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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 18, 2014 3:41 pm

~Gracia~ Province #31 Yamato
Gracia ran around the corner, inspecting the floor as she ran. She decided to first check out the room where the advisers usually go to discuss future plans. When she reached the room, no one was in it. Perfect! I'll start looking in here.
Gracia started by shuffling through the bookcase, then looked under the tables and chairs. She opened a few containers in the room, and started moving scrolls of maps around. Mitsuhide, her father, noticed she was in the room and entered.
"Gracia, what are you doing here? You're not supposed to be in here," Her father said, raising an eyebrow.
"No time to talk now! I need to find the keys!" Gracia said, bending over, checking under another scroll. She pushed some papers on the floor, making a huge mess.
"Yes, that's what I said! The keys! If I don't find them, do you know what's gonna happen to me?!" Gracia said, flipping out.
Misuhide rolled his eyes, "What?"
"I'm gonna have to tell a boy that my wish to marry him!"
"Wait?! What?!" Mitsuhide blinked, "Who-"
"No time to talk! Time to find the keys!" Gracia scurried out.
"Who did she meet in one day....that she wants to marry him?" Mitsuhide sighed, "I will not allow this."
Gracia opened a door. She blinked, and then saw that there were many sets of keys hung on the walls. She grabbed as many as she could, and then headed back to the room where Hanbei was. One of these is bound to work!

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Roleplay Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2014 8:00 pm

Kinda longish  Surprised
~Masamune - Providence 4 - After Party~

After the wedding ceremony, the party took place throughout the town. Many people cheered at the sight of their newly wedded Warlord and his new wife. The town was decorated in various pearly, white decorations. In the center of town, food stands were set and a band was playing joyous music.

Masamune was enjoying the party at the center of town. He suddenly realized that Kojuro wasn't anywhere near the party. I should go find him. We need to discuss how exactly how we are going to get on Oda territory and eventually take back Oshu. Masamune excused himself and went to wander the streets, looking for his friend. Kojuro actually was walking towards him, a slight grin on his face.

Masamune called out to him, "Kojuro! There you are! You should enjoy the party and get some cake."

"Oh, why yes. I was just catching up with an old friend. Lead the way. I'm also guessing that you want to meet with Sorin about leaving?" Kojuro asked as he walked up. He straightened his glasses.

"Yea, but that's the last thing on my mind right now! Let's go enjoy this party! You know how much I like a good party."
Masamune said cheerily. He blocked out the thought that going to the Oda was one of the first things on his mind. The two walk back to the town square together. Oichi greets Masamune's return with a blissful kiss and giggles.

"Isn't it wonderful? The sounds, the colors, the happiness? I wish everyday could be like this." Oichi said, hugging Masamune.

"I strive for a world of peace, but it's hard to with threats such as the Oda."
Masamune sighed.

"I know that you can make it. You made it this far, right?" Oichi said, looking straight into his eyes.

Masamune confidently replies, "Of course! This dragon won't face defeat easily!"

The sunset soon rose over the bleak horizon and the party died down. Masamune, Kojuro, and Oichi headed for the castle together. Sorin trailed behind them, upset that they were leaving tomorrow.

"It will be better to leave tomorrow early in the morning. We can make haste before the other armies awake. I advise you all to pack light." Kojuro's words boomed back into Masamune's head. They quickly entered the castle and Masamune gave Sorin a guest room. Kojuro headed off into his own direction, and Oichi said she wanted to do something before the night got too late.

That left Masamune alone in his room. As he enters, he notices a tiny, white note on his bedside. It read:

My Dearest Idiot.
I hope your wedding went well, I had to leave suddenly. Seeing if I had stayed I may have killed your wife to keep things in line. I decided to let this one slide, I hope you know what you’re getting into. Also I was told to protect the Date, but seeing the Date is going to implode on itself I hope your side wins. My wedding gift is this, I will not kill your wife and I will leave a bloody trail of all the spies I have kept eyes on while protecting the Date. Good luck and Good will.
ps. You make an adorable couple.


As Masamune finished reading the letter, he thought, Wow, I guess she's really gone. Oichi almost died from her? I must keep a close eye on my wife. She always a little on the creepy side, that Whisper. Kraken probably needs her more right now than I do. Masamune took the note and slid it into a drawer.

The next day dawned bright and early. Masamune carefully got out of the bed, to make sure he didn't disturb Oichi. Kojuro was waiting for him in the hallway.

"Ah Masamune, take only one sword. We are only trying to rescue one mere child." the words came off his lips like poison. Masamune shrugged and went to grab his armor in the next room. The crescent hat was sitting neatly on a redwood table, with the swords in front of it. Masamune grabbed the hat hastily and the first sword. He easily fit the hat on his hat and tied it tight and packed the knife Kimiko (Merchant Lady) gave him. He headed back out into the hallway and followed Kojuro out the door. Masamune told the nearby retainer to look over the castle and his wife while he was away. He also mentioned that he will return soon.

Sorin was acting like an impatient child. He yelled to them, "We better get going! The Oda aren't getting any closer! Hanbei must be miserable in their grasps!" Unless they let him nap.. Masamune added.

The stable lady grabbed the reins of Lusa, Masamune's horse, and brought it over to him. She also had Kojuro's horse and a smaller pale, gray horse for Sorin. It was just his size, fun size. Masamune heaved up on his horse with ease and took the lead.

"So, which providence are we exactly headed too?"
Masamune turned his head to look at Kojuro.

"From analyzing the note and style of writing, it has to be from one of the coastal Providence. Our best bet would be Yamato right now. If he isn't there, then we'll search the nearby providences."

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!" Masamune said as he took the lead.

~Takakage - Providence 62 - Battlefield~

The fight dragged on. Takatora specialized in using a sword enchanted with frost powers. One hit from his blade caused Takakage's blade to freeze slightly in that spot. Wind spells would be useless against him, and Earth will just freeze over. What if I tried a Fire Spell? Those usually aren't my specialty, but I think I tucked one away in this book somewhere... Taka and Tora got into a head on clash and Taka used his brute force to push Tora back. He then feverishly looked through his book for the lone fire spell. He finally found it tucked away in between two Wind spells.

"May the crimson lava swirl underneath my enemies' feet." Taka said as quickly as possible. He pointed his sword under Tora's feet and the land started it crack up as if lava was about to shoot out. A wall of fire encases Tora and the ice from his sword melted instantly. Taka took this opportunity to attack back. He came in with his sword and slashed at Tora. Tora tried to block, but couldn't aim properly through the curtain of flames.

"Tora, I don't want to do this to you.."
Taka mumbled as his sword his Tora's arm. A small wound strated oozing out blood. Tora grit his teeth and furiously slashed back. Taka easily dodged his attacks and elbowed Tora to the ground. The flames vanished as quickly as they came. Tora dropped his sword when he hit the hard, earthy ground. He glared like a snake into Taka's eyes.

Taka pointed his sword at Tora's chin, "I'm not going to kill you, my friend. You may view me as your enemy, but I still see a friend in you."

"This is why the Mori will crumble. They are too soft! They try to save everyone else but themeselves. Don't worry, in a few minutes, Nagamasa should reach the castle. You can say goodbye to your precious clan and father Taka!" Tora said.

Taka in a fit of rage dropped his book and slapped Tora across the face, "Get a hold of yourself! You're talking like a demon! Tell me that that isn't true." Taka kneeled to meet his eyes.

Tora shakes his head and looks at Taka. He reaches and gently touches the place Taka slapped him, "I guess I was taking it too far. I'm sorry Taka, I shouldn't of talked to you like that. But, your father still is in danger. There is nothing I or you can do. People change Taka, including friends."

The words pierced Taka's thoughts. People change? I thought friends would last a lifetime. War just pull people apart it seems. I have to stronger. I have to fight my friends if they turn into enemies. I have to protect my allies.. I..I... Taka's thoughts clouded up. He lowered his sword and closed his eye. "Then, if you aren't my friend, finish me off. I can't fight you anymore, my friend."
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 26, 2014 8:53 pm

Ok, was bored and wanted to do something but not really progress the story so time for some dark moments aboard the Leviathan. May contain some dark themes. Enjoy.

After arriving in Tachibana territory Kraken awaited an advisor from the Lord of the lands. While waiting Kraken let his gaze stride from land to an oddly shaped and colored vessel, trying to sneak past the Leviathans path by hiding in the sun. While boredom may have caused the initial interested Kraken did not like unmarked vessels dealing with anyone, if he was to have to land he must cut off all supplies. He ordered pursuit and within moments the vessels slowed and anchored. With the civility of the situation Kraken allowed the captain, a merchant of strange and exotic wares to board and discuss the situation.

Kraken eyed the merchant and the golden crested chest he brought, inside sat the silver etched glass tubes holding what seemed to hold brownish red liquid in syringes. Picking one up the weight was beyond expectations, the liquid moved like a heavy gel. The man smiled at Krakens interest.

