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PostSubject: Currently unnamed   Currently unnamed Icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2013 10:16 pm

"How do I get myself into these messes?" asked Edwin to himself.

The young man named Edwin Grayfeather was currently running for his life quite literally. He had managed to sneak into the castle that resided in his home province of Wildefey. Many smaller cities dotted the province of Wildefey but the castle signified its capital. A rather large city surrounded the castle and Edwin knew it like the back of his hand. Currently though he was running through the Castle halls avoiding the guards that were hot on his heels.

Being only fifteen Edwin was not ready to die at the hands of the castle guards. As of now he had never been caught thieving, but before he had never attempted something like this. Edwins friend Ralph had dared him to sneak into the castle and steal the kings crown. Why Edwin had accepted the challenge he did not know; but there he was running like a mad man trying to escape, and he had never even set foot in the throne room. The city of Lorhurst was large and if Edwin made it out of the castle he would have to run through all the backstreets he knew of to get away.

To Edwin running in a place he had never been to before always made him nervous. He had no idea of the layout or what lay in wait for him around the next corner. He knew that the king had hired mages to defend his castle as well as the city guard. He was not looking forward to being burnt alive just for trespassing into the castle. Rounding another corner Edwin came face to face with a flight of stairs. Glancing behind himself and hearing the guards chasing after him he took his chances and began running up the stairs knowing that the higher he went the less likely he would be able to escape.

Edwin had to admit to himself though that he looked every part of a thief. He wore a pair or raged and dirty thin pants, a pair of light shoes that looked as though they were ready to fall apart, he wore a simple pale yellow shirt underneath a brown wool jacket and lastly around his neck he wore a red scarf that was a symbol of his position in the thief family he belonged to. Edwins hair was a dirty blonde color and was longer than he liked since it got in his eyes quite a bit. His eyes are a sparkling blue that can mesmerize a person if they stare for too long. Edwin was an orphan for the better half of his life living in an orphanage that was in terrible condition since no other had room for another mouth to feed. Leaving the orphanage at the young age of eight Edwin joined a thief family or most of the common people would call it a gang but to Edwin they were his family, they accepted him with open arms and trained him to pick pockets, climb into windows of empty houses and draw attention away from a member who was in the middle of a job.


Why Ralph had suggested such a stupid idea to Edwin was beyond his comprehension but more so beyond that was why Edwin had actually done it. He had charged in through the front gate running directly past two guards as Ralph sat on a rooftop and watched from a distance. From the rooftop Ralph could hear the guards shouting out in search of Edwin and every now and again Ralph would see a flash of movement through one of the castle windows.

"He better not get himself killed." said Ralph.


Edwin continued to to run up the stairs not even tired, all the years of running through the streets had gave him an amazing endurance.

"How high does this thing go!?" shouted Edwin alerting the guards on the stairs below that he was still ahead of them.

Reminding himself to keep quiet Edwin ran even quicker until he came to the top of the stairs where they diverged into three hallways. One directly in front of him, one to the right, and one to the left. Taking a left he ran down the hall looking out of the windows for a chance to escape. Noticing that the rooftops were close to a window a few stories up Edwin began searching for the stairs that would lead to that floor. Finding the stairs he rushed up them hearing the guards were still close behind him. Reaching the floor he was looking for he ran down the single hallway that had several doors on it. The window he was searching for would be in the room at the end of the hallway. Reaching the door Edwin quickly lifted the handle and pushed against it. The doors swung easily open causing him to crash into the room on all fours. Something Edwin had not excepted was right before him.

"Who are you and just what are you doing here?!" asked a frightened girls voice.

As Edwin stood up and looked at where the voice was coming from he was amazed to see a rather beautiful girl before him. The girl had dark brown almost black hair that was straight as an arrow, her eyes were a deep shade of green and he skin was a cream color. The shock of seeing someone like this left Edwin speechless as he processed who might fit this description. As the piece fell into place he realized he was in the bedroom of the princess Selena Neshenhon. The princess had stood up from her vanity mirror and still had a comb in her hand. She had backed herself into a wall to get away from Edwin.

"You must be the one all the shouting is about. Why would common rabble such as yourself even try getting into the castle. Although I am impressed that you made it this far." said Selena.

Even though Edwin had been called worse things before, for some reason when the princess said that it made the words sting all the more. Thinking quickly and wanting to get as far from the castle as he could Edwin drew a knife that he had hidden in his belt.

"Listen, all I want is to get out of here. I don't want you to have to be involved in this so just start screaming while I jump out of that window there and this will be over quickly." said Edwin.

"You think I'll just let you go past a member of the royal family?" said Selena as she blocked the window in front of Edwin.

Edwin made a move to push her a side but Selena pushed back causing a standstill between the two. As the two pushed against each other Selena and Edwin locked eyes. She noticed how deep of a blue they were and for a second her mind faltered in memory. Taking the opportunity from her lack of focus Edwin pushed the princess back into her chair causing her to shriek, he then turned towards the window. The guards who were just making it to of the stairs had heard the princesses shriek.

"He's in the princesses room!" shouted one of them.

"Times up. I guess I have no choice." said Edwin aloud.

As the soldiers burst through the door Edwin jumped backwards stabbing his knife into the window behind him causing it to shatter and allowed him to pass through unharmed except for the fact that he would be falling face up. As the guards poured in on of the mages entered the doorway and cast a spell of fire where Edwin had been standing only seconds before. The heat of the flames rolled through the window after Edwin. As he fell through the air Edwin rotated and aimed for the closest rooftop. Landing cleanly on it he began running across the tiles as he made his way across the roof. Sliding down one roof and onto another Edwin made his was closer and closer to the ground and further away from the guards who had gone back through the castle to still give chase. Once Edwin reached a rooftop that was one story above the ground he looked around out into the city to see where Ralph was waiting for him. Spotting Ralph sitting on a rooftop Edwin made way in that direction.

