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 The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight

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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 8:29 pm

Stepping into the room and seeing the figure seated upon the throne Link immediately drew both of his swords. The sound of the blades scrapping against the scabbards was almost deafening in the quiet room. The figure on the throne did not move and showed no signs of life. Link cautiously edged forwards towards the throne. Looking closer he noticed that the figure had hair that was the color red. As Link moved closer still he heard the sound of magic behind him. Glancing back he noticed a barrier had been made that shimmered and shifted. Directing his attention back to the figure on the throne Link was startled to see that the figures hands were moving. Link remained between the throne and the doorway in a defensive position. As the figure began to move more its head rose up. What Link saw he never thought possible. Before him sat Ganondorf the dead king of the Gerudos.

"Ganondorf!" shouted Link.

The man on the throne turned his eyes towards Link as if he was slowly regaining consciousness.

"By the cursed Goddesses." mumbled the man.

"Just what is going on here!?" shouted Link to the figure.

"Be silent boy." said the man.

The man lifted his hand and moved it across the air in front of him. Doing so dispelled the barrier behind Link. Lowering his swords the smallest fraction Link moved closer to the man he presumed was Ganondorf.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am who you say I am. I am Ganondorf. Though I am dead." said the man.

"If you are dead then how are you here?" asked Link.

"What you see before you is but a shade of my old body. I no longer have a desire to kill, steal or a lust for power. I remember everything about my life yet could not let go in the last moments of our duel. Yes the Master Sword was able to defeat me but my soul clung to this world. Most likely a side effect of living so long." said Ganondorf.

"We thought you were gone for good." said Link.

"Oh but I am. I have no power here on this world or in the next. I can only dispel that barrier that appeared behind you. All else I am incapable of doing. I cannot even rise from this throne." said Ganondorf.

Link sheathed his swords yet remained where he was standing.

"Still don't believe me. Tell me is your left hand burning?" asked Ganondorf.

Link raised his left hand and noticed that it was in fact not burning nor giving off any light at all.

Ganondorf looked at Links hand as well.

"I see that the Triforce of Power has found a new host. Strange that it did not return to the Sacred Realm." said Ganondorf as he paused for a moment.

"Tell me. Why have you come here Link?" he continued.

Link was beginning to relax slightly as he realized that Ganondorf was telling the truth.

"I don't know. I was just drawn here in search of something. What it is. I still don't know." said Link.

"Perhaps I can help you then?" asked Ganondorf.

Link looked at him as though he was crazy.

"I know you don't trust me but as I said. I no longer have any desire for power and the furthest I could go from this room would be to the doorway before being drawn back to this throne." said Ganondorf.

"I'm guessing you came here looking for clues to the consequences of using the Triforce of Power?" asked Ganondorf.

Link sighed giving in since he had no other option to turn to.

"I think that's what I was drawn here for. Yes." he said.

"Well then you should know that besides the Goddesses I would know the most out of anyone on this planet." said Ganondorf.

Link sighed once more.

"How much have you used it and to what extent?" asked Ganondorf.

"Well I was killed by the mask of Majora and the goddesses awoke the Triforce within me. I couldn't completely defeat the mask but managed to save the Twilight Palace." said Link.

"History repeats itself it seems. I too was killed and the Power of the Triforce revived me and granted me with everlasting life. You mentioned Majora?" asked Ganondorf.

"Yes." said Link.  

"Then you truly do have something to fear. Majora is the only being in all the parallel worlds that was able to stand up to me and very nearly surpassed me. The only reason he did not do so was because I was already trapped in the Sacred Realm and your ancient ancestor had already defeated the mask once in a parallel world. Doing so sealed Majora away once more keeping him away from this world. And now you're telling me that he has come back but into the Twilight Realm?" asked Ganondorf.

"I already said yes." said Link.

"I heard you. I am just clarifying. Now tell me what happened after you finished using the Triforces power." said Ganondorf.

"I collapsed and every muscle in my body was severed and torn. The next morning however they had all repaired themselves and not a scratch was left on me." said Link.

"Hmm that would happen the first time using it. You're lucky it didn't consume your life force instead." said Ganondorf.

"What can you tell me of Majora?" asked Link.

