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PostSubject: Pokemon Genesis   Pokemon Genesis Icon_minitimeWed Oct 02, 2013 2:19 am

Pokemon Genesis

My name is Jamie.  I live in Pallet Town with my mom, my dad, and my twin sister.  There’s this funny thing about my family.  My mom, my dad, even my aunts and uncle are big deals in the world of Pokemon.  Me?  I never really gave it much thought.  Pokemon just aren’t for me.  I’m no good with them.  But then he came to Pallet Town and everything changed.

Entry 1
Pokemon, I Choose You!

A woman in a radiant yellow dress stands side by side with a man in a button-up shirt with rolled sleeves and tie sporting a question mark design. Just in front of them, two Pokemon, a Ninetales and a Steelix, fall to the ground, brutally beaten and badly injured.  Standing opposite these Pokemon is a man in a red vest with crossed arms and an X-shaped scar down the left side of his face.  He grins smugly as his own Pokemon, a lone Garchomp lands in front of him.  “I must say, I’m more than a little disappointed, you guys.  What happened to ya, Ellie, Eric?  Life here in this happy little Nothing Town made you forget how to battle?  Lame,” he shouts to the two trainers from across the battlefield.  “To think, your Pokemon chose to follow YOU.  Okay.  Finish ‘em off with Hyper Beam!”  The land shark Pokemon roars as it begins to inhale and focus pure energy for its attack.  “Ready…Aim-!”  Suddenly the trainer’s arm is grabbed and he stops to look down at the young girl in a black skirt and blue vest with her brown hair over one eye.  “Who…”

“That’s enough, you pointy-haired bully!  Their Pokemon are finished!  Ya won!  Now leave ‘em alone!”  The girl demands.

“Get off’a me, kid!”  The degenerate protests, shaking his arm free of her grasp in time for the two trainers to call their Pokemon back.  He glares at them both then a smile stretches across his face.  He places a toothpick in his mouth and adjusts his gloves before calling his Garchomp back to its Pokeball.  “This was fun.  We should do it against, some time.”  Then he turns and kneels down to the kid.  “And you.  What a brave little girl, you were.  I’m sure we’ll be seein’ each other again, real soon.”  Standing back upright, he walks off into town with his hands in his pockets.

The two beaten trainers rush over to the girl and the woman turns her around.  “Nikki, what were you thinking?!”  She shouts, taking the child into her arms.  “What if he’d hurt you?”

“I’ll live, mom,” Nikki responds.  “Who was that guy?”

No sooner does either parent have a chance of responding than another girl rushes over to them.  She was facially identical to Nikki but wore a yellow sun hat and a buttoned blue vest with a red skirt.  “Are all of you alright?”

“Way to show up after it’s over, Jamie,” Nikki mutters.  “What happened?  He made you both look like beginners!  He took you both down with one Pokemon!”

“I’m not sure who he is, in detail.  He said to call him Slayer.  He called us out to battle just as we were getting home,” Eric remarks.

“Get in the house, girls.  I’ll make you dinner,” Ellie says, shoving them both off toward the front door.

That evening, the dinner table is quiet.  Nikki sits back and stares at her food with her arms crossed as Jamie leans on the table, using her fork to toy with the food in front of her.  “Girls, if you aren’t going to eat your food, you could at least give it to Growlithe,” Ellie says.

“Why don’t you want to know who he is or why he just showed up out of the blue to embarrass you the way he did?”  Nikki asks.

“Nikki, losing a battle isn’t the end of the world,” Eric rebuts.

“It could be when two of the best trainers alive are beaten by a smug jerk only using one Pokemon!”  Nikki argues, raising her voice and standing up abruptly.

“Nikki!”  Ellie intercepts.  “Tone.”

Jamie watches as her sister sits back down in her seat, hard.  “There’s always someone better,” she says, quietly.  Nikki turns her head and stares at her then scoffs before excusing herself from the table.  “Sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, Jamie.  It’s not her fault either.  But she does need to learn to let go of things,” Eric says with a sigh.

Jamie reaches down and scratches Growlithe behind the ears as it peaks its head out from beneath the table.  “I hope she can learn that soon.”

Early the next morning, Jamie is woken up by the sudden opening of the door and a voice calling out to her.  She opens her eyes to find her mother standing over her bed.  “Jamie.  Jamie, wake up.”

“Mom?”  The girl says, groggily.

“Jamie, where is your sister?”

Jamie turns her head to her sister’s empty bed.  “I thought I heard the door open last night, but I figured she was maybe going to the bathroom, or…where’s Growlithe?”

In moments, Jamie and her parents are following Growlithe as it does what it can to track Nikki’s scent across town.  They come to a stop at the door of an old, poorly kept house.  After a bit of sniffing, Growlithe sticks its head into the bushes and pulls out the red ribbon Nikki always wore around her arm.  It was slightly torn.  “I don’t get it.  Why would she have come here?”  Ellie says.

“I’ll give you one good guess,” Jamie says, picking up a letter on the ground next to the mailbox.  There were no addresses on it.  Someone must have personally delivered it.  But it was labeled for Slayer.  “She must have been spying on him.”  She turns and tips the mailbox open.  “He doesn’t have any other mail.”

Suddenly they hear the sound of a whistle blowing and they turn to see a woman standing there in uniform, glaring at the lot of them with a Growlithe of her own.  “All right, it doesn’t look like this is your house, so hands where I can see them!  What’re you doing looking through someone else’s mail?”

“Officer Jenny, we need your help,” Ellie says.

“Huh?”  Jenny responds.

Shortly, Jamie and her parents are being escorted to the police station while filling her in on their situation.  “That explains what you were doing.  This ‘Slayer’ guy, though…I’ve never heard of him.  I heard that the two of you got beat by him, though.  He must be good.  Listen, we’ll do everything within our power to find Slayer and your daughter.  Records, however, state that no one lives in that house.  It’s empty.  And this mysterious Pokemon Trainer is nowhere to be found.  We’re dealing with a phantom, here.”

As they enter the police station, Jamie accidentally bumps into a man with silver hair and a long, green scarf wrapped around his neck.  “Excuse me,” she says.

“Not a problem,” he says.  “If I might be allowed to help, I saw Slayer’s battle with these two.  Earlier today, I saw him headed towards Professor Oak’s Lab.  Oak may know where he went.  It is difficult to get the old guy to stop talking once he’s started, after all.”

“All right, thank you,” Jenny says.  “We’ll head there right away.  Sir, Madam, we ask that you go on home.  We’ll take things from here.  You have my word that we’ll get your daughter back.”

“Wait, you can’t be expecting us to sit back here at home while she’s missing!  We’re coming with you!”  Jamie protests.

Eric places his hands on his daughter’s shoulders.  “Jamie, it’s time to let them handle this.  I don’t like it either, but we don’t want anything happening to you too.”  The silver haired man watches for a moment, seeing the defeated expression on Jamie’s face before leaving with his arms crossed.

That afternoon, Jamie sits at her PC as her mother enters the room.  “Jamie, you’ve been awfully quiet up here.”

“I’m always quiet, mom,” she says as she continues to type vigorously.

“That, you are.  Listen, I want you to know that this is a difficult situation for all of us.  If there was more we could do…”

“I know, mom.  There are only two of you but there are legions of officers in every town and city in this region.  They’ll find her.  I got it.”

Ellie stares at Jamie who stops typing and stares at the screen in silence.  “Would you like anything to eat?”

“No thanks, mom,” Jamie responds.

When her mother’s left the room and shut the door behind her, Jamie prints out what she’d been writing and grabs a travel bag hidden beneath her bed.  Then she folds up the paper, tapes it to the door, and tosses the bag into the bush just outside the window, before climbing out.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m going out there to find Nikki.  I just can’t sit around, knowing that she could be out there, hurt or worse.  I won’t be alone.  I’ll catch a Pokemon and be back before you know it.  Then you can ground me until I’m old.  But I can’t leave my sister out there.

I’m Sorry,

Shortly, Jamie arrives at Oak’s lab and hides.  The officers were only just leaving.  The moment they’re all gone, she walks on inside with her bag over her shoulder.  “Um…Professor?”  She calls out several times, looking for the old genius when she finds a back room with a table and three Pokeballs resting on it.  “Pokemon.”

“Those would be the three Kanto Region ‘Starter’ Pokemon,” a voice says from the doorway.  The tall, gray haired man in the lab coat walks in with his hands behind his back.  “I’m sorry; I hadn’t heard you come in.  Are you looking to begin your journey?  How old are you?”

Jamie’s heart had nearly jumped up from her chest to her throat as Oak walks in.  “M-me?  I…my name’s Jamie,” she says, handing him her trainer card.  “I’m nearly thirteen.”

“I see.  And why didn’t you pursue a Pokemon adventure when you turned ten?”

“Oh…other things seemed more important at the time,” she says.

Oak looks over her card and she twitches a bit before he looks up at her and hands it back with a nod and a smile on her face.  At last, her heart could take a moment to slow down.  In another moment, each Pokeball opens.  The first Pokemon out is a Charmander, followed by Squirtle, and then Bulbasaur.  “Now, then, these are your choices.  Charmander is a fire type Pokemon.  It’s the easiest to train but raising it requires plenty of patience.  Be sure not to get its tail wet, either.  If the flame on its tail dies…it does.  The next is Squirtle.  It’s about the average in terms of training.  Make sure to keep it damp or its shell will dry out and it won’t be able to move as well.  The last is this Bulbasaur.  Bulbasaur are usually easy to raise, but training them takes time and care, especially with this particular one.”

“What’s so different about this one?”

“This Bulbasaur is barely half the size of the norm.  Bulbasaur need as much sunlight as possible to keep the buds on their backs nice and healthy.  This particular one may need a bit more sunlight than normal.”

“Saur.  Bulba,” the little Pokemon says as Jamie looks it over.

Jamie picks Bulbasaur up and it cutely smiles at her.  “So you need extra sunlight.  Doesn’t seem like you’d get it, stuck up in this lab or in a Pokeball.  She then sets Bulbasaur atop her head, on her sunhat.  “I guess you’ll be going with me, little guy.”

“All right, so Bulbasaur is your new partner.  I’d give you a Pokedex as well, but I don’t have any at the moment.”

