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PostSubject: Mah story.    Mah story.  Icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 3:02 pm

Mah story.

"You are just a monster, aren't you?"
Before Dustin could respond, Melissa was pressing her lips into his, moving the two into her hotel room as they she shut the door. The two moved slowly, still embraced in a passionate kiss as they made their way towards the bed. While Dustin was distracted with pulling down her pants, Melissa bared her fangs and prepared to sink her teeth into the veins on Dustin's neck.
But Dustin was smarter than that.
In a blur of motion, Dustin lifted himself in the air by placing both his hands on the headboard of the bed, placing his feet on Melissa's chest and extending them outward, kicking her to the other side of the room. He then pulled out his hatchet as she lifted herself back up, her eyes glowing a faint purple.
"You always were a feisty one, Dustin." Melissa complimented him.
"Well to go out with you, I had to be!" He responded, triggering a friendly chuckle from both of them.
Meet Dustin Riley: a 24 year old half-Caucasian half-Native American paranormal investigator who keeps himself in fantastic physical condition with a love for engaging the supernatural. In short, Dustin is a demon hunter, and had been ever since his parents were murdered by a vampire. From there he lived with his culturally active Native American grandfather, who trained him to be a warrior. A few feet away was his target: Melissa. Dustin and Melissa had a past, they were off-and-on high school sweethearts who went their separate ways after graduation. Somehow, Melissa had discovered his new occupation and invited him to her hotel room, which was surpassingly expensive. Dustin didn't plan to kill her, but she had made the signs of her being a vampire all too obvious.
Melissa struck first, moving with her superior speed and quickly striking Dustin many times. He managed to grab Melissa's arm and twist it around, throwing her down on top of the bed. Just as Dustin was about to cut her throat open, the two were interrupted by a voice from outside.
"House keeping!" Called the voice.
The two froze for a second. Thinking fast, Melissa began moaning loudly. Dustin couldn't help but smile. They heard the housekeeper shuffle off, embarrassed.
"We could just do that, y'know." Dustin suggested.
Melissa just laughed.
"You do still have your pants off."
Melissa pushed herself out of Dustin's grasp, ending up on the floor on the other side of the bed. They were at a draw now.
"Okay, we dated for four years and you NEVER moaned like that. What kind of a lover are you." Dustin teased in mock anger.
"Well they were louder, but they didn't have passion!" She retorted.
"Oh please. There was more passion in one of those moans then you had for our entire high school relationship."
Melissa jumped across the bed, landing past Dustin so that she was a few feet away from where she was standing.
"Tell you what, next time you can put a hatchet to my throat again and we'll see if that helps."
Dustin shrugged, "Well if it works, it works!" He responded.
The two engaged in battle again. Melissa managed to get the advantage, twisting around Dustin and delivering an absurdly powerful kick. Being a vampire, she was both much faster and stronger than a normal human. The kick sent Dustin through the door and into the suite opposite of their room. An old man nearly peed himself as Dustin flew past him, landing on a very expensive table. Melissa walked into the room, preparing to finish off Dustin. But she needed more power.
"Aww, she put her pants back on..." Dustin muttered as she moved towards the old man.
Just as she was about to sink her fangs into the old man's neck, Dustin pulled out his pistol and shot her in the leg. While she was a vampire, she was still bound to the mortal world. To take human form, she had to adopt their weaknesses too. In surprise, she fell down and clutched her leg. Dustin approached her while the old man backed up in terror. He shed a tear as he put his hatchet to her throat.
"I'm sorry."
He drew the blade along her throat, slashing through the skin and splattering the wall with blood.
All was silent for a moment as the old man and Dustin contemplated the scene.
The silence was quickly shattered by the arrival of people in the room, all with pistols in their hands. Most were wearing suits or dresses, but Dustin noticed that the housekeeper was in there too. Most were helping the old man, but one approached Dustin. He was a heavy built African American man, and had an air of authority around him.
