then you should bear the mark of the Triforce on your left hand." said Nabooru.
Link extended his left hand and Nabooru took hold of it. Link felt his hand grow warm then the Triforce lit up on his hand the bottom left triangle brighter than the other two although link noticed something was different about the top one.
"Well you are a bearer of the Triforce but how can you be Link if he is dead." said Nabooru.
"I had better explain then." said Link.
Link then told Nabooru about how he is from the future and used the Master Sword to travel back in time to use the Mirror of Twilight.
"I see now. So you are one of his descendants reincarnated. This all makes sense now. The only reason I believe you is because you bear the mark of the Triforce. As for your request I shall grant it. You may enter the Mirror Chamber. But I must warn you to not touch the mirror. Only evil comes from it. The Queen Zelda ordered it to be housed in the desert since no one is mad enough to come here alone. Except you it seems." said Nabooru.
During their talk Nabooru explained that they are the tribe of women known as the Gerudo and that she herself is the sage of spirit but will pass on the duty of being the sage to someone else one day so that she may pass on peacefully.
"Thank you Nabooru. I cannot thank you enough for this. What is the fastest way to get to the top?" asked Link
"You can use the ramps we have made to get there. From what you tell me it seems you already know the layout of the whole place. Just mind you step and watch your head for falling bricks." said Nabooru.
With that Link exited the complex and turned towards the Arbiters Grounds where he could see the ramps leading to the top.
"I wish those would have been there in my time." said Link aloud to himself.
"You handled that quite well." said Vincent from Links shadow.
"Yes I was worried we would have to exit your shadow and attack her." said Rosalie
"Don't worry you two we are almost there." said Link.
Also during his talk with Nabooru Link asked how the hero of time died and she said he was assassinated while guarding the Queen Zelda of this time period. He was stabbed in the back right through his heart. When it happened the entire Hylian army was in attendance of his funeral and when he fell in battle they all fought with more fury and passion than ever before to protect his corpse and the queen.
Link had made it halfway up the ramps when the sun was almost ready to set. When he made it to the top it was the beginning of the twilight period. Ironic seeing as that is where he would be going next. Link looked at the Mirror of Twilight sitting on its pedestal just as it had in his time period.
"I hope this works" said Link as he drew the Master Sword from its sheath  
As Link drew closer to the mirror the Master Sword had begun to glow with the light of the Sols that were infused in it.
"Now stand in front of the mirror and put the tip of the sword in the center, then focus on what you want it to do.said the Hero of Time from within Links mind.
Link did as he was told and began to focus on the thought of traveling through time to get to the Twilight Realm of his present. As he focused the Master Sword grew brighter until all the light condensed into the tip of the blade then moved into the mirror spreading across its surface. The next thing that happened is that the mirror activated and the stairway to enter the beam appeared as the image of the mirror appeared on the obsidian slab. Link bounded up the stairs and faced the mirror one more time before his body began to separate into square particles that then flew into the mirror.
The last thoughts that went through Links mind were that Midna had better be alright and if not he would destroy the one who had harmed her.
In the Twilight Realm two days had passed and the Twilian army was suffering many casualties. They had managed to hold off the intruders that had appeared quite suddenly and each and every one of them had a single eye painted somewhere on their bodies. To Midna they all seemed to resemble bokoblins although they all had red eyes and were differently shaped from what she was used to. Some monsters even looked like giant birds in human forms. Midna herself had done some of the fighting and managed to take down some of the enemy but her guards had made her stay in the throne room of the palace. As of now the enemy was forming their numbers outside the palace doors and were readying an assault upon the palace. Midna had all her men standing at the ready for their charge.
"Whatever happens you will hold your positions and not let a single one through those gates!" shouted Midna to her guards that were in the throne room with her.
As the enemies army began their charge one could feel the vibrations through the ground and hear the screams that came along with it.
"I hope he gets here soon. We can't hold them much longer. Goddesses give him strength and speed." said Midna to herself.
She braced herself for the sound of fighting and when it began she grimaced at the thought of losing her men to these beasts. After several more hours Midna suddenly stood up straight and alert.
"He is here." she said as a tear rolled down her face.
"He is here and he will kill every last one of them that stands in his way. Let us just hope he isn't too late." said Midna.
As Links body began to reform in the twilight realm his senses returned quickly and the first thing he noticed was the smell of burning bodies and materials. Smelling this he looked around to where he was and saw that he was standing on the edge of the same outcropping that he had reformed on five years ago. The two twilians suddenly appeared from his shadow.
"The palace is burning!" shouted Vincent.
"We must reach her highness quickly!" added Rosalie.
Links senses had turned into overdrive mode after hearing the screams of war his only thoughts were to get to Midna.
"You two return to my shadow. You'll want to be there for this. I will move us to her as fast as I can." said Link as his eyes clouded over and he began drawing both his Ordon Sword and the Master Sword. The Master Sword in his left hand and the Ordon Sword in his right.
The two twilians did not question him or the look on his face as they faded back into his shadow.
Some of the enemy had noticed the large portal that appeared and disappeared to leave Link standing where it was. They assumed he was helping the Twilians and charged him. Little did they know that would be the last mistake they made. As they neared Link he did not move until the last second where he severed the arms of all of them then made short work of the rest of them by moving his blades in a flurry of steel. After the first group was dead he crossed his swords in front of him and charged amazingly fast head first into the awaiting mass of monsters. The monsters had no idea what was heading their way as Link tore through their ranks leaving a trail of blood and death behind him. Any who had looked at him did not see what happened next as he ended their lives. His mind was only focused on one thing. To get to Midna and keep her safe from these monsters.
Inside the palace the enemy had made it through the main gates and were now on their way towards the throne room. Midna was doing her best to calm her men to be ready to fight.
As the enemy reached the throne room it grew very quiet until a very loud roar could be heard from the other side then a crashing sound as a large monster known as a bokoblin used a war hammer crush the doors off its hinges. The sheer size of the beast was enough to make any man tremble but Midnas guards did not falter and charged at the creature and the moblin like monsters near its feet.
Midna felt a pit form in her stomach.
"Please hurry." she said.
As Link passed through the main gates with a large mass of enemies chasing after him he heard a loud roar coming from within the palace. The roar only made him increase his speed towards the throne room where he knew Midna would be. He just prayed she was alright.
Within his shadow Vincent and Rosalie were talking to one another slightly fearful of how Link was at the moment. They could only sense his blood lust and sense of urgency. They were actually growing fearful of Link. It was almost as if he was turning into a beast instead of a man.
Link continued to leave a trail of destruction in his wake. As he neared the throne room he could see several of what he assumed to be Midnas guards trying to fend off a large Bokoblin and behind the guards he could see Midna attempting to use her magic but it had no effect. As Link watched the guards be swept aside by the massive war hammer he really lost it. All that stood between Midna and the Bokoblin was ten feet of open air. This triggered something within Link and his eyes turned gold. As he stood at the entrance of the throne room the Bokoblin raised his hammer and begun his swing. Midna had no choice but to cover herself with her hands. The bokoblin only made it halfway through the swing when Link disappeared from the doorway only to reappear next to the bokoblins head where Link delivered an extremely powerful kick that sent the Bokoblin crashing into the wall to the left of Midna. Midna opened her eyes realizing she was not dead to see the back of the person who had saved her life. She recognized the man immediately.
"Link..." said Midna.
Link turned his head to look at her and his eyes faded from gold back to their normal color of deep blue.
Link opened his mouth to give Midna a response but realized the Bokoblin was not dead yet even after the kick Link had given it. Link walked over to stand in front of it as it stood up.
The Bokoblin let out another roar that shook the room silencing other fights as both the twilians and the monsters who had not noticed Link before stopped their fighting to witness what happened next.  The Bokoblin raised its war hammer above its head and suddenly with amazing speed brought it down upon Link. Link was shocked at its speed and managed to bring his Ordon Sword up to block the strike but the strike was to powerful and ended up shattering the sword on impact. Link threw the hilt of the sword away from him and rolled away from the Bokoblin.
"Link!" shouted Midna in panic.
That was all Link needed to ensure he would not lose this fight. As the Bokoblin lifted his war hammer again Link decided it was time to end this. As the Bokoblin swung downwards Link was prepared this time and rolled forward in between the beasts arms and once there he sprung upwards pushing the Master Sword through the creatures throat and out the back of its skull.
The beast now dead fell to the floor where Link pulled the sword from it and turned towards the remaining monsters. At the sight of Link defeating the Bokoblin all the monsters suddenly turned tail and began to retreat.
Link did not give chase but instead walked over to stand in front of Midna who was staring at him intently.
"You always seem to arrive just in the nick of time don't you. said Midna who then began to cry.
At this Link enveloped her into a hug.
"I'm sorry it took me so long to find a way back to you, but I'm here now and I wont let anything change that." said Link.
Before Link disappeared through the throne room door, Vincent and Rosalie had moved out of his shadow and watched the fight. They were amazed when he disappeared then reappeared next to the Bokoblin. Now they stood watching a man from the Realm of Light hugging their queen. At this they were bewildered. They decided to leave them be for now and turned to pursue the retreating monsters. It seems the Bokoblin was their leader and without him they will turn tail and run.
Link held Midna in his arms for a long while until she was calmed down enough to talk again.
"You have gotten taller since the last time I saw you Link." said Midna.
At this Link smiled and simply said.
"Its good to be by your side once more. Now I believe we have a mess to clean up."
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeTue Aug 06, 2013 6:48 pm

As the monsters that closely resembled Moblins continued their retreat many of the Twilian soldiers chased after them until they could no longer run and when they could not run any longer they turned around to help those back at the palace. Inside the palace things were rather hectic but were beginning to calm down. Midna was now surrounded by a group of six guards at all times while going around to the wounded. Link also was helping with the injured. He went back and forth between the throne room and wings of the palace looking for those still savable and carried them back to the throne room that had been converted into an infirmary for the time being. As Link carried each soldier back to the room he personally thanked them for their bravery and sacrifice to defend Midna.
"" said a voice as Link walked by on another trip to the halls and rooms outside of the throne room.
"I got you. Don't worry you'll be alright." said Link as he pulled the man, who had a severe cut on his abdomen onto his back.
"Keep your free hand on top of the cut and try to stay still." said Link as he made his way to an empty spot on the throne rooms floor.
"I need a doctor over hear!" Link shouted.
"One will be one the way shortly." said a voice on the other end of the room.
"You'll be OK now just keep pressure on the wound." said Link.
As Link looked around to find Midna he saw her easily with all the guards around her. She was helping a doctor keep a wound shut while he sealed it shut with magic. Link was not used to seeing magic used to heal people, now he was sure the man would be alright.
As Link walked over to Midna the guards raised their swords to him.
"You had best lower your weapons before he does it for you. And let him through." warned Midna.
The guards reluctantly lowered and sheathed their swords allowing Link to pass by them.
"I've checked all the room and hallways in the palace. I'm sure all the wounded are here now. All others were either dead or would not make the trip back." said Link sadly.
"I understand, thank you for all your help. Now since the injured will be well looked after shall we examine the damage done to the palace exterior?" asked Midna.
"That would be wise." said Link.
"You all can leave now. Go attend to the wounded." ordered Midna.
"But we cant leave you with this man your highness." said one soldier.
"Please, this man could take all of you on by himself and still win so I suggest you follow your order that were given." said Midna.
With that the soldiers made themselves busy assisting the wounded. They were actually glad to be helping since some of the injured were their friends.
While Link and Midna began walking towards the palace doors Midnas general, Jonas began walking towards them.
"Your highness, the damage done is surprisingly little although our losses were rather harsh to take so suddenly. said Jonas.
"Thank you Jonas but I would still like to see it for myself." said Midna.
The three then began walking once more towards the gates. As they walked Vincent and Rosalie could be seen walking down a corridor in the palace towards them. The three waited for the two to join up with them.
"Ah excellent now that the three of you not including Link are here we can survey the damage done more accurately." said Midna as she led the group to the palace doors.
When the group arrived all of them were silent seeing what lay before them.
"By the Goddesses. What happened here?" asked Midna aloud seeing a clear trail of bodies.
"Perhaps Link could better explain what happened out here." said Vincent.
All eyes turned towards him as he began to explain what happened.
Link told them how he first arrived then smelled the burning and cries of battle, then how he began charging headlong into their ranks to reach Midna. He doesn't remember what happened after he entered the throne room only that he was in front of Midna and the Bokoblin was standing up. The rest they all knew.
"You expect me to believe that one man could cause so much death on his own?" said Jonas.
Midnas temper flared at hearing this.
"You had better watch what you say about him in front of me." said Midna.
"Why do you trust him so much?" asked Jonas.
"Because he has saved my life several times before and saved our Realm along with is from Zant and Ganondorf both. So if you want to challenge him go ahead but it will not end well." said Midna.
"I see." said Jonas.
"Don't worry about it. Many people have underestimated me before but I prove them wrong. Now look at this." said Link.
He showed them a marking of a single eye on one of the monsters bodies.
"They all have it and since they didn't destroy the castle they must have been after something. Midna do you still have the fused shadows?" asked Link.
"Yes I keep them on me at all times so they are protected." said Midna.
"Then that must be what they were after. As for where they came from I honestly don't know. What I do know is that his needs to be cleaned." said Link.
"Yes. Jonas, go find some men and make teams to dispose of these monsters bodies and have other teams begin reinforcing and rebuilding the palace walls and gates. Vincent and Rosalie, I want you to go find Evander and Griffin then escort them back to the palace." said Midna.
The three nodded and left to fulfill their orders.
"Who are the two you mentioned?" asked Link.
"They are scholars and archaeologist that are good friends of mine." said Midna.
"Now I think I should bring you up to speed on the Twilight Realm itself." said Midna.
"That would be best." said Link.
The two of them made their way to the library and upon arrival they were the only two there. They both moved towards a large table with a blank sheet of paper on it.
"This is a map of the Twilight Realm." said Midna removing the paper from the table to reveal a rather large map.
"Since we are in another dimension the Twilight Realm is really a world of its own but our people only use a small portion of it so we only need this map. Now the palace is set on some large floating island that are connected to the mainland via bridges. The mainland has several large cities and as you can see some vastly large lakes. This shaded area over her is the sapping fields and in the center is where we found a temple with the portal to enter the Light Realm but it could only be activated for a few seconds when we sent Vincent and Rosalie." said Midna.
"I would like to see it when time is available." said Link.
"Certainly and you will in due time." said Midna
After showing Link the map Midna became very quiet.
"Link...I'm sorry for what I did. It wasn't fair to you or me but I couldn't let the mirror stay. I was afraid it would be used wrongly again." said Midna.
Link wrapped his arms around her.
"Its alright. I was never upset at you for doing what you did. I understood why you did it. Sure I was frustrated by it but that gave me an ambition to find a way to see you again and now I have." said Link.
Midna began to cry once more and Link simply held her until she was finished.
"Its alright Midna. I care to much about you to be upset." said Link.
"Thank you Link." said Midna.
After Midna had calmed down enough to talk soundly she noticed something was wrong with Links right arm.
"Your arm is hurt isn't it?" asked Midna.
"Well I cant say its perfectly normal but that Bokoblin sure can pack a hit since he shattered my Ordon sword like it was a twig. But my arm will be alright its just sore and bruised." said Link.
"I never knew you could use two swords." said Midna.
"Its something I learned in the past five years." said Link.
"Well we will have to find you a replacement. One that suits you and has the strength to match it." said Midna.
"Midna, do you still have it?" asked Link.
"You mean the shard don't you?" she asked.
Seeing the look he gave her she responded quickly.
"Yes I have it in the palace vault under powerful magic protections so no one but I can get to it." said Midna.
"Good I have the feeling I may have need of it later." said Link.
Midna nodded her head and said.
"I hope that time is not soon."
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2013 10:29 pm

