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 The Book of Mysuri

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The Book of Mysuri Empty
PostSubject: The Book of Mysuri   The Book of Mysuri Icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2013 1:47 am

Maybe since I have this place, I'll be able to actually write this thing. Here's to hoping the site gives me an extra push to finish it faster. (Still will take forever)
For now here's the opening paragraph. Note: it's supposed to have a different feel to it then the rest of the story, the rest should feel more light.

As loose leaves blow across the pavement on a chilly summer night, the streetlights were shining selective spots along the road every few yards.  A figure is seen running along the sidewalk. Every few blocks held a streetlamp, the searchlights only shining on him for a split-second as the figure keeps his pace. However, his muscles force their will soon enough and the figure slows to a more manageable pace. Passing through a light, the boy, in torn jeans and a hoodie, slowly walked through the peep hole of light and sidestepped an overgrown hedge.
He brushed a leaf off his arm and glanced at the stray cat that sprinted from a nearby bush. It half meowed and half hissed before shooting down the hill. Ignoring the feline, he kept walking toward the next streetlight, brunette hair long since combed hanging in his eyes.  While reaching into his shirt, he glanced at the moon and stopped walking. The moon, only a few days left before completion, was only partially hidden on the corner by a cloud, reflecting perfectly in his green eyes, making them shimmer.
He pulled out from his shirt what appeared to be a pocket watch on a necklace chain. The outside was decorated with engravings of several celestial designs and patterns, but when the boy opened it, instead of hands and numbers over the face, there were intricate gears most like edged rings with small runes carved in them. In the light from the street lamp, the boy could see the well oiled gears turning steadily.
A gentle wind blew against his face only to quickly disappear while the twinkle in the stars seemed more stricken, stiff even.  He glanced at the moon, glaring at its beauty, beauty so out of place. Placing the watch back within his shirt, the boy continued walking over the hill, eventually disappearing into the shadows of night.

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Posts : 714
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Join date : 2013-02-11
Location : I am in the forest walking around...
Humor : They told me I was supposed to act 'normal', ha! good one.
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The Book of Mysuri Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Book of Mysuri   The Book of Mysuri Icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 1:09 am