“That’s all right,” Jamie says, taking Bulbasaur’s Pokeball and dropping it into her bag’s side pocket.  “I should be back here soon.”

“Well, here are a few extra Pokeballs for you,” Oak says, handing her a belt of empty Pokeballs.  I wish you luck on your journey!”

“Thanks,” Jamie says as she prepares to head out.  “I’ll need it.”

It hadn’t taken long to reach the north exit to Route 1.  But the instant she reaches the path, she sees someone familiar standing in the center of it.  The silver haired man in the scarf stares up at the sky as she approaches.  She tips her hat down over her face as she passes.  “I don’t imagine you know where to start looking,” he says.  Jamie pauses and looks back at him with a look of shock about her.  “I also don’t imagine your parents would approve of this idea.  You’re trying to be discreet with a large travel bag over your shoulder and a Pokemon sitting on your head?”

“I suppose you’re going to tell me not to go and bring me to my parents?”

“No,” the man says, stepping toward her.  “I’m going to tell you that Slayer went this way, toward Viridian City, based on what Professor Oak told the police.”  Jamie’s face lights up slowly as she listens to the man speak.  “And I won’t tell your parents anything…provided I accompany you.”

“Wait…you want to come with me to find my sister?”

“No.  I’m going for Slayer.  And you’ll need help,” he responds, extending a hand to her.  “Adler.”

Jamie stares at his hand, then up at his face.  “You’re really intimidating,” she says as she shakes his hand, prompting him to crack a smile.  “Jamie.”

“A pleasure.  Now, let’s get moving.”

The two of them look down the pathway to Route 1 and set out on the beginning of what is certain to be an eventful journey.
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Roleplay Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Genesis   Pokemon Genesis Icon_minitimeThu Oct 03, 2013 9:29 am

Pokemon Genesis
Entry 2: Showdown in Viridian City!

Ellie sits in the kitchen, sipping tea when she hears footsteps and her husband barges in.  “Ellie, get Officer Jenny on the line!  Jamie is…”

“I know, Eric,” Ellie says.

“You what?  How did you know?  You’ve been down here all afternoon.”

“Professor Oak just called to ‘Congratulate us on the beginning of our daughter’s journey’.  I put two and two together.”

Eric stares at his wife in a stupor for all of a brief instant before coming back to his senses.  “And you didn’t think to tell him…”

“Tell him what?  Eric, she’s nearly thirteen.  Every day, a ten year old sets out on an adventure with Pokemon that’s no less dangerous than what our daughter has decided to get herself into.  Or did you forget why you set out on your own adventure when you were young.”

“That was different.  She’s isn’t in this for the journey.  She’s on a manhunt.  Besides, Jamie’s never shown any interest in Pokemon.  She wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Oh?  I’d say she’s off to a fairly good start if you ask me,” Ellie retorts, calmly taking another sip of her tea.  “I’m every bit as worried as you are, Eric.  But I trust that Jamie can use this experience.  Why not share in that faith with me a little?”

Eric stands in tries to collect himself as he feels something brushing against his leg.  Once he realizes it’s Growlithe, he kneels down and pets the little Pokemon.  “It’s all right, boy,” he says.  “The girls are going to be back safe and sound.  Just you wait and see.”  Ellie holds her teacup to her faces and smiles behind it.

Nearly two days later, Jamie and Adler find their way, peacefully, to Viridian City.  Nothing had disrupted them, thankfully.  They stopped to camp and all was quiet.  They hardly spoke two words to one another.  The moment they pass the first sign, Adler pauses.  “Slayer is probably here somewhere,” he says, looking around town with his hands firmly in his pockets.  “We should try checking the Pokemon Center.”

“Pokemon Center?”

“It’s where Trainers go regularly to get medical attention for their Pokemon,” Adler explains.  “He’ll more than likely have checked-in there, at least for a check-up.”

The two enter a large building with a bright, red roof.  Looking around, Jamie takes note of a good number of Pokemon.  One boy ran about the floor with a playful little yellow Pokemon she didn’t recognize.  But it had long ears and red pouches on its cheeks, with a thunderbolt shaped tail.  Another little girl sat, feeding a cute little round, pink Pokemon with enormous, blue eyes.  Then there was one pinked haired girl, sitting on the counter.  A small, white and green pokemon with red horns is held in her arms.  The girl hops down from the counter and steps aside as Adler approaches.  “Nurse Joy,” he says, setting each of his six Pokeballs on a tray in front of him.  “If you wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course!”  The pink haired nurse says cheerily with a pleasant nod.

“And I’d like to ask a question.  Has a man named Slayer been here recently?  He has an X-shaped scar down one side of his face and messy, blonde hair.”

“Oh yes, a man like that was here not long ago.  I’m not sure where he is now, though,” Nurse Joy responds.

Adler turns away from the counter for a moment to think when there is a sudden explosion from outside, so powerful that it shatters the window.  People scream and run into buildings from the streets or stand in awe, too frightened to move at what they see.  Adler suffers no such affliction.  He charges his way to the door and rushes outside, turning his head to look all around for the cause of the blast.  Then he warns Jamie back, holding out a hand to keep her in the Pokemon Center.

Without warning, Bulbasaur leaps down from Jamie’s hat and runs to the window, looking out at what appears to be the origin point of the blast.  “Bulbasaur, come…back.”  A large pillar of smoke rises up from the front of the back just down the street.  It’d be a miracle if no one was hurt.  Emerging from the smoke and fire are two figures in black uniforms with red R’s on their outfits.  Both of them have caps tipped over their faces and carry large sacks of money over their shoulders.  “Wait…I’ve seen that look before.”

“Team Rocket is back!”  A woman shouts from the streets as panic continues.

Inbound officers are in for a rude surprise as well.  They tear around the corner at high speed, practically ripping the concrete behind them.  “This is Officer Jenny!  Drop the money and put your hands in the air!”

The two Rockets hold their hands up in the air silently.  Taking note of their calmness, he makes with all haste to duck back through the Pokemon Center’s busted open window, rolling on the floor just as an aircraft races in overhead and drops Voltorb in Jenny’s way.  She was moving too rapidly.  There was no way to keep from running, headfirst, into this trap.  And so, she did.  The Voltorb detonates the moment it hits the ground and Jenny drives directly into the impact zone, being forcefully thrown from her motorbike and landing in a slide and rolling to a stop on the concrete.  The Rockets smile as they grabs hold of the ladder dropped by their aircraft, making off with whatever amount they managed to take as they drops a number more Voltorb in exiting.

Adler steps back outside to find the streets littered with cops and Voltorb, Jamie follows.  “I’d heard of Team Rocket, but…”

“They’re a band of thieves and bullies who steal money and other people’s Pokemon.  To them, Pokemon are just tools.  A means to carry out their criminal acts,” Adler says.

The two suddenly hear a scream from the Pokemon Center and look to one another before running toward the point of origin.  Nurse Joy stands in the doorway of a back room with the pink haired child from earlier.  “Nurse Joy, what’s wrong?”  Jamie says.

“It’s the Pokemon!  They’re all gone!”  Joy says as the two come to her side, realizing that the store room for all the trainers’ Pokeballs had been drilled into and every Pokeball taken.

“They must have used the bank heist as a distraction.  This was their target all along,” Adler says.

“We have to get those Pokemon back!”  The young girl speaks up, turning and charging through the doorway to try getting after the aircraft.

Adler and Jamie watch the child race off in a hurry then turn back to Nurse Joy.  “Joy, my Pokemon are still on the tray in the front, right?”

“They should be.  I didn’t get a chance to bring them back yet.”

“Come on, Jamie.  We’re getting after them.”

“Me?  I can’t go after them!”

“Don’t worry.  I’ll keep you safe.  But I don’t want you out of my sight where I can’t protect you.  Let’s go.”

Adler picks up his Pokeballs on the way outs.  Outside, the two of them race down the street, following the Rocket aircraft.  “It’s moving slow but how do we get up there?  Do you have a flying Pokemon that can carry us?”  Jamie says.

“No.  But they’re headed west.  There’s a body of water in that direction.  I can probably shoot them down.”

“NO!”  A younger third party shouts out as the pink haired girl from the Pokemon Center races ahead and stops the two of them.  “Not all Pokemon are water types, you know!  You might hurt a rock or fire type Pokemon!  I have an idea!”  Jamie and Adler pause behind the girl as she turns and takes them both by the hand.  Her little Pokemon then hops up onto her head.  “Ralts, teleport us up onto that airship!”

Ralts’s two red horns suddenly begin to glow, emitting a strange light.  “Raaaaaalts,” it chimes.  Suddenly the three of them disappear from their spot and find themselves on the mass aircraft.

“We’re in!”  Adler says.  The three of them are greeted by several Rocket Grunts, turning and unleashing their legion of poison type Pokemon on them.  “I can take care of this.”  Adler grabs two Pokeballs from his belt and throws them up in the air.  From them emerge Alakazam and Gengar, landing just in front of their trainer.  Hoards of Ekans, Koffing, and Grimer throw themselves at the three trainers but Adler cracks a smile.  “Gengar, use Hypnosis!”  Gengar laughs as its red eyes glow and every Pokemon attacking falls to the deck, asleep.  “Alakazam, Psybeam!”

“Kazam!”  The Psi Pokemon crosses its two spoons in front of it and using them as a focal point, fires a beam of multicolor psychic energy at the enemies.

Bulbasaur suddenly hops down from Jamie’s head and runs off.  “Bulbasaur, wait!”  Jamie shouts, chasing after her little friend.  The girl from the Pokemon Center picks up her Ralts and follows after them.

Inside, they find a hall of many doors.  “This aircraft isn’t that big.  The Pokemon must be around here somewhere,” the girl says.

Jamie catches up to Bulbasaur and sets the little thing back on her head.  “You’ve gotta stop running off like that.”

“Saur!”  Bulbasaur cries, pointing to one of the doors.  “Bulba!”

“What?  In there?  How do you know?”  She turns to the girl.  “Do you know anything about this?”  The girl shrugs and Jamie turns back to the door.  “Well…how do we get it open?”

Suddenly there’s an explosion of some sort and the entire craft trembles.  Some form of beam erupts up through the floor just next to Jamie and she falls back.  “Are you okay?!  That looked like Hyper Beam.”  The girl says, helping Jamie to her feet.

“Hyper Beam?”