"You have seen Twilian magic I'm sure. Imagine that combined with my dark magic amplified by two. Majora was an entity that rivaled that of gods. When he was finally struck down his power was divided between the mask, the fused shadows and his own body. His body was cast into the depths of one of the lower dimensions while the fused shadows were stolen by his followers and eventually they were banished by the Goddesses. The mask however was granted to the salesman. He is a strange one. He can walk between dimensions as though it is second nature and he was gifted with everlasting life. He was given the mask to be its guardian but it seems that he has failed if the mask was able to make it to the Twilight Realm." explained Ganondorf.

"What would you recommend I do then?" asked Link.

"You should be training and strengthening your use of both the Triforce of Power and Courage. If you do so then you may even be able to draw the Triforce of Wisdom out of the Princess Zelda. With a complete Triforce you can make your hearts desire come true." said Ganondorf.

"And how would I go about strengthening them?" asked Link.

"You will need a teacher. Seeing as I'm the most knowledgeable in the subject and won't be going anywhere anytime soon allow me to instruct you in the use of the power you now hold." said Ganondorf.

"Not a chance." said Link as he began to leave from the same way he came.

"Just remember Link. The time will come when you will need the power again and next time it may not come to you. When you change your mind I will be here waiting for your return." said Ganondorf calling after Link.

Link began walking up the long spiral staircase with his lantern out pondering what he had just learned.

Fighting Ganondorf alone had been hard enough. Now he would have to fight something even stronger and with more power than the Gerudo King. Link was never one to worry but something kept gnawing at him about what Ganondorf had told him.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 17, 2014 7:04 pm

Link emerged from the endless set of stairs to find that Midna was still asleep. Looking through the crystal opening he looked for the moon. From the angle of light pouring into the opening he guessed he had about four hours until dawn. As he moved away from the stairs the stone image of the Triforce returned as it had been before. A solid piece of stone. What amazed Link was that it appeared silently. Looking at Midna sleeping soundly facing towards the entrance of the tomb Link relaxed a small amount from his conversation with the shade of Ganondorf. Glancing at the body of the man he had killed five years ago he had an uneasy feeling.

Link then walked to Midna and shook her shoulder.

"It's time to go. Come on get up now." said Link softly.

Midna awoke with a start.

"What time is it?" she asked sleepily.

"Early. Very early. We need to go now though." said Link.

Midna slowly climbed to her feet and began transporting the chairs and sleeping roll to her pocket dimension. Link stood next to her and then began walking with her towards the exit once she motioned she was ready. Despite being tired she complied with Links request. The pair walked down the glowing hallway and the doors at the end opened as they approached. As they moved through the doorway Link glanced back inside the tomb and had to do a double take. He thought for just a second he had seen Ganondorf standing at his tomb with his arms crossed and smiling. Looking the second time though he was gone. Link shook his head giving the thought the excuse of being up all night.

Once they were out and in the cool desert air the moon hung over the horizon as if it was struggling to stay in the sky. Link breathed in the fresh air.

"Is it possible for you to take us to Southern Hyrule field?" asked Link.

"I barely am keeping myself awake. Its not possible right now. I'm sorry. replied Midna.

"Don't be sorry. Enter my shadow and rest. I'll get us to where we need to go, besides its been a while since I've trekked across Hyrule." said Link.

"Are you sure? I'd feel bad." said Midna.

Link just smiled and motioned for her to do so.

Sighing Midna entered Links shadow and slowly drifted back to sleep as Link set out across the desert on foot.

At least its cool right now. thought Link.

Link walked quickly across the desert sands, his blades scabbards clinking together on his hip. As he walked he kept thinking about what Ganondorf had said and offered. If Majora really was as powerful as he said ten Link and his friends would be in quite a bit of trouble. Link had barely managed to defeat Ganondorf. Without the Master Sword it would have been impossible. It was true that Link had grown stronger both physically and mentally in the past five years but this may be to much even for him. Before he realized it he was in the middle of the desert he was most familiar with and stood looking at the Arbiters Grounds.

I wonder what those sages know about this. he thought.