Part 1 The Awakening: Chapter 1-1 Foreshadowing

A decently busy day thought Liliah, pushing a strand of brown hair from her face. She rung off the last customer in line and passed the machine to her part-time worker Sam after handing the bag of purchased books to the customer.
“I’ll be restocking some shelves and see how everyone’s doing.” Liliah said as Sam nodded.
Liliah walked past some people through her lovely book store. She loved making it a nice place to read and made a reading center in each main area; one in the kids, teens and adults.  Originally such a small store; after the library was completely destroyed in a flooded mudslide, the town voted to expand her simple book store so people can just enjoy reading. Many books are still sold, but some community and school student groups like to use the back room as a place for meetings. A place with multipurpose. She also did a great job of keeping out citizens in love with coffee; no ruined carpet in her store.
She made her way to the small storage room making mental notes of the books really selling at the time. If in the room she’ll bring it out; otherwise, she’ll have to drive to her actual storage house to replace her inventory.  She grabbed a few fictions and returned to the main area. She wove her way past darting kids itching to read the next issue of their children’s marvel magazine.
She got stopped by a teen girl in a purple accented black tee shirt and shorts. “Do you have My Dire Romance by Madison Clarkson in?” she asked hopeful.
“Yes, we did get some in. You can check the teen fiction section under C.  It’s just along that wall on your far right. The rack should wrap inward toward the standing shelf.”
“Thank you so much!” she exclaimed before hurrying on.
Liliah started placing some books on a nearby shelf. Two older teen boys made their way to her. One was pale and blond while the other was slightly tanned with dark brown hair. Both had a thinner stature with a thickness of hidden inner strength from the same martial arts lessons; slightly lengthy hair and walked identically; upperclassmen from the local high school and store regulars.  She stood from crouching for the low shelf as they greeted her.
“Hello Aaron and Elliot. How can I help you two today?” she questioned with a smile.
“We were wondering if the back room was still free for us to use next week,” said Elliot through his blond bangs.
“Of course, we have no one else interested for these next two weeks.”
“Then ‘the Brotherhood’ will be pleased,” Aaron stated enthusiastically.
“Yes and your order for the Harunka Magazine and Mikashi: The Japanese Tale is in Elliot. You can pick it up at the desk whenever you want,” Liliah said.
“Thank you,” Elliot said. “I’ll pick them up in a few.”
“We’ll let you get back to work now Liliah. See you.” Aaron said waving.
“See you two later.” Liliah said as she waved them away and went back to her stack of books.  She placed another two on shelves, helped direct a man toward the sports section, and was just putting a cooking book on the shelf when she heard her name.
“Liliah, Hey!” She turned around to come staring face to face at a women with wavy deep brown hair and a big smile. She was wearing a light green shirt with dark denim skinny jeans and a pair of designer heels originally bought on clearance. Her stance was very excited and somewhat antsy. Liliah grinned.
“Hey yourself Vivian,” Liliah remarked. “Why are you in my store? Shouldn’t you be running your own right now?”
“What? I can’t see my dear friend?”
“It’s sort of work hours right now.”
“I know.  That’s why I put my second in command in charge of everything while I drove by.”
“I see.” Liliah said, straightening a few fallen novels. “So how’s the new line of shampoo? I heard you had to really rearrange a lot of the other items like candles and incenses.”
“Oh. It’s marvelous,” Vivian said heartily.  “The sales are top notch. Yes, I moved the candles from the front, but the incenses fit perfectly next to the perfumes near the plant section.  My ladies even figured out how to keep the store from being over powered with scents.”
“Oh yes quite marvelous. So why did you stop in again?” Liliah questioned with a raised eyebrow.
“Because I wanted to tell you that one of the new shampoos is walnut acorn scent and how I saw the bushiest tailed squirrel sniffing and scratching at my store’s window.  It was the cutest thing you could ever see on a Thursday morning!”
“Well, I wouldn’t have dreamt you would leave your business just to tell me about an awkward squirrel, no matter how cute,” Liliah said. “But you should leave me to my books.”
“Oh that’s right!" Vivian blurted. “I do have official business that’s just so odd, you know?”
“Um, you haven’t told me yet, so no, I don’t know yet.”
“I had a really weird dream last night. It was about a book.”
“Really, what happened?” Liliah asked, turning her attention away from her stack of magazines.
“I’m not overly sure. Most of it was fuzzy,” Vivian said. “But I do remember the book, a random cat meowing in a deciduous tree, and a gorgeous green eyed hunk. I think he was my very own fireman.” She sighed heartily.
“Well I can definitely see you dreaming of a cat being stuck in a tree; I’m sure you could tell me the type of tree, don’t. You and your fireman I will never understand.  But my curiosity about this book is skyrocketing.  Please describe this book so my exponentially increasing interest stops.” Liliah said laughing.
Vivian closed her eyes to think for a minute.  “It was a decent size but still pretty portable. It was dark almost black in color, but had brighter colors for the pattern.  The spine and corners had a ‘steam punk’ lattice idea.  The front was a divided circle, each section with a complicated symbol, but I know plants not whatever those were.  One looked like a Venus flytrap tribal tattoo; another, an aster; and one more looked like a Lobster claw tribal tattoo.”
“Lobster claw, isn’t that not a flower?” Liliah questioned.
“Right, you wouldn’t know.  It’s a red orange flower; petals rolled on top of each other like a small cup making it appear like a lobster claw.”
“That would make more sense. Um… you know? That description sounds like something I have in my book storage shed.  I mean, I sell a lot of books, they all can look similar but this one slightly sticks out more to me.”
“We should go look for it then,” Vivian suggested.
“Um… Viv. It’s another three hours ‘til I close. It can wait for tomorrow.”
“But I feel like we should look for it now.”
“Unlike some people, I stick around my business all day. I don’t have the extra part-time workers to leave whenever.”
“Stupid nonstop hardworking dog.” Vivian scowled.
“Woof,” Liliah said walking past her to push in a kid’s room reading chair.
“Bothersome dingo.”
“You know it.”
Vivian frowned harder. Liliah just smiled.
“Well, I have my own things to do, I guess.
“Wonderful, then we can look for it tomorrow.”
Vivian just huffed before leaving.  Liliah went on doing all the normal details of a semi-busy work day.  She had no troubles except for a kid trying to bring a pet into the store, which was dismissed easily.

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Roleplay Characters

The Book of Mysuri Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Book of Mysuri   The Book of Mysuri Icon_minitimeWed Jul 24, 2013 11:58 pm

Chapter 1-2

Vivian went home after closing her store.  She could still smell the apple cinnamon and shampoo scents over her.  After a quick dinner and a relaxing bath, she changed into a pair of comfy pajamas and soon fell asleep.