"Dustin Riley," the man said, shocking Dustin. "I don't know if you're aware, but you just saved the life of the president of the United States."

Dustin looked back to the old man, who was exiting the room.
"Come with me." The man said, while some of the people who were helping the president disposed of Melissa's body.
"I've got something to show you."
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RP Laureate

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Mah story.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mah story.    Mah story.  Icon_minitimeWed Jul 24, 2013 12:15 pm

Mah story part 2

A few hours later, Dustin stepped off the stealth helicopter, blindfolded. Someone led him along, much to Dustin's annoyance.
"Hey pal, don't do the elementary thing where you lead me into a-"
Then Dustin hit a wall, causing him to curse while the man leading him along chuckled. Whenever they reached the elevator, Dustin's blindfold was removed. The man next to him was the same black man from before, no longer in a suit but now in high tech military gear, similar to the Kevlar material that one would see Batman wearing.
"Sorry about the blindfold thing. You know how the government is with this stuff. I don't even know how to get here." The black man explained.
Dustin just nodded his head slightly, still irritated.
"My name is Sampson. Jedediah Sampson. My friends call me Steel, 'cause that's the name I use out in the field. You can call me-"
Sampson's words were interrupted by the elevator clinking as it reached its destination.
"Since I'm the one that picked you up I'll go ahead and show you the facility." Sampson explained to Dustin as the two arrived.
"Now hold up a minute," Dustin told Sampson. "Could you tell me just what the heck is going on? You force me to go in your weird freakin' helicopter and then expect me to just go along with you in your facility? What're you gonna lock me up forever because I killed a vampire?"
Sampson thought out his response.
"Mr.Riley, would you consider yourself a demon hunter?"
Dustin nodded in response, his eyes narrowing.
"That's why I've brought you here. Welcome to the G.D.E.D. That stands for Global Demonology Elimination Department. Think of it as the world's Ghostbusters."
Dustin came to a realization. He was being put on a team.
Everyone was wearing kevlar suits like Sampson's, with their country's flag on their right arm with the department's insignia below it. The insignia looked like a fist crushing a skull, and the skull had "GDED" written across it. Dustin noticed in particular two American and North Korean members of the department, laughing and joking with each other.
"You think Korea and America are enemies? Nah, that's just for show. The whole world is one big pack of friends. China, America, Syria, none of them have blood with each other."
Dustin shook his head in disgust.
"This brings the idea of the government pulling strings to a whole new level." Dustin commented.
The two arrived at a door.
"Okay, look. I understood you just took out a demon, but I talked with some of my superiors and they suggested that you go through the orientation simulation."
Dustin stepped inside the room as Steel held the door open for him. The room was pitch black and Dustin couldn't see a thing. He heard some electrical whirring and the crackling of a speaker, and then he could hear Sampson's voice.
"There are four different types of demons. The first is Anima."
Dustin could hear a rumbling of a large creatures feet.
"Anima demons include monsters like Bigfoot,"
And then Bigfoot appeared from the shadows, roaring at Dustin, before changing into a different monster as Sampson spoke.
"Loch Ness, Mothman, and the most obvious: werewolves. Animas functions is to take over a human host and change them into a different being. Depending on the strength level, a person can be transformed in short bursts or permanently. That's why we measure the strength level of demons on a 1-3 scale."
Dustin noticed that the monster remained in werewolf form, remaining inanimate.
"The second type is the Solus demon. These are unique because they don't require a human host, but they are still bound by mortal rules. Vampires and witches are notable examples"
Then a vampire stepped out of the shadows, taking a position next to the werewolf.
"The third is the Ultima demon. These demons are just like Solus demons except they aren't bound by our rules. They can manipulate and bend reality as they see fit."
Dustin noticed that one didn't appear from the shadows, and questioned it.
"We haven't ever encountered one yet. Just pray you're not the first."