Leaving the thought behind he set out to the edge of the desert that overlooked lake Hylia. Link was never one to get nervous about anything but he was still effected by normal sensations like falling. Since he had the Triforce of courage the closest thing he could get to fear was falling. Stepping back a few paces he then ran and jumped off the edge of the desert and began falling towards the water below. With the sensation in his stomach dropping he braced for the impact. Straightening his body he plummeted into the water going rather deep before rising for air. Wiping the water from his eyes he began to swim to shore. Climbing out of the water close Fyers cannon he looked up to the bridge above him. He needed to get back to the castle and return the key to Zelda. As Link approached Fyers cannon he noticed that Fyer was asleep. Link hated to wake him but he needed to get back as soon as possible. He gently nudged Fyers shoulder who awoke startled to see Link before him.

"Link my boy, what a nice surprise. What can I do for you? A ride to the desert? Or perhaps the Sky?" asked Fyer.

"I just need a shot to the top out of the Hylia basin. I'm on my way to the castle." said Link.

"Oh important business I see. Lets see that will be thirty rupees." said Fyer.

Link handed him the rupees and stepped inside the canon. When the shot went off it echoed in the Hylia basin for a short time, but by that time Link was high in the air coming down to the earth. Landing softly on his feet Link searched through his pouch to find his horse call. Noticing it was not there he began looking for the piece of grass that had always worked before. finding his mark he plucked the flowering end and blew a few short notes into it and to his happiness a whinny was hear in the distance. Links favorite horse Epona came rushing towards him.

With a smile on his face Link greeted the horse with a hug around its neck.

"How have you been girl. Sorry I've been away so long." said Link.

Epona snorted in response.

"Ready for a ride in the night?" asked Link.

Epona reared up on her hind legs in response with an excited whinny.

Link smiled then climbed into her saddle. Taking the reigns he directed her towards the castle. Giving her a light kick in the sides Epona took off at a gallop towards the castle. Link relaxed as the wind began blowing past his face. He had not experienced it for quite some time and it brought a certain sense of peace to his mind. As Epona rode to the castle Link let go of the reigns, she was trained well enough to know where to go after being directed to the destination.

"Take me there safely girl." said Link.

He then leaned his body against the horses neck and slowly drifted into a half sleep state. He knew he was moving but his body paid no attention to the surroundings. He remained in this state as Epona arrived at the market towns gates. Sensing that her master was not paying attention she moved past the gates and into the market. The guards allowed her to pass once they noticed Link. Lucky for Epona no civilians were out in the streets just yet since it was still early morning. Epona made her way towards the castles main gates and entered after the guards opened it for her. Epona rode directly to the main doorway into the palace then simply stood there waiting for Link to awake. Link did not stir until a guard went and woke Cyrus to tell him that a horse and a man were outside the castle. Cyrus opened the door and chuckled noticing it was Link.

Cyrus then patted Links arm rousing him from his trance.

"Oh Cyrus. How long have I been here?" asked Link.

"Not long. What brings you to the castle at this time of night?" asked Cyrus.

"I have something of great importance to tell Zelda. Her ears only." said Link.

"I understand. Shall I wake her then?" asked Cyrus.  

"No, that's alright. A bed is all I need right now. It can wait until the morning I suppose." said Link.

"That wont be a problem. If you'll follow me master Link. I'll show you to a guest bedroom." said Cyrus.

Link climbed off of Epona and brushed her neck.

"Be good girl. Go on home now. Ilia can give you a good brushing in the morning." said Link.

Epona snorted once more but turned to leave her hooves clicking on the smooth stones.

Link followed Cyrus into the castle and walked with the man until they reached the guest bedrooms.

"Here you are master Link. If you need anything just ring one of the bells and a servant will arrive shortly after." said Cyrus.

"Thank you Cyrus, I'll be alright though. Sorry to disturb your sleep." said Link.

"Its no problem master Link. You rest up now." said Cyrus as he turned to leave.

Link opened the door to the guest bedroom and slowly made his way to the bed. Sitting on the edge he figured it would be large enough for both him and Midna. He un-belted his swords from his hip and set them on a chair in the corner of the room. After removing his boots he laid down in the soft bed and quickly fell asleep to his thoughts.


The following morning Link awoke to Midna laying her head on his chest with her amber hair flowing about the bed. Sighing he wondered when she had awoken from his shadow and laid down with him. Regardless it was early morning an a few hours had passed since he fell asleep. The sun is what woke him up. Link carefully slid his way out from under Midna and stretched in the sunlight. He walked to the window and looked outside placing his hands on either side of the small window ledge. Opening the glass he allowed fresh morning air to enter the room.