Vivian was walking along a bright grass field.  The wind was gently blowing and drew her attention behind her.  She turned to see the figure of a man leaning against a large oak tree.  Vivian tried approaching but soon tripped on a rock hidden in the green grasses.  After regaining her balance, she slowly walked to the man, noticing his brown coat and amber brown hair.  The man, still halfway hidden by the tree, shifted something out of Vivian’s view before speaking.
“So the woman finally saunters over here, taking her good old time,” he said without turning to her.  Vivian stopped in her tracks from his voice.  It sounded distant but she could sense the silky harmonious tones layered behind the sarcasm.
“Who are you and how did you know to wait for me?” she asked, determined to get an answer.
“Careful, curiosity kill the cat and hostility spoils the lady’s beauty.”
“Save it, tell me your name.” She received no answer.  “Why won’t you tell me?”
“It’s not time yet, as much as it would please you; however, I have some rules to abide to.  Besides, that would ruin the fun.”
Vivian grew too frustrated and ran to him.  When she got near enough to make out most of his facial details, he circled around to the other side of the tree.  She followed but found no one. She looked down and saw the black patterned book she described to Liliah dropped right by the tree base.  She sighed and went to pick up the book.  When her fingers were mere inches from it, it vaporized.
“Not yet, my Lady Cat.” Vivian could hear his voice but not pinpoint his location.  “You need Madame Dog with you before you can claim anything.”
“Show yourself!!” she shouted at open air.

Vivian found herself in her dark bedroom after bolting upright in bed.  She just shouted through the shadows at her closet.  Not at the air, not at the grass field, not at the mysterious man.  She felt a drop of sweat slide down her temple.
“That’s the third night this week,” she said hugging herself. “First, I dream a cat leads me to that book, before dumping a shredded mouse on my lap.  Then, this guy drops the book in my store before running off while a lit candle falls on it setting it ablaze and now this!” she sighed loudly.  “Okay sure, nothing was destroyed this time around, but ‘he’ is so creepy and I don’t know what to make of this.”
Vivian reached over to her night stand, turned on her lamp and picked up her phone receiver dialing Liliah.  The signal went through, it was ringing.  On the third ring, Vivian heard a tired hello and a yawn.
“Hey Lil, it’s Vivian calling.”
“Yeah, obviously, who else would call me now?”  Vivian could hear the crankiness behind her friend’s voice.  But Liliah’s sass wouldn’t drop that quickly.  “Do you have any idea how late it is?”
“No, actually,” Vivian said thoughtfully.  She looked at her clock; it read 1:36a.m.  She didn’t look away ‘til it switched to the next minute.
“Oh I’m so sorry Liliah,” she exclaimed.  “But I just had to call you.”
“I’m sure. So, how come?” Liliah said, regaining her patience.
“I really think we should go look for that book.”
“It’s about 1:40 in the morning, and by morning I mean in the middle of the night and when we should be getting our rest.  Why can’t this wait until morning?”
“I keep dreaming about the book and I’m convinced it’s important.  We should totally go look for it.” Vivian could hear a faint groan from the other end of the line.
“I mean, yea it’s very important.  But we don’t have to if you don’t feel up for it,” she said sweetly.
“No.  We’ll go,” Liliah concluded.  “I’ll never hear the end of it otherwise.”
“Perfect.  Good obedient dog. But I don’t drive near your storage house that often.  I’d get lost.”
“Any cat knows its territory better than you do yours.” Liliah mumbled.  Vivian only giggled.
“But you love me more than those, plus I buy you amazing birthday gifts,”
she said cheerfully.
Liliah sighed loudly.  This was going to be a very long night, a very long night indeed.  “Fine, I’ll pick you up then. See you in twenty,” she said then hung up.

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PostSubject: Re: The Book of Mysuri   The Book of Mysuri Icon_minitimeSun Jul 28, 2013 1:09 pm