Landing on the grass of the castle courtyard Edwin ran past a few guards who were watching a gate, as soon as the first alleyway appeared Edwin ducked down into and disappeared like a shadow. As he made his way through the alleyways and away from the guards he began climbing onto the rooftops. As he was more familiar with running across them Edwin moved quickly to where Ralph was.

"What took you so long and did you get the crown?" asked Ralph as Edwin appeared in front of him.

Ralph was a boy of fourteen years, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He wore clothes similar to Edwins except for the scarf around his neck. Edwins was yellow. This also displayed his status of the family.

"I ran into the princess herself and no I never even saw it." said Edwin.

"You liar, there is no way that you met the princess." responded Ralph.

"You saw me jump from the window right? That was her room." said Edwin.

"Well then what did she look like?" asked Ralph.

"Well she was rather beautiful." said Edwin pausing for a moment. "Now lets go the guards will still be on their way to search the city. We need to get to the safe house." he continued

"You're right. I'm sure the boss has already heard about this. We will be in big trouble if we don't hurry." said Ralph.


As the boys began their trek back to their safe house the princess Selena was looking out of her now broken window after the two specks that were moving across the cities roofs.

"It couldn't be. No there is no way that boy cold have been him." said Selena aloud.

"Princess we would like to ask you some questions." said a soldier.

"Yes daughter. Please answer this mans questions so we can find the one who trespassed into our home." said King Neshenhon  

"Yes father." said Selena obediently.


As Edwin and Ralph managed to make it back to the safe house without being caught they opened the door to an abandoned house in one of the run down sides of town where mostly lowlifes and ruffians lived. Entering the house other members of the family were waiting, each had their own scarf, some were the same color as others and some were far and few between. Edwin was the only red scarf in the room and Ralph went to join a group of fellow yellows. From the back of the entry room near a fireplace sat an man with scarf that shimmered in the fire light. The scarf was made of gold and belonged to the one person Edwin respected the most in the family. The man turned to look at Edwin yet no one could see his face due to the cloth he wore over his face with only small slits for eye holes.

"Well now Edwin. I hear that you managed to enter the castle and escape unharmed. I believe I have another job for you."
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RP Laureate
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Roleplay Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Currently unnamed   Currently unnamed Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 9:34 pm

Edwin stood in the main room of the abandoned house. The thief family called it the common room since most events commonly took place there. Edwin had just heard his boss tell him that he had another job for him.

"Meet me in my study and we will discuss the terms of your new job." said the man with the golden scarf.

The man stood up and walked up the stairs to the second, then third floor of the building.

The members that were sitting at tables or leaning against walls all with their assigned scarf color all looked at Edwin the only red scarf in the room.

The assignment of a colored scarf was the families way of distinguishing level in the family itself. Brown meant you were a newcomer, green signified that you had completed at least twenty jobs, yellow meant that you had completed fifty and were eligible to go on jobs alone, black meant that you had high standing in the family and were in charge of training the newcomers, gold of course signified that you led the family and governed all the members of your house. Then there was Edwins red scarf. Red in the family meant that you could challenge the leaders view on how to run the family, you could go solo or take as many people as you like for a job and they could not say otherwise but above all you were the only one to ever see the leaders face. The only other people who saw the leaders face were other leaders of other families.

Each scarf also had an imprint on one end that was always to be visible when outside so other families could tell which one you belong to. Edwins family had a symbol of a phoenix rising from a flame on its end. There were several others such as the Eagles, Wolves, Snakes and Tigers. Each leader controlled a section of the city and communicated in secrecy. The amount of safe houses could vary depending on the size of the family or wealth of the family. Edwin had joined the phoenix family shortly after leaving the orphanage and had never looked back since.

Edwin followed after the man shortly, first he went and got a drink from the kitchen. Walking up the stairs he knew that the others had begun talking about the latest news. How he had made it in and out of the castle unscathed. Reaching the third and top floor Edwin walked down the short hallway he had traveled many times before. Stopping in front of the door Edwin paused then knocked twice on the old wooden door.

"Enter." said a voice from the inside.

Edwin placed his hand on the handle and gently opened the door walking quietly into the room. Shutting the door behind him Edwin locked the door as he was instructed many times before. Turning to look at the man who was now sitting lazily in a large padded chair next to a small fire the man waved a gloved hand at him.

The lighting in the room gave a clear view of it since the candles were bright. The room consisted of a few small bookshelves as well as a trade book to record profits and losses from jobs that were given. The desk that was opposite the fireplace was small yet durable. The curtains were drawn over the window so that no one could look in on any private matters.

Edwin turned to look back at the man. Even though Edwin could not see them he knew the mans eyes were locked on him. Reaching his hand up the man began unwrapping the cloth from around his head. Once it was completely off he threw it over a chair that sat in the corner of the room. Edwin stared at the mans face as he always did when meeting him in private.

The man had long black hair, white skin, dark brown eyes and stubble from a  beard and mustache. the man looked no older than twenty years old. As he spoke his voice was low and carried across the room.

"Ah that's much better now that I don't have to wear that cover anymore. Now Edwin would you like to tell me what happened today?" asked the man.

"Well Sir Ral-" said Edwin as he was cut off.

"You don't need to call me Sir when we are alone. You can call me by my name." said the man.

"Fine Valen. Ralph and I were crossing the rooftops on our way back when he dared me to steal the kings crown." said Edwin.

"And you did it?" asked Valen.

"Yes. I don't know why but I tried it. I didn't get far. I made it to one hallway and some guards found me then the chase was on." explained Edwin.

"How did you escape?" asked Valen.

"I managed to make my way higher into the castle and ended up at the princesses room. I then jumped out of the window and onto the roof then proceeded to make my way down from there. After I was off the castle grounds Ralph and I made our way back here." said Edwin.