A few moments later he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind. Midna appeared behind him as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Good morning Hero." she said happily.

"Good morning my Princess." Link responded looking at her. He then leaned back for a quick kiss which she happily obliged.

"When did we get here?" asked Midna.

"Late last night. Maybe four hours ago." said Link.

"So what did you find in that tomb? Anything you were looking for?" asked Midna.

"Yes I did and you and Zelda both need to hear it at the same time." said Link.

"Shall we go find her then?" asked Midna with a smile on her face. Link turned in her arms and smiled.

"Lets." he said.

The couple left the room looking for Zelda. They decided to check the grand hall since breakfast would be served shortly. Entering the large room filled with table they saw servants and maids alike eating happily. Many smiled at the couple as they entered. At the far end of the room at a longer table sat Zelda with Cyrus behind her. She was eating her breakfast silently and looked as though she was about to fall asleep. Glancing up she saw the couple and immediately was alert.

Link and Midna drew closer and then sat at the table with Zelda. Cyrus then left to get them plates of food.

"Welcome back you two. I had heard that you arrived late last night." said Zelda.

"We did." said Link placing his hands on the table. AS he did his left hand flared up briefly as did Zeldas. She looked at Link curiously.

"So when did you get the Triforce of Power?" she asked.

"Not long ago actually." said Link.

"He nearly died when he first got it." said Midna.

"I see. Well what did find in the tomb then?" asked Zelda looking at both of them.

"I don't even know what he found." said Midna.

"Lets enjoy breakfast before getting down to business." said Link.

The two agreed and as Cyrus brought out their plates Link and Midna ate hungrily. For Link it was like a mini heaven eating Hyrulian food. It reminded him of Ordon. After clearing their plates Link cleared his throat.

"You two are not going to like this one bit. Ganondorf is still alive in some sense."
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 19, 2014 11:05 am

Zelda calmly pushed her plate away from in front of her and then interlocked her fingers before setting them down on the table. Midna gave Link a look of shock.

"If this is coming from you then it must be serious." said Zelda.

"I said he is alive in some sense. He isn't really living. He is but a shade of himself, his soul attached itself to this world. He is powerless and claims to have no desire for conquering, death or destruction." said Link.

"Those claims would be hard for anyone to believe." said Zelda.

"Why didn't you tell me last night?" asked Midna.

"He effected both of your lives immensely so I felt that both of you should hear it together." said Link.

"That does make sense." said Zelda.

"He also offered to train me in using my Triforces." said Link.

Zelda sighed before responding. "I hate to admit it but out of everyone on this world he would know the most about them. I barely even know how mine works." said Zelda.

"You aren't going to accept his offer are you?" asked Midna.

"It depends. He had information on Majora. He told me that Majora can use pure Twilian magic and is much much stronger than Ganondorf himself. It was hard enough to beat him, now there is something stronger than even him. We could use all the help we could get." said Link.

"I suppose that is true but if its from Ganondorf you would have to always be wary." said Zelda.

"I know. It just never hurts to have extra help is all." said Link.

"I'm not sure about this though." said Midna.

"Don't worry I haven't made any decisions as of yet. I think for now we can return to the Twilight realm and assist our friends there. Perhaps Griffin and Evander have found something in Lunastria." said Link.

"Thats right. I did send them there to begin researching it." said Midna.

"Alright then its settled. We head back to the Twilight realm." said Link.

The three stood up and exchanged hugs before parting ways.

"You two be careful out there. And Link, don't do anything reckless." said Zelda.

Link could only smile at her from the comment.

Link and Midna made there way out of the castle and through the market to the gates.

"How about we ride Epona there. I didn't get to see her last night." said Midna.

"That sounds good to me." said Link as he began searching for the blade of grass he needed.

Finding it her blew the short notes needed to call Epona. After a whinny was heard in the distance Epona arrived happy to see her master once more.

"Can you carry two of us girl?" asked Link.

Epona tapped one of her hooves in response and turned to allow the couple onto her back.

"I just realized I've never actually ridden on Epona before." said Midna.

"Don't worry she is a great horse. Now up you go." said Link as he lifted Midna into the saddle then he pulled himself up.