Chapter 2-1 The Book of Mysuri

As the waning gibbous moon glowed, the car came to a halt in front of a small building, sturdy but old enough to still be questioned. The thicker trees and broken down concrete driveway made the impression it was in the middle of a distant forest yet it was still close to town and the book store; one of the reasons Liliah bought it in the first place. The young women got out of the vehicle and Liliah turned on the flashlight. She made her way through the crisp air toward the door.  Vivian knocked her head on the car roof on her way out.  Liliah just rolled her eyes at the small yelp and went to fetch the storage house key from her pocket.
Vivian whined. “Why did we choose to come and find that book during the middle of the night?”
“Because we like making it difficult for ourselves, and having a sense of adventure is always appreciated. Why? Are you scared Miss Kitty?” Liliah teased.
“I just think the daytime would be so much better.”
“It was your idea to come now with such great urgency. Remember?”
“So? This is important, just maybe daylight important.”
“Alright miss panic cat-attack,” Liliah said irritably, “if you really don’t trust it here then go back in the car and grab the baseball bat. It makes a wonderful ‘anti-creep stick’.”
“Maybe I will,” Vivian huffed. “I think I’ll grab the duct-tape too.”
Liliah sighed while opening the door and flipped on the light. I hope she gets the silver one instead of finding the neon, she wondered.  The teen anime club is using my store for their next meeting and said they needed some for a project. Speaking of project, I have one I am about to begin. I guess I should start with shelf Delta then check Theta. The shack looked like its own grand library, stacks of boxes mixed in between rows of shelving lined with all kinds of books. Organized of course by how often she needed replacement stock, common sell outs, personals, books in general, and everything else in her inventory. It was a pleasant cross between the clean needs of a perfectionist and the art of a slob. Everything had a place within a place but a warehouse look enhanced the personal touch of a busy store owner.
Liliah waited for her dear friend to make her way in the shelving aisle she stopped in. Coming around the corner, she was holding the bat in a stiff, protected manner with a determined if terrified look on her face. “I’m ready.” She said, with a squeak in the back of her throat.
“Great,” Liliah said with a sympathetic look, “I want you to start looking on this shelf while I check the next one. I know it won’t be in with the main merchandise section so we can skip that whole wall. It’s bound to be in either my personals or the boxes of stuff I haven’t gotten into yet. And you can relax, you know? I am skilled in self defense and you have that lovely wooden bat.”
Vivian took a second to really think about the situation. “Oh fine. But it’s staying right next to me for safe keeping,” she said.
“As you wish, as long as you start searching.” Liliah replied, turning her attention towards the first box on a shelf.
After noticing it was filled with magazines, she closed it back up and moved to the rack below.  The next box had books that haven’t been organized into the system yet. Most were children’s novels and cooking books with a few useless others. The next box was filled with sports directories. At this rate, I will go through the entire six to seven hundreds in the library and Vivian would be stuck looking at one of the romances lying around. Upon thinking her name, Liliah almost immediately heard a sneeze coming around the back of the book shelf.
“Why are you thinking about me?” Vivian questioned with a small sniffle.
“Why do you assume it was me?” Liliah said “Bless you, by the way.”
“Who else would be? I don’t know any cute firemen,” Vivian sighed. “Besides, my nose always itches in the same spot when it’s you.”
“Okay fine.  I was wondering if you had any success yet. All I got is worthless piles of knowledge.”
“Same. It seems my boxes were all geology, biology, dream dictionaries, and astrology. I checked a shelf and all the books were young reader novels and short stories.”
“Wait. Short Stories? Those wouldn’t happen to be down from adolescent series, would they?”
“Um…yeah I guess, but those are on the next standing shelf to my right.” Vivian said, pondering whether or not to glance in a botany hardback.
“Well, I remember having the book in a pile with some others. I was putting one in with those series when I remembered I needed to take Shadow out.” Liliah explained meandering towards where Vivian was standing. “So I went to put the next few books in with the manga and anime on the shelf against the opposite wall.” She continued, pointing. “And then I walked down to the…” She started mumbling inaudibly, walking past a puzzled faced Vivian, around another corner to a distant shelf. “Oh! Score!!” was her cheer echoing to Vivian’s eardrums.
Vivian walked over to where her friend was standing holding the odd book.
The book was a deep royal purple and midnight blue, almost black. There was a strap to keep it closed. A pattern of a circle was on the front, with elements of alchemy or the zodiac wheel. Different symbols were sporadically placed around the circle.  The cover was as crisp and neat as a newly published novel, yet felt almost worn down like it emitted an aura suggesting old age.
The size was about ten inches by eight inches tall with a thickness of one to two inches. Although there was some weight to it, Liliah still found it light. She ran a finger over the intricate design. Liliah opened the book to a random page and started skimming the page.
“Hey look here Viv, this book has some kind of magical artifact section.” Liliah said curiously. “On this next page it mentions some guy that looks like a wizard of some kind. Let’s see it says ‘Na ine’-”
“Stop right there!” Vivian interrupted. “Don’t read anymore of that book.”
“Vivian, it’s just a book.” Liliah said, “I sell them you know.”
“Well of course I know that. I just don’t think you should read something from that strange book.” Vivian exclaimed with a worried look.
“Nonsense, when has a book ever hurt someone?” Liliah questioned.
You mean besides whenever they fall on your foot? Or textbooks? Vivian thought bitterly.  The Mummy rings any bells?”
“Hollywood. I repeat, when has a book ever actually hurt someone?” Liliah said ignoring her friend.
She turned the gritty paper. “Let’s see. What’s on this page? Oh this looks like it might sound kind of cool: ‘Asamuki ukeru shabadu, kojaku numo o dylani Risto chusiche. Harunka Zvara kikori tyto zoran bazonasa ikero’ and the next line just says ‘Shabuda maladuku.’ I’m curious what that means.”
“I wouldn’t know Lil.” Vivian said unsurely.
Suddenly the book in Liliah’s hands started to shake and glow brightly. The light was, not green, not blue, but a heated teal that changed to a deep purple. The air in the storage shack started to shift so there was a swift wind blowing inside.