For the following days after the attack on the Twilight palace things had begun to calm down. Most of the injured had returned to their positions. Those that died in battle were given a recognition ceremony in which Link had dawned the Twilian Army’s armor since he had fought on their side. At this point all the soldiers had begun to trust Link even though he was a man from the Realm of Light. Midna had asked him not to get too involved with the cleanup as of yet because she wanted him to relax for a while. She was sure there would be another attack in the future as was Link. Vincent and Rosalie were still out escorting Evander and Griffin back to the palace so they had yet to be heard from.
Midna had asked Link to share her private bedroom much to her advisors disapproval, but Link reassured him everything would be alright. Three days had passed and Link was getting restless so too easy his anxiousness he rose early on the fourth day, doing his best not to disturb Midna from her sleep he dressed quietly and exited her room.
Link made his way down the quiet halls of the palace searching for the armory. For today he wore simple clothes given to him by Midnas advisor. They fit nicely and were made of Twilight Silk. The fabric came from a special kind of silk worm only found in the Twilight Realm and it would keep its wearer cool when it was hot or warm when it was cold. The outfit Link had on was a simple shirt along with some pants and his traveling boots.  As he walked he began to hear the morning staff begin to make their rounds for the day. As Link passed a young maid he asked her where the armory would be located.
“The armory is down the main hall and then the first right you can make. It’s at the end and it has a door to the practice courtyard.” said the maid.
“Thank you.” said Link.
“No problem.” the maid said giggling.
It seemed that no matter where Link went all the young girls found him immediately attractive even the ones in the Twilight Realm. He began walking towards the armory and moved the Master Sword from his back to his hip so it would be easier to handle. Upon entering the armory he searched for two swords that were heavier than the Master Sword and his now shattered Ordon Sword. He wanted them to be heavier so he could build his muscle strength up to make his ordinary sword attacks more powerful. Finding a matching set of heavy one handed swords Link opened the door to the practice courtyard. The ground was packed down from constant use and little grass could be seen. The earth making up the Twilight Realm was black but the plant life grew the same way it did in Links Realm.
“How odd.” he said aloud to himself.
Ignoring the strangeness of the plant life Link began his warm up which consisted of holding the swords out in front of him the tips pointing away from him. This readied the muscles to be used. He next crossed them behind his back and leaned back until the tips touched the ground. This stretched his back muscles and abdomen. He next began to start a split and held his practice sword out in either direction to him to balance himself. Now that all his muscles were ready to be used he began with a simple form of nine steps then reversed them back to the start point. He increased the number of steps until sixteen since once he hit sixteen the sequence began once more. He did all this silently and with grace making sure to do everything with purpose as if a single mistake could kill him as it could in a fight.
“Now to get a practice dummy.” said Link.
Once he found one he set it up in the center of the practice courtyard and stood in front of it. By this time one or two of the Twilian soldiers had arisen and began their own practices. Link began striking the dummy with the flats of the blades so as not to destroy it instantly. He started with slashes and stabs. Downward strikes and upward strikes. Side jabs and slashes. By now Link was beginning to move quickly and some of the soldiers stood watching him move. As Links random sequences grew in size so did they in speed. By the third set of sequences a large group of soldiers had moved to the sidelines to watch him practice. Link had noticed them and moved into his last sequence of fours. Strike with one blade parry with the other, jab with one parry with the other, attack with both, defend with both, slash with one, slash with the other, move around the opponent and strike. Link continued this as they continued watching some even looked as if they were taking notes. The men standing on the sidelines were expecting something spectacular for Links conclusion and he had the perfect thing for them.
Link then back flipped away from the dummy and brought both sword to one side and he built up the power in his arms swinging them in a wide arc then leaping forwards with both slicing the dummy down the middle and finishing with both swords cutting it across the back horizontally. After these three movements the men watched as Link put both swords by his sides as a sign of finishing. After he did this the dummy slid apart into six clean cut piece. The men on the sidelines gave sounds of awe and astonishment.
“That was impressive. But how well can you handle yourself in a real fight.” said a voice from the crowd.
As the voice moved forward it was revealed to be Midna general Jonas.
“How well can you fight if your weapons are knocked away from you? Can you a Light walker really defend our queen?” asked Jonas challenging Link.
“If it’s a sparring match you want I’ll grant it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. I don’t want there to be friction between us Jonas.” said Link.
“There is no friction I just want to be sure you can really defend our queen since she seems to believe she only need you to defend her now.” said Jonas.
“Very well. What are the terms of this sparring match?” asked Link.
“No weapons only hand to hand combat.” said Jonas.
“Fair enough.” said Link.
As the two were exchanging the terms of the sparing match the men in the background were whispering to each other.
“Did he just accept a challenge from the general?”
“The general has never lost a fight from one of us.”
“He doesn’t stand a chance.”
Link ignored all this having faith in his own skills. Little did Link now that above the practice courtyard was Midnas rooms balcony and she was standing on it watching the exchange smiling to herself.
“Jonas has no idea what he has gotten himself into.” she said to herself.
Back down on the practice field the soldiers had formed a ring around Link and Jonas. Link and Jonas squared off from each other while a soldier had his arm raised to signal the beginning of the match. The soldier dropped his arm and shouted.
With that Jonas threw the first punch that Link nimbly dodged it. Jonas threw a series of quick punches some of which Link moved away with one hand. Link then move to the offensive moving his fist quickly enough for Jonas to avoid them but not fast enough to where he could retaliate. Link was not even going at full speed or force for this match but Jonas seemed to be actually aiming to hurt Link. Let him try. Thought Link. Link then moved back and Jonas began to faint his punches but Link saw through them and notice when Jonas shifted his feet to use them to trip Link. When Jonas moved to trip Link he simply pivoted his feet and swept Jonas’s out from under himself instead. This made Jonas rather annoyed as the soldiers made noises of shock and awe once more.
Jonas then tried to jab and kick at the same time preforming a ghost kick but Link grabbed his leg and dragged him forward throwing him off balance and once more putting him in the dirt. This only upset Jonas more hearing his own men make fun of him. Jonas had hidden a knife in his boot before challenging Link and was going to make use of it to really test him. Rising up from the ground Jonas pulled the knife from his boot and slashed out at Link causing him to evade in shock. The men on the sidelines gave shouts of disapproval and moved to stop the fight but were interrupted by Link to their surprise.
“Don’t interfere. If he chooses to break our agreement I have no need to hold back any longer.” said Link.
Then men moved back and Jonas smiled.
“Let’s see how well you do now.” said Jonas sarcastically.
From her balcony Midna put her hand to her mouth to keep from screaming in rage at Jonas but heard Link say he wasn’t going to hold back any longer. Hearing this she feared more for Jonas’s safety than Links.
Back on the practice court yard Jonas was continuing to slash at Link with the knife but Link was deftly evading the attacks. Jonas couldn’t comprehend how he did it.
Link decided to finally end the match and jumped back away from Jonas and simply shut his eyes and put his hands by his sides. He began to focus. Jonas stood still for a second but took the opening Link had so kindly given him. As Jonas began his lunge towards Link he still did not move or look up. With less than a foot between the blade and Link he finally opened his eyes and with lightning speed moved to Jonas’s side and punched the pressure point in his arm making his arm go limp. Jonas quickly changed the knife to his left hand and moved again. This time Link caught his hand and moved up his arm until he could get leverage and pushed against Jonas’s hand and elbow causing him to drop the knife. Link then swept his feet out from under him planting him in the dirt. Link picked up the knife and then before Jonas could stand place it on his neck. The men behind them were silent.
“This fight is over Jonas.” said Link stabbing the knife into the ground between Jonas’s legs then extending his hand to help him up.
Jonas took Links hand and stood up.
“Sorry to do that. I had to be sure you could really hold your own. It seems you can even best me and I have never lost a match yet. Well done Link.” said Jonas.
Back up on her balcony Midna was thinking to herself.
I have never seen anyone defeat Link in battle yet. You are no different Jonas and for using trickery you only decided that the fight would end quicker and either way you would have lost. Do not underestimate him. He is the strongest person I know.
In the lower dimension the dark figure with one eye was furious that his followers had failed in their task and his anger could be felt throughout the dimension.
“I may have to venture and claim what is rightfully mine! I cannot rely on these pitiful followers to do my bidding! Perhaps I could send the demon. Yes that will work well this way I can see who it fights.”
The figure then began to cast a spell summoning a grotesque looking monster that was much taller than a man.
“Go and retrieve what is mine and let nothing stand in your way!” said the figure.
“Yes master.” The monster obediently responded.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeFri Aug 09, 2013 10:23 pm

After Link and Jonas's sparring match the two men both cleaned up, Link put the Master Sword on his hip, then they both went to the great hall to find Midna. Jonas, as Link looked at him was a rather tall Twilian he was muscled from wearing heavy armor for hours on end, his hair was flat against his head and seemed to be slicked back the color of his hair was a dark blue and his eyes matched it he also seemed to have some scars on one side of his face. Jonas was wearing simple clothing similar to Links and made some conversation with Link along the way.
"Where did you learn to fight like that?" asked Jonas.
"I was taught by someone who resembles a father figure to me. He would simply keep knocking me down until I learned how to work around his hits and defends. Eventually it became a random fighting style that is unpredictable." said Link.
"That is very impressive. Are all people from your realm strong fighters?" asked Jonas.
Link laughed at his question.
"If there were many strong fighters such as myself then I would not have had to save Hyrule and your realm from Zant and Ganondorf." said Link.
"So you really defeated him." said Jonas aloud.
"Yes. I put the Master Sword through him and watched the life fade from him as well as the Triforce of Power." said Link.
"This Triforce. Does it go anywhere when its host dies?" asked Jonas.
"I'm not sure. I barely know anything about the one within me." said Link lifting his left hand to show the faintly glowing Triforce mark.
"So that thing on your hand is what give you your strength." said Jonas.
"Strength. It's more of a curse than anything. With it the people from my realm expect me to defend them at every turn. The goddesses put their faith in you to have a heart that is just when using it. And I have never even used it. Mine is called the Triforce of Courage, I'm sure all it has done so far is allow me to do things normal people would deem insane. Zelda possess the Triforce of Wisdom and when all three are close together our hands begin to glow because the Triforce wants to be whole again but it cannot be simply taken out of our being since it is attached to our souls. One with powerful magic must first defeat or kill us and then detach it from our soul." said Link.
"So Ganondorf wanted it so he could have ultimate power?" asked Jonas.
By this time the two had reached the great hall.
"Yes and he subjugated our people and the Realm of Lights people to try and obtain it once more." said Midna who was waiting for them at the doorway.
Today Midna wore a simple yet elegant gown that flowed like water.
"Jonas that trick you pulled during your match was unacceptable." said Midna
"How did you know about that?" asked Link.
"My balcony is above the practice courtyard I saw the whole thing." said Midna.
"Well there is no need to be upset Midna, he was only testing me to see if I was the right person to defend you. There is no anger between us. In fact I was answering some of his questions about the Triforce and how I was trained." said Link.
"Well if you say its alright then I'll let this one slide." said Midna.
"Now shall we all go get something to eat?" asked Midna.
The two nodded their consent and they all moved towards the kitchens. As they passed by the tables many of the soldiers, servants and maids that were sitting enjoying their meal all stood and bowed towards Midna.
"Be seated and enjoy your meals and free time. You need not bow to me as I am more like you all than a queen. I was just chosen by you to lead." said Midna.
"Your highness you know no matter how many times you tell them that they will always bow to you." said Jonas.
"I know but saying it doesn't hurt I just wish they would be more like Link and treat me as an equal" said Midna.
"You are royalty what do you expect from them. Its not much different from Zelda." said Link.
"Zelda was not ready to be a ruler when Zant attacked. She gave in and didn't make sure her men were strong enough to defend the people." said Midna.
Link didn't want to argue with Midna but Zelda was also his friend.
"She was ready to rule and the men were ready to give their lives to defend the people. But she did not want to see their blood be on her hands. Zant gave her an option of surrendering and saving the lives of her people or watching them all die and then see him take over. She choose to let her men live. And besides we saved the Light realm together and you learned much from it. I can see it in your peoples eyes. You care about each and every one of them now and so does Zelda. She even suggested at one point if we ever found a way to get back to you that maybe we could find a way to make your people immune to the light and welcome you back to Hyrule. said Link.
"I did not know all of that. Thank you for telling me this Link. This changes some of my thinking about how events had happened in the past. Anyways lets get some food I'm starving." said Midna with a smile.
"You really know how to talk to her don't you?" asked Jonas.
"Lets just say we got to know each other very well and I trust her with my life." said Link.
The three entered the kitchen where upon entering all the cooks and maids bowed towards Midna.
"What can I get for you today your highness?" asked the cook.
"Whatever you gave the servants this morning. It looked and smelled quite delicious." said Midna.
"Coming right up." said the cook.
After the three had their plates of food they went back into the great hall and found a table to sit at and eat.
"So whats on the agenda today?" asked Link.
"Well Evander and Griffin should be arriving today shortly after noon so you can meet them." said Midna.
"Yes I'm looking forward to seeing this portal." said Link.
"I'm more worried about if those monsters will be returning." said Jonas.
"Well we I had the soldiers fortify the palace and better the gates." said Midna.
"Yes but I'm still worried." said Jonas.
"And you have every right to be worried. That was an unexpected attack and should not have happened. Anyone would be worried." said Link.
"But this time if something happens we have you on our side." said Midna.
"True but even I have a limit." said Link.
"Then I have never seen this so called limit." said Midna.
After finishing their meal the three split up. Jonas went to check in with his men and Link and Midna went to gallery. Midna was saying she had something to show him.
Upon entering the gallery Link was amazed to find many paintings, some with bright vibrant colors and some with dark colors but what really caught his eye was the one at the end of the room and the largest painting of all.
"Is that..." said Link.
"Mhmm." said Midna.
Link looked up at the painting and was amazed it showed a wolf looking over a bright and golden landscape with a small imp with red hair floating beside him. In the distance a castle could be seen. The picture was so perfectly done it appeared as though one was standing behind  the image to actually paint it.
"How did you get this?" asked Link.
"I sketched the general idea and gave it to a well known painter in this realm. He made it and it turned out better than I had hoped for." said Midna.
"Its amazing." said Link.
While they admired the work and messenger had arrived and told Midna that Evander, Griffin, Vincent and Rosalie were back.
Midna told Link to go to her private study as that is where they will all be meeting. Midna went to greet them and Link went to the study. Link waited only about five minutes before Midna entered alone.
"They are outside. Evander and Griffin have no idea you are here. I hope they don't react to badly." said Midna.
Link simply nodded and Midna left to get them.
When Midna reentered the room with Vincent and Rosalie they raised their hands in greeting parting the way to allow Evander and Griffin to enter.
"Your highness is there something import-" said Evander as he looked up startled by the appearance of Link.
"Evander whats wro-" said Griffin reacting much the same way.
"Evander and Griffin allow me to introduce you to the one who saved our realm. This is Link." said Midna.
"Y-You are the one who saved our realm." said Evander.
Link simply nodded.
"I've wanted to meet you for a long time." said Evander.
As Evander finished his sentence a loud crash could be heard throughout the castle. Shortly after Jonas was running down the hallway. Once he reached the group now standing outside the door he told Midna what was happening.
"Some monster is out there. It's alone but its powerful nothing we do even fazes it." said Jonas.
"Lets save the introductions for later." said Link rushing down the hall with Jonas letting the others trail behind.
"What do you know so far?" asked Link while running.
"Its alone but powerful. It appears to be made of muscle tissue only and hasn't moved yet except to retaliate against our attacks. We haven't sent anyone out to attack it yet." said Jonas.
"Do you have a durable shield I could use?" asked Link.
"You can use mine. Its suitable for one handed use and made of strong metals yet is light." said Jonas.
"Thank you. Now lets see what we are dealing with here." said Link once he reached the wall that protected the Twilight palace.
It really was a grotesque looking monster but Link could tell something was very wrong with this creature. Even though he wasn't in his wolf form he could just barely make out dark magic rippling from its body outwards.
"Jonas. Do not let anyone go out to attack it. Keep Midna back from the gates as best as you can. I'm going out there." said Link somewhat nervously.
"You can't be serious. Just you. You'll be killed." said Jonas.
"Just trust me alright. None of your men could hope to stand a chance against it. It hold dark energy and would destroy them with a single touch. Let me see what I can do. If I need help I'll signal for you." said Link.
Jonas reluctantly moved away from the stairs leading to the palace gates.
"Open the gates." ordered Jonas.
Once the gate was wide enough for Link to go through he moved through it then told them to close the gates behind him. Hearing the crash of the gates Link walked forwards towards the monster. Getting closer Link could see that the only normal thing on its body were its eyes. They looked crystal clear as if someone could look through them.
"What is this thing?" asked Link to himself.
In the lower dimension the dark figure with a single glowing eye was watching his monster stand at the gates of the Twilight Palace as a lone figure moved through the gates and walked slowly towards it.
"Impossible. It couldn't be that brat. No that was hundreds of years ago. Who is this man then and why does he look like that brat." said the figure.
"He couldn't still be alive." said the figure.
"My demon. Destroy that man. Leave nothing left." ordered the figure as he continued to watch through the demons eyes.
"Yes my lord." said the demon.

