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 The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight

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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 12:49 pm

Continuing their way up the sloping path Link and Midna walked in silence pondering what would happen next. They both knew that it was only a matter of time before Majora found the mask and when he did he would send very powerful reinforcements after Midna in an attempt to retrieve the fused shadows. Link knew he would not let that happen but he also knew that even he could be beaten. As they walked further up the corridor Link couldn't help but feel a strange sensation in his stomach.

"Do you feel that?" asked Link.

"Do I feel what?" responded Midna.

"Ah, never mind then." said Link.

Midna simply nodded her head taking it as something that only Link understood. To Link though it felt as though life was flowing into or out of him even though he was not being affected in any way. Link figured that being turned into a wolf for the first time several days ago had heightened his senses like they were five years ago allowing him to sense or feel things that others could not. The feeling continued as they walked side by side. Reaching the top of the corridor Link extinguished his lantern letting the torches take over from there.

"Now to go up." said Link.

Link checked behind him once more to look and see if the portal was still active. Seeing that it was he turned to Midna who was waiting near the steps. The pair stepped in time with each other up the stairs until Midna began to speed up. Link followed suit and Midna increased her speed again. This continued until they were both running up the stairs laughing and smiling with each other but along the way the feeling within Links stomach continued to grow but he just dismissed it. The pair began to see the light from the exit and began rushing even quicker still. Rushing through the exit Link was shocked at the sight that lay before him, Midna unfortunately lost her footing and began falling towards Link. She crashed into him and they both fell to the ground below them.

Link caught her and took the force of the fall himself. When they looked at each other they both burst out laughing.

"I haven't laughed like this in a long time." said Midna.

"Neither have I. Its a nice change." said Link still laughing.

"It smells so nice out here almost as if it is a spring forest." said Midna.

"You're right." said Link opening his eyes and remembering what he saw.

Propping Midna up from his chest he told her. "Open your eyes."

Midna did so and was amazed to see what was before her.

"What happened here." she said in amazement.

The landscape of the sapping fields had dramatically changed since they had last seen it. Thin trees were sprouting everywhere and were growing rapidly, grass spread like wildfire along the ground getting closer to Link and Midna. They stood up and went to the stone entrance of the stairs to move out of the way of the grass. As they continued to watch the thin trees kept growing larger and larger into full adult trees, plant life returned to the ground underneath the canopy, flowers could be smelt from a distance and then the air was still with the sounds of a new forest of black oak trees.

"What happened to the sapping fields?" asked Midna.

"I know as much as you do, but if I had to guess I'd say it had to do with the symbol I pressed." said Link.

The feeling of energy moving through him was still in effect and it was effecting him greatly. He had the sudden urge to run freely through the woods either on foot or on all fours in wolf form. Link stood still with his arms outstretched at his sides in an attempt to grasp what he felt within him.

"What are you doing?" asked Midna.

"Well ever since we began walking back up the corridor I've had this strange feeling in my stomach and it grew stronger as we continued up, now that we are here it is even stronger. I think it has something to do with this sudden terrain change." said Link.

"Its possible but then why don't I feel anything?" asked Midna.

"I'm not sure it may have something to do with the Triforce I have or it could be that since I had turned into a wolf I can feel the sudden rush of energy that is in this place. Trust me this feels amazing." said Link.

"Now I'm quite curious as to what is causing it. I'm guessing that since you pushed the symbol and have heightened senses then you are the only one capable of feeling this energy. It must be powerful." said Midna.

"Actually its almost as if the energy has emotion. Right now it feels as though I was laying down on a grassy hill with a calm breeze blowing by." said Link.

The pair continued to watch the trees and plant life grow larger still until when all things grew still. A few seconds later the grass before them began to die away but only in a section a few feet across, the grass continued to die moving further back through the trees.

"I wonder if this is a path." said Midna.

Link shrugged and continued to watch as something began rising out of the ground. To his relief it was only stones. The stones looked to be expertly cut and rose along where the grass had died. Link then noticed that around the entrance stones had begun to spread out and several pillars were also rising out of the dirt. When the stones had finished rising at last all was still and nothing else happened for several minutes.

"I don't think pushing the symbol only stopped the sapping effect. I think it also reversed the time of this area to what it was before they activated the magic." said Link.

"I believe you are right about that. I think we should go back and tell the others that a portal s open now but they cant use it unless they have the medallions that Vincent and Rosalie carry with them. If others tried to use it then they would be killed by the light from your realm." said Midna.

"You're right we need to take caution with this portal. Now lets get out of this forest." said Link.

As the pair began walking on the stone path that lay before them they couldn't help but notice their surroundings. The trees that were tall and strong, the small plant life that began to bloom and all other things around them. It would be some time before wildlife returned to the area but when it did it would flourish. Walking along the stone path the pair walked silently enjoying the fact that they didn't have to talk to be happy with each other. Now that the forest had grown it seemed to take longer to get out of the forest since the path curved and moved around the trees. After a long while they finally began to see the edge of the trees and when they got closer to the edge the stone path seemed to crumble away leaving only a dirt path to walk on. Finally exiting the edge of the forest the two realized it was almost night.

"Should we wait for the morning to go back?" asked Link.

Midna laughed and said "I don't think they will miss us that much and if they needed me they could contact me with magic. So yes lets stay in the woods and rest the night away."

"Sounds good to me." said Link smiling back.

They re-entered the woods where Link made himself busy by creating a small lean to out of sticks and branches big enough for the two of them. He made a small fire and then made a mattress of sorts out of fallen leaves. He laid a cloth over top of them then presented the small campground to Midna.

"Impressive, this reminds me of when we went on our own adventure." she said.

"Yes it does. Now lets get some sleep." said Link.

Midna nodded then yawned. They both crawled into the makeshift lean to and got comfortable. Midna laid her head on Links chest and he wrapped his arms around her.

"Goodnight Midna." he said.


The next morning they woke early to the sunrise.

"Ready for a horse ride back or would you rather use a portal?" asked Link.

"Lets try a portal I still need practice with them here, even after five years I cant do it like I did back in the Light Realm." said Midna.

"Alright lets see your skills." said Link.

Midna nodded then began focusing her attention on pinpointing where she wanted the portal to open. Once she had locked the location of the main hall in the palace she opened the receiving end directly in front of them.

"It will disappear in a few seconds so we have to go now." said Midna

Link nodded and jumped into the portal grasping Midnas hand. Immediately after they both burst into many particles and were taken through the portal. With a portal open right below the ceiling of the main hall several of the palace staff stopped to look up and see what was happening. When they saw the particles form they could guess it was Link and Midna, but seeing a portal transportation was always interesting to watch. The particles that began to form from the ground up quickly resembled the owner. A few seconds later all the particles had formed and both Link and Midna had returned to the palace. The palace staff returned to their duties soon after.

"Well that was a nice little adventure." said Link.

"Agreed now what to do next." said Midna.

Before she could say her next thought Brigham, one of the members of the council walked up to them quickly.

"Your Highness there is a matter of great importance we must attend to." said Brigham.

"Ah hello Brigham what is this matter?" asked Midna.

"How could you forget? Its your favorite event of the year." said Brigham.

"Oh by the Goddesses how could I forget." said Midna.

"What did you forget?" asked Link.

"Well in two weeks time the annual Twilight festival will be going on in the main city." said Midna excitedly.

"Yes and we have much planning to do." said Brigham.

"Link would you like to join me in addressing the needs of the festival to the council?" asked Midna.

"Sure. I don't have anything else to do." said Link smiling.

"Your Highness. I don't think it is right for an outsider to take part in our councils business." said Brigham.

"First, he is not an outsider and he has saved your skin several times before. Second, he has all my trust so he will be joining us." said Midna.

"Very well, Your Highness. Right this way." said Brigham.

"That went well. Now lets have some fun and join the council that is no doubt already under way." said Midna.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Sep 21, 2013 10:42 pm

Link and Midna followed Brigham through the palace halls until they came to two wooden but ornately carved wooden doors. Voices could be heard going back and forth between each other from the other side. Brigham wasted no time in opening the doors and ushering in Link and Midna.

"Everyone. Her highness has arrived." said Brigham neglecting to announce that Link was there as well.

All eyes turned towards the pair but more specifically to Link.

"And just what is this Light walker doing here?" asked one member of the council.

"Yes really." said another.

"He is here as my personal guard, but more importantly because he has every right to be here. He has saved your hides more than once." said Midna raising her voice above the others that were murmuring under their breath.

The members of the council fell silent pondering what Midna had said. Some nodded their heads in recognition of the fact. Other still held straight faces.

"I for one don't mind him being here and feel as her Highness does." said one member of the council.

Link nodded his head towards that member in thanks.

"Yes yes all this is besides the point. Can we get on with the meeting now your highness." said Brigham.

"I suppose we should." said Midna as she walked to her chair that was on the other side of the room.

The council room consisted of a large circular room with a large circular table in the center of it. Each member had their own specific seating when council was in session. The circular table was more for tradition than any actual equality. All the members knew that Midna had the most power when she was in the room and then it went from seniority having the most say and the newest members having the least.

After Midna had seated herself she turned to Link.

"You don't mind standing beside me do you?"

"Not at all." Link responded smiling at Midna.

Since returning from the Portals temple Link had shifted both the Master Sword and Umbra to his hips so that they were out of the way and easy to access.

"Now then shall we begin. Would someone fill me in on what has already been discussed thus far" asked Midna.

"Certainly. We were actually discussing the recent events from this mans arrival. The attack on the Palace and the creature that he also defeated. We were curious as to what is going on." said one member.

"After consulting that we began our debate on the Twilight Festival." said another.

"We only just began so you have not missed much your Highness." said one more.

"Excellent. Lets begin with the Festival." said Midna.

"Very well. Which province should it be hosted in? I'm sure any of them will be happy to host it." said Brigham.

"Well lets see. Lunah hosted it last year, and Nocturne hosted it the year before that. Why not have the newly renamed province of Lupus this year?" asked Midna.

"That would be fine except that it is on the other side of the mainland entirely."

"True but it since it is on the edge of the mainland it will have the Twilight spectacle the night of the Festival."

"Yes but then we must travel all the way there a week in advance."

"Getting old on us are you. Not as spry as you once were."

"I'm not that old yet I just would need to prepare is all."

The council members continued their own debate on the subject while Midna sat back and watched.

"So can we get a vote on whether or not Lupus will host the festival?" asked Brigham.

"If you vote 'yay' raise your hand now." said Brigham.

Midna, Brigham and seven of the other council members raised their hands.

"Nine in favor of Lupus hosting the Festival. And if you vote 'nay' raise your hand now.

Six council members raised their hands.

"Six in favor of not hosting in Lupus. The decision is based on majority so Lupus will host the festival." said Brigham.

"Now on to the festivities." said Midna.

The council debated and decided on having the usual fair of food drink and entertainment along with shows put on by magic users. After the major debates were done Link decided to voice an opinion.

"Why not host a tournament?" he asked.

"What do you mean a tournament? Not that you should have a say in these matter." asked a councilman.

"A test of strength and skills such as sword play, hand to hand, archery among other things. Surely there are some strong and capable citizens who can participate." said Link.

"I think that is an excellent idea since the Festival is a week long after all." said Midna.

"It will give a chance for our men to have some fun instead of being on guard the whole time. It also could be a good time to see if there are any potential recruits in the populace." said Midna.

"A tournament is a barbaric thing, not surprising coming from one such as you."

"Your Highness you can't seriously take a suggestion from this man seriously can you?" asked a councilman.

Midna had had enough of the council treating Link like their lesser. She stood up and slammed her fists into the table, as she did so her hair flared out and turned dark red.

"You will not address him like he is lesser to you! You could call him anything you wanted and treat him like dirt yet he would still protect you because that is how he is! He saved my life several times before and would do so again! He is more of a man than any of you can say so utter one more degrading comment towards him and you will be removed from this council! Is that clear!" Midna shouted.

Link put his hand on her shoulder and her hair instantly lowered and returned to the normal fire red it was, her temper lowered as well and she looked at Link with soft eyes.

The council was still in shock from what had just happened and no one moved when Midna turned back to them this time calmer.

"I'll say it again. Is that clear?" she said.

The council all agreed at the same time.

"Yes, your Highness."

"Good now this council meeting is over. You all have work to do. Send the notifications and begin preparations to lock down the palace." said Midna

The council all stood and proceeded to leave the room. Link, Midna and Brigham were the last ones to begin walking out.

"That was unexpected your Highness." said Brigham.

"Yes but it was necessary I think." said Midna.

"I see. Shall I relay the message to the staff to start preparations for locking down the palace?" asked Brigham.

"Yes that would be nice." said Midna.

Brigham bowed low and then departed.

"I think you should get some rest and then we can take on the rest of the day." said Link.

"That may be best. I think I'll take a short nap then we can talk to Griffin and Evander about what we experienced at the Temple." said Midna.

Link nodded his head and the pair began walking towards Midnas private bedroom. Once the reached the rooms. Link and Midna went through the lounge and into Midnas bedroom. Midna climbed into the bed and laid down getting comfortable.

"I'll be right outside if you need me." said Link.

"Wait. Can you stay in here with me instead?" asked Midna.

"Sure." Link responded.

Midna smiled at him as he sat down in a cushioned chair nest to Midnas bed.

As Midna began to drift to sleep Link couldn't help but smile at her. He had an amazing woman that he cared for and would do anything to make happy that would return the same feelings for him. Even though they were different in some way that did not change the fact that they still cared deeply for each other.

Taking his swords off his hips and laying them across his legs Link put his hand in a fist and began resting his head against it. Even though he did not feel tired sleep soon overtook him and he fell asleep with his head on his fist and his swords on his lap. At that moment things for Link seemed much more at ease than they were and he couldn't help but cherish the fact that it was peaceful. He wished it could stay that way as he slowly drifted into sleep.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Sep 22, 2013 12:03 pm

The air around Link smelled of fires and death. He was standing in a field with grass that was burnt away by the fires. A large mass of rock that resembled a moon with a massive face was floating dangerously close to the ground, its eyes were glowing orange and its mouth was open wide ready to consume anything in its path. His friends lay around him either unconscious or worse. Vincent and Rosalie were to his right laying next to each other their weapons near them. Vincent was face down and a pool of blood was around him, Rosalie had many cuts and bruises. Griffin and Evander were to his left their Griffin still had his sword clutch in his fist even though he was not moving. Evander was on his side and  seemed to be unconscious. Jonas was behind Link, his sword was stuck into the ground yet he was laying face down in the dirt a pool of blood flowing around him. Lastly Midna was directly in front of Link she lay on her side facing Link her eyes wide open yet there was no life in them. She was crying during her last moments. A tear still rolled down her face, she was cut across the stomach and her blood flowed like a river. Behind her stood a figure with a strange mask with eyes that glowed orange, it was holding the fused shadows in its hands and was beginning to absorb them into itself while laughing at a high pitch that made Links skin crawl.

Link woke to the laughing still going on in his head. He woke so suddenly that he jumped up from the chair he had fallen asleep in and his swords clattered to the ground. He was covered in a cold sweat and was shaking. The clatter of the sword awakened Midna. Seeing Link shaking, she also jumped out of bed and stood in front of him cupping his face in her hands trying to get him to look at her.

"Link whats wrong? What happened? Hey look at me!" she said frantically.

Since talking wasn't getting Link to calm down, she resorted to something she didn't want to do. She raised her hand back and brought it forward to smack Link. The slap turned Links head to the side and his shaking stopped. He turned his head towards the ground and stood still.

Midna took a small step forward.

"Link...are you alright?" she asked.

Link jumped forward and rapped his arms around her hugging her close to him.

"I'm sorry...I just had a bad dream...I don't know what got into me." said Link.

Midna wrapped her arms around him.

"It's alright. It was a dream after all." said Midna.

Link let go of his hug and picked up his swords putting them on his hips once more.

"It's only been a couple of hours since we fell asleep. Should we go find Griffin and Evander?" asked Midna.

"We probably should since they will be happy to hear about this news." said Link.

Link and Midna both walked out of her private bedroom and began walking through the halls. Link couldn't help but feel that what he had witnessed was something more than a dream.

After reaching the library the pair quickly found Griffin and Evander.

They explained everything that they had witnessed regarding the temple and that a portal was now permanently open.

"Amazing. To think that the sapping fields would be returned to normal. This is simply amazing. We will have to venture there again at some point and research the area." said Evander.

"After Lunastria of course." said Griffin.

"Yes that will definitely come first. Your training with Link begins tomorrow doesn't it?" asked Evander.

"Yes it does. I hope you're ready Griffin." said Link.

"I am." he responded.

"Good, now we will leave you be to continue your work." said Midna.

Link and Midna then left the library and went to the hall to get some dinner. The rest of the evening was uneventful as the palace began to quiet down and its staff went to sleep. Link was not looking forward to sleeping but since Midna was next to him he felt that it should be alright. Link slowly fell asleep and through the night he slept soundly with no nightmares.

Awaking early Link set out to the training fields to meet with Griffin and begin his training. Link got dressed quietly and left the room. Arriving at the training fields, Link was surprised to see Griffin already there.

"It's good to know that you are up early enough to train. Now we shall start with sword play." said Link.

Griffin simply nodded and began paying attention to everything Link said. Link first explained all the parts of the sword and simple techniques to use it. He then began demonstrations and let Griffin try. Although he lacked the physical strength to truly handle a sword, Griffin kept trying over and over again not giving up when his arms would drop. Since this was his first time using any type of weapon, Link had him use a practice short sword instead of the practice long sword he had used for the first half of practice.

"Try this one. It may be better suited for you although it would require you to get closer to your opponent. But with your body shape and frame you might actually do better this way. How does that feel now that the blade isn't so heavy?" Link asked.

"Much better but you don't hold a short sword with two hand." said Griffin.

"That's right, but for now just use two hands until you get used to the techniques of swordplay then I can teach you how to actually fight." said Link.

Griffin nodded and then continued to practice with Link until it was nine in the morning.

"Alright, I think that will do it for today. Now go wash up then go to your duties in the library. I'm sure Evander is waiting." said Link.

Griffin nodded and turned to walk inside. He was covered in sweat and was exhausted but he made a commitment and was going to stand by it.

"Oh before I forget. You have some natural talent with a short sword. Maybe after some more practice you can use two of them like I do." said Link.

Griffin smiled and nodded his head now feeling better after some praise from Link.

Link began cleaning up the training area he and Griffin had used. After finishing, he returned to the palace.

The next three days went much the same way. Training in the morning, relaxing the rest of the day or helping around the palace. The staff was beginning the process of locking down the palace. This consisted of replacing the wooden window shutters with steel inserts so that nothing could get in. After everything was locked down the last thing to do was gather everyone in the courtyard before the gates.

"Is everyone out? Because after I put the seal on the doors nothing will be able to get in or out." shouted Midna.

"Everyone is accounted for." responded Jonas.

Midna then turned towards the palace and placed a sealing spell on it. As she did an aura appeared around the palace then vanished.

"Alright everyone let's get moving. We have a three day journey to Lupus for the Twilight Festival." said Midna.

Beside Midna at the front of the group, Link decided to make a small spectacle to get everyone ready for the Festival.

He stood with his legs spread shoulder width apart then raised his arms to his shoulders. He quickly brought them across each other in front of his.

"War! Death! Come forth!" he shouted.

As he did two circles appeared. One of fire, the other of dark tendrils. Two horses burst forth from the ground in an explosion of flames and darkness.

The crowd cheered as the horses appeared. Link climbed into the saddle of War while Midna rode Death.

"Now everyone lets get going." shouted Midna.

As Link and Midna began a slow walk with their horses, the rest of the palace staff began to follow as well with their spirits high with hopes of a spectacular festival.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 26, 2013 10:48 pm

As the mass of carts, wagons, riders and walkers began to move away from the palace islands a feeling of excitement could be felt throughout the group. Near the front of the mass was a group of people that the residents of the palace had come to know rather well. Leading the mass was the pair of Link and Midna. In a row directly behind them rode Jonas, Vincent, Rosalie, Griffin and Evander. Despite Link being a man from the realm of light the residents of the palace had accepted him quickly after he saved Midna and themselves from several attacks. Even though the palace residents had accepted him that did not mean the residents of the Twilight Realm would be so kind.

As the group continued to move across the plains many of the people made themselves busy with conversations of the festival or things that they were interested in.

"Oh yes. Link I think I should teach you the layout of the provinces of the mainland that we use as our home." said Midna.

"I think that would be very nice actually." Link responded.

"Alright to begin there are nine provinces that go in a circular direction on the mainland. There are also two neutral zones, the first being the Twilight Palace, the second would be the political city. It is a place that is heavily guarded and was built in the center meeting point of all the provinces. To start with the provinces Lunah is the closest one to the Palace and is where we found Lunastria. Next would be Myyst, then Nocturne, Utara, Lupus where we are headed for the festival, Niobis, Vallan, Gando and Starra." said Midna.

"Alright. I think I understand it. I meant to ask a while ago but forgot, what is the currency used here?" Link asked.

Midna giggled. "Its rupees. Did you bring any?"

"Yea I brought plenty are the prices of items fair?" he asked.

"Surprisingly yes. It's much like Hyrule. We are able to survive by trading with each province." said Midna.

"I see. Well that is good to know." said Link.

From behind they could overhear some of the conversations that were going on.

"Since its the festival do you think I'll have to practice?" asked Griffin.

Link turned around in his saddle.

"Yes you will have to practice. You can slack off just because there is a festival going on. You can enjoy it after practice as will I." said Link smiling at Griffin.

"Right." said Griffin determined to make Link proud.

Turning back around Link directed his attention to Midna.

Even while riding a horse she never fails to look amazing.

Midna turned to smile at him which he returned.

"How has Griffin been doing during his lessons?" she asked.

"He has done very well. We may have a decent fighter with us rather soon." said Link.

"Excellent. I'm glad that he is doing well."

The rest of the day carried on much the same way. Conversations going on throughout the mass of people, short stops for breaks for food and water. Then sleeping during the night.


Link and Griffin were the first two up out of the mass of people besides some guards that were still on night duty. The sun had barely even risen yet and the two were beginning the days practice.

Link had Griffin stretch for a half hour so that he did not strain any muscles, Link stretched with him. After they finished the stretches the pair went away from the mass of sleeping people to practice where it would not disturb them. Today Link had a surprise for Griffin.

"Alright today you are going to try something new." said Link.

Griffin merely waited for what Link was going to show him.

"Today you will be using two swords instead of the one short sword. You already know the basics of sword play now its time to advance a little and see if you can find a specialty in two swords." said Link.

Griffin could not help but smile he had been waiting for this chance ever since he held on short sword.

"Now two swords is much more risky than one. You cannot use a shield and are open to attacks from behind unless you are quick. Despite this if you can become skilled with two swords you can face almost any foe that challenges you." said Link.

Link extended both practice swords handle first towards Griffin as was customary for sword wielders to do when passing a sword to another. Link wanted to make sure Griffin picked up this skill unconsciously.

Now that Griffin had two swords Link drew his own and began showing Griffin simple stances for two swords along with blocks and certain types of attacks. He then had him swing both swords in the same direction to get used to the motion and weight change. It would help him learn the ways to properly hold the swords without dropping them or falling over from the sudden change in his center of balance. Amazingly by the end of practice Griffin was still full of energy and much less tired than normal not only that but he was beginning to learn the series of attacks and blocks Link had taught him. Link could not help but be impressed.


The next three days continued the same way as the first. Traveling, talking, sleeping, training and repeating the process. Each day though during practice Griffin was getting amazingly good with his practice swords. Link decided to allow a challenge happen the next day but for now he would keep the training that he was giving Griffin going.

"Excellent that's enough for today. You must be tired." said Link.

Griffin raised his practice swords once more. "No I can keep going."