The light filled the entire room.

Next post is where it is! The action starts in the 2nd half of the chapter. Stay tuned.

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PostSubject: Re: The Book of Mysuri   The Book of Mysuri Icon_minitimeSat Aug 03, 2013 12:17 am

Chapter 2-2

They had to cover their eyes from the intense light. When recovered, Vivian saw a bewildered Liliah holding the still book and a figure slowly growing into focus. As the air swirled, Vivian, through some hair blown in front of her face, could see a deep blue green robe with antique bronzed belts and pendants hanging over the draping material. Next coming into focus was the crooked face with an uncombed beard.
Vivian shrieked, wielding the bat over her head. Liliah just stood there gripping the book even tighter stunned.
“Ah. A wunika, welcome party, for this old man is present,” said the bearded individual. “I am glad to be out of that accursed dimension of paper and ink.”
“Wh-who are you?” Liliah asked.
“I am called Malthad.” He responded, twitching his beard. “I am from Acirema, a dimensional alternate of what seems to be this world, through that book of Mysuri I came here.”
“You look like a typical wizard from every main mythological source in an everyday data base.”
“You have an odd dimension with many languages I don’t have great knowledge of. I am skilled in many celestial fields and enchantments. I believe that fits your term of ‘wizard’ in this world and tongue.”
“Well, you certainly aren’t skilled in the art of fashion.” Vivian accused, lowering the bat. “Everyone knows that all great wizards take baths.”
The old man simply rolled his eyes.  “Which one of you two read the Book of Mysuri?”
“Um helloooo?” Vivian said waving angrily.  Then motioning her clothes she stated, “You can’t ignore any of this amazing fashion perfection.”
“Who read the book?” Malthad questioned. He looked at Liliah and glanced at her hands. “It must have been you. The book is in your hands.”
“Why does it matter?” Vivian said wrinkling her nose. “You smell more than a pale of rotting fish; reekfish to be exact.”
“Irreverent. Did you read from the book?” Malthad leered.
“What if I did? What’s it to you?” Liliah asked wearily.
“I need to know who to bestow my thanks for releasing me from my discomfort.”
“Try releasing us from our discomfort, please. Go jump off a cliff into a river for a bath. I think there’s one down the street.”
“What a darling young lady, much like the ladies from Kinthoyan.” he said, before shifting his attention back to Liliah. “You are holding the book in your hands with the grip of an Ehunian scholar, but without the brains of one it seems.”
“And you have the fashion sense of a blind man it seems,” spat Vivian. “I mean really, you look like my old kitchen mop wearing a granny curtain.”
“Careful, Viv,” Liliah warned. “Why is reading the book so not smart of a choice?”
“Reading the passage you chose, released me from wandering imprisoned in the one realm of ink where my power was diminished.  In the glory of my newly acquired freedom, I wanted to change out of my hideous prison rags. This is a genuine mokunija robe from Risto.  The jyuu silk comes from a special mountain region there.”
“Well your ju-ju silk or whatever it is makes me sick. No fashion sense is just criminal,” Vivian muttered angrily.
“Alright that’s enough!” Malthad said raising his voice. “Since you read the book” looking at Liliah, “and you are just annoying me” looking at Vivian “I’ll just do my job and make your lives miserable.”
Liliah stiffened and gulped, while Vivian continued to stand there still in fumes.
Eyes turning a deep teal, the malevolence wizard raised his arms and spoke. Ku naije makuda leco hasamuki maladuku silenciokon fadeku.”
A weird sinister purple substance sparked at Malthad’s hands and shot at Vivian and Liliah.  It glowed as it neared then, like a thick liquid electrified and acting like lightning, surrounded them. The air swirled around them, hurling the nearby books into the room.  The purple essence drew closer. Streams began to whip from the main plasmatic cylindrical wall and land on the girls, causing them to cry out in pain.
“See? You will now be subject to a malicious spell indeed,” Malthad sneered. “Now you will know not to bother me, you will know of the dark Fading Eternal Silencing.”
The fluid latched onto their arms and legs. It began to trace patterns on their limbs.
Malthad was laughing menacingly when his face contorted.  He retracted the lighted liquid back into his hands.  “You two are lucky,” he said before suddenly lighting up teal and becoming too bright to see.
The light finally dimmed to a tolerated level. The girls, still slightly stunned yet heavily breathing, could tell that the store house was much less messy, much like before the wizard blew into the room, with only the few opened boxes being the main mess.  Still, Vivian was standing paralyzed with a death grip on Liliah’s baseball bat, which was noticed. They stood still for a moment before believing it to be safe to breathe again.
“Do you think that was for real?” Vivian asked.
“We-well if we both saw it, felt it … probably.” Liliah replied. “Yikes.”
“That can’t be good.”
A thud came from a back corner in the room. Liliah turned her head in surprise while Vivian jumped and made a small shriek.
“What was that?”
“No idea.”
“Was it from over there?”
“I think I hear movement right around there.”
Vivian and Liliah slowly made their way over toward where they thought they heard the soft noise. Vivian, holding the bat, turned the corner as something in front of her moved. She screamed as she made preparations to strongly bash the bat into the figure.
“Wait, Viv!!” Liliah yelled while stepping in front of Vivian and grabbing her wrist. “It’s just a kid. Don’t give him brain damage.”
“What? Really? How?” Vivian said lowering the bat from her threatening and trembling position.
The boy was a medium brunette in clothes that had seen better days.  His jeans were torn and scratched in places and had some dried mud near the bottom.  His sweatshirt was also worn with scratches and had a brown leaf trapped in the hood.  Although he was dirty and worn, his impression wasn’t born in rags or grew up on the wrong side of the train track.  He gave off an unusual energy of childish innocence with an aged wisdom buried.  He stood from his hiding place to face his captors. He stood at just above Vivian’s shoulder and to about Liliah’s nose.
His eyes were a vibrant green with a deep determinate fire burning behind many layers of weariness.
“Who are you?” questioned Liliah. “And why are you in my store house? There isn’t anything in here worth stealing.”
He just stared at the girls with his green eyes, blinking only twice.
“Okay, seriously kid. Who are you?” Liliah said, placing her hands on her hips getting slightly annoyed. “Did you run away from home or something?”
He looked at her a moment longer, glanced back at Vivian, before returning Liliah’s gaze. He took a breath and simply stated “I’m wondering if you two are the ones who screwed up.”