Creepy Merchant: “You are a business man I have heard, what if I can give you the power like none have seen before. You ask for the best, these vials are nothing like you’ll ever find, from the corners of the world the ingredients mixed produce the effects of physical prowess you could not imagine. The price is small for the ability to win wars on your own, I just ask for a small pile of gold and allowing me to leave, a deal at any co—“

Crow seemed to appear out of nowhere, grabbing the tube from Krakens hands. Viciously slamming it back into the merchants chest.

Crow: “Don’t touch that vile concoction! That stuff is poison for your body. Worse, that stuff is a pure pain hidden in vials promising hope.”

Creepy Merchant: “You seem to be mistaken young lady. I only promise the best for your captain.”

Crow: “I was witness to this stuff when it was invented. I saw the men on that battlefield use it, it was a slaughterhouse to their enemies. Then I saw the after effects, the madness, the sickness, the death. Theres a reason why you don’t mix every known . and venom into a vial then age it without releasing the fumes. It is known as Devil’s Extract my captain, and it is quite dangerous, outlawed, and impossible to create due to the murder of the original creator. The only reason you still see it today is a few precious vials escaped the burning of the inventors home.”

Crow pauses looking the merchant in the eyes with the glare of murder.

Crow: “At least with poison you know what it is, it doesn’t lie, it doesn’t fake happiness. It hurts, irritates or kills you in its own way. This stuff gives you hope, makes you think everything is going to be ok. Then it brings the crippling pains, the blood vomiting, the burning, and then it kills you. This stuff is not meant to be seen by the light of day and I would gladly kill the man that would try to push this product on anyone.”

The merchant begins to shake and sweat a little with the looks from Kraken changing from intrigue to hatred. Even Krakens crew began to move closer from hearing the very word Devil Extract. His men once saw a rival captain use this stuff and before the fight even began the captain killed every man on his own ship from insanity. Kraken sank the boat from distance to avoid the fight with the mad captain.

Creepy Merchant: “Well, I may be leaving now, I don’t think staying is a good idea, you seem to be confused and I do not wish to have my offer misunderstood.”

Krakens: “You deal in death, the kind that even pirates don’t honor. If you leave everything you own I will not kill you. I think I know your decision.”

The man backs up before stopping as several Cutthroats move closer. He seems to be even more upset and concerned, his eyes dash hastily at his crew as they begin to start to move about. Krakens men do not miss a step and board the vessel quickly, within moments the merchants crew are brought aboard and set to stand in the middle of the Leviathans deck as the merchant ship is searched. Crow oversees everything, she notices Kraken move the small chest into his private quarters. She quickly follows and watches him eye the vials again. She leans against the doorway and begins to speak.

Crow: “One makes you a super soldier, capable of great deeds. Two make you a god on the battlefield. A third will end all wars. Thats what they told people. What I saw was this. One makes you unstoppable, mad and unable to think. Two make you fight without will, forget everything and never remember. A third drop you to your knees and make you paint the ground red…before killing you. If you use this stuff Kraken I can promise you the world will never be the same, you will lose yourself forever and I will not stand by idly and watch that happen.

Kraken leaves the chest on his desk and approaches Crow.

Kraken: “You have never stood up to me like this before, you never questioned my thoughts, and now you assume you know what I am thinking before I do anything. You’re changing… for the better. Anything else to add to this conversation that would impress me?”

Crow: “You seem stressed, I am trained to relieve in any way required or asked.”

Crow smirks, knowing Krakens answer before he opens his mouth. Kraken laughs and pats her on the shoulder, stopping to notice the smirk on her face. Before she had always had a stern face, emotion seems to have crept up on her today. Kraken is about to say something when Crow is called over by one of her cutthroats. Magoichi comes up the stairs to the deck and heads over towards the two eyeing the situation, some of her men have been around during the whole situation and called her to the deck.

Magoichi: “Something seemed off. Way to much noise, we got a problem, some stupid people to kill?”

Kraken: “I don’t know, something seems odd about this vessel and this crew, they seem really jumpy, like something really bad is going to happen aboard his ship.”

Kraken prepares to shout an order of caution for his men when Crow returns and whispers in his ear. Krakens eyes widen.

Kraken: “Magoichi, I’ll be borrowing this for a moment.”

Kraken reaches at Magoichi’s side pulling one of her firearms from her waist. He moves quickly towards the merchant and his crew while Crow moves next to Magoichi and whispers in her confused ear.

Crow: “My ladies found a hidden room, behind some kegs. Girls, lots of them, loosely clothed and damaged, beaten and scared. Some young as 8, all abducted and missing. Kraken does not enjoy child traffickers.”

Crow let a smile creep across her face, she had seen the fate of those Kraken disgusted and openly admitted her enjoyment in his punishments. Magoichi shook the disgust from her face and called over one of her officers, ordering them to help Krakens crew with the children. She noticed something odd, Krakens men not helping with the children seemed to move about circling the merchant and his crew in odd ways, as to not raise suspicion, some retrieving odd items. Kraken seemed to even be skipping.

Indeed he was, Kraken skipped his way towards the merchant, clanking his heavy boots. A quick step and lean back as Kraken kicked his feet in a quick series while stretching his arms to the sky, a nice twist with a maid left him holding a small keg of his favorite brandy and a glass. Moving towards the first man from the merchants crew he came across he hands the man the glass and sloppily begins to pour the drink, all while swirling around. Brandy splashing the man’s clothing with every spin. Finally Kraken comes to a standstill in front of the confused man, Kraken continues to pour into the glass, to the man’s objections as brandy spills everywhere. Kraken then moves the keg above the man’s head, spilling the fine drink everywhere. The man begins to tremble as the demonic smile from the Kraken spreads. Krakens crew began to chanting.

Hing, hang, hung.
See what the Captain done.
Hung, hang, hing.
See the Merchant swing.

The entire crew of the merchant ship begin to nervously shuffle but are each met with a Cutthroats blade. Kraken places Magoichi’s gun on the man’s shoulder. Aiming at the Creepy Merchant, with a pull of the trigger the flint strikes the igniter, and the man covered in brandy explodes into flame. The bullet flies itself into the Creepy Merchants left arm. The entire merchant crew begin to panic but are forced to their knees and held in place. The Merchant drops to the ground holding his arm crying in complaint and begging for his life. The man on fire screams and runs but is rebounded back towards the center by Krakens crew. Kraken tosses the gun back to Magoichi signaling for something from his crew. While they retrieve it he grabs the burning man and performs a quick ballroom dance before flinging the charred corpse overboard.

Kraken dusts the flames off his heavy coat before dancing over to a maid that has appeared holding a jar of leeches. With a quick kiss on her cheek she blushes and giggles. Magoichi watches as the scene gets progressively worse. Each man killed in a horrible way. It was hideous and artistic at the same time. The very cultured Kraken was a master of death and she agreed to work with him. A decision she begins to wonder about. The punishments seemed to get worse as the demons dance continued.

Finally Kraken has finished with the crew. He turns his attention to the Merchant himself who is crying and shaking in terror. A quick whistle and the a few of his men bring out an older girl held captive by the Merchant’s crew.

Kraken: “Now we have the main attraction. What is this young ladies name. I figured since you planned on selling them you’d at least have the decency to know who you were condemning to a life of sadness and disgust."

Creepy Merchant: “I swear I never knew they were onboard, I was hidden in the dark.”

Kraken: “Are you this stupid, ok then. Young lady did this man have anything to do with your situation.”

A quick nod from the dirty girl gives Kraken all the information he needs.

Creepy Merchant: “She lies, darn wh—“

Kraken: “Language my fine sir, I have been told you had 13 girls held captive, so I think it’s only fitting 13 is the number I use.”

Kraken stands in amusement while 13 of his men bring out 13 anchors meant for smaller boats. The girl is escorted down the steps towards the medical room were the other ones had already been taken.

Kraken: “Each of these anchors will be attached to your waist, I just figured you’d like to know your fate.”

Creepy Merchant: “You wish to drown me, Ha! Is that the best your demented mind can think, I expected more from you. I could of been a great business partner, and my partners will not forgive you for drowning me.”