Dustin nodded shakily, gripping his hatchet on his hand.
"The final type is known as the Contor demon."
Dustin backed up as Sampson joined the werewolf and vampire, his eyes glowing blue.
"No that's not really me. Anyway, Contors can be the weakest and most powerful type of demon. They're the typical kind that take over a human host, like in the movies. How dangerous they are depends on both the strength level of the demon and the strength level of the person."
"So, exactly does this test me?" Dustin called out.
"You'll see..."
The three figures backed away into the shadows, so Dustin couldn't see any of them.
In a flash the werewolf was charging right towards him, and he had a feeling it wasn't going to stop. Dustin dove out of the way, managing to recover in time to nick the creature's leg with his hatchet. This barely deterred him however. The werewolf charged at Dustin again, but Dustin didn't have time to move away. The creature carried him, preparing to slam him into a wall. Just before it did so, however, it made the mistake of running into a beam of light that Sampson (the real Sampson) seemed to have summoned. The werewolf quickly changed into human form, becoming a scrawny man. The man collapsed, dropping Dustin before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.
"Every creature has a weakness" commented Sampson on the loudspeaker. Now the vampire attacked from the shadows.
"Sometimes it's the environment."
Dustin then noticed a gasoline bottle and fuselage tank nearby. Dustin ran, desperately trying to dodge attacks from the monster. Unfortunately, it appeared right in front of him, blocking Dustin off from the gasoline. Noticing the vampire's gender, he gave it a rough kick right in the manly parts.
"Money shot!" shouted Dustin as he round-house kicked the vampire in the head, knocking it away.
Moving fast, he threw the gasoline bottle at the vampire, splattering the monster. While the vampire was standing up, Dustin threw the fuselage tank at it. The vampire caught it, and Dustin pulled out his pistol. He shot the tank, igniting it and lighting the monster on fire. It too disappeared into smoke.
Dustin was taken by surprise by the possessed Sampson. Sampson kicked his legs out from under him, putting Dustin in a choke hold. Dustin, in return, smashed his hatchet into Sampson's leg, causing Sampson to jerk his hands away in a reflex reaction. Dustin stood up, spinning around to get momentum and then jabbing his elbow into Sampson's gut, which didn't seem to do much. Before Sampson could counter attack, Dustin shoved his knee into Sampson's face, then winded up for a punch. But this demon was smart, it caught Dustin's hand and started to twist it. Dustin was punching Sampson's gut repeatedly, but it seemed ineffective. Sampson grabbed Dustin's throat, shoving him to the ground and began to strangle him.
"Remember that you're not gonna win every battle. Me and the Omega team have had to retreat plenty of times. And we're the elite. The best." Said Sampson on the speaker
Dustin figured this meant that he wouldn't be making Omega team anytime soon.
Dustin grabbed his cross necklace, placing the cross onto the possessed Sampson's forehead. Sampson began to scream relentlessly, and finally the simulation disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
Dustin breathed in heavily, grasping his throat as the simulation ended. The shadows lit up, and it revealed windows where very many members of the department were watching. They all applauded him. The real Sampson stepped into the room, applauding him with a grin.
"We use that simulation to determine what team you're on."
Dustin noticed that the different department members were wearing different colored suits. Alpha in navy blue, Beta in maroon, Gamma in forest green, Theta in dark gray, and finally Omega in a distinctive black.
He handed Dustin a black Kevlar suit just like his.
"Congratulations, kiddo. You're one of the best now. Omega team. That means you'll be working with me."
Dustin accepted the suit gratuitously.
"To be honest, I'm glad we got you. You're a good kid."
"Uh... You never told me what I could call you earlier." Dustin questioned.
Sampson smiled, patting Dustin on the shoulder.
"You can call me Steel."
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PostSubject: Re: Mah story.    Mah story.  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 7:47 pm

Mah story part 3

"You weren't supposed to do that, y'know." spoke a voice to Dustin.