"I see. Well I'm glad that you made it back safe and sound. This place would fall apart quickly without you." said Valen.

"I'm sure you would manage." said Edwin.

"Well Anyways. Remind me of the rules for our family." said Valen.

"First, always have your scarf visible with the symbol present either around your neck or tied around the waist. Second, only do jobs you are sure you can accomplish either alone or with help. Third, if your life is in danger the use of weapons is allowed although killing is a last resort. Lastly, listen to the family leader and hear his words as law." said Edwin.

"Excellent. Tell me Edwin do you know why I made you my second instead of one of the older members?" asked Valen.

"You have never explained that to me and I'm still curious so no, as of now I have no idea why you did so." responded Edwin.

"Well simply put. I believe you have the potential to replace me one day." said Valen.

"What made you think that?" asked Edwin.

"Since the first day that you were presented to me as a new member of this family I could not help but have a feeling that you were special. So far when you do a job you have never taken something you think holds deep meaning to someone, you always go for small objects that wont be missed yet can still fetch a pretty penny. You have a sense of justice, for a thief that is." said Valen.

"So you think that I care about the people I take from?" asked Edwin.

"Not care per say but you take their thoughts into account when doing so. You care about other people. If someone was out on the street starving, you would be the one to buy them a meal. In other terms you have morals and look at the world in a different way than any of us." said Valen.

"If you say so. Now about this new job?" asked Edwin changing the subject.

"Ah yes the real reason I called you up here. This may sound crazy but I can only trust you with this job." said Valen.

"Alright, what is the job then?" asked Edwin.

"I'm going to need you to sneak into the castle at nighttime." said Valen.

"What for?" asked Edwin.

"A little bird told me that there is a secret room in the kings study. I want you to find it and locate a map of the secret entrances and exits of the castle if there isn't one then simply leave without getting caught and return to the family." said Valen

"Thats all. But why the sudden interest in the castle?" asked Edwin.

"Now now Edwin all will be revealed in due time. Now go find some clothing that will allow you to better sneak through the night." said Valen dismissing Edwin.

Edwin turned to leave the room and unlocked the door.

"Oh and Edwin. Do be careful. I don't want to hear how an intruder was executed in a few days." said Valen.  

Edwin then left the room closing the door behind him gently. He then went to his room that was on the second floor closest to the stairs to the third floor. His room was sparsely furnished. A bed, a wardrobe, a small desk and a chair with a single candle to light the room at nighttime. Inside the wardrobe were Edwins clothes for different jobs. Since he would be entering the castle he figured it would be best to wear his quietest clothing. Pulling out a black cotton shirt and pants he changed quickly. Taking his dagger and placing it on his hip would allow him quick use if need be. Before shutting the wardrobe Edwin grabbed a cloth that he could wrap over his head. Leaving only a small slit for eye holes he then tied his scarf around his waist with its ends hanging down over his left leg.

Sighing Edwin opened the window in his room and climbed out of it. The other members of the family did not need to know where he was going. Letting the window fall behind him Edwin jumped to a rooftop directly next to the building. Landing lightly on his feet he then began to move across the rooftops in the direction of the castle. If all went well then he would not be spotted and could be in and out quickly.

He wants me to go in quietly and look for a room in the entire castle?! Just what does he think I saw on my escape run earlier today? thought Edwin to himself.

Huffing at the thought of Valens request Edwin quickly made his way to the castle. As he went along his way Edwin decided to retrace his steps from when he fled the first time. He would climb the same fence, then get on top of the lowest roof, from there he would find one that slid open and enter from there. Reaching the aristocratic area of the city Edwin began moving more cautiously. He knew there were more guards here and with the bright moon shining down on him he would be spotted quickly if he was not careful.

Reaching the wide road that circled the castle Edwin waited for the guard to pass on one of their rounds. As they passed Edwin picked up a few words of their conversation.

"Did you hear that someone managed to make it into the castle."

"I did, but they were gone almost as quickly as they came."

"I heard that it was a small boy with blonde hair."

As the guards passed Edwin ran silently across the road. Reaching the iron fence he pulled himself over quickly and then landed neatly on the grass of the courtyard. Proceeding with his plan Edwin climbed onto a roof of what he assumed was a sleeping quarters for the staff since it was relatively small and out of the way. Silently padding along the roof tiles Edwin made his way to the wall that adjoined to the castle interior. Looking along the wall he noticed none of the windows were sliding ones. Cursing under his breath he began looking for an alternate route. Scanning the wall he noticed a balcony.

That will work. he thought.

Edwin then began climbing along the wall using handholds made by cracks in the wall or by brick that stuck out more than the rest. Reaching the balcony he hauled himself up over the railing and pressed himself against the stone wall. The balcony could be entered by a glass door, moving his head slightly in front of the glass Edwin peered inside. All he could see were dimly lit candles that dotted the hallway. Moving in front of the glass Edwin placed his hand on the door handle and turned it gently. The door opened with ease. Closing it softly behind him he then made his way along the wall trying to get a bearing of where he was.

Just where am I supposed to go? Edwin asked himself.

He silently made his way down a hallway which let to a large rotunda. As Edwin approached he could hear guards moving from within. Sliding back and waiting for them to pass he then went down a hallway towards his right. Proceeding along the hallway Edwin made a mental map of where he was going. As he neared the end of the hall he was greeted by two large wooden doors that stood wide open. Peering inside he saw a throne made of marble.

The kings study cant be far now. thought Edwin.

Edwin stuck to the edge of the large room exiting it through a small door along the wall. As he walked in the new hallway he was pleased to see it was void of candles or guards. Moving down the small hall he found a door with a golden handle.

This must be it. he thought.