Kraken: “All this talk of drowning confuses me, I have no mind to drown you, I will simply have your arms and chest tied to my main mast, and the anchors tied to your legs and waist. Then I’ll have the anchors tossed over the side one by one and will see how many it takes till you can’t stretch anymore. In the end will need to clean the deck again, but a price I’m willing to pay. Good day my filthy child ruining friend. It’s going to hurt… a lot, but it will be oh so entertaining and well deserved.”
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 1:25 pm

~Hanbei & Gracia~ Province #31 Yamato
Gracia came into the room with a handful of keys. The keys were of all colors, shapes, and sizes, but each one seemed like a key that was used to lock up prisoners. Hanbei was amazed that the girl was able to find all of them, and so fast, without being stopped. She dropped them in front of Hanbei.
"Whoa, Gracia, this is amazing......" Hanbei trailed off, "One of them must be the answer."
"You and me both hope that!" Gracia happily replied, picking one up, "Now I'll see if I can unlock you! But once we find the right key, we have to lock you up again, k? Mr. Kojuro says so."
"Try the right arm," Hanbei said, and Gracia nodded. She started going through all of the keys, trying to unlock the lock. When she went through all of the keys, she started to panic.
"Oh no, none of the keys work! What will I do?! Shigeharu, I'll never get you out."
"Calm down, Gracia. And it's Hanbei, mind you. Maybe we can find another way to break me out," Hanbei sighed, "If Sorin was here I'd ask him to conjure a spell to break these chains."
"A spell?" Gracia blinked, "I have magic bracelets on! Maybe I can use the magic in them to break you out! But I'd totally destroy the chains.....that's not a good idea. I'll go look for more keys."

~Sorin~ Traveling to Yamato
Kojuro lead the way to the province of Yamato. The group traveled silently and swiftly, since Kojuro told them they'd get there faster. This is a new one for Sorin and Masamune, since the two are usually blabbermouths and always have much to say. Kojuro seemed to know where they were going, especially when they hit Oda territory. The land was heavily guarded, but Kojuro had an idea of where to go every time they were about to be caught.
It was like he knew the land, being the strategist he is. Or he was just that good to lead them where they were going.
After a while, Sorin spoke up.
"So, are we almost there yet? We're risking our necks out here, and were almost caught several times," Sorin said, yawning.
"Patience. We are here in Yamato already," Kojuro announced, "If he is not here then we can check the lands surrounding here. We'll have to sneak inside the backway to avoid getting caught. He must be somewhere in the dungeon-"
"-Poor Hanbei! If he was in the dungeon, he could be tortured or even worse-dead! I need him to make my battle strategies!"
"Patience, loudmouth child. We're getting him back, so stop squabbling. Shortstalks should be inside, as Kojuro predicts. He's usually never wrong on this kind of stuff," Masamune said.
"Indeed," Kojuro repled, "Let's go."
The group went to the back of the castle, Kojuro unlocking a door. Not questioning where he got the key, the group went inside. The castle was very nice and fancy, with purple rugs and flags with the Oda crest lining the hallways. The walls were made of brick, and the rooms were nicely furnished. Kojuro seemed to be leading them in a fixed path, as if he had a map in his mind of where they were going. He's good....maybe a little too good.
Kojuro opened a door. Inside, there was Hanbei, who was chained to the wall. He has chains attached to both his wrists and to his ankles. There was also a pretty girl with him, who had pink pigtails and had a pile of keys in front of her.
"Whoa! More Friends! <3" The girl with pigtails chimed as her green eyes lit up, clapping her hands, "Mr. Kojuro, you're the best!" 
Kojuro had a smirk on his face, and Sorin took it to be a good mood. They had found Hanbei at last.
"There you are, Hanb-"
"Get away from him!" Hanbei suddenly shouted, jerking, trying to escape but failing, "That man is not who you think he is! He's going to kill you!" 
"Nonsense," Kojuro replied, "We are here to rescue you, aren't we?"
Hanbei stared at them for a moment.
"No," He said shaking his head, "You're going to kill them...All for the sake of the Oda. And I won't let you do that. Even though I have no quarrel in this war....I made a promise. A promise to serve my lord and my country. I will stop y-" Hanbei stopped because Sorin started to attempt to pry the chain off of his left arm. Masamune stood there, watching, the emotion hard to read on his face.
Kojuro suddenly lifted a gun up, pointing it directly towards Hanbei's left side.
"Sorin! Look ou-"
The sound of a gunshot echoed before anyone could reply. Sorin fell down to the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2014 2:36 pm

~Masamune -Providence 31 - Prison Chamber~

Masamune watched as Sorin feel to the floor, eye wide. He turned his head to the culprit, Kojuro. Kojuro no longer had his cool and collective complex. It turned into rage and a smirk was visible on his face.

"All too easy. I was able to lure two Clans here! Now that the Otomo are crushed, it's time to end the Date brothers." Kojuro said. He pointed his pistol straight at Hanbei's chest.

Date brothers? What is he talking about. Shigeharu isn't here..unless.. Masamune looks at Hanbei. On closer examination, he sees the similarities in the face structure. The girl in the room put her hand to her mouth with wide eyes.

"Mr. Kojuro..but why?" She said. Tears were starting to swell in her eyes. "Nobody deserves to die like that!"

"Silence, Gracia. This is a time of war. And the biggest threats must be eliminated." Kojuro said. He looked straight at Masamune for a moment, "Your father lives through you. You will eventually become him and be a monster."

Kojuro looked back at Hanbei and fired the gun. Masamune, making a rash desision gets in from on Hanbei and takes the blow. It tears through his armor and punctures the skin on his side. Blood starts to ooze out of the wound and stain his blue coat red.

"It doesn't matter what order I do this. You are both barely armed, hmph." Kojuro said. He pointed the pistol again, the smoke coming out of the hole from the last shot. Masamune takes out his lone sword and stares straight at Kojuro.

"I thought you were my friend! The old Kojuro is buried beneath this...demon!" Masamune shouted at him.

Unaffected by the comment, Kojuro pulled the trigger. However, nothing came out of the gun. "What?!" Kojuro pulled the trigger a few more times. "Dang it, I'm out of ammo. But no worries since I have the keys to Shigeharu's chains." Kojuro pulled it out for a second with a smirk.

Masamune clutched his side and lunged for the key. "I won't let you do this" With his strength he knocked Kojuro to the ground. After wrestling around for a while, Masamune pried the key out of his hand. "Leave, I'm not going to kill you." Masamune said, standing up shakily.

"Your biggest flaw is your trust. Everyone will just step all over you. And with your rage, you'll become an even bigger monster than your father." Kojuro said. He stood up and stormed out of the room, locking the chamber behind him.

"Whoa, your very strong mister. Mr. Kojuro turned out to be a big meanie!" the girl said, "My name's Gracia, what about you?" She seemed unexpectedly cheerful for what just happened.

Masamune, almost ignoring her said, "Lord Masamune Date. And that was Lord Sorin Otomo." He pointed it the dead corpse of Sorin. Such a young kid didn't deserve to die like that, no matter how annoying he was. "Now, let's get Hanbei out of here before he comes back." Masamune shakily put the key in each of the chains and freed Hanbei. He was near exhaustion due to his wound.

~Motonari - Providence 62 - Castle~
The castle gates stormed open with the Azai detachment. Nagamasa saw Motonari in the main keep and headed straight for him.

"Now tell me, where is Oichi?!" He said with rage.

"Nagamasa, please rethink your actions. Oichi is clearly not here."
Motonari said waving his hand around the room. "Go home before someone gets seriously hurt."

"The only one who is going to get hurt, is you old man!" Nagamasa said. He lunged with his lance at Motonari. Motonari blocked with his claw. He slashed at Nagamasa's side and cut through the fabric on his right arm. Nagamasa lunged again and again, obviously getting tired.

"With a rash head, you will get no where.
" Motonari said. He kicked Nagamasa to the floor.

Nagamasa shakily rises from the floor and glares at the old leader. "There is one thing I have that you lack. It's love! Love for my territory, for the army, and for my future wife. Taka should of noticed this long ago, yet he still loves you back since he is your son."

"My son is my pupil and the only reminder of my wife I have left. I know more about love than you think."
Motonari said. He was hurt by the comment.

The two clash again and again, until Motonari's old age takes effect. "I'm getting way too old for this!" He muttered as Nagamasa swung his sword at Motonari's side. It made a direct hit and Motonari fell to the floor. His weapon fell out of his hand and clattered on the ground.

Nagamasa looked at him and said, "Death to the Mori Clan, once and for all! Your strategies will no longer be a part of this war!" Nagamasa pierced his lance straight through Motonari's chest and ultimately his heart.

My son, the Clan is left to you now. I know you will make the right decision and make me proud one day. I'm sorry I just couldn't be alive when you do it. Motonari let out one last breath, closed his eyes, and died.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2014 3:51 am

The Leviathan - Tachibana Territory (where ever that technically is)

Magoichi had spent most of the sailing below deck over seeing tasks or above deck on the starboard side gazing out at sea. She particularly likes spending a bit of her time in the crow’s nest for it reminds her of part of her fort at home.

She currently was below deck in the storage hall, fixing a finicky lantern that had been annoying her all week. She wasn’t sure if the light was annoying her more or the noise going on up on deck; they had been stopped for a bit. One of her Saika officers came down though to ask her to head upstairs to observe the captain.