Dustin had just arrived in his assigned room, which was towards the back of the facility. On his way there, Sampson explained that the reason for was that Omega team was called on the least, so there was no point in having them near the briefing room. He also explained that Omega team had more privileges compared to other teams, such as nicer rooms, a private eating area, and full access to the armory as well as more advanced technology.
"So I don't have to fill out papers or anything? I'm just on the team, just like that?"
"Well... Technically, this place doesn't exist, nor do any of us. The governments have already done the job of erasing any record of you ever existing on the planet. Passports, criminal records, everything."
"Good, 'cause I made some pretty crappy grades on my benchmarks."
"It's not really a good thing. If you die, we remotely destroy all your equipment and then we get your body later. You don't get a funereal. No one will even know your dead."
Dustin had no answer for this.
Now he was back in the present, turning around to face the unfamiliar voice.
"You weren't supposed to win."
The voice belonged to a skinny Asian. Based off his suit he was from Taiwan.
"What do you mean?" Dustin asked.
"The possessed Sampson? He's supposed to be impossible. Unbeatable."
"The government likes to have power over people. That fight was made to break us. To make us think we can't beat Sampson. And if we can't beat Sampson, we can't beat his superiors. If we can't beat his superiors, then who are we to have a say? We're pawns."
Dustin thought about that for a moment.
"So I'm the only one that's ever won?"
"Yes. All because of that cross on your neck. None of the rest had one."
Dustin didn't know what else to say.
"Anyway, c'mon. I talked with the rest of the team and we thought you should eat with us tonight! It'll be a good way to meet everyone."
"Uh... Okay... Are you sure?"
"C'mon! You'll be fighting back to back with them so you might as well get on their good side."
Dustin reluctantly got up, following the Asian to wherever he was taking him.
"I'm Feng, by the way. Feng Zhaorui." The Asian told Dustin with a smile.
"Dustin Riley. The freshest meat on Omega Team."
Feng and Dustin both chuckled.
They arrived at Omega team's private eating room. Feng opened the door for him, and Dustin entered to gratuitous applause. Well, all except for one bulky guy, who's clapping couldn't have been more half hearted.
"There he is! The main man!" Sampson told the others loudly.
Dustin sat down next to Feng and Sampson awkwardly, a little nervous.
In front of him was an entire buffet, so he went ahead and started putting stuff on his plate.
"Dustin, we figured this would be a great way to introduce you to everyone. You've already met me and Feng, so we'll go clockwise from there."
Dustin looked to the next person, and was overcome with awe. She was stunningly beautiful, with pale white skin, curled brunette hair, faint freckles dotting her face, and hauntingly dark brown eyes. According to her suit, she was from Italy. She gave Dustin a cute smile.
"I'm Esther. They just call me Rose though." She told Dustin with a shrug, flashing him her sparklingly white teeth.
Dustin promised himself that he would get to know her better.
Next was the bulky man, the one who clapped half-heartedly.
"I'm Sebastian Stein," he said in a thick German accent. "Call me Zelus."
Dustin nodded and moved on. Stein didn't seem like the kind of guy that Dustin would regret not knowing.
The next and final person surprised Dustin. He couldn't have been any older than 15, very scrawny, and couldn't have been any taller than Dustin's stomach level. He was from Russia.
"I am Andrei Patronov. They call me Whisper."
That was everyone on Omega Team. While he felt better, he certainly didn't feel at home.
Everyone chatted with him for a little bit, everyone except for Stein. Dustin even got to flirt with Esther a bit, which made him feel accomplished. Just as Sampson was telling everyone to retire for the night, the lights went out. The doors shut immediately, making a large slamming sound which creating an agonizing silence. Dustin was the only one who reacted, as everyone stood up calmly and folded their hands behind their backs. They clearly had done this before. Dustin copied their actions and faced the television, which had turned on by itself.
"Omega Team reporting for duty, sir!" Sampson told the figure that appeared on the screen.