Outside, Adler can just barely see Jamie down the hall.  But Rocket Grunts had him tied down.  They might have been weak, but there were plenty of them.  When the aircraft shook, everyone fell to the deck.  Then there came the roar of a dragon Pokemon and in an instant, a Salamence appears, flying up over the aircraft and letting off a passenger.  “Slayer,” Adler says to himself as he begins to get up.

Slayer stands upright after the landing and throws a Pokeball.  From it emerges Garchomp, roaring loudly and sending every Pokemon on the deck back into its Pokeball.  “Idiots,” he says.  “Garchomp, use Dragon Rage and clear these clowns outta here.”

Garchomp stomps down and focuses in on all of the Rockets then charges forward, rampaging and launching Rocket Grunts from the deck like their namesake.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Rocket Grunts, manning the aircraft bail out.  “Slayer!”  Adler shouts.

“Hm?  Do I know you?”

“This ship is carrying dozens of stolen Pokemon and now it’s falling out of the sky,” Adler growls.

Adler calls back his Garchomp then shrugs as he places the Pokeball back on his belt.  “How is that my problem?”

“Excuse me?”

“I came up here to show these jokers a thing or two.  The Pokemon they took are no skin off my nose.”

“But that’s…”

“Well, I’d love to stick around, but you struggled to take care of those guys yourself and you had two Pokemon.  I don’t think you’d entertain me all that well.”

Before Slayer can leave, though, Adler grabs him by the arm.  “Fine.  We’ll get the Pokemon out of here but you have something else to answer for.  Where’s the girl?”

“What girl?”  Slayer says before glancing to the side and noting Jamie and her friend from the Pokemon Center, emerging from the doorway.  “You?”

“Slayer!”  Jamie shouts.  She rushes toward Slayer but trips up as the ship begins to lose altitude.  As she begins to pick herself up, she glares at Slayer.  “What did you do with my sister?!”

“Sister?  So…you’re not that annoying brat from Pallet Town, then?”

“My twin, you jerk!  Where is she?!”

Slayer shakes his arm free of Adler’s grasp and steps back.  “Kid, I don’t know where your twerpy little doppelganger is and I don’t care.  Now if you’ll excuse me, this aircraft is gonna be hitting the ground soon and I don’t really wanna be around for that.  See ya when I see ya.”  He then hops over the side and his Salamence bolts by, carrying him off into the sky.

“But…if he doesn’t know where she is…”  Jamie was more confused now than she could recall every being.  But there was no time for that.

“Jamie, we have to get out of here,” Adler says.  He then turns to their newest ally.  “You.  Can your Ralts teleport all of the Pokeballs out of here?”

“Can you do that, Ralts?”  Ralts nods and she races off to the room, once again ahead of the others.  Adler has Alakazam force the door open with its Psychic attack and they see all of the Pokeballs piled up in the room.  “All right, Ralts, take us back to the Pokemon Center!”

The airship crashes down in an open area west of Viridian City, just outside of range for the crash to harm anyone or do any damage.  Meanwhile, back in the city, Nurse Joy is sitting down, endlessly worried about the Pokemon and the young trainers that’d gone to get them back.  Suddenly there is a flicker of light in the room and the trainers appear with a mountain of Pokeballs.  “Kid, remind me to get that Ralts a treat,” Adler says.

“I will.  And the name’s Josie,” the girl says after having a seat on the floor.  “Nice to meet you.”

Adler looks to Jamie who stands with her back turned to everything, thinking intently about everything that’d just happened.  “I don’t understand it.  If Slayer didn’t know where Nikki is…then where is she?”

Later on that evening, the Pokemon have all been returned to their rightful owners and Jamie stands at the counter with Adler, waiting on something.  The door to the back slides open and Josie rushes out with a backpack on and her Ralts cradled in her arms.  “Josie, are you sure this is what you want to do?”  Nurse Joy asks.

Josie nods happily.  “Yup!  I just realized while I was out there, helping them, that I can do a lot more good and learn more if I travel around.  Nothing would make me happier, right now.”

“Well, when you put it that way, I suppose I don’t have much of a choice but to agree.  Just be safe.  The world of Pokemon is fascinating and filled with wonder, but it can be very dangerous and take you by surprise if you aren’t wary.  Will you do that for me?”

“Sure thing, mom,” Josie says.  Then she turns and bows to Jamie and Adler.  “And thanks for letting me come with!  I hope I’m not a burden or anything.”

“Don’t mention it,” Adler says.

“It’ll be our pleasure,” Jamie says.

It is sunset as the group prepares to leave.  Jamie looks ahead in thought.  “Should we go back to Pallet Town first?”  Adler asks.  “Slayer didn’t know anything.”

“You’re sure he wasn’t just lying?”  Josie remarks.

“He wouldn’t have had a reason to.  If he thought we were onto something he was trying to hide, he wouldn’t have let us escape that aircraft.  And he knew we’d be able to get out okay.”

“That was a pretty wild assumption,” Josie mumbles.

Jamie stops and the others look back at her.  “Yeah, I guess I should go back to Pallet Town and face the music.  You two can go on ahead to Pewter City without me.”

“I’m sorry, but that I cannot allow,” Adler says.

“Yeah, ya self pity machine!  We’re a team now and we’re going with…”  Josie pauses.  Then she and Adler stare behind Jamie in what seems to be utter shock.

“That’s so sweet, I think you just gave me a cavity,” a familiar voice remarks.

Jamie turns around to that voice and sees her own face across from her.  “Nikki?”  She says.

“Hiya, sis.”  Nikki says, her hands on her hips.  It was only then that Jamie notices the belt around her sister’s waist with Pokeballs strapped to it.  “Were you looking for me?”

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Pokemon Genesis

Entry 3
Training Daze!

“Nikki, what happened?  Where did you go?!  You can’t mean to tell me that you just…left,” Jamie exclaims to her sister.

Nikki stands with her arms crossed and her head cocked to the side.  “Well…I didn’t expect any of you to follow me…”

“What the heck kind of answer is that?!”

“I figured if you thought that creep kidnapped me, you’d send the police after him.  But he’s too good for the police.  So…I made up my mind on a different plan, shortly after I left.”

“Creep?  Slayer,” Jamie says to herself.  “So this was just some revenge plot?  Idiot!  We were all worried sick!  Come on, we’re going home!”  Jamie grabs her sister by the arm, only to be resisted up until Nikki pulls her arm back.  “Wha- Nikki…”

Nikki holds her wrist and looks her twin in both eyes.  “No,” she says.  “That new plan I came up with?  I’m going to get strong.  I’m gonna get strong enough that I can beat that ‘Slayer’ creep so bad, he’ll cry when I’m through.  When that’s done, then we’ll talk about me going home.  Or would you rather we settle this differently?”

“You’re coming home with me if I have to drag you, Nikki,” Jamie disputes.

“All right, then we’ll do it like this.  We’ll have ourselves a battle.  If you win, I’ll go home with you.  If I win, you hit the road and let me do this.  Or is that little Bulbasaur on your head not yours?”

Jamie steps backs, having been taken off guards.  Suddenly, Bulbasaur hops down from Jamie’s hat and lands between the two, glaring at Nikki.  “Bulbasaur…”  Jamie says.  She turns back, then, to get her friends’ opinions.  “Guys?”

“Go on, Jamie,” Josie cheers.  “You and Bulbasaur can do it!”

“You’re both only just beginning.  Not exactly an unfair fight,” Adler says with a nod.  “Just be careful not to overtax your Pokemon.”

Jamie nods and turns back to her sister.  Moments later, the two of them stand on opposite ends of the battlefield just behind the Pokemon Center.  Bulbasaur sits just in front of Jamie, ready for its first real battle.  Nikki stands with a hand on her hip.  Kissing the Pokeball in the other hand, she throws it up into the air and from it emerges a Squirtle.  “Ready when you are, sis,” she says.

Adler stands to the side of the battlefield, a hand raised in the air.  “This will be a one-on-one Pokemon Battle.  The first one to defeat the other’s Pokemon wins!  Trainers and Pokemon ready?  Go!”  He declares.

Jamie points across the field with an unfamiliar energy about her.  “Bulbasaur, use Tackle Attack!”

“Bulbasaur!”  The little Pokemon hunkers down and takes off across the field towards Squirtle, kicking up a cloud of dust behind it.

“Wow!  I’ve never seen a Bulbasaur move that fast!”  Josie shouts from the bench.

Nikki watches Bulbasaur intently.  It is pretty quick.  I didn’t expect that…but I can’t let it get to me.  “Hmph…it doesn’t even know any grass-type attacks yet, does it?”  She says.  Jamie recoils at that statement and Nikki grins.  “Squirtle, tackle it out of your way.”

“Squirt!”  Squirtle darts forward, not nearly as quickly as Bulbasaur but the instant the two collide, it overpowers the little Pokemon and knocks it back.  “Squirtle!”

“I thought so.  You know, you’d probably be doing a lot better if you’d trained it to use any grass-type moves.  You did know that grass-types were super effective to water-types, right?”

“Shut up and battle!  Bulbasaur, keep trying to tackle it!”  Jamie snaps.

“If you say so.  Squirtle, dodge it!”  Nikki commands.

First, Squirtle lunges to one side, then tucks into its shell and bounces around along the rocks like a pinball.  But Bulbasaur was steady behind it and could turn sharply.  The quick little Pokemon manages to graze Squirtle one time and that was all it took to throw Squirtle from its path, crashing, shell first, into a rock.  “Squirt.  Squirtle…”

Nikki narrows her eyes then comes to a realization, seeing Bulbasaur running and kicking up a dust cloud.  “Where there’s a dust cloud, there’s dirt.  Squirtle, use your tail to dodge it!

“Squirtle Squirt Squirtle!”  The loyal Pokemon turns itself upright and uses its tail to fling itself into the air over Bulbasaur, causing the little Pokemon to ram, head first, into the rock.

“Bulbasaur, are you okay?!”  Jamie shouts.

Bulbasaur nods and turns back to the field to try tackling its opponent.  Nikki crosses her arms and closes her eyes.  “Okay, Squirtle, use Water Gun on the field!”

While still in the air, Squirtle tucks into its shell and spins at high speed, spraying water all along the field.  The next thing poor Bulbasaur knows, it’s stepping down on mud and slipping around.  “Saur?  B-Bulbaaaaaa!”