Entering the room Edwin turned out to be right. He had found the kings study. It contained several bookshelves that stretched to the ceiling. Edwin began looking around for a way there might be a secret room. Moving books several at a time he figured it would be a book latch or behind a book. His past experiences taught him that nobles had many such rooms in their homes. Finding what he was looking for Edwin pulled a small latch from behind a book and heard the satisfying click of the mechanism unlocking. He then pulled on the shelf and it swung open on a hinge. He then moved into the small room. The room was pitch dark and Edwin risked lighting a candle he found on a shelf for some light. Bringing life to the flame Edwin had a clear view of the room. In terms of age it seemed ancient and hardly used. There were cobwebs and dust covering everything.

Edwin then began looking for anything that resembled a map of the castle and its secret passages. Having no luck he turned to the books on the shelves at the back of the room. As he was searching he heard a noise behind him. Snuffing the flame Edwin pushed himself against the wall waiting to see what had made the noise. As he looked he realized the secret door had closed behind him and someone was making noise on the other side. He heard the movement of books and began to get nervous. He was trapped in a small room with no way of escape except through the secret door. Drawing his dagger he waited for the noise on the other side to stop. Hearing a click his heart dropped. Someone was opening the secret door from the other side.

The door swung open and all Edwin could see was a outline of a person in a nightgown. The person stepped into the room and looked straight to where Edwin was standing. Then just as mysteriously the person turned and left the room. Edwin then let out the breath he had been holding for the past few minutes. He then turned and quickly went through a few scrolls until he found a blueprint of the castle. Folding the paper he put it into his pouch then went over to the secret door. Pushing against it the mechanism opened and the door swung open once more. No one was in the kings study when he peered inside. Stepping into the room he shut the door behind him.

Edwin had no idea who the person who opened the door was but he was not planning on sticking around to find out so he went to the entry door and stepped out into the hallway. He then turned towards the throne room until he heard a voice behind him.

"Are you going to burst into my bedroom again?" asked a young female voice.

Edwin nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the voice and then turned to look at the source.

The moonlight from the windows revealed it to be the Princess Selena.

Edwin was thoroughly confused and did not know how to respond.

"I know its you. The boy from earlier today." she said.

"How did you know it was me?" asked Edwin.

"I have the ability to see someones aura and when I see it once I never forget it." she said.

"Really then what color is mine?" asked Edwin curiously.

"Yours is a brilliant gold for some reason." she responded.

Gold? thought Edwin.

"I don't have time for this." Said Edwin turning to leave.

"Wait. If you leave I'll call the guards." said Selena.

"I want to know why you came back?" she continued.

"I was sent here on a job." said Edwin.

"How did you know about that room then. Not even my father knows about it." said Selena.

"A little bird told me." responded Edwin.

"Thats not good enough. Why did you come here?" she asked.

Edwin sighed knowing he would get nowhere if this kept up.

"Alright fine. I came looking for this." said Edwin as he pulled the blueprint out of his pouch.

Selena snatched it out of his hand to look at it.

"A blueprint of the castle. Why?" she asked.

"I don't know myself. That was just the job alright." he responded.

Standing in the hallway he finally noticed that she was only wearing a nightgown and he suddenly blushed underneath his cover.

"Look I need to get going. So how about I let you keep that blueprint and we can forget this ever happened." said Edwin.

Selena gripped the blueprint tightly and nodded her head. Edwin then made his move to leave when she stopped him once more.

"Wait! Could you walk me back to my room?" she asked

"You can't be serious. I'll be caught then." said Edwin.

"I know a secret passage from here to my room." said Selena.

"Fine." said Edwin sighing in defeat.

Selena then pushed against a painting of the king and a small wooden door opened from behind it. Stepping inside Selena led the way. Edwin followed her along straight paths and then in a curve that ascended towards the castle top. Edwin just wanted to leave and tell Valen that he could not find any blueprints. As Selena stopped right in front of him Edwin nearly bumped into her.

"Were here." she said as she opened a small wooden door that led to darkness.

She pushed further into the darkness as well as Edwin and he could feel cloth. They were in her wardrobe and once she opened the latch they were inside her room with the window he had broken earlier patched over with wood pieces.

"Sorry about the window." said Edwin.

"A thief apologizing. That is not something you see everyday." said Selena.

Edwin turned away from her and she simply smiled.

"So will you tell me your name or not?" asked Selena.

"Its Edwin." he said.

"Well then Edwin I expect to see you again. Visit me if you have a chance. Sneak in or give a guard this note and you will be escorted to me." she said handing Edwin a small note with the princesses signature on it stating that Edwin was a friend.

"I'm no friend of yours." said Edwin.

"True but I can tell that you have a good nature about yourself and that is enough for me to trust you. Now off you go before you get caught. Take the passage back down and once you get to the first division go left then you'll enter the sewers. Use them to get out." said Selena.

Edwin nodded and left without a word. Working his way through the passage he wondered what had just happened and how he would explain it to Valen. Instead he occupied his mind with just getting back home.
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PostSubject: Re: Currently unnamed   Currently unnamed Icon_minitimeSat Dec 14, 2013 7:31 pm

Edwin made his way through the sewers after leaving the princesses room.

Just how do I get myself into these messes really? he asked himself.

I'll have to explain to Valen that I didn't get it or I could say there wasn't one to begin with, more importantly why was Valen looking for a blueprint of the castle? he continued to speculate the possibilities until his head hurt.

Edwin walked along the edge of the sewers water avoiding it as much as he could. Finding a ladder he began to climb when he heard a splash below him. Dropping down off the ladder and drawing his dagger in one swift motion Edwin scanned the sewer in both directions. Caution had saved his life several times before and he knew that it was better to be cautious than aloof. Carelessness is what got people killed. Not hearing another sound except the dripping of water from the sewer ceiling Edwin turned to climb the ladder with his dagger still drawn. As he climbed he looked below him to be sure there was nothing there, once he was sure he continued his climb reaching the small stone cover that would lead to fresh air. Pushing against the stone cover he emerged from the stinking sewers and breathed in a large amount of fresh air.