"I realize this is a late notice, Omega team, but it's urgent. Our sources in Brazil have revealed a mass amount of Solus and Contor demons in the area. They've taken over the entire favela area."
"What part of it isn't a favela..." Dustin muttered under his breath, causing Feng to chuckle.
"You know the drill. Wipe em out, save the Contors if you can. We'll have to make this look like a gang shooting to cover up."
Dustin was a bit bothered by the carefree nature in which they talked about the slaughter of possessed innocents.
The television turned off and everyone started walking away. Dustin just stuck closely to Feng.
"Don't get too nervous, Dustin. We take care of each other, you're in good hands."
Dustin still wasn't so sure just who was keeping him in their hands.
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Mah story.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mah story.    Mah story.  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 7:48 pm

Man story part 4

The nearly silent stealth helicopter touched down on Brazil, releasing the deadly Omega team under the shade of night. They were all dressed in full jet black Kevlar armor, even with gas-mask-like helmets. All of them were armed with silenced weaponry of their own choosing, Dustin just grabbed one that looked lightweight. Then of course they all had their melee weapons: Dustin had his hatchet, Feng with his katana, Esther with her rapier, Stein with his warhammer, Andrei with his dagger, and finally Sampson, who didn't seem to need anything but his fists. Sampson split everyone into pairs, where they would all separately do recon until they could meet up and assault the favela. Sampson went with Feng, Esther went with Stein, so naturally Dustin was paired up with Andrei.
"Perfect... The new guy and the kid..." Dustin muttered under his breath.
It had been 10 minutes since the two had set off, and yet still no sign of any demons.
The two decided to take the time to get to know each other.
"So, kiddo, what's your story?" Dustin asked Andrew quietly as they kneeled down beyond the outskirts of the favela.
"Hmm... I was born in Russia to some . and Stein."
"That fat meathead is your dad?"
"Yeah, trust me, I'm no more fond of him than you are."
"He is your dad, though. What's wrong with him."
"He claims he cares about me and all, but I'm not so sure. All he has ever done is push me to be better."
"Isn't that good?"
"Yeah, I ask myself the same thing. But there's no satisfaction there. I can never please him. How can I call him my father when I feel like I'm talking to a wall?"
Dustin had no response to that.
"So you've been training your whole life to battle demons, huh?"
"Basically. I haven't known anything in my life other than the G.D.E.D."
"You ever wish you stayed with your mom?"
The two dropped in side of an open window, where a vampire who was resting while standing up was waiting. Andrei moved to take out the vampire while Dustin checked the rest of the room.
"All the time." Andrei replied as he dug his dagger into the vampire's spinal cord.
"Because then I could be something other than what my father wanted."
Dustin approached Andrei, who was staring out the window at the stars.
"I've always wanted to be a cosmonaut..." Andrei told Dustin.
The two were lost in the stars for a moment, gazing at their eternal beauty.
Dustin was snapped out of his trance when Andrei shook his head and insisted the move on. They climbed to the roof of the building using a plank to get across to the next one.
"What about you? What's your story?" Andrei asked Dustin.
"Ah... I always was the rebel growing up. Never listened to my parents or my teachers, just plucked away at my guitar and flirted with girls till the days end."
"So how'd you end up here?"
"Well, I came home one day after a crappy school week, my blood pumping 'n everything. I'd even taken an switchblade of my old man's to school that day. That's when I saw em, both my parents with their throats slashed and then this thing, this disgusting-a$$, slimy, smelly THING drenched in their blood. And when you see something like that, it's life-changing. Sure I'd always been a jerk to 'em and all, but I guess in the end I really did care for 'em. I loved them even though they were a-holes and they loved me even though I was a jerk."
The two continued moving along the rooftops, Andrei listening intently.
