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Roleplay Characters

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PostSubject: #Trigger warning (WIP)   #Trigger warning (WIP) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 02, 2013 9:13 pm

Chapter One: Hannah Lynton

There are subtle words that can set someone off. Even if you don't know it, you could be triggering someone. One word can send some into a whirlwind of depression, no matter how good a day they've had.

I wish I weren't here today. But I have to be. I have to drag myself up out of bed, and smile through it all. I'm starting to not be able to smile. Oh god; Why can’t I smile? I'm starting to feel sick. I can't go. I have to go though. I don't know what to do anymore. Help. Please. Stop this. Why is this Heck in my head? Why can't it just shut up? Calm down. You need to calm down.

I slide out of bed, standing up. It's a Monday. Oh god. A full week again. I make my way to the bathroom, do my normal routine, and get out. I hurry down the stairs, almost tripping. I grab my shoes, a bagel, and  my bookbag. Getting there early means that I may have a chance of not having to deal with many other people. Is that even possible? One can only hope.

I end up walking to school. It’s in that awkward part of the year where it’s too cold to be called summer, and too hot to be called autumn. I needed the walk. It’ll help clear my head. Yeah right. Shut up. It might work this time. You know it won’t. It could happen. It was scary how silent it was if it weren’t for my thoughts. The sound of converse on pavement and my own breath, because I live about a half hour away from my school and nobody else who lives near you would dare get up before they had to.

Walking this early gives you the chance to beat the morning rush, and let you watch as the world wakes up for yet another day. I see a squirrel after crossing a street. I wonder what squirrels do. They don’t have to go through the same things as us, do they? Focus on the serious stuff here kid, you have school. I’d rather not think about that. Well that’s too bad. You’re over halfway there.

I finally make it, sigh and walk in. The building lacked symmetry and good staff. I don’t blame the staff, if I had to work with us all day, I’d be messed up too. If I had to work with them, I’d quit before I even started. Doesn’t that happen anyways? I try to avoid those situations. It never really works, now does it? No. Why are you here then? I have to be here. Oh. The hallways are void of life of any sort. No teachers, no principals, no principles, no obnoxious guys trying to hit on anything that’s female and has a pulse, no girls trying to sell their souls to anyone who will take it, no friendly faces, as if there are any when life forms drag themselves here.

I make my way to my homeroom, knowing the teacher isn’t going to be there, hoping that at least if I get there, I’ll avoid a lot of people. I go to my locker and stuff my already full bookbag with even more books. Don’t you mean Bricks? It’s fitting, but no. I watch as some of them pass by, wincing, even though to my delight, they were ignoring me. This is good. Don’t get noticed. Just in time, the teacher walks in, unlocking the door. I hurry into the room and wait for the day to get over with. Good luck with that.
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#Trigger warning (WIP)
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