Link took the reigns and began directing her towards the Twilian portal in the mountains.


Meanwhile within the Twilight realm in the ruins of the ancient city of Lunastria Evander and Griffin were making headway on their research of the forgotten city. They had begun by setting up a basic base of operations inside the temple at the very top of the city. They then began dividing the scholars and archaeologist into smaller groups. The city was to large for them to cover all of it. So they divided it on a small map into six sections. The area for the scholars to sleep would be outside the temple in tents. Griffin and Evander would study the temple itself while the different groups would go to their assigned locations of the third tier, second tier and first tier. So far their findings had concluded that the first tier was for more of the common populace and was the largest of the three tiers. The second tier was for higher class members of society and more of the business areas were located there. The third tier was for nobleman and many cathedral like structures were found there.

Evander and Griffin felt right at home within the temple itself. Despite nearly having Link be defeated there they were amazed at the craftsmanship that went into the structure. They had begun by copying down symbols and words of text that were carved into the walls. They had some of their scholars draw the carvings and murals that were also within the temple. As they began reviewing their notes and pictures they began to see a correlation. Many of the texts mentioned three beings of power, some of the carvings and murals could be seen with three heavenly looking figures. Griffin had been taking extra time to study the carvings more closely. He followed the carving around the main room of the Temple and realized that it was telling a story. The creation of a world, the gift of life, evil is born and spreads, weapons are crafted to fight back, three beings gift three mortals, banishment, the construction of Lunastria, one figure holding a blade, then three blades lined up next to each other then finally the separation of the three blades across the dimensions.

With a sudden realization Griffin discovered that the blade Umbra and the Master Sword were depicted in the carvings. Looking closer he had no idea what the third blade was. The main thing that the scholars had discovered along with Evander was that the people who lived within the city all had a obsession with the the number of three. The cathedral structures all had three platforms and the murals within always depicted three beings, some were light and others were dark.

"Evander what do you think of this place?" asked Griffin.

"I believe that this was one of the very first city to be constructed when our ancient ancestors were banished to this realm. I believe that the three beings depicted are the goddesses from Hyrule. The blades would have to be Umbra the Master Sword and I'm unsure of the last one. The people who lived here many ages ago were followers of the goddesses, despite harboring a hate for them all at the same time. They continued their faith hoping that one day the goddesses would forgive them, yet when no sign of forgiveness was received their hate drove them to create Umbra. With the carving of the three blades all together, that one puzzles me. They could all have been together at some point or they could be representing that they are linked somehow. Regardless there is still much we have to learn of this place." said Evander.

"But the real question is what happened to the people who once lived here. Where did they go and how did a city vanish overnight?" asked Griffin.

"I don't have the answers yet but with more searching we may be able to discover the answers to those questions." said Evander.


Within the third tier of Lunastria a group of scholars were researching one of the cathedrals that were common to the third tier.

"Careful not to break anything."

"You should do the same."

"Take a look at these carvings."

"That almost looks like a sun."

The scholars looked closer at one of the carvings. In the center of the wall was a circle with flares moving outwards from it. Once of the scholars brushed his hand against it but lost his footing leaning forwards. Instead of his hand stopping at the wall it pushed the circle inwards. A audible click could be heard and then at the front of the structure behind one of the raised platforms the wall began to open inwards. The scholars walked closer to the opening a peered inside all they could see was inky blackness.

"Send word to Evander and Griffin. This may be important to them."


Back within the temple a messenger had just arrived out of breath looking for Evander and Griffin.

"Sirs. While examining one of the cathedrals in the third tier a group of scholars discovered a hidden opening and thought it best to advise you before taking any further action."

Evanders and Griffins eyes lit up with excitement.

"Show us the way." said Evander.


After the messenger had led them to the cathedral the group of scholars were there waiting beside the opening in the wall. Evander pulled a lantern fro his traveling pack and lit it.

"Alright. Griffin and I will go in first. The rest of you follow behind. Make sure your lanterns have enough oil." said Evander.