"It's just kind of shocking, to have something that's kind of always been there be jerked away so suddenly. So, lets just say my crappy school day got a whole lot worse. And I finally had someone to take my anger out on. Ooh, the sucker didn't see me coming. I just came up behind him and stabbed and hacked and slashed and cut and everything else I could think of. It was just me and a big slab of meat, and all the anger I'd ever felt traveling through my knife..."
Dustin paused briefly.
"After that, I guess G.D.E.D took care of my parents and the vampire, because I never heard of it again. I started getting home-schooled by my grandfather, who's one of those featherhead Native American dudes. But he wasn't schooling me in chemistry and crap, no, he was training me how to fight. Every single day was just train, train, train. Every day fighting to avenge my parents. I just kinda wish I'd had more time with 'em. Then maybe I'd have made them proud for once."
Andrei then did something that Dustin didn't expect. He rushed forward and embraced Dustin in a genuine hug.
"I feel the same way as you, Dustin. I have no parents anymore..."
Dustin was about to remark when Andrei interrupted him.
"I've never had parents. Stein killed the .," Dustin flinched when Andrei called his father by his real name, "and Stein is just a wall anyway."
Dustin wasn't sure what to say.
"It's like we're brothers! Brothers-with-no-mothers. What do you say?"
Dustin smiled, but Andrei couldn't see it.
"I think... I think that's great... Bro."
Dustin could see Andrei bounce with excitement when he was called "bro."
If one thing was for sure, Andrei needed someone else in his life. Dustin made sure to remember to be that person.
About a half-hour later, Dustin and Andrei received reports from the others that they had cleaned out their respective sections of the favela. Everyone was already at the helicopter, so Andrei and Dustin just needed to finish cleaning their section. Most of it seemed to be empty, as they had supposedly been drawn by gun fire and such from the other sections.
"Hey, An-" Dustin was cut off by Andrei putting his hand up, signaling for the two to stop.
There was a little girl in front of them, on the rooftop of all places. She sounded like she was crying. Could there be survivors here? Dustin moved forward to help, touching the girl on the shoulder. Instantly the girl spun around, her eyes glowing a deep red and her fangs dripping with blood. With incredible strength and agility, the girl hopped on top of Dustin, pushing him to the ground. She clawed and sliced at his mask, but her actions suddenly stopped when she received a prompt dagger to the shoulder, courtesy of Andrei. Thinking quickly, Dustin kicked the girl off the roof the moment Andrei took his knife out of her shoulder. She fell down, screeching at deafening volumes. If there were any demons resting, they certainly weren't now. Dustin and Andrei listened in horror as the screams, yells and roars of many demons echoed throughout the streets. Dustin looked off the roof and saw many demons already clawing up the roof. He took out his gun and started shooting while Andrei called for the copter.
"They'll have to meet us over there, RUN!"
Immediately Dustin and Andrei started sprinting across the rooftops, some with convenient planks and others that they had to jump across. Dustin could see the helicopter now, the two were rapidly approaching. The demons were following from below, weaving throughout the alleys and streets. Dustin hopped onto the helicopter first, then quickly turned and reached husband out for Andrei.
"Jump!" Stein yelled.
"C'mon lil' bro..." Dustin muttered, watching Andrei's fearful face through his mask.
But Andrei did it. He jumped perfectly, right into Dustin's palm. He gripped Andrei's hand and was preparing to pull him up when Andrei looked down.
And then his hand slipped.
Andrei's fingers convulsed in fear, making Dustin loose his grip. Andrei was helpless as he fell into the huge crowd of demons, all of them hungering for his flesh. For just a brief moment, Dustin could picture Andrei floating there helplessly just like the cosmonaut he had always wanted to be. Dustin stared horrified into Andrei's eyes just before the boy plummeted into the crowd.
"Bye, bro..." Andrei mouthed to Dustin, just before he activated the suicide grenade on his chest. He fell right into the crowd just before the grenade went off, bathing the crowd in light and leaving literally nothing left: including Andrei.
Dustin sank to his knees as the helicopter took off.