Magoichi shrugs, leaving the lantern, and heads up to find Kraken leaving his captain’s quarters.

“Something seemed off. Way to much noise, we got a problem, some stupid people to kill?” she asks.

Kraken expresses some concern with a merchant ship they are negotiating with; concern confirmed when Crow whispers something to Kraken whom then takes Magoichi’s pistol from her waist holster.

“Magoichi, I’ll be borrowing this for a moment.” Kraken says.

“Wai-what? Did you just take my gun?!” Magoichi growls.

Magoichi becomes bemused at the sudden change of Kraken’s actions. He’s skipping, skipping, we are not village children at play. The sailors start joining in with some chant of their own as Crow whispers in her ear.

“... Kraken does not enjoy child traffickers.”

Magoichi watches as the scene unfolds, from the group of scared young girls being brought onto the Leviathan and below deck while the group of cutthroats take out the merchant sailors to the main captain himself displaying his amount of disgust. The process was indeed quite hideous, but artistic as well, if you could stand watching the sight.

Kyoya and Rinku returned to Magoichi’s side after about the fourth condemned sailor, the one where the leeches were brought out. Rinku quietly watched the sight while Kyoya spoke up to his clan master, pale in the face.

“My Lady, are you sure this was a good idea, joining up with these pirates I mean?” Kyoya asks as another sailor’s life pays forfeit.

Magoichi stands silently in thought. Rinku steps closer.

“No matter their current chosen behavior, it benefits us to have them on our side, no?” Rinku interjects. “Rather than as our enemies.”

Kyoya was about to say something before Lady Saika interrupted.

“Just stick with the plan, we are stuck on this path, and besides we will be getting more than just payment for our services.” Magoichi says.

Kyoya looks back at his leader with concern.

“I can understand why Rinku, having a lifelong stomach of iron, can deal with this performance, but my lady, if I may ask, how are you coping so well?”

Magoichi puts a smirk on her face as she glances at some of the captain’s sailors continuing their tasks then back at her clansman.

“You do what you must,” Magoichi says lifting a bottle from her hip and taking a sip. “And sometimes you do a little bit more.”

She looks at her bottle, and swirls the last remains of the liquid at the bottom.

“I don’t know about you boys, but I will not be present here when his sailors start dropping those anchors off the side of the ship. I don’t need to see how many anchors that merchant can take.”

Magoichi turns back to head below deck.


Still on Leviathan, in Tachibana Territory, just closer to destination, about two days later

Magoichi was just about to head to shore, for a morning equestrian ride, when she spies the Cutthroat Whisper getting onto the ship. Indigo walks up to her in greeting and they chat quietly. With a raised eyebrow, Magoichi watches as the two cutthroats approach her.

“Lady Saika, this is my companion Whisper, she was assigned to look over the Date for Kraken as I watch over you.”

“The Date eh?” Magoichi responds intrigued. “Any juicy gossip?”

“Lord Date just had a wedding for one bit of news.”

“Wedding? Hmm...tell me more,” Magoichi says.

Whisper comes closer to speak softly in her ear. Magoichi’s eyes widen slightly when she hears the name ‘Oichi’ and then darkens after a few more details. When finished the women step apart.

“That son of a gun,” Magoichi says under her breath. “Did that fool completely forget our parents’ arrangements?”

From across the deck, Crow who noticed the conversation walks over. She nods to Indigo and Whisper in turn, then directs her attention to the lady Saika.

“Crow, great timing,” Magoichi announces. “I have decided to take a short trip, only I’ll need a handful of your cutthroats to aid me.”

“Strange, does Kraken have knowledge of this trip? Should I tell him?”

Magoichi thought for a second, literally considering it.

“Nah, we’ll keep this under Girl Talk, k?” she winks.

“I see,” Crow said nodding. She glances at Whisper, then back at Magoichi. “Is this trip devious in any way?”


Crow shrugs. “Good enough. I’ll lend you some of my Cutthroats.”

“Thanks,” Magoichi replies, pleased.

Magoichi starts to walk off when she turns back remembering something.

“Oh, where’s that merchant vessel you just confiscated?”

“Off the Ryoko-Sengo shore right by here... why?”

“I’ll be borrowing it.”

“What do I tell Lord Kraken if he asks?”

The Saika looks at her two cutthroat servants behind her, then back to Crow.

“We’re going on a girl’s night out, a shopping trip. Also that he shouldn’t worry, for we will be returning with something pretty for him.”


Leviathan, another two days later

Magoichi bangs loudly on the door and enters the captain’s quarters with a large sack over her shoulder. Whisper and Indigo directly behind her. They see Crow sitting at Kraken’s desk in the dawning light and a body under the covers in the bed.

“Hey Kraken, Baby Bird’s got a wake up call for ya,” Magoichi announces as she drops the sack on the foot of his bed with a large oof from the sleepy captain.

After a moment to organize his thoughts and a few grumbles, Kraken observes the mass before him and the cutthroats in the room before looking up at the guns-woman.

“I was wondering where half my cutthroats went these last few days. Where did you go exactly?” Kraken asks, not sure how worried he should be.

“A shopping trip.”

With a raised eyebrow, Kraken gently opens the bag mouth and peeks inside. He then lays back in bed, blanket back over him.

“Why is there a body in a sack on my bed? Why is the body one of a female?”

“I need to know if we can make room for one more prisoner.” Magoichi answers. “Yes, it’s a she. One who was very grumpy about a honeymoon or something or other so she was intoxicated to be less of a nuisance during packaging and shipping.”

With a sigh, Kraken responds, “Put her in one of the fancy rooms with bars.”

Magoichi shrugs in agreement and lifts the sack off the bed onto her shoulder once again. Crow at the desk then speaks up.

“Oh you’re gonna love this,” Crow says with a large, pleased smile on her face. “Miss Saika here brought for you a great token of service. What one person could you take that would piss off at least two different armies in Japan?”

“One whose brother has a thirst for half the country’s blood and whose husband will be very grumpy when he finds out his newly wed bride is missing.” Magoichi says smugly.

Crow sits up in her chair and ruffles a few papers on Kraken’s desk.

“Now the only problem is how to catalog our prisoner, as an Oda or Date?”

“Why not both?” Magoichi replies. When the Cutthroat gives her a look she adds, “Hyphenate it.”

“Why do I surround myself with these women?!” Kraken asks out loud shaking his head.

“We’re effective,” Magoichi yells over her shoulder as she takes the large sack out of the room.

The Saika starts her journey to the cells as she hears a hasty order from the drowsy captain behind her.

“If we’re gonna be kidnapping Oichi, at least keep some of her dignity! Make her comfortable!”

“Aye, aye Captain!” Magoichi replies as she walks away, luggage in tow.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2015 3:51 am

The Leviathan outside Tachibana territory

Kraken tosses and turns before finally awakening rubbing his eyes with his bare fist. His room seems oddly calm compared to what had transpired during his rest. Kraken stretches outwards, his right hand being grabbed and held tight by the sleeping Crow next to him.

Kraken: “I still don’t know how you get into the bed without me realizing it, are you really that good?”

Crow sits up and releases her grip of the captains hands.

Crow: “No, your just that senseless. Are you saying you don’t feel safe with me this close?”

Kraken gets out of bed, places on one of his robes and starts organizing the messed up papers on his desk.

Kraken: “I don’t feel comfortable with anyone that close to me without my knowledge of it. I mean…”

Kraken looks up towards where Crow had been sitting, nothing there but a gentle breeze blowing through the room. Kraken blinks and rubs his eyes again confused.

Kraken whispers: “I think I’m going crazy.”

Crow situates herself cross-legged on Krakens desk waiting for him to turn around, moments like this she revels in his reactions. She wonders if his reaction speed is getting better or worse since she joined him.

Kraken turns around to be met by Crows I know I’m better than you and you'd better deal with it face. A momentary jump and feminine shriek escapes Kraken as he gasps for breathe. Crow watches in amusement before opening her mouth.

Crow: “From what I learned abut relationships from the others is that someone is in charge between the two. Some use the phrase about one wearing the pants in the relationship. Currently I’m wearing pants while you wear a robe so does that mean I make the decisions currently.”

Kraken looks up oddly bemused by her comment.

Kraken: “I think you’re looking to literal into the phrase, people just claim that the one who makes the calls is the one wearing the pants in the relationship, it’s just a turn of phrase.”

Crow: “hmmm, odd, how does one turn a phrase? I may need to talk to Lady Hayakawa more about these so called feelings I’m getting.”

Kraken: “I need to speak to the young lady myself first. I’m gonna go check up on our prisoners finally, figure out what happened with Oichi as well. I’m going to change first though so if you don’t mind.”

Crow hops off the desk and heads outside, sighting Magoichi, Whisper and Indigo talking amongst themselves she joins in while Kraken prepares for his meeting.