Once they were all ready they began to enter the hidden hallway. All their lanterns illuminated were the black walls around them. The group was silent as they walked forwards except for the sound of their shoes hitting the floor. As they proceeded further in Evander passed a torch. He grabbed it from the sconce on the wall and lit it. Putting his lantern away he led with the torch. The other members of the group did the same as they passed more of the torches. Griffin was getting quite curious as to what would be awaiting them at the end of the hallway. So far it had been only darkness but he was in for quite a surprise. Evander noticed that at the edge of his torch light the light was beginning to fan out.

"There is a room ahead. I want all of you to be careful. We don't know what is inside of it." said Evander.

Moving forwards into a massive room that was filled with only darkness beyond their torches the group proceeded slowly and carefully. Griffin began looking towards the floor and noticed that there were slots that traveled along the floor itself. Inside the slots was a black sticky substance. Putting some on his finger he smelled it. It was tar. Looking left and right along the slot he figured it led to the center of the room. Griffin then placed his torch inside the tar. It ignited quickly and the flame began to spread quickly in both directions. It moved towards the center and towards a wall lighting the area around it. the flame then spread up the wall igniting torches that were in the path of the tar. The group of scholars stopped to watch the flame spread through the room. It reached the center and formed a ring of fire that then branched off and began lighting other torches along the wall and along pillars that were so far unnoticed. Once the entire room was lit and the tar had burned out the group could finally see what was before them. In the center of the room was a large slab of stone and inside of it were three Triangles made of poured silver.

"The Triforce." whispered Griffin.

"Thats not all. Look in the center. That is a pedestal meant for a blade." said Evander.

Evander then turned to one of the scholars who had joined them.

"Send word to one of the soldiers that was dispatched with us and tell him to take word to Jonas that Link is needed here as soon as he can get here. Midna should come with him as well. Hurry now. Make haste." said Evander as the scholar took off at a run to find a guard.

"Just what is going on in this place?" asked Evander aloud.
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight   The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 9:49 pm

Link and Midna had arrived at the temple that would take them back to the Twilight realm.

"Well I wonder what Evander and Griffin have found." said Midna.

"I'm interested as well. There could be many things hidden within Lunastria." said Link.

Link and Midna entered into the giant building and made their way to the portal. Holding each others hands they stepped into the ring of light and were gone in an instant. They reappeared within Majoras temple. The pair then made their way up the many steps to the exit. Emerging into the now fully grown forest they walked along the path to the entrance. Once they had arrived at the edge of the forest Link summoned Famine and War the two horses obediently obeyed his commands and allowed the two onto their backs. They then took off at speed towards the Twilight palace. A few short hours later they arrived with the palace in a state of slight disarray. The guards and staff were frantically searching for Link and Midna all while trying to attend to their duties. When one guard spotted them he approached them quickly.

"Your highness, Jonas has need to speak with you urgently. He is in the great hall awaiting your arrival." said the guard.

Link and Midna looked at each other then made their way quickly to the great hall. When they arrived Jonas was standing in front of a circle drawn on the ground.

"Ah Midna, Link I'm glad you have arrived. I have need of Link more specifically." said Jonas.

"What is it?" Whats wrong?" asked Midna.

"I myself don't know all the details but Evander sent a guard from Lunastria to summon you both. He said something about an important find. Anyways he also informed the guard that he would make a linking circle so that you and Link could get to them quickly." said Jonas.

What could he need me for? thought Link.

"Alright, well we better not keep him waiting any longer. Lets go." said Link.

Midna followed behind Link and entered the circle. The words surrounding it glowed bright red then the pair was gone in an instant.


Within the hidden chamber inside the city of Lunastria Evander and Griffin were trying their best to maintain their patience while waiting for Link and Midna. Just when it seemed as though they would both fail at that the linking circle that Evander had drawn began to glow bright red then in the next instant Link and Midna were standing before them. When the pair opened their eyes they were amazed at the sight before them. They were looking at what Evander and Griffin had seen only a few hours ago.

"Finally, its about time you two showed up." said Evander.

"Sorry we were taking care of somethings in the Light realm." said Midna.

Lapsing in his concentration Evander was suddenly curious about the Light realm.

"Really what sort of...That isn't important right now. Link I more specifically wanted you here." said Evander.

"What for?" asked Link.

Evander responded by moving behind Link and pushing him towards the center of the room.

"Hey easy there Evand..." he said as he trailed off by what he saw.

"By the goddesses..." Link continued.