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Only because there's been so many other stories continued today and I had this one in stock

Chapter 3-1 A Strange Clarification

“What do you mean we were the ones who screwed up?” Vivian hollered.  The boy just stared.
“You released Malthad from Acirema when he was supposed to remain there for another 500 years.”
“How would we know that?” Liliah said, growling under breath. “We don’t have magic in our world to know what not to do. We don’t even know this Acirema where you’re supposedly from.”
“The land of Acirema, the world of the seven terrains, is a sister world to Earth. It’s like an alternate dimension, but a space warp instead,” the boy explained.
“That makes no sense!” Liliah yelled. “That doesn’t explain what just happened to us, who you are, or how you got to here from your imaginary magic land.”
“It’s not a land made of magic. It exists on an intersecting plane a few degrees off from Earth, which has magic too. Actually, most magic is found here, but no one here learned how to harness it.  Magic is constructed from using celestial waves and energy from your aura. But more advanced spells require intense training to overcome the alchemy-like properties of the waves,” he explained further, slighted tense.
The girls just stared at him with part dumbstruck, part interested, and part trying-to-make-sense-but-still-lost looks on their faces.
“It’s not something explained in ten seconds,” he said.
“Thank you, Caption Obvious,” said Vivian.
“You’re welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm,” the boy said smirking.
“Yes well,” Liliah interrupted.  “General Common Sense says that a very young man in muddy rags has some explaining to do, and my storage house isn’t the place to do so. We are going to relocate to my house, and you,” pointing to the kid “can inform us of your situation there.  Vivian, you lead our new friend to my car while I lock up. I’ll bring this weird book; just make sure you return my baseball bat to my trunk.”
“That’s a good idea Lil,” agreed Vivian. “I could really use some Oolong or Jasmine tea right now. Come on squirt, outside now, and no funny business.”
As Vivian walked outside toward the card, Liliah straightened up a few smaller book piles nearby to prevent a possible avalanche later.
Common sense? More like Commander Stubborn or Mother Chief. The boy watched them for a moment. Well either way, these two seem to be an interesting pair, might be fun. His green eyes flickered for just a second in the fluorescent lighting.
Liliah caught him watching but not leaving. She glanced at him then at the door, signaling him to get moving. The boy shrugged and went to follow Vivian.
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Chapter 3-2

The door opened and entered Liliah and Vivian gripping the boy’s wrist. Liliah placed her keys in the small cup saucer on her table in the foyer while Vivian made her, and the kid’s, way down the nearby hallway toward the kitchen.  She soaked a cloth from the cabinet and used it on his face. She then took a quick swipe at his arms after she had him take the hoodie off.

“How clean do you want to be before you spill everything to us?”

“I don’t need to be spotless, thanks. I feel plenty justified telling you as dirty as I am if need be.”

