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 Ode to the Fallen (Poem)

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PostSubject: Ode to the Fallen (Poem)   Ode to the Fallen (Poem) Icon_minitimeTue Jun 17, 2014 6:58 pm

Those who fought, saw their end in sight.
From the day they took hold of the blade and proudly wore our symbol,
The brave men and women stayed through hardships.
Nothing could compare to their strength -
Except for that of the families
Who woke each day to battle the fear of loss.
There is no escape
From fear or death,
No matter the will, nor the strength,
We soldiers are not immortal.
The ranks do not matter,
For Death does not play such games.
Our comrades to either side began to drop,
And we pressed on.
Under my command,
Even the mightiest warriors fell.
Each man and woman fought honorably,
Only to leave devastation in their wake.
No finality for any of their stories.
They may not even be aware of it,
But it is sure that their actions were not in vain,
For they fought for the sake of humanity.
When we arrived we were greeted as victors.
It never felt that way through warriors' eyes.
Smiles and cheers were no equal exchanges for our crimson stains.
The celebration can be heard now as we near our village.
Now I must go, to share the news.
The news to the joyous faces,
Smiling innocently and asking without doubt:
"Will they have time to stop and see us before leaving again?"
So I must painfully utter the words again:
"I am sorry, but your soldier will not be coming home."
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Ode to the Fallen (Poem)
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