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 This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

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PostSubject: This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever   Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:28 pm

Please do not edit my posts staff, it is written the way I want it to be. I lost my original Prolog, but I guess this one will suffice.
 History is what has happened. It is done, over, unable to be changed. Everyone is in a certain place at a particular time, no one can change where you were at that moment. You can only control where your heart goes in the moments to come.
But now one has figured how to alter the flow of time - if you kill that famous musician, that kid who listened to his music to relieve stress ended up committing suicide. That storeclerk never got distracted by that song, and that girl never became inspired.
 Everything happens - for better or worse. The slightest change can alter the flow of time. Nothing is anachronistic; everything in the past is engraved in time.
But since this one knows how fragile the timeline is, and how it works, shaping history to one's own will has started to begun. There's no stopping one who can cross the boundaries and erase what has happened.
Except there are two hopes.
One will have a red fiery passion to change the world. 
The other will feel blue sorrow, driven by hope to go on.
The Balance must be fixed by these two chosen ones soon, or history itself will become completely erased. It will then be molded by the master who shapes it.
The fate of the future rests in these heroes. After all, time will continue to exist Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.
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Posts : 1220
Likes : 16
Join date : 2013-01-17
Location : The World's Ultimate Stage
Favorite Roleplay : Sengoku Wars & A Game of Life or Death
Humor : You've cat to be kitten me right meow
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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever   Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:10 pm

~Chapter One~
That impatient girl ran passed the baker shop eagerly. She ran, with a giant smile on her face, with her beautiful blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight. Her necklace swayed back and forth, with a swish-swish in perfect intervals. As she passed by the cafe, her bright green eyes lit up upon seeing the new advertisement. The cafe was now going to serve banana bread, which happened to be this particular girl's favorite food. As her attention was raptly taken away by the sign, she suddenly ran into the fountain. 
A bit dazed from the fall, the girl sighed. A nearby boy laughed, chuckling as he saw her fall. He was quite amused by her inability to coordinate. He reluctantly walked over the girl, since he was a friend of hers.
"Need some help?" He smiled, outstretching his hand towards her.
The girl ended up smacking his hand, not amused.
"You laughed at me; now you sincerely offer help? Sorry, but I can do things myself!" And she got up, soaked, and continued to the railroad station. She ran up those steps, soaked completely on her lower-half of her body. The girl did not care; she had a place to be, and she intended to get there on time. Time, to her, was relatively condensed; it was not to be wasted. Every second counted, as it ticked by, since that second can never be obtained back. 
She ran past the front desk, and where the BlackStone Railroad was supposed to let off passengers. She looked up the clock- it said 2:55. The train was due to come at 3:00.
A fateful five minutes the girl stood waiting there. She watched the entrance, eager to see the first glimpse of the train's beautiful red dragon head. The brightly painted blue and yellow patterns would surely be noticed as it came in; each window was clean, the cleanest glass out there. You could make out the faces of individuals aboard the train. 
She closed her eyes 3 minutes in, with a vision of the face she was to see. The face was bright, with a smile; the green eyes of that individual would sparkle upon seeing her. She would wait for the person to get off the train, and give them a giant hug; she would embrace the individual for a straight minute. She opened her eyes exactly at 3:00.
The train, however, was not present. She blinked, looking to see if what she was seeing was true. The BlackStone railroad was no where in sight. Instantly her vision blurred in tears. 
The promise......he promised....
At 3:01 the girl blinked again. The BlackStone railroad was in it's starting position, as if it had never left. The girl was no longer able to remember why she was at the train station.
A guard ran up and grabbed her.
"Get outta here little girl! You know nobody is allowed to depart from this village into the outside world!"
The girl blinked as she was dragged out of the station.
"Now you best be not inquisitively snooping around here again, or I'll let your father know, you here?" and he turned away. 
Why does this always happen to me?
The girl looked at the cafe, scanning for any new advertisements. The same one that was hanging up yesterday was still there, advertising for coffee.
Why can't I remember? What's happening to me?
Then she remembered this;
That's right; nobody is ever allowed to leave the town. That's the way it's always been. The BlackStone Railroad has been closed ever since I was born, and to my knowledge the train was never even used for anything. I guess I better be getting home. 
The girl started walking home. She realized that she was all wet.
Now when did that happen? 
A boy mediates, a tear falling down his cheek. He opens one of his bright green eyes, peeking at his mentor. He shuts his eye as soon as he suspects his master knows he is not doing what he should. As he shifts some of his blonde hair falls in front of his face. 
"I know you stopped meditating." His mentor said, still keeping his eyes shut.
"'s so hard!" the boy stands up, "knowing that the enemy is always one step am I suppose to rest! People are being manipulated this very second!" 
"Patience, boy. You must learn to observe all of your strengths and weaknesses as well as the enem-"
But the boy stormed off, and the mentor sighed. That boy was usually patient, but he was upset because he overheard a meeting between all of the sages. Now with his disillusionment, he feels the need to try and fix things he can not.
The boy went into Lao-chao's restaurant. The lights dazzled as he walked in, with warm air hitting him. It was always so peaceful inside of here; everyone always had a good time. No human being was unable to feel lousy eating Lao-chao's food. He was a master cook. It was said he could even make a dish called "Miracle Dumplings" that could heal people.
"What would you like sir?" A waitress smiled at the boy as walked in.
"I would like some spaghetti if that's alright with you."
"Coming right up!" The waitress said, taking the order and then going back into the kitchen.
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Posts : 1220
Likes : 16
Join date : 2013-01-17
Location : The World's Ultimate Stage
Favorite Roleplay : Sengoku Wars & A Game of Life or Death
Humor : You've cat to be kitten me right meow
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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever   Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:24 pm

