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USARoleplayers is about bringing people together through their creativity and writing skills. It doesn't matter what you like, all sorts of roleplays are welcome on here. Roleplays allow the opportunity to meet new people and you might even discover something new yourself as words can be used to express our life. We welcome all sorts of creative minds here, no matter if you are a novice writer or an experienced one. There are many people here who are able to help you improve sentence structure, character development, and word choice. But most importantly, roleplaying is about having fun and connecting with others.

All the Roleplaying Possibilities are Up to You!
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 Monthly News - March 2014!

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Roleplay Characters

Monthly News - March 2014! Empty
PostSubject: Monthly News - March 2014!   Monthly News - March 2014! Icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2014 9:21 am

Site Updates

  • The Sprite Hub has been moved into the Request Area

Popular Roleplays

Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

  • This Roleplay, posted by the user Seek, has gained immense popularity when it first surfaced on the site. There are many users involved within it, with diverse characters and plotline twists. Not only is there the Organization, but another enemy created by Ace is involved with the plot as well. The struggle for the heroes to understand their new powers by visiting different worlds is starting to become a reality. So far, the heroes have visited Twilight Town, Wonderland, and the Caribbean. They are currently in the Tron world, just recently arriving. The quest to understand why every world is being devoured in darkness is still a mystery that must be unraveled.
  • The characters created add a fresh twist to the roleplay. Alice  (by Seek) is an experienced keyblade master who must help the newer keyblade wielders. Dustin (by Ace) is a man that feels the need to be the hero everytime, no matter how dangerous the circumstances are. Sam (by Raven) is the Princess of Heart, and she is primarily the healer of the group. Kat (by Cat) is a young girl who is conflicted by what she sees and wants to see her brother again. Sebastian (by Vir Honestus) is a character that disguises his name as Lucian, and doesn't trust the group fully yet. Thomas (by Brian) is a boy from Twilight Town who seems to just be quietly following the group for now, observing.
  • This Roleplay is everything that a group would want. A fun plot, many twists, and great characters! The ending to this one is sure to be a great one!

New Roleplays

~Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP: Adventures Beyond the Limit!~ by Seek

  • This new Roleplay is all about Pokemon! Instead of being a trainer, you are a pokemon and you explore a world of solely pokemon! Recently, there's been some problems within the world and they must summon humans to come help them. These humans are turned into pokemon - experiencing a world of adventure like no other. Join this Roleplay if you are into action, adventure, and a world full of pokemon!

Feelin' Lucky?

  • This month there will be a contest with questions about USARP. Not only will this be a point opportunity, but there will be medals awarded to the winners as well.
  • The topic with the questions will be posted by me on Friday March 14th, 2014. The questions can range from about a specific roleplay to a development question. Anyone is allowed to enter.
  • Not only is this a test of knowing the website, it will be a test of knowing current and past roleplays. The winners will be the people with the most questions answered correctly. There will be no penalty for wrong answers.
  • The rules are simple: once the event is posted, users will have the rest of the month to search the site for the information they need to answer the questions. The answers to your questions will NOT be posted on the event topic (since, after all, anyone can read them and cheat). Instead, they must be private messaged to ME. Directions on how to private message will be on the post as well (just in case somebody does not know how to do it). 

Good luck to everyone, and I hope everyone looks forward to this contest!  Monthly News - March 2014! Icon_cat
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Monthly News - March 2014!
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