“How did she get so good?”  Josie wonders as she marvels at the spectacle before her.

“I think we’re done here,” Nikki says.  “Squirtle, while it’s out of control, let’s wrap this up with that special move we were working on!”

Squirtle lands just in front of Bulbasaur and takes a breath, building up some form of blue energy.  Bulbasaur tries to turn out of the way but the mud is too slick.  Squirtle takes aim and suddenly that stored up energy is released in the form of a violent, light blue beam, striking Bulbasaur head on.  Before everyone’s eyes, Bulbasaur is flash frozen in a block of ice.  “Bulbasaur!”  Jamie cries out, running onto the field to tend to her little buddy.

“That move,” Josie says.

“It was Ice Beam.  I don’t know how, but Nikki managed to teach her Pokemon a move that takes the utmost experience, concentration, and skill to master, despite her Pokemon being so young and her own being a beginner,” Adler says.

Nikki approaches Bulbasaur as she tries, desperately, to thaw the ice around the little Pokemon.  “And now you know just how serious I am,” Nikki says, tossing Jamie a potion.  “That’ll thaw it.”  Turning her back on her sister, Nikki calls Squirtle back into its Pokeball before walking off.  “Hey, don’t let it hit you too hard.  Keep at it.  Be seein’ ya.”  With that, she leaves the Pokemon Center.

Josie rushes over to Jamie just as she is thawing Bulbasaur.  “Well, we’re right by the Pokemon Center.  Come on, we can patch up your Bulbasaur there.”

“Right,” Jamie says as she picks up the injured little thing.

Inside, Jamie sits with the others while she waits on Nurse Joy to patch up Bulbasaur.  “So that was your first real battle, huh?  I gotta say, that was pretty unfair, having that kind of advantage hidden from a total beginner,” Josie says.

“Count it as a blessing and say you learned from it,” Adler remarks.

“I did.  I don’t know how she was able to teach Squirtle a move like that so quickly, but I do know where I recognized a lot of those moves.  I used to watch my mom and dad appeal and battle a lot.  That tail jump was something my dad came up with when he battled Lance,” Jamie says.  “She was always way more into Pokemon than I was.  She paid attention to every little detail…and could recite them all back to you.  It’s no wonder she got so good, so fast.  I’m just not cut out for this.”

“So, what’re you gonna do now, go back to Pallet Town?”

“I guess so.  Can you teleport us there?”

Josie and Ralts shake their heads in sync.  “No.  Sorry, Ralts can only teleport to places it’s been.  I’ve never been to Pallet Town.”

Nurse Joy brings out a tray with Bulbasaur sitting on it.  The little bulb Pokemon hops up from the tray and only Jamie’s head, smiling brightly.  “All better, I see,” Nurse Joy says.  “Listen, Jamie, I know this isn’t any of my business, but if I’m following this entire thing correctly, then I think you should keep going.”

Jamie blinks, inquisitively and stares up at Josie’s mother.  “Huh?”

“Well, for starters, it seems to me that your sister is only going through the motions of a Pokemon journey.  She has raw talent and understands the kindness that should be shown to Pokemon…but there’s more to it than that.  I feel like you would be the perfect person to show her.  Also, there’s a certain kind of bond between special trainers and their Pokemon that I’ve only seen a few other times.  You may not be there yet.  But the spark between you and your Bulbasaur is definitely there,” Joy explains.

Jamie looks up toward Bulbasaur.  Though her view of her little friend might be obscured by her hat, she can almost sense Bulbasaur looking down at her as well and smiles.  “Well, I think…I’m still going to talk to my mom and dad.  To…let them know me and Nikki are okay,” she says.

Nurse Joy bows politely.  “I can show you to the phone.  Right this way, please,” she says.

Later on, Jamie stands in the booth, staring at the black screen in front of her.  Her hands trembled and her spine shuddered.  Her breath was even shaky.  Adler and Josie stand to the side, out of camera view.  When the screen comes on, Jamie’s mother answers the phone.  “Hel- Jamie!”  She cries.  

“Uh…hi, mom,” Jamie says.

“W-where are you, sweetie?!”

“I’m in Viridian City.  Listen, mom.  There’s…a lot I need to tell you about.”

After half an hour of standing in the booth, trying her best to explain everything to her parents, Jamie stops.  Eric stands beside Ellie, holding the bridge of his nose as Ellie’s eyes water.  “Thank goodness, she’s all right,” Ellie says.

“Where is Nikki?”  Eric asks.

“That’s…the part I didn’t get to yet.  Nikki challenged me to a battle.  If I won, she’d go back home immediately.  If she won, she could be on her way.”

“And you lost,” Eric says.  “Still…at least you’re both safe…relatively speaking.  And Adler…”

“Sir?”  Adler says, stepping forward.

“Thank you for watching out for my daughter.  I trust you can get her back here safely.”

Jamie winces and Adler looks at her with a nod.  “A-actually, mom…dad…I’m not sure if I want to come home right away.”

“Excuse me?”  Eric says.

“I mean…it’s just that…I’ve come this far and…”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  Ellie, talk some sense into your daughter, please!”

Ellie closes her eyes and seems at total peace for a moment.  “Eric, hush.  Jamie…you left home without our permission and involved yourself in an incredibly dangerous world that you barely have any understanding of.  You’ve never shown any interest in Pokemon or traveling with them, and now you suddenly decide that you’re going to do this, despite lacking the know-how and aptitude.  I am…awestruck, to say the least,” she says, stopping off at a pause.  “But I think you should go ahead and pursue this.”

“Ellie,” Eric says.

A tear finds its way down Ellie’s cheek as she looks away from the screen.  “You and Nikki have been in competition since you were born.  You fought over who’d be born first.  You fought over who’d cry the loudest.  You fought over who’d be the first to walk.  You fought over who’d speak their first words.  You fought over who’d do the best in school.  I watched as things progressed.  You’d win some, she’d win more.  I saw what that did to your confidence.  It came as no surprise to me that I absolutely never saw you fight over who’d be the best with Pokemon.  You didn’t even try.  It’s like you knew she’d win anyway so you just let her have it.  But if there is one thing I’m absolutely certain of, it’s that Pokemon skill is something that kind of runs in this family.  You’re no exception.  So the fact that you want to pursue this now, after that kind of trial…it shows me two things.  One; it shows me that I am, once again, correct.  Two; it shows me that you know how to grow from an experience.  And there is nothing that suits having that skill better than a journey with Pokemon and other close friends.”

Jamie stares in complete shock at her mother’s speech as Josie and Adler stands in the background.  Meanwhile, Eric stands and thinks.  “Jamie…she’s right.  So you go on ahead.  Have your adventure,” he says.  Then he all but shoves Ellie out of the frame.  “But when you get back, you are beyond grounded, missy, you hear me?”

“Guys,” Jamie says with a hesitant nod.

“Good.  But do me a favor.  I know you can’t do anything about her, but just keep an eye on your sister for me.  And rough her up for me whenever you get the chance.  I swear, you’re both as hard headed as I was.”

“I guess that’s something else that kind of runs in this family,” Jamie says.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t push it, kid,” Eric says.

“Good luck, Jamie.  We’ll be rooting for the both of you, as always,” Ellie concludes.

Later on, just outside the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy stands at the door, watching as the trio heads off on their way north to Pewter City.  Josie looks over her shoulder at her mother then turns her head to Jamie and Adler.  “So we’re headed through the Viridian Forest?  Isn’t there a back way around it?”

“Yes,” Adler says.  “But as Jamie’s mentor, I suggest we take a path that’s going to help her train and hone her skills a bit more.  Bulbasaur’s speed and agility are impressive but if it’s going to win any battles, the both of them are going to have to…”

“Wait…my mentor?”

“Your father told me to look after you, right?”

“That makes you my nanny, not my mentor,” Jamie rebuts.

Adler looks down on Jamie as they proceed.  “Do you want my help or don’t you?”

Jamie looks up at Adler with the first genuine smile she’s worn in days.  “Teach me everything you know, ‘master’,” she says.

“Saur Saur Saur!”

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Pokemon Genesis

Entry 4
Te Metapod Metamorphosis!

Having set up camp in the Viridian Forest, Jamie, Adler, and Josie all sit by the fire.  Meanwhile, Bulbasaur hears a rustling sound from the bushes and turns towards them.  Adler looks up from his dinner preparations and sees the bushes shifting and trembling.  “Girls, be alert,” he says.  The bushes continue to shake and it begins to get louder and louder still.

“What do you think it is?”  Jamie asks, standing upright.

Bulbasaur leaps down from Jamie’s head and growls at the bushes, defensively.  “Saurrrrr…”

“You think it might be a r-rodent Pokemon?”  Josie squeals.

“You’re afraid of rodent Pokemon?”  Jamie asks.

Josie says nothing, merely shuddering at Jamie’s query.  But what emerges isn’t any kind of rodent.  It’s a long, slinky, orange, bug-type Pokemon with a big, red nose and a horn on its head.  “Oh, it’s a Weedle,” Jamie says.

“Weedle,” Josie exhales, pulling a little red device from her bag.

“Oh no!  I forgot I had to go back and get a Pokedex from Professor Oak!”  Jamie exclaims.

Adler looks over his shoulder to the girls then back at the little bug.  “The fire must have drawn it out.  Bug-type Pokemon are drawn to fire.”

“But I thought fire was super effective against bug-types,” Jamie says.

“It is.  Put the fire out and the Weedle should…”

Without warning, something else emerges from the bush.  Standing before them all is a young woman with glasses and messy, green hair, holding a camera.  “Weedle!  Didn’t I tell you to stop wandering off!”  She says, just before noticing the trio.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did my Pokemon bother you all?  My name is Mavis.  I’m an insect Pokemon photographer.”

“Right, because everyone wants a close up shot of a bug,” Jamie mutters beneath her breath.

“It’s no problem at all.  It just spooked the girls a bit, is all,” Adler says.

Both girls practically fall out in the background then stand upright.  “Way to throw us under the bus!”  Jamie exclaims.

“Yeah!  And I’ll have you know, I wasn’t spooked, not one bit!”  Josie adds.

“Such an energetic group,” Mavis says.  “Would you all like to see something?”

“I’ll leave that up to my brave companions, here,” Adler says.