The mission had been completed, but at what cost.
"Bye, bro..." Dustin mouthed.
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Mah story.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mah story.    Mah story.  Icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 10:03 am

Mah story part 5

It had been a week since the death of Andrei, and Dustin still hadn't been out of his quarters since the moment he returned. The only person he'd seen was Feng, who occasionally dropped by to give him food and news. Apparently G.D.E.D had had a funeral for Andrei, but according to Feng it was it was nothing more than a few words and some fake tears. They didn't even have a body, as Andrei's body had been disintegrated due to the grenade, which used pure solar energy. The worst part was that everyone was calling the mission a critical success. The threats had been eliminated and the unpossessed were allowed to return to their homes. There was no hanging sadness, but rather a sort of energy. With Andrei gone, there was a new spot open on Omega team, and that was a spot that everyone wanted. The only one who couldn't seem to get over Andrei's death was Dustin. He just dreaded the day that he would have to face Stein.
If only he knew what a disaster that would be.
Feng had just managed to get Dustin out of his room, so the two decided to go down to the training area together so he could work off some of his anger with the equipment instead of just doing workouts in his room.
Dustin was just busy repeatedly punching a bag that Feng was holding when his attention was grabbed by a hand on his shoulder. The hand jerked him around, and Dustin didn't even get a chance to see his attacker before he was knocked flat on the ground. Before he could even open his eyes he was barraged with a pounding force upon his face, a force that he inferred was a fist. A rather large one, judging by how much of his face was currently being destroyed by knuckles. Very faintly, he could hear Feng yelling for his attacker to stop. This went on for a whole as Dustin's face was repeatedly bounced from fist-to-floor, until finally Feng got the guy to stop by punching him in the face. Dustin briefly looked up to see his attacker was none other than Stein, the heavy built German, who was also Andrei's father. There was no doubt that Stein blamed Dustin for Andrei's death. His ears were ringing, but he could make out bits of the argument between Feng and Stein. Stein was blaming Dustin for letting go of Andrei's hand, Feng was blaming Stein for not being there for his son. The two were just about to go at it when the door to enter was nearly knocked off of it's hinges by none other than Sampson, with Esther not far behind. Sampson and Esther were both screaming at Stein, all the while Dustin was continually fading in and out of consciousness. Just before he sunk into darkness he could feel his body being dragged away.
Throughout his many dreams, there was one distinct thing he could remember, one distinct theme. It was a plethora of stars and one, lone cosmonaut floating among them.
Dustin awoke days later, his pain just mere numbness now. While he normally wouldn't have slept for that long, G.D.E.D. kept him in a medical coma so that they could heal his injuries, which notably included a split skull. Luckily, G.D.E.D had access to the most advanced (and experimental) technology available, so he was used as a convenient lab rat.
Dustin opened his eyes slowly, the white lights above him straining his retinas. After blinking a few times, he looked to his right to see Feng sitting in a chair. Strangely, he had a birthday whistle, which he promptly blew, causing Dustin to jump.
"Yay! You're back, champ." Feng congratulated Dustin.
Dustin just rubbed his eyes, which is where most of the damage was done. It was gone now, without a trace. G.D.E.D's accelerated healing must be advanced after all.
"What're you doin' here?" Dustin asked, sitting up in his bed.
"Did Sampson tell you to watch over me or something?"
Feng gave him a scoffing look.
"No, I'm here because I wanted to be."
Feng replied.
Dustin sat up in the bed. He noticed he was still in his suit, and no wires were attached to him.
"Why?" Dustin asked.
"I like you, and I'm on your side. Andrei's death wasn't your fault. And quite frankly, I-"
Feng's words were cut off by Stein entering the room, his hulking body taking up the entire door frame.
"Hey Stein, now isn't the-"
Stein silenced him with a wave of his hand.
"Let me make this clear." Stein told Dustin in his deep, heavy German accent.
