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PostSubject: Chivalry and Betrayal   Chivalry and Betrayal Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2014 7:40 pm

Author's Notice:
The rain pours down onto the glass, clouding everything on the window as it fogs up from his breath. He tapped it three times, until turning his attention back to him.
"And you are sure that they will come?" He asked, leaning over his cowering body.
"Yes, m-my lord!" The man trembled, feebly falling to the floor sweating. He walked around the man, kicking him.
"Why didn't you inform me earlier, Thomas? Why must everything be last minute with you?"
"Sir, we didn't receive any information until now!"
"Those that don't wish to dedicate their entire loyalty to me......should perish. Isn't that what you stand for? Honor, bravery, courage, loyalty? When you took your oath, this is how you repay me?" He leaned over to Thomas's right ear, and whispered, "Did you really mean it? Are you really worthy to have me as a lord?"
Thomas trembled, sweating as his eyes opened slowly, with a look of defeat. He slowly stood up, brushing his hair out of his face.
"I will do exactly as y-you command, my lord! You give the word, and-"
The only noise that was could slightly be heard through the sound of the pouring rain was a scream.
Chapter 1
"Just one more pea and there! Perfect! A meal worthy for any king, don't you think?" Adel smiled to herself as she put the finishing touches to her soup. She placed the bowl on a cloth and carefully walked over to Max.
"What do you want?" Max groaned, holding his stomach as she approached him.
"Here you go! Eat up!" Adel placed the soup in front of him. She then sat down in a rocking chair close by, "I'm going to make sure you eat every bit of it."
"Every bit of it?!" Max stammered, "No, I-" Max coughed, covering his mouth feverishly with his arm.
"Yes, every bit of it, just as I said. You're sick, Max! I can't leave you here. I'm not letting you off the hook until you do."
"Isn't that the job of the servants to make sure I have my meals?" Max sighed, picking up the spoon.
"No, it's not! I've self-employed myself to your estate; you're awfully kind to let me stay here, since, well you know! I don't want to live with father forever too. I plan on leaving once I am able to find work."
"Thank you, dear sister. But I real-" Max coughed, "-am fine!"
"You say that you're fine, but you sure don't sound it! What would you ever do without m- Hey, you're getting soup all over you! Please don't tell me I have to spoon feed you to!"
"Please don't."
"Thank you Adel, that meal was a fine one. Now if you excuse me, I must be off to work." Max said, groggily getting up.
"Are you sure you're doing okay? You'll never be able to do anything in this condition! You should stay home!" Adel said, ushering Max back to his resting place.
"I'll be fine. Besides, I don't know what I'll do if I am not present at the castle today."
"Hmm? I'm sure nobody will miss you!" Adel said, tucking Max back in, but he abruptly pushed the quilt off, "Come on Max! You're sick! You're coughing, you've been throwing up, and your barely eating unless I make you. You have to stay here!"
"But what about Lady Diane?! I promised her that I'd see he-"
"Forget about it! You need to rest! Just let me take care of things while you try to get better. Besides, it's only one day off, right? You'd be amazed at how one day's worth of rest can really heal you."
Adel tucked Max in, and took the empty bowl from him. She walked over to the kitchen and dropped it into the sink. She then heard a knock at the door.
“I’ll get-“ Max started, then he started coughing.
“I’ve got it. Let me handle this!” Adel said, getting up. She opened the door, and a man was there holding a scroll. He was on the rounder side of things, and was wearing a long brown cloak.
“May I help you?” Adel asked politely.
“Is the master of this house home?” The man asked.
“Uhh…err..” Adel stammered, glancing back, “Yes! I am the master of this house.”
“Well, Max, I didn’t think you would be wearing a dress. Come on, this is very important you come with me.
“What?! Wai-“
Suddenly, the leaves on the ground started to twirl around them. Adel closed her eyes, and when she opened them she was in a completely different room.
“Where…are we?”
“Welcome to another day of business as usual. Now Max, I have orders to kill you. However, I’m going to be real honest with you kid- we need your help.” The man turned around.
“My help? But I-“
“We need your help, yes. Although you are one of the most loathed nobles on this planet, we need your help. You see, your one of the Lord’s most trusted knights. Therefore, you can infiltrate the castle anytime you want. And we hate the king,” He said looking at a portrait.
“Will you be quiet! You like to interrupt me a lot! Now, where was I? Ah, yes. We won’t take your head if you help the rebellion against our lord. You see, getting here was indeed magic. I am willing to grant you the ability to use magic if you decide to help us. Now, Max, now that you know we exist and you are in our base…are you willing to help us or not?” The man turned around. His eyes widened as he looked straight into Adel’s eyes.
“You’re….a girl?”
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Chivalry and Betrayal
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