“Well that won’t be necessary,” came from a voice out of the kitchen. Liliah walked in carrying a plain tee shirt and cargo pants. “Here,” she said handing them to him. “The bathroom is right around the corner. You have five minutes to relieve yourself, change and rewash your face. It’s a simple ground-floor washroom, a half-bath; there’s no window for an escape route, even if you were planning on trying to leave.” Though something tells me otherwise, she thought.

“Fine,” he said, not particularly caring much. Less grimy clothes were a fair trade for staying, plus he had to anyway. They have the book.

The boy took the clothes then walked off down the hallway. Liliah grabbed three cups from the upper cabinet. “What do you want to drink, Viv?”

“I’m not sure, tea would be lovely.”

“I’m making myself some heated chocolate milk. I’ll get you some jasmine. It’s the only tea I have that isn’t my favorite cheap green tea. What should I get for ‘he who has not been named’?”

“You have water, milk, tea and what else?”

“Just a tropical punch and regular soda,” Liliah said looking in the fridge.

Vivian thought for a second, “Go with the soda. It’ll give him a treat to trust us a little more and you won’t have to worry about the milk getting sour if he doesn’t drink it.”

Liliah heated her chocolate milk in the microwave to a lukewarm, and poured the soda in the last glass. Vivian swirled her tea bag in the liquid confines of her favorite flowered cup from Lil’s cabinet.

“What do you think is with this kid? Is he a runaway?”

“I don’t think so. He doesn’t seem at all like a bad kid or from the worse side of town.”

“Yeah, and that look in his eyes, even though he looks like a regular kid, there’s something going on behind the curtains, y’know?”

“No kidding. He better tell us why he knows so much about that wizard. I secretly hope he knows what that loon did to us,” Liliah said, testing out her milk. “Oh good.  I thought I’d need to add more milk.”

“We just had ourselves an encounter with some old wizard who may have somehow cursed us, and now we’re babysitting some parents’ runaway teenager,” Vivian said flustered. “How are you that concerned with your beverage?”

Liliah shrugged. “Put it this way: if we are going to die, then I had me at least one more delicious cup of hot chocolate.”

“Now you’re life is complete,” Vivian muttered. “Congrats.”

“Yup,” she smiled, taking another sip. A few footsteps were heard coming. They turned to see the boy stepping out from the hallway. He was wearing the change of clothes; the only part that didn’t fit well was how the pants were a little long since the shirt hung fine. His face lost the layer of dirt and his hair was combed out, if still naturally messy.

“I’m done.”

“Wonderful,” said Liliah. “Now, I poured you a drink. Would you prefer to sit here in the kitchen or what?”

“Lil, can you stop being such a good hostess for one minute?” Vivian said impatiently. “Don’t you have a dog to let out?”

“No, I left Shadow sleeping in my room when I went for the clothes.”

The boy decided to take this time to sit at the kitchen table on the other side of the peninsula. He took a sip from his cup and set it back on the table with a distinctive thud, drawing the other two’s attention back to the matter at hand.

“You wanted answers, yes?” he said.

“That’d be nice,” said Vivian while Lil was nodding her head. “Can you start with telling us your name?”


Wonderful,” said Vivian, leaning against the counter behind Liliah.” Now would you like to get on with this story?”

“You’re in danger, and put the rest of the world in danger as well.”

“By the wizard you mean?” Lil questioned.

“Yes, Malthad will destroy all that he can now he has escaped. Can you bring the book over here?” Liliah nods and grabs the book from the next room. She placed it on the table.

“This is the Book of Mysuri, a collection of karmic magic. The whole design of it is to harness celestial waves. When it was first bound together, it’s said to have been a dull brown, but turned blue and violet when spells and secrets were added to it.  The circular pattern on the cover represents the different types of basic magic elements. Some are similar, others don’t mix well; works a lot like astrology but with energy instead of personalities, and there’s a few more than twelve.”

Vivian sips her tea, “okay, but how does Malthad fit in?”

“He was a trusted denizen of the magical world. His intentions grew too dark over time, and he started to cause trouble. He wanted something, but no one figured out what. It took the whole council to even stand up to him he was so determined, but he made a decision that ended badly, and was arrested finally for it. So he was restricted to a small paper thin dimension that’s only accessible through a spell known by few.  The ink on that paper is thought to be specific celestial waves weaving through, imprisoning those within.  The Book of Mysuri was used as the lock to his prison, as the spell is available with it; a door really, as it’s been used as the door to gain much knowledge.”

“I opened his door, didn’t I?” Liliah said softly, staring into her mug.

“Now he’s freed again, and he’s angered. He tried hitting you two with the spell known as Fading Eternal Silencing. I know it’s a silly name, but that curse is supposed to kill the victim, the body now and the soul throughout all of history.”

“Wait, why aren’t we dead yet?” Vivian interjected.