"Ah its good to be out of there. Now where am I...?" asked Edwin aloud to himself as he scanned his surroundings.

Looking at the street he had emerged unto Edwin realized that he was on the north side of the castle in the aristocratic district. Sheathing his dagger he stood up and faced the southern side of the city where the Phoenix family was stationed. Edwin then began walking along the street in the dead of night as though there was nothing strange about it. As he looked at the sky he noticed that the moon was lower in the sky than he originally thought. Dawn would be soon approaching. Little to Edwins knowledge his leader and the leaders of the other families had met in secrecy.


In the northern section of the city the leaders of the families had gathered and were all standing around a circular table. Five men stood with their hoods up the only indication to their identity was the scarf around their necks that bore the symbol of their family. None of the men addressed each other by name but instead by the symbol on their scarf. Each scarf was a different color yet each was valuable beyond measure. Valen, leader of the phoenix family bore the gold scarf with threads that were actually dipped in liquid gold, the leader of the Wolves bore a royal purple scarf that was inlaid with Amethysts, the leader of the Snakes bore a deep green scarf that shimmered with Emeralds, the leader of the Tigers bore a scarf of deep orange it glistened with Garnets, the leader of the Eagles bore a scarf of almost pure white that was made from threads dipped in silver it shone in the candle light from the center of the table. Each man remained silent listening for any intruders or passerby's that could hear their conversation. Once they were certain they were alone they began their meeting.

"Well we all know why we are here." began Valen.

"Yes, one of the families members actually made it inside the castle unscathed. Was it from yours Phoenix?" asked the Eagles leader.

"It was. I sent him to look for blueprints of the castles construction. If he is successful then we will be rich for the rest of our lives." said Valen.

"We all know what lies in the castle vaults. And they will do anything to get it back if it happens to go missing." said the leader of the Snakes.

"Indeed it is very precious to the royal family indeed." said the leader of the Tigers.

"We have waited many long years for this. Ever since we first were initiated into the families." said the leader of the Wolves.

"Even back then we knew working together was more beneficial that working separate. We formed a pact of friendship and business and now it is all coming together after so long." said the leader of the Eagles.

"Yes just a little bit longer and we may have what we have been after for so long." said Valen.

"The candle is almost out it is time for us to return to our respectful families." said the leader of the Eagles

The men all nodded and turned away from the table as the candle began to flicker. The men moved away from the table as the candle died leaving the room in darkness and the men disappeared into the shadows. They did not become the leaders of the families for nothing after all.


As Edwin passed through north district and into the east district then quickly into the southern district he was figuring out the best way to explain what happened to Valen. Deciding to say that there was no blueprint he settled on that. As he made his way back the sun had begun to rise. Entering the area he was most familiar with Edwin decided to check up on the different safe houses to see if everyone was following conduct and completing jobs without incident. It was one of his duties as the second. Stopping at the first safe house Edwin climbed in through the window as did many of the other members who knew of the house. Stepping inside he found a group of members sitting around tables chatting away in the early morning. Several were coming from the second level to eat and others were dozing off in chairs. A few members were checking the job board to see if anything new had come up. After speaking to the caretaker of the house Edwin left for the next safe house. After making his round to the ones on his way to the main safe house Edwin grew weary from the night before.

Entering through the main door Edwin walked into a room that was in a what appeared to be chaos. Family members were fighting each other at every turn. Things like this happened all the time but most were out of fun. This was different the intent to kill hung heavy in the air. As the members continued to fight each other Edwin pushed his way to the center of the room.

"Enough!" shouted Edwin as loud as he could.

As Edwins shout carried through the room all fighting stopped and everyone starred at him. Most knew not to cross Edwin since he could match anyone in a fight but  more so because he was their leaders second.

"Just what is going on here!?" asked Edwin.

"Its none of your business Edwin." said a boy who then charged Edwin.

Edwin reacted quickly to the situation. As the boy lunged at him and threw his fist Edwin wrapped his arm around it then flipped the boy onto the ground, he then pressed his hand against the boys elbow threatening to break it.

"Know your place. Next time I wont be so forgiving." said Edwin as he hauled the boy to his feet and pushed him away.

"Now someone explain what happened and fast." said Edwin.

Ralph who was in the crowd spoke up.

"It started when someone said that our leader wasn't worthy of being the leader and others began to defend him. It soon escalated to an all out fight." said Ralph.

Edwin began to laugh to himself.

"That is what this is all about. Listen up all of you. We are one family and have to stick together. It doesn't matter what your opinion of our leader is. All you need to know is that he controls this family and his word is law. Obey and you'll live and not go hungry. Disobey and you'll be forced onto the streets. Now this useless fighting is to stop now and I know all of you have jobs to attend to so get to it." said Edwin using his authority to take control of the situation.

After Edwin had finished speaking all the members either sat down without a word or left the safe house to go on their jobs. As Edwin surveyed the room he noticed that Valen was standing at the top of the staircase. Once he saw Edwin he signaled him to meet him inside his study. Edwin sighed and proceeded to follow Valen up the stairs.
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Proceeding up the stairs to the top floor of the safe house Edwin followed behind Valen silently. Reaching Valens study they entered the room and Edwin locked the door behind himself as he always did. Valen sat himself behind his desk and began sorting papers off the surface and into drawers. Edwin waited patiently for him to finish. Once Valen had his papers organized he removed the cloth from around his head so he could look at Edwin clearly.

"Excellent job taking control of the situation downstairs. Had you not shown up when you did I would have had to intervene." said Valen.

"Thanks, don't you want to hear about the job you sent me on?" asked Edwin.