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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSat Aug 10, 2013 11:26 pm

Link stood before the grotesque creature shuddering slightly at the sight of it.
What kind of thing is this. Its only covering is muscle tissue. Its eyes are see through and its very tall.
Link had no idea what this thing was but now that he had a sword and shield as his most comfortable weapons he was ready to fight. He looked back to see Midna and the rest of the group as well as the palace soldiers lined up along the walls watching him.
This thing would tear apart the palace single handedly. I will not let that happen.
Link was waiting for the creature to move when he noticed that its eyes had changed from a clear white to a deep crimson.
This cant be good.
With amazing speed for the form of the creature it bounded towards link in just a few steps. Link barely had time to react and roll to the side. The creature didn't miss a beat. As Link was rolling it struck its arm out and hit Link square in the back sending him sprawling onto the dirt. Before Link could stand the creature was on him again clasping both of its hands above its head and bringing it down on Links back once more.
The group on the palace walls were getting nervous as they watched the monster easily toss Link around. They watched the creature lift its hands and bring them down and they were sure that it had hit Link with full force but they couldn't tell because a dust cloud rose up from around Link.
Get up. You cant be beaten this easily. I've seen you fight bigger and stronger things to be beaten by this monster. thought Midna.
"Get up." whispered Midna to herself.
As the group watched the dust clear the monster stood above Link.
Link couldn't have been luckier. At the last second before the monster put both fists into his back he moved the shield that Jonas had given  him onto his back. It took the full brunt of the hit although it left Link with the wind knocked out of him. The shield was a complete loss but had saved his life. The monster raised its hands once more. This time Link was ready for it and threw the shield at its face while ducking out of the way and standing up. The shield struck the monster in the face causing it to howl in rage. Turning on Link it charged once more. Link only had the Master Sword but now it was glowing with the energy of the Sols inside of it. casting a ring of light all around him. As the monster neared Link he ducked and struck out to his right side holding the sword with both hands. The Sword cut clean through the monsters side but did not stop it from turning around and hitting Link in the side of the head sending him flying through the air. Link landed on the ground several feet away. Trying to stand was difficult since he was dazed from the hit. The monster wasted no time in continuing its attack. Link let his reflexes take effect until his head cleared. He moved to the side as the monster used one hand to attack him and as Link looked at its arms it turned out that the arms could shift from arms to whip like appendages that could cause some serious destruction. The monster swung its other arm at Link and Link brought his sword up to block it cutting the appendage causing the monster to back up a few paces.
Link head had cleared and he noticed something odd about the way the creature moved. It could run quickly but it only used it arms to attack. The legs were its weak spot. Link decided to take a chance he sheathed his sword and waited for the monster to attack. The monster obliged quickly. Link waited for to the last second to preform a reverse mortal draw. This involved spinning around to the left while drawing his sword and putting enough force into it to slash through the opponent upwards instead of downwards. The attack had severed one of the creatures legs and cut through part of its torso. Link himself did not escape unharmed. During the reverse spin one of the monsters arms had cut him across the shoulder and back. Link took his chance and stabbed his sword through where the creatures heart should be driving it backwards and impaling it into the ground. The creature made no noise and the light in its eyes faded to black. After that the creature did not move again. Link realized that he had lost a good amount of blood and was beginning to get light headed. The next thing he knew was that he was falling towards the ground and landed with a thud face down. He heard Midna cry out and then he passed out.
Midna watched as Link did a reverse mortal draw and get cut on his back and shoulder but he took off the creatures leg then jumped forward stabbing it through the heart.
I didn't know he could do that one.
Her thoughts of surprise were over quickly when she saw Link fall forward into the ground.
"Link!" she shouted.
"Get a medic and make sure you're quick about it!" shouted Midna.
She rushed down the stairs and used her magic to almost blow the gates open. She ran ahead of Jonas and the rest of the group fueled by fear for Links life. As she reached him she lifted his head out of the dirt and rested it on her lap.
"Wake up. Please wake up." said Midna fearfully.
Midna looked at the cut on his back and right shoulder. It was very deep and she could see his shoulder blade. Now she was very fearful of what would happen. The cut continued to bleed.
"Rosalie don't you know some healing magic?" asked Midna frantically.
"Yes but only a little. I'll see what I can do." said Rosalie as she put her hands over the cut and began focusing her magic.
Vincent looked over the two women as they tried their best to keep link comfortable until help arrived. Evander and Griffin were also watching Rosalie and Midna but Griffin turned his attention towards the monster that now was laying dead on the ground. As he studied it more and more something familiar came to his mind and once he realized what it was he had a look of terror on his face.
"Griffin whats wrong?" asked Evander.
Griffin did not answer but instead began running back towards the palace at full sprint.
I have to be sure about this. If this is what I think it is then we are all in trouble. thought Griffin.
Back where Link was still bleeding a medic had finally arrived and it was the best medic they had.
"Stand back now please I will do what I can but you must all move." said the medic.
As the group gave the medic some space Link was surrounded in a red glow as the medic use his magic. Focusing on healing energies the medic began to form Links skin back together while repairing the muscle underneath as well as any torn arteries that caused the continuous bleeding. As the skin formed together neatly the medic released his magic energy and turned towards Midna.
"He has lost a good amount of blood and must get some rest. Please have him take to a bed and keep him there until he is well enough to stand." said the medic.
"Knowing him he will be up and about in a day or two. Thank you." said Midna.
The medic turned to leave and began the walk back to the palace.
"I need some men to carry him back to the palace on a stretcher." said Midna.
"Dont worry about that your highness. We will take care of that." said Jonas.
When Midna turned around she saw Vincent, Jonas, Evander and Rosalie all holding a side of a stretcher that the medic had brought with him.
"We would be honored to carry him back" said Evander.
"He did save us again after all." said Vincent.
Midna could not help but smile at their kindness towards Link.
The group made their way back to the palace leaving the monster on the ground along with the Master Sword. Midna had ordered some men to guard the corpse and warned them not to touch the Master Sword. Back at the palace Midna had the four lay Link in her bedroom since they had been sharing a room since Link arrived in the Twilight Realm.
"Evander, where did Griffin run off to?" asked Midna.
"I'm not sure." responded Evander.
Inside Griffins own private study he was throwing books around searching for something.
"Where is it! I know its here somewhere!" shouted Griffin.
As he continued to put the room in disarray he found the book he was looking for. It was a small black book with no title and no picture on the front. As he flipped through the pages his fears were confirmed. And he rushed to find Midna.
In the lower dimension the dark figure was furious.
"How could my own demon be defeated! Its part of me. I created it. It should have been unstoppable!" shouted the figure.
"Perhaps it is because my power is still in fractions. I only have a fourth of my original power. I will need to get it back if I am to reclaim my spot as ruler of the dimensions." said the figure.
"Now what was my power split into again? Oh yes. The fused shadows and that cursed mask." said the figure.
Griffin came barging into Midnas room where the rest of the group were talking. They all turned to look at him and realized it was something very serious.
"I just confirmed something I was fearing. That monster outside is known as the demon of Majora! If it is here then that means that Majora is awakened once more!" shouted Griffin.
"You can't meant the Majora that was sealed away hundreds of years ago?" asked Evander.
"The very same." said Griffin.
"This is very bad." said Midna.
"Well then its a good thing I'm in a bed right now because the Hero of Time is calling out to me. Since I'm not going anywhere for at least a day I believe I'll go talk to him and ask some questions." said Link from the bed.
All eyes turned to him in shock since he should have been asleep until the next morning at the earliest.
"I'll be alright. I'll be resting while I'm talking to him so don't worry about me right now Midna. Focus on learning more about this Majora. And I'll do the same." said Link.
After finishing his sentence Link went limp and had entered his subconscious.
"We had better do as he suggests." said Evander.
"Right lets get to work and quickly. We shall do our research in this room." said Midna.
Within Links mind the Hero of Time had created his own space to "live" what Link saw was almost like a tavern and inside was a single patron. The Hero of Time sat with a drink in his hands.
"Welcome back Hero. I have not heard the name Majora in many many years. If it is the one that I fought as a child then you are in for some serious trouble as even I needed help when fighting him." said the Hero of Time.
Link looked at the Hero of Time from behind and saw the hole in his armor where he was stabbed in the back. He responded to the Shade of the Hero with a simple response.
"Well then you had better tell me all that you know about him."
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Link walked around the table and stood in front of the Hero of Time. The shade seemed to be deep in thought and startled Link when he spoke.
"Are you going to sit down?" asked the Shade.
"Yes. Thank you." said Link.
"Can I interest you in a drink before we begin?" asked the Shade.
"An ale will do me just fine." said Link.
The Shade shut his eyes and focused. The next thing Link saw was a mug of ale appear before him on the table.
"It isn't technically real but it feels real in here." said the Shade.
"Thanks. Now tell me what you know about Majora." said Link.
"Ah yes. Majora. I suppose I should start from the beginning. It all started when I went in search of a friend who had left without saying goodbye. I wondered through the lost wood as the Great Deku Tree had told me to." said the Shade.
After seeing Link raise an eyebrow to the mention of the Deku Tree he clarified.
"Its the place where you received the first fused shadow. That dead tree is the Great Deku Trees remains. At least his first form. Anyways I wondered for several day and when I emerged I was in a place called Termina. I was attacked by the skull kid who had on Majora's Mask not realizing its true power. He changed me into a deku scrub and I was cursed for a few days. After entering the main realm of Termina which is a dimension next to our own I was in a place called Clock Town. I had to fight through several dungeons and awaken four giants to stop a moon created by Majora from falling to the earth and devouring all in its path. Majora then went inside the moon when the giants stopped it. I chased after and completed four challenges where strangely one of the moon children with a mask of Majora gave me the Fierce Deity's mask. With this mask I gained almost godlike powers and was able to defeat Majoras Mask. The mask was retrieved by the creepy happy mask salesman who can jump between dimensions I suspect even now he is alive and well. He must have the mask." explained the Shade.
"But this monster that Majora sent looked nothing like a mask." said Link taking a sip of his ale. To him it really did feel and taste real.
"Yes, that is because Majora is really not a mask. Long ago an ancient tribe of magic users stole a large portion of his power and sealed it into object that could be worn. One was the mask. The second was the fused shadows." said the Shade.
"That would explain why they were after Midna and not out to destroy the palace." said Link.
"Correct now as to the tribe that had originally stolen Majoras power. That would be the ancient Twilians. That would be the main reason they were banished to the Twilight Realm. The magic of the demon Majora is a forbidden type which is why he is in the lower levels of the dimensions. If he retrieves his power he could break free and quite possibly wreak havoc on the other dimensions. Even getting the Mask back could be catastrophic since the Mask nearly destroyed a different dimension." said the Shade.
"So how do we beat him?" asked Link.
"Of that I am not sure. I only could beat the mask. The weakest of the fractions. And even then I needed help." said the Shade.
"So you are telling me if he gets back all his fractions then he can restore his power?" asked Link.
"Not exactly. It would take a large deal of time to restore his powers and he cant leave the lower dimension without it so he will send his followers after you instead. Even then he would still have to find the Happy Mask Seller first and since we know where the fused shadows are there should be little risk of him getting those any time soon. Now for the repercussions if he gets the mask back.
He could control the mask and use its power to attack anything he wants as long as he has a host to use the mask. So if he finds the Mask Seller then there will be some trouble heading your way. This is all I know from my time alive about the demon Majora. I studied in Hyrule after failing to find my friend." said the Shade.
"Can I ask who this friend was?" asked Link.
"She was a small fairy sprite that was chosen to be my partner in my quest against Ganondorf, but we soon became close friends." said the Shade.
"I see. I'm sorry you never found her." said Link.
"That's alright there isn't much I can do about it now with me being dead and all." said the Shade.
"Well if I learn anything about what happened to her I'll tell you about it." said Link.
"Thank you Hero." said the Shade.
"No problem. Now I must be getting back so I can explain what you told me." said Link.
"That would be good. If all goes well then I estimate you will have several months before Majora will find the Mask and even after that you will have some more time before he can use it again." said the Shade.
"Thank you." said Link as he began to fade from his consciousness and return to the real world.
Link awoke in the bed he fell asleep in and looked around. The other six members of their small group had fallen asleep in various places. Evander had fallen asleep in a chair with a book in his hands, Griffin was sprawled over a small couch with a book over his face, Vincent and Rosalie were sitting back to back each with scrolls in their laps, Jonas was sleeping with his back against the door also with a book in his hands and Midna she had her arms crossed on Links legs with her head on her hands.
Link put his hand on her head and ran his hand through her hair.
I suppose I shouldn't wake them. They all have had a rough few days.
Link kept his hand on Midnas head and drifted back to sleep dreaming of a different time and place.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2013 11:19 pm

The following morning started slowly for the newly put together group. Jonas was the first awake and smirked at the sight before him and because he realized he fell asleep also doing some research. He stood up and stretched trying to make as little noise as possible but when he turned to the rest of the group he noticed that Link was awake. Link had trained himself to awake at the smallest sounds due to his combat skills. Jonas opened his mouth to say good morning but Link silenced him by putting one finger to his lips and gesturing towards Midna who was still sleeping with her head on his legs. Link didn't want to wake her just yet.

Link began moving his hand through Midnas long fiery hair. As he did so Midna stirred slightly but her expression was that of a small smile. The next to wake up was Evander since the light of the Twilight Realms sun was shining in his face. He stood and stretched as well, noticing Jonas standing silently near the bed where Link lay Evander joined him and stood next to him. The next to rise was Vincent who nudged Rosalie with his elbow and they both stood together since they fell asleep back to back. They to joined the other two standing near Links bed. Link continued to run his hand through Midnas hair. Griffin was the last to wake yawning loudly but not loudly enough to wake Midna. Once he rubbed his eyes and notice the group standing near Links bed he joined them as well. Soon after Midna began to awaken. She opened her eyes slowly and then sat up in the chair she had fallen asleep in. Yawning herself awake she looked first at Link then at the rest of the group who were starring at her.

"Good morning Midna." said Link.

"Yes good morning. Why is everyone starring at us?" asked Midna.

"Don't mind them. They are probably not used to seeing you sleep like that." said Link.

Midna yawned once more and then the group shared a small laugh together.

"So how are you feeling there? Shoulder alright?" asked Jonas.

"It feels great actually. Those doctors that you guys have are really something. I don't think it will even leave a scar." said Link.

"I would hope it wouldn't. You have enough already." said Midna looking into Links eyes.

"I guess I do." said Link laughing a little.

"Well we can't sit around all day now can we. How about we get changed and go down to the hall and get some breakfast. Will you be able to move?" asked Jonas to Link.

"I wont know until I actually stand." said Link.