"I do not regret my actions against you. I feel that they were justified punishment. However, from here on out I have made the commitment to keep my emotions separate from my work. So here is how this is going to work: you and I will have no contact. We will not talk, we will not argue, we will simply work together. You follow and obey my orders and that is all. When I say 'jump,' you will respond with 'how high', and that is all. If you do not follow these instructions I will not hesitate to rip out your beating heart."
Stein then quickly turned around and exited, closing the door behind him.
Dustin stared at Feng in shock.
"So what, I'm his b***** now?" Dustin asked angrily.
"Stein is the type of guy that likes to think he's in charge. Trust me, if he tries to go after you again, the rest of us won't object if you lay the smack on him."
Dustin just smiled, imagining such an event.
"Do you wanna see a night sky down here in G.D.E.D.?" Feng asked.
Dustin inquired how that was possible, as they were underground.
"You see, to help us cope with being underground all the time, we got this nifty virtual reality thing. Every 'night' Esther, Sampson and I all go stare at it and talk. C'mon, join us."
Dustin shook his head, he wasn't sure he wanted to suddenly start going all social with the people who likely blamed him for Andrei's death.
"C'mon, I've seen the way you look at Esther."
Dustin looked at Feng in surprise.
"Dustin, I'm not dense. I know you're attracted to her. I've been talkin with her, and she feels the same way."
Dustin smiled in response.
"You didn't hear that from me, since Stein considers her to be his destined girlfriend or something. Just in case your standing with him wasn't bad enough."
Dustin and Feng reached the virtual room, where Sampson and Esther were already sitting. The room was made to look like they were on a balcony, gazing up at a beautiful plethora of stars and galaxies. Just like Andrei wanted to explore.
Everyone said their helloes and all, but no real conversation occurred until Dustin spoke up.
"Yo, uh... Steel." Dustin spoke aloud awkwardly.
"Thanks for saving me, but why?"
Sampson breathed out his cigar before answering.
"Because I'm on your side. Was Andrei's death your fault? Maybe. But Stein acted out of line, even if it was his son. I saw the way he treated Andrei. He cared for Esther more than he did for Andrei. He was just using as a way to let out all his emotions. He's been so bitter and angry his whole life, and you were the scapegoat."
Dustin asked if he always had to be the tough guy, or if something had happened.
"Oh, so he gave you the ol' 'we're just going to work together' speech. Don't worry, he's given it to all of us. It doesn't last too long. No, he's always been like this ever since I've been his commanding officer. He's one of those guys that wants to be in change. But as long as I'm around, he can't touch you."
Dustin accepted the information and sat back in silence with everyone else, gazing at the stars. Finally it was the gorgeous Esther who broke the silence.
"Sampson..." She said with her slightly-Italian-accent.
"You, Feng and Dustin all wear crosses on your neck. Why?"
"Do you not believe in God, Esther?"
Sampson replied.
Dustin and Feng decided to sit this one out.
"No. I've always wanted to, but... I mean, look at the world. How could your God let such awful things happen?"
"Because we have freedom. There's no better God than that. He's given us the freedom to choose what we do. That's why awful things happen, because we humans make them happen. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes."
"So why did Andrei have to die? What mistake could possibly learned from a child dying?"
"Esther, as hard as this may be to hear, I believe that Andrei's death serves a much greater purpose than we can see right now. We just need to learn from his death and move on, and rest assured that he is in a much better place now, smiling down on us all."
"But, Sampson, how can you believe in a God who allows things such as starvation and sickness?"
"The Bible says that when Adam and Eve ate the apple, they released sin and disease into the world."
Sampson paused for a second, standing up.
"Mistakes, remember?"
Sampson said his goodbyes and walked off, with everyone else not far behind.
The next day, Dustin passed by Esther and noticed something new on her neck, glinting in the light.
"Nice cross necklace, Dustin." She said, shooting him a smile.
"Thanks, you too."
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