The boy sat at the table, contemplating on what to do with his information. He slammed his fist against the table in anger of the idea; he knew that the other sages were not implementing any type of action. The only reason they haven't lost their memories of what the world used to be like was because of the Moon Crystal. The Moon Crystal is radiating a source of magical power that is right now preventing them from forgetting what history was. It provides the mages with magical energy. They can use this power to compare how time was yesterday and how it is today basically.
Nobody is doing anything to stop this! If only there was some way too...
No way. Nothing can be anachronistic. Just.....impossible!

The boy looked up the lights above him. They were quite colorful, with some writing on it he could not read. He admired their designs. He blinked and snapped himself out of this trance.
The boy looked at his staff, at his blue stone set inside of it. Too bad it doesn't have any magical powers as far as I'm concerned.
The stone was given to him by his master. He gave it to him for his sixteenth birthday. It was a present dear to him, because it seemed to be different from other magical gems. However, some stones are infused with water or ice powers and what not, but this one did nothing. It did not allow him to use fire magic and make flames that burned everything to ashes. He could not create massive floods that would terminate entire cities. He couldn't wield anything he possessed.
This boy specialized in transformation magic. The powers to transform were not within his stone, but badges. The badges he has are hidden under his coat; so far he only has two, both of them monsters. One of them allowed him to transform into a massive rat, considered a sewer rat. It is a type of creature that used to exist a 100 years ago, but as far as modern day is concerned rats do not roam sewers. The other badge allowed him to turn into a Himara; a himara was a flower monster, with a yellow sunflower upon its head. It has little green stubby legs that resemble roots, and its eyes were white with black dots in them. The himara badge was pretty useless to this boy, because he was allergic to flowers.
It happened when he was five. He was at Sindain on vacation visiting with his family. He decided to roam in a field of flowers. Suddenly, his eyes became unbearingly itchy; he rubbed them, and rubbed them, but they soon became red. The child came crying to his mother, and leaped into her arms. She took care of him, knowing he had extremely bad allergies. Ever since, this boy decided to stay away from all flowers possible.
The boy sighed as he looked at the stone again. He looked at it, trying to making sense of it. It's so beautiful, yet, it has no powers!
The boy touched the stone, feeling it. It was smooth, perfect like a pearl. Suddenly, a blue light started to radiate out from the stone. It engulfs the boy in it, and soon he disappeared.
His mentor rushes in, eagerly panting as he pauses after he opened the door. The waitress that took the boy's order was there, and asked the man how she could help him.
"R....r....." the mentor started, " he.....?"
"That boy? The blondie?"
"Yes, my apprentice."
"He was here a minute ago, I have his spaghetti order for him right here. You know how much he loves spaghetti, maybe he went to the bathroom."
The mentor stood up straight and looked at the lady in the eye.
"I doubt it. He wouldn't abandon food...but...."
The girl was contemplating why she was wet. Wasn't I going to the train station to greet someone as they got off? Yes, it was. But no, it can't be; it is simply law of the town you can't leave.
This wasn't the first time this has happened to this girl.
Sometimes she will be doing something, and then the next moment she will be doing something else. For some reason, she will have memories of what the world could have been like, or was like. But, she also knows how the world was yesterday. This girl is starting to think she is having hallucinations, because not one person she's told believes her. The memories in her brain are kept, and now it is hard to tell what exactly happened throughout the course of history. What's happening to me? I'm a freak.
"Hey!" Her friend panted, the one from before which she shrugged off, "Why were you in such a hurry to go to the train station?"
Well, at least that still happened.
"I was going to see my father since he was taking the train home is simply law no one can leave, so I guess I must have been imagining it. Leo, do you think something is wrong with me? I go do something, then something else conflicts it."
"Of course not!" Leo said, "I'm your friend; I don't understand why you'd have such memories. The town has always been closed off, and that's the way it's been. But anyways, I have something more important to ask of you. You see, the pipeline going to my house is broken, and I'd like you to fix it. You're pretty good with machines, so I bet you can fix it. Problem? I don't have any cash to pay you since my dad lost his job. That snooty man laid him off.."
"Well, you know I'd be glad to do it for free, as long as you don't mock me ever again." the girl replied.
"Aww, c'mon, don't be like Hikaru!" Leo said, "It was pretty funny, you gotta admit!"
Hikaru looked at him, crossing her arms. She was expecting an apology, since she is still not amused by his humor.
"Fine, fine, Well, there is something I guess I can do for you," Leo said, rustling his hand into his pocket as he grumbled, "what about this" he said, outstretching his hand with the contents he just pulled out.
It was a gun.
Hikaru looked at it, her green eyes widening. It was brand new; the outside of the gun was polished, and it was the exact model she's been looking for all along. It was relatively small, but useful to protect yourself against unexpected attacks.
"It's amazing! Where...where did you get this?! I've been going to the weapon shop for a straight month to try and get one of these babies!"
"Trade secret," Leo said, raising it up above Hikaru's head, taunting her with it, "If you want it I think the pipes by my house need some work."
"I think your pipes will be as good as new after my repair job on it! And that gun's as good as mine in return!" Hikaru said, placing her hand out for shaking it. Leo hesitated for a moment; he then shook it, trying to not grovel at the fact there was oil on her glove still.
"Deal." He said.