Midna stood up from her chair and moved it out of the way. Link swung his feet out of the bed and put on his boots that were beside the bed. Once they were on he slowly stood up. Once fully standing he stretched his back and shoulders.

Rosalie blushed slightly at seeing Link stretch. Since the medic had wrapped his shoulder with bandages just in case the seal failed Link was shirtless and Rosalie was impressed with how fit Link was. She could tell that the muscle wasn't for show and was built from working hard and for long periods of time.

Link let out a sigh of relief after stretching his muscles.

"Yea I'm sure I can walk and move around just fine. I might even be able to get some practice in." said Link.

"Not yet you aren't. Not for another full day. For now you can relax and when we get some food you can tell us what the Shade told you." said Midna.

"Yes some food would be great right now." said Griffin his stomach growling loudly.

The group laughed at this and then they all began exiting the room to go to their own rooms to change. Midna brought Link a set of clothing. The shirt was a dark purple and made of a what felt like cotton. The pants were a shade of brown also made of the same material. As Link was about change he looked at Midna who stood there starring at him.

"Are you going to watch me change?" he asked playfully.

"Only if you want me to." replied Midna also playfully.

With that she turned to her own private bedroom and shut the door so she could change as well.

It's not like I wanted her to leave. Thought Link while smiling to himself.

After Link finished changing he put the Master Sword on his hip once more and then waited for Midna to come out of her bedroom. When she did, her outfit was completely different from what Link expected. She wore an elegant yet simple white shirt and a pair of black slacks with a set of black sandals.

"How do I look?" asked Midna.

"Amazing as always." responded Link.

Standing up Link offered his arm for Midna to hold on to. She accepted and the two exited the room together.

Walking down the halls of the Twilight Palace many of the maids and servants stopped to look at Link and Midna walking together down the hallways. Some of the maids seemed envious of Midna and looked away blushing slightly. Link and Midna merely smiled at those who stopped to stare and continued on their way. Upon entering the hall many of the people already inside lifted their heads from their plates to look at Link and Midna.

The rest of their small group had already gotten a table and stood as they approached.

"Can we get some food now?" asked Griffin.

"Yes lets." said Midna.

After the group had gotten their plates and sat back down Link explained to them what the Shade had told him the previous night. The group were at first dismayed by the news. But then Link told them to not be saddened by it.

"He hasn't found the mask yet. If he had then he would already be marching on the Palace personally. And he doesn't have the fused shadows since we have those in Midna's protection." said Link.

"He's right. We cant let ourselves be put down by this. We still have plenty of time." said Jonas.

"Yes. I believe we can use this time to prepare for when he does actually find the mask since he undoubtedly will eventually. Since this happy mask salesman can jump between dimensions, I would guess we have a maximum of 2 months before he finds the mask and then another additional month before he can use the mask and fuse it back into himself." said Vincent.

"That will be plenty of time to reinforce the Palace and possibly recruit some new members to our military." said Jonas.

"Maybe Link could even teach them how to fight." said Midna.

"I think I could give a few lessons now and again." said Link.

"Link, don't you normally fight with two swords?" asked Rosalie.

"Yes, but my Ordon sword was shattered by that Bokoblin. I normally will carry two swords and a shield and gauge how strong my opponent is. After that I will decide whether to use one sword, a sword and shield or dual swords. Dual swords is my last resort or I'll use them when a desperate situation arises." said Link.

"So what is the Sword you use now?" asked Griffin.

"The Sword I wield now is called the Master Sword. Those with evil hearts cannot touch it." said Link drawing the blade halfway out of its scabbard making a distinguished ringing sound.

"They say it was crafted with the power of the goddesses and is considered a holy relic that does not age." said Link.

"So this sword must be very powerful then?" asked Jonas.

"Very. It selects its master and others can barely even lift it." said Link.

"Really. That is impressive. Might I try?" asked Jonas.

"Sure just be careful not to strain yourself." said Link standing up and balancing the sword on tow fingers holding it out for Jonas to catch.

Link then dropped the sword and watched as it landed in Jonas's hands.

The weight that hit Jonas's hands initially startled him, and when the weight was full bearing, he had to strain to keep his arms from hitting the ground.

"Ok. Take it back." said Jonas as he strained to lift the sword.

Link simply grabbed it with one hand and lifted it easily out of Jonas's hands.

"That is some sword you have there Link." he said.

"Yes, I just wish I had one to match its strength." said Link.

"Wait. You said you need one to match its strength. I think I have something that might lead you to such a sword. Might I see the blade itself. Just lay it on the table." said Griffin.

"Sure. What do you want to see the blade for?" asked Link completely unsheathing the Master Sword.

"I want to see if the blade is similar to what I have in mind." said Griffin.

As Griffin looked at the Master Sword he took note of the Triforce insignia that was carved into the metal.

"That symbol seems very familiar to me." said Griffin.

"That would be the Triforce, the symbol of the goddesses and the royal Hyrulian family. How would that one be familiar to you?" asked Link.

"I think I've seen it in a very old book before. I'll go look for it now." said Griffin as he got up to leave for the library.

While he was gone the rest of the group talked among themselves. They all asked Link about what the Realm of Light was like and what he had done the past five years. The conversation was short because Griffin returned rather quickly.

"I found the book. I believe it contains an ancient blade made by our ancestors." said Griffin as he sat down and began flipping through the pages.

"Ah. Found it." he said as he laid the book down for Link to look at it.

The page that Link was looking at shocked him much more than he thought it would. He was looking at a drawing of a blade that was black but had an inverted Triforce on it in much the same place as the Master Sword. The blade itself was thinner than the Master Sword but was still double edged. The length of the blade appeared to be just about the same as the Master Sword. Link was astounded to see that the blade was so similar to the sword he had now. Even though it seemed different Link couldn't help but be fascinated by it.

"That blade is called Shadow Weaver." said Griffin.

"Shadow Weaver. That blade was lost to our people many centuries ago." said Midna.

"Yes but it was here at one point." said Griffin.

"Which means it may still be in this Realm somewhere." said Link with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Its possible, but where could it be?" asked Midna.

"Maybe in one of the old ruins dotted around Twilaria." said Evander.

Seeing the look on Links face Midna clarified.

"That's the name of the land mass we use for our home. I should have mentioned that earlier." said Midna.

Griffin took the book back and scanned through the pages.

"Lets see. It says here it was sealed away in the ruins of Lunastria." said Griffin.

"Lunastria, but those ruins don't even exist anymore." said Rosalie.

"Well apparently they did at one point, except no one has seen them only heard the name of them." said Griffin.

Looking over Griffins shoulder Evander noticed something.

"Wait, Griffin hold up this page towards the light." said Evander.

"Just as I thought." said Evander as Griffin held the paper towards the light.

What Evander saw was a type of ink that can only be seen when looked at when it is in front of a light source. The image it revealed was a small map of Twilaria and a single 'X' on its edge.

"That must be where Lunastria is." said Midna.

"Well then I think we can set out to look for it today. It's only a few hours from the Palace." said Vincent.

The group finished their food and left the hall each going to their room to grab their packs.

"Midna can you grab the shard from the vault really quickly?" asked Link.

"I can do it from here. One moment." said Midna as she raised her hand in the air and murmured a spell under her breath that formed the shard in her hands. Putting it in her dimensional space, they picked up their packs.

After stopping at the kitchen to get some food and water skins they went to the stables. Where link was in for quite a surprise.

"These are Twilight Stallions. They move incredibly quick and can run over the air. We use them when we need to travel long distances or get from a cluster of floating rocks to another." said Midna.

"These horses are very impressive." said Link looking at the one he would be riding. The stallion was solid black with red glowing eyes. It seemed to be almost made of shadows.

The group saddled up and set out for the mark on the map. The ride was uneventful and little talk was made until they arrived. Sure enough there were a few broken pillars  in a circle and a small stone path.

"It would seem that the ruins don't exist any longer." said Rosalie.

"I suppose we should turn back now." said Evander.

"Wait." said Link.

Link began slowly walking on the stone path from the beginning and made his way to the center of the pillars. As he looked around in each direction he studied each visual area. After not finding anything he gestured for Midna to come closer.

"Everyone. You are about to see something that may frighten you but please don't be afraid." said Link.

They all watched as Link nodded his head at Midna and she summoned the shard from her dimensional space. The group was intrigued by the shard as Midna moved it closer towards Link. The next thing that happened took them all by surprise.

Link felt the strange sensation as Midna revealed the shard. Nodding his head, she moved it closer to him and the transformation began. Link felt the bones in his face reshape painlessly as his leg bones shifted to different lengths as well as his arms. The next thing that happened was that he was on all fours as hair began to grow from his body. As Link finished the transformation from human to wolf, he let out a loud howl enjoying the feeling of his senses being heightened.  

The others backed up a few steps as Link let out a loud howl. One second he was standing on two legs and looked human enough. Now he was a rather large wolf and Midna had not moved a step.

He is a much larger wolf than I remember. Is it because he has grown older or is it something else? thought Midna.

Link began looking around with his now heightened wolf eyes and noticed something off the edge of the land mass. It seemed as though the air in front of him was hazy and blurred.

There must be something there. He thought.

Link began looking around once more and activated his wolf sense. He noticed a faintly glowing yet large strip of scent floating in the air then stopping a couple hundred feet away from the land mass. As he looked around more he notice a patch of dirt that was a different shade from the rest around it. As he dug through the dirt, he noticed it was in the center of the pillars. As he cleared the dirt away, he had revealed a weighted button that he could weigh down with his wolf form. He went over to Midna and nudged her to turn him back into a human. She didn't change him right away as she scratched behind his ears which Link happily accepted.

After she turned him back he led her over to the button.

"Everyone get behind us and watch over there." said Link.

As Link stepped onto the button, he pulled Midna onto it as well and they dropped several inches lower as the button was finally pushed down. They all heard a deep bell tone ring from off the landmass. As they looked for the bell that made the tone, the group noticed that a haze had appeared and was clearing up as they starred at it. Once the haze had cleared, they all had looks of astonishment on their faces. Evander and Griffin were the worst as they gazed upon the site.

What the group saw was a massive Island floating a distance from the main landmass. On top of the island is what appeared to be a massive city that rose in tiers; each tier taller than the one before it until it ended with a very tall bell tower that now rang for the first time in what must have been centuries.

"Behold. The ruins of Lunastria." said Link as he gazed upon the massive city.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 9:11 pm

The group that stood behind Link and Midna all had their mouths open in amazement and wonder. Evander and Griffin were by far the most shocked by the discovery being scholars and archaeologists, they stood gazing at the large floating island to moved with emotion to speak. Vincent and Rosalie were smiling at the discovery. Jonas also smiled at the structure glancing at Link and nodding his head. Midna was shedding a few tears.

"So much history that was lost has been found once more." said Midna.

"I have to wonder though your highness, why is it that these ruins were hidden away?" asked Vincent.

"Yes, I was wondering the same thing." said Evander finding his voice again.

"Could there be something dangerous within?" asked Jonas unsheathing his sword slightly while starring intently at the floating island.

As the group stood in their places asking question to each other a small cloud of dark bricks began to float out from under the island towards them. As they continued to ask questions the bricks began to form a thin path the stretched from the main land to the island.

"Well you all can stand around and ask questions as long as you like but the only way to answer them would be to go to the island." said Link.

"And just how do you plan on doing that?" asked Midna turning from the circle the group had formed to find Link missing. As she looked towards the island she saw Link running across the thin brick path.

"Leave it to Link to always charge in unafraid of anything. Well we better catch up to him or else we will lose him amongst the ruins." said Midna as she began running after Link.

The others agreed and followed behind Midna as they cautiously ran across the brick path.

Once on the solid ground of the island the group reformed at what seemed to be a massive stone gate. They could tell the gate once bore runes and inscriptions on it but after many years of neglect they had eroded away. The gates them selves were still there although they were open revealing a long alleyway.

"Just what is this place." asked Link.

"It was a city, a castle and most importantly a shrine." said Evander.

"And all of it was lost. No one knew where it went or what happened to it. It just suddenly disappeared." said Griffin.

"And it was home to our very first and distant ancestors." said Jonas.

"To us this is considered a holy and sacred place." said Vincent and Rosalie together.

"This is the ancient city of Lunastria." said Midna.

Link looked up at the belfry that rose high above the ruins. As he looked at the ancient city he took note of its design. It was set up in tiers. The lowest tier being where commoners and stores would most likely be. The second tier would have been for housing. The third tier would have been where the wealthy and aristocrats would have lived and lastly a large building had its own tier. That must be the shrine that houses the belfry. Even now the bell could be heard softly tolling from the wind.

"I could spend ages here and not unravel this great places mysteries." said Evander.

"I will allow you to explore this place once we have returned to the palace and gathered a number of other archaeologist as well as some guards to help you with your research." said Midna.

"Thank you your highness. You are too kind." said Evander.

"We came here to look for Shadow Weaver right? Then if I had to guess I would say it would be inside the shrine at the highest tier." said Griffin.

"Yes we should look for what we came for. Which way would lead us up to the next tier?" asked Link.

"Well from what I've research before this, a city built in this fashion would have six stairways that go in a spiral to the next tier and then the next tier would have four stairways and then the third would have only two stairways. So the closest one would be in front of us and to the left." said Evander.

"Then we better get moving." said Jonas.

The group began moving towards the massive stone gate but Link looked back at where they had tied their horses to. He then moved forward through the gate and instantly got an uneasy feeling. He check behind him once more to check if anyone had followed them. Confirming no one had followed them he turned to the rest of the group that had waited for him to catch up. Link then took the lead with Midna directly next to him. What Link failed to notice was the shadow that was moving in between the buildings.

"Whats wrong? I know how your instincts work and you never stand still while checking behind you unless something is wrong." said Midna.

"I just got an uneasy feeling is all. Nothing to worry about yet." said Link.

"Yet is the key word but I'll trust whatever you say." said Midna.

Once the group had made it down the long avenue that led to the first set of stairs they all looked back to gaze down the way they came. Looking back the they noticed all the buildings on this level were made of dark gray bricks and that they had traveled quite a distance. Beginning their ascent up stairs before them they noticed that at set intervals the stairs had archways on them much like the gate at the entrance. Some of the archways had collapsed and lay broken on the stairs which the group moved around. Along the way up the tiers the group stopped on the third tier and sat down and had a quick lunch underneath a tree that had overgrown itself many times and was now taking over a full building. The whole way up the tiers Evander and Griffin marveled at the architecture of the city and every now and again would stop to pick up an old pot that was lying near a building to inspect it which resulted in Midna scolding them to catch up.

After finishing their lunch the group prepared themselves for the final stair way. Along the way the bell still continued to softly toll. Reaching the top of the spiraling staircase the group was amazed to finally see the shrine that they believed would hold Shadow Weaver. The shrine itself was a massive building that Link could only think it looked much like the Temple of Time, the belfry was at the very back of the building. The group moved towards the building seeing that there was no door on the entrance. Instead it was a square entryway with a curve on the top. As they passed through the doorway and into the building Link once more felt uneasy but shrugged the feeling away.

"This place seems very similar to the Temple of Time." said Link.

"I was going to say the same thing." said Midna.

"That could be because our ancestors were originally from the realm of light." said Evander.

"Possibly but why does it feel so different. Could this place have been a place of darkness instead?" asked Griffin.

"Well if the Temple of Time was a place of light this place could be a shrine of darkness." said Link.

"Then it would make even more sense for Shadow Weaver to be here." said Rosalie.

"That's right. Lets go find it." said Midna motioning for Link to take the lead since it would be a sword he would use.

The group moved through the main hall and went into a large hallway that had many doors in it but they ignored them and continued towards the end of the hall. Surprising to the group at the end of the hall was another set of stairs that rose up into the top of the building.

"Why do these stairs go up? Wouldn't they go downwards to the vault of this building?" asked Vincent.

"Well I think this goes up to the belfry." said Link.