Crow: “So if I was interested in a male in a loving touchy feeling kind of relationship how would I go about convincing him that I am his best choice? Should I hurt him till he yields to me, maybe poison him so only I have the cure?”

Whisper: “Morning to you as well, coming full crazy this day are you, and if I may? What!?”

Indigo and Whisper cross looks at each other in confusion. Indigo gives a devious look at Magoichi, the look that something bad is about to happen.

Indigo: “While we are able to offer some guidance in the matter of your odd relationship with Kraken maturing. I remember Magoichi here bragging about being an expert on the topic of bonds between a man and woman.”

Indigo and Whisper back up a few steps slowly while Crow focuses solely on Magoichi and steps uncomfortably close to her.

A few minutes later…

Kraken emerges from his cabin in his tradition uniform. He notices Magoichi and Crow speaking at an oddly uncomfortable distance while Indigo and Whisper watch and chuckle from time to time. Paying it no attention he decides he will speak to Magoichi later about her kidnapping of Oichi, for now prisoners first. Lady Hayakawa has been given some time to herself so hopefully she’ll be in a more blissful mode then in the beginning.

Kraken twists the halls of the second floor to the the third, the to the fourth. He finally is met by some of his men on duty protecting the jail wing, with a nod they open the door for him and close it behind quickly returning to their conversation.

He walks quietly down the hall and unlocks a heavy steel door. Inside is a small room with a few tables bearing a lot of comforting items. Fancy brushes, creams, and soaps. Along with liquor, cigars and more. A few nice chairs are also strewn about. Another door is in the room, but this one is made of traditional bars. Inside the room is made up like any other room with all the utilities and luxuries the Leviathan could provide its honored guests. Kraken always felt that prisoners reacted better when they didn’t feel like they were thrown in a cell.

Inside this particular room sat Lady Hayakawa staring at a mirror. She didn’t notice Kraken pull up a chair in front of the bars and stare in.

Kraken clears his throat to get her attention which she turns immediately and sits in the chair on the other side of the bars facing Kraken. She eyes up the captain, her first time seeing her captor. And she knew he was the one who ordered the kidnapping.

Lady Hayakawa: “I was expecting something else… you seem quite normal, even charming in your demeanor.”

Kraken: “Greetings, I am Captain Kraken and may I ask what were you expecting my fair maiden?”

Lady Hayakawa: “A monster…”

Kraken: “I’m sorry young maiden, we work hard to keep all the monsters away.”

Lady Hayakawa: “Yes, at first I thought the assassin you sent was a monster,  there to ruin my life. But I was wrong. She was a confused pawn in your twisted game for domination. I can still see a monster still, they dress and talk like fine gentlemen but deep down I can see one, inside you.”

Kraken: “Thank you for that miss Hayakawa.”

Lady Hayakawa: What?!? Are you twisted enough you wish to be known as a monster.”

Kraken: “No, never that. That you saw past Crow for what she is. People look at her and see only the bad, the ugly. I see something great, greater than me. If it can be nurtured out. I have seen some progress in her leaving her shell but her talks with you have seem to really changed her, she’s awkward of course currently, like a child discovering the world for the first time. Yet I think she may finally be seeing things from all viewpoints instead of just her side. For that I must thank you.”

Lady Hayakawa: "If you want to thank me, let me out and bring back my father."

Kraken: “Letting you out could happen, I have no reason to hold you, you were not meant to be a bargaining chip or anything. You and your father and the others… were just meant to go missing while I assumed control of your lands. The disorder was what was planned. I knew it could come to this… but I thought Crow would pull it off, like she always did… perfectly.”

Lady Hayakawa: “You think highly of her don’t you. You think of her as more than a soldier. You were worried that night. I remember now, You mentioned how you couldn’t continue without her if she fell that night. I was bound and covered but I recall it now, you care for her more than you’re willing to admit.”

Kraken: “Nonsense and slander you speak, I do not recall such feelings. She is an amazing soldier and friend, nothing more.”

Lady Hayakawa: “Then I’ll make you a deal, let me go, I will hold no grudges and even help you control my lands. What I ask in return, is for Crow to die at my hands. In front of you. As my father did. You said it yourself, she’s not that important. So come now, this will help you unite the lands.”

Kraken stands and looks down at her, he turns quickly and begins to exit the room.

Lady Hayakawa: “I knew it, you care for her more than just comrades in arms. From our talks I can gauge she feels the same for you. Thank you now Captain Kraken.”

Kraken stopped suddenly. Without turning back around he asked.

Kraken: “For what?”

Lady Hayakawa: “For showing some humanity, maybe you didn’t mean for my father to die, but you still gave the order and for that I have to hate you. At least now I can sleep better knowing my people are not being massacred like I thought.”

Kraken: “To comfort you more I can tell you that my plan did work, I was able to move in and take control with low casualties to both sides. But I worry about if I release you back to your people, fore they may mutiny on me. At the same time I could not in all fairness kill you or hold you forever. I must ponder my next discussion with you, please do the same and I will see you shortly.”

Kraken exited the room and leans against the hall for a few moments, he thought heavily before going further down the hall and entering the another jail room. This one belonging to Oichi Date-Oda.

Once inside he sees Oichi eyeing him immediately. He locks the doors behind him walks up to the bars and unlocks them stepping into the room with Oichi, she jumps a little and moves to the corner away from him. Kraken chuckles a little.

Oichi: “What do you want you bad man.”

Kraken: “Bad man, my dear manners please you barely know me. But I know you. You married Masamune Date, a foolish boy but a good hearted fellow.”

Kraken sits on the bed and taps the spot next to him for her to sit down, she moves over near him but doesn’t sit.

Kraken: “I really have no idea why my friend kidnapped you really, I will talk to her eventually and try to understand it but for now I want to reassure you one thing. You are safe aboard my vessel, no harm will come to you unless provoked or forced.”

Oichi: “So you know my husband. If your friends why take me, what do you have to gain to keep me.”

Kraken: “Ah, to the point. While I do not care for anything at the moment from the Date you are a very powerful card to have up my sleeve with the current situations between the Oda and Azai. You are a joker for my poker deck, and while I didn’t order you taken, the fact that you are hear is interesting. Whisper informs m…”

Oichi: “Whisper, isn’t that the Date ninja lady, I remember my Masa talking to her a few times, how did you turn her, she seemed loyal.”

Kraken: “She’s always been mine, I assigned her to watch over Masamune because I felt he had potential. To keep him safe. She also informs me that some problems may be existing in the Date territory. So don’t think of me as your captor, think of me as your bodyguard, taking you on a vacation until things settle down at home. I have a feeling I may not need you for anything, but until I am sure of it I will have to humbly ask you to stay and keep calm. I’m sure Masamune will be riding his horse to a harbor any day now screaming my name when he sees you missing.”

Kraken looks over Oichi as her face conveys several thoughts, calm being one of them. He pats the spot on the bed again and looks her in the eyes.

Kraken: “Tell me about this wedding, it must of been magnificent. I’m upset Masamune didn’t invite me, but I guess it was for the best. I am known for my dancing and he didn’t want to be outdone."

Oichi's demeanor turns to fun and excitement as she sits down telling Kraken excitedly about every detail. The conversation goes for over an hour without Kraken getting a word in. Finally he rises and bids her goodbye, if she needs anything call a guard and they will find him. He pulls out the one and only key for opening the secondary door and exits wishing her well. Once the second door is locked he leans against the hall again.

Kraken talks quietly to himself:”Well, that was easier than I thought, charming young lady I can see what Masamune saw in her. Well, time to see why she’s on my boat. To Magoichi.”