Josie puffs up one cheek and Jamie crosses her arms, glancing off to the side.  A short walk later, Mavis brings the group to a massive tree in the center of the forest, covered in what look like enormous bananas from a distance.  “This is what I call the Tree of Evolution!”  She decrees, holds out her arms at the masterpiece of nature.

“It’s…it’s actually really beautiful,” Jamie says.  “So, this is one of the wonders of the Pokemon world.”

“Hey, wait, I know this place.  Every year, all the wild Weedle in the forest come to big trees like this to hang themselves on trees and evolve into Kakuna until they’re strong enough to break out of their shells,” Josie says.

Kakuna: The Cocoon Pokemon and the evolved form of Weedle.  This Pokemon is in a temporary stage while making its body.  It is almost completely unable to move on its own.

“How long have they been here?”  Jamie asks.

“Oh, a couple days.  It doesn’t usually take too long for them to go into the next stage,” Mavis says.  “Watching them all evolve when the time comes is just a gorgeous sight.”

“Something doesn’t quiet seem accurate, here,” Adler says, pointing out an anomaly among all of the Kakuna.  There, hanging on the tree in the center of the Kakuna, is a bright green cocoon Pokemon of another kind.  Josie flips open her Pokedex again upon noticing it.

Metapod: The Cocoon Pokemon and the evolved form of Caterpie.  Even though it is encased in a sturdy shell, the body inside is tender.  It can’t withstand a harsh attack.

Jamie looks over the Pokedex entry with Josie.  “I don’t get it.  How’d that get there?”  She asks.

“Well, y’see, Caterpie don’t form up in groups for this the way Weedle do.  They go through their evolutionary process alone.  As far as I can tell, this Metapod was here before them,” Mavis explains.

“This isn’t good,” Adler analyzes.  “Weedle aren’t violent or territorial Pokemon.  They’re docile so they probably allowed this.  But when those Kakuna evolve into Beedrill, that Metapod won’t stand a chance.  There are too many.”

“I tried to get it down but if I agitate the Kakuna at all, they might evolve early and attack me,” Mavis sighs.

Jamie looks up at the Metapod in the tree and thinks.  “Adler, can your Alakazam use its Psychic Attack to bring it down here?”

“Not without injuring it,” Adler says.

“Then what if Ralts were to teleport onto it and then bring it back down here?”

Ralts recoils at the thought and scurries over Josie’s head, hiding in her backpack.  “I’m gonna take that as a no,” Josie says.  “Ralts is afraid of bug-type Pokemon.”

“Raaalts…”  The little thing whimpers, sticking its head out from the bag.

“Why not have your Bulbasaur use its vines to bring Metapod down here?”  Mavis says.

“Her Bulbasaur doesn’t know anything but tackle and growl,” Adler says.

In the background, Jamie practically fumes at the man.  “I can speak for myself!”

Then a thundering boom goes off somewhere else in the forest nearby.  “What was that?!”  Mavis responds.  “I-it sounded like an explosion!  Or maybe…a really heavy tree falling over?”

“Viridian Forest is supposed to be preserved.  Knocking down trees out here is illegal,” Josie exposits.

Countless woodland Pokemon come suddenly charging through the bushes and trees, from Pikachu to Pidgey.  Jamie looks up as one on the panicky little Pokemon scurries by the tree, losing a feather as it flaps its little wings as fast as it can to try and get away.  As the feather falls, Jamie’s eyes begin to grow.  It gently floats down until it lands on one of the Kakuna.  A shiver jumps down her spine as the Kakuna begins to glow, followed by the rest of its kind.  “Guys, I think we should be getting out of here about now,” she says.

“I second that notion,” Adler says.  “Everyone, let’s move!”

As Adler and Josie turn get ready to make tracks, Jamie and Mavis stand there, paralyzed by the situation.  Then Mavis realizes something.  “Jamie, look!  The Metapod!”

The first Kakuna to emerge, not in the form of Beedrill hovers by and slices Metapod’s silk line with its stinger.  Jamie has a straight line to get there and she takes it, rushing ahead as fast as she can to try and reach Metapod as it falls.  The moment the Beedrill see her move, they all fly down at her.  Bulbasaur tries to tackle as many of them out of the way as it can while Jamie makes a run for it.  Jamie leaps forward and sides in the grass, just in time to catch Metapod.

The Beedrill close in on her from all sides but she uses herself as a shield as they sting her almost endlessly.  Metapod watches as Jamie defends it from an attack that it wouldn’t have stood a chance against.  When they suddenly stop, Jamie painfully turns herself over.  Mavis’s Weedle is using Poison Sting to draw their attention.  Mavis races in and helps Jamie up, helping her and Metapod off.  “Come on Weedle!  Bulbasaur, you too!”  Mavis shouts as she and Jamie run off.

The swarm gives chase the moment all of the Beedrill realize they’re getting away.  But the swarm breaks into two, one half of it chasing Adler and Josie off in one direction, and the other half chasing Jamie and Mavis in another.  “Adler, we lost Jamie!”  Josie shouts over the humming of the Beedrill wings.

“What?!”  Adler says, looking back to find the two girls are missing.  “We have to lose this swarm and go back for them!”

Elsewhere, Mavis manages to get Jamie and Metapod to what appears to be a wide open area where several trees have been knocked over or chopped down.  “W-what is this, now?!”  As the Beedrill close in, the sound of their beating wings is drowned out by a much louder sound, as if an enormous engine is running.  In fact, the ground beneath the girls shook.

“Look out!”  Jamie shouts, pointing Mavis to the source.

And enormous bulldozer barrels through the forest, directly toward them all.  The Beedrill stop dead in the air and turn around.  Mavis grabs Jamie and dives out of the way as the hulking piece of machinery rolls by, just avoiding being crushed.  As they begin to get up, an ax slams down in the stump just ahead of them and they both stare at it with wide eyes before following the handle of it up to the large, scruffy man wielding it.  “You ladies know this area’s off limits?”  He says.

“Uh…uh, sorry,” Mavis says.  “We got chased out of the denser woods by a swarm of Beedrill.  Something spooked some Pokemon and a nest of Kakuna evolved when they scurried by.”  Mavis looks around at what seems to be a clearing.  There were construction vehicles all over the area and there was a small building not far from where they were.

“Do you kids want an escort back to the forest?”  The man says.

Jamie could barely speak after being stung so many times.  But there was something about this man that she didn’t like.  There were only two other workers in the entire area.  Then she noticed the first thing to tip her off.  There was a landing pad near the building.  Then she glances over the man and sees a small, red R on his hard hat.  “Team Rocket!”  She says.

“Team who?”  Mavis asks.

“Very good, little girl,” the man says.  Then he hoists the ax up over his shoulder.  “But I don’t think anyone needs to know we’re out here, do they?”

As the Rocket Grunt reaches for the girls, Bulbasaur runs up and tackles him in the gut, knocking the wind clear out of him.  As he staggers back, Bulbasaur leaps away then circles around and tackles him at the legs, knocking his feet out from under him.  “Saur!  Bulba!”

“Following Bulbasaur’s lead then,” Mavis says.  “Weedle, use String Shot on the other two!”  The little bug Pokemon hops up onto a rock and just when the next two are preparing to call out their own Pokemon, they’re subdued by the impossible strong silk.  Then Mavis helps Jamie up and rushes into the building with her.  “Jamie, how are you moving?”

“Better.  It’s not comfortable, but I’ll live,” Jamie says.  Bulbasaur walks over to Jamie and sits beside her.  All around them are shelves with round indentations.  “Team Rocket is a band of criminals from years ago or something.  I guess they’re just coming back now.  We ran into them a couple days ago in Viridian City.  They were trying to steal all of the Pokemon from the Pokemon Center but we got them back.  It looks like they were going to bring them here.  But I can’t see any reason why.  There’s nothing else in this room.”

Elsewhere, Adler and Josie had manages to get the Beedrill to chase them to the campsite where they managed to hide in the tent.  Once the sound of the swarm had died down, Adler unzips the tent and peaks his head out.  “All right,” he says.  “The coast is clear.”

Josie pops herself out of the tent from the opposite side and dusts off.  “That wasn’t fun at all,” she says, dusting off.

“No time to think about that now,” Adler says.  “We have to go back and try to find Jamie and Mavis.  They might not have been as lucky as us.”

“How are we supposed to find them?  We didn’t see where they got chased off to.”

Adler takes a Pokeball from his belt and tosses it up into the air.  From it emerges a brown bird Pokemon with large, round eyes and horns of feathers.  “Noctowl, fly around and see if you can locate two girls roaming around!”  He says.

“Hoo-Hoot!”  Noctowl nods and flies off over the forest.

In the Team Rocket base, Bulbasaur and Weedle guard the door as Jamie recovers and Mavis analyzes Metapod.  “This Metapod should be thanking you endlessly, you know.  I think if not for you, that shell would’ve been cracked open way too early.”

“Yay, I’m a hero,” Jamie says, passively.

Mavis peaks through one of the windows.  “That silk is going to biodegrade eventually.  Do you think you can run yet?”

“Still too lethargic.”

Overhead, Noctowl arrives at the clearing and circles in the air, looking down over the site.  One man was knocked out, but good.  Two more were caught in silk.  The girls were nowhere to be seen but this warranted attention.  It decides, then, to turn around and go back to Adler.

Outside, the downed Rocket Grunt gets himself up and turns to the others, caught in the silk.  “The boss isn’t going to like this,” he says.

“They’re inside!”  One of them says.

“Uh-oh,” Mavis says.  “They’re onto us.  Jamie, we gotta hurry and get outta here.”

“Okay,” Jamie agrees.  “I think I’m good to go now anyway.”

The door flies open suddenly but the girls are ready.  Weedle uses its String Shot attack in the grunt’s eyes as Bulbasaur tackles him back through the door.  “Gah!”  He shouts.

The next has her Pokemon, an Arbok ready to battle.  “Bulbasaur, use…”  Before Bulbasaur can venture a movement, its caught by Arbok’s bind attack, coiled up in its serpentine body and slowly being squeezed.  “Bulbasaur!”

“Weedle, use Poison Sting attack!”  Mavis commands.  Weedle leaps up into the air and fires countless little poison needles at Arbok but the bounce away, having hardly done a thing.  “Whoops.  Never was much of a trainer.”