"It wouldn't hurt to go up and see the bell we have been hearing anyways." said Griffin.

The rest agreed and began climbing the stairs with Link in the lead. Halfway up the tower they were wondering how much longer they stairs would go but managed to make it to the top. Upon entering the belfry the group stood on a large platform that had barriers around the edge. From their position they could see the entirety of the city and even in the far distance they could make out the outcropping that had the Twilight Palace on it.

"We are extremely high. Everyone mind the barriers. They could give at any moment so stand near the center." said Evander.

As they looked out at the view a large gust of wind swept past them startling them but also moving the bell causing it to toll once more. The group looked up and were amazed to see that the bell was in perfect condition.

"How could it be so clean and in working order?" asked Griffin.  

Link noticed a small ladder on one of the pillars holding the roof that led to a catwalk on the side of the bell. Testing it he began to climb.

"Evander come with me, maybe you could tell me what this thing is by looking at it." said Link.

Once the two were up on the catwalk they looked at the bell closely.

"My goodness! This bell is made of dark iron!" exclaimed Evander.

"But I thought dark iron disappeared centuries ago." said Griffin from below.

"It did but don't forget this city was made many many centuries ago." said Evander.

"Dark iron does not age if the history texts are true. Which would explain why this bell is in such perfect condition." said Evander.

"Wait whats this?" asked Link.

Link was pointing at a strange type of text that was cast into the bell.

To hear the true tone of this bell. Create a pitch to match it and reveal the pathway.

"It is the ancient writing of our race. I cannot read it though." said Evander.

"I can." said Vincent from below as he began climbing the ladder.

"It reads 'To hear the true tone of this bell. Create a pitch to match it and reveal the pathway.' What does that mean?" asked Vincent.

"Wait. Pitch! Link you can use a howl to match the pitch. That might work." said Midna.

"I was thinking the same thing. Lets give it a shot." said Link

"Evander stay here and move bells mechanisms to move it just enough for me to hear it then climb back down." said Link.

Evander nodded while Link and Vincent climbed back down the ladder. Midna then brought out the shard and Link felt the strange tingling again. Transforming into a wolf he sat directly below the bell and looked at Evander. Evander then turned the mechanism slightly to make the bell tone very softly. Link heard it with his wolf sense and stood on all fours then inhaled deeply and began to howl matching the tone of the bell exactly. As he continue to howl the bell began to vibrate and its tone began to get louder and louder. When Link finished howling the bell continued to get louder. He motioned for Midna to turn him back which she complied quickly.

"Whats happening?" asked Evander as he quickly climbed down the ladder.

"I don't know. Everyone cover your ears!" shouted Link as the tone became deafening.

In the Silent and abandoned city the tone echoed loudly and freely even the groups horses could hear it. and stood alert looking at the bell. The next thing the group knew was that a light had begun to form from inside the bell, they still covered their ears but looked up at the light. Then suddenly just as quickly as the tone of the bell had begun it ended instantly and the light remained. The light shot a beam onto the floor of the belfry leaving a round circle that glowed. It was large enough to fit the group.

"Doesn't this seem familiar?" asked Link to Midna.

"Very. Well you know what to do." she responded.

"Alright. Everyone in the circle." said Link.

As they moved into the light they all felt a strange sensation as they were reduced to particles and transported. They light in the belfry disappeared with them with a loud thunder clap causing the bell to continue its soft ringing.

The group opened their eyes in a new place entirely. They were in a large room that had no windows but had lamps lighting it brightly. Near the end of the room the lamps stopped but not enough for their to be no more light. The group moved towards it and as they moved closer towards the other end they saw a stone pedestal that was in the center of the isle way they walked down. They looked at the pedestal and it bore the same strange writing that was on the bell.

Beware ye who would travel any further into this room.
If ye have come in search of the shadow blade then be warned that no good will come of it.
But if ye must proceed further to claim the sword be prepared to look into yourself and defeat an
evil that you never knew existed. Ye have been warned.
Good Luck.

"What does it say Vincent?" asked Link.

" It says. 'Beware ye who would travel any further into this room.
If ye have come in search of the shadow blade then be warned that no good will come of it.
But if ye must proceed further to claim the sword be prepared to look into yourself and defeat an
evil that you never knew existed. Ye have been warned.
Good Luck.' said Vincent.

"Its some type of warning then." said Jonas.

"Link I think we should listen to the warning and leave." said Midna.

"That's the problem. There is no way out. I think we have to beat whatever this warning is to leave or we will die here." said Link.

"If that's the case then we will have to fight." said Rosalie.

"No not we. I will fight. Out of all of us I have the strongest chance of beating whatever it is." said Link.

"" said Midna sadly.

Link brought her into an embrace.

"Don't worry. You know I'll be fine you just have to root for me." said Link smiling at her.

"Well that's true. I never have seen you completely lose a fight." said Midna.

Letting go of Midna Link turned towards the others.

"Can you all do me a favor and stand behind that line there." said Link pointing towards a half circle that was carved into the floor.

"I have a feeling that when I step into the lines this warning will appear. So please just stay back." said Link.

They all nodded their consent and gathered on one side of the line. Link then moved in front of the pedestal and moved into the center of the half circle and the wall in front of him where he cast a shadow from the lamps behind him.

What happened next surprised all of them. A wall of small black Twilian markings shot out of the line in the floor forming a wall between Link and the others even though they could see and hear each other. Link looked ahead of him and watched as a mirror began to form out of the wall. The wall began moving backwards a few feet stopping the same distance Link was from the edge of the circle. Link saw his own reflection in the mirror but then something changed. His clothing changed color to jet black and his eyes began to glow red. The next thing that happened was that his reflection began to move by itself and check to see if it was actually moving. It then stepped forward in the mirror and a pedestal appeared in front of it with a sword that was dark as the Twilian sky inside of it. The reflection then drew the sword from the pedestal and sheathed it. A shield appeared on its back and then it moved forward into the mirror. As it reached the edge of the mirror it simply stepped forward and out of the mirror standing exactly where Link was standing just opposite him. As the reflection stood still across from Link the mirror shattered and disappeared along with the wall revealing the rest of the room and an exit but they could not reach it.

"Welcome to my challenge. If you are to wield me then you must be able to defeat the evil within your heart." said a voice from seemingly nowhere but Link located the sound coming from the hilt of the sword on the reflection.

"You will either die here along with your friends or you will overcome fear and surpass your darkness. In this circle not even that gift from your goddess will help you. In this circle it does not have any power." said the voice.

As Link looked down at his left hand he could see the Triforce mark fading rapidly and for the first time in his life Link felt what it was to have true fear.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSat Aug 24, 2013 1:50 pm

Midna, Evander, Griffin, Rosalie, Vincent and Jonas all watched with shock and some fear at the sight that was unfolding before them. Link stood in a large circle that was blocked off by small black symbols floating in the air and a mirror had just formed on the wall in front of him. The next thing that amazed them is that Links reflection began to move on its own and after drawing a sword it moved forward, as it neared the edge of the mirror the reflection changed from normal colors to dark gray and its eyes turned red. It then actually stepped out of the mirror and stood opposite of Link. The only thing that was different about the reflection was eyes and the sword it had on its back. The group was stunned into silence as it spoke. Midna heard it say that Links Triforce would have no power withing the circle and she grew very worried. She saw Link move his hand to look at it and she saw it fade in color. She could tell Link was afraid, that was very bad because Link was never afraid of anything.

Whats happening to me? What is this feeling? How could the power of the goddesses be negated? What do I do? I cant move. thought Link.

"To defeat me you must overcome your fear and anger. I find it ironic that one blessed by the golden goddesses is the one that will take my trial. You're probably the one with the Triforce of Courage. Well this trial will truly be a challenge for you because now you will know what true fear is." said the sword.

"How did you stop the power of the Triforce?" asked Link shakily.

"When two opposing forces meet they can cancel each other out." said the sword.

"Don't speak in riddles!" shouted Link.

"Temper temper. Be careful of your emotions. The wrong ones will be your downfall here." said Shadow Weaver.

As Link looked at his darkened reflection he could see that the eyes had begun to glow brighter.

"Link you have to keep your emotions in check and cast aside your fear to beat this opponent." said Vincent from behind the barrier.

"That is easier said then done. I've never felt this kind of thing before. I don't know what to do." said Link.

"You do know what to do. You will fight or we will all die here." said Rosalie.

"You're right. I just need to calm down." said Link.

Link then began to breath deeply and slowly attempting to calm his mind from the fear that threatened to overtake him at any moment. He focused his mind and cleared his thoughts focusing on the task at hand.

Breathe. Breathe. Now draw your sword and grab your shield. thought Link.

Link then began to slowly move his left arm upwards towards the Master Sword and his right arm around his back to grab his shield.

Opposing him the reflection began to do the same movements at the same speed and time as Link was.

Link still had his eyes closed and slowly drew his sword as did the reflection. Once Link had fully drawn his sword he opened them to find the reflection had also drawn the Shadow Weaver.

"Ah I see you possess the Master Sword. Or that's what the people of your realm call it. That sword is actually my opposite. It would seem this fight is fate. Tell me does she speak any longer?" asked Shadow Weaver.

"What do you mean speak?" asked Link.

"Much like me she can speak but your question gives me the answer. It would appear she is either mute or she has entered a comatose state." said Shadow Weaver.

It just registered to Link that a sword was talking to him as if it were a person. This voice though was low and full.

Link decided now he would begin this challenge. He took a step forward but stopped when he saw the reflection do the same exact thing. He looked at it strangely and then took another step. After it did the same thing once more Link decided to test something. He extended his arm then swung it in an arc above his head. As he made these movements the reflection mimicked them exactly the same way.

"I see you have figured out that this image of yourself moves as you do. Well don't get comfortable with that idea, I can take over at any time but yes it will follow your movements exactly as you do them since this is an incarnation of your fear and anger." said Shadow Weaver.

Link listened carefully searching for any hint that may help him defeat this opponent. He charged forward fully intending on finishing this challenge quickly. As he moved so did the reflection. Link swung his sword at and angle towards the reflections head but as he did the reflection swung the same way and they locked swords. Link realized then and there that the reflection had to put very little effort into keeping Link at bay while Link was struggling to push against the reflection.

Link released the lock and jumped back beginning to get worried about what was happening within the circle. He dashed forwards and made a horizontal slash towards the reflections abdomen. Link thought he had made contact but when he looked the reflection wasn't cut but was merely squatting on top of the Master Sword smirking at Link. It back flipped off and stood up straight mimicking Link once more. Link was amazed at the reflections agility and reflexes. Link walked slowly towards the reflection and it did the same. When they were standing only inches apart Link brought his hand up to the reflections face and kept it there as the reflection did the same. Link was preparing for the sword to take over and attack him. Link then pushed his hand forward and moved the reflection back he then rolled around to what would have been behind it but the reflection kept up with Link and also did a roll. Link was now becoming more and more worried about fighting this opponent and unknowingly he was strengthening the reflection with his fear.

The group behind the barrier could only watch and hope as Link fought his own reflection that kept up with him move for move. Midna was afraid Link may actually lose this fight.

The fight continued for several long minutes after and Link had received many cuts and scratches from when Shadow Weaver took over. Link was beginning to get tired while the reflection remained perfectly fine. He was growing afraid of this enemy and didn't know how to deal with his fear having never felt it before. Any time before now he would charge head first into a fight or new area, unafraid of the outcome. He was using all his knowledge in sword fighting. He attempted the helm splitter and received a nasty gash on his shoulder from the reflections blade. He tried a shield bash and got the wind knocked out of him. He even attempted a fake slash then threw a punch but almost got stabbed when the sword took over.

"Quit toying with me and fight me yourself!" shouted Link his anger getting the better of him.

This only strengthened the reflection more.

Link charged forwards shouting as he did. Attempting something new he jumped into the air and tucked downwards to deliver a kick at the reflections head but the sword took over and evaded it cutting Link along his forearm.

Midna could only watch as Link was getting beaten and cut. She hid her face from the others and silently prayed. The others cringed whenever Link received a wound and felt bad that they could not help him. Link was getting pushed back further and further growing weaker and weaker by the second. He had cast aside his shield in order to be able to lift his sword with two hands. They watched as he ran forward once more but this time the reflection simply kicked his sword from his hands. The reflection then spun around a kicked Link knocking him onto the floor. Link did not get up from the floor.

"Link! Get up! You never lose!. This thing is just your anger and fear. You've never felt fear before but anger you have. Just accept them as part of yourself and control it. Now you better get up or I'll die here!" shouted Midna.

Link immediately rolled over and looked at her with a very feral look in his eyes.

"I..will never...let that happen!" Link shouted and then turned and put one fist to the ground facing the reflection.

"You said that this reflection of myself is an incarnation of my anger and fear. Well now I'm angry and will not lose to you. My fear...I have grown used to it from this fight. Before I went along my way without fear and that made me weak mentally. Physically I could take on any challenge no matter the size. Without fear one does not know what it means to live. From this experience I will walk away with you as my weapon and new found knowledge. I will cast aside my courage if need be but I will not let harm come to those that I care about. You could never beat me now even if you can block out the goddesses power. I can feel my Triforce even now. This fight will be over shortly." said Link.

"You think you can defeat me just by accepting your anger and fear. I am an incarnation of pure darkness. I cannot be beaten so easily. I would like to see you try!" said Shadow Weaver.

Link only smirked then closed his eyes. He focused deeply on his feelings for Midna and then grew angry at the thought of something happening to her. He tried to recreate the feeling of when she was almost killed by the bokoblin. The anger inside of him began welling up and the strange sensation began to form within him once more. He focused and finally had control of the feeling. He opened his eyes which had now turned golden. The Triforce on his hand remained dark but he still had some of its power.

"You said you negate the power of the Triforce. Nothing can negate it when the need is strong enough. This fight is over."

As Link said these words his wounds began to seal and close themselves. Once he stood straight up he was ready to fight. He did not pick up his sword instead he was going to fight with his hands. The fear of death was imminent but that also gave him the drive to fight harder. The next things that happened were all a blur to the others.

Link disappeared from where he was standing and appeared behind the reflection. He kicked it forward and then disappeared once more appearing directly in front of it. He then kicked it directly into the floor where it proceeded to get up. Once it was stood straight up Link moved again this time appearing by its side where he jumped, spun around and delivered a roundhouse kick into the reflections face sending it flying backwards. As it was in midair Link moved rapidly appearing above and below it delivering punches and kicks to its body. The reflection could not keep up in the slightest. Link then kicked Shadow Weaver from the reflections hand. Link caught it in mid air where he then turned and hurled it at the reflections body impaling it into the floor. The reflection did not move and everything was silent. Links eyes faded from gold to his natural blue. He was breathing heavily trying to catch his breath.

"Impressive. You surpassed your fear and activated your Triforces ability to enhance your speed and power. Not even I can keep up with it. You broke my barriers and overcame fear while using fear itself. You have completed my trial. Now continue to where my true form is and draw me from my pedestal." said Shadow Weaver.

The barrier that formed between the group faded and Midna rushed over to catch a falling Link.
She caught him in a hug.

"You did amazingly in there. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. Can you stand?" asked Midna.

Link nodded and she released him. Link looked down at his left hand and saw that his Triforce had begun to glow brightly. He smiled at the fact that he no longer felt fear. Although he was glad he had experienced it and learned from it. He reached down and picked up his sword and shield sheathing and putting his shield on his back.

"That was amazing. What did you do exactly?" asked Griffin.

"I'm not sure. I just focused on winning and then I was moving faster than ever." said Link smiling at Midna.

"You moved so fast we couldn't see you. Only the reflection being tossed around." said Vincent.

"Right. Now lets go get this sword for you." said Jonas.