"Our response exactly." said Griffin who had followed behind Evander.

"What is this doing here. It looks just like the one in the Temple of Time back in the Light realm minus the silver Triforce laid into the ground." said Link.

"So you're telling me that there is another one of these pedestals in your realm." said Evander.

"Well you did think it would be important for him." said Griffin.

"Yes but only because of the mark on his left hand. I never thought there may be more than one of these pedestals." said Evander.  

"I wonder what it does." said Griffin.

"Well in the Light realm when I placed the Master Sword into the pedestal it opened a door to a dungeon the first time and the second time it allowed me to actually travel through time." said Link.

"Fascinating. I really wish I could have been there to see it." said Evander.

"Maybe you should try it here." said Griffin.

"Maybe something will happen." said Midna.

Link drew the Master Sword from its scabbard and let the ringing sound die out before flipping it so it was pointing towards the ground. He then stepped up to the pedestal and placed himself in a stance. He then raised the Master Sword into the air and brought it down plunging it into the pedestal before him. At first the group held their breath waiting for something to happen. After a few moments nothing seemed out of the ordinary then they finally released their held breath.

"Maybe it doesn't work like it does back in the Light realm." said Link.

"Wait a moment, this room was designed for a specific purpose. The pedestal must be important. Link try it with Umbra." said Griffin.

Link shrugged. "Worth a shot." he said.

He sheathed the Master Sword and drew Umbra and let its ringing die out before tilting it towards the pedestal. Link raised the blade up then plunged it straight downwards into the pedestal. Instantly the silver Triforce around the pedestal began to glow brightly.

"Get back Griffin!" shouted Evander.

Link was unable to remove his hands from the grip of Umbra and was stuck where he was. As the light grew a blast of air erupted from the Triforce pushing the group further away from Link. The other scholars that were on the edges of the room covered themselves from the light and wind. Midna, Griffin and Evander managed to stay on their feet to observe what was happening. Link was being wrapped in a bright light that they could not see through. The wind was getting stronger then just as it seemed it would blow them all away the wind stopped and the light shot straight out of the pommel of Umbra. Link was still unable to release his grip but followed the light anyways. The light hit a beacon, the beacon then switched from black to white. On the other side of the room a wall disappeared to reveal a perfectly smooth mirror. Within the mirror only Link could see what was inside of it. Staring back at him was his reflection as it had been in the temple above, the image dark and his eyes red. It was the image of Umbra. The reflection released its grip and began walking towards the mirror. It stuck its hand through and gripped the sides. Pulling itself out all in the room could see it. It began walking towards Link unaffected by the wind. Once it stood directly in front of him it also placed its hands on the grip of Umbra. The reflection then pushed down on Umbra forcing the blade even further into the pedestal driving Link to his knees, the reflection did the same. It then turned the sword in the pedestal to where an audible click could be heard.

The wind immediately died away and the light faded from the room. The reflection remained and pried Links hands off the grip of Umbra, it then helped Link to his feet once more before vanishing back into the mirror as a cloud of black smoke.

"Master, that was not me. That was a guardian of this place. Had you been unworthy you would have been killed." said Umbra in the back of Links mind.

What is this place then?" asked Link.

"Even I do not know." replied Umbra.

Link sighed now that he could stand once more. Looking down all he could see was Umbras hilt sticking up out of the pedestal.

"Link are you alright?" asked Midna.

"I'm fine, Umbra told me that I could have been killed just then though." said Link.

"Well that doesn't make me feel better." said Midna.

"Nor I." said Evander.

"So what just happened then?" asked Griffin.

"Well for one the mirror is now gone and there is a lit tunnel behind it." said Link.

"Lets start there then." said Evander.

The group moved into the tunnel and emerged into a much smaller room but it stopped them dead in their tracks. On the wall was a carving of Majoras mask with a body attached, beneath the body was a sea of roaring fire and Majora was the source. But what stopped them even more than the carving was the fact that they were not alone. In the middle of the room was a pedestal with a book resting upon it and in front of the pedestal was a figure clothed in purple with a rather large pack adorned with strange, exotic looking masks.

The figure turned to face them then laughed softly.

"Hehehehe... ... ...You will suffer a terrible fate, wont you."
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The Legend of Zelda: Return to Twilight
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