Hikaru was working on the pipeline to Leo's house, still with her toolbox. She was about to grab a wrench when suddenly she saw a shadow out of the corner of her eyes in the nearby woods.
"Who's there?" Hikaru said, standing up. It was gone when she looked. She then attended back to her work and relaxed.
Phew. for a minute I though-
"Hikaru! What are you doing out here!" a voice behind her interrupted her thoughts. She turned around; it was her father, standing over her, his face beat red.
"I'm fixing the pipeline for Le-"
"You're way late for dinner! You said you'd be back by six!"
I did? Oh snap. I'm screwed.
Her father sighed, and knelt down by the pipeline. He took one of the tools out her toolbox and fixed it in less than five minutes.
"C'mon, you really do take after me Hikaru. Let's get home now."
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Posts : 1220
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Join date : 2013-01-17
Location : The World's Ultimate Stage
Favorite Roleplay : Sengoku Wars & A Game of Life or Death
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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever   Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:07 pm

Later that day, Hikaru set out to meet her friend Leo. He gave her the gun.
"Thanks alot dude!" Hikaru said, thinking about getting some target practice, "Sooo, I should like find a safe place to practice, huh? Know any good places?"
"Well..." Leo said, "I know of a place...but it's very dangerous."
"Dangerous.." Hikaru repeated. As far as I know, the town is supposed to be 100% safe. There's no trouble because of the great walls that keep outsiders out. However..
That's not the way it used to be.
Why do I know all of this?
Wait a minute; could there still be a link to the outside world?

"Well, where's this place?" Hikaru asked.
Leo just stared, a little nervous.
"Well, there's a sewer system you know...and there's tons of rats there you could shoot at to your heart's content. I've heard rumors of Bonnie, Joe, and nancy going down there, but they haven't returned."
"What? Is that why the town's been a bit quieter?" Hikaru stuttered. That's right; they went out one day and haven't seem to be around for the past two days.
"Shouldn't the police do something about it?" Hikaru asked, and Leo shrugged. Hikaru made a fist.
"I'm going to go rescue them on that account then!" she announced, and ran to where the sewer lid was. She lifted it up, and then crawled down the latter. She made sure the lid was shut before she proceeds forward.
Leo you baka! You shoulda told me this earlier!
As Hikaru walked on, she heard a noise. That must be them!
She pointed her gun and walked towards it. It was a huge rat; she shot at it, and it died.
That thing was huge! Bigger than me! What's going on here?!
Then Hikaru heard a noise. She walked down the tunnel and peered out the corner. She saw 4 figures standing there; Bonnie, nancy, and Joe, and someone wearing a black hood.
"Now, kids, tell me where the stone is." the figure snarled.
"No! Let us go, please! We mean no harm!" Bonnie pleaded, outstretching her hands. Her blue eyes were deep with concern for their fate.
"Not until you tell me where it is," the shady man replied, "I need that stone in order to proceed 100 years into the future."
"You're nuts!" Nancy yelled, putting her tiny fists up, "You can't time travel!"
A laugh came from the man.
"Can't time travel, huh? Little do you kiddies know, your futures have been shifted around quite a lot. But, they'll all be good and dandy if you hand the stone over to me. I believe that a citizen of your precious town, Palm Brinks, has the stone; hence why it's not destroyed - yet."
Hikaru jumped out.
"Take one step closer to them and you'll pay for it!" She screamed, angered. He laughed, making a wave of magic hit Hikaru. She fell backwards, dropping her gun and landing into the water. Something fell out of her pocket that went cling, cling, cling.
It was a beautiful red stone.
How the heck did that get there?!

Hikaru jumped out of the water and grabbed the stone, shoving it back into her pocket. I remember. My dad gave it to me for my birthday...but in the future before that, I got new materials to build a dollhouse. The future must really be changing.
"Hand it over." He outstretched his hand, "Or they will be hurt."
The three kids suddenly has chains wrapped around their arms and legs. They struggled, yet couldn't break free.
"No!" Hikaru yelled, and picked her gun up; and she shot at him.
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PostSubject: Re: This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever   

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This is for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
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