Link nodded and led the group towards the end of the hall where there were more torches to light the path. When they reached the end of the hall there was a large ornate wooden door with many different carvings in it. Evander gazed at it in wonder. Link pushed open the door and walked into the room. Once inside they noticed they were actually on a different floating island. They looked around and in the distance they could see the belfry of the Lunastria rising high above the skyline. Back on the floating island they stood on a rather grassy patch. Link noticed a roof on the end of the island held up by six pillars and beneath it he could see a pedestal with the sword in it. They walked towards it.

The wind pushed their clothes around and moved their hair as they walked. It was strangely calm from what had happened inside the building. Once they reach the building they saw the pedestal was raised on large hexagonal stone steps and the sword pedestal itself had an inverted Triforce on it. Link walked up to the sword and stood in front of it while the others stayed at the base of the steps.

"You did very well. I am glad that it is you who shall wield me. I hope to be of service to you. I will tell you my history later as I'm sure you are curious about it. Now draw me from this pedestal." said Shadow Weaver.

Link put both hands on the weapons grip and pulled upwards. The blade made a resounding ring as it slid free. Then it began to glow red and a loud thunderclap shook the building.

"I have chosen you to be my master. Wield me in battle and strike down your foes." said Shadow Weaver.

After the thunderclap a scabbard appeared on Links left hip that was black but had very similar designs to the Master Swords scabbard. Link then sheathed Shadow Weaver and turned towards the group.

"So what shall we do next?" asked Link.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeWed Aug 28, 2013 10:46 pm

Link looked at the group and asked what they should do next.

"You can use the portal past this building to warp back to Lunastrias entrance." said Shadow Weaver.

"That sounds good enough for me." said Jonas.

The group began walking past the swords pedestal and towards the other end of the building. Once they had reached the end of the building there was a large stone circle in the ground.

"Step into the circle and you will warp to the entrance." said Shadow Weaver.

The group did just that and when they stepped into the circle they disappeared for a moment and then reappeared at the cities gates just as the sword had told them. They all looked back at the tall belfry as it still tolled softly. They then turned and began walking towards their horses across the brick path. Only Evander and Griffin remained to stare at the city.

"Don't worry you two. I want to send a team of researchers to excavate and restore these ruins and you will be in charge of that. But for now you must wait. Now come along." said Midna.

They reluctantly turned from the city and joined up with the others.

"So what happened inside that circle?" asked Griffin.

"To be honest I'm not sure. I'll ask Shadow Weaver about it later. He said he is going to remain silent until we return to a safe place." said Link.

"I see, but I meant what happened with you. How did you move that quickly?" asked Griffin.

"Well when the thought of those I care about being hurt entered my mind I gained the will to stand up against my fears and confront them head on. Doing so must have activated some of the Triforces power even though it was blocked out." said Link smiling at Midna.

"That feeling must be powerful then." said Vincent.

Link nodded as they continued to walk towards their horses in silence. Once they all had reached their horses they untied them from their leads and then saddled up. The group then turned their direction towards the Twilight Palace and set off speaking little the whole way back.
Back inside the Twilight Palace the group moved their horses into a pasture large enough for them to roam and graze. There was plenty of grass and a large water pond for them as well.
The group then went inside the palace and split up to either get some rest, direct orders, or do some research. As the group split up Link and Midna went to her private bedroom. Once they had arrived they began to relax.

"I think I'll take a short nap. Would you like to do the same especially after what you have been through these past few days?" asked Midna.

"I don't think I will. I have some questions for Shadow Weaver, its history, its powers those types of things." said Link.

"Alright but just try to take things easy for a little bit." said Midna.

"I will." said Link giving her a small hug then letting her go.

Midna went into her bedroom and shut the door. Link then turned towards the lounge that had several couches and tables as well as a fireplace and walk out balcony. The Windows for the room were full length glass and the door to the balcony was cut from one of the windows, the windows could be opened by turning a small crank at the bottom of the windowsill as of now they were halfway open allowing a fresh breeze to roll into the room and stir the large drapes that hung from the ceiling.

Link walked towards the nearest couch with a table in front of it and unbuckled his baldric that went to the Master Sword, he then unbuckled the belts that held the Scabbard of Shadow Weaver. There were three buckles on slightly above his hip, another on his hip and the last on below his hip. Each buckle had its own design as well as the leather having inscriptions in it. Drawing each blade out of their scabbards he set them both on the table next to each other and set the scabbards next to them as well. Link then leaned back into the couch and stared silently at the swords. He had many questions he would like answers to but didn't know where to start.

"Are you going to sit there and stare at us all day?" asked Shadow Weaver suddenly.

"Sorry...I just don't know what to say right now. Could you possibly tell me your history?" asked Link.

"Since I chose you as my new master I can tell you. I was forged very soon after the Twilians were banished to the Twilight Realm. I was forged out of their anger and hatred for the realm of light for casting them out. Being from the light realm originally, they witnessed the creation of the Master Sword by the goddesses and used a massive amount of magic energy equivalent to that of the goddesses. The ancient Twilians created me in hopes that they would open a portal and use me to slay those who had wronged them before. I go by another name that I prefer. Please call me Umbra." said the sword.

"Alright I will call you that from now on. Can you tell me how you were able to negate the power of the Triforce?" asked Link.

"As I said before I was made with the hopes to slay those who had wronged the ancient Twilians. My power is actually the opposite of the goddesses  and any can wield me as long as I deem them worthy of doing so. As to how I did it. Look closely at my blade and you will see an inverted Triforce. That is a byproduct of the amount of magic energy used to forge me. The ancient Twilians created a negative Triforce." said Umbra.

"Negative? Does it have the same type of power as the Triforce itself?" asked Link.

"No it can not grant the wish of the one who touches it. It does however give the ability to increase ones power exponentially." said Umbra.

"And where would this dark Triforce be located?" asked Link.

"Well that is the amazing part. I hold the dark Triforce myself within the blade and can bestow it upon one who is just and true. You seem to fit the description but I can not just give it to you straight away. The sudden increase in magical energy could tear your body apart." said Umbra.

"At least I don't have to worry about anyone else getting it and misusing its power. Can you tell me anything about the Master Sword?" asked Link.

"Unfortunately I know little about the blade. Only that she can talk but is either mute or in a comatose state as of now." said Umbra.

"I see. Perhaps there is some way to awaken her." said Link aloud.

"Perhaps." responded Umbra.

"How often will you remain silent?" asked Link.

"Whenever I am not needed. If there is information I can give on a situation I will make my voice known. For the most part if I need your attention I'll contact you telepathically." said Umbra.

"You can do that?" asked Link.

"Yes it will feel like a tingling at the base of your skull." said Umbra.

"We shall have to try that later but for now Ill need to put you both away. Thank you for answering my questions." said Link.

"Yes. It is no trouble to me. Goodbye for now master." said Umbra as Link re-sheathed the blades and put Umbra on his right hip then did the buckles. The Master Sword Link put on his left hip since the baldric was adjustable and could be worn over the shoulder or the hip. Link stood up and walked to the window thinking over the conversation he just had. Stepping out onto the balcony Link faced towards the breeze letting it brush past his face. He thought of home back in Ordon and the realm of light. He thought of Epona and the villagers. He thought of the final construction on the castle and wondered when he would be back to see any of it. And for some reason he thought Umbra had not told him everything, most likely because Link probably didn't ask about it directly.

Link stood on the balcony about an hour then turned to go back inside. Once inside he thought he would go look for Evander and Griffin to ask about the portal they had found.
Link checked on Midna to find her fast asleep and did not want to wake her so he left the room quietly and made his way towards the library where he figured he would find the two the quickest.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 7:25 pm

Link walked through the hallways of the Twilight Palace silently with his left hand resting on the hilt of Umbra. As he walked many stopped to stare at the man who had saved them twice now. For them it was strange that he was walking alone. For Link though it was normal. He was thinking over what had been told to him by Umbra and what he would do with this information. He could try to become strong enough to earn the negative Triforce from Umbra or he could simply let it be. I was tempting to think that Link would have one of the Triforce from the Light Realm and one from the Twilight Realm. There could be serious repercussions to that though. Link could go mad with power and kill those he loved or end up like Ganondorf and still crave more power. Link placed those thought behind him and walked on towards the library.

Upon reaching the Library Link could hear voices from down the hall.

"They must be in there then." said Link.

Entering the library Link was amazed to see that it was in a state of constant motion. Scholars were moving left and right, up and down ladders, flipping through books and arranging maps. Evander and Griffin could be seen at the center of it all near a large table filling up with books. Link made an effort to work his way towards the table. As he walked the scholars who had never seen him before were either to busy to notice him or didn't care that a man from the realm of light had joined their midst. Reaching the table Evander and Griffin were staring intently into a book and speaking to each other, they did not notice Link standing across from them.

"Excuse me Evander and Griffin. Might I have a moment of your time." said Link.

"Ah Link. I didn't even notice that you had arrived. Certainly though. Follow me." said Evander looking up at Link from the book.

Evander moved towards the closest wall where there was a door leading to a separate study. Griffin followed closely behind. Once inside the room and the door shut the noise died down quite a bit.

"What is it that you needed Link?" asked Evander.

"Well I was wondering where the portal to the Light Realm was. Midna told me it was you two, more specifically Griffin who had discovered its location so I figured I'd ask you two about it." said Link.

"Ah yes the portal was located in the center of the sapping fields, about a two day non stop horse ride from here. I figured you would ask me about it sooner or later." said Evander.

"I have a map of the fastest route you could take if you'd like it." said Griffin.

"That would be great actually. I'm hoping to go and see the portal in a day or two anyways." said Link.

"Will you have anyone join you?" asked Griffin.

"If anyone wants to come then they are free to do so. The more the merrier." said Link.

"I think I'd like-" said Griffin.

"Absolutely not. We have work to do on the city of Lunastria. Going back to the portal can wait." said Evander.

"I understand. When will we fit my fighting training in?" asked Griffin.

"Not for a while." said Evander despite knowing that Griffin needed it.

"Training?" asked Link.

"Griffin needs to be taught how to defend himself in case of an emergency." said Evander.

"I could teach him in his spare time if you'd like. How did you want to train him? Swords? Hand to hand?" asked Link.

"Both if possible he could use every asset he can get. I myself know both but nothing like what you can do. If you want to train him then I'll be fine with that." said Evander.

"Well Griffin what do you say?" asked Link.

"Yes!" said Griffin excitedly.

"Excellent. We shall begin your training next week starting at the crack of dawn." said Link as he began walking away.

After Griffin heard the time he would have to wake up he got a sad look on his face.

"Don't look at me. You accepted to be trained by him." said Evander chuckling to himself.

Link left with the map in hand and looked it over. The distance really amazed him. The Land mass itself was much larger than Hyrule and included several mountain ranges. The map was dotted with cities both large and small as well as trade routes. Griffin had outlined the path Link should take. Link then decided he should have a horse of his own for his duration within the Twilight Realm.  Link wondered if there were similar breed names to the ones in Hyrule. Epona was a Clydesdale but so far Link had only seen Twilight Stallions. To figure out what to do Link figured he should go to the stables and ask the stable master about the horses in this realm.

Link once more wandered through the palace walkways until he came to the stables and breaking ground for the horses. He entered the stable and passed several horses some that were a pasty white color, some a dark brown, others solid black and all of them had different eye colors. Seeing the stable master by the forge for horseshoes he walked over. The stable master was a Twilian that had black hair and stood a head shorter than Link, he had on a forge apron and heavy leather boots with sturdy leather pants.

"Excuse me. Are you the stable master here?" asked Link.

"Bah! Don't scare me like that. You must be the man from the Light Realm that has saved our hides twice now. The names Martin." said the Stable Master extending his hand towards Link.

"My names Link. It's a pleasure to meet you." said Link shaking Martins hand.

"Now what can I do for you Link?" asked Martin.

"I was curious about the breeds of horses you have here in the Twilight Realm." said Link.

"Well you couldn't have come to a better place to ask about that. Let's see well we have Twilight Stallions they are strong and fast animals, we have the Pad-foot Trotters they are more of for royals when they make grand entrances, there are the Shadow Forest Horses mostly used for pulling and long distance travel. There are several others but not many more than that." said Martin.

"Are there any rare breeds that are fast and strong?" asked Link.

Martin looked at Link questioningly.

"Hmm...There are those four." said Martin pondering his answer.

"Can you break horses boy?" asked Martin.

"Yes I've done that most of my life actually." said Link.

"Then maybe you can be the one to attempt it this time." said Martin.

"Attempt what?" asked Link.

"Just follow me." said Martin.

Martin then began walking towards a different section of the stables where the stalls were larger and directly next to the breaking grounds. Each stall had a gate that opened towards the grounds and there were four of them. As Link walked with Martin he couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy about the situation. When they finally reached the stalls Link stood back with amazement at the sight before him.

Four horses each one unique in its own way. One was brown, another red, another black and the last one was pale gray.

"These are the four horses of the apocalypse." said Martin.

"I had heard legends of them in my realm but never thought they were real." said Link.

"Well the storied exaggerate them quite a bit. The truly special thing about these horses is that they are immortal. They don't carry disease or bring war and death behind their wake. They just have some bad tempers is all. The names are the same from the stories but they wont do any harm as long as you don't bother them. The Twilian royal family rounded them up when they wandered freely across the plains of the Twilight Realm, they have been here in the palace ever since. No one has been able to ride them except for the third Twilian king many ages ago." said Martin.

"This is amazing. You think I can tame them?" asked Link.

"Possibly one of them at most I'd be very impressed with one of them. They have some special abilities I should tell you about though. The black one Pestilence, can breath a noxious fume that will knock you out instantly, the red one War, is able to ignite the ground it steps on and its breath is fire its tail and mane as you saw are also made of fire, the pale gray one Famine, can cause you to go weak with hunger by breathing on you and the black one Death, can also knock you out by breathing on you also its tail contains a weak poison that will cause you some pain but passes in a day with no lasting effects. Oh yes and the legend says that if one can tame them all then he can summon them on command to his position." said Martin.

"I believe I will attempt to tame them all." said Link smiling.

"Very well-" said Martin but was interrupted by Link.

"All at once, with no saddles." said Link.

"You're crazy lad. Not even our best could tame a single one of them." said Martin.

"I'll still attempt it and never underestimate someone. That could be your downfall." said Link staring the horses in the eyes.
Midna awoke later than she had wanted and got out of bed quickly. She checked the lounge to find Link long gone. Exiting her room she watched as maids and servants alike dashed down the halls. Alarmed Midna stopped one.

"What's going on? What's wrong?" asked Midna.

"Nothing is wrong your highness. We are going to watch Link attempt to tame the four horses of the the apocalypse." said the maid.

"What is he thinking." said Midna.

"That's not all. He is going to attempt to tame them all at once." said the maid.

After hearing that Midna and the maid dashed off to the breaking ground to watch what was about to happen. Arriving at the breaking grounds the whole watching area was packed full all the way around the gates. Midna pushed her way to the front to watch Link do his ridiculous stunt. Link stood in the middle of the breaking ground without his swords or shields, just a length of rope. Midna was worried as always that he would get hurt.
Link stood in the center of the breaking grounds as the crowd continued to gather hearing the news.  Link thought the entire staff of the palace had come to watch and as he looked he could see Vincent and Rosalie standing together on the second level, Griffin and Evander were on the first level behind the fences, Jonas was also on the first level directly to Links left. Link couldn't see Midna yet but she must have been up by now and was most likely in the crowd behind him. He checked behind him and sure enough saw her standing in the crowd. He smiled at her then turned to the gates that stood before him.

Martin was standing next to the levers that would open the gates for the horses to come out of. Link told him to open them all at once.

"Are you ready Link!" shouted Martin over the noise.

"I'm ready!" shouted Link.

The crowd grew quiet after Links shout. Link breathed deeply and then nodded to Martin who nodded back and prepared to open the gates. Martin pulled the levers then ran to watch from a safe area behind the gates.