"Ah yes, your job, tell me if you were successful." said Valen

"Well there was no blueprint of the castles construction or any plans for the secret passages. I was nearly caught and when I found the hidden room it looked as though it had not been used in many years." said Edwin.

"I see, that is unfortunate but it is of no matter, all that does matter is that you made it back safe and sound. How did you get in and out by the way?" asked Valen.

"I scaled the wall and found a balcony, from there I figured my way to the throne room, then to the kings private study and from there the hidden room. After not finding anything I left the same way I had entered." said Edwin.

"Hmm, I see. Well that will be all. Go get some rest and take tomorrow off from your duties or any jobs you had planned. You could use the rest." said Valen.

Edwin nodded and turned to leave the room, as his hand was on the handle Valen called out to him.

"Edwin, do be careful out there. This city will soon make a drastic change." said Valen.

Edwin did not turn to acknowledge the remark and instead proceeded to leave the room. Going down the stairs to the second floor Edwin entered his own room and fell onto the bed quickly falling into a deep sleep. This sleep would carry him to the next day despite the fact that it was still early morning as of now.


The following morning Edwin woke early to silence. Most of the other members would be asleep still or a few would rise early and start new jobs. The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon as Edwin opened his window to allow the light to enter his room. For Edwin days off were far and few between, he really did make the most of them. Normally he would go to a bathhouse and bathe himself completely since it was difficult to find the time to do so on a normal basis. He would not have to wear his scarf since he was off duty and could spend his time as he saw fit.

Stretching to ease away the stiffness of sleeping for a full day Edwin yawned loudly. Changing into simple clothes he strapped his dagger behind his back. Drawing it from its simple leather scabbard Edwin admired the blade itself. It was made by a master blacksmith who had given it to a noble as a gift. The handle was made of a slightly tarnished gold and was inlaid with a ruby on the pommel. In terms of value it was worth a small fortune yet Edwin had taken it for himself as a weapon for self defense when he had entered the nobleman's house. Sliding the blade back into its scabbard Edwin left his room and made his way down the stairs to the first floor. Looking about the common room he saw no one and it made it easier for him to leave without interruption. His first stop of the day would be the bathhouse.

Moving through the streets in the early morning dawn was something that Edwin enjoyed a great deal. He did not have to worry about any thieving or casting a sideways glance at the guard as he passed by. Heading towards the bathhouse that would be relatively empty at this time of the morning Edwin hummed a tune silently to himself.  Entering the bathhouse he found that he was the only one there at the time except for the workers keeping the water clean and warm. Entering the changing room Edwin removed his clothes. Doing so he felt an object in his pants pocket. Removing the object it turned out to be the card that the princess had given to him.

Why am I holding on to this. I don't care or anything. thought Edwin.

Placing the card back into his pocket and putting his clothes in a small wooden box, he then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself before proceeding to enter the bath. Entering the water Edwin sighed in relief from the heat of the water. As with many entering a bath allowed one to think on past events and as Edwin closed his eyes images flashed in his mind.

A small room with walls covered in blood. Edwin, much younger than he was currently standing in the center looking at his own hands screaming.

Other children shunning him and pushing him away. People giving him an evil look.

A doorway out of a run down building with sunlight behind it. The face of Ralph and Valen with his wrapping in an alleyway as Edwin sat close to death in the night. Valen extending his hand welcoming Edwin to the family.

Edwin then opened his eyes to the empty bathhouse. Shaking his head to remove the images from his mind. Edwin finished bathing and washed his hair getting rid of the dirt and grime that had collected since the last time he really cleaned it. Getting out of the water and drying himself off he went back into the changing room, got dressed, paid the bathhouse owner and left. Entering back into the street still with the early morning sun lighting the way he noticed more people were walking the streets either on their way to open stalls at the small markets that dotted the city or on their way of personal business.

Slowly strolling along the dirt road Edwin put his hands behind his head looking at the sky as he continued to walk. He knew which direction he was going but he did not really care where he ended up as of today. He was going to enjoy his day off to the fullest in his own way. He knew he was heading towards the main market in the Southern district. He had a few favorite places he liked to stop in on from time to time and the owners knew him well enough to trust him when he was around. Edwin entered the main market square and looked around. He then inhaled deeply to the scent of fresh bread.

Turning to his right he saw one of his favorite places. It was a bakery owned by one of Edwins few true friends. The bakery had a large counter where one could look inside as the bread rose in the ovens. Sitting on the counter was a small bell that a customer could ring to get the attention of the baker. Since the fires were roaring and fresh dough had been added to the ovens Edwin lifted the bell and rang it.

"What is it?! We're not even open yet!" shouted a man from a back room.

As Edwin waited the man appeared around the corner.

"Edwin, what a nice surprise. I haven't seen you in a while. Would you be up to helping me make today's product?" asked the man.

The man was rather tall with long black hair pulled back into a pony tail. He had brown eyes, his arms were muscular from kneading bread all day. This man was Edwins friend Sean.

"You know im always happy to help out." said Edwin.

"Then come on in back and help me with this dough." said Sean.

Edwin lifted the section of the counter that led to the back of the store. Sean himself lived on the second floor and was always an early riser to get started on the bread he needed to bake. Moving into the back room Edwin found Sean hard at work mixing flour with other ingredients to make dough.

"Hand me that sifter would you?" asked Sean.

Edwin handed Sean the sifter and watched as he added some sugar to the mix.

"Been keeping yourself busy?" asked Edwin.

"As always I have been. How have you been my friend?" asked Sean.

"Busy as well. Isn't your birthday coming up soon?" asked Edwin.

"It is. I'll be turning thirty this year." said Sean.

Edwin had known Sean for several years and despite Sean being just about double Edwins age he treated Edwin as an equal and appreciated the help Edwin offered. Edwin began kneading the dough that Sean had set out while keeping the conversation.

"That is a pretty high number. Next thing you know and you'll be forty." said Edwin jokingly.