Suddenly Arbok is struck from behind and lets Bulbasaur go.  The rockets all turn around to find Adler and Josie emerging from the forest.  “Good job, Noctowl.  Now use Confusion again!”

“Hoo Hoo,” Noctowl hoots.  Its eyes glow with a blue tint.  Arbok lunges toward it, bearing its fangs.  But it is suddenly frozen in the air and repeatedly slammed into the ground.  As it begins to slink up, Bulbasaur charges at it from behind and tackles it at full speed.  Then Noctowl uses Confusion to throw it into its trainer.

“Great work, Bulbasaur!”

The last remaining Rocket Grunt sneers and runs for the bulldozer, climbing into the heavy machine and pressing a large red button.  “You kids should’ve minded your own business!”  He says as the dozer begins to shift and change.  Parts move around and what was a simple bulldozer now stands upright in the form of an enormous mech.  “Now I’m gonna squash you, but good!”

The hulking master work of heavy metal raises its foot and stops down, forcing everyone to scatter.  “Do you have any Pokemon up your sleeve for that, Adler?  Because I don’t think any of ours are gonna cut it!”  Jamie says.  The mech stomps down a second time and everyone leaps to avoid it.  As it prepares to stomp again, Jamie realizes that Metapod is still in the way.  Calling on every ounce of speed in her body, Jamie rushes to Metapod and grabs it, rolling out of the way with it just in time for neither of them to get crushed.  “I’m getting tired of close shaves!”

Metapod sudden gets up onto its tip and seems to glisten several times.  “Metapod! Met Metapod!”

“What’s it doing?”  Josie asks.

“It looks like it’s using Harden.  But I’m more impressed that it could move like that,” Adler says.

The mech turns around and the instant there’s a shot, Metapod launches itself upward at the core of the machine like a bullet.  “And I’m more surprised that it can more like THAT!”  Josie comments.  As Metapod approaches, the Rocket Grunt driving the mech watches in awe.  Then the green cocoon Pokemon hits the towering machine and punches a hole straight through, coming out on the other side before beginning to fall.

Noctowl catches Metapod just before it hits the ground and the Rocket mech shorts out and collapses.  As the cloud of dust settles and the ringing left from the impact turns to nothing more than a whisper, Noctowl flies to the group without Metapod, landing just beside Adler.  “Noctowl, where’s Metapod?  You just had it, didn’t you?”  Adler asks.

Suddenly something else emerges from the settling dust.  A winged bug Pokemon flutters over to the group and stops just in front of Jamie.  “It’s Butterfree!”  Josie cheers.

“So it evolved,” Adler says as he watches it happily circle Jamie.

Jamie holds out her hands as shimmering dust falls from Butterfree’s wings with every flap.  “It’s so pretty,” she says.

“I think this is its way of saying ‘thanks’!  You did save it twice tonight,” Mavis explains as Weedle climbs up and onto her shoulder.

Jamie watches as Butterfree seems to dance around her in the night air, sprinkling her with this beautiful dust.  Then she steps forward.  “Butterfree, would…would you like to come with us?”  She asks.

“Jamie, you…you can’t just ask the Pokemon that…can you?”  Josie says, turning to Adler who simply shrugs in response.

Butterfree stops its little dance and hovers in front of Jamie for a moment.  Everything is quiet then.  The two look into one another’s eyes and, finally, Butterfree nods.  Jamie’s face lights up with glee as she takes a Pokeball from her bag and Butterfree taps the button, happily hopping inside.  “Welcome aboard.”  She finds herself overcome suddenly by a sense of building pride.  “I caught my first Pokemon!”  She cheers, doing all she can to keep from running around by hopping in place.

“Well, that’s unorthodox for ya,” Mavis says.

“Jamie’s not exactly your average trainer,” Adler notes.

“Stop being all cool all the time!”  Josie

The Rocket Grunt manages to crawl out from the wreck just in time for Noctowl to snare it with its Confusion attack then drop him with the others.  After Noctowl puts them all to sleep with a dose of its Hypnosis, Weedle uses String Shot to bind them all in place.  “They won’t be going anywhere for a while,” Mavis says, taking a Poke-Gear out from her pocket.  “I’ll call the Viridian City Police and they can come pick these guys up.”

The next morning, the Rocket Grunts are picked up by the police, as well as Mavis who decides to head back to the city with them.  As she is driven, Mavis leans through the window and waves a fond farewell to the party.  As Jamie, Adler, and Josie continue on their own path through this dense forest, they recount the week’s events.  “You realize that wasn’t a real capture, right?”  Adler says.

“No, because it was,” Jamie says.  “Right, Josie.”

“I don’t wanna pick sides,” Josie says.

“Well, it was,” Jamie debates.

“You asked and the Pokemon said yes.  A true capture involves battling the Pokemon until it can’t go anymore and then using your Pokeball on it.  When we find a good spot, we’ll work on it.  And we’ll work on training Bulbasaur.”

Jamie finally concedes with a sigh.  “You know, I was just starting to feel good about myself, too,” she complains.  Adler smugly grins with his scarf partially covering the lower half of his face as they press on.

At another time a steel toe boot steps down on a twig in the clearing where Team Rocket had set up shop. The figure at the end of it kicks down the door to the shack and looks around at the empty shelves. For a minute, they roam the space, seeming to walk in some manner of pattern as the tiles of the floor light up at their steps. When they stop and step back, the floor opens up, revealing a hidden stairway to an underground tunnel. They raise their arm and press a button on their wrist mounted PokeGear. "The police didn't find it."

"Fine," a dark voice says through the receiver. "But I will remind you that this was your operation to supervise. I am still holding you accountable for its failure. We will discuss this another time in conference with the remaining Project 4 Directors. I assure you that that meeting will be very, very uncomfortable for you. Am I clear?"

"Understood," the mysterious one says before hanging up and descending down the flight of stairs and closing the hidden passage behind them...
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Entry 5
Tale of the Slayer!

Jamie stands in battle stance at the far end of a wide open space in the Viridian Forest. Behind her are Adler, his arms crossed and his eyes ever focused, and Josie, cradling Ralts in her arms. Bulbasaur lands suddenly in front of Jamie and skids back on its feet. It winces at sparks of electricity course through it but it still stands, for the time being. Jamie grits her teeth and watches her injured little buddy trying to press on. “Bulbasaur, that’s enough. You don’t have to…”

“Saur Saur! Bulbasaur!” The little Pokemon shouts.

A yellow Pokemon with long ears and a thunderbolt shaped tails lands just opposite of Bulbasaur with sparks of electricity crackling from its bright red cheeks. “Pi-Pika!” It taunts with a mischievous smirk. “Pikachu.”

“It isn’t as bad as it looks, Jamie. Don’t worry too much,” Adler says as he watches intently. “It’s a grass type, so it naturally resists electrical attacks. Pikachu probably only paralyzed it at worst.”

Jamie watches Bulbasaur struggle with the affliction as Pikachu circles it like a shark. “B-Bulbasaur, can you keep going?” Bulbasaur follows Pikachu with its eyes then looks back at Jamie with a nod. Suddenly the electric mouse leaps into the air. “Look out!”


Pikachu’s cheeks and tail spark up wildly and it tucks itself in, unleashing another Thundershock attack. Bulbasaur just barely manages to dash out of the way though it freezes up for a moment as it escapes the range of the attack. It slides to a stop and turns itself around as Pikachu lands behind it. “Pika Pika!”

Bulbasaur and Pikachu stare down one another. It’s quiet enough now to hear the sound of the gentle breeze sweep through the forest. The two seem to bide their time but Bulbasaur’s doesn’t seem to be fading. Still, it seems to be waiting for something. Pikachu, however, isn’t quite so patient. The little yellow rodent sprints forward and leaps back into the air. Jamie watches it then turns her gaze back to Bulbasaur, watching every detail of its condition. Then she notices something that clicks in her mind. Another fraction of a second later, Jamie points up toward Pikachu. “Now, Bulbasaur, Tackle attack!” She shouts.

“Saur!” Bulbasaur hunkers down and charges ahead at speed before leaping like a plane lifting off from the runway. Pikachu, taken off guard by this development, hesitates to attack and gets rammed, falling from the air and landing on its head before falling onto its stomach.

Jamie plucks a Pokeball from her bag as Pikachu hits the ground. Then she tips back her sunhat and throws it at her target. The ball bounces off of Pikachu and pulls it in. Once it falls to the ground, it trembles, swaying from side to side until the button stops flashing and the ball stops. Jamie stares at it for a minute before it finally registers to her and her face lights up like a Christmas tree. Picking up the Pokeball, she holds it up in the air, waving it at Adler. “Was that catch real enough for you, Adler?” She shouts from across the field.

Adler can’t help but laugh inwardly. “Yes, I’m impressed. But don’t get carried away. I taught you how to catch a Pokemon and you did it.”

“You’re right. Thanks ‘Teach’,” Jamie concedes.

Josie runs to Bulbasaur with a small, yellow potion in hand. “Here, this should take care of that paralysis. I knew I had one around somewhere,” she says.

“It shouldn’t take us long to get out of this forest at this rate,” Adler states. “Perhaps another day’s worth of walking. I’ll work on making us some lunch once we get to the next campsite.”

“Actually, Adler, I’ve been meaning to ask you something since the whole Team Rocket fiasco the other day,” Jamie says as Bulbasaur happily leaps up onto her head. “When we left Pallet Town, you said you were after that ‘Slayer’ creep. I didn’t really give it a second thought back then, but…why were you after him?”

Adler looks straight into the woods and stops then turns around. “I offered to teach you, Jamie, and I will. But there are some things you don’t want to learn,” he says.

“Huh? N-now wait just a minute! That’s…that’s not fair at all!” Jamie protests.

“Yeah, Mister Mysterious! We’re a team around here! We’ve gotta trust each other!” Josie says. “Oh, who am I kidding? I’m just being nosy,” she mumbles to herself.

Adler looks both girls straight in the eye and the both of them slink back a bit. “You’re doing that ‘intimidating’ thing again,” Jamie whimpers. With that, Adler turns back to continue along the path to the campsite. Jamie and Josie follow at a distance. “What do you think?”

“I think if we bother him about it again, he’ll leave us in these woods,” Josie responds.