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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2015 7:05 pm

~Hanbei and Gracia~ Province #31 Yamato
Hanbei was frozen with fear as he watched the two men fight. Masamune won, letting Kojuro leave, and freed him. Hanbei quickly grabbed his weapon, Northern Cross, that was lying on the floor still from when Gracia found it.
"We have to get out here. Kojuro isn't the type to just waddle out of here. That man will surely return with a weapon to murder us all, and I don't fancy being killed. We just got lucky, so lucky that he ran out of ammunition," Hanbei said hastily, finally able to move. I never appreciated being able to move this much until now.
Hanbei ran out, followed by Masamune and Gracia. They ran down the hall. I'm not sure where to go next. This castle is a maze to me.
"I lost the game....." Gracia whined as she started tearing up, "Masamune won. He found the keys on Mr. Koju-"
"Ssssh! Do you want to be caught by Oda guards?!" Masamune snapped, putting his hand on her mouth.
"Where are we trying to go?" Gracia asked muffled, "I know this castle inside and out!"
Hanbei and Masamune raised their eyebrows at that comment.
"Okay, lead us out.....somewhere safe, please," Hanbei asked, and Gracia nodded. She looked determined to help the two out. Gracia lead them through each hallway to the doorway. They quickly opened the door, and were soon outside.
For someone so stupid, she knows the route to take..........she may be naive, but her heart is..what's the word I'm looking for? Beautiful? Nah, that's absurd. Anyone aligned with the Oda doesn't believe in peace. They answer with fighting and brutality...yet, she just wants to help everyone. Perhaps someone will take advantage of her one day due to her ignorance. Oh well. I think the word I'm looking for isn't in my vocabulary.
Gracia had lead them in ways where they would avoid guards and minimal contact with citizens. She soon lead them to a huge mansion, made of brick. Gracia pulled a key out of her boot and opened the door.
"Welcome to my home! You two can hide in here. Mr. Kojuro isn't allowed to come here without an invitation, and I believe in 'no boys aloud' in my room especially! Girls only! Unless, it's my daddy. Daddy is a man, not a boy."
"And you don't consider other samurai in this war men? Masamune actually leads people to war, and I design strategies for people to use to kill each other... We're not exactly schoolchildren..." Hanbei muttered under his breath. Well, she is letting two strangers in her house.
"Oh, look. A letter!" Gracia said, seeing one that was obviously slid under the doorstep. She picked it up. It was a white envelope that said "To Gracia <3." She eagerly teared it open and read the contents aloud.
"It says:

'My Dear Gracia, You may have received news that I was dead. But I assure you that I am still alive and well. I was originally on my way to the Saika land as ordered, until I heard strange news that you were considering going to war, with the Ishida. So I abandoned that route to look for you. I took it as just taking a detour and I would soon be heading back again soon. It was on the way anyways. I was injured at the battle, but thankfully a double took the blow. I am also happy that this news proved to be false and you did not go to war. You are safe, and that is all I care about. Please promise me that you won't do anything reckless in the future and know that I will return soon. I am looking forward to seeing your bright beautiful face again. Tell your dad I will be returning soon and I wish him luck on the next conquest. However, don't tell anyone else I am still alive since many clans want to murder anyone with the Oda. Stay silent, and remain in a place where no one can hurt you. Until we meet again. Your pal, Ranmaru.'

Wow! Isn't that a lovely letter? Ranmaru is still alive!" Gracia yelled, jumping for joy, "I'm so happy he sent me this note! Isn't he so considerate? He's one of my best pals ever!"
"Ranmaru? I hope you don't mean Ranmaru Mori," Hanbei said, but Gracia nodded. She's friends with him? Yikes! I've heard the stories of how the Oda fights. Kojuro has already showed me a taste of their relentlessness and ability to kill. I wouldn't want to befriend that swordsman.
"I see you trust your friends. I like that!" Masamune said, crossing his arms. The lord sat down, making himself comfortable on her couch. He looked calm and collected, but Hanbei was sure that he must be troubled by Kojuro's actions. Everybody knows that Kojuro and Masamune always work together. Now they know Kojuro's true nature.
"Oh! I'm being a rude host! My house guests are surely hungry!" Gracia said, "Do you want me to make you some food?"
"Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather leav-"
"-I'm hungry. I'd sure like some food," Masamune said, interrupting Hanbei. Hanbei's stomach, as if on cue, growled. Gracia's eyes lit up in excitement, and the girl ran into the kitchen. It was true that Hanbei was hungry. after being locked for who knows how long. He was starving- Kojuro did knock him out, take him to Yamato, and chained him up for probably a few days. He was in the mood for food, but not from this girl. Anything she did made him uneasy.
Gracia returned in a half an hour with 3 bowls. She gave one to Masamune, one to Hanbei, and kept one for herself. Hanbei looked in the bowl. It seemed like it was supposed to be noodles, but they looked deformed and they were black. And worst of all, they smelled horrific.
"Eat up!" Gracia said, taking a bite and then coughing it out, "Maybe I don't know how to cook...I'm sorry! I failed you both!" She put her head down.
"Now you made me even hungrier.." Hanbei complained.
"I thought you said you weren't hungry," Masamune chuckled, "It's alright. I will make something for us to eat. As long as it's okay with Gracia for me to use her ingredients, I will make a feast we can all party about."
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2015 10:41 pm

~Masamune - Providence 31 - Gracia's House~

"Of course it is! Make us something yummy, Masamoomoo!"
Gracia cheered. She handed her bowl of burnt noodles to him. Hanbei did likewise. Masamune stood up and opened the door to the kitchen. It was much fancier than he anticipated. Sparkling silver pots and pans lined one side of the wall. The pantry was a double door and the stove seemed well greased and taken care of. It was an old stove, one that had to have a fire lit underneath it to work.

Masamune placed the bowls on the counter. He took off his hat and pain shot through him. He almost forgot about his gun wound on his side. He clenched the bloody spot with his hand and searched around for some salve or healing ointment. I'm sure they would keep it in the kitchen. It's the most useful place to put it. After rummaging around for a while in Gracia's kitchen, Masamune found the salve. He took off his coat and lifted up the chainmail blocking the wound. He cleaned it and wrapped it up nicely. That feels much better. Now, onward to cooking! He put his coat back on and walked over to the pantry.

He opened it to find all sorts of fishes and spices in there. There were also vegetables and noodles packed away at the top. She reached all the way up THERE to get the noodles. I'm surprised she didn't clunk her head. Or, maybe that would of gave her more of a brain... Masamune chuckled to himself as he grabbed some of the vegtables and noodles. He decided to make a nice stir fry, with fish instead of chicken or beef.

After an hour of cooking, the meal was finished. He tried to scrap the bowls full of burnt noodles into the trash, but they stuck to the sides of the bowls. He decided to leave it and found clean bowls and chopsticks. Masamune poured three even bowls of stir fry and carried them out to Gracia and Hanbei. Gracia was rambling about some 'game' she mentioned earlier.

"Since Masamoomoo won the game, I have to tell you my secret!" she said with a sad face. "So my secret is.."

Hanbei cut in, obviously annoyed at the girl, "It doesn't matter now. I really don't care for your secret. Why not keep it a secret."

Masamune butted into the conversation, "Well, the food's ready, if your done squabbling." He shoved a bowl into Hanbei's hands and he handed one to Gracia.

Gracia started to stuff her face with the noodles."Wow! This is very delicious! I guess Warlords aren't all about war!" She said between mouthfuls.

Hanbei ate a few of the noodles and then stared at Masamune. "Why are you being so nice to me? You took the blow, sparred for the key, and now made me a meal?! I'm a possible enemy strategist, yet you show kindness..."

Masamune paused before answering. Why did I do all those things for one kid? Wait, I know why, even if he doesn't believe it... "Because you're my brother, right? Family has to look after each other." Masamune pulls down the coat on his right shoulder to reveal the Date birthmark. "Well, I know you deny it, but if you have this birthmark, your definitely a Date." Masamune pulls up his coat and stares at Hanbei. Hanbei is silent and just returns to eating his noodles.

~Takakage - Providence 62 - Battlefield~
>Last post about the battle, yay!<

Taka waited for the pain of Tora's sword to hit him. It never came. Taka opened his eyes and looked up at Tora. Tora jammed the point of his sword in the dirt.

"I can't kill you. We are still friends. I'm sorry Taka, I was blinded by the cloud of war." Tora looked away in sadness.

"It's fine. Let's end this battle together." Taka said. He put a hand on Tora's shoulder. Tora looked at him and grinned. Taka was about to take a step towards the castle when he saw the detachment unit galloping up the hill, Nagamasa in the lead.

"Motonari Mori is no more! But Oichi was not to be found!" Nagamasa shouted to his men. The men cheered at the news of Motonari being dead. Taka, on the other hand, froze up.

Father is dead?! NO! That can't be true! He must still be alive! He can't be dead! No! The Mori are nothing without him! What about our home? Our people? Our castle? I wasn't strong enough..I failed him! Taka started to cry silently.

Tora tried to comfort his friend, "You could join the Azai with me. I'm sure I would be able to get you a place as a strategist in our ranks. You-"

"Join the army that murdered my father? No, I can't." Taka cut Tora off. "I don't know where I'm going to go exactly, but I need to go somewhere..."

"I suggest you join in another army, or even Kraken's crew. He just took over some of the Hojo lands, or maybe it was all of them. Well, he would toughen you up, one way or another." Tora said. "With all those cutthroats, you'd always be on your toes!"

"Kraken's crew? No, I don't think I'm cut to be a pirate."
Taka said, pushing the thought out of his head.

"Just don't get yourself killed, okay? You'll always have place in the Azai, remember that. I'll knock some sense into our commander, okay? I believe you that you guys didn't have Oichi." Tora said.

Taka found his horse on the grave battlefield and faced the survivors of the Mori Army. He started to talk to them, between his tears, "Go home, all of you. The Azai aren't known for pillaging or burning down a captured town. You will be safe in your homes. You are no longer warriors of the Mori, but the Azai. Join them. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I will find my way somewhere." He finished and started to ride off to Bungo. The port town would surely get him to the mainland. Kraken's crew, eh? I might go check them out, since I got nothing better to do right now.