"Right and I'll still be right here making bread." said Sean.

"You do enjoy it though don't you?" asked Edwin.

"Of course I do. I wouldn't keep doing it otherwise. Oh would you mind pulling the bread out of the ovens they must be ready now." said Sean.

Edwin nodded and moved to the entry room. Picking up a large wooden slab he pushed it under the bread and pulled out fresh perfectly baked loaves of bread. Setting them on a rack to cool he returned to the back room. Picking up where he left off Edwin continued to knead the dough just enough to allow air pockets to fill in the space he had created.

"Did you hear that the King and Princess along with the Queen will be visiting the market today?" asked Sean.

Edwins attention shifted to listen to Sean.

"No I didn't what's the occasion?" asked Edwin.

"I'm not really sure. Something about them caring about the public and wanting to be seen in public instead of being trapped behind castle walls." said Sean.

"I see." said Edwin. The two returned to work in silence knowing just what to do with ques or gestures.

After a few hours all the dough needed for the day was baked and was being kept warm in a small room next to the ovens that contained heat from the ovens themselves but at a much lower temperature.

"Thanks for all the help Edwin, stop by again soon you hear." said Sean as Edwin left the bakery.

So the royal family will be in the open today. This I have to see. thought Edwin to himself.
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As Edwin walked through the market eyeing the wares that many of the stalls had to offer he listened in on conversations pertaining to the royal families visit that would take place later that day.

"Did you hear that the royal family will be out in all four markets today?"

"I did, they say its because they want to be seen in the public as though they care about us as the common folk."

"Maybe they really do care, times are changing after all."

"Not this king and queen, they could lose all of us and not bat an eye."

Edwin moved among the crowds and realized that if the royal family was to pass through then a higher view point would provide a better sight.

Climbing onto the roof of the markets in which was three stories tall Edwin had a good vantage point of most of the cities skyline. Looking into the western district he could see streamers and hear cheering from that direction. The royal family was already out and about. The southern district would be last so the royal family would go around the city in a clockwise pattern. From Edwins point of view he figured it would be a good time to stage an assassination attempt or make a robbery at the castle. No doubt the guard had been doubled and that the royal family had guards as well as hidden scouts among the people to look for danger.  

Edwin leaned back on the rooftop the wooden shingles giving him a nice area to lay on. He waited for  a few hours then sat back up looking out into the city. The royal family had made it to the Eastern district and would soon be moving into the southern district. As Edwin scanned the skyline he noticed several figures moving from the southern district armed with longbows as well as swords and daggers. Instinct overtook Edwins mind and caused him to give chase to the figures on the rooftops. As the figures leaped back and forth between building Edwin maintained a safe distance. From experience he could tell that this was a planned attack and would be targeting someone specific. The only people Edwin could think of had to be the royal family.

Edwin himself had no loyalties to the King himself or the royal family, despite having met the Princess Selena he was not sure how he felt about her yet. Friend or foe was always the question to be asked. For now he would tail the figures darting across the rooftops to wherever they stopped. To Edwins surprise they stopped right before the border of the Eastern district and placed themselves strategically along the rooftops. As of now there were very little people along the main road since everyone was either in the market or on their way there. This gave the figures the time and cover they needed to set up whatever trap they had planned.


Meanwhile in the eastern district the Princess Selena was becoming rather bored with traveling through the cities markets. She had agreed to go along with her mother and father because she was hoping to find Edwin among the throngs of the townspeople. Even though she had told him to return with the note only a short few days ago she was already anxious to see if he even would return. She had some questions she wanted to ask him about. Since she could see a persons aura she was hoping to find him even if she did not directly see him. The intensity of ones aura depended on how close they were in relation to space and how strong their aura itself was. As of now only a few people had strong auras yet she had not seen Edwins blindingly bright gold. The horses they were riding were trained yet still made the ride uncomfortable for someone not used to riding a horse.

"Father must we continue at such a slow pace?" asked Selena.

"We must be sure that the majority of the populace can witness us amongst themselves, my dear." said the King.

"Yes darling, the common folk should know that we do exist and not just behind our castle walls either." said the Queen.

Sighing in boredom and annoyance Selena remained quiet and smiled at the citizens who stared up at her. The royal family had nearly finished with the eastern district and was beginning to direct themselves towards the southern district.


Edwin now lay on the top of a roof looking at the figures who were readying their weapons. Taking a closer look he noticed that they were all clothed in darker colors with pieces of cloth covering their faces. All he could tell was that they could be anywhere from the ages of fifteen to twenty-five. The sense of death could be felt emanating from the men. Edwin continued to watch into the eastern district and noticed that the cheering was growing quieter and it seemed as though the crowd that followed the royal family was moving.

What is going on? An assassination attempt? Most certainly with the circumstances of the day. thought Edwin.

"I could probably pass as a beggar in the streets and hide myself in case anything happens." said Edwin aloud to himself.

"Now isn't that just a wonderful idea?"

Edwin turned to find one of the dark clothed figures standing behind him with a blade pointed at his neck.

"Now why don't I just help you with that?" said the figure.

He then grabbed Edwin by the neck and lifted him off the rooftop and dangled him over the edge of the building. Edwin kicked and fought for breath but the mans grip was to strong.

"I'm sure this fall will kill you. I'm sorry this had to happen but we can't have any interference's." said the man.

He then released his grip while pushing Edwin away from the building. Edwin fell to the bottom with a scream. The fall was never the thing that would kill you. It always depended on how you stopped. The man had released Edwin in an upright position so his feet would hit the ground first. Once again instinct overtook Edwins mind. The building was at least five stories up and the windows had large beams for the sills that stuck out from the sides. The man also dropped him into a darker alleyway. Edwin turned his body so that he faced the wall and reach out for a window sill as he passed it. His hand met its mark and he gripped as hard as he could. The force of stopping so suddenly put a large amount of force onto his arm and shoulder. With a resounding crack Edwins shoulder dislocated. With a muffled shout of pain Edwin released his grip and fell the remaining two stories to the alley floor below.