"Ah but to much work with no rest is bad for you. Now for the rest of the day take it easy. We will practice again tomorrow morning." said Link.

Griffin nodded and packed away the practice swords then returned to the still sleeping mass of people. Once he returned to his mat he lay down and immediately fell asleep.

"I knew he was tired. He really is getting better though. He may be able to keep up with me if I move slow enough for him. I guess we shall see." said Link as he lay down on his own mat next to Midnas.

After two hours the travelers had begun to rise and Link along with them. Once again the day had progressed much like the others and was uneventful.


The following morning Link woke a bit earlier than Griffin and found two more practice short swords. He then began practicing with them to adjust to the weight of the blades.

It was time to test Griffin. Link waited patiently for the thirty minutes before Griffin woke up.

After Griffin had arose and arrived at the practice area the two began their stretches and warm up routines.

Link then trained Griffin in even more techniques and skills that could help him in a fight. As the training went on Link was assessing Griffin based on his reflexes and speed. Link was going to extend the days practice since they would be arriving in the city of Canis that was within the borders of Lupus and was very close to the mainlands edge. The time for the rest of the group to begin rising had already begun. Link then decided to challenge Griffin now. Standing a head taller than Griffin Link stood before him.

"Griffin. I have trained you and am going to test your skills. Prepare yourself." said Link.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Sep 28, 2013 7:31 pm

As some of the travelers began to rise they could see not very far away a pair of people holding two practice swords. One looked like they were about to challenge the other. Some wondered if they should go watch and as they were deciding the fight had begun. They were still wondering who it was. Some were saying it was just two people training and some said it was Link and Griffin who had been getting up early every day to practice. Once they saw the empty mats they knew it was them. Several people began to rush over to the fight and some went to wake Midna and the others.


Griffin had been awaiting a chance to test his skills for several days now. He knew he was nowhere near as good as Link but since he had trained him then he must be getting some skill.

"I am going to test your skills. Prepare yourself." said Link.

Griffin realized his hands had begun to sweat. He was getting nervous that he may flat out fail.

Unconsciously he realized that his body was moving to stand opposite Link and that they were the standard of twenty feet apart so each opponent could move freely at the start of the duel. Link had made a ring around them that extended another ten feet so they had a forty foot circle to use as a dueling ground.

"The rules are simple. First, since we are using practice swords lethal hit marks are allowed but hold back the force of an actual attack so as not to cause any actual damage to the opponent. Second, hits below the waist are not allowed although in a real fight they are fair game. Third, if you leave the ring then you automatically lose. Those are the rules do you accept them?" asked Link.

Griffin was nervous but he spoke loudly and clearly. "I accept the terms."

"Alright. Lets begin at the drop of this rock." said Link holding a rock in his hand while he held both swords in his left hand.

Link tossed the rock into the air and put one sword in each hand. They both watched the rock as it began to descend. Griffin tightened his grip and loosened the rest of his body remembering what Link had taught him and also what he had taught himself.

As the rock was halfway down all was silent and neither of the two would speak until the duel was over.

Maybe I should go easy on him at the start and let him get used to the fighting. thought Link.

I have to show Link that I am capable of mastering the short swords. thought Griffin.

The rock hit the ground with a resounding thud and when it did the duel began. Link sprang off his feet and moved quickly towards Griffin. Griffin did the same preparing for the first blow to be dealt.
The two met in the center of the circle and a loud clang of dull steel could be heard. The two locked both of their swords together and were trying to push each other. Link knew he had the upper hand when it came to strength so he backed off a little bit but when Griffin began pushing back quite more than he expected Link moved his strength back up to match Griffins.

Griffin was still nervous but he was giving it his all regardless. He had locked swords with Link and was pushing back but when he gained a few inches Link pushed back even harder. The two disengaged and jumped back from each other. Link was the one who attacked first this time he brought both swords in a horizontal slash aiming for Griffins head. Griffin recalled the correct block to defend against an attack like that and brought one sword straight up and the other behind it at a horizontal position to brace the sword. The strike hit true but Griffin was unharmed as he had successfully blocked the blow. Griffin then counterattacked by thrusting one of his swords at Link while simultaneously brought one at a diagonal to Links body. Link dodged and parried the blows easily. Griffin kept his assault going for a few more attacks then backed away. Link then moved forward by sidestepping and brought himself close to do alternating stabs which Griffin remembered the correct block and parry for each. Griffin took a chance and as Link was stabbing towards his center he rolled to the right and struck out towards Links ribs. He though he landed a blow only to see that Link had back flipped up and over the strike completely.

Link had noticed that some people from the travelers had shown up to watch the duel that was going on. Griffin on the other hand was to focused on not losing the duel to notice them. Link decided it was time to pick up the pace. He rushed towards Griffin and began a series of quick attacks that Griffin was barely managing to block. He kept his assault on trying to get Griffin to learn that he could attack in between the strikes if he was quick and cause a stalemate of attacks. After a few seconds Griffin realized that the time gap between blows was different but if he was quick he could get an attack in. He tried to attack and Link parried the strike but smiled encouraging Griffin to try again. Griffin then began timing his attacks better and was starting to gain ground against Link as they continued to trade blows at a dizzying speed. The strikes were happening so quickly the crowd could barely tell who was attacking at what time.

So he does have some natural talent after all. He is keeping pace with me at half fast. He may be able to match my speed one day. thought Link.

Griffin had been keeping up with Link and was going to try to land and actual blow. He lunged forward with one sword and brought the other down from an arc towards Links head. Link rolled around and behind Griffin but Griffin kept up with him and when Link stood up he was surprised to see Griffin starring back at him. Link then stepped towards Griffin swinging his sword in an 'X' patter towards him. Griffin deflected each blade but Link was where he wanted to be. He pushed his foot behind Griffins and attempted to trip him by moving forward with his other foot and bringing the one behind Griffins back. The attempt worked and Griffin fell to the ground. He immediately rolled away before Link could put a blade against his neck. Rolling into a standing position Griffin had to deflect and kick that Link was going to deliver to his chest. He put both swords up to block it and it worked.  He knew Link never said anything about kicks but he didn't think Link would use one.

I have to make him drop a sword. Time to try what I've been practicing each night. thought Griffin.

Griffin then began focusing on his blades allowing his reflexes to evade and parry Links attacks. He knew a small amount of Twilian magic but what he knew was perfect for these weapons. Griffin then looked at Links weapons and focused on one of them. The one in his right hand. Griffin then threw one of his blades at Link and it connected with the steel of the one in his right hand. When it did the pent up magic inside the steel caused a small shock wave to burst from the collision point forcing the practice sword out of Links hand and up over the crowds head. Griffin then used more magic to draw the sword back to him. Link was more impressed than shocked at what just happened. He looked at his empty hand then at Griffin who smiled back at him.


Watching from the sidelines the group of Link and Griffins friends had gathered at the front row to watch the duel. Link had had the upper hand for the majority of the fight but when Griffin used some Twilian magic everyone was shocked, even Evander who had known Griffin for the longest did not know he could use magic. Everyone now looked at Link who had one sword left and wondered what he would do next.


Link then began rotating his remaining sword in his hand.

I should have told him one sword works better for me than two for practice blades thought Link.

Griffin then thinking he had the upper hand began his assault once more. He began a series of attacks with both swords. Link decided to move at close to full speed since he had one sword. Now moving at close to full speed Link was able to parry each blow shocking the crowd as Griffin continued the assault. Link found an opening and moved forward to punch Griffin in the chest where it knocked him backwards. He got up coughing but not hurt. Griffin tried again but received the same outcome. Griffin was beginning to get frustrated and something was happening to him. His hair was beginning to turn a light red and his eyes were dilating. Everyone in the crowd knew what was happening including Link. Evander made a move to enter the circle but Midna put her arm up stopping him.

Link noticed Griffin was changing slightly. His hair had changed to light red and he was emitting a strange power. Griffin looked at Link and began a new assault. Link was amazed at the speed Griffin was moving he had to go at full speed now. He kept up with Griffin and Griffin with him the blows they traded were mirror images of each other canceling out each blow. Link had to end the duel now before Griffin lost control of whatever power he was using. Link put the one sword he had on his back and stood still. Midna looked at him and knew exactly what was about to happen. Link was going to use a mortal draw.

Griffin then charged at Link as he stood still and just as he was about to connect his blades to Links body Link drew the practice sword so fast from behind him and with a spin that Griffin had no time to defend it and braced himself for the blow that was about to come. But the blow never came. Link stopped it right before it hit Griffins head. Griffin had stopped his attack once he knew Links attack was going to hit so Link stopped as well.  Now that the two had stopped fighting Griffin had begun to calm down and his hair returned to normal along with his eyes. Link then softly nudged Griffin into a sitting position and sat in front of him.

"This duel is over. You know I would have won from the start had I gone all out on you and that last blow would have knocked you out as well. Although I am impressed by the skill you have. How did you learn the trick to knock my blade away?" asked Link.

"I've been training every night fro several hours then getting some sleep before our practice." said Griffin.

"Well I'm glad to have such a dedicated student. Everyone I think we should Griffin a round of applause on his efforts today. Dont you?" shouted Link.

Griffin just noticed that almost all the travelers had come to watch the duel and grew red from embarrassment.

The crowd erupted into cheers and shouted for Griffin. Link stood up with Griffin and began walking towards the crowd and passed right by Midna and the others who were clapping and cheering as well. The crowd parted for the two and Griffin high fived any who offered their hands. Once they reached the edge of the crowd the travelers began walking back to their tents and mats.

After all of them had left Link and Griffin turned to see the rest of their group waiting for them.

"Griffin. I think its time we had a talk." said Midna.

Griffin got a sinking feeling in his stomach and looked to Link.

"Don't worry I'm sure everything will be fine." said Link smiling at Griffin.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeWed Oct 02, 2013 5:59 pm

Griffin couldn't help but feel nervous, he wasn't even sure what he did that the group had to talk to him. All he did was fight in the duel Link made for the two of them and apparently everyone else saw as well. All he remembered was getting frustrated at being knocked down repeatedly then he just felt at ease and continued the fight. Now Midna had called him over to talk to him with the rest of his friends. They all seemed calm so he thought everything would be alright. Now that they were all standing together with Griffin next to Link and Evander Midna began to talk.

"Griffin do you know what happened during your duel?" she asked.

"Not really no. Did I do something wrong?" Griffin asked.

"Not at all. Actually I'm happy about what happened. You can use our ancestors ancient Twilian magic!" said Midna excitedly.

"What do you mean?" asked Griffin.

"Well when we fought your hair turned to a light red instead of its golden color. That means that like Midna you have the power of the ancient Twilians in you and that you need to learn to control that as well as magic itself." said Link.

"He's right. Uncontrolled magic can be quite dangerous, but I think this can wait until we get back from the festival." said Evander smiling at Griffin

"I suppose you are right. Griffin just try not to use anymore magic until we can find you a teacher, if we can't find one then I'll teach you myself." said Midna.

Griffin smiled at the group and wondered what it would be like to be able to control the ancient magic. Then suddenly a thought came into his head. Normally those who can use the ancient magic are direct descendants of the ancients so who then were his parents. He never had any parents and was an orphan his whole life until he turned thirteen and moved into the palace amazing others at his knowledge of the history of the Twilight realm at such a young age. Then five years later here he was using magic from the ancients. As the group moved away to begin packing for the last few hours of the journey Griffin followed behind them silently.

As the travelers continued to pack everyone was excited to arrive in Canis, they were also excited since Canis also held the only Twilian portal that existed in the realm. It could transport a large group of people at once to any city in the realm. For the travelers this meant that they would only have a short distance to walk back after a week of festivities with eating and drinking.

The travelers had finished packing and were ready to set out for the last few hours of travel, once they reached the top of the hill they were nearing they would be able to see Canis from where they were. Everyone had a building excitement to get to the city because on the following day Midna would give the opening speech of the festival. The group began to move out from the spot where they all had slept for the night. The climb up the hill was short but tiresome because of the steepness once they reached the top though a welcome site was before them. They could see the city of Canis in the distance with its castle towers rising higher than the city itself. For Link it seemed as though the city was massive since he had only seen the Hyrule market and its smaller towns around the area. This city must have easily been ten to twenty times larger than the Hyrule market including the castle grounds.

"Oh that's right. The cities here are much larger than you are probably used to. Lunastria is a good example even though it is abandoned now." said Midna.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from here anyways but this is a sight to see." said Link.

"Well lets not waste time gawking and lets get a move on." said Jonas from behind them.

The group all laughed and began moving down the hill from their position they could see that the gates were rather busy with people coming in for the festival from all the provinces. Midnas group would be the first to arrive and the other provinces would be coming throughout the day.

Nearing the city they passed several areas that tents were being put up in and a large area sectioned off for what they assumed would be for the tournament. They also saw stages and fields of grass that were flattened for use. Once they reached a checkpoint before the actual city gates a guard of Canis stopped the travelers and starred directly at Link for several seconds then turned to Midna.

"Ah, My lady Midna. Its so good to know that you have arrived safely. Your palace staff have their own section of the grasses to themselves as usual. The section reserved for you is in the center section right over there." said the guard pointing towards a large area of flattened grasses.

The group passed by the guard and made their way to the section. Once there they began setting up the tents and moved the carriages and horses behind the section so they could eat and move about freely. The section of grass was actually reserved for the palace staff. Midna and her private group would be staying inside the castle. There were plenty of rooms for parties from each province and since the festival would take place throughout the city and into the fields beyond that they passed  everyone would be able to get around easily.

Midnas private group that consisted of the group of friends gathered near the edge of the field while the staff began pitching their own tents and mats.

"Alright. Everyone should be fine here so we can head into the city and go to the castle. Before we get there just remember that the lord of the castle is one of my cousins. He can be a pompous jerk but just bear with it. Oh and Link, if people give you looks just ignore them for now. I'm sure they will get used to you quickly once they see that you are traveling with me." said Midna.

Everyone nodded and then the group turned towards the city gates and began to walk through.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2013 9:29 pm

Link walked next to Midna while Vincent and Rosalie walked next to each other on Midnas right hand side, Jonas walked directly behind Link and Midna as a personal guard of sorts and Evander and Griffin walked to Links left hand side. The group made their way towards the city gates of Canis and as they did many eyes turned to watch the man from the realm of light with the ruler of the realm walking together side by side. To many of the Twilians this was something they had never seen or even thought could happen yet here it was before their very eyes.

Link did his best to smile as he passed the citizens of Canis despite their glances and whispers to each other as they passed. Since the group was on the main street many people gathered at its edges to watch the group move towards the city center.

"Just don't let them get to you. I'm sure by now one of the messengers in the city has sent word to my cousin. No doubt he will send either horses or a private guard to help us through with no problems." whispered Midna.

Link nodded his head and continued to walk forward down the main street towards one of the markets centers. From what Link could tell from seeing the city at a distance he figured that the Castle was at the end of the city itself near the edge of the mainland so it would be easily defensible, also that the main city itself was divided into several smaller sections each with its own center. Since this was the main entrances center Link guessed this was a market seeing all the stalls and stores around him.

As the group neared the center of the market the other end of the street was blocked off by the crowd of people who had come to see the Queen of the Twilight and the man from the realm of light. Midnas group would not be able to get through, although the people wanted to witness the group they had no desire to get close so Midna and her friends were stuck in a circle about fifteen to twenty feet wide. Now that they had no where to go some began to raise their voices in question.

"Who is that man and why is he here?"

"Yes what is a light walker doing here?"

"He does not belong in this realm?"

The voices were at first questioning then they soon turned to anger.

"His kind banished our ancestors to this place!"

"He must think he is above us!"

"We should teach him the anger that our ancestors felt!"

Before Midna could raise her voice to tell the crowd to stop and that Link was a friend of hers a black portal filled with particles opened in the ground before them. Midnas stomach sank when she saw it because she knew what was coming.

As the particles began to form a shape the crowd grew quiet. The particles began molding into a masculine shape, with large arms and legs used for strength. As the image of the person cleared it showed that he only had on a robe that covered his lower half leaving his chest exposed. His eyes were a glassy silver and his hair was blonde with streaks of brown, it also extended lower than his shoulders.

"Midna. Why have you brought this light walker here during the Twilight Festival?" asked the man.

Midna was slow to respond and gave an exasperated sigh as she did so. "This man is no mere light walker. This is Link. He saved our people and our realm from Zant and Ganondorf. He is under my protection and has every right to be here." she said.

"I see so you are the one the rumors were about. You don't seem all that special. I could most likely crush you under my foot." said the man.

"Not to be rude but who is this guy?" asked Link.

"This is my cousin. His name is Solomon." said Midna tiredly.

"And he has the gall to ask who I am. He does not deserve to be within my presence. Well then I suppose I could allow him to stay if he can complete my challenge." said Solomon loudly.

"Challenge?" Link asked.

"Solomon is a natural born fighter he has never lost a match." said Jonas from behind Link.

Link pondered the information.

"If this light walker can beat me in a fight, right here and now then he will have my respect and can stay. If he loses he must either leave or die." shouted Solomon.

"You cant be serious-" said Midna as she was cut off.

"I accept the challenge." said Link.

All eyes turned towards him even Solomons.

"I will not leave Midna side so I have to win." said Link.

"Link you don't have to do this. I have more power over him than anyone here. I can make him listen to me." said Midna.

"Possibly but that wouldn't stop him from trying something anyways. Besides it looks like he needs to be put in his place after all you did say he was a pompous jerk." said Link.

Midna sighed knowing once Link made up his mind he would carry out whatever he wanted.

"What are we allowed to use in this challenge?" asked Link.

"Nothing but your hands and feet." said Solomon as he grinned at Link.

Link unbuckled his swords and shield and set them on the ground in a neat pile.

"Link be careful he can be quite merciless when fighting." said Vincent.

"I'll keep that in mind." said Link as he moved to stand in front of Solomon.

Standing before him Solomon was a full head taller than Link but Link was not afraid of him. Link took note of how he carried himself. He stood like a true fighter and was probably just as strong to boot.

"Are you ready light walker?" asked Solomon.

"Yes, My name is Link and I hail from the province of Ordona within the land of Hyrule that is within the realm of light." said Link.

Solomon looked questioning at Link then understood it was an old tradition to exchange names and birthplaces when beginning a fight that dealt with hand to hand combat as well as sword fighting.

"My name is Solomon Noserta and I hail from the province of Lupus within the Twilight mainland that exists in the Twilight realm." said Solomon.

Link nodded his head then proceeded to move into a ready stance.

"We shall begin in, three, two, one." shouted Solomon.

As Solomon hit the count of one Link patiently waited for him to make the first move as he figured Solomon would. The first strike was a jab to the stomach but Link avoided it only to be surprised when Solomon also brought a kick at his stomach as well. Link knew he could not block both attack so he flexed his muscles to reduce the blow. The kick connected and sent Link flying backwards onto his back. Link quickly rolled to the left and as he rolled he stood up. He rolled just in time to miss Solomon landing where he was laying just seconds ago with an elbow just above the ground. Any longer and Link would have been finished there and then.

"Impressive of you to be able to soften my attack with just your muscles and its amazing you could roll away in time to dodge my second attack." said Solomon.

Link did not answer and instead he began analyzing how Solomon moved in his stance, how he moved so lightly on his feet and how much force was capable of delivering. Link wondered how he would take him down and he wanted to do it quickly.

Solomon lunged at Link with a quick punch but Link pushed it to the side and then grabbed the arm Solomon had used to punch with, using his own momentum Link flipped Solomon over his shoulder and onto the pavement in front of him, or so he thought. Solomon had flipped his body mid arc and landed on his feet instead. Once Solomon had landed surprising Link he smirked and then used his free hand to deliver a quick and powerful punch to the side of Links head which sent him flying towards the edge of the crowd directly in front of Midna.

"Link!" she shouted and moved to help him up.

Link just put out his hand telling her to stay put. As he looked at her he smiled and after a few seconds she did as well.

Moving back to the group they looked at her like she was crazy for smiling at this time.

"Don't worry. If Link is ever knocked down and smiles afterwords then that means he has found his opponents weakness. He won't lose now." said Midna.

"Is that all that this light walker has to offer in terms of strength?" Solomon asked to the crowd.

"Don't be so sure of yourself just yet." said Link.

"Eh?" said Solomon.

Link had stood up and was shaking his head.

"I admit that took me by surprise but now that I've gauged your strength this fight will be over soon, after all I know your weak spot." said Link.

"Hah! I don't have a weak spot." said Solomon shakily.

"We'll see then won't we." said Link.

Link then rushed forward and began giving a series of punches towards Solomons face and stomach which caused Solomon to double over to defend himself which Link wanted. Once Solomon doubled over Link brought up his knee as he threw more jabs. His knee connected with Solomons chin and he lifted his head up and stretched his body leaving his ribs exposed. Link then jumped into mid air above the ground and stuck his left hand to give himself a support. He then began turning his hand on the ground allowing himself to gain momentum and once he had full speed he stuck his leg out and delivered a sever kick to Solomons ribs. The force of the impact sent him flying into the crowd to Links right.

Everyone watched in awe as Link straightened himself to see if Solomon would get back up. When Solomon did he walked to Link with his hand on his ribs.

"I've never seen anyone do anything like that or figure out my most vulnerable position. I'll have to work on that. You beat me fairly and I will honor my agreement. You have my respect and it is my hope that the citizens of the Twilight realm will also give you the same respect. I see now why you are called a hero and how you beat Zant as well as Ganondorf." said Solomon.

"Thank you. I always enjoy a good challenge." said Link.

"Now everyone enjoy yourselves and the Twilight Festival, eat, drink and be merry!" shouted Solomon.

The crowd cheered and began to disperse.

"I'll show you personally to the castle now. From there you can all get your rooms and then enjoy yourselves at the festival as well. Come the servants are waiting to greet us." said Solomon.

Link went to stand with his friends after putting his swords and shield back on, then the group moved to follow Solomon who held his ribs the whole way back to the castle. As they walked they passed many different vendors and salesmen auctioning off their wares. They passed residential districts as well as many others but once they reached the castle most of the noise died down as most people were out at the fields preparing for the opening speech and ceremony.

Once the group arrived at the castle a healer fixed the ribs that Link had all but shattered then healed the bruise that was forming around Links ear. After the two were treated the servants ushered them to their rooms and the group made themselves comfortable.

"Once you are settled meet me in the great hall." said Solomon.

The groups each went to their own rooms Link with Midna, Vincent with Rosalie, Jonas in the room next to Link and Midnas and Evander and Griffin in their own room as well. Afterwords they all gathered in the great hall where Solomon was waiting.

"Excellent. Link I must say that I am still amazed that you beat me and that kick you used was amazing as well you must teach me that one." said Solomon slapping Link on the back and laughing.

"Sure maybe sometime during the festival." said Link laughing as well.

"Men, what goes through their minds that one second they can be fighting and the next they are the best of friends?" asked Rosalie.

"Even if I could explain it you may still not get it. I guess it is just companionship." said Vincent.

"Alright everyone. We should head down to the fields and wait for the other provinces to arrive so that we can begin the festival." said Solomon.

Everyone agreed and they all left the castle through the main gates talking amongst themselves about the events and vendors that would be at the festival as well as the Twilight Spectacle that would take place on the last night of the festival. The group all felt thrilled and excited about what was to come since this would allow them to take their minds off the problem of Majora.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 9:37 pm

Link and the rest of the group followed Solomon back through the city of Canis and out of the city gates. They were headed towards the raised stage where an immensely large crowd had gathered. As they neared a messenger approached Solomon.

"My lord all the other provinces have arrived and the final preparations are finished. If her Highness is ready then we can commence with the ceremonial speech." said the messenger.

"Excellent. Midna are you ready?" asked Solomon.

"Yes." said Midna as she made a cloak of pure darkness emerge in her hands.