For a few moments nothing happened then suddenly all four horses burst from their pens at once and began charging towards Link. Link did not move and as they neared the horses ran around him in circles and moved close enough to him to move his clothes from the wind. The crowd gasped in silence as they believed Link had just been trampled but the group of friends all knew Link was perfectly fine. The horses finished their grand entrance then all ran back towards the pens but stopped and turned facing Link all four lined up in a row. They all snorted and stamped their hooves on the ground. They then began their charge once more. This time War and Death charged straight on towards Link while Pestilence and Famine went to either side of him and were attempting to trample him by side blinding him. Link waited for the last moment he possibly could to roll at a diagonal through the horses. When he did they adeptly rejoined into a line and turned to face him once more. The crowd was in shock at the show before them.

Link had already discovered that the horses could communicate to one another extremely well based on how they charged at Link.

I wonder if the grass whistle would work on them. thought Link.

Link looked around at the grounds and found what he was looking for. Even in the Twilight Realm there were still song grasses. He took note of where they were then turned his attention back to the horses. As he stood still War stepped forward from the line and began a single charge. To Link it seems like the horses would try one by one to either trample or incapacitate him. War got closer and closer and the crowd grew louder. Link then ran forward at the horse and moved to the side where he swung his arm around its neck using the force it gave him to launch himself onto its back. Once on Wars back Link began the struggle to remain on the horse and control it. Without a saddle things were much more difficult than he imagined it would be. He gripped Wars mane of fire and to his surprise it didn't burn him but felt strange to the touch. War desperately tried to throw Link of and succeeded by rolling over onto his back nearly crushing Link flat but Link let go just in time. War then returned to the line. And each horse in turn tried to knock Link out but each failed, although Link had gained no ground either and was growing tired. He had begun to edge his way towards the song grass that was near the gate where Midna stood. When he had reached it he looked back at the horses and they had not moved.

"What do you think you are doing?" asked Midna very seriously.

"I'm having a bit of fun and wouldn't it be great to have the four of them at our service." said Link.

"Just whatever you do. Please don't die." said Midna smiling.

"As if I would leave this mortal coil while you are still here." responded Link smiling as well then turning to walk back towards the horses. Once he was about twenty feet from them Link stopped then began to walk slowly towards the horses. The horses backed up a few steps then stopped curious as to what Link was up to. As he neared he extended his hand in an attempt to touch Famines head. Link had gotten a few inches away from touching famine but Famine snapped at him causing Link to withdraw his hand. He then stood in the middle of all the horses and spoke to them.

"Will you really not let me ride you?" asked Link.

The horses snorted in response. Link just chuckled.

He then drew the rope from his side and began backing up while tying a knot to make a lasso. Once it was finished he looked at the horses and they charged at him. Link watched as they all split up and were coming at him from all angles. Link did not move and as they neared him they lowered their head in an attempt to crush him between the four of them. Link simply dropped onto his back and looked up. The only thing he could see is the horses eyes and snouts all of them snorting at him. Link then smiled and put the song grass to his lips. The crowd had grown quiet when the horses converged on Link. Link then blew into the grass creating a loud pitch that he altered with the airflow. The horses slowly rose their heads and backed up as Link stood continuing to blow a song through the grass. The crowd looked on in awe as Link simply walked next to each horse and patted them on their sides. He dropped the rope as he played and walked to the front of each horse. The horses seemed to be frozen by the song. Link though knew they were getting the message. As Link finished looking at each horse he began walking towards the gate that led to the exit of the breaking grounds. Along the way Link had finished his song. and dropped the song grass. The crowd stayed quiet and looked back and forth between Link and the horses.

Suddenly all four of the horses began to charge at Link and the crowed shouted to turn around. Link did and they surrounded him once more. This time they were several feet away from him. They all reared onto their hind legs and kicked their front legs in the air towards Link then brought them down to the earth resulting in a loud thud. The crowd still remained silent. Link looked at each of the horses in turn questioningly. They looked back at him then much to Links surprise they all extended their left hoof then bowed their head towards the ground. The crowd let out and amazingly loud cheer as the horses finished their bow. Link still had no Idea what was going on. And just looked at the horses as they formed their line again. Link then had an idea.

"Everyone! Please do not be alarmed by what you are about to see!" shouted Link.

Link ran over to where Midna was and the horses followed behind him. Everyone but Midna backed away from the gate. Link extended his hand towards Midna and she hoped over the gate with Link and walked towards the center of the grounds. Link whispered into her ear.

"Do it."

Midna nodded and brought out the shard. Link felt the strange tingling then nodded and she pushed it towards him. The crowd gasped as Link changed from the form of a human to that of a wolf. Some realized it was the wolf from the painting Midna had ordered be made.

Link turned to the four horses now in the form of a wolf he should be able to speak to them.

"So you really do have the soul of a beast." said Death.

"We heard your message through your song and truly believe you do not intend to use us for the wrong purposes." said Famine.

"We wish to form a blood contract with so you can summon us whenever you need us. Also any of your allies we shall allow to ride upon us as well." said Pestilence.

"Congratulations. You are the first one to reach our hearts and convince us to yield. Be proud of this achievement. When you are back to normal we shall summon the blood contract scroll for you." said War.

"I am glad that my message reached you. I truly do not wish to use you for the wrong reasons and I thank you for believing in me." said Link.

Link then turned towards Midna and she changed him back to his human form.

"They have agreed to sign a contract with me!" Link shouted.

The crowd gave a loud cheer at Links victory. In their eyes he was becoming more and more of the hero the stories said about him. Midna just stared at him in wonder.

The horses then snorted to get his attention. Link turned to them and saw a small piece of paper surrounded by four flames. One red, the second blue, the third green and the last one purple. Link walked up to the horses where he extended his hand. Each one nipped the end of one of his fingers starting with the index down to the little finger. Link then bit his own thumb causing it to bleed like the others. Once he had done this he slammed his hand onto the paper. When he did the blood moved into the words of the contract in a circle around his hand binding him to the four horses. With the contract completed the paper and flames disappeared. One of the terms of the contract was if Link was touching one of the horses he would be able to communicate with it telepathically. The horses then turned towards the stalls and each went into their own individual one where Martin then shut the gate behind them.

The crowd went crazy and started cheering loudly for Link where he just smiled at them.

"You really can do anything you set your mind to can't you?" asked Midna.

"Well this time I let my soul do the talking through the music." responded Link.

The two then left the breaking grounds as the crowd began to disperse. Once inside the stables again Martin walked up to Link.

"That was truly amazing lad. I never though I'd live to see the day when the four horses of the apocalypse would be tamed. I congratulate you." said Martin.

"Thank you for the opportunity. Honestly I wasn't even sure I could do it." said Link scratching the back of his head.

"You really are a crazy fool sometimes." said Midna.

This received laughter from the three of them. Link and Midna then departed for the great hall to get some food.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeFri Aug 30, 2013 7:33 pm

Along the way to the great hall as Link and Midna passed by many of the palaces residents they all either cheered for Link or reach out a hand for a high five. Link happily obliged to them all.

"So tell me why did you do something that risky?" asked Midna.

"I've attempted many worse things before. And I did it for various reasons. I now have four immortal horses at my disposal but I'll treat them just as I treat Epona, with respect and kindness." said Link.

"I see. I wonder what the chefs have made today for dinner." said Midna.

"I hope its good. I'm starving." said Link.

Link and Midna continued along their way towards the dining hall where Evander, Griffin, Rosalie, Vincent and Jonas were all waiting for them. They walked to the table and looked at the group.

"That was simply amazing! I attempted to tame Pestilence alone and couldn't do it. You took on all four and won by playing a song." said Jonas.

"Yes that truly was a sight to behold. The entire palace was there to watch you." said Vincent.

"Link I'm very impressed. Who knew you were so fearless." said Rosalie smiling.

"Well I'm glad I accepted to be trained by you." said Griffin.

"I agree." said Evander.

"Thank you all but I simply told them what I truly meant through the music. Music is a pathway to the soul of any living thing." said Link.

"But food is what keeps us going. So lets go get some." said Midna laughing.

"Agreed!" said the group.

They all went to the kitchens to get plates of food. Once they were seated again they began talking once more.

"So did you learn anything from Shadow Weaver?" asked Midna.

"I did but his name is not Shadow Weaver. It's Umbra." said Link.

"Umbra? Very well then. What did you learn?" asked Midna.

"Well he was forged near the time of the Twilians banishment as a tool to use against the realm of light. He also possesses a single inverted  dark version of a Triforce within the blade." said Link.

"Really, the blade must be quite powerful then." said Rosalie.

"I haven't been able to test it yet. I could do that right now." said Link.

"What would that involve?" asked Jonas.

"I would have to strike the flat of one blade against the edge of another while the first is resting on a surface with nothing below the center of the blade." said Link.

"Thats a sure fire way to break a blade." said Jonas.

"Yes but if the legends are true then these blades are indestructible." said Link.

"Well then lets see what happens when you test that theory." said Midna.

The group moved to a stone column that had a edge to it. Link drew Umbra and placed the blades tip on the edge flat side down, he then drew the Master Sword and rose it above his head.

"Sorry about this Umbra." said Link.

Link brought the Master Sword down and struck Umbras blade right in the center what happened next was a shock to everyone. As soon as the blades collided a shock wave erupted from the point of contact and sent Link flying several feet backwards and the rest of the group to the sides.

"What the . was that?" asked Jonas.

"I regret to inform you master but as of now the Master Sword and I cannot touch blades. She may be silent but she still knows I'm here and wont tolerate contact since we are on the same side now. Your strike did hit home though and no damage has been done to my blade whatsoever so worry not about that." said Umbra.

"Well that explains that." said Midna.

"Yes, I believe that is enough fun for the night. I will be retiring soon so goodnight everyone." said Evander.

The rest of the group agreed and separated to their rooms. Link and Midna went back to her private bedroom. Once back Midna changed into a night gown while Link changed into a pair of sleeping pants, he generally slept shirtless unless on the road.

Midna walked up behind him as he stared at the sunset from the balcony that connected to her lounge and study. She wrapped her hands around his waist and hugged him he put his hands on top of hers.

"You know I really did miss you, so much. I denied every suitor the council chose for me in hopes one day you would return. I still feel terrible about shattering the mirror. I didn't know what I was doing." said Midna sadly.

Link turned in her embrace to face towards her.

"I thought that if I left the mirror something like what happened with Zant would happen again. I couldn't bear that thought. When I first met you I intended to use you to get back home but you and Zelda showed me that people from the light realm can show compassion. I'm sorry Link. Sorry for everyth-" said Midna as she was cut off by Link.

Link had heard enough of Midna apologizing for her actions so he decided then and there that she would no longer bear that pain. Link interrupted Midnas apologies by bringing her head towards his and having their lips meet for the first time.

Midna let out a small yelp but soon melted into the kiss Link was giving her. Link held her for a while as she silently cried out of happiness. She was forgiven by the man she loved and he had returned the same kindness. She could do nothing else but cry.

" did what you though was right, there is no reason for you to apologize for any of that. Yes I was angry at first when the mirror was shattered, I was angry because there was no way for me to see you again. I was devastated but I kept you in my thoughts constantly, I trained for five years on my swordsman and fighting skills, I researched Hyrules history for anything pertaining to the Twilight Realm. I tried everything to find a way back and even when nothing worked I never gave up, I watched the setting sun in the hour of Twilight each and everyday hoping that somewhere in the sky I would see the Palace looming in the air. I have always kept you in my heart and mind and you are never far from it even now. I want to stay by your side from now on and never leave." said Link.

"Link...thank you." said Midna.

They then both walked back into the room then laid down for bed. They fell asleep holding onto each other.


The following morning Link awoke early to find that Midna and himself had slept facing each other, he carefully and slowly undid himself from her arms that we around his neck. He stretched his back looking at the rising sun. After getting dressed quietly into some travel clothes he buckled his baldric and belts for his swords choosing not to take a shield he made his way to the door but turned back and walked towards Midna.

She's just as beautiful asleep as she is awake. thought Link.

He moved a hand through her fiery hair and leaned down to give her a small kiss on the cheek. When he did a small smile appeared on her mouth while still being asleep. Link then made his way to the door opening it and closing it softly. He then hurried on his way tot he palace gates where he climbed over a parapet to land on the ground below without making a sound. Moving away from the wall he stood in front of the palace gates and faced the direction on the map that Griffin had given him.

Link took a position with his legs shoulder length apart. He then brought his right arm to his right hip then swung it in the air towards his right shoulder as he did he said one word.


After finishing the word and the motion a circle of flame appeared on the ground before him. Rising though the circle in a blast of fire was the horse known as war. It had its own special saddle on it now. The saddle bore the symbols for the word war and had flames along its entirety. The saddle was made of stained red leather and was sturdy yet adjustable to move with the horses body.

"So it really is that simple to summon you." said Link to the horse.

War snorted in response. Link then hugged the horses head and scratched its neck moving to its side to climb into the saddle and point it in the right direction.

"And where do you think you are going?"

Link turned to find Midna standing in front of the castle gates with her own traveling gear on.

"It seems I can never surprise you now can I." said Link.

Walking over to Link who was now on his new horse looked up at him smiling.

"No I suppose you can't. And you can't just leave without saying goodbye to me." said Midna.

"I did though. I kissed your cheek this morning." said Link.

"That doesn't count. I was asleep. I hope you know I'm coming with you." said Midna.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. But what about the Palace?" asked Link.

"They can handle themselves. Plus when they see we are both gone they will know we are alright." said Midna.

"Fair enough. Death." said Link using his left hand this time to summon the horse.

Death appeared in a similar circle but it was black with wisp like shadows coming out of it. Midna climbed into the saddle.

"That is even more impressive seeing it first hand. I take it we are going to the temple?" asked Midna.

"Yes, just keep up with me even though they will run at the same speed." said Link as he put War into a full gallop.  

Midna did the same and then they were riding off together. War leaving small hoof shaped flames on the ground that went out soon after and Death leaving wisp like shadows in his wake that also disappeared shortly after.


The ride to the Temple was uneventful and since the horses did not need water or rest the trip only took a few hours.

Link and Midna stopped at the edge of the Sapping fields.

"So these are the Sapping Fields." said Link.

"Yes as the name suggests it will sap the energy out of you if you are inside of it for to long." said Midna.

"Well if the Temple with the portal is right at the center then it should be easy to find it." said Link.

Midna nodded and they began to walk into the sapping fields towards the temples entrance. After a twenty minute walk they found the slab that had a single eye on it.

"Master point me at the eyes pupil. I can open this door." said Umbra through the telepathic connection with Link.

"Right." said Link aloud.

Link then drew Umbra and pointed it at the eyes pupil which then glowed red and the slab began to slide back revealing the staircase down.

Link and Midna began walking down the stairs that should not have been revealed until a full year later. As they went deeper and deeper into the temple Link pulled out his lantern that he had in his pouch. Lighting it the light revealed the staircase to continue to go downwards. Finally reaching the bottom Link and Midna both walked towards the door that had another eye on it. Link repeated the process with Umbra then sheathed him. The door slid open smoothly to reveal the portal within.

"So this is how Vincent and Rosalie were able to get to me. Why didn't you go instead?" asked Link.

"I had to take care of the palace during that time and a council meeting was to take place that day but then those monsters attacked." said Midna.

"Ah I see. How did you operate the portal?" asked Link.

"With the fused shadows." said Midna.

"I think it would be best if you did not use them anymore. There must be another way to activate the portal. There is always another way." said Link.  

He crouched down near the basin that held the silver markings and noticed a small grove carved into  multiple areas around the circle. He followed the markings around the room in a strange angular pattern until all the lines converged into one hole.

"There must be something here to activate it." said Link pointing at the strange hole in the wall.

"Why does that seem familiar to me. Link draw the Master Sword and point it at me." said Midna.

"Are you crazy." said Link.

"No just do it." said Midna.

Link complied and drew the Master Sword pointing it at Midna. She stared down the swords length confirming her thoughts.

"Does the Master Sword still have the Sols inside of it?" asked Midna.

"Yes it should. Why?" asked Link.