Hitting the ground Edwin landed on his back giving knocking the wind from his body. Rolling over and struggling to catch his breath he managed to steady his breathing once more. As he stood up he tried moving his shoulder but the pain was to great. Looking up to the roof he could no longer see the man. The man most likely assumed Edwin died on the impact. Edwin normally did not get involved with other peoples business. Now that the man had tried to kill him and caused him to dislocate his shoulder Edwin was angry. To him it had just become personal.

Walking out of the alleyway clutching his shoulder Edwin slowly made his way towards the eastern district where further down the road he could see the sun reflecting off the kings personal guards armor. Edwin knew that he would be useless without his arm so he lifted it onto a stalls support beam that lined the road and gripped it tightly. He then pushed his body forward all while keeping his grip on the beam. With a scream and a few cracks and pops his shoulder pushed itself back into place. Falling to the ground in pain Edwin clutched his shoulder.

"You there, boy are you alright?" asked the stall worker.

Edwin stood up with a scowl on his face as he turned to the man. Grabbing a piece of cloth from the stall he wrapped it around his face to hide his identity.

"You'll have to pay for that." said the stall worker.

Edwin turned to glare at the man. As he looked at the man he gestured for Edwin to just leave and said that the cloth wasn't worth the trouble. Edwin then rolled his shoulder a few time testing his mobility. Once he was satisfied that it was as good as it could be for the time being he walked into an alleyway in the direction of the royal family.

Once he was within twenty feet from the royal family he walked at pace with them in the alleyways waiting for the moment to move from the shadows.  Edwin was never fond of killing people and did his best to avoid it. But now he was not so sure if he would try to avoid it, he was almost killed and the men who were waiting for the royal family were a threat. As they drew closer to the area he was dropped from Edwin closed his eyes and focused on the sounds from above him. Drawing his dagger at the same time he listened intently. As if on cue he could hear the sound of a longbow being drawn and knew it was aimed at the king. The guard had not reacted to anything along the rooftop.  

Edwin bolted out from the alleyway and managed to slip past the guards and was making his way towards the king. The arrow was released from the bow and Edwin jumped up in front of the kings horse as the arrow was nearly at its mark. Bringing his dagger down through the air directly in front of him Edwin heard the cracking of the arrows wooden shaft splitting in two. He heard a gasp come from the crowd around him as the arrow head clinked to the stones below. Edwin then opened his eyes to see the eyes of the royal family on him all opened wide at what they had just witnessed. The Princess Selena's eyes were the widest as she noticed Edwins aura and began to smile. Edwin looked at her and her smile faded from the glare in his eyes.

"You there, Boy, what the devil are you doing?" asked the king.

"Saving your lives." said Edwin.

"You what?" said the king but was then interrupted by the sound of shouting.


All at once the men who were on the rooftops appeared holding bows or swords at the ready and were drawing back their arrows. The kings guard reacted but not quickly enough. An arrow was on its way to meeting Selena's chest. Edwin moved as fast as he could and knocked the arrow away from its path. The guard then began firing back up into the rooftops. They royal family was pinned in a narrow street with tall buildings on either side. They were trapped.

Edwin turned in a circle to look for a way out. seeing a back alley he knew had many different paths to follow he then turned back to the royal family.

"All of you off your horses and follow me." said Edwin.

"Why would we trust you?" asked the king.

"Just listen to him father." said Selena as she was already climbing off of her horse.

"By the gods alright. Boy you better know what you are doing." said the king.

Edwin quickly assisted the king and queen of getting off their horses. The guard was to busy with firing back and defending themselves to notice Edwin was leading the royal family away. Edwin looked at the threes clothing and knew that this was going to be difficult. They were dressed in royal clothing not suitable for running though alleyways but it would have to make due.

"Can you run?" asked Edwin.

"Yes." they all responded.

"Good now stay ahead of me and listen for the directions I give you. I know these alleys like the back of my hand. Now go!" said Edwin.

Arrows had begun to hit the ground near them and were getting closer and closer. The royal family began to move into the alleyways keeping ahead of Edwin.

"How repulsive." said the king as he ran.

Selena kept looking behind to look at Edwin. He motioned for her to face forwards. As the group ran Edwin looked up above to see if they were being followed and sure enough there  were people jumping back and forth across the buildings.

"Right!" shouted Edwin.

As the next intersection approached the king to the right pathway. The pursuers were still after them. One was running with a pulled back arrow and released it towards Edwins head. He managed to duck and miss it.

"Right!" shouted Edwin once more.

As the group was continuously pursued Edwin was thinking of ways they could escape. Another arrow sparked against the wall dangerously close to the king.

"Keep moving! Left!" shouted Edwin.

Edwin knew that the group was moving closer and closer towards a sewer entryway. If all things went bad then they could use it to escape. As they neared the sewer entry it seemed to be the only way of escape. Edwin took a chance and glanced behind himself to see if anyone was on the ground after him. To his dismay there were two on the ground gaining on them quickly.

"When you make it to the sewer entry way, go inside and keep going straight until you get to the second crossing, then take a right! you'll end up in a large chamber! I'll meet up with you there! Now go!" shouted Edwin as he turned to face the pursuers.

They drew their swords and charged at Edwin. Using his training Edwin quickly got behind the two pulling his blade across the throat of the first and then turning his wrist to plunge the blade into the left lung of the second. The men fell to the ground creating a pool of blood beneath them. The anger in Edwins eyes continued to grow. Looking up he saw the men jumping across the rooftops.

Turning to follow after the royal family Edwin entered into the sewers and made his way towards the second crossing where he directed them to go. He only hoped that they had followed his directions.
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