"Is that the shadows garb?" asked Solomon in awe.

"Yes it is. The royal family has kept it safe for many many years. Link please put this on and stand next to me during my speech. It will conceal the fact that you are from the light realms since no one will be able to see your face. Not everyone knows that you are here and may react differently so I think it would be best to get that fact out of the way as soon as possible." said Midna.

"Sure sounds like a plan to me." said Link as he wrapped the cloak around himself and then pulled the hood up.

From the back the cloak bore an insignia that represented the royal family of the twilight realm. The insignia looked like a single gray triangle with wisps coming out of the points that went in a circular motion yet seemed to twist and curl at the ends. From the front it looked like a simple black cloak that passed a shadow over the wearers face.

As the group walked closer to the stage small group of five to seven stood with each other. Link assumed they were the other officials that had come from the other provinces and all of them looked at the one walking with the cloak of shadows on. As Midnas group climbed the stairs to the platform the rest of the groups followed them and took their assigned seats while Midnas group sat at the front row Link remained standing and stood at her right hand side while Solomon stood to her left.

The crowd looked not at Midna but at Link since he was wearing the cloak. Murmurs and whispers passed through the crowd that stretched far into the fields. They all wondered who was beneath the shadows.

Midna then used her Twilian magic and shot a bolt of it into the sky above the crowd where an exact image of her and the stage came into view for the entire crowd to see. She then used a single finger and touched her throat with it. When she spoke her voice boomed and carried all the way to the edge of the crowd.

"Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for coming this year to the Twilight Festival. This year has been a tough one as always, yet we manage to pull through. Now I'm sure the rumors have been spreading like wildfire. Yes the Twilight Palace was attacked twice by forces we do not yet fully understand. We are working towards discovering exactly what it is they want. Secondly, again with rumors. I'm sure some of you have heard that a man from the realm of light is amongst us. I must confirm this rumor as he has saved our entire realm before and saved my life countless times thinking nothing of himself but instead of those he seeks to protect. His name is Link and is under my protection and I expect all of you to show him the respect he does not want yet deserves none the less." said Midna.

She then lifted her right arm and nodded her head at Link.

Link then lifted his hand and moved back the hood that concealed his face. Revealing his face to the crowd a audible gasp or inhale of breath could be heard. As he removed the rest of the cloak he folded it over his arm and stood still by Midnas side.

No one in the crowd made a noise except for some children laughing or asking who that man was.

"I believe it would be best if he spoke a few words." said Midna

Link shrugged and then Midna touched his throat using the Twilian magic. As Link stepped forward he noticed many angry or upset faces.

"I never was very good at speaking to small crowds. This crowd is the largest I have ever seen. Yes it is true. I am from the Realm of Light. The story I have heard about me saving your realm is also true. I know you lost several of your citizens during that time and I am sorry for the loss. I am hate to say it but when my realm was under the cloak of Twilight and I had to fight several Twilight Assassins that as I understand were once citizens of this realms. When I defeated them they burst into particles and disappeared. I don't know if they are dead or not but all the same I am sorry. It is my hope that you all can come to accept me and I will do my best to fit in." said Link.

From the crowd now that he had spoken some of the Twilian women were whispering and giggling to each other while the men all tried to stand taller. And suddenly as Link starred at the crowd he noticed many lines parting towards the stage and he stood still waiting to see what would happen. As Link counted he noticed that there were eleven lines pushing towards the stage. As the eleven people made it a small circle was made at the base of the stage. When Link looked at the eleven Twilians standing below him he noticed that they all had several red Twilian markings instead of red and instantly recognized where he knew them. The eleven all looked at him and did not move or utter a sound. Link jumped down onto the ground before them and bowed his head so that he looked at the ground. The people before him were all teenagers and if Link did the correct math then they would have been only children five years ago. The eldest looking one stepped forwards.

"We are all that remain of the Twilight Assassins that you fought five years ago. There were many more of us but when you defeated us we were sent back to this realm and were returned to our normal forms. The rest lacked the strength and will power to make the jump between realms and were truly lost. We did not want to fight you but were forced to. We are sorry." he said.

Link kept his head down and began to silently shed tears for those that were lost. Link then lifted his head and spoke to them even though the entire crowd could see and hear him.

"You all have nothing to be sorry for. I am the one who should be sorry. At the time I did not think of the consequences and carelessly went about my way. You lost family and friends that were only children." said Link still shedding tears.

"It is true that we lost several of our friends and family but without you then we would have been stuck in those forms as mindless beasts for the rest of our lives. So we ask you not to apologize and accept our thanks." said the eldest.

The group of eleven gathered around Link and bowed their head to him.

Link looked up at Midna who was also crying. He nodded to her to continue.

Shakily Midna began. "It is true we lost several special people but without Link we would have all been doomed. Now the time for grieving is over. It is time to start the festival."  

Now everyone was looking at Midna to give the signal to begin the week of festivities.

"With the power granted to me by my ancestors I know announce the festival has begun." said Midna as she shot another bolt of magic into the air dissolving the image of the stage and instead leaving the mark that was on the back of Links cloak.

"Let the festivities begin."
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 19, 2013 11:19 pm

"Let the festivities begin" said Midna as her voice boomed across the thousands of people.

She then touched her throat to cancel the magic she had used and then motioned for Link to be quiet as he stood with the eleven Twilians. After she turned to Solomon and told him that they would be on their way to partake in the festival shortly she climbed down the stairs and around the stage with the rest of the group as the thousands of people began to disperse towards the city and the fields.

Link stood now with all eleven of the children in front of him. They all looked at him with admiration yet he could not even return a smile.

Midna walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"We don't hate you. We actually have wanted to meet you ever since we woke up back in the Twilight realm. We don't remember much about the time we spent in the light realm since we were under Zants control. All we remember is the last few moments before you defeated us with the small Twilian on your back who we now know was her highness." said the eldest.

"Link. I should have told you that they were the only ones that made it a long time ago but I couldn't remember it. I'm sorry. I met with them all as shortly after I returned to the Twilight realm as well, they have been under my protection ever since." said Midna.

"I'm sorry." said Link.

The eldest of the children reach out and touched Links arm.

As soon as contact was made Link received a series of flashbacks.

A child had awoken face down in the twilight realm far from home and had no idea what to do, all he could remember was the large wolf with blue eyes that had attacked him. Next to him was another child of similar age. This is when he noticed the red mark on the others chest. He shoved him to consciousness and when he came to they were both so happy that they were finally back home and wondered how they had gotten there. Each of them shared the same short memory of the wolf with blue eyes and the short Twilian on its back. They waited for another day to see if any more people would appear there and sure enough the next day one more child this time a girl appeared on the ground. This is when the eldest went to find adult to help them and wait to see if more would appear. It took two days to find a town and then some of the townspeople came with food and water to wait. When they got back there were three more and all of them were so happy to see each other. The children now shared a bond that none but them understood. They waited until all eleven had appeared and then moved them to the Twilight Palace for protection where the children talked about what happened and then they decided that they would not hate the Wolf that they had seen even though some of the children never made it back. Shortly after a tall twilian woman arrived at the Palace and when she saw them she also shed tears for them much as Link was doing a short time ago.

Link came back to his own consciousness when the eldest removed his hand. Link had not even realized that he had dropped to his knees and all the eleven were looking at him.

"You truly do not hate me..." he said.

"We don't!" they all said at once.

Link finally smiled and stood up.

Now standing tall and smiling at the children he said to them.

"I am very glad to hear that. I thank you for that but I will always owe you for what happened."

"We will make note of that. Now don't we have a festival to enjoy?" the eldest asked

"I suppose we do." said Link.

With that the eleven children turned and began running towards the city.

"Wait you never told me your names!" called Link after them but they didn't stop to tell him.

"They are right you know. We do have a festival to enjoy and the major events wont take place until the two last days so these five are just the build up for us to walk among the citizens and eat and drink." said Midna.

"Right you two now lets go have some fun." said Jonas from behind them.

Link and Midna both nodded.

"Alright everyone go on and have fun amongst yourselves just make sure you meet back at the castle for some sleep. Oh Link you can keep the cloak of shadows as well. I meant to give it to you a while ago." said Midna.

The group soon split up after that and went along their way. Link and Midna stayed with each other as expected while the others went to whatever interested them at the time.

Link and Midna spent the rest of the day exploring the city of Canis and all the shops and stalls that were available.

After a long day of walking around the group met back at the castle and slept for the night with peaceful dreams of the excitement to come.  


The next few days went much the same as the others and with the last two days drawing near the major events were being set up. There was to be a ball at the castle for the higher class and royal visitors, there would be a tournament in the stadium that was set up in the fields, there would be the Twilight spectacle and several other events.

Midna had insisted that they go to the ball since everyone else from their group would be there. Link reluctantly agreed to go.

On the fifth day of the festival Link decided to go into the market on his own. Midna had shown him what was real and what was fake so that now he could tell instantly whether or not he was being cheated. Link wanted to get something special for Midna.

Walking through the street without Midna next to him was rather strange for Link now that he had spent the past few days walking with her by his side. And as he walked many of the Twilian women that past him were always giggling and starring at him. Even though he knew his heart belong to Midna his long ears could not but help hear what they were saying about him and the thoughts made him flush occasionally.

Link decided to go with jewelry even though it seemed like what the standard male would do he knew that what he would get her would mean more to her than if he went out of his way to get it. Walking into a shop that actually had it own building Link was greeted by the jeweler.

"Good afternoon...Oh I was not expecting to see you here in my shop." said the jeweler.

"If you'd like me to leave then I will." said Link.

"Oh not at all. I meant no disrespect by that. What was your name again?" asked the Jeweler.

"Link." he said.

"Thats right. My name is Joffery." said the Jeweler extending his hand which Link grasped in a firm handshake.

"Well what brings you to my shop today master Link?" asked Joffery.

"Well I'm looking for something for someone special to me." said Link.

"Oh might it be her highness herself?" asked Joffery happily.

"Perhaps." said Link smiling.

"Oh now I've seen that look before. You have the look of a man in love. You can't hide it from me, after all I am a jeweler. Tell me did you really help save our realm from destruction?" asked Joffery.

"Yes its all true although I don't try to boast about it. I was only helping the one I care about." said Link.

"I see. Sorry I can get sidetracked. It just amazes me that you would pick my shop to choose from. Now let me get my best selection out for you to look at. The wares I have are fit for royalty." said Joffery leading Link over to a display shelf with many different rings, pendants and earrings as well as bracelets and other jewels.

Link looked at all the wares that Joffery had in the most expensive display shelf even though the most expensive would only put a small dent in Links pouch.

Instead Link began looking at the more simple wares and noticed a ring that was made of silver that looked completely pure. It wrapped around a black Sapphire  and had an inscription along the band in Twilian.

"What does this one here say?" said Link pointing at the ring.

"Ah that says 'To you I shall always belong." said Joffery.

"Well It's simple enough and has meaning so I think it will do." said Link.

"Are you sure? There are more befitting pieces for royalty." said Joffery

Seeing the look that Link was giving him Joffery relented.

"I understand. Sometimes simplicity is better than complicated." said Joffery.

"Excellent. How much do I owe you?" asked Link.

"Well lets see. The ring itself is made of pure silver which is a rarity in this realm and the black sapphire is pretty rare as well. The ring is only there because of its simplicity but its worth quite a bit. In total it would be 5,000 rupees. Do you have enough for that?" asked Joffery.

"I do I can pay you right now in full if you like." said Link.

"Well seeing as this ring is for her highness I can put a discount of 1,500 rupees." said Joffery.

"Thank you very much. That is perfect for me." said Link.

"Excellent let me get you a special box for that one." said Joffery.

As Joffery went in the back to get the box Link looked at a necklace that had the royal insignia of the Twilian family that was made of what appeared to be obsidian.

Joffery returned a few moments later.

"Here you are master Link its all set. Now if you ever need anything else. Just return to my shop and I'm sure I can help you out." said Joffery.

"Thank you very much Joffery. I'll see you around." said Link leaving the shop then turning towards the castle to begin his walk back before dark.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 26, 2013 6:07 pm

Link stepped out of Jofferys' shop and out onto the street which led back towards the castle. Link was pleased with the purchase he had just made and felt that Midna would appreciate the gift he was going to give her. As he made his way back towards the castle he realized he was being followed. In order to test if he was being followed or not Link took a series of turns until he found an alley way. When he turned into it he jumped up and put his arms out on the sides of the wall so that if anyone was looking for him it would appear as though he had disappeared.

Link waited for anyone to appear in the opening of the alleyway and a few seconds later a hooded figure took a few steps into the alley. Once they were beneath Link he dropped down onto the figure pinning them to the ground but not before Link heard a high pitched screech come from the figure.

"Don't move. Now who are you and why are you following me?" asked Link.

When the voice spoke Link was very surprised to learn that it was a woman under the cloak.

"My name is Charlotte. And my master sent me to look for you. He has a proposition for you." said the figure.

Sensing that the girl was not lying Link got off of her back and held out his hand to help her up.

When she turned to look at him Link could not help but admit to himself that this girl rivaled Midnas beauty. She had dark red hair with eyes to match it. The pattern of shadow on her body was that of someone trying to be modest yet knew that they were showing off at the same time. She wore a simple shirt with messengers pants on yet it did not deter from her features. Her voice was gentle and kind.

"Thank you." she said taking Links hand blushing as she did so.

"Sorry about landing on you. I have learned to be cautious when I'm being followed." said Link.

"Its alright. I'm not hurt so I'm not upset. Now to what I was sent after you for. My master would like to offer you something that you lack right now." said Charlotte.

"And what might this offer be?" asked Link.

"Unfortunately I cant tell you that." she responded.

"I'm not sure about this but you seem trustworthy so I'll follow you to your master and see what he has to offer." said Link.

"Excellent. Now if you'll follow me it wont take us long to get there since you were going closer while avoiding me." said Charlotte.

She walked out of the alley with her hands behind her back and her hood now down letting her long hair flow down the front of her shirt. After getting back onto the main street she led Link to a large shop building that had clothing in its display window and Link suddenly knew what this was about.

"Master Charles. I'm back and I brought him with me." said Charlotte.

Link looked around the shop and saw many different fabrics along with suits and dresses. He noticed an open door that he assumed led to the back of the shop where all the work was done.

"Ah welcome back Charlotte. I'm glad to hear it said a man from the room.

Charlotte sat on a table waiting for the man to come out of the room. Shortly after an average looking twilian man who appeared to be in his forties came out of the room. He was not as tall as Link and had hair that was black and grey. Link assumed it was from his age that his hair was naturally black and was fading. He wore a pair of overalls and a button up white shirt.  As he walked over to Link Link noticed that he was eyeing him critically.

Standing in front of Link he remained silent while staring Link in the eyes.

"Well were going to need something simple yet pronounced, no bright colors we need something to accent his eyes and facial structure." said the man.

Link had a confused look on his face and then the man extended his hand quickly for a handshake.

"Sorry about that my boy its just a habit of using the mind to envision a suitable outfit for someone. Now then my name is Charles Weaver, you've already met Charlotte." said Charles as Charlotte waved to the pair of men.

Link shook Charles hand and then Charles began to speak to Charlotte.

"We could use black or dark royal blues for the main and have a white undershirt that buttons up." said Charles.

"Or we could use something similar to a conductors tuxedo and have coattails as for the undershirt keep it white but use a tie with a pin to cover the buttons." said Charlotte.

"That is an excellent idea we can mix the two ideas to for a perfect suit, now run along and grab the fabric we will need." said Charles.

Turning back to Link Charles eyed him critically again then smiled and nodded.

"Yes that will do perfectly. Now then my boy I have an offer for you. Tell me first though do you posses any suits that are fit for the ball?" asked Charles.

"Unfortunately no and I hadn't even thought of that yet." said Link.

"Ah well I'm glad I sent Charlotte after you. I'm willing to make a suit for you that will amaze any who see it since you will need to dress the part if you are going to be at a ball full of royalty." said ?Charles.

"Would you mind if I see some of your work before you jump to conclusions?" asked Link.

"Certainly. Follow me to the back room." said Charles.

Charles led Link through the door he had come from and into a large workshop full of outfits and cloths mixed with sewing supplies and many other things. Charles led him to a stand long row of mannequins all wearing suits that had been previously worn by royalty and Link had to admit that they were of expert quality.

"These are all quite astounding." said Link.

"Thank you me and Charlotte are very proud of our work. Now are you convinced we can do the work we say we can?" asked Charles.

"I never doubted it. I just wanted to see it for myself." said Link.

"I see." responded Charles.

"Now then. You want to make me a suit for the ball that is tomorrow night. Will you be able to finish it in time?" asked Link.

"I have no doubt in my mind since it will be relatively simple yet one of a kind all on its own. I'm sure you'll make any of the women at the ball weak with a single glance." laughed Charles.

"Well that may be true but I only have one woman on my mind." said Link.

"I'm just messing with you my boy now I need to get some measurements. Step over here and remove your shirt. The suit needs to be a good fit yet able to allow movement of all angles." said Charles bringing a simple tape measure from his back pocket.

Link took off his swords and then removed his shirt so that Charles could get the measurements he needed.

While in the middle of taking measurements Charlotte came back into the room carrying all the cloth they would need to make the suit but when she saw Link with no shirt on her face went from normal to a deep shade of red very quickly.

"I...I'm sorry I"ll just leave until you are finished." she exclaimed and left the room quickly leaving the supplies on a nearby table.

"Well that was odd. She normally never acts like that." said Charles.

Link just shrugged and waited for Charles to finish the measurements. Link looked down at himself during the process and was glad that he was still in shape from all the years of hard farm work that had built him into the person that he is now.

After Charles finished the measurements Link put his shirt back on and belted his swords to his hips once more.

"Alright Master Link I will have it ready for you tomorrow night before the ball. I'll even deliver it to your room personally and help you out with getting it right." said Charles.

"Thank you very much for all this. What do I owe you for the suit?" asked Link.

"Ah this one is on the house my boy. With all the gowns and suits I've made the past year for the royals who come to the festival for one night of dancing this suit will not even cost me a dime so worry not  my boy." said Charles.

"But I cant just not pay you for this." said Link

"Then how about this my boy. If anyone asks who made the suit you tell them Charles Weaver. That will be enough." said Charles.

"Alright that I can manage." said Link.

Charlotte had walked back into the room still a slight shade of red in her cheeks.

"Now then we have a good amount of work to do tonight so you best get back to the castle before you are missed my boy." said Charles.

Link, Charles and Charlotte walked to the front door of the shop.

"Thank you again for this. I honestly never thought about having to wear something special for this kind of thing. Oh yes would you be able to put a pocket somewhere in the suit for a knife or even in the boots?" asked Link.

"Not a problem my boy. Now run along." said Charles extending his hand.

Link shook it then said goodbye to the pair and stepped out into the setting Twilight facing the castle. Link couldn't help but feel happy about the situation he was now in. He had a gift for Midna and would look the part of a royal at the ball.

Link began his walk back to the castle with a spring in his step.


Upon arrival at the castle Link cleared his way with the guards and they allowed him to enter. He went into the hall and found Midna talking with Solomon.

"Ah there you are. We were wondering where you had been." said Midna.

"Oh I was just exploring the city. But now I'm tired from all the walking. Should we go to bed. I'm sure there is a long day ahead of us tomorrow." said Link.

"You're right. There is for all of us. The rest have already gone to sleep so lets follow in kind." said Solomon.

Link and Midna walked back to their room quietly so as not to disturb anyone in the rooms they passed.

Once they reached their room they changed into clothes that were comfortable to sleep in.

"So where were you exploring today?" asked Midna.

"Oh just around the market area." said Link.

"Well that sounds nice. You know you'll need a suit for the ball tomorrow night. Maybe Vincent can lend you one." said Midna.

"Don't worry about that. That has been taken care of already." said Link smiling.

Midna shook her head and laid down on the bed and shortly after so did Link. They both drifted off into a comfortable sleep that would energize them for the next day.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 28, 2013 9:36 pm

The following morning Link awoke earlier than Midna as per his usual routine. He sat up and swung his legs out of bed then slowly stood up and stretched his muscles. He and Griffin had not practiced at all since they arrived at the festival as Link had told him along the way, but Link was sure that if Griffin was determined to master using two swords then he would practice regardless of whether or not Link told him to.

Link looked out of the floor to ceiling window that faced the rising sun. He sat comfortably as the first lights of the Twilight dawn washed over him. Now that Link thought about it he thought that the Twilight realm was stuck in perpetual Twilight forever, the thought had just now struck him as odd. He knew from what he had heard that there was no day cycle in the Twilight realm yet here it was a slightly dimmer sun and moon rising and falling each day.

Maybe it has something to do with the Sols inside the Master Sword. After all they are the original source of light for the realm so maybe getting rid of them broke some ancient seal that released the sun and moon from their long slumber.

Link turned back to look at Midna who was still soundly sleeping on the bed. He cast a silhouette over her from the light. As he stared at her her eyes slowly opened and she had to squint to look at him since he was outlined in golden light.

"Ah good morning. Sorry if I woke you." said Link.

Midna reach out her hand to cup the side of his face.

"Don't be sorry. I had to be up early today anyways. All the women going to the ball have to be up this early. It's tradition that we all gather in the castles salon and spend the day there getting ready for tonight while the men do whatever it is they do." said Midna.

"Ah I see. Oh I meant to ask. When did the Twilight realm start having a day cycle?" asked Link.

"Your actions here five years ago caused more that you think. Removing the Sols from their resting place and into the Master Sword as well as leaving the realm with them inside of it caused a distortion in this realm that released and ancient magic that had locked away the sun and moon from us. This sun though does not harm us like the sun in the Light realm would." said Midna.

"So it's as I thought then." said Link.

"Well there you have it. So what will you be doing all day before the ball?" asked Midna.

Putting his hand through her fiery hair he responded.

"I'm not really sure actually. I may wander around the castle until I have to get ready." said Link.

"Fair enough. Well I must be off now." said Midna.

"Not yet you aren't." said Link as he pulled Midna close to him and locked his lips with hers.

Midna instantly melted into Links embrace and when they separated she did not want the moment to end.    

"I had better get another one of those tonight." said Midna.

"You can have as many as you like. Now go have fun until I see you this evening." said Link.

Midna smiled at him as she left the room, her face a shade of pink.

Well that was a good start to the morning. Now then what to do? I wonder how large the library is here. thought Link.

Link then finished getting dressed in a black silk shirt and a pair of pants. He put on his standard traveling boots then left the room to explore the castle. Walking through the halls Link admired the architecture. It had similarities to the castle back in Hyrule yet there were differences. The basic layout was for the most part self explanatory. The main entry hall was a large gathering place that opened up to the front courtyard that had stone pathways and gardens around them. After the entry hall was what link liked to refer to as the crossroads. It was were several different hallways all intersect at one point and one can get to any part of the castle from there. Going straight led to the grand hall where dining normally takes place but tonight it would be where the ball is held, around the edge of the grand hall is a balcony that wraps completely around it, stairs lead down from the balcony and out onto an open air marble floor that is large enough for a very very large gathering. Link wondered if they would be using the open air section tonight. Going left from the crossroads led to the west wing of the castle where the servants and staff are housed as well as the kitchen having its own building near the grand hall. The opposite way is the east wing is where the royals and visitors of the castle stay and going down a short hallway to the northeast Link assumed that is where he would find the library.

Link walked down the smaller hallway with only a few servants along the way since most would be preparing the grand hall for tonight. Link was happy that it  was quiet where he was, continuing to walk down the hall he came to a pair of old wooden doors that had torches next to them. Above the door was a symbol of a book wrapped in a scroll so he figured it would be the library. Upon pushing open the door and entering the room Link was rewarded with a sight he never thought possible. He stood in a room that towered high and each wall held bookshelves full of books of all kinds and the room wasn't just tall it stretched back a rather long way with double bookshelves row after row.