"Stab the blade into that hole." said Midna.

Link realized what she had figured out and aimed his blade at the hole then ramming it in to the hilt. At first nothing happened but then turquoise light began to glow around the blade. Link then withdrew the sword and noticed that the light from the Sols were still in the sword. Looking back at the hole the turquoise light then  began to flow into the groves that were carved into the floor. They gained speed as they traversed along the walls, ceiling and floor. The light flowed into the basing filling it until it brimmed at the top. The light then became see through in the basin but remained glowing outside of it. As Link and Midna watched the Twilight Mirrors markings began to form on the surface and then shot the beam up into the obsidian.

"I can't believe that worked." said Midna.

"You didn't even know if it would work. Well it seems to have charged something with the Sols and now we have a fully functioning portal." said Link.

"I wonder where it leads to in the Light Realm." said Midna.

"Only one way to find out. Except now we can return here at any time." said Link.

Together with Midnas hand in his they walked into the beam of light and began to disappear into the portal.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeMon Sep 02, 2013 12:09 pm

Link and Midna had entered the portal to the light realm not knowing where it would make them end up. They felt their bodies separate into thousands of smaller parts and move through the walkway. Where they ended up was quite a surprise to them.

"I will never get used to that." said Link shaking his head to regain his senses.

"Same for me." said Midna.

Looking up, Link and Midna noticed that it was very dark where they were as of now.

"Where are we?" asked Midna.

"I have no idea. Hold on a second." said Link reaching into his pouch for his lantern.

Lighting the fire it revealed they were in a very large room. The portal was still active behind them and glowed dimly. The light from the fire did not even reach the roof of the building instead it cast a shadow and it seemed to go on indefinitely. The pair walked forward with Link in front, he had already drawn the Master Sword from its scabbard just in case. The pair continued to walk forward until the light finally hit a wall. Getting closer to the wall Link and Midna noticed some carvings.

"Those are ancient Twilian symbols." said Midna.

The building the two were in was getting more and more mysterious by the second. From the spot they stood by the wall, they could see the portal still glowing softly but they were a great distance away. They continued to walk along the wall and see if they could find a door. As they walked, they noticed the room was a circle. Continuing their walk they finally came to a pair of stone doors with more Twilian symbols.

"Help me with this." said Link.

Link braced his body against one of the doors while Midna used her hair to form a hand and pushed against the other.

"On three. One. Two. Three." said Link.

They both pushed rather hard but to their surprise the door slid open with extremely little resistance. Link was pushing hard enough that when the door swung open he fell through the opening.

"Great another room that is pitch black." said Link.

"Maybe this one will have an exit. Although it seems that this building was made with bricks from the Twilight Realm." said Midna.

"Well we aren't in the Twilight Realm as far as I'm aware. I don't see the particles floating in the air." said Link.

"Lets keep looking." said Midna.

Link nodded and the two moved on into the room. This one was much shorter and the light from the lamp just barely hit the top of the ceiling. It also appeared that this room was actually a corridor. At the end of the corridor it opened up to another slightly larger room but directly in front of them they could see the outline of light coming from another door. They rushed over to it.

"This one will open inwards." said Link.

They both pulled on a door but this time with less effort and once again the door opened smoothly. As it opened they both had to cover their eyes from the blinding light. After their eyes adjusted they looked out of the doorway to a very strange sight.

"Um that what I think it is?" asked Midna.

"Yes I believe it is." said Link.

From where the two were standing in the doorway they could see Hyrule Castle except that it was very far away. The two stepped out of the doorway and onto the ground that was before them. They looked off into Hyrule and realized that they were beyond Hyrule's borders and on top of a mountain. Death Mountain could be seen to their left and to their right they could see the top of Zoras Domain.

"Midna can you still make portals here in the Light Realm?" asked Link.

"I can still sense my old portals are still active so I should be able to. And now that I'm not cursed anymore I don't have to transform you into a wolf to travel through them." said Midna.

"Good. I'd like you to make a portal right here and then we need to go to the castle." said Link.

"I'm already working on it." said Midna.

She closed her eyes and pointed two fingers at the sky then shot a beam of magic up into the air where it formed into a portal.

"All set." said Midna.

"Alright lets go." said Link.

Link stood next to Midna as she used the new portal to take them to the portal right before castle town. As they reappeared before the bridge, they noticed that there were guards now posted at the end of the bridge.

"You there! Stop! Don't move!" shouted one of the guards.

Several more came out from behind the markets gates and surrounded Link and Zelda.

"Remove your weapons!" shouted the guard at Link.

"Hold on a second. It's me Link." he said.

"Prove it." said the guard.

Link then unsheathed the Master Sword and raised his left hand showing them the mark of the Triforce.

"By the gods, it really is you. Who is this woman here?" said the guard motioning for the other guards to lower their spears.

"She is a good friend of mine and Zelda." said Link.

"Right. I'm sorry for the confusion. You just look different with those clothes on." said the guard.

Link and Midna then walked past the guards and towards the market.

"Should I hide your shadow? Will they be scared to see me?" asked Midna.

"I think it should be ok now." said Link.

The two walked into the market and headed towards the castle. As they walked many people stopped to stare at the pair realizing it was Link. If it had just been Midna they would have run in terror but with Link there they figured it was safe. The walk to the castle was quiet for the pair as well as the walk up the castle to the throne room. As the two reached the throne room, they slowed to a halt before the entrance.

"Let's give Zelda a scare." said Link smiling deviously.

"Yes lets." said Midna.

Midna then moved into Link shadow where she could not be detected. Link then walked into the throne room, still unfinished, but now Zelda had stopped working to start accepting audiences. As Link walked into the throne room Zelda immediately noticed him.

"Ah Link, you're back. Did you make it to the Twilight Realm?" asked Zelda.

She stood from the throne and walked to meet him halfway. As they met up they exchanged a small hug.

"I did. It wasn't a pretty site to see when I first got there." said Link.

As Link talked Midna moved from his shadow to Zelda's.

"What about Midna? Is she alright?" asked Zelda.

Link looked down at the floor faking a look of pain. Since Zelda's Triforce had no effect on Link, she couldn't tell if he was actually faking it or not.

Zelda put a hand to her mouth.

"By the Goddesses. Don't tell me you were too late." said Zelda.

As she finished saying her sentence a familiar laughter could be heard in the throne room.

"No dear Zelda. Link was not late; he arrived in the nick of time as always." said Midna.

Zelda looked around for the voice as Midna materialized behind her then threw her arms around Zelda scaring her.

"Goddesses Midna, don't scare me like that. And Link, don't fool me like that." said Zelda.

"Sorry, we couldn't help it." said Link, stopping his laughter.

After their greetings Link and Midna explained what had happened in the Twilight Realm including Majora and the sword Link now carried with him.

"Hmm this Majora could pose to be a problem for your people. I'll have my scholars look into it." said Zelda.

"Thank you. And did you have any idea about the building in the mountains?" asked Midna.

"I had heard rumors that are hundreds of years old but nothing with merit until now. We must keep it a secret for now." said Zelda.

"Agreed." said Link.

"Yes. We must be going back now. We will return as soon as we can." said Midna.

"Safe travels to you two and may the Goddesses watch over you." said Zelda.

They nodded and Midna used a portal to take them back to the building in the mountain.

They most certainly are in love with each other. Oh well. I guess it wasn't meant to be me and Link after all. thought Zelda.


Back at the mountain Link and Midna stood outside the doors of the building looking up at it.

"You would never know it was here unless you found these doors. The structure is built directly into the mountain." said Link.

"It really is impressive." said Midna.

The two then wondered if there was a way to create light within the building but did not enter it yet. Instead they waited outside until night fell.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight Icon_minitimeSat Sep 07, 2013 12:06 pm

As the day continued to fade and the hour of Twilight approached Link and Midna sat together on top of the mountain.

"It really is beautiful to see Hyrule from all the way up here. I wish my people could experience this." said Midna.

"Perhaps one day they can. After all you are here." said Link.

"I can only hope, as it is now this light would probably kill them on contact, I'm sure even being in the moonlight of this realm would seriously injure them." said Midna.

"I'm sure there is a way, your people were originally from this realm to begin with so they must have been able to survive in the light." said Link.

"That is true, perhaps we should check the structure now?" asked Midna.

"Sure let me just get my lantern ready." said Link.

After having the lantern out and ready to be lit the two stepped back into the building. After several feet the stone doors swung shut behind them leaving them both in the darkness.

"Hold on let me just light this." said Link.

As Link was about to light the lantern Midna stopped him.

"Wait. Look up there." she said.

Link looked up and noticed a small dot of turquoise light.

"Now just what is that?" questioned Link.

As if in response to his question the light began to spread from the top of the room along the walls in angular and circular patterns.

"Why do those look familiar?" asked Link already knowing the answer.

As the light continued to spread until it reached the floor it moved towards the center of the room illuminating it from top to bottom. Link and Midna could now see that the room was much larger than they originally thought stretching several stories upwards above their heads. As they continued to watch the light began to build up in the center of the room.

"Wait what is that?" asked Midna.

"I don't know but it doesn't feel as though it is an enemy. It almost feels friendly if questioning." said Link as he edged slightly closer to the mist that forming into a cloud just above the floor.

"Right you are. My my don't you look familiar." said the cloud.

"What are you?" asked Link.

"I am an ancient being that was tasked by the goddesses to protect this ancient structure." said the cloud.

"Alright now what are you actually, We have seen that smoke in only one other place. The cave of ordeals." said Link.

The cloud began to take on an actual shape. The mist began to form arms and legs with a torso and head but most shocking to Link was the large wings that formed as well. The body was that of a man who was very muscular and wore a robe that went from his right shoulder to his left hip and then to the floor.

"Ah you must be referring to my older sister who was tasked with protecting that cave of monster to test the chosen hero, Tatl. Which means you have met her then so you are of no threat to me. as for me you may call me Tael." said the figure.

Within Links mind the hero of time was anxiously trying to get Links attention. Please ask him if he remembers me

"Alright Tael, you said I was familiar. How so?" asked Link.

"You look like a friend of mine from an ancient time and place. His name was Link but he was only a child when I met him. He helped stop Majoras Mask from controlling our friend the Skull Kid." said Tael.

He really does remember me said the hero of time within Links mind, it sounded as though he was almost crying.

"My name is Link as well. So you know about Majora then?" asked Link.

"Well of course your name is Link. Any hero chosen by the goddesses is named Link. Yes I do know of Majora but only what the Mask could do after that nothing else." said Tael.

"I see then we know as much as you do. Majora himself has returned and will be returning with a vengeance." said Link.

"Well then you must prepare. I know how much power he can have. It will be very dangerous." said Tael.

"I will. Thank you. Oh yes since your here might I ask you a question?" asked Link.

"Of course and if you're wondering, you are free to use this portal whenever you like." said Tael.

"Thank you but that is not what I wanted to ask. Do you know anything of a fairy name Navi?" asked Link.

The hero of time became suddenly alert.

"Navi, I haven't heard that name in a long while. That is the name of mine and Tatl's mother. I don't know where she is but I do know she is alive. As kin I can feel that her life force is still strong and well." said Tael.

"I see. Thank you for the information we must be going now." said Link.

"Will these markings of the Twilians remain lit from now on?" asked Midna.

"Yes they will, I'm amazed you are able to survive here but don't let me keep you any longer. Take care now." said Tael.

Link couldn't tell but it felt as if the hero of time was crying now.

"Lets be on our way Link." said Midna.

She is alive. After all this time. I really can't believe it. said the hero of time.

"Yes lets go back." said Link.

"I'm sure we will find her, somehow." said Link.

Thank you Hero I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. said the hero of time.

Link smiled to himself as he joined Midna at the edge of the portal. Stepping into the portal he couldn't help but feel good about finding information for the long dead hero.

Reappearing in the Portal room back in the Twilight Realm Link and Midna turned back towards the door to leave.

"Shall we be on our way." said Midna.

"Let's" responded Link.


Re-entering the Twilight realm through the portal Link and Midna appeared back inside the temple.

"We will have to go to the cave of ordeals at some point to talk to Tatl" said Link.

"I agree but why is it so important that you speak to that fairy?" asked Midna.

"Its a favor for a friend." said Link.

"I understand." said Midna.

Link and Midna then began walking out of the portal room when Link noticed something was different.

"Wait. Was that crack in the wall always there?" asked Link.

"Now that I look at it I don't believe it was." responded Midna.

"Well you know what that means." said Link.

"It means that you have a sudden urge to blow up the wall and explore deeper inside of this building." said Midna rolling her eyes.

"Yep." said Link already arming one of the bombs from his pouch.

After lighting the fuse Link backed up to let the detonation go off smoothly. After plugging their ears for a few seconds the blast finally went off revealing a square shaped corridor that slopped downwards.

"Well I wasn't expecting this place to go down even further. to much lower and we may end up going through the bottom of the mainland." said Midna.

Link shrugged and lit his lantern since there was no light through the corridor. Beginning to walk inside the walls were close enough that the light from the lantern was plenty. The corridor continued to slope downwards more and more until it came to a curve where it doubled back on itself and continued downwards.

"How far does this go down?" asked Link.

"I don't know I just hope the stones don't fall out from under us." said Midna.

Continuing down they came to another curve that doubled back again and sloped downwards except this time Link could see a light at the end even though it was dim.
As they drew closer to the light Link extinguished his lantern. Since they had been in very dim light the whole way down their eyes couldn't adjust to the light before them quickly enough and they slowly walked out into the light with arms shielding their eyes.

Stepping out into the light they noticed the air was flowing around them and it pushed their clothes against their bodies. Links eyes adjusted first and the sight before him amazed him greatly.

"Midna, open your eyes." said Link.

Midna did as Link asked and was in shock and awe at what she saw.

The pair was, as Midna said earlier, below the mainland. They stood on a platform made of smooth and polished stone that was held to the bottom of the mainland with massive pillars of the same stone. In the center of the platform stood a pedestal that had carvings in it. The pillars also had carvings in them. Shockingly enough the carvings seemed to be shifting and swirling.

Link walked forwards to the pedestal with the swirling patterns and it began to form lines of text. Which Link read aloud.

"These runes shall form to the writing most familiar with its reader so that any and all races can know the what is written here. This place is a key to the sapping fields that was locked away to deter those from entering this place. This temple has a name a dark purpose." said Link

The words shifted once more and new text appeared.

"This temple is called 'The Gateway' but even though it may take one from the Twilight realm to the Light realm it also has it darker side. The portal that was sealed shut acted as a key to lock away the demon Majora. Once the portal is reactivated the demon shall awake from his slumber and wreak havoc on the worlds once more." said Link.

The text shifted once more.

"This place that you stand in has one more key in it should you choose to use it it will reverse the affects of the sapping fields and return them to the land they were before. We the ancients created this magic so that none would be able to re-awaken the demon Majora. If you have opened the portal then be warned that no good will come of it and be prepared." said Link.

The text shifted for the last time.

"Now the last key shall appear before you, simply push your palm into it to activate it and the sapping fields will revert to their original state. Take care to any who read this and be warned of Majora." said Link.

As the text had said a portal very much like the Twilight Mirrors walkway appeared in front of Link.

"Should I press i?" asked Link.

"Well its too late now. Majora has been awakened and it is my fault. Press it." said Midna.

Link pushed his hand into the pattern that floated before him. After pressing the pattern it disappeared and all was silent.

"What do you mean it was your fault?" asked Link.

"I used the fused shadows power to open the portal to send Vincent and Rosalie to you so the reason Majora has been awakened is because of me." said Midna.

"True but if you hadn't done that I would not have been able to see you as I am now." said Link.

"I suppose you're right." said Midna.

"Don't worry I'll find some way to beat him." said Link hugging Midna close to him.

She couldn't help but feel better in his embrace and simply nodded.

"Now lets get back to the Palace" said Link.

With that Midna and Link re-entered the corridor walking silently with Links lantern as the only source of light.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight
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