“The chant was cast, so it should still come into effect, in time, but he didn’t finish drawing the inscriptions over your bodies. So instead of a full out virus or cancer that would infect you, and then spread to your soul throughout time, it’s working like a seed.  It’ll be resting inside you until it’s ready to sprout.”

“This is unreal. I don’t believe it.” Liliah said staring in the distance.

“Frankly, I’ve been having nightmares for the past week. I think this is one too,”
Vivian said shaking her head. “Just nothing’s been set ablaze and destroyed yet. Wake me up when this is over.”

“You’re simply in denial.” Thomas stated bluntly. “By no means disrespect, I expect you will be in denial for quite a while. You might as well ignore the fact you’ve been in shock this whole time.”

Calming down, Vivian took a sip of her tea.  “So this seed-like curse, can we stop it?”

“It’s beyond advanced magic so it’s no way near easy. He used spells like that when avoiding arrest. The council was only able to conceal his magic with the Zamoran Crystals.  

“So these crystals are required to undo that curse on us? How do we know it wasn’t a dream? It’s still late and there’s nothing to show anything that guy did.”

“The markings faded because they weren’t finished.  But if exposed to the right kind of magic, or like in the light of the crystals, they would appear; after the seed opens anyway. If I studied the spell correctly, they would be a light teal and death would occur in this time period when they turn deep purple.

Thomas drank from his soda, throat slightly dry from talking. Vivian took the tea bag from her cup and tossed it in the trash can under the cabinet.
“Alright, so purple means death. Crystals will block death from coming.  Where are they? Can we even get to them?”

The crystals were scattered for protection; for added security, across time as well. The Davakin Relics are said to be able to lead one to the crystals. The Book of Mysuri works as a kind of guide to them throughout time and such. I don’t know what they appear as but they’re supposed to be either hidden or in a changed shape for precaution. What they are exactly is never said as the relics are just vessels to the basic elements of magic.”

“If reading that inscription set Stench McNasty free, couldn’t we just read something from the book to imprison him again?”

“Is it really ever that simple? While the book is quite powerful and potent with special magic, it has its limitations. The curse on you isn’t in the list of the book’s index of spells it can counteract which would mean you need the crystals to enhance what it can do.  While the book is useful, the crystals are better.  We’ll need them to secure Malthad again for your sake.”

Liliah, long finished with her milk spoke up.  “Now, after this, which you can imagine is a lot to comprehend, I have one question. Where do you fit into all this?”

Thomas appeared to be holding his breath in a sense. After a moment he sighed.

“I was his apprentice. I studied under him.”

Both girls fell silent. Thomas continued.

“Then he went mad. Not even; mad wouldn’t even begin to describe it.  Now I get to make sure my old teacher before he tries something too soon.”

“But you’re a kid, why would you be forced to do such a task?” Liliah asked.

“Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to tell you that quite yet. There are certain things in the magical world that have to still remain sort of hidden.” Thomas said looking away.

“In the mean time, I’m running out of tea. How do we start this crystal search?” Vivian interjected.

“In the book, there is written the first step towards finding the relics. It’s supposed to be a fairly simple locater spell. It should be located about a third of the way in the book. Look for a symbol in the corner that’s a cross between a compass and a flip phone.”

“Because that makes sense,” Vivian said crossing her arms.

Liliah shrugged, opened the book and began to scan the pages. After a moment, she found the symbol Thomas mentioned at the top of the right page.

“Now say the spell and it should show us the way.” Thomas said.

After finding the right line, Liliah spoke slowly, Emases Nepo Orsus.”

The top two pages of the book glowed yellow. A single orb of light molded off the page and hovered above.  It started floating around; its path almost collided into Vivian’s face. Vivian rushed to Liliah’s side to avoid the orbit as the orb continued circling the three of them. It changed color with each lap, slowly going through the complete color spectrum from the oranges and reds through the violets and blues and back to yellow from the greens.

“You executed the spell just fine. It’s working.” Thomas remarked, eyes following the orb.

After the twelfth orbit, the light stopped in place over the book again then shot in front of them towards the foyer’s door. The dark door’s metal became lighter before transforming into grainy wood.  The lock disappeared while the knob and hinges changed to a different style altogether. The window morphed from a semicircle to a square.

“Um, I spent a decent amount of money on my front door. It’s not gonna stay like that forever, is it?” Liliah asked, closing the book.

“No, this is not a permanent change,” Thomas chuckled. “Go ahead. Open it up. This door marks the beginning of your journey.”

Vivian and Lilian glanced at each other.  Liliah closed the Book of Mysuri, turning it over in her hands, and then stared back at the modified door skeptically.  Taking a deep breath, Vivian twisted the doorknob and pushed.
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