I could spend a long time here and not even scratch the surface of the knowledge held here.

Link began walking towards the back of the room where he could see a fireplace was lit with a protective grate in front of it. Also he saw a table full of scrolls, papers and books. Walking closer he could hear a familiar voice.

"No this isn't it. Where could it be? I had it just a few years ago I swear I left it right here."

Link walked closer to the voice and was surprised to see Solomon sorting through a stack of books he had taken off the shelves. Link stood silently in front of Solomon as he continued to look down.

"Lose something." said Link.

Solomon jumped at the noise.

"Bah! Link you startled me. Yes actually I'm looking for the ceremonial book that I need to use for the ball tonight." said Solomon.

"What does it look like?" asked Link.

"It's red with gold writing along the spine." said Solomon.

Link cast his gaze among the bookshelves and began searching. His eyes were accustomed to the darkness and he could see the shelves Solomon could not. Spotting a red book with gold shining along the spine Link grabbed the nearest ladder and climbed up, retrieved the book then climbed back down.

"This it?" he asked.

"Yes! How did you see that all the way up there?" asked Solomon.

"I guess I'm used to finding things." said Link.

"Yes well I had better get going. I need to prepare for tonight. I hope to see you again soon." said Solomon as he hurried to go prepare for the ball.

Link turned towards the books and soon lost himself in what surrounded him. He had not even realized that the time for the ball was drawing near. When a servant came rushing into the library calling for him did he realize what had happened. The servant rushed up to him out of breath.

"Master Link one Charles Weaver and one Miss Charlotte are waiting for you in your room. They say you need to hurry or you will be late."

"Oh by the Goddesses I forgot what time it was!" said Link frantically.

He rushed past the servant thanking him as he began to sprint back to his room. Getting to the crossroads he looked back into the grand hall and saw that people were already inside. He guessed some of the lesser royals since the higher royals were always announced when they entered. Link turned and began running the length of the west wing towards his room that was on the second floor. Once he reached the door he burst through it.

"I'm here! I'm here! Am I too late?" asked Link startling Charles and Charlotte.

"Good gracious 'my boy' you really have a way of timing. No you are not late, but I can not have you getting into the suit smelling and looking like that. Go take a quick rinse in your bath." said Charles.

Charlotte turned red at the thought of it.

Link went into the bathroom and rinsed himself off quickly, after he dried himself with a towel and wrapping it around himself he re-entered the room. This made Charlotte turn an even deeper shade of red.

"Alright 'my boy' its time to dress the part. First you need to put on these dress trousers. Charlotte turn around for a moment." said Charles.

Nodding her head quickly Charlotte turned around and shut her eyes.

Link slipped into the dress trousers that were a shade of dark royal blue.

"Alright next is this tuxedo shirt. Leave it un-tucked for now, just button it up. You can turn back around now Charlotte." said Charles.

Link put his arms through the shirt and buttoned it up, the material at the wrists flared out which seemed intentional.

"Good good, now for the over coat. Just put your arms through and leave it unbuttoned." said Charles.

Link put on the dark royal blue overcoat and sure enough the wrists flared out from underneath the overcoat. The overcoat also had two tails coming off of it that stopped mid thigh for Link.

"Alright now tuck in the tuxedo shirt then put this belt on be quick about it the women have already begun being called the men are up next." said Charles handing him the belt.

Link did so and then put the belt that was made of black leather through the belt loops.

"Good now we need the tie. Charlotte this is your area of expertise. Link put on these black socks while Charlotte does the tie." said Charles.

Charlotte wrapped a black tie around Links head and began tying an intricate knot while Link put on the socks.

Once Charlotte had finished the tie she went over to the dresser and grabbed a small box that they had brought with them.

"Now for the final touches. This pin is special and I've had it for many many years. It is the symbol of the royal family that was in the sky at the start of the festival except it is cut from the purest obsidian. I would like you to have it since it makes this suit as perfect as it is." said Charles.

"Thank you for all of this." said Link.

"Not a problem 'my boy'." Charles replied.

Charlotte tried not to look Link in the eyes as she attached the pin in the center of the tie at about mid chest height. Once she finished she backed away.

"Alright now button the overcoat." said Charles.

Link did so and the coat pulled snugly around him yet allowed him to breath. The tie was tucked underneath the coat and was not visible except for what was visible on his chest as well as the pin.

"Now for the boots." said Charles as he handed Link a special pair of dark royal blue boots.

"These boots are designed to allow full movement and maximum comfort." said Charles.

Link put them on and then put the pant legs over the edge of the boots. He then stood and straightened his suit while Charles and Charlotte looked on in a pride filled awe.

Now standing up straight the suit came together and really accented Links features as well as his eyes and hair.

"This may be our best work yet." said Charles.

"Somethings missing." said Charlotte as she walked directly in front of Link.

"Ah that's it." she said as she pulled a comb out of her pocket.

She began combing through Links hair attempting to get it to comply. After a short time she had succeeded and now Link normally unruly hair was somewhat flattened and gave him a sharp edge. His facial hair which he had forgotten to shave also gave him a look of strength.

"Now this may be our best work yet." said Charlotte.

Charles could only nod his agreement.

"Now then 'my boy'. You have a ball to attend and we have to get ready for it as well." said Charles winking at Link.

"See you on the dance floor Link." said Charlotte turning a deep shade of red.

Link nodded then headed for the door.

"Oh yes, one more thing. Don't run in that suit just yet. You need to make an appearance still 'my boy' so you had best walk to the entry hall. I'm sure they wont start without you." said Charles smiling.

Link nodded again then left the room and made his way towards the grand hall where he could hear voices echoing from.

Entering the crossroads he noticed that the great doors to the hall were shut except for a man who appeared to be a butler standing with a book and quill outside them.

Nearing the man he looked up and motioned for Link to come closer. Touching his throat the man used magic that Midna had used except he was deactivating it.

"Name sire." he said.

"Link." Link responded.

The man looked down at the list and noticed Link was on the top right below Midna. He quickly shut the book and then motioned for Link to stand  in the center of the doors. Touching his throat again he then inhaled deeply and pushed open the doors.

In a deep booming voice the butler began "Ladies and Gentleman, Lords and Ladies may I introduce to you Sir Link."
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 02, 2013 8:37 pm

Link watched as the doors opened inward and everyone was staring at him as the butler announced his arrival. A small orchestra was situated on the side of the room and were playing a light tune just to keep the atmosphere/ Many of the guests gave inhales of shock as Link entered the room. Some of the women gave gasps of surprise at the sight that Link was giving off. He looked exactly like a royal except that he was from the Realm of Light. Link could see Midna standing at the far end of the hall with Solomon and she was starring intently at him as he walked in.

As Link passed by those standing near the doors he offered nods of recognition since he did not know their names, they returned the nod in kind. Link continued to walk and exchange glances at those who directed their attention towards him. As he walked he noticed a man with charcoal black eyes and hair to match it, his hair was slicked back with a mustache and beard that were trimmed close to his twilian skin and as he starred Link could not help but feel uneasy about the man. Dismissing the feeling Link moved further into the room noticing a small bump inside of his left boot.

It must be the knife I asked Charles to hide inside the boot. thought Link smiling to himself.

The gathering of people had parted from the center of the room clearing a path for Link to walk directly to Solomon and Midna.

I should probably play the part of a royal if I look the part. After all this is a ball of important figures.

Link had passed center of the grand hall and was only a few steps away from Midna. Yet to him it seemed an eternal walk after looking at Midna and her outfit.

She had her hair in a tight ponytail with two strands of hair coming down in front of her dress. Her dress consisted of a dark red silk that went in a 'V' across her chest the straps that went over her shoulders met slightly below her sternum and then remained as one piece the rest of the way down her dress. On her right side the dress split to reveal part of her leg as she walked. She also had a pair of heels to match the outfit. Link could not help but feel as if the distance was eternal as he looked at her.

Midnas gaze never left Links for even a second and when Link finally reached her he put one hand behind his back and gave a short bow.

"My Lady." said Link.

Even though this was very out of character for Link Midna could not help but feel a warmth within as she returned with a curtsy.

"My Lord." she responded.

Link beamed at Midna as she smiled at him even though she was still slightly taller than Link to them it did not matter.

Link then offered her his arm which she quickly and eagerly took. Link then turned to Solomon and offered a bow to him.

"My Lord." said Link.

Solomon waited for Link to raise from his bow and then adjusted his suit that seemed as though it would burst if he so much as flexed yet also seemed to fit him quite well. Solomon then touched his throat using a small amount of magic.

"Now that everyone has arrived. We can begin the celebration and dance the night away. Ah but first the ceremonial speech." said Solomon as his voice boomed across the crowd.

Solomon motioned for Link and Midna to stand by his side during the speech and they did so quietly waiting for Solomon to continue.

"Firstly, Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, Lords and Ladies to the Twilight Festival ball. We gather each year to celebrate another year of survival, strife and prosperity. This year is no exception. We have all worked hard and many things have changed for the better. Secondly, this night is meant to celebrate all that we have done thus far so eat, drink and be merry. Lastly, pray for those who are less fortunate and are not enjoying this night like many of us are. In addition, we have had some rather shocking events take place these last few weeks. We have had Link arrive in the Twilight Realm when there was no way to get back yet here he stands, we have also had several attacks take place on the Twilight Palace yet Link who has no allegiance to us defended the Palace and drove back whatever enemy was attacking it. He made a speech at the opening ceremony several days ago and I believe he has earned the respect of each and every one of us. Now then let the Ball begin." said Solomon

As soon as Solomon had finished his sentence the orchestra quickly picked up their instruments and began playing a lively tune to which several members of the ball began dancing to.

Solomon then turned to Link and Midna after deactivating the magic used to enhance his voice.

"Well well well Link, quite the suit you have there. You look very different from normal, you even look like a royal now. And as I stand here looking at the two of you I can't help but feel this night cannot go wrong." said Solomon smiling and laughing loudly.

"I have to agree." said Midna still starring intently at Link.

"Well I must be off to greet the guests. Take care you two. Oh yes Midna you should do the same or you can not. Whatever you do just have fun." said Solomon walking away from them.

Once he was out of earshot Midna turned quickly towards Link looking him up and down.

"What?" he asked smiling embarrassingly.

"I'm just amazed at this. You are in a suit that looks like it was handmade by a master and you look amazing in it. But most of all your hair has been tamed. In all the years that I have known you I never thought that your hair would cooperate with a comb." said Midna.

Link laughed when she said that. "Out of everything you're most amazed by my hair. Well yes it took some working but it eventually complied. The suit was made by one Charles Weaver and his Apprentice Charlotte.

"I've heard that name before. Yes, Weaver Clothing. He is rather famous and only works on special orders. I have several of his dresses back at the Palace." said Midna.

"He said he would be here shortly. They helped me get everything ready just before I arrived here." said Link.

As the pair looked around they noticed that the grand halls doors were now open for people to come and go as they pleased.

"Maybe they are already here." said Midna.

Link nodded and took a moment to memorize the layout of the grand hall just incase something happened.

The grand hall had a large center floor tiled with black and white marbles. There were drinks and food on the left hand side if one was facing the main doors. On the right was the orchestra and behind him was the exits to the outer dance floor where no one was yet. There was also a hedge maze from what Link could tell from where he stood.

When Midna nudged his arm he offered it to her and they began walking through the crowd. They passed by several men and women whom Midna stopped to talk to and each of them in turn acknowledge Link asking questions about his background and about where he got the suit. When they talked to a man each offered Link a handshake which he accepted firmly and when they were talking to a woman she blushed slightly looking at Link and offered her hand which Link took gently. All of the Twilians seemed to be accepting Link more and more as the time went on. No one gave him dirty stares as he walked the streets and the Twilian children no longer ran from him but instead they went up to him asking for shoulder rides or about stories of Hyrule. Link was beginning to feel comfortable with each passing day yet he had learned as a warrior to always keep his guard up.

Link and Midna continued to move through the crowd when Link noticed the man with the charcoal black eyes starring at him once again from the corner of the room. He appeared to be talking happily with another man yet Link could tell he had placed himself to where his sight would look like his attention was on his conversation partner yet allowed him to see past him and directly at Link. When the man noticed Link was starring back he shifted his gaze away.

Link and Midna had neared the food tables and decided to get some drinks. The servers were pouring cold glasses of champagne and offered one to each Link and Midna which they graciously took. Link sipped at the Champagne and then quickly drained the glass after getting an initial taste. Midna starred at him as he finished off the first glass of champagne. Link noticed she was starring at him again.

"What?" he asked kindly.

"I forgot you were old enough to drink now." she said.

"You should have seen when it was my 'birthday' in Ordon. They were practically forcing me to drink even though I was up to the challenge. By the time the night was over only Bo, Rusl and I were the only ones not passed out." said Link happily.

Midna realized this was the first time Link had talked about home since he had arrived in the Twilight Realm.

"Do you miss them?" she asked.

"I do, but my place is next to you and I wont lose you again." said Link confidently.

"I see. So you are telling me you can hold your alcohol?" asked Midna.

"With the best of them." said Link proudly.

"Well maybe we shall see before the night is out. There will be some men here who will always end up having a drinking game or two." said Midna joyfully.

Midna and Link went back from the table with another glass of wine each and they began walking around once more, meeting and greeting more people. Some of whom Midna had never met before. As they continued to walk Link asked Midna a question.

"Are the others here tonight?"

"Yes actually. They are scattered around talking to guests and friends or dancing." said Midna.

"Good I didn't want them to miss out on the fun." said Link.

Moving along their way a thought struck Midna.

"Link do you know how to dance at a ball?" asked Midna.

"Well...err...hmm. Maybe." responded Link.

"What do you mean maybe?" asked Midna.

"Well since I had saved both Hyrule and the Twilight Realm Zelda held several banquets in my honor all of which I had to attend. So she gave me private dance lessons." said Link.

Midna didn't understand why but that made her feel slightly jealous.

"So you do know how to dance. Excellent. We must dance at some point tonight." said Midna.

"I planned to dance to at least one song." said Link.

"I'm glad to hear that 'my boy'." said a voice from behind them.

When Link and Midna turned around there stood Charles and Charlotte dressed in fine clothes fit for royalty. Charles was in a simple yet elegant suit that was mostly black except for the white undershirt that had gold studs instead of buttons. He also had a polished black cane that he leaned on. Charlotte was in a elegant and slightly revealing dress of silver and black. The Dress revealed much of her back and covered her front but like Midnas it was also a 'V' shape and showed more than was appropriate for this kind of event. The lower part of her skirt went only to the top of right thigh then moved over to the left and flowed down her left leg leaving her right leg visible to all. She wore a silver pair of heels to match the outfit. Her dark red hair was spun in curls that flowed over her shoulders.

Link found himself starring at Charlotte who was blushing at his stare. Link pried his eyes away from the sight before him before Midna could notice.

"Ah Charles I was wondering if we would find you tonight." said Link.

"Master Charles its so good to see you again." said Midna happily.

"Yes it is good to see you as well your highness." said Charles giving a slight bow which Charlotte mimicked.

"I need you to be dancing so you can advertise my product 'my boy' and so that you can have some fun. How does it feel?" asked Charles smiling.

"Excellent, I have full range of motion and it allows me to breath easily. It truly is a masterpiece." said Link.

"Ah thank you 'my boy' now we must be on our way. I need to check up on the other outfits that I made which are in attendance. If you'll excuse me your highness." said Charles bowing.

Charles and Charlotte moved past Link and Midna but not without Charlotte looking back at Link.

"It was nice to see him again." said Midna.

Link nodded and paused to listen to the music for a moment when a familiar tune began to sound in the room. It sounded close to a wolfs howl but it was actually a flute player using a long winded note to produce the sound.

Link and Midna looked at each other and laughed remembering old times.

"Shall we." said Link extending his hand.

Midna smiled happily and placed her hand in his as he led her towards the orchestra. Once they reached the orchestra Link whispered into the conductors ear a specific song. Nodding his head the old conductor ensure Link that the song was the same in all realms of music. 'If anything was a common place music was it' the conductor had said.

Link then led Midna towards the dance floor where couples moved out of their way to allow them to move towards the center.

The other dancers finished the dance while Link and Midna waited smiling at the crowd that had turned to watch them dance.

"I should tell you now that they will leave when the dance is over. When the ruler of the realm enter the dance floor they get a private dance for a few minutes then others will join in on their own so be ready for that." whispered Midna.

"Then it is no different from Hyrule." whispered Link back.

The song ended with a long drawn out note. As the other dancers began to move away from the dance floor Link and Midna took positions facing each other a few steps apart. Link noticed Vincent and Rosalie standing on the edge of the circle watching them. Evander was chatting amongst other scholars while Griffin was on the sidelines flirting with some girls. Jonas was standing with some other men whom Link assumed were old war vets.

Link had chosen a simple yet appropriate song. He chose 'The Waltz'.

As the first notes echoed through out the room Midna smiled at him since she knew the steps by heart. They moved forward and joined their hands together, Midnas left in Links right with Links left on her hip and her hand on his shoulder. They began moving in time with the music dancing across the marble floors. Many who watched could tell that there was something between the two and smiled at the thought. As they drifted across the dance floor their thoughts were only on each other and they continued to focus on one another as other joined in. The song went on until the whole dance floor was filled with couples dancing. Link even noticed Griffin with a girl dancing as well. As the song ended the couples ended with one hand linked together and they bowed towards one another.

Those who did not join in the dance clapped and cheered for all the dancers but were still mesmerized by Link and Midna.

"Well that's one song down." said Midna.

"And plenty more to go." said Link as the conductor motioned for the orchestra to raise their instruments.

"Shall we."
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 03, 2013 11:22 am

Link and Midna joined together once more as another song picked up from the orchestra. Surprisingly Link knew this one as well since all songs to balls were relatively similar. As they joined together so did all the other dancers across the floor. This song was more lively yet simple to follow. Link and Midna danced together for a few moments then the split would come and partners would switch. As the split neared Midna smiled at Link then spun away as he mirrored her. Finishing the turn Link partnered with another Twilian woman who blushed when she realized she was partnered with him. As they danced across the room until the next split Link noticed that the man with Charcoal eyes was also dancing around the room even though he wasn't looking at Link he could feel his gaze on him. The next split was coming up and Links partner turned away giggling as Link mirrored the movement again. When Link looked up to see his next partner he was surprised to see that it was Charlotte. When she noticed it was Link she would be partnered with her face nearly turned the shade of her hair.

As they joined together Link had to swallow in order to speak.

"Well this is a surprise." he said.

"Y-yes it its." said Charlotte nervously.

"Are you feeling alright, your face is red?" asked Link as they began moving across the floor.

Charlotte turned her head away embarrassed.

"I-I'm fine its just a bit warm in here." she responded.

"So where is Charles at?" asked Link keeping the conversation light.

"He is speaking with some other craftsmen along the wall over there." said Charlotte gesturing with her head.

As Link looked in the direction she mentioned he noticed that Midna was now partnered with the man with Charcoal eyes and he was smiling at him. Link suddenly felt a rush of anger within him as he looked at the man dancing with Midna. Charlotte noticed the quick surge of anger pass over his face then dissipate.

"Are you alright Link?" asked Charlotte.

"Hmm, oh yes. I'm fine nothing to worry about." he responded quickly.

The song was nearing an end when the final split was approaching. As Charlotte turned away to meet up with her original partner Link turned to find Midna once more. They joined together and finished the song with a bow.

After the song had finished Link and Midna left the dance floor together and went over to the drinks once more.

"Link I think I'll go and greet some guests and friends if that's OK with you?" asked Midna.

Link smiled at her. "Of course. Just be careful. I can manage on my own for a little bit. Go have fun."  

Midna smiled then gave Link a quick hug and turned to find some of her friends. Once Midna was away Link turned towards the doors that led to the outer gardens. Link looked just in time to see the man with charcoal eyes move through the doors. Link was now determined to find out just who this man was.

Link rushed towards the doors sliding past people who were talking to one another silently. Reaching the doors he saw the man move into the hedge maze. Link quickly gave chase. Reaching the entrance of the maze Link cautiously entered using his ears rather than his eyes to guide him towards the man. He could hear other couples walking through the maze and laughing when they reached dead ends. Link could hear one person walking alone and quickly with a heavy footfall. Link followed that sound through the maze until he found the center. The mazes center consisted of a large circle that  had marble tiles in it and a large pool of water that stood completely still in the center. The man Link was following was standing before the pool and had his back towards him. Link edged forwards cautiously.

"There was a time when the moon nearly devoured a world. The power controlling it was stopped by a mere child. The power was only a fragment of its original splendor." said the man with a deep voice.

"The power that once was is clawing its way back into the world. Its power is terrifying and it will not stop until all things belong to it. Who is to say that there are not more after it." said the man once again.

The man remained facing the pool as Link neared. Looking into the water one could see the Twilian moons reflection blazing a pale white. Link moved around to the other side of the pool to look at the man. The man still focused on the water.

"Who are you?" asked Link.

"I am someone to be feared." said the man.

Suddenly Link could feel an overwhelming force press upon him and he looked at the man who now had smoke of red and black flowing off of his body.

As Link reached down towards his boot to remove the knife he had hidden within the man suddenly disappeared. Link looked around to see if he could sense the man but he was truly gone. Link straightened and sighed.

Just another thing to add to my list of worries. Link thought to himself.

Link moved towards the maze hedges but stopped to look at the pool of water once more. When he did he saw the moon from his dream with its mouth gaping wide ready to consume everything in its path. When Link looked up at the moon it was the normal pale white and to double check he looked at the water and the image was back to the original moon.

Link then left the hedge maze in search of Midna. He had some questions for her.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 07, 2013 8:23 pm

Link left the maze and went to look for Midna. Re-entering the grand hall he scoped the crowd and found her talking with some of her friends from other provinces. Link silently walked up behind her as her friends stared at him. Reaching her Midna still had not noticed the look on her friends faces as he neared. Link then tapped her shoulder.

Midna turned and smiled at Link but her smile quickly left after looking into his eyes and she sensed something was wrong.

"Do you have a moment?" asked Link.

"Yes, excuse us." said Midna to her friends then took Links offered arm.

Link remained silent as he led her out of the grand hall and into the crossroads. Link made a turn towards the Library where he knew they would not be disturbed. Reaching the doorway Link opened it with ease and led Midna inside. Once inside the room, he led her to the table next to the fireplace.

"Alright, now that we're alone what is the matter? I can tell something is wrong." said Midna.

"You're right, there is something wrong. Terribly wrong in fact. That man that you danced with before with the charcoal black eyes." said Link.

"Yes...what about him?" asked Midna.

"Do you know who he is?" asked Link.

"No I've never seen him before tonight and I never did get his name." said Midna.

"It's better that way. After the dance I followed him through the hedge maze and when I caught up to him he began speaking of an ancient evil that once tried to swallow a world, then he vanished into black and red smoke. When I turned to leave there was a reflection of a moon with blazing red eyes inside the pool of water." said Link.

"Hmm that is very strange, you said he disappeared though. As long as he is gone then there is nothing to worry about tonight. For now lets enjoy ourselves and worry about it later." said Midna.

"I'll try." said Link as they made there way back to the grand hall.

Throughout the night they danced and drank with many people. They watched Griffin dance with several different girls and smiled as Vincent and Rosalie floated across the dance floor. After it was two in the morning guests began leaving and Solomon bid each and every one of them farewell and told them to rest up for tomorrow. Around this time is when Link and Midna returned to their room and slowly undressed for bed. They both laid down on top of the bed and quickly fell asleep dreaming of the night of fun they had just attended.