~Kojuro - Providence 31 - Castle~

I can't believe I ran out of bullets. My flawless plan, ruined by a measly error! Kojuro thought as he ran down the hall. He found Ranmaru, who was testing out his new sword in the artillery.

"Ranmaru, where are the bullets? I'm on a killing spree." Kojuro said. He started to rummage through the drawers and compartments of weapons.

"Take it easy. They are still locked up, yes? The bullets are over there."
Ranmaru said, pointing casually to the bullets.

"Don't you understand, we are killing two threats right here and right now." Kojuro said as he loaded his pistol. "Why don't you come with me, in case one of them tries to get away from their destined fate."

"Sure, I'm always up for some slaying."
Ranmaru said. He followed Kojuro back down the hall, to the prison cells. When they got to the cell, they found the door melted down and nothing in there but a pool of blood from the young Otomo lord.

"Drats! They escaped! We must pursue them!" Kojuro shouted as he stormed out of the cell. He quickly left the castle and called for a horse. Ranmaru followed him and also found a horse.

"You said Gracia was with the Date dorks? Well we better make sure she is safe when this is all said and done." Ranmaru said as he mounted his steed.

"Now, where would Masamune go in this situation?" Kojuro pondered the thought. "I think he would try to flee. We will head westward since the exit they most likely took was the west one." The two whipped their horses and headed west, towards Providence 33.

"Say. before we get too far, let's swing by Gracia's house to see if she decided to return there."
Ranmaru said to Kojuro.

"That's a great idea, but I have my doubts. She could know where they went, but you never get anything straightforward from Gracia." Kojuro said, adjusting his glasses.
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Ok, first and foremost this post does not change the fact that you need to have an awkward conversation about love with Crow... ok Raven.

-The Leviathan-

Crow screams in rage, knocking over everything in her path. She grabs any crewman that tries to run by and delegates orders, the ship is ablaze with activity and hatred. Whisper and Indigo are already putting together teams and preparing boarding parties. The Leviathan is in full turn and chase mode. Every man and woman aboard the vessel is putting forth 100% of all they got, no one is slacking.

Oichi panics with her bound hands and feet as the strange Cutthroat orders her men to row the longboat in the direction of a 3 Oda Great Atakebunes (battleships) hidden in the raising suns light. The 3 ships begin their destination toward the longboat and the turning Leviathan, preparing for full combat.

Kraken lies in the hall, blood pouring from his wounds, predominately the curved dagger plunged in his chest. He blinks slowly, each time the glow of life leaving. The chirurgeons race to bring him back, unable to pull the blade from its place, they handle the wounds they can.

-A few moments earlier-

Crow stands close to Magoichi, the first mistake that allowed the fake Cutthroat is sneak down the stairs to the next level. If Crow had been at her norm she would have easily spotted her and would brought her down before she made her way to Kraken.

Whisper and Indigo watched the uncomfortable Magoichi trying to explain love to an emotionless Crow, the second mistake. Had they been also been at attention they would have easily caught what Crow missed, if they had done their patrols they would have noticed the longboat with the symbol of Kraken clearly painted wrong docked next to the Leviathan.

Aiding the poor children of the corrupt merchant would be the third mistake against Kraken that day. If so much of his crews attention had not been on taking care of their beaten bodies and locating the missing families they would of been around, actively keeping eyes and someone would have noticed the messy Cutthroat and reported it to Crow.

Kraken leaned against the door.

Kraken talks quietly to himself: ”Well, that was easier than I thought, charming young lady I can see what Masamune saw in her. Well, time to see why she’s on my boat. To Magoichi.”

Suddenly his attention changes as he eyes up the strange unknown Cutthroat with the veil covered face. Kraken calls out.

Kraken: “Excuse me, are you new to the Leviathan? Im surprised Crow did not introduce us. If we may, we need to exit this area for it is not meant to have wonderers.”

The Cutthroat raises her face and removes the veil revealing the porcelain smooth skinned woman. Kraken is impressed by her beauty but suddenly feels his stomach churn as he makes out the person before him.

Kraken: “Nohime Oda, now how ever did you get aboard.”

Nohime: “I guess I got lucky, it seems your crew is rather distracted today. All the better for me. Hand over Oichi and I’ll let you go.”

Kraken: “Sadly I cannot, you see I just promised her safety.”

Kraken reaches for his blade and pistol. Both not in their holsters. Kraken realizes that after this mornings oddity and in his haste he dressed quickly and forgot his most important things. The final mistake… the final nail in his coffin.

Nohime: “You have too much faith in your women and ship to keep you safe. Weaponless it seems, well no bother, let me give you a blade.”

Nohime reaches to her thigh and pulls a hidden curved dagger and flings it at Kraken at fast speeds. Kraken ducks quickly with a spin, grabbing the blade out of the air. With a smug look on his face in proud admiration of his impressive maneuver he stands back to face his assailant just in time to have another blade slammed into his chest, mere inches from his heart.

He feels his whole body begin to freeze and he begins to slow. Blood stains his expensive carpets as Nohime makes her way to him, grabbing the key around his neck she pulls him close. The blade pushing against her chest sends pain through his system. She gently kisses him on the lips as he feels several other wounds open, as her talons enter and exit his body. As he drops to the ground the chain snaps and leaves her holding the key. She opens the door as Kraken begins to lose consciousness. The silence of his demise is broken by the muffled screams of Oichi as Nohime binds her mouth, hands, and feet. She appears again holding the bound girl and begins to walk away from Krakens body in an arrogant manner. Kraken loses all consciousness.

Kraken now stands in a beautiful orchard of cherry blossoms all blooming. He feels deadly cold but the sight is heavenly. Petals fly everywhere. He stands at a bridge, behind him, a burning castle flowing with blood. In front of him, a cute maiden with her hand outreached and the warmest light you can imagine, a white light, beckoning him across the bridge. Kraken smiles and steps forward, feeling the warmth cross his body. Suddenly a cold clammy hand grasps his and begins to pull him back from the light… from the warmth.