Ralts and Bulbasaur both look up suddenly. The roar of thunder rolls through the forest. It bounces from tree to tree, assaulting the group’s eardrums. “Raaalts,” the little psychic Pokemon cries.

Jamie and Josie do their best to catch up to Adler so that they don’t get left behind in a storm, of all situations. Eventually the party finds its way to the campsite. While Jamie works on pitching the tents, Josie works on throwing together some Pokemon food and Adler gets to work on making lunch. “I still don’t get why we’re setting up camp already. I thought we were just stopping for lunch,” Jamie says.

“During a storm, it’s a better idea to just sit tight,” Adler explains. “There’s less risk of getting lost, injured, or sick. And there aren’t going to me many more open areas from here on out. We’ll be closer to the trees. Lightning tends to strike the tallest objects.” As the group sits around the table, Josie only nibbles at her food while Jamie simply stares at it. “I know you have no problem with my cooking,” Adler says to break the silence. “So this must be about what happened earlier.”

“Look, we’ve all been keeping things about ourselves in the dark. What you tell us is your own business,” Jamie says.

“Yeah,” Josie halfheartedly agrees. “Though if ya didn’t act so mysterious and cool all’a time, we wouldn’t be so tempted,” she mutters.

Adler looks to both girls then stands from the table. “But your own secrets, I doubt, have a chance of getting us all in danger,” he admits. “I’ll tell you what I can, but when I’m finished, I’m finished. No more questions.” Jamie and Josie look up at their partner and nod with wide eyes. “Fine. When we were younger, Slayer and I were rivals. We pushed one another to get better and excel as trainers. We only traveled with Pokemon for the fun and adventure of it. We did it because we actually cared about Pokemon and we both wanted to be masters.”

Adler sits down on a log beside the campfire and Alakazam emerges from its Pokeball. It stands between him and the girls, crossing its spoons. The girls watched as if in a trance. They were seeing everything Adler saw. “Then he lost a battle that he couldn’t afford to lose,” Adler continues. The girls see Adler’s memories as if they were there. A young Slayer stands at one end of a battlefield, his Bulbasaur too battered to move. Across from it is a light purple Pokemon with a long, darker purple tail, floating there proudly.

“W-what Pokemon is that?” Jamie asks.

“I don’t know. But it was the most intelligent Pokemon either of us had ever seen. It boasted strength like nothing we’d ever witnessed. And it was cold. It spoke down on the connection between Pokemon and their trainers as being worth anything. Slayer tried to prove it wrong. He advocated the strength in the bond between Pokemon and trainer…and he lost.”

The visions end there and Jamie holds Bulbasaur tightly. “After losing that battle, something in Slayer changed. Since then he’s been traveling around the many regions, challenging the toughest trainers until he’s strong enough to defeat the most powerful trainers alive.”

“Then what? That can’t be it,” Josie says.

“Whether or not any of it has a point is anyone’s guess. I’d say it was to make a statement. But in trying to get powerful enough to make that statement, he’s done some things that I can’t stand by and allow. I won’t say what, but just know that the two of you need to stay away from him. He’s dangerous and he will push you and your Pokemon beyond your limits.”

Jamie recalls his battle with her parents. His Garchomp was preparing to wipe out both of her parents’ Pokemon even though they were already beaten. “Right…my sister saved them,” she says to herself. Then she realizes something. “Oh no. My sister! Adler, Nikki is out to get strong enough to knock his ego down a few points. She could be in danger after all!”

Adler looks up as thunder roars through the skies once again. “That’s assuming she can find Slayer again. He has a habit of disappearing from the last place he was seen.”

“No, that isn’t it. Her goal sounds an awful lot like him, Adler.”

“You’re worried that she’ll end up becoming more like him than she realizes,” Adler says before taking a moment to sit and think. “All right, let’s get packed up.”

Jamie and Josie turn and look to one another. “But…what about the storm?” Josie asks.

“What about it?” Adler says. “We need to make tracks, and fast. The sooner we can get to Pewter city, the better our chances of finding Jamie’s sister. We’ll just have to hurry.”

Jamie smiles and gets up, rushing to take down the tents as Josie starts to motor through her food. Adler stands and calls Alakazam back to its Pokeball. “Slayer, you’re my responsibility,” he says to himself. “I won’t let you make it anyone else’s.”
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Entry 6
Heart of Stone!

Jamie and company had finally arrived in Pewter City.  Stopping in the Pokemon Center, they decide to take a rest.  They’d been walking all day.  Adler had gone to run some sort of errand while Jamie and Josie waited for the Pokemon to be returned.  It isn’t until the bell rings on the counter that Jamie is snapped out of a trance.  She was remembering her sister.  Nikki had been allowed to take care of Growlithe when they were little.  Battling was in the little Pokemon’s blood.  It was descended from their mother’s Arcanine.

Jamie could vividly recall Nikki using Growlithe in battle against a few wild Ratatta that were running around near the house.  The way she commanded Growlithe, she was a natural.  As the girls approach the counter, Jamie notices a sort of mutual state of melancholy between Josie and Ralts.  “Thanks, Aunt Joy,” Josie says as she takes the tray of Pokemon and lets Ralts hop into her arms.

“Is something bothering you, Josie?”

“Huh?  Oh, nothing,” Josie says, lighting up to her usual chipper herself.  “I was just…thinking about a few things.  I should be asking you.”

Jamie looks straight ahead as the girls walk off toward the door.  She couldn’t really figure out a good response for that.  She glances at Josie when it’s apparent she isn’t looking.  The minute the doors, the doors fly open, nearly being thrown off of their hinges.  Standing there in the doorway is a trainer in a brown sweater with a smile upon her face and a look of experience about him.  At his side is a younger trainer, holding all of his Pokeballs in his arms.  “Here we are,” the older one says.  “This is the Pokemon Center where you can come to heal your Pokemon.  Now, please, try to remember to stop by the Pokemon Center of every town and city before you challenge the gym or any trainers.  Otherwise your Pokemon won’t be able to perform at their best.”

“Right,” the young trainer whimpers, walking by.

Josie looks up at the trainer before them.  “Y-you’re Brock!”

“Who?”  Jamie asks.

Josie suddenly elbows her hard in the side.  “Jamie, you are SUCH a kidder!”  Josie says with a nervous laugh.  “You’re a trainer!  Of COURSE you know who Brock is!”

Brock smiles at the energy exuding from Josie as she practically swoons.  Even Ralts now seems more lively and jovial.  But Jamie didn’t feel anything but confused as she rubbed her side, glaring down at Josie.  “Right.  Of course.  How could I be so stupid?”

“I’m the gym leader, here in Pewter City.  It’s nice to meet you both.  But the gym is closed for the moment.  My Pokemon are still resting after a few back-to-back battles.  Some of the trainers who pass through here are very good.”

“Oh!”  Josie exclaims as she has a sudden revelation.  “Excuse me, but, have you seen a trainer come through that looks like my friend, here?”

Brock’s smile quickly disappears and he nods.  “She did.  You must be twins.  She was a very skillful trainer.  She never had to switch out her Pokemon, either.”

“Brock is a Rock-Type Pokemon specialist,” Josie says.  “Up against Nikki’s Squirtle, it’s probably no contest.  She’s just scary good.”

“Squirtle?  No, she was using Pidgeotto,” Brock says.

“Wait, she beat you with a Flying-Type?  But…but Flying-Type Pokemon are…”

A silence befalls the three of them and Jamie turns to Josie.  “We always knew she was a natural, but…”

“Her Pokemon knew moves that typically take a lot of time and training to master and she had strategies on hand that I’ve only seen professionals pull off.”  Brock sees the worry on both girls’ faces.  “Listen, I’ll schedule a battle with you for first thing tomorrow if you want.”

Jamie nods but Josie suddenly steps forward and faces Jamie.  “Jamie, if you wouldn’t mind…can I be the one to battle him tomorrow?”

Jamie’s eyes widen and she blinks with an indescribable expression on her face.  “Uh…sure?”  She says at last.

Brock’s smile returns as Josie gleefully hugs Jamie, nearly knocking her over.  As he walks toward the gym, his smile fades once more.  So this is the sister she mentioned.  Interesting.  I didn’t expect her to be here so soon.  She told me not to go easy on her.  She wants me to challenge Jamie.  I think there might be more to this than meets the eye.

That night, while staying in the Pokemon Center, Jamie awakens upon hearing a sound.  Quietly walking outside, she finds Josie, loudly whispering and pointing at rocks in the field behind the Pokemon Center.  At her command was a cute little yellow Pokemon that Jamie had never seen.  It had strange black horns in the shape of jaws, though.  “Mawile, come on, use Mega Punch!”  Josie whispers.  Jamie turns her head to face Mawile.  The little Pokemon only stands there with its back turned to Josie, its arms crossed, and its head tilted upward in defiance.  Josie stomps and fumes as Mawile stands there, calling it back into its Pokeball.  “You don’t wanna listen to me? Fine!”

Jamie steps out from behind the door and approaches her friend as she nearly pulls her hair out.  “Josie, what are you doing?”

“Jamie!  I…I was just practicing,” Josie says.

“That Pokemon…you called it Mawile.  Is that from where you’re originally from?”

“Yeah.  Mawile tend to live on mountain ranges and in caves.  My dad’s friend gave him a while before we left for Kanto.  He trained it a little so it could protect me if I ever got in trouble.  It’s pretty powerful and a Steel-Type…but it never listens to me.”

Josie sits down in the dirt, burying her face behind her knees.  “And that’s not the embarrassing part.  It’s always been my dream to be a Gym Leader!  But I can’t even get any Pokemon but Ralts to listen to me.  To be a gym leader, you and your Pokemon have to be connected.  What am I doing wrong?”  She looks into Jamie’s worried eyes, following the question.  “Right, you’re a new trainer too.  Why would you know?”

Jamie wished she had an answer for Josie now.  But Josie was right.  She didn’t know.  She’d always felt some form of connection to Bulbasaur.  And the more she traveled, the more she felt this connection with other Pokemon like Butterfree.  It was something that just sort of happened, as far as her experience went.  Still, she stays there and comforts Josie for a bit.