The following morning Link and Midna are awoken by the sunlight hitting their faces. They noticed that they were directly next to each other their faces inches apart. Midna had her arms around Links neck while his arms were around her waist. They instantly blushed at each other and Midna made to move away but Link tightened his hold on her and brought his lips to hers for a morning kiss. Midna instantly tightened her hold as well and met Link with equal passion. When they finally parted they were both red and smiling at each other. They silently got out of bed and dressed for the day. Link wore a simple pair of pants along with a black silk shirt. He belted both swords to his hips. Midna wore a fairly simple skirt with a top that appeared to be made of cotton. They both left the room and headed to the grand hall that was now back in order and people were sitting at table eating breakfast. Link and Midna got their plates and found Solomon sitting alone.

"Ah good morning you two. Did you enjoy yourselves last night?" asked Solomon.

"We did. So what is on the agenda for the last day of the festival?" asked Midna.

"Well there is the tournament, the Twilight Spectacle and I believe that is all. The tournament will go on all day and the spectacle will mark the end of the festival. The following day many people will begin leaving for home using the circle. Oh yes Link will you be entering the tournament?" asked Solomon.

"I never thought about entering it but I might. Would you be in it?" asked Link.

"Sadly no since I have to host it this year, but the overall winner will receive a nice prize." said Solomon.

"I may have to enter. What is this prize?" asked Link.

"Ah now that is a surprise for the victor. But let me tell you it is well worth it. If you want to register you have another hour to do so and you can bring any weapons or armor you like so long as you use the flat of the blade." said Solomon.

Link nodded his head and looked at Midna.

"I have to be there anyways to watch it and converse with the leaders of the other provinces. One of my cousins arrived last night and will be there for it as well." said Midna.

"Well then I better go and register." said Link leaving the table.

"You do realize that almost every one of the competitors now do not stand a chance." said Midna.

"I'm aware but there is always a chance that he might lose." said Solomon.

"A very slim chance it is then." said Midna.


Link made his way from the castle and through the city towards the gates that would lead him to the arena that had been constructed for the tournament. As he neared he saw many people equipped with heavy armor and broadswords. Some had light mail armor with thin blades. He looked down at himself noticing he wasn't actually wearing armor at all.

Well I am most comfortable like this anyways so I should be fine. thought Link.

As he stepped up to the registration table the receptionist looked at him curiously.

"Are you sure about this. Many of these men and women would love to beat you in a fight just to say that a Twilian won. Are you sure you are ready for that?" asked the receptionist.

"Yes, I'm ready." said Link.

"Very well, the tournament begins in thirty minutes. Listen for your name to be called and then you will be directed to the gate you will enter from." said the receptionist as Link turned to walk away.

I wonder how this will all play out. thought Link.


As Link was registering for the tournament, Solomon and Midna were making their way towards the arena. When they got there they entered the grand stands in a covered booth  with several other important figures.

"I wonder how Link will do in all of this. His fighting style is like that of no other." said Midna.

"I am curious as well, Oh yes Griffin will also be in the tournament." said Solomon.

"What!? He can't he has only had a little training from Link." said Midna quickly.

"Well he cant be injured in this arena so it should all be OK and if he doesn't win then he simply doesn't win." said Solomon.

Midna still shook her head.


Link began to hear names be called and decided to warm up a bit before he was called. He had heard from another participant that there were fifty tiers of competitors so it would take a while for the first round to finish. About halfway through the competitors Link heard his name called and went to the gate he was assigned.

"Just remember. The flat of the blades only." said a moderator from behind him.

As the gate opened and Link calmly walked out to the center of the field he looked at his opponent. It was a man who appeared to be in his early thirties and he wore light plate armor and wielded a simple long sword that was polished to a mirror finish.

"Are you really not going to wear any armor?" asked the man.

Link just shrugged.

As they stood apart from each other a moderator motioned for the crowd to be silent.

"Now this is a best of three match. No hits to the head or below the belt. Hand to hand is allowed. Only use the flat of the blades." said the moderator.

"Are you two ready?" he asked as they both nodded.

"Now cross swords." he said

Link and his opponent drew their blades and crossed the blades in midair before themselves.

"Begin!" shouted the moderator which drew a cheer from the crowd.

Link immediately backed away and simply sheathed his sword. His opponent gave him a curious look but then began a full on charge. Link stood completely still and waited for the last second as the mans blade was coming to contact his ribs. He ducked under the blade and kicked out his leg tripping the man and sending him onto his back. Link then drew his blade and pointed it at the mans neck.

"A point goes to Link." shouted the moderator.

Link sheathed his sword and held out his hand to help the man up. At first the man hesitated but then accepted and Link pulled him up effortlessly.

"Cross swords." said the moderator.

When they had crossed blades the moderator shouted "Begin!"

This time Link did not move back and instead moved forwards towards the man and brought his blade against the mans armor he then used the blade to lift the plate covering his stomach and then delivered a punch sending the man stumbling backwards. Link then brought his blade in a sideways arch and tapped the mans armor on his ribs.

"Two points to Link. Link is the victor." shouted the Moderator.

"How did you do that?" the man asked as Link sheathed his blade once more

"You finished both rounds in less than two minutes." said the man.

"I had some very tough training." said Link as they left the arena with the crowd cheering behind them.

Link would have to wait a few hours before his name would be called again and he spent the time relaxing instead warming up since he always fought like that. As he lounged near the arena he heard a name being called and was surprised at who it was. He heard Griffin being called. This Link had to see.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 7:38 pm

"Griffin of her Highness' party please come to the arena now!" shouted a moderator using vocal twilian magic.

Griffin looked up from where he was practicing using his two short swords. Looking in the direction of the arena he knew he would have to try rather hard if he was to succeed.

I had better get going then. thought Griffin.


Previously that day Griffin had been walking through the halls of the castle after a long night of dancing and fun. As he walked he found Solomon talking with some members of his council. Seeing Griffin walking alone Solomon used him as an excuse to get away from the council.

"Ah Griffin. Come here for a moment. Walk with me." said Solomon.

Standing almost two heads higher than Griffin Solomon had to look down to talk to him.

"Will you be participating in the tournament today?" asked Solomon.

"I didn't think about it to be honest and besides I'm probably not good enough to make it past the first round." said Griffin.

"Nonsense. The staff of the castle tell me that you have been getting up well before dawn to go outside in the training field and practice your swordsmanship. Who trained you to begin with that you can practice alone now?" asked Solomon.

"Well Link was training me in dual swords before we got here and I've been practicing extra just to hone my skills." said Griffin.

"Well if Link was the one training you then I'm sure you can make it past the first round. Come with me I'll take you to the armory so that you can get some real short swords instead of your practice ones as well as some armor." said Solomon.

"But I never said I wanted to participate." said Griffin.

"The tournament is for fun Griffin, and you could put your skills to the test against actual opponents since you'll only be allowed to use the flat of the blades." said Solomon.

"Well I guess I can give it a shot." responded Griffin.

"Now that's more like it. Follow me." said Solomon.


Once Griffin had found two short swords that he could easily and deftly wield he picked out a simple chain mail tunic that had thin plates of light metal flowing down it. Since the tournament was not a deadly competition Griffin went more for the look than for protection. After he had his armor and weapons he registered at the arena and then began practicing waiting for his name to be called. When he finally heard his name he suddenly became nervous yet still proceeded to the arena.


Meanwhile Midnas group excluding Link and Griffin were sitting in the grand stands watching the combatants fight. They had just recently watched Link swiftly deal with his opposition without so much as breaking a sweat. Evander was nervously tugging at part of his clothing.

"It will be alright. He wont be harmed and if he proceeded then he will have something to be proud of for all the training he has done." said Midna putting her hand on Evanders shoulder.

"I suppose you are right. I just don't want him to fail and then beat himself up over it." said Evander.

"I'm sure he will do just fine. With Link as a teacher he already has an advantage." said Jonas who was standing guard behind the group.

"Link really is something else when it comes to fighting though." said Rosalie

"Perhaps some of Links skill has rubbed off on him." said Vincent.

After words they all fell silent waiting for Griffin and his opponent to step into the arena.


Griffin stood silently behind the gate ready to enter the arena. He had his two swords on his hips. For two short swords they were rather ornate and deadly sharp. The pommels were actually shaped to resemble an eagles head and the guards were the outstretched wings while only an inch down the blade was carved the talons into the metal. The two blades were a matching set and Griffin was still amazed Solomon had let him use them.

Griffin jumped slightly as the gates began to open and he could see the light from the sky along with a cheering crowd. As he looked around he could see his friends and mentor sitting in the grand stands starring at him intently. Near the grand stands or in them he also saw some of the young women he had danced with the night before and they smiled at him as he looked at them. Griffin began to walk towards the center as he eyed his opponent.

His opponent was a young Twilian male of about twenty years old. He carried a single long sword a metal shield.

Link fights using two long swords as well as a single long sword and shield. thought Griffin.

"Draw your blades." said the Moderator.

They both did and held them at their sides.

"Now only use the flats of the blades, no hits to the head or below the belt. Hand to hand is allowed. Are you ready?" asked the Moderator.

Griffin and his opponent both nodded.

"Cross Swords."

Griffins opponent held his sword out in front of him and Griffin put one sword on one side of the blade and one on the other side making a small 'X' shape.


Griffin immediately began pushing his swords towards the man using the two blades as leverage to push the man back. The man was suddenly shocked by the amount of strength Griffin had in him. For someone Griffins size he thought it would be an easy fight. Once the man realized it would not go as he had hoped he used his shield to begin pushing Griffin back. Griffin was moved back a few paces but then rolled out to the side from under the shield and rolled towards the man coming up behind his shield. Griffin then struck out with both swords catching the man with the flat of the blades directly in the stomach knocking him back onto the ground.

"A point goes to Griffin!" shouted the Moderator.

The crowd began cheering around the two fighters. Griffin sheathed his swords and extended his hand to help the man up. The man looked at Griffin and smacked his hand away getting up himself.

Once the man was up the moderator told them to cross swords once more. This time Griffin noticed the man was quite upset and anger could cloud judgement very quickly.


The man immediately began a charge head on towards Griffin swinging his sword towards Griffins side. Griffin had seen this move before and knew the correct block for it. He brought one sword up with the tip pointing towards the ground and put the other behind it a few inches above the tip using the second sword as a brace. As his opponents sword made contact Griffin braced himself as his body to the force of the blow making him skid a few inches towards his right. The man continued his attack in rapid succession though and Griffin struggled to keep up with it and in the end the man broke through his guard and struck him in the side. Luckily Griffin was jumping away from the blade but it still made contact and sent him flying to the dirt a few feet away.

Griffin listened as the moderator announced the point to his opponent and as the crowd gave much less cheers than for Griffin.  Griffin climbed to his feet feeling a sting in his ribs. It would be a nasty bruise but at least the plate metal had saved him from real harm. The Moderator told them to cross swords for the match point. Griffin was determined not to lose this round.


Griffin did not give the man a chance to attack instead Griffin began pressing a series of blows against the mans shield while the man continuously backed up. Griffin was doing strikes and slashes along with turning blows where he would move his body at a three hundred and sixty degree turn to deliver a more powerful strike. Griffin could tell the man was getting upset by being driven back into a wall. Suddenly the man pushed his shield forwards throwing Griffin off balance. The man took immediate notice and made to strike. Griffin saw the man poise to strike and used the momentum of being off balance to complete a back flip away from the sword. The man was surprised to see he had missed.  The man pressed the attack once more and performed a downwards strike which Griffin dodged, yet the strike put the crowd on edge as well as the Moderator since strikes to the head were not allowed.

Griffin was also tiring but had a plan. He wanted to try something he had practiced during training.
Griffin lowered his guard slightly and waited for the man to strike. When the man swung towards Griffins side he used some Twilian magic on the soles of his boots and jumped straight up and landed on the mans blade with both swords pointing behind him. Griffin stared straight into the mans eyes and then struck out hitting the man on both sides of his body sending him backwards and onto the ground. As soon as Griffins blades struck he jumped of the mans sword and landed cleanly on the ground.

"The match point goes to Griffin!" shouted the Moderator.

Griffin listened to the cheers of the crowd as he sheathed his swords and moved over to the man who was his opponent. Griffin then held out his hand once more to help the man up. This time the man hesitated but then gripped Griffins hand as he pulled him up. Once the man was standing the crowd cheered even more and Griffin gave a slight bow to the crowd before leaving the arena but before he passed through the gate he looked up at one of the spectators boxes and saw a figure hanging from it who smiled and nodded his head at him, Griffin knew exactly who it was.


Holding on to one of the arena's spectator towers, Link watched as Griffin fought in the arena. Link watched as Griffin earned a point, then his opponent and finally with Griffin winning the match. Link smiled to himself as Griffin left the arena. The he smiled and nodded his head at Griffin who smiled back.

He is getting better and better everyday. I may have to rely on him if we get into a real fight anytime soon. thought Link to himself.

Link then climbed down from the tower and found a place to rest against the arena wall and fell into a light sleep still able to hear the crowd cheering or if his name was called. Even though it was a light sleep his dreams still plagued him.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 14, 2013 8:54 pm

As Link dozed in the early afternoon Twilian sunlight he dreamed of a laughing almost scarecrow looking being behind a mask of many different hues. The laughter followed him out of his dream as he heard his name be called for his second match. If he won it would put him in the semi-finals. Link got up and walked over to his gate and waited for it to open. When it did he walked out onto the field listening to the cheer of the crowd. The moderator explained the rules once more then gave the signal for the two combatants to begin.


Meanwhile sitting in the grand stands Midna was talking with Solomon.

"So what is this prize that the winner receives?" asked Midna to Solomon.

"Well I'm not entirely sure of what it is as is no one else but it is very very old and holds a mysterious power within it." he replied.

"Well what does it look like at least?" asked Midna.

"Do you really want to see it?" asked Solomon.

"A point goes to Link!" shouted the moderator from the arena.

Solomon and Midna both watched as Link helped his opponent up from the ground. This time Link was using only a single of his two swords.

"Yes I'd like to see it." said Midna.

"Very well follow me then." said Solomon as he stood up from his chair.

"Are you sure we can leave?" asked Midna.

"Yes, no one will miss us too much and its close by so we wont be long." said Solomon.

Midna nodded her head as she followed Solomon into the arenas walkways. Moving through the wooden structure was rather confusing since wooden beams could be seen and the only thing blocking the internal structure were long sheets of wood. She followed him down a flight of stairs that led to ground level and then they took a right. As they went down a short hall Midna noticed two guards standing on either side of a door. They nodded to Solomon as he opened the door and waited for Midna to enter then shut it behind them.

When Midna entered the room she looked towards a wooden pedestal that was covered in a purple heavy cloth. Solomon went and stood next to it waiting for her to join him. As Midna walked closer to the pedestal she could feel a pulse emanating from the pedestal in waves. Solomon lifted the cloth and Midna was surprised at what she saw. Before her was an obsidian carving of her family symbol that consisted of a triangle with three curved lines coming off of it. Little did Midna know Link had seen the same obsidian carving only a few short days ago.

"To the victor it will appear as a medallion from the royal family so it is a fitting prize I believe, especially since the power it holds is harmless and seems to be inert." said Solomon.  

"So your telling me that you can't feel the pulsing that it is making?" asked Midna.

"Oh I can feel it, but most of the citizens here cannot." said Solomon.

"So based on that you feel it is alright to give it away as a prize?" asked Midna.

"Yes, Master Joffery from the jewelers in the center of town had it on display for many years and offered it as a prize. He will present it to the winner as well as you and myself." said Solomon.

"I don't know about this but if you feel it is safe then I'll trust your judgement." said Midna.

They both stood in silence for a moment then heard the roar of the crowd.

"Link must have put another in the dirt and made his way to the semi-finals." said Midna.

"Well then lets go. I want to see Griffin fight once more. I do believe those swords I lent him suit him very well." said Solomon.

Midna rolled her eyes as she followed her cousin back up to the grandstands.

Once they were seated again Midna turned to Evander.

"So what did we miss?" she asked.

"Oh nothing really except Link doing his usual amazing fighting without so much as breaking a sweat." said Evander.

"Seems about right." replied Midna.

"Well he is truly amazing. I've never seen anything like it." said Evander.

"Cant you bend steel using only your hands though. I know you are a master of hand to hand yet you still wont show me what you can truly do and you've never taken on any pupils." said Midna.

"True. I haven't but there is a reason for that. What I went through nearly killed me and I wont put someone else through that again when they are not yet ready." said Evander.

"Well Griffin is getting stronger everyday and knowing what you do could save his life one day. Link would surely benefit from those skills if he accepted to learn them." said Midna.

"I have no doubt Link could and would master the skills I know quickly and easily. He is already good enough at hand to hand to stop a blade by the tip with just his hands. Griffin though would need much more practice before he has a chance to survive the ordeals of the training." said Evander.

"I suppose you are right, you know one day you will show me your true potential in combat." said Midna.

"I'm aware." he responded.

The group sat and watched the combatants fight their rounds while making small conversation. a few hours later the last preliminary match was starting. Griffin was up against a Twilian who used to be a soldier. Evander tightened his grip on the chair he was in when he saw who Griffin was up against. The moderator announced the fight to begin and both fighters charged straight at each other with all their might. Griffin would need some luck to win this match.

The ex soldier scored the first point, then Griffin scored one as well. The two were both competing for the game point and Griffin had a plan. He focused the twilian magic he had used against Link and pushed it into his blade. He then threw the blade at the man who blocked it when the blade released its stored energy in a large blast of air that ripped the soldiers blade from his grasp. Griffin the bolted from his spot slashing the man in the stomach scoring the match point.

"It seems Griffin has been practicing his magic as well." said Midna.

"Yes it seems he has." said Evander who was on edge.

Griffin still did not know how he had come to get the magic he was using but if he had it then he felt he should refine it as best as he could and so far it was working for him.

As the hours went by the competitors were getting fewer and fewer. Link would soon be competing to enter the finals as well as Griffin. The crowd was eagerly waiting for the reappearance of Link. It seemed that they wanted him to win overall.

Suddenly the moderator shouted out Links name calling him to the arena. When he did the crowd gave a loud cheering welcome to him as he walked out to the center of the arena.

The moderator once more went over the rules before shouting for the start of the match. Link looked at his opponent and gauged his strength. The man carried a thin blade that appeared as though it could easily cut through metal. He also carried a shield that was thin but Link could tell it was supported from the back. The man wore no armor just like Link. This man would be able to move quickly and keep up with Link.

Link then drew both blades one shinning silver and the other glistening black. The crowd cheered wildly as they had not seen Link fight with two blades yet. Link once again quickly earned the first point. That would change. His opponent was gauging Links speed and strength as well and was now able to keep up. Link and his opponent move back and forth across the arena, neither of them even sweating in the slightest. Link was pushed back against the wall of the arena when the man struck out with his shield dazing Link causing Link to falter in his guard and allowed the man to quickly score a point against Links arm.

The two walked back to the center and the crowd had gone quiet. The moderator announced for the fight to begin and Link immediately thrust both swords into the ground crossing each other. Link backed away from the swords knowing the only way to beat his opponent would be to use only his hands and make himself more aware of his surrounding to enact a better defense. The man lunged forwards slashing towards Link as he hopped back and to the sides to avoid him. Once Link had accurately measured the mans speed he tested it by waiting for him to strike. Link then slapped his palm against the flat of the blade knocking it out of direction. Link smiled knowing he had won. The man lunged again and this time Link caught the blade in his palm then swiftly delivered a kick to the mans stomach knocking the wind from him and earning the point. The crowd erupted into noise when Link won and left the arena.


Half an hour after Links match Griffin was up to fight. The crowd also cheered loudly for him than for his opponent. Griffin could tell that he was tiring and was afraid of losing the match.

The moderator explained the rules then gave the signal to begin. Griffin was amazed when his opponent turned out to be a female. He was so shocked that she actually scored a point on him nearly three seconds into the match. Griffin then began to focus more on his situation. If he lost then he was out but if he wont hen he would move on to the finals and may have to compete against Link. The second round began and Griffin waited for the woman to move, he was also conflicted with how he was raised. He was never under any circumstances to hit a woman and this caused him to falter. The woman saw the opening and struck Griffin once more earning her second point leaving Griffin dazed that he had lost.

"In a real fight. It matters not if your opponent is male or female. Your life is on the line and its either you or them. Remember that for next time." said the woman as she left the arena.

Griffin also left the arena tired and worn out.

"At least I can rest now." said Griffin aloud and exhaustively.

He made his way to the grand stands where the group was waiting for him. Instead of them being sad he lost they were excited to see him and were thrilled he made it so far. At that moment Griffin did not care that he was out and instead began rooting for Link who would be in the final matches soon to come.

"Griffin, How are those swords treating you?" asked Solomon.

"Amazingly, they are so light yet sharp as a razor." he responded.

"I'm glad to hear that. They are yours if you want them." said Solomon.

Griffin didn't know what to say except that he was smiling and nodded his head excitedly.

"Just remember that those are actual blades and can harm people." said Evander.

"But I am very proud of you for making it so far in the tournament. Come sit by me for the rest of it." said Evander who was smiling proudly.

The group then watched the last of the semi-finals. When they were finished only three matches remained. The four Finalists and then the match for overall winner. The crowd was restless for Link to return and having their attention on him drew it away from the opponents ready to fight. They made it to the finals because of sheer power and skill and would not be an easy fight to win. More than that they were ready to fight against Link if they were against him in the roster. They wanted to show the crowd that Link is not as strong as they think he is. For them this is a terrible mistake.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 17, 2013 10:53 am

The roar of the crowd could be heard from well across the field where other members of Solomons staff were setting up a podium very close to the edge of the mainland. This podium would be used to direct everyone's attention to the Twilight spectacle that would take place that night.

"I wonder how Link is doing. He seemed capable enough to make it far into the rounds."

"I'm sure we will hear all about it since after the tournament is over everyone will be coming here to get their seats for the spectacle."

"Yea your right. We should finish up then shouldn't we."


Back at the arena the last three matches would be beginning shortly. Link had made his way to the finals and only needed to win two matches to be victor overall. He knew though that his opponents would be much more difficult than his previous ones. Yet Link still went about his usual way of preparing. He had found a pile of hay nearby and was laying on top of it with a piece of hay in his mouth letting it bob up and down with his breathing.

I wonder what these next opponents will be like. Maybe I'll get to try something new. thought Link to himself.

As Link was daydreaming a worker walked up to him.

"Excuse me master Link. You'll be in the second match to attempt to qualify for the final match."

"Oh thank you for letting me know." said Link to the worker.

Link returned to daydreaming. His thoughts turned back to home as he wondered how the others were doing. Link listened to the chants and gasps of the crowd as the first two combatants fought each other.

Its been a while since I heard from the shade of the hero of time. I wonder what he had done withing my subconscious. I also how Umbra is doing within the blade. I'll try to contact Umbra first. thought Link

"Umbra. Can you hear me?" spoke Link aloud within his mind.

"Yes Master. Have you need of me?" asked Umbra from within the blade.

"I'm curious as to whether you are still happy with me as your wielder." said Link.

"Yes I can honestly say that I am pleased with you thus far." said Umbra.

As Link was going to speak with umbra more the worker returned.

"Master Link its time for your match."

"Oh, thanks." said Link.

"Well I guess we will have to talk later." said Link with his hand on Umbras grip.

Link got out of the hay pile and walked over to the gate he was assigned. He dusted himself off before getting there. As he stood before the gate he waited for it to swing open. Slowly the gate began to open and the crowd was quiet waiting to see who would be walking through the gate.

Link took one step forwards then another and as he entered the sunlight the crowd erupted into a cacophonous roar. Many of the Twilian women held small pieces of cloth in their hands and Link couldn't help but feel somewhat honored that they were holding favors for him to take. Instead of walking to the sides and accepting them Link calmly walked to the center. Now he had Umbra on his left hip and the Master Sword slung across his back with the grip over his right shoulder. As he stood waiting for his opponents gate to open the crowd continued to cheer. Link stared right at the gate sensing his opponent was behind it.

