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USARoleplayers is about bringing people together through their creativity and writing skills. It doesn't matter what you like, all sorts of roleplays are welcome on here. Roleplays allow the opportunity to meet new people and you might even discover something new yourself as words can be used to express our life. We welcome all sorts of creative minds here, no matter if you are a novice writer or an experienced one. There are many people here who are able to help you improve sentence structure, character development, and word choice. But most importantly, roleplaying is about having fun and connecting with others.

All the Roleplaying Possibilities are Up to You!
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 Yearly Reflection

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PostSubject: Yearly Reflection    Yearly Reflection  Icon_minitimeFri Jan 17, 2014 10:16 pm

It was a year ago.

It all started because of the tears, because of the frustration, and because of trying to find hope in a better future. On January 17th, 2013, USARoleplayers was born. It was started on a quiet day in January. And it all started when I plugged in a name for the forum and pressed “create”.

This forum was a dream I had. I dreamed of a place where people would be able to roleplay in peace. I didn’t want a place filled with argument, drama, and frustration. It was a place where your imagination could take you anywhere you want to. I later on developed the site theme into creative writing….because words can be used to convey and communicate our emotions to others. It is a way to tell someone how you’re feeling. Whether it’s written down, sung, or said, our words are what drives our everyday thoughts and feelings.

That January, posts immediately flooded the site as familiar faces I knew joined. The Roleplay enthusiasm was astounding, and somewhat full of life. Everyone was excited to be part of a brand new forum. It was full of new dreams, new roleplays, and new encounters. There’s no better feeling in the world than having that feeling that something good will happen today.

January melted quickly into February. More people got on board with the site, happy to share their roleplays and ideas. The post turnout for that month was astounding, and many members soon had 100 posts before they knew it. It was great; it made people feel like they were involved and part of the site. With so many new faces, people just knew that the site was the place to be.

March, April, and May come. Throughout these months, some discrepancies happened, but in the end we pulled through. We made it. Through our rough times and disagreements, there is a brand new sunshine to greet every new day. It was a time where people were in question of what should be done and what should not. It was a time where new waves of roleplays surged through people, too. Our experiences during this time made our bonds grow stronger in what we believed in.

Summer time comes. It’s time to post and not worry about school. The site continues on, with people creating brand new roleplays. It was a time of no worries and freedom. People would spend time devising posts and roleplays to enjoy, with no constraints on schoolwork. It was a relatively peaceful time, with relaxation.

It’s now fall. Members have taken a great interest in the little Stories/Poetry/Writing section, so I decided to make it bigger. I never regretted it, since now that area is starting to be filled with wonderful stories the site can read and cherish. Many members praise the ability to review another’s work, since it shows that they care about what others write.

Now we make it to today. Everyone here loves to write and roleplay. People are continuing to try making new roleplays. This year, I hope the Roleplays are memorable and we never lose that creative spark. I want to thank all of you for joining….you help made my dream become a reality.
Here are a couple people I would personally like to thank.

FlamingIce. I can’t code for my life! Your coding throughout the time on the forum has been outstanding! All I know how to do is copy paste a code into CSS! You helped make the forum background to what it is today, and I appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know I am happy we can keep on improving, knowing we have wonderful people like you can make things happen Very HappyThank you for helping out with improving the creative vision for the website.

Raven.  You have lived up to your role of Dumbledora! You’re always on and helping the site. You explain things to new members, and you are always willing to nudge people when they need it in the roleplays. You have played an important role on this site. I wanted to thank you for all of your moderation help.

Brian. You inspired me to keep on going, even when times get tough. You’ve experienced many of the same things as me on VFK. When I first met you on VFK, I wasn’t really sure how much I was actually going to talk to you. Now you are one of my best roleplay buddies. You’ve been here from the very beginning, always making new things like the end of the Month awards. Thank you.

Ace.  Thank you for making everyone feel welcome on the site! We all love your humor, and you’ve brightened my day many times. Thank you for being a wonderful , nice person that inspires people. Don’t ever lose your creative spark ;D

Vir Honestus. You’re probably surprised you are being thanked, but here is why. You helped me see how the Stories/Poetry/Writing section is important. Without you posting on it and inspiring others to post, I wouldn’t have figured out the theme of the website. The website theme is not just all about roleplaying now- it is about creative writing Very Happy
Throughout this wonderful year,

I just wanted to thank  the rest of you all.

For Everything and for Enjoying the site.

USARP wouldn’t be today if it wasn’t for all of you!

We can finally say at the end of this year,

We made it! We’re a year old!

And I just know this next year is gonna be great too.

- Cat cat 
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Yearly Reflection
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