The next morning, Jamie is the one to stand opposite Brock in the Pewter City Gym.  Brock had taken out two Pokemon and was ready to go whenever Jamie was.  “Listen carefully, Jamie.  This is going to be a two-on-two Pokemon Battle.  You can only alternate between the two Pokemon you choose for the battle and no more.”

Jamie nods, grabbing the rim of her sunhat.  Meanwhile, Adler and Josie sit up in the stands.  Josie cradles Ralts in her arms as Adler watches.  “Jamie told me about last night.”

“Can we save this until after the battle?”  Josie requests.

“Don’t worry.  I’ll spare you the lecture.  But I would like you to pay close attention, not just to the battle as a whole, but to how each trainer commands their Pokemon.”

Josie returns her attention to the field below.  The referee brings down his flag and Brock throws his Pokemon onto the battlefield.  A Geodude emerges and hovers there, waiting for Jamie’s Pokemon and Brock’s orders.  I have three Pokemon to choose from. I have to think about this. Do I choose Bulbasaur, Pikachu, or Butterfree?  Jamie thinks carefully about her decision before finally calling on her first Pokemon, Butterfree.

“That’s an interesting choice of a Pokemon,” Brock says.  “A Bug/Flying-Type Pokemon isn’t just weak to Rock-Types.  It’s two times as weak to them as a plain Bug or Flying-Type.  I’d expected you to choose the Bulbasaur on your head.”

Jamie winces and points directly across the field.  “Butterfree, us Tackle Attack!”

Butterfree chimes its little cry and launches itself across the field.  Geodude sits there, completely unfazed as Butterfree slams into it.  “And you use a Normal-Type attack?  You’re new at this, aren’t you?”  Geodude, Tackle Attack, let’s go!”  Geodude slips back a little ways then throws itself forward, ramming into Butterfree with its rock solid body.  The delicate little bug Pokemon flies back, rattled by the impact.  The health monitor on the wall reads a decrease in the HP of both Pokemon.  Both were still in the green but Butterfree was worse off than Geodude by a noticeable amount.  “Would you like some help?”

At that phrase, something in Jamie’s mind clicks.  She’d heard it before.  Nikki made a habit of saying it whenever she was winning at something.  “Need some help, ‘little’ sis?”  She’d always say.

Jamie’s stance changes from insecure and uncertain to one of commanding presence on the spot.  All right, I have to think.  What are Butterfree’s advantages, here?  Jamie watches as Geodude chases Butterfree around the field, swatting at it with its rock hard fists.  Wait, that’s it!  “Butterfree, get up in the air!”

“What’s this?”  Brock says as Butterfree flaps its wings hard, taking it high up over the field.

Okay, Jamie, now what?

“She’s just stalling for time, Geodude!  Rock Throw!”

The rock Pokemon then punches its fists into the ground and starts flinging large stones up at Butterfree.  Butterfree dodges each stone as best as it can.  Jamie begins to progressively grow more and more worried.  Up in the stands, Josie watches in a stupor.  She was amazed Jamie was sticking this out.  She notices something.  With every close call to Butterfree, Jamie winces as if she’s the one about to get hit by a boulder flying at high speed.

“Butterfree, I have an idea!  Use Confusion on the rocks."  Butterfree glides up higher and its eyes glow.  A purple aura surrounds it and every thrown stone stops in place.  Then Butterfree concentrates and flaps its wings one powerful time.  Each boulder flies down to the field, some even hitting Geodude.  That was completely lucky.  But at least I stopped the attacks.  Geodude’s HP had dropped significantly at this and Jamie takes note.  “Butterfree, use Confusion one more time!”

Butterfree takes itself back and emits the same purple aura as Geodude digs back into the ground on Brock’s command, beginning to sling more and more rocks.  Unfortunately for Geodude, it isn’t fast enough to get its attack in before Butterfree can uses its attack as a shield, sending back the wave of rocks and a powerful psychic attack.  It is overwhelmed by the onslaught and its HP drops to zero, forcing Brock to call it back in.  “That was very smart of you, using Butterfree’s ability to fly to buy yourself some thinking time.  But you lucked into that strategy of yours.  This next one won’t be so easy.”

Brock throws his next Pokeball and from it emerges the colossal rock snake Pokemon, Onix.  Jamie gawks at the giant before her and practically freezes as it looks down on her.  “U-uh…B-Butterfree, use Confusion!”

“Not the best adaptability in the world, huh?”  Brock says.  Jamie flinches and Brock smiles.  “Onix, use Slam!”

As Butterfree builds up its Confusion attack, Onix swings around with its tail at unbelievable speed for such a huge creature.  Butterfree is tossed aside and slams into the wall of the gym, dropping to the floor.  A buzzing sound is heard throughout the gym and Jamie turns to find that it’s Butterfree’s HP, having dropped to zero.  “W-wha-?  It beat Butterfree…in one hit?”

“I’m not going to hold anything back.  You’d better hope your last Pokemon can really stand up to Onix,” Brock shouts across the field.

“Adler…Jamie looks exhausted,” Josie says.  “And…Brock looks a little tired too.”

Adler nods as Josie’s observation and leans forward.  “She’s beginning to experience it, albeit only bits at a time.  She’s slowly starting to develop a bond with her Pokemon.”

“Bulbasaur, you’re up,” Jamie says.

“Good, you’re starting to battle with your head instead of relying on luck,” Brock says.  “Too bad it won’t matter.  That Bulbasaur is downright tiny.  I’m sorry to say this but there’s no way it can take a direct hit from Onix.”

“Then we’ll just have to make sure not to get hit,” Jamie retorts.  “Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!”

Bulbasaur stands up on its front legs and, using the bud on its back like a cannon, launches a tiny seed across the room.  “Onix, get underground!”  Brock says.  Onix then slinks back and plows its way into the ground, leaving a large hole where it’d been.  It suddenly begins to emerge beneath Bulbasaur.

“Run, Bulbasaur!”  Jamie shouts.

Bulbasaur hunkers down and takes off from the one spot, just avoiding the full impact of Onix bursting up from the ground.  “That speed is impossible!”  Brock exclaims.  “All right, Onix, tackle attack!”

“You use tackle too, Bulbasaur!”

Bulbasaur turns itself around and launches itself upward as Onix bares down on it.  The two Pokemon collide but Bulbasaur is tossed aside and its HP meter drops into the yellow while Onix remains in the green.  Bulbasaur manages to get up and turn around in front of Jamie, once again facing its opponent.  “I’m impressed,” Brock says.  “It held on even though it took a hit like that from such an enormous Pokemon.  But it doesn’t look like it can take another one.”

Jamie looks to the HP meter at the side of the room.  By now both she and Brock are breathing heavily.  “It’s like I said before.  We’ll just keep from getting hit again.”  Jamie tips her hat down more over her eyes then takes a deep breath and stands upright.  “Bulbasaur, take a running start!  Use Onix as a step ladder!”

“What are you up to?”  Brock says.  “Onix, use Slam!”

Bulbasaur runs toward Onix as it brings on its Slam attack.  But as Onix’s tail comes around, Bulbasaur leaps up onto it and begins running up Onix like stairs.  “Now use Vine Whip!”  Bulbasaur extends two vines from beneath its bulb, launching itself up once it reaches Onix’s head.  Then it turns and swings the two vines around, slamming them into the side of Onix’s horn.

“What? Onix!”  Brock shouts as the giant rock Pokemon’s roar fills the entire gym.  When it’s over, Onix topples, forcing Brock to call it back to its Pokeball.  “Well, I didn’t see that coming at all.  Where’d you learn that strategy from?”

“I didn’t,” Jamie says.  “I’m just observant.  When Bulbasaur and Onix talked each other, I saw Onix flinch.  Bulbasaur hit Onix’s horn after it was pushed aside and it looked like it might have been a weak point so I used it.”

“Well, it was a safe assumption.  The horn on Onix’s head is more susceptible to attacks than the rest of its rock hard body.  Good work.  I enjoy battles like these.  Even when I lose, I’d rather lose in a good when it’s clear how the challenger grew as a result of the battle.  And you exemplified that today,” Brock says.  “And with that being said, I am proud to present you with this commemorative Boulder Badge.”

Josie’s eyes glisten as she watches Jamie accept the badge.  It was the best battle she’d seen in person in a long time.  A wide smile spreads across her face and she races down from the stands, leaping over the railing to congratulate Jamie on a job well done.  Alder only watches with crossed arms and a smile.

As Josie approaches, Jamie flips the badge like a coin then catches it and winks.  “I guess I’m movin’ up in the world,” Jamie says.

Brock watches as the girls celebrate.  But when Josie turns to him, he looks puzzled.  “And what happened to our battle?”

“Oh, well…I got a little discouraged.  I still don’t think I should battle you yet.  But I want to thank you for what you said.  It helped me understand what it means to be a Gym Leader a little better.  And watching you both battle like that helped me see at least part of what I might have been missing with my Pokemon for a while now.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help,” Brock says.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Jamie is just getting her Pokemon back from Nurse Joy and preparing to leave for Mt. Moon when the doors open and in walks Brock.  “Jamie, I would like to talk to you for a minute.”

Jamie looks between her companions and they all meet outside in the training area behind the Pokemon Center.  “I wanted to talk with you about your sister.  You remember what I said about what I like to see out of trainers and their Pokemon?  Well, I have this concern about your sister.  She didn’t walk away from the battle any differently at all.  She was deathly serious through the entire thing and had this ruthless efficiency.  When she won, she was very casual about it but I got the feeling she wasn’t happy she won.  She was happy for some other reason.”

“Beating the Pewter Gym probably puts her closer to her goal of finding and defeating Slayer,” Adler says.

“I don’t know what she or any of you are getting into, but I’d be careful.  And, one more thing, Jamie.  She’s really looking out for you.  That or she’s trying to slow you down.  She wanted to make sure I didn’t hold back for you at all.  And I didn’t.”

“She didn’t expect me to win.  She wants to get as far away from us as she can.”

“Or she wants you to take your time and reflect on your journey.  I don’t know much about your sister.  She came, she battled me, and she left.  But from what I gathered of you, you should keep going after her and keep getting stronger.  Show your sister that precision isn’t the only asset a trainer has.”

Jamie nods in agreement and Brock smiles.  Later, Jamie and company are leaving Pewter City.  On the other end of Mt. Moon was Cerulean City.  The next gym awaited them there.  So they were once again off on their Journey.
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