The crowd went silent as the gate opened. Walking out from the shadows was a massive Twilian. HE was at least a head taller than Link and was built like an ox. There wasn't an area that wasn't made of pure muscle. The man carried a hammer that looked savage. One end had a sharp piercing hook while the other had a flat head used for crushing. Link wondered just how fast this man could move and was already gauging his strength by the way he walked. Shortly after the man was face to face with him Link realized that he walked just like him. Confident and sure of himself. This man was dangerous.

The moderator began listing the rules and regulations. Then gave the two the signal to begin.

Link took a few small steps backwards away from the man to give himself more room. The man seemed to carry the hammer he held like it was nothing and that it was as light as a feather. The man smirked and lunged forward quicker than Link had expected. The man was massive yet was still able to move with extreme precision. As he lunged forwards he brought the tip of the hammer towards Links chest. Link brought both swords up in an 'X' in front of his body to take the blow. The man wasted no time after Link blocked and brought the hammer back to strike again.

I have to end this quickly or else I could be in some trouble. I guess I can move a three quarters speed.

Link jumped back away from the man and inverted the way he held his swords. Instead of the normal way where the blades were in front of the body Link reversed it so that they were along the backs of his arms and pointed out behind him. The man looked on curiously as Link spun the blades around.

"I hope you are ready for this." said Link.

The man just grunted in response and moved into a defensive stance.

Link tapped the toe of his left boot against the ground preparing himself to move at a faster pace.
He took a step the the left then back to the right swaying as he did so. Suddenly Link bolted forwards directly at the man faster than he had moved before. The man was startled at Links speed. Link leaped over the man doing a spin in mid air landing behind him. As the man turned to face Link he bolted again this time in the opposite direction the man was turning moving past his face at a high speed. Now on the original side he started on Link bolted at the man and as he neared him he held both swords in a tight fist then brought his fists against the mans back instead of using the flats. The dual punch launched the man off the ground and several feet away from Link.

"A point to Link!" shouted the moderator. Hearing the declaration the crowd once more erupted into cheers.

The man quickly rose from the ground slamming the hammer into the earth.

The moderator had them cross weapons once more and then announced for them to begin.

The man swung the hammer at Link at the start of the match and Link dodged backwards but was suddenly sent flying backwards as a blast of air erupted from the arc the man swung from. Link landed on his feet and immediately bolted to the left of the man. He was aiming to finish the fight soon. He veered from his path and began moving left and right towards the man. As he neared the man Link brought both blades up over his shoulder and did a front flip over the man. He then did a mid air dual mortal draw and struck the man once more in the back.

"The match goes to Link!" shouted the moderator.

The crowd cheered wildly.

"Be careful of Zedok. He is much stronger than I am and he has been holding back. He wont do so against you." said the man.

Link listened carefully to what the man had said as he left the arena. Link leaned against a wall near the gate and tried to figure out how someone could make it to the finals and hold back. Link had managed in every fight thus far because he had superior skills but he knew there was always someone better out there in the world. Maybe he would meet his match.

As the time drew closer to enter the arena for the last time it was well past midday and the sun was slowly creeping downwards across the sky. Link decided that since it was the last match he would go out in style. Taking out the Shadows garb and put the cloak on over his clothes. It his his eyes from view and announced that he was from Midnas party.

Link waited for half an hour as his rest period went on. As he sat with the cloak on the same worker walked up to him as before.

"Master Link. They are ready for you to enter the arena."

Link looked up and nodded. He then stood up and followed the worker to his assigned gate.

"Before you go in can I shake your hand?" asked the worker.

Link extended his hand and gripped the workers firmly.

"Good luck out there." said the worker.

Link nodded and waited for the gates to open. Now he had his blades on his hips. The gates slowly opened once more and Link silently stepped out into the field as the crowd remained silent. They were confused as to why he chose to wear the Shadows garb. Link waited in the center of the arena once more then removed the cloaks hood. Once he did the crowd cheered loudly chanting his name.

Link watched again waiting for the gate to open. The crowd also followed what he was doing and they all stared at the gate waiting for Links opponent to walk through. The gates began to slowly open. Once they were completely open Links opponent stepped through. What Link saw greatly surprised him.

This man named Zedok was slightly taller than Link and had long silver hair that stretched down his back. His eyes matched the shinning silver. What shocked Link the most was what he was wearing. Zedok had a suit on it looked to be tailored just for him, it had black pants, a button up shirt with a jacket over it. All of it was black. Zedok also carried four different swords. Two on each side of his hips.

No one can use two swords in a fight unless they alternate between the two. thought Link to himself.

Zedok walked forwards into the center of the arena and stood in front of Link. Before the moderator began his introduction Zedok extended a gloved hand out to Link offering a handshake. Link accepted quickly then turned his attention to the moderator. He went over the rules and got the crowd cheering since it was the last round and it would decide the winner overall. The crowd was louder than Link had heard it before. The moderator had to shout for them to cross their swords. Link drew the master sword while Zedok drew one of his four blades. They crossed them and the moderator gave the signal to begin.

Link moved forwards towards Zedok and swung his blade at his side. Zedok drew a second blade and blocked the attack.

"I'm impressed that you made it this far. Oh I'm from the province of Nocturne and am the best fighter the have. It is an honor to fight against you." said Zedok.

"Likewise. I'm from the land of Hyrule but am here with Midnas party." said Link.

The two combatants separated and then Zedok brought one sword down into the earth plunging it in a few inches. He then drew his third sword and moved to attack Link. Link drew Umbra as well and used both blades to block the separate attacks that Zedok was attempting. Link shuffled backwards and to the right while Zedok followed him at a distance. Once Zedok had moved in front of Link a few feet away he once more plunged a sword into the earth then drew his final blade.

What is he doing? thought Link.

Zedok lunged towards Link delivering a series of slashes that pushed Link backwards. Link then retaliated by striking in a random pattern throwing Zedok off and forcing him to react quickly. Link then leaped back and refocused himself. He crouched low and brought both swords up in front of him. Zedok rushed forwards with incredible speed and was pushing Link towards his own right side making it Links left. As Zedok struck out with his blades he plunged his third blade into the ground amongst all his other attacks. Once he had done so he gripped his last blade with both hands and then delivered a powerful attack at Link who blocked it using both blades. Zedok then delivered a reverse kick to Link making him fly backwards. He then bolted to the left and stood waiting for Link to stand back up. Link was now in the center of the three blades with Zedok at the last point boxing him in. What Zedok did next shocked him.

Zedok plunged his last sword into the ground then brought his hands together interlocking his fingers. He then began to speak.

"Deities of the four elements come forth unto me. Fire. Water. Earth. Air. Give these blades life and assist me in my endeavors."

Link watched as a circle appeared beneath each blade. Each circle had lines running through them and glowed different colors. One was red, another blue, a third brown and the last one was white. As the circles glowed brighter beings began to rise from the ground in front of the three solitary blades. Each one looked exactly like Zedok except that their hair had changed to the color of the circle that glowed beneath them. Their eyes also glowed the same color. Once the beings had fully risen from the ground they drew the swords out of the earth simultaneously and pointed them at Link. One blade was coated in fire, the second dripped water, the third had small rocks falling out of its blade and the real Zedoks was making the air around it ripple and warp.

"Behold. These are the four blades of the elements. No one can stand against them." said Zedok smiling triumphantly.

Link realized he was in a very bad position. He was surrounded by four enemies now instead of one and each had an elemental blade.

Within Links mind Umbra called out to him.

"Master. Do you remember when we first fought how I became you as a mirror image?"

"Yes I do. Why?" asked Link.

"I can do it again and perhaps help level this playing field." said Umbra.

"Can you restrain yourself and only use the flat of the blade. Remember we are in a tournament not actual battle." said Link.

"I can only do as my master commands me." said Umbra.

"Excellent. Then lets do this." said Link.

Link stood up straight then brought Umbra um perpendicular to the ground and put his hand along the flat of the blade.

"I call unto you. Come forth and do my bidding. Umbra." said Link.

Suddenly the sky grew dark as a massive cloud appeared over the arena. The crowd gasped and looked up as well as Zedok.

"You have called me master" said a voice from the cloud.

"I shall do as you wish and come forth." said the voice again.

The cloud then began to fall onto the arena. The crowd began to shriek but then realized that the cloud was condensing. It was condensing in front of Link and it had formed a mirror in front of him. The next thing the crowd knew was that a hand was coming our of the mirror. The hand gripped the surface of the mirror and pulled itself through the mirror dissolving behind it. Link watched as his mirror image with glowing red eyes appeared once more before him. Umbra had appeared with two swords one that looked exactly like the true Umbras blade and another that resembled the Master Sword but was pure black. The crowd cheered as now there were two Links on the field except one had dark skin.

Link nodded to his reflection who nodded back and then went behind Link and stood back to back with him.

Link now felt more confident that he could beat Zedok. Zedok himself looked on in amazement when the mirror of Link appeared.

"You found the legendary blade? How? I spent the better half of ten years looking for it and here it is before me now. You really are an impressive being." said Zedok.

Link shrugged then went into an offensive stance.

"You take the two you are facing and I'll focus on the real one with the other." said Link to Umbra.

Umbra nodded and the two pushed off each others back launching themselves into the fight.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 21, 2013 9:47 pm

The crowd gasped in awe as the two images of Link pushed off each other and launched themselves into the fight almost mimicking each others moves. The dark Link had two sword similar to the original Links yet they were different. Link faced towards Zedok and the fire wielding clone. Umbra faced against the water and earth clones. Four against two did not seem like fair odds yet for Link they figured it would simply put him to the test.

"Remember only use the flats of the blades one the real one. We can't kill him. This is only a tournament after all." said Link to Umbra.

"Understood Master." said Umbra.

"Alright lets go!" shouted Link as he moved towards the original Zedok and the fire clone.

Link made a move towards the original first who put up a defensive stance but as Link drew near he veered from his course and used a surprise attack on the fire clone catching it off guard. Links blade went completely through the clone from its right shoulder to mid stomach. The cut blazed with fire and the clone slowed. Link wasted no time in using another attack on it while it was dazed. Link managed to get another slash from the opposite side. When he did the clone burst into flames and disappeared leaving a scorched circle on the ground. The blade that housed the fire hovered in mid air then disappeared in a puff of smoke to reappear in its scabbard on Zedoks hip.

"Curse you. How can you beat them so easily?" asked Zedok.

"I'm not sure. I just do what I always do in a fight and go for openings." said Link.

Meanwhile Umbra was making short work of the two clones that remained. He moved gracefully dodging their strikes as he lashed out at them with two swords. Taking out another the water clone dissolved into a puddle then the blade once more reappeared in Zedoks scabbards. Zedok had a look of frustration and anger on his face. Umbra turned to face the earth clone with a smirk on his face.

"They aren't much of a challenge are they Master." said Umbra.

"Never underestimate your opponent." responded Link.

Umbra then launched himself at the earth clone and instead of using a blade he dropped it and with a closed fist he came up to uppercut the clone. When he did his fist only met resistance. The earth clone had transformed his body from flesh to solid hard rock yet was still able to move. Umbra retracted his fist with a curious look on his face. He then held out his hand an the sword that he dropped vanished from the ground and reappeared in his hand. The clone then struck out and tried to take Umbra head off but Umbra ducked and then brought both swords up under the clones arm with enough force to shatter the rock arm. The blade and arm flew through the air away from the clone.

Link had engaged his combat with Zedok and had managed to turn him away from view of the earth clone. Link was constantly attacking Zedok causing him to use a burst of air to keep Link at bay. Link watched as Umbra severed the earth clones are then jumped with his blades pointed at the clone and impaled it to the ground. The clone then disappeared along with the blade. Umbra was already running back towards Link as they both nodded to each other. Zedok looked down at his hip as he felt the third sword appear in its scabbard. This gave Link the opportunity to run at him and kick him into the air. Umbra then leaped high into the air and kicked Zedok towards the earth. Link was underneath him and used a reverse kick to send Zedok flying across the arena. He landed on his back still gripping his blade. Link and Umbra both charged after his body and when they reached him they crossed two blades of his neck. The Master Sword and Umbras blade.

The crowd roared as the duo worked in perfect sync. Zedok remained on the ground but still held onto his sword.

"Do you yield?" asked Link.

Zedok remained motionless and then finally answered.

"If you could best all four of us so easily when we were at our strongest then I have no other choice. I yield to you."

"The winner of the tournament is Link!" shouted the moderator.

The crowd erupted into a cacophonous myriad of noise. They shouted their congratulations, some of the women threw their pieces of cloth towards Link and many cheered his name. Link and Umbra removed the swords from above Zedoks neck and faced the crowd then bowed to the crowd. Umbra then vanished in a slow decay of smoke and it filtered its way into the Umbra blade. Link then held out his hand for Zedok to grip. Zedok grasped Link hand firmly and then Link lifted him off the ground to stand next to him.

"You fight amazingly well." said Link.

"Well not good enough I suppose. You'll have to teach me some of your tricks sometime." said Zedok.

"You got it. Say how about we save a seat for you when we are watching the Twilight spectacle?" asked Link.

"That would be nice. I look forward to sharing a drink or two in the near future." said Zedok.

Link and Zedok stood in the arena as they waited for Solomon to enter with the prize for the winner over all and the runner up.


"Well that was quite the performance!" said Solomon excitedly.

"Since its over don't we have to present the prizes?" asked Midna.

"Yes, you're right. Lets go and give them what they fought for." said Solomon.


Link watched as a smaller gate on the side of the arena walls opened to reveal Solomon and Midna standing side by side with another man in the middle whom Link recognized as Joffery from the jewelers where he had gotten Midnas ring.

Why is he here thought Link.

Link and Zedok waited as the three approached them.

"Link congratulations on winning the tournament." said Solomon using the Twilian vocal magic.

"We have a spectacular prize waiting for you and Master Joffery here will be presenting it to you. Midna will be presenting Zedok with his prize as well." said Solomon.

"Firstly the runner up will go first." said Midna.

Midna walked over to Zedok and opened a small box. Within the small box was a gold chain with a pendant on the end.

"This pendant has been blessed with a protection charm and can help you be defended from harm." said Midna.

Zedok lowered his head as Midna put the pendant around his neck. Once it was on Zedok nodded to Midna.

"And next we have the winner over all. Master Joffery would you be so kind as to present the prize?" asked Solomon.

Joffery stepped forwards towards Link and Midna felt a ripple come from the obsidian artifact, this time it was much stronger.

Link could feel a strange sensation as Joffery neared him. He carried a square shape covered in cloth. As Joffery drew closer the sensation increased.

"We meet again Master Link." whispered Joffery.

"I see you haven't given her the ring yet." he continued winking at Link.

"Master Link what I have to give you is something special indeed. This is an artifact that is very, very old. Its is made of obsidian and as far as we know it could be the earliest recording of the Royal families insignia. It holds an ancient magic within it that has not been awakened in ages unknown. I have offered this to the winner of the tournament as I have no use for it. Perhaps you can find its true purpose." said Joffery with vocal magic.

As Joffery lifted the cloth from the obsidian artifact the feeling Link had intensified almost to where it knocked the wind out of him. Midna also felt the ripples intensify.

Joffery finished removing the cloth and then suddenly a bright light appeared from the artifact. The crowd gasped as it blinded them momentarily. Midna was wide eyed as she watched what happened next. She watched as Link reached out his hand to grasp the artifact, once he had touched it the light immediately died away and the artifact began to emit a humming sound into the air.

Link held the artifact in the air for a moment while inspecting it. The humming soon died away and when it did Link received a flash of what he assumed were memories, except they were not his own.

Link saw a door massive and entirely made of obsidian, he saw the artifact he now held being withdrawn from the door sealing it forever, a building simple yet elegant, a man with charcoal black eyes walking away from the building.

When Link opened his eyes once more he realized he was kneeling on the arena ground and Midna was calling out to him.

"Link. Link! Are you alright?"

Standing up shakily link responded.

"I'm fine. I'm just tired is all. I did just go through a whole day of fighting."

"Well I believe that concludes the tournament! I hope to see all of you at the Twilight Spectacle tonight." said Solomon as the crowd began to disperse.

"Link. Lets go find everyone and get seats for the spectacle." said Midna.

"Sounds like a plan to me." responded Link.


A few hours later Link, Midna and the rest of the group were all sitting on a hill near the edge of the mainland waiting for night to fall so that they could view the Twilight spectacle. Midna was kneeling down and Link had his head in her lap as she mindlessly played with his hair. Griffin and Evander were talking about how Griffin did in the tournament. Vincent and Rosalie were leaning against each other talking about what they would do when they got back to the palace. Jonas was once again talking with some veteran soldiers who had taken seats close to the group.

"I didn't know Umbra could do that." said Midna.

"Neither did I until I asked." said Link.

Midna realized that Link was gripping the obsidian artifact.

"Why are you holding onto that so tightly?" she asked.

"I didn't even realize I had it out." said Link as he put it inside of his pouch. The Master Sword and Umbras Blade were laying next to each other in the grass next to the couple.

Link drifted into a light sleep as Midna continued to mess with his hair. As he slept he recalled the images that had flashed through his head earlier that day yet with more detail.

He saw the massive obsidian door slowly shutting sealing away an ancient power, next several people in cloaks removed the artifact and then sealed the door with spell. The cloaked figures  next put the artifact inside of a box and sent it away with another member. As they transferred the box one of the persons hands were revealed to be white skinned much like Link, the man then walked away with the box as the others sat down and continued to pray for enchantment on the door. They prayed until they died, many years later a man with charcoal black eyes mysteriously appeared outside the building. Being unable to enter through the doors he turned away in anger and frustration.

Link suddenly opened his eyes to find Midnas face inches from his own.

"Your eyes were moving rapidly and I was getting worried." she said.

"Oh it was just a dream." said Link.

"Well I'm glad you are awake. The spectacle will be starting within the hour." said Midna.

"Right cant miss that now can I." said Link.

Link sat up from Midnas lap and sat next to her as she leaned against his shoulder and clung to his arm. Link put his other hand on her head and ran his hand through her fiery hair smiling at how peaceful he was.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 24, 2013 7:49 pm

As the time for the Spectacle neared the crowd that had gathered were getting excited. Most of the area near the edge of the mainland had been covered with a mass of bodies. Near the very edge certain areas were kept empty for political parties or royalty such as Midnas group. Her group had a spot in the center of the mass of people yet they were relatively alone. Many had brought sheets or mats from their homes to sit or lay on for the spectacle. Link and Midna were sitting on a slight hill leaning against one another watching the shifting Twilian sky near the hour of Twilight.

As the group chatted with each other about the things they experienced during the festival the couple talked amongst themselves.

"So what is this spectacle like?" asked Link.

"Now that is a really difficult question to answer. It is simply amazing and since I want you to see if first hand I wont be describing it." said Midna.

"Fine fine. I get it. So what do we do after this is over?" asked Link.

"Well we will stay here for one more night, then in the morning all the travelers will be able to use the one way circle to go home in a flash." said Midna.

"I see. Well at least there wont be a long journey home." said Link.

Earlier as the group had been walking from the arena to the area they were now Link had reach into his pouch and pulled out the small box that contained the ring he was going to give Midna. As he sat he could feel it pressing against the fabric of his pants pocket.

"Link what happened when you touched the artifact in the arena?" asked Midna.

"Oh that. Well I guess it was just exhaustion. It was a long day after all." he responded.

"I can tell it was something different from that. I've seen you when you're exhausted. That definitely was not it since you completely blanked out after touching it. Nothing I said could snap you out of it." said Midna.

"I figured you knew that it was different anyways. Well Its hard to describe it but I had a vision of a different time and place. I guess it was the origin of the artifact. All I know is that a giant obsidian door is being kept closed and that the artifact is the key to opening it. Also that beings other than Twilians have been here, in the vision there were people with light skin like mine." said Link.

"That is strange. Whatever is behind that door must be important if the royal family adorned its insignia with it." said Midna.

"Since we don't have any information on it we shouldn't worry about it now." said Link.

"You're right. The time will come when it will be of importance." said Midna.

As the couple went on chatting about other topics Zedok showed up near them.

"Hey Zedok over here!" shouted Link.

Turning to see who had called him Zedok saw Link sitting with Midna and turned to walk over to them.

When he reached them Link stood up to offer a handshake.

"Glad you could make it." said Link.

"Sir Zedok its good to see you again." said Midna.

"Ah yes it a privilege to see you once more as well your highness. And you as well Link." said Zedok.

"You don't have to call me that you can call me Midna." she said.

"Hmm that will take some getting used to but I'll try." responded Zedok.

"Should we get some drinks to enjoy during the spectacle?" asked Link as he turned to go find the drinks.

"An ale would be excellent." said Zedok.

"I'll have an ale as well." said Midna.

As Link left to get the drinks Zedok looked at Midna curiously.

"What? I can drink with the best of them, plus I haven't had a good drink in a long while." said Midna.

Zedok held up his hands shrugging his shoulders.

"So tell me. How is it that a man from the realm of light end up here in the Twilight realm?" asked Zedok.

"Well to put it simply he came to find me. He would have torn through the fabric of reality if he had to. But when I sent Vincent and Rosalie through a portal to find him he returned as fast as he could and saved my life once more." said Midna.

"I see. He really is something then isn't he." said Zedok.

"Most definitely. He can do things normal people would never hope to do. And if someone he cares about is in danger he becomes a one man army in the blink of an eye." said Midna.

"I can tell especially since he has the skill and talent to do so." said Zedok.

Link returned quickly with three mugs and a barrel of ale.

"I said an ale would be fine. I didn't say bring the whole barrel!" exclaimed Midna as she laughed.

"I tried to tell them only three ales but they kept insisting I take the whole barrel. I also brought more mugs so everyone can get a drink." said Link.

"Well best not to waste it. Everyone come get a drink." said Midna.

Once everyone from their group had a drink in their hands they all turned to watch the skies as it began to shift and warp.  

The sky off the edge of the mainland suddenly flared up and grew immensely brighter. It then began to change from a golden brown to a dark blue and green. It shifted revealing flashing images. A wave of heat rolled over the mainland as the spectacle continued. Link had no idea what to make of it. The sky continued to shift color and warp itself. From what Link was seeing it appeared to be solidifying into an image but it was blurred and hazy. Link watched as the sky blazed dark red and from the warp he saw what appeared to be two glowing orange eyes and the image struck him like a blow to the stomach. He suddenly felt the need to place his hand on the Master Swords grip. The image shifted again and showed a massive orb floating above a building. The image flickered and the sky blazed a orange hue. The image blurred to show what appeared to be an explosion. Another flicker showed a figure and bodies lying around him. The sky blazed golden and the image showed another figure outline in gold. The sky then turned black and the image shifted to show the Royal families insignia outlined in white. To Link though it looked as though the background was rippled and cracked much like the obsidian artifact. Then the sky returned to its normal hue and the image began to dissolve.

"Well that's it. Every year at the end it shows the royal family ins-" said Midna as she was suddenly cut off.

The sky burst into a golden color that shifted and moved. The area of the sky that rippled and showed the images once more returned and instead of it being the royal insignia it showed three golden triangles fused together then immediately vanished. The sky then returned to its normal hue and remained that way as the ripple disappear.

Link immediately recognized the symbol and covered his left hand hiding the Triforce that was etched into his skin. It had flared briefly during the last image and now light could be seen shining through his fingers. The group turned to look at him as he tried to hide it.

"Well it would appear that the spectacle has something to do with you Link." said Midna.

"Lets just pray that it is nothing bad." said Evander.

Link had no words to say but he had a bad feeling in his stomach so he simply nodded.

As the crowd began to disperse from the edge of the mainland many were talking about the sudden ending to the spectacle but most thought it was just a distortion in the spectacle. Link and Midna began walking back with the rest of the group. Zedok had left to return to his party. On the way back to the castle Midnas group formed a protective circle around Link to hide his glowing hand from any prying eyes. Once they had reached the castle Links hand was still glowing and Midna was getting worried.

"When will it fade?" she asked.

"Who knows." responded Link.

"It could take a few minutes or several hours to a day." he continued.

"I see. Well lets just go to sleep. The travelers will be leaving early tomorrow morning. We are the last group I believe." said Midna.

"Alright. Lets just hope this is gone away by then." said Link gesturing to his left hand.

The couple then lay down for bed and fell into a peaceful sleep with Links Triforce illuminating the room slightly.


The following morning they were awoken by one of Solomons messengers letting them know that they had a hour before they were due at the circle.

Gathering their things Midna and Link went down to the grand hall where Solomons adviser was guiding people to the castles basement where Solomon was activating the circle. Midnas group as well as all the staff that had traveled with them descended into the depths of the castle. Link had noticed earlier that his Triforce was still glowing so he wrapped a cloth around his hand to conceal it.

Once they reach the lowest floor they entered a room that was massively large and in the center was a large circle etched with lines and markings that Link could not comprehend. It appeared to be laid out in silver as well. Solomon was at the top of the circle and five of his other staff were at other points where lines converged on the edge of the circle. Midna walked over to Solomon.

"Its time to leave already is it?" he asked.

"It is. I have duties to return to after all." said Midna.

"True. Well I wish you luck and a safe passage." said Solomon as he brought Midna close to him to hug her goodbye.

"Thank you Solomon. I'll keep in touch as much as I can." said Midna as she backed into the circle.

The circle was large enough to fit every member of Midnas party at once. When everyone was ready Solomon gave the signal for the staff to begin the spell. Solomon interlocked his fingers and made a fist with them then kneeled and pressed both hands into the silver as did the other five staff members. The circle began to shimmer with white light and then suddenly the entire party dissolved into black particles and vanished from the room.

"Alright that's the last one. Everyone out and seal this door once more." said Solomon.


Back on the Island that held the Palace of Twilight a mass of particles was forming in front of the Palace. The mass formed several hundred feet away and then solidified into Midnas party. When the group was able to see once more they were greeted with a sudden shock. From where they were they could see a massive orb floating above the Palace with the gates wide open. Link pushed his way through the crowd and stood next to Midna.

"What is that?" she asked aloud.

When she finished asking the question a loud laughter could be heard coming from the Palace.

Link immediately recognized the laughter and drew his swords.

"Link what are you doing?" asked Midna.

Link turned to look at her and the look in his eyes silenced her question and told her to trust him. Nobody but Link moved. He began to step forwards towards the Palace as the laughter continued. When he was twenty feet away from the group a barrier suddenly appeared cutting them off. Midna immediately tried to break through it but nothing she did caused any effect.

"Your attempts are pathetic." said a loud booming voice from closer to the Palace.

"I have sent my puppet to deal with you of the light. Once you are gone nothing will be able to stop me." continued the voice.

Just as a barrier formed around Midnas party suddenly barriers formed around Links limbs to where he could not move. Then not even a second later a figure wearing a straw hat appeared before him but what shocked Link even more was that the figure was wearing a mask that he had seen in his dreams.

"Yes you aren't the one from so long ago but all the same you stand in my way. Kill him." said the voice.

Link recognized the figure as the skull kid from the lost woods except now he did not recognize Link. The skull kid laughed and then raised his hand and placed it on Links chest.

Link being unable to move could only wait. The people behind him all had a look of shock on their faces. Was Link about to die? Midna was crying with her hand over her mouth.

The skull kid pressed against Link and suddenly Link felt a pain unimaginable burst through his body. He screamed out in pain. This caused Midna to cry harder.

Screaming was all Link could do as the mask controlling the skull kid continued to laugh. Link felt his energy slipping away from him as he gained some slight control over his screaming he cried out.

"By the goddesses I will not die here! Can you here me! I am your pawn cursed with this mark! Grant me Power!" shouted Link before he was thrown into another fit of pain induced screams.

"Cry out all you want. Nothing can save you now. And once I finish killing you I will kill that woman over there." said the voice.

Link knew he was referring to Midna and that made him cry out again.

"Din! Nayru! Farore! Give me the power to defend those I love!"

After a moment of silence Links body went slack as blood poured from his mouth and eyes. Link dropped his swords and they fell to the ground with a clang of metal on rocks and the voice laughed in triumph.

"Link!" screamed Midna falling to her knees crying as she did so.

As the crowd watched the skull kid laugh after Links death they grew very afraid.

Just as the skull kid was about to move from Link a voice that sounded like three mixed together began to speak and ghostly images outlined in gold appeared around Link holding onto his body.

"O' Hero chosen by we three goddesses. You have had the power to defend those you love all this time you just have not realized that it lays dormant within you. We three shall awaken it but if it destroys you then know that it was of your own accord. Rise O' hero and strike down your foe."

The figures faded from Links body and the skull kid back up a few steps from Link.

As Links body hung in the barrier his left hand suddenly began to flare. As Midna watched his body she noticed the light growing brighter. Link had still not stirred yet she could tell something was happening within him much like a fire being brought to life. Suddenly the barrier holding Link burst apart and Links body fell to the ground. Almost as if he was alive Links body climbed to its feet after gripping his two sword and the light in his hand grew stronger. Midna still shed her tears but now she was to amazed to make a noise. Evander put his hand on her shoulder and motioned for her to stand. She did as he asked.

Links body then crossed his swords in front of him and then his eyes opened glowing golden. As soon as his eyes opened a loud blast and powerful concussion wave burst from his body. His hand flared even brighter as Link began to breath once more. Now his eyes faded from gold but his pupils remained the golden color. Link looked down at himself realizing he was alive. He remembered the pain of dying and then felt nothing. His left hand was burning and as he looked at it it flared even brighter still. The pain becoming to much he stabbed his swords into the ground and grabbed his arm. The pain still increasing he lifted it above his head with his fingers flexing trying to get rid of the pain. Then suddenly the cloth he had covered his hand with burst into flames and fell away from him burning to ash before it hit the ground. Links left hand now able to be seen clearly had the lower right triangle glowing brightly then as the crowd watched the top triangle began to fill and glow the same color. As the Triangle filled another blast erupted from Links body causing a wave of air to burst for as well. As the air died away the crowd looked at Link to see that he was his body was partially covered in golden flames. Link also had drawn his swords from the ground before him and now had the Master Sword over his shoulder and Umbra hung loosely from his right hand. The Triforce on his hand now shined brightly with two triangles filled.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 25, 2013 9:19 pm

"Where am I?" asked Link as he opened his eyes.

Before him shining in golden light were three figures.

"You are in the sacred realm. Our home O' Hero." said the first.

"You died moments ago shouting out for help." said the second.

"We have come to levy your request." said the third.

"I'm...dead?" asked Link.

"Yes otherwise you would not be able to reach this place without the help of a complete Triforce. This is not the Sacred Realm that once held the Triforce this is a place above that where we three goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore reside watching over Hyrule." said the second.

Each of the figures appeared to be a woman and each had a different color of hair and eyes.

The first had hair that glowed amber red, the second had hair as blue as the ocean and the third had hair like that of a forest green. Link could not believe what he was seeing. He was standing before the three goddesses and they were going to debate on whether or not to grant a request.

"I don't remember what happened. How did I die?" asked Link.

"The demon known as Majora controlled the skull kid using his mask and forced demonic magic into your body killing you from within." said Din.

Suddenly everything came flooding back to Link. The pain of death, his cries for help but more importantly the fact that the demon was going to kill Midna next.

"He is going to kill her if I don't do something. I asked you for the power to defend those I love. Will you give it to me?" asked Link.

"Who that Twilian woman?" asked Farore.

"How can you love her, she is not even of your own race." said Nayru.

"That doesn't matter to me! I love her for who she is!" shouted Link.

"Shadow was moved by Light and now Light has been moved by Shadow." said Din.

The three goddesses stepped forwards towards Link and circled around him. Each wrapping themselves around him.

"O' Hero chosen by we three goddesses. You have had the power to defend those you love all this time you just have not realized that it lays dormant within you. We three shall awaken it but if it destroys you then know that it was of your own accord. Rise O' hero and strike down your foe." said the three.

Link had no idea what they meant by the power had laid dormant within him. As he was about to ask his vision began to fade and he felt a strange sensation as if his entire body was being pinched into a small space.

Link then opened his eyes to see the skull kid with Majoras mask stepping back from him as his body flared with golden flames. His hand was burning and he raised it up in the air. As he watched it the Triforce on his hand began to fill the top Triangle. The Triforce of Power.

How do I have the Triforce of Power? Me and Zelda confirmed it would have returned to the Sacred Realm after I defeated Ganondorf. What happened to me?

Link wiped the blood that had flowed from his mouth then turned to look at Midna. When he saw her she was still crying and had her mouth covering her hand. Link then realized that his body was on fire with golden flames yet they did not hurt him. He had two on the sides of his head, two on his shoulders, one on each wrist and one on each ankle amongst others that were dispersed about his body.

Oh that's right. He was going to kill Midna.

Link then turned to face the skull kid.

"Just what are you?" asked Majora.

"I am just a man willing to give everything defending those I love." said Link as he voice boomed over the landscape giving him an almost ethereal feeling.

"I killed you once. I shall do it again!" shouted Majora as another set of barriers formed around Link.

Link just stared at the glowing orange eyes and blinked. After he did so the barrier burst apart once more now unable to contain Link. Link landed on his feet and watched as the skull kid turned and began running back towards the Palace. Link took a step towards the skull kid and instead of moving a single step Link appeared in front of him stopping the skull kid in his tracks.

"You may be able to destroy this body, but not even you can stop that from falling." said Majora as he pointed at the massive orb that also had glowing orange eyes.

The moon that Link had seen in the reflective pool was now a reality and it began to turn its face towards the Palace with its mouth open wide.

"Consume...I shall Consume everything." said a voice that came from the moon.

Link turned back to see the Mask detach from the skull kids body. As soon as it did the body burst into particles and was transported somewhere else. Link figured it would go back to the lost woods.
The mask floated before Link before it began growing tendrils.

"I shall not waste time on you. I will use all the power this Mask has to destroy you." said Majora.

As Link continued to watch the mask began growing legs and arms that looked as though there were no skin and instead it was simply the muscle tissue as its outer layer. The arms turned to long whips of muscle. The mask was the center of the body as it grew a new head.

"You will die here and now! This time I will be sure of it!" shouted Majora.

Before Link could react Majora had thrown out the whips wrapping them around Links arms. Majora then attempted to rip Links arms from his body. Link grunted and then pulled against the whips pulling Majora closer to him as well. Majora released his ties to Link and instead jumped above him and using the whips as a weapon he began to spin making them move with incredible speed. As he neared Link he saw Link move his arm in preparation.

Link waited for Majora to descend then as he was about to get hit he lashed out with Umbra severing both whips from Majoras body. Majora attempted to leap back after loosing his whips but Link bolted after him moving much quicker than Majora could manage. Link then severed one of Majoras legs causing him to fall to the ground. Link then jumped into the air and descended onto Majora impaling his blade into the head of the monster beneath him sending a splatter of blood and other matter onto the ground. Link pulled his sword out and moved back from the body. As he watched the body began to burn in blue flames.

"Hahahahah...Impressive for a human. This is not the end of this fight. This mask will return to me and then I will walk upon the earth once more. That moon will not stay floating for much longer you cannot stop what is coming." said Majora.

As the body burned the Mask in the center vanished from sight. Link then turned his attention towards the moon that had just begun to descend above the Palace.


Link pointed the tips of his blades behind him and put himself into a running stance. Within a split second Link pushed off the ground and jumped into the air causing a blast of air to erupt from behind him. Flying through the air he looked like a flaming star heading towards the falling moon.

Link shouted as he flew through the air and then landed on top of the Twilight palace. Looking up he could see only the gaping space that the moons mouth created. Link then raised both of his swords above his head and began to focus. As he did so the Triforce of Power began to glow brighter than the Triforce of Courage. The flames on Links body began to cover him and drop off of him like liquid. Link began shouting as he focused more causing the flames to grow large. Continuing to build his strength he was creating a pillar of fire that was parting at the base of the moon cupping it in the golden flames. The flames began completely covering the bottom of the moon. Link then jumped from the top of the Palace and into the maw of the moon. As he entered the interior it was only a black open space now filled with light from Links flame. Link then released all the power he had collected within his blades. Swinging them both in a circle around him caused a massive wave of energy to explode from Link. The wave of energy effectively split the moon in half. As the lower half began to fall towards the Palace it was consumed by the golden flames burning everything even the ashes so that there was nothing left. The same happened to the top half as a Thunderclap erupted from Link launching him away from the center of the moon and made him fall towards the earth in the direction of the Palace gates. His flames now gone Link was in a free fall with his blades spinning in the air next to him. He landed on the ground  outside the gates with a bone crushing thud that could be heard from where Midna was standing.

After a few seconds of Links landing the barrier holding the Palace staff  back dissolved.  

Immediately everyone rushed forwards to reach Link. Midna remained still and did not move. She was to in shock to go anywhere. The man she loved had just died before her eyes then was risen from the dead by the goddesses. He then saved her and  everyone else including the Palace. Instead of running Midna slowly walked her way after the crowd.

Griffin, Evander, Jonas, Rosalie and Vincent had formed a circle around Link blocking him from the crowd that was trying to get closer to him. As Midna slowly made her way through the crowd they parted for her in silence. Reaching the circle that was around Link Midna walked and then stood in front of his body. Still crying Midna crumpled to her knees sobbing uncontrollably. She reached out her hand to touch Links head. As she did so she saw the golden light of the Triforce on his hand fade. Midna then touched Links head and moved her hand through his hair. Not getting a reaction from him Midna began to cry even more. As she left her hand on his head Links hand began to twitch. Nobody had seen the twitch and thought that Link was once more dead. The fall would have killed anyone especially if they were moving as fast as Link had. Links hand twitched once more as he was regaining consciousness.

As Midna was mourning Link once more the crowd bowed their heads in respect. Midna had retracted her hand to cover her face as she cried. Link then regained consciousness and slowly regained his senses. His whole body was in pain as if every muscle in his body had been pushed to its limit. Link slowly lifted his head to look around. His vision was blurred but he could see that everyone had their heads down and were around him in a circle. Link tried to move but only managed a grunt.

Midna hearing the grunt lifter her head at once her crying stopping as she did so. She looked at Link once more and could see his bright blue eyes looking at her. As he stared at her he put a small smile on his lips.

Midna could only see one half of his face and could tell that he was starring at her intently and smiled at her.

Midna could not contain her emotions any longer. She pushed herself next to him and lifted him onto her lap turning him over as she did so. Now Link was face up and his eyes locked with hers never wavering for a second.

"Dont...cry...any...more." said Link slowly.

Midna could not help but cry even harder at the fact that Link was alive. The others of their group hearing Link speak rose their heads in surprise and kneeled on Links other side watching him as they shed their own tears. The crowd notice that Links eyes were open.

"He's Alive!" Someone shouted causing the entire crowd to erupt into cheers.

Midna held him close to her as Jonas ordered for the doctors to bring a stretcher and to get the medical wing ready just in case. Many people ran inside the Palace to prep a room for Link. The doctors moved forwards through the crowd and had to detach Midna from Link. Even though she let go she stayed by his side as they carried him into the palace and she stayed with him through the examination. Midna fell asleep in the room where the doctors had put him. Griffin, Jonas, Evander, Rosalie and Vincent had all joined her as well. The castle staff had stayed up most of the night to wait for Link to wake up. Link did not wake up but breathed normally. The Palace fell into a quiet and grateful slumber until the next mornings dawn.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 30, 2013 9:11 pm

The following morning the Palace of Twilight awoke in silence except for the wind that gently flowed through it. The events of the previous day had shocked everyone. The ones most affected by the events of the day were Midna and Links group of friends. Even though they had only known each other for a short time they had formed a strong bond. Sleeping in the room where the doctors had place Link the group dreamed of the recent events, of Links death, the blinding light the erupted from his hand and body, how he had destroyed what appeared to be a moon that was going to fall onto the Palace. All these things came and went from their unconscious minds.

As the Twilian sun began to rise and shine through the window into Links room. Jonas was the first to wake. Silently standing and stretching so as not to wake the others he glanced around the room and turned to the door. With his hand on the latch he realized something was wrong. Looking back to Links bed where Midna was sleeping from a chair with her arms crossed over the sheets Link himself was missing.

"By the Gods, how?" said Jonas.

Jonas moved over to Midna and shook her shoulder until she woke up. Putting his finger to his lips he motioned for her to be silent, he then pointed to the bed. When Midna saw that Link was gone she was immediately alert and stood up from the chair causing it to slide back and screech along the stones waking the others.

"Sorry." mumbled Midna.

"Well since you are all up now. Link is missing. I want all of us to move through the Palace silently and look for him. Do not awaken any sleeping staff. If you find him signal us using telepathy. If you cant use it then simply whistle softly. The wind will carry it through the Palace. Lets go." said Jonas.

The others leaped to their feet and quickly yet quietly exited the room.

Link, How? I was there for the examination. All your muscles were torn apart and completely cut. How is it that you are able to move? thought Midna as she left the room.


As the Twilian sun began to rise Link was sitting on the top of the Palace at its tallest point facing it. He was sitting crossed legged and had his hands cupped one over the other. Link was silently meditating trying to figure out what had happened to him. He had left the room he was laying in without waking the others and immediately climbed to the tallest place of the Twilight Palace.

Delving into his subconscious he called out to the Hero of Times shade. As he did so he was thrust into as complex of buildings. It resembled the Market Town that he knew of Hyrules capital except that a giant temple was nearby and that the castle was a bit further away. Wandering through the market he heard a soft humming coming from the building. Getting closer he recognized it as the hymn that echoed within the Temple of Time.

Walking inside the building the hymn grew in volume. Link noticed the same high structure of the Temple of Time he was familiar with but it was very different. There was a red carpet that Link silently padded down. At the end of the carpet was a pedestal made of obsidian that housed three spinning gems one green, one red and the last one was blue. Behind the pedestal was a large square hallway. Link notice someone standing inside of it on a raised dais facing away from him. Moving around the pedestal and towards the figure Link was about to call out.

"Welcome Hero of Twilight." said the figure.

"Just who are you?" asked Link.

"You don't recognize me? Perhaps this is more familiar." said the figure as his image flashed from human to skeletal to a golden wolf.

"This is what I looked like when I awoke as the Hero of Time." said the figure.

"My name was also Link but keep calling me shade so we don't confuse each other. You are a reincarnation of me as there have been others before you." said the Shade who now resembled Link very closely with minor differences. The Shade wore the green tunic that Link had worn during his quest just five years ago.

"You came to speak with me did you not?" asked the Shade.

"I did. First where are we?" asked Link.

"We are within your subconscious. I just remodeled a small area to resemble the time I grew up in. This, more specifically is the Temple of Time before its destruction then relocation to the Lost Woods." said the Shade.

"I understand now. Secondly what can you tell me about the Triforce of Power. I know you saw what happened during my fight with Majoras Mask." said Link.

"Yes that battle had my full attention, except when death claimed you, It claimed me as well. Awakening once more within your mind was a shock but what shocked me even more was that you now had the Triforce of Power awakened by the Goddesses." said the Shade.

"Yes they said awakened. What did they mean by that?" asked Link.

"I believe that it was within you this whole time after you defeated Ganondorf. Instead of going back into the Sacred Realm as it normally would it transferred to the nearest one blessed by the Goddesses then lay dormant within them. Since you were directly next to Ganondorf as he died it transferred to you." said the Shade.

"That would make sense. They also said that this power could destroy me. Did they mean that it could corrupt me like it did Ganondorf?" asked Link.

"Ganondorf was corrupted long before he obtained the Triforce of Power. It only enhanced his lust to rule everything. It could cause the same to happen to you. Power changes people will you be able to resist the effect without the wisdom to know what is good an evil." said the Shade.

"I'm not sure. I asked for the power to protect those I loved yet I don't have the slightest clue as how to use the Triforce that I have." said Link.

"Hmm. I may have some way to help you with that. But the information is locked deep within my memory. If you were to visit the sages they might be willing to unlock it." said the Shade.

"Right. I'll see what I can do about that. I should be going now. I can feel the heat of the sun on my face and the others must be getting worried." said Link as he began to fade from his subconscious.

"Be careful Hero. Remember that Power changes people."

Link nodded his head to himself as he awoke on top of the Palace of Twilight with the morning sun warming his face.

Breathing in deeply Link began pondering just what had happened to him. More importantly he was dwelling on the feeling of death. It was cold and empty. It felt like there was nothing left of him at all. He just ceased to exist. The warmth of the sun comforted him and let him know he was alive. Next he thought about the burning of the Triforce of Power and how it influenced his body. He was able to push his body to its absolute limit severing his muscles in the process but now his muscles had returned to normal and there was no pain whatsoever. He wondered why there was no debris from the moon he had destroyed then remembered that when he had set it ablaze the flames from the Triforce had burned everything, even the ashes. There was not a single trace of the moon. The only evidence of the battle was the scorch mark on the Palace rooftop that was on the other side of the structure from Link and the scorched earth that was outside the Palace where the Mask had burned itself up then disappeared.

To Link it all seemed like a bad dream but it was all real and he knew it to well. What worried him now was that the Triforce of Power could corrupt or destroy him and he wondered how the others would react to his new power. Would they run in fear or accept him as he was. Regardless they would be somewhat wary of him. Link was now on an entirely different level than ordinary beings. He now possessed both the Triforce of Power and Courage. This would allow him to jump into any situation without any fear yet also would give him the power to crush any around him or near him. He worried that he may lose control and hurt someone close to him.

Clenching his hands into fists Link vowed to himself that he would not allow that to happen.

Link continued to silently meditate to himself as the sun continued to rise. Meanwhile his friends were busy roaming the Palace looking for him when one of them found him.


From Links room the group split up each one taking a different route. Midna went to check the main hall first, Evander went to the study, Jonas went to the training grounds, Griffin went to check the kitchens and stables, Vincent went to check the private quarters and Rosalie was checking the halls. As All of them spread out they quietly began their search. As Rosalie was moving through the hallways with amazing ease to not wake anyone sleeping behind closed doors she was checking any dead end hallways. As she moved to the end of one of the dead ends she looked out of the ceiling to floor window looking out over the open air off the mainland. Rosalie turned to walk back down the hallway when out of the corner of her eye she noticed something out of one of the side windows. As she drew closer to the window she was relieved to find it was Link hunched over on the top of the Palace.

Touching her temple she began using telepathic magic between the group. Since she was not very skilled in the magic yet she simply thought of a few words.

"Found him. He is on the top of the Palace. she said within her mind to the others.

Getting the message the group rendezvoused at the main hall where they all then proceeded to climb to the top of the Palace. Using a stairway that led to the rooftop the group went single file until they reached the trap door that would open to where Link was. Midna was at the front. She pushed on the lever that released the mechanism locking to door. When it opened they were all momentarily blinded by the light. Midna made her way out into the sunlight and wind that was rising over the Palace. The group followed suit and all stood looking at Link who had his back to them. Walking around in front of him the group was surprised by what they saw. Link had fallen back asleep with the sun in his face and was dozing off breathing gently through his mouth.

"Unbelievable." said Vincent.

"It's actually not that surprising. Watch this. Since he made it here by himself he should be just fine now." said Midna as she stood directly in front of Link. Squatting down so she was eye level with him she gently placed her finger in the center of his forehead and pushed back. This caused Links body to sway then fall backwards.

Link awoke halfway through the fall and was immediately surprised.

"By the Goddesses!" he shouted as he fell.

The group could not help but laugh at his reaction. Sitting up Link looked around quickly seeing that his friends were all there.

"Well you seem to be just fine." said Evander.

"I'd say so." agreed Jonas.

"Hehe sorry guys. I guess I dozed off up here. I didn't want to wake you guys when I got up so I left." said Link.

"Well you gave us quite a scare." said Midna pouting at Link.

"I'm sorry." said Link.

"Well just what were you doing up here?" asked Rosalie.

"Before I fell asleep I was meditating. I had to sort out some things." said Link.

"Oh, like what?" asked Midna.

"About what happened yesterday. And what it could cause." said Link.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Griffin.

"Its nothing important yet so don't let it bother you. Anyways how do we get down from here?" asked Link.

The group laughed again at him as he had forgotten how he had gotten up there in the first place. As the group got up to leave and head for the main hall Midna noticed that on his left hand Links Triforce now had two triangles that were a darker shade than the other. She began to wonder just what was happening to Link.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Dec 29, 2013 10:29 am

The group decided on getting something to eat then plan for the day ahead of them. They had all just gone through a mini hell and more was to come, but for now they wanted to take the time they had and relax. Entering the main hall they picked a table closest to the entryway then entered the kitchen to get their food. Once they had all gotten what they wanted they sat down and began to talk.

"So what are the plans for the next couple of days?" asked Link taking a bit of appeared to be eggs with toast, cheese and slices of ham.

"That's a good question. I think now we should have a few day of free time. If you want to do something of your own personal interest then feel free to do so." said Midna.

"Excellent. I believe Griffin and I would like to take the research team out to Lunastria, who knows what else we may find within the ruins." said Evander.  

"Great idea, I'll have an escort set up for you." said Midna.

"Well since I have to lead the palace guards I figured we would start the clean up and do a overhaul on the palace defenses just in case." said Jonas.

"That would be wise. Make sure the windows are covered as well." said Link.

"What about you two?" asked Midna directing her attention towards Vincent and Rosalie.

"Well we were going to take some time off to relax or practice with our fighting skills." said Vincent.

"That sounds like a really good idea actually." said Midna.

"Link what are we going to do?" she asked him.

"I actually need to pay a visit to the light realm. I need to check something out. Would you care to join me?" asked Link.

"That sounds lovely. Where are we going?" asked Midna.

"That is a secret." said Link.

"It had better be a good one if you are keeping it from her." joked Jonas.

The group shared a laugh and finished their breakfast making small talk all while doing their best to keep the incident from the past few days out of the air. After cleaning up they all separated and left to either change or attend to their duties.

Midna went to her study to write an order for an escort, Evander and Griffin went to get the research group ready to leave, Jonas left to give orders to the palace guards, Vincent and Rosalie retired to their room for a mid morning nap and Link went back to his and Midnas room to gather his things.

Changing into a pair of traveling pants and shirt he pulled on his worn leather boots. Strapping both swords onto on hip he let the master sword cross downwards across Umbras scabbard. He pulled a Twilian shield onto his back and then stored whatever else he needed into his pouch. Once satisfied that he had all he needed he set out to find Midna.


In her study Midna was busy writing the order for a contingent of guards to accompany Evander and the research team, also the order told them that Evander was in charge. She trusted Evander to make the correct decisions if anything went awry. Once she had finished writing the order she signed it and stamped her insignia in melted wax making it official.

After giving the order to a messenger to give to Evander Midna set about getting ready to leave with Link. She changed into a simple traveling outfit of a pair of dark colored pants and shirt. As she transferred objects and clothing into the small void she carried with her Midna began to wonder if using only her magic to defend herself would always work. The others had actual fighting skills to use in a fight. Maybe Link could teach her to fight with weapons, and surely she could get the Palace blacksmith to fashion her a sword fit specifically for her. Smiling at the thought of her and Link back to back fighting with their blades for some reason made her happy. He defended her and she would defend him.

When she was nearly finished getting ready she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in!" she called.

Link entered the room looking ready to travel. Midna was busy pulling her hair into a tight ponytail so that it wouldn't get in the way while traveling.

"You look good. Ready to go?" asked Link.

"Thank you and yes I am. Are we taking your horses or should I try my magic this time?" asked Midna.

"Well I would prefer to get there as soon as possible so lets give the magic a try. Did you inform the council that you may be gone for a few days?" asked Link.

"I did, they are in a fuss about it but they will do just fine without me here." said Midna.

"Alright lets get going then." said Link.

The pair began walking together in the direction of the palace entrance to use Midnas magic just outside the palace gates. Once they were there Midna focused her energy on the ground directly in front of them and then focused on the portal in her minds eye. Once she was sure the two places were linked she and Link stepped into the black hole on the ground where they smiled at each other then burst into many particles that flew up into the sky and reappeared just outside the portal entrance that was now surrounded by trees and foliage that had finally stopped growing from the release of the sapping spell.

Midna nodded to Link and the pair walked down the stairs to the portal.

Once the light from the portal was within sight Link and Midna paused for a moment before stepping into the light. Once more their bodies were transported from whole to particles and then they were moved into the light realm. The pair opened their eyes to find themselves inside the ancient structure that was watched over by Tael.

Tael looked over in the direction of the portal giving the pair a wave of acknowledgment before going back to work sorting symbols that moved across the walls.

"So will you tell me where we are going now?" asked Midna.

"Alright but you have to promise me you wont be upset." said Link.

"I promise." said Midna.

"Ok first I need to speak with Zelda about the Triforce of power, second I need to make a personal visit to an old acquaintance of ours." said Link.

"Who is this person then?" asked Midna.

"Someone who has been dead for five years. I need to visit Ganondorfs tomb."
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 03, 2014 6:45 pm

Midna stared at Link with a blank expression before her anger suddenly flared to life causing her hair to whip about behind her.

"Ganondorf!? The Ganondorf that tried to kill you and very nearly succeeded in killing me! That Ganondorf!?" she shouted.

Tael glanced over at the couple then returned to sorting the lights that shifted about the walls.

"You promised you wouldn't get upset. Oh well. Yes that Ganondorf. But first I need to speak with Zelda." said Link.

"I just can't believe that after everything that man did your world still gave him a grave." said Midna.

"We are people Midna, we are not heartless and no matter how you look at it he did have the Triforce of Power at one point and as such being the wielder of a sacred relic he could not just be thrown off some cliff." said Link.

"I would have done so." sighed Midna.

"He was a monster." she continued.

"I'm well aware of that but I need to check something that is inside his tomb." said Link.

"Alright lets get going then. Lets get outside and I'll take us to the castle." said Midna.

As Midna calmed down her hair returned to its tight ponytail and the couple walked out to the entryway of the ancient building. Once they were outside they were greeted by the bright sun that was halfway through the sky. Midna turned to Link.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

Link nodded and closed his eyes waiting for the sensation of his body bursting into particles then reforming in a new location. Link opened his eyes and found himself with Midna standing just before the drawbridge to the market center. Link offered Midna his arm before moving forward. She accepted his offered arm and moved in step with him. As they passed the guards on either side of the gate they smiled to each of them in turn. The guards offered the smiles back but with little else to show for recognition. The pair walked into the market and this time instead of many people stopping stare as they passed only a few did so. Most remembered the woman who was so foreign to them from the last time she and Link entered the city. Midna relaxed even more offering smiles to those who actually continued to stare. Most returned it then went back on to their business.

Once they had arrived at the castle Zeldas butler Cyrus greeted them at the door.

"Ah Master Link, It has been a while since your last visit has it not. And who might this be?" he asked gesturing to Midna.

"This is Midna, Princess and governing ruler of the Twilight realm. And yes it has been a while. Is Zelda busy right now?" asked Link.

"My my this is quite the honor. I've heard quite a bit about you from her highness. Yes she is in audience right now but will soon break for lunch." said Cyrus.

"Thanks Cyrus, we'll head up there now." said Link.

"Oh Master Link there is something I'd like to show you. Her highness put quite a bit of research into this and it is reserved for special guests." said Cyrus gesturing for the pair to follow him.

Shrugging Link and Midna followed Cyrus to a rather ordinary looking wall. Something tug at the back of Links mind that it was not just an ordinary wall.

"This Master Link is a special treat for you. Instead of having to walk up the stairs please allow me to show you this magic lift." said Cyrus as he pressed on a small symbol in the wall. The outline of a square glowed gold then the wall disappeared.

Inside was just empty blackness but Cyrus walked calmly into it seeming to float in mid air.

"Please come inside." said Cyrus.

Link and Midna cautiously walked into the open air as Cyrus laughed quietly to himself.

"Alright now hold on. It is rather quick." said Cyrus.

As the trio stood in the open air a gold circle and symbol appeared beneath their feet. The symbol was that of an eagle with its wings outstretched that could be seen usually holding the Triforce within its wings. The Symbol then began to rise carrying the trio with them. As they rose the wall sealed itself again and then the lift began to move quickly. At first it was sickening for Link and Midna but they soon got used to it and marveled at how it worked. As they began to slow Cyrus informed them that they would be at the bottom of the steps leading to the throne room. Once the lift stopped the wall disappeared before them and sure enough they were near the top of the castle. Stepping out Cyrus bid them farewell and then used the lift to go back to the ground floor.

Link offered his arm once more to Midna and the pair began walking the steps to the throne room where they could hear Zelda speaking with an audience member.

"You will be granted a small detachment of guards to assist with-" said Zelda as she noticed the pair walking into the throne room.

"-transporting your goods to the city." she finished.

"Audience is now closed for a short lunch." said Zelda.

The pair continued to walk towards her as she got up from her throne and walked to greet them. Once she was close she brought both of them into a hug.

"Link, Midna its so good to see you." said Zelda.

"Likewise to you princess." said Link.

"Long time no see." said Midna.

"Now what brings you here, I know that you aren't here to just make idle chatter." said Zelda.

"You're right. I need the key." said Link.

Zeldas face turned into a scowl.

"And just what do you need that key for?" she asked.

"I have something I need to verify there." said Link.

Zelda continued to stare at him as Link stared back.

Sighing she gave in.

"Alright alright. Just return it to me when you are done." she said.

Closing her hands together. She closed her eyes and her hands began to glow. When she opened them a black iron key was in the middle of her palms. Carefully picking it up Link set it into his pouch.

"Don't worry princess, I won't be using it for too long." said Link.

Zelda sighed again then turned to leave so that she could eat before her neck audience session.

"Alright. Now that you have that key where are we going next?" asked Midna.

"I'll need you to take us to the desert." said Link.

Midna nodded then closed her eyes focusing her magic. Link did the same as his body once again separated then reformed once more in the heat of the desert.

The pair reappeared facing the Arbiters Grounds. Links eyes scanned the desert to their left and found what he was looking for. Pointing his finger out into the open sea of sand he gestured for Midna to look. As she followed his direction she was shocked by what she saw. Out in the open and very noticeable was a large building made of black marble shined to a mirror finish.

"That is Ganondorf tomb. It may be easier if you enter my shadow and transform me into a wolf." said Link.

Midna nodded and brought out the shard that would change Link. As she brought it close to him his body changed from that of a man to a feral and savage wolf. To Midna his change was very different from before. His fangs seemed much larger, his fur longer and his overall size as a wolf had increased greatly. His eyes had also changed from a deep blue to blue with flecks of gold in them. Entering his shadow Midna wondered if it was the Triforce of power influencing his body.

Link let out a long and loud howl before setting off into the desert. The whole way there he dashed full sprint not stopping for a break. Midna guessed that he did not need one due to the Triforce.

Just what is that thing inside of him? What is its true extend of power? thought Midna.

Once Link had reached the black marble building. He sat on his haunches and waited for Midna to reappear. When she did she quickly changed him back into a human. Now that he was back to normal he was able to speak.

"Welcome to the Tomb of Ganondorf, King of the Gerudos also known as a Demon." said Link.

"You sound as if you admire him." said Midna.

"Well after five years of researching the biggest enemy of Hyrule you learn many things. Of course you have to admire your enemy. Its one of the keys to beating them. Now lets get inside." said Link.

Link then took out the black iron key and inserted it into a small hole in the center of the smooth marble. Once the key was in a door swung smoothly open on two sides. Looking inside one could only see an inky blackness with a sense of dread. Midna was not looking forward to seeing the body of the one who had nearly killed her again. Just what did Link need to see inside this tomb?
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 03, 2014 9:43 pm

The tomb doors swung open easily inwards. The black marble shone in the hot desert sun. The tombs structure was rather simple. A large entryway with a slanted roof, four pillars made of the same marble, carved into the top directly above the doors was the symbol of the Triforce. Further back the building made the shape of a perfect circle. All along the outer wall was a walkway then the pillars with a roof above them. In the center of the circle was a opening that was covered with an indestructible crystal. Link began to walk inside and into the darkness. Midna tentatively followed behind him. As Link walk his swords scabbards clinked together on his left hip. Midna began to wonder when he would bring out his lantern but Link made no move to do so.
As they walked forwards the doors behind them swung shut and Midna turned around in panic that they would be trapped there. Link simply carried on into the darkness as magical lanterns flared to life once the doors were shut.

"The lanterns are light sensitive and only work in the dark, and also don't worry. We aren't trapped they will open when we leave." said Link.

Midna let out a collective sigh and hurried to catch up with Link.

"Can you tell me what you intend to find here yet?" asked Midna.

Link did not answer and instead continued walking.

"You can be really stubborn when you want to be." she said.

After a short walk the light revealed another door except that this one was made of heavy dark wood. Link pushed against both and they swung open easily. Opening the doors revealed the main room of the tomb. In the center was a shaft of light coming from the crystal. Within the ring of light was the symbol of the Triforce once more except this one was laid in with pure white marble reflecting the light throughout the circular room. On the other end of the doors was the final resting place of the King of the Gerudos. On a raised dais was the coffin for Ganondorf. The dais had three steps around for one to walk up before being able to see the body. Link walked into the center of the room directly into the sunlight. He looked around the room checking that it still had been completely secure. Within the circular room was a large bookshelf lining the outer wall stopping a few feet from either Ganondorfs coffin, the left and right sides of the room and the entry doors so that they could swing open. On either side of the coffin were two eternal lights that would stay lit unless snuffed out by powerful magic. On the back of the wall above the coffin was a carving. The carving was of the three goddesses, ironic that the man who stole from them would have an image of them in his tomb, yet since he had held the Triforce it seemed right that at least one carving be made. The bookshelves had been filled with books all containing bits of history about Ganondorfs past. The things he did, his betrayal to the ancient King Harkinian and how he cam to be leader of the Gerudo tribe, all the way up to his death. In short it was a complete work of the life of the Demon king.

Link walked to stand below the dais, taking a breath he climbed the stairs to look at the body of the man who defied Hyrule even after he died. Laying in the black marble coffin was the body of Ganondorf. He was clothed in simple black silk, for some reason his body had not begun to decay even after five years. Link and Zelda assumed it was an effect of holding a part of the Triforce. Looking at the man Link wondered what it must have been like to live for so long with no one to actually rely on. Link moved away from the dais and went to the left side of the room. In between the bookshelves was a sword stand with a single blade in it. The Sword of the Sages. Link lifted the blade that was still inside Ganondorfs scabbard. Drawing the blade out of the scabbard Link examined it with intense scrutiny. Sheathing it he carried it over to the right side of the room where an armor stand with Ganondorfs armor in it. The hole in the chest plate no longer pulsed with a white light and instead revealed the hollow opening within.

"Link just what are you doing?" asked Midna.

"I'm not really sure actually. I was drawn to this place for some reason and I'm sure I'll find it soon. Would you happen to have any chairs in the void you carry?" asked Link.

In response Midna made two wooden chairs appear and set them near the center of the room.

Link thanked her and set the sword on the chair then returned to look at Ganondorfs body.

"Come look at this." said Link.

"I'll stay right here thank you." said Midna.

"Suit yourself then." said Link.

Link then extended his left hand towards Ganondorf and the Triforce of power began to glow dimly.

"It still remembers its old master even though he is dead." murmured Link.

"Did you know that even after I plunged the Master Sword through his body, he still stood up and tried to defy the fate that had claimed him. He died standing and did not fall over in the wind. He was resistant until his last breath, defying all that opposed him. I wonder where his soul went to or what his last thoughts were." said Link.

"Why would you care about any of that. He tried to kill you." said Midna.

"Others have tried to kill me before but yet we still remembered them after their passing, he is no different. He was but a man who tried to ascend to godhood. I can't forgive him for what he did but he still deserves some respect." said Link.

"I still find it hard to believe that you think that way. He controlled Zant, who was an outcast even among my people. Perhaps had he not done so then Zant may still be alive and not corrupt, maybe those who died to his hand would all be here still." said Midna.

"True, but then I never would have met you and either way the fate I was apparently destined for would find me eventually." said Link.

"I know. I know. It's just hard for me to accept that." said Midna.

"Well we cant change anything and I wouldn't want to anyways. I got to meet you and you are very important to me. If I lost you I'm not sure what I would do." said Link.

Midna just smiled at Link as he returned to looking at Ganondorfs body. Link then began moving about the room looking through tomes and books for any clue as to what he was supposed to find there. As the day carried on night began to fall and the magic lanterns sprang to life inside the room giving Link enough light to keep looking. Midna began to grow weary and pulled a sleeping roll from the void she had and laid down to rest. She wasn't comfortable sleeping near Ganondorf but as long as Link was there she was sure everything would be fine.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Jan 07, 2014 1:14 pm

As Link continued to look through book after book about Hyrules history or the history of Ganondorf through the ages he began to realize most of the history he already knew from the legends passed down generation to generation. The history of Ganondorf was a different story. As Link sat in a chair he glanced over at Midna who had been sleeping soundly for most of the night. Looking at one of the books in the pile he had collected he read the name in his mind. 'Ganondorf: King of thieves.'

Well I don't have very many places to turn to. thought Link.

Turning open the book and skimming through several pages Link began reading a portion about Ganondorfs history.

After the betrayal of the King Harkinian Ganondorf entered the Sacred realm and attempted to steal the Triforce, but upon touching the holy relic it split into three pieces because his heart was not pure. Seven years passed when the pieces were finally brought close together by the Princess Zelda and a hero clad in green. The hero managed to defeat Ganondorf in his terrible beast form when upon doing so the Princess banished Ganondorf to the sacred realm.

Over time the seal that the princess had used weakened and still being the holder of the Triforce of Power Ganondorf managed to escape from his imprisonment. He escaped after close to a thousand years. After escaping and not having any followers Ganondorf fled from Hyrule moving through the wilderness until he found a place he could reside in hiding. After several hundred years more he attempted to take over Hyrule once more. Failing miserably he once more fled. Time went on yet the shadow of evil hung over Hyrule like a curse. Ganondorf had reentered Hyrule and had made his way across the desert in search of his old home. He found the ancient structure known as the desert colossus standing alone and half buried in the sea of sand. The ancient tribe of women known as the Gerudo had long since died out when they attacked the castle in full force after the Princess Zelda first sealed Ganondorf away. Remnants of their society can still be found throughout Hyrule to this day though.

Several more years went on as Ganondorf began to build his power once more. He amassed armies of dark entities bent on destroying the light. When he made his attempt on Hyrule he very nearly succeeded, until the current Princess Zelda of that time called upon the sages to assist her as no hero clad in green had arose from the shadows. The sages fueled the Princesses magic allowing her to defeat Ganondorf herself and before she could deliver the final strike he vanished into thin air. It is unknown as to where Ganondorf went but after the current princess died and the new one took the throne several years later he made one more attempt single handedly to take over the castle. This time he had gained even more control over the Triforce of power and used it to obliterate the castle of old. The sages had to intervene and after restraining him with pure light magic they attempted to execute him with a sword forged of the same magic. The castle being destroyed resulted in the construction of the castle we know today. When the sages attempted to execute him the power of the Triforce once more saved him. He killed the sage of water and was then banished to the Twilight Realm as a last resort. Years passed and time went on as peace returned to Hyrule.

That peace ended when Zant a Twilian entered Hyrule and enveloped it in the twilight. Behind Zant was Ganondorf pulling the strings. After a short time a Hero clad in green re-emerged. He drove back the Twilight and put an end to Zant in the Twilight realm itself. After returning he realized that the evil had not been erased and upon reaching the castle Ganondorf had returned and was thirsty for vengeance. He wanted to kill the hero for what his ancestor had done to him ages in the past. The hero fought with Ganondorf and triumphed. Shortly after the Tomb for Ganondorf was constructed in secret except for a few members of the populace knowing about it. It was placed in the desert far from the prying eye. Ganondorf body rests there as of now and shall remain there for ages to come.

'Well that about sums it up. Not what I'm looking for though.' thought Link.

As Link closes the book and places his face in his hands he rest his elbows on his knees leaning forwards. As the tomb grows quiet a small sound can be heard by Links pointed ears. A normal human would never have noticed it but Links ears were more attuned to the silence. Link sat up straight an focused on the small rustling sound. Getting up from his chair he followed the sound to the center of the room, right in the middle of the white marble Triforce. The sound was coming from below it. Laying close to the floor Link realized that it was the sound of air shifting through the stones.

'This place should be air tight. Well it was made in secret. I didn't even know about it until after its completion. Before Ganondorf was placed here the remaining sages had taken his body.' thought Link.

Link began then looking for any clues as to a button or switch that would move the stones on the floor. He knew that there was something beneath the room and he was determined to find out what it was.

Link began moving books off the shelves one groups at a time listening for a latch to click. After going around the room and moving every book with no results he tried the bookshelves themselves. With no results from that the only place he could think of would be the marble coffin holding Ganondorfs body. Inspecting the carvings and markings Link could not find anything out of the ordinary. His last and final option made him cringe. He had no intention of touching the body when he arrived in the tomb but it was his last shot.

Link placed his arms underneath Ganondorfs body and Lifted him to the side. His left hand burned from the Triforce that was glowing brightly from coming into contact with Ganondorfs remains. As Link lifted the body up he saw an indent in the marble. Placing his hand over it he pressed down. The marble gave way and slid into the coffin. When Link looked at the center of the room the floor itself had vanished and instead a staircase leading down into the depths was revealed. Link gently lowered Ganondorfs body back onto the smooth marble and cautiously moved towards the spiraling staircase. Looking down into Link could see nothing but pitch black. He grabbed a torch from the wall and lit then dropped it into the opening. The light disappeared before he could even hear if it hit he bottom, as he listened he also heard nothing. Determined to find out just what was down at the bottom Link pulled out his lantern. As he took the first step down he glanced over at Midna who was till sleeping soundly on her mat. Link contemplated waking her but decided against it and proceeded to moved down the stairs.

As he descended he could not help but feel that something meant to be hidden from the rest of the world and forgotten was awaiting him. For him it made sense though. The body of Ganondorf to many would be enough to keep them away. If a giant gaping void of a staircase wasn't enough then the pitch blackness could be. But for someone to go through the trouble of hiding a button under the body of one of the most evil beings known to Hyrule meant that there was something of great importance down at the bottom. As Link walked he could only see the wall next to him and a few stairs in front or behind him. Looking up he could no longer see the light from the magic lanterns and was completely engulfed in darkness. Link continued for what seemed like hours until he finally reached the bottom.

When he touched the floor of the bottom he was surprised to find the same white marble Triforce on the ground except that this one had many runes and lines springing forth from it. Link then turned to find a source of light. Instead of it being the magical lanterns it was ordinary torches that lined the walls. Link extinguished his lantern and walked down the corridor that was eerily lit. Proceeding forward he could feel the air that was flowing through the structure. He knew a large room would be at the end of the corridor. When he reached the end what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. Inside the room was a black obsidian throne and behind it was a wall of murals and carvings. What shocked Link the most and made him immediately dread going there was on the throne sat a body. The body was lifeless and its head hung low the only sense of life was that the body had a white glowing scar in the center of its chest.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight
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