Deneb Rove: “You made a promise to me. I won’t let you break it.”
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~Gracia~ Province #31 Yamato
"Stop annoying me. I don't need anyone's help. Your charity is appreciated, but I'll let you know I am an only child. I was raised on a farm, and I intend to return to one once the war is over. And take a nap too. This brother nonsense is probably all conjured up by Kojuro's filthy mind. He only said all that stuff to trick you, and to try to kill you. Look where your unwavering trust without looking at the facts got you." Hanbei grumbled, finishing his meal, "This was good though. I will give you credit where it is due. You are a fantastic cook."
"At least I care about other people. That's why I want to end the war, to save them from this destruction. And I want to make my country great again," Masamune replied, looking a bit irritated at Hanbei.
"Are you implying that I don't care about ot-"
"-Hey hey hey! Guess what? We're all pals here! No fighting here! Only smiles! We all need each other in one way or another! Forgive him Masamune, he's just stressed out! Maybe to get a nicer Hanbei, we need to leave him alone for a bit and then come back. He'll be perfect then!" Gracia clapped, happy at her proposition. Hanbei, who was red in the face now just looking at her, quickly put his head down in frustration.
"You don't understand anything that's just happened to us, do you..."
Suddenly, they heard knocking on the door. Gracia jumped up in excitement, knowing there's more guests. I have to let them in! More friends to play with!
"Whoa Gracia wait! Don't open that door," Masamune said, grabbing her before she skipped over to answer it.
"Why not? They're more friends!" Gracia pouted, "It'd be rude to leave them at the door! I wonder who's there."
"Maybe it would be best for us to hide. These guests may be unwanted Oda guards or something, but remember Masamune, she'll let them in no matter who they are. So it's in my best interest to just not be seen until these guests leave. We can't let anyone know we're here. Our heads are kind of wanted at the moment."
"Right. Gracia, please let us hide somewhere."
"Oh, but I don't know where to hide you two...I know! My room! No boys allowed, but I'll make an allowance this one time! Masamune has earned his right by cooking tasty food, and Hanbei is cute enough to be allowed!" Gracia clapped as she pushed them both into her room. Hanbei's face turned bright red and Masamune chuckled, noticing.
"C-c-c-c-c-cute?!" Hanbei stuttered, "Woman, stop judging me by my appearance! Do you realiz-" She closed the door on them.
Gracia then ran to the door, and opened it up. It was Kojuro and Ranmaru.
"What took you so long? I was beginning to think no one was home," Kojuro said, stepping inside. Gracia instantly hugged Ranmaru, ignoring his comment.
"Ran-chan! You're back!" Gracia squealed.
"Yes I am. Gracia, you're not hurt are you?" Ranmaru said as he embraced her, "You keep chanting about how you want to explore the world and this and that but you'll only hurt yourself. If you want patiently, the Oda will take it all and then it will be safe."
Gracia then pulled away, her head down now.
"But I want to experience the world.....what if I can do something to stop this war? Then it'd be peaceful faster!" She looked up at him, her eyes pleading. But she noticed something seemed different about him. He looked pale, and possible hurt - yet he showed no signs of pain. Gracia blinked. I'm worried about what this war is doing to my friends.
"Listen, we have more important things to do than chase you around. Even more important, where did the two Date brothers go? I need to find them. Did you see them?" Kojuro asked, impatient to find them. He was scanning the room.
"Oh no! You are the FIRST VISITORS I have today! No one is totally in my house, nope! Just me! Only me! And my daddy will be coming home soon, so you might not want to linger around!"
"But we just got here," Kojuro raised an eyebrow, and proceeded into the kitchen. He looked around, and saw the table. He noticed the bowls on the table. He walked over to them, and picked up one that was unfinished. "Did you make this?"
"Uh, N-yes!" Gracia said, "You can have some if you want! I made it with my whole heart!"
Kojuro took a bite of the food. He then smelled it. Ranmaru then called from the kitchen.
"I found these bowls with who knows what in them! It looks like Ramon or something, but overdone...and I have no idea what was added to it," Ranmaru blinked, looking at the bowls.
"Gracia, is THAT what you made?" Kojuro lifted an eyebrow, "Because this dish tastes an awful lot like Masamune's cooking."
"Uh....I don't- know- any...Masamune! You're the first two people to come visit, hehe!" Gracia giggled, "Now, maybe we should have tea or something!"
"I want to look around your lovely house though. I think it may be worth my time," Kojuro replied.
"Okay! You can look anywhere but my room! No boys allowed!" Gracia said, and then stepped in front of the door to her room.
"Do you think-" Ranmaru started.
"-No. Her room probably looks like a pink unicorn barfed all over it," Kojuro chuckled as he walked into the family room.
"It does," Ranmaru replied, and then Gracia ran up to him, her fists clenched.
"You know what my room looks like! Humph! I said to never go in there!" Gracia leaned in, trying to intimidate him. Ranmaru blinked with a smirk on his face. "Why were you in there?! What did you do! You didn't change the order of my plushies, did you?!"
"Relax, Gracia. I only saw in there from when you left the door open."
"Liar! You must have stole something!" Gracia tackled Ranmaru, and the two fell to the floor. She started wrestling with him, but he soon turn the tables on her and pinned her down. He looked down at her, gazing down into her eyes. Gracia stuck her tongue at him, and tried to struggle free. She failed to break free. Knowing he won, he stood up, and something fell out of his pocket. Gracia sniffed at her loss, and stood up brushing her skirt off. She noticed the piece of paper that fell from Ranmaru's pocket. Kojuro looked unamused, proceeding into the next room to potentially find something. she picked the paper up and put in her boot. This is mine! All mine as payback!
"Heh! Let me beat that per-" the group heard a voice come from Gracia's room. The door was now ajar, and then it closed with a Bang!  Kojuro started heading towards it, but then another door from behind opened. The group froze at the second noise, and heard loud footsteps. It was Mitsuhide Akechi, Gracia's father.
"What are you two doing in my house?" Mitsuhide asked, blinking, "Don't you have work to be doing? I know you do, Ranmaru."
"My apologies! I just wanted to visit!" Ranmaru bowed, and then turned to Kojuro, "Let's get going."
"I apologize as well. I thought your daughter might have been conspiring with some fugitives. But I guess I was wrong," Kojuro said.
"I don't care what you two were doing, I don't want two grown men alone with my baby girl. You weren't invited, Now GET OUT!" Mitsuhide yelled, pushing the two out of the house and slamming the door.
Gracia pulled the note out of her boot and read it to herself:

To My Newest Toy.
I may have replaced a vial of medicine with a very slowly efficient venom, one that takes a long time to kill and is very hard to cure unless you know what you’re dealing with exactly. A venom that also reacts to antidotes by instantly spreading and killing the host. So I’ll make this quick. I’d avoid getting really worked up and take care of yourself, since when the time comes I will offer you the antidote for your services. So rest well, you won’t die anytime soon, but if I don’t see you before the year is up I apologize for forgetting about you and letting you die.

-Your new green lipsticked friend.

Oh no! I have to save him! Ran-chan is...poisoned?! I will not forgive this person who hurts my pals! He tries to act all tough, but he's hurting himself! That is why he needs me to protect him, so this doesn't happen ever again! I am assigning myself as Ran-chan's guardian from now on! I will find this person, get the cure and then he will thank me! And I'll be proving to him I can take care of myself! Okay, time to rescue him from this obviously ugly-colored lipsticked person!
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This is long, I know. Enjoy~

~Masamune - Providence 31 - Gracia's House, specifically her room~
The dialogue was helped to be written by Cat. It has the paw of approval  cat

Gracia hastily pushed the two boys into her pink room. Before she left to answer the door, she said, "Oh, but I don't know where to hide you two...I know! My room! No boys allowed, but I'll make an allowance this one time! Masamune has earned his right by cooking tasty food, and Hanbei is cute enough to be allowed!"

"C-c-c-c-c-cute?!" Hanbei stuttered, "Woman, stop judging me by my appearance! Do you realiz-" The door slammed shut and Masamune could hear Gracia's skipping footsteps as she answered the door. Hanbei made the most adorable pouty face to Masamune and crossed his arms, "I am NOT cute."

Masamune sneered, "Well, if you keep making faces as cute as that, she is going to keep thinking you're adorable!" Masamune started to laugh.

"My face is not cute. It's a face just like yours. It has flesh, eyes, nose, and a mouth." Hanbei mumbled. Masamune looked around the room. All he can see is pink, stuffed animals, girly clothes, and a tea set. A few dolls were sitting miniature chairs around the teaset. On the table, fresh pink-frosted cupcakes were place nicely on a plate in front of each doll.

"What is she, like five?" Masamune looked around with a disgusted look. He put his crescent moon hat back on his head and adjusted it.

Hanbei walked up to Masamune, "We need to get out of here! This is a nightmare! This is why I DON'T like her."

Masamune replied, "If you didn't like her, you wouldn't be making such a big stink about her room. It's like you two are already married."

"I would never marry this!" Hanbei pointed to the teaset and dolls, "I'm a strategist who makes plan for war. I think on a totally different plane than here. She's just stuck in her own little world. She doesn't know what anything in this world means. If I get married, I need a women who actually know what I want-to take a nap. She can fluff my pillow for me."

"How much worldly experience could you have? You were raised on a dinky farm in no wheres land. I actually had to think of war way before you did!" Masamune retorted back.

"You must lived a posh life with little to no worldly experience. The only thing you had to deal with was your father, Terumune. After that, you had everything. You were always fed, always clothed, always warm, educated, and had little to no worries in the world. This is why I can't consider you my brother. We are different entities." Hanbei was almost shouting at Masamune.

"You know nothing of my life. I had no mother, she abandoned me at a very young age. My father abused me. He was the reason I lost my eye! He punched it right out. Guess what, it hurt, a lot! My father was never there for me. He only overworked me and all he cared about was war. He just wanted to use me as a pawn, his pawn, to make the Date great. I think he may arranged married me, but the contract was burned when the castle burned down, so no more records of it exists. I lost my home, my territory, our pride. Terumune took it all away with is brutality and selfishness. Kojuro was only friend I really had. But, now, I even lost him. My whole life collapsed before my eye. It wasn't all cherries and roses like you farmers think!" Masamune shouted back.

"You think your life collapsed? My town burned down." Hanbei's face was getting red with anger, "This is why I HATE warlords. They don't understand their people. They can sit around and say they can change the world, but all they do is use their personal feelings against to gauge war. This is why they need unbiased strategists to guide them, if only they listened to them. Your personal life of Terumune affects the way you think and who you wage war against. You never think yourself. You live in shadow, like a coward."

"And YOUR unbiased. If you were pitted against Terumune, would you stay unbiased? Every warlord and strategists wanted him dead. I even wanted him dead. I think you are more like Terumune because you are so self-centered about your desires, which is taking a nap, like he wanted Japan!" Masamune was getting ready the strangle the kid.

"I am not related to that man. You, on the other hand, are so pie in the sky and arrogant. You think the Date can return to greatness just by taking over providences, just like Terumune. I am not the son of that monster! You and your little birthmark can just go back to the little fairytale land of Date!" Hanbei stuck his nose in the air. "I had to earn my way up to the top. Your life was just handed to you."

Before Masamune could strangle him, voices could be heard from outside the door. "Okay! You can look anywhere but my room! No boys allowed!"

"Do you think-"

"-No. Her room probably looks like a pink unicorn barfed all over it."

Masamune muttered underneath his breath, "I'll say."

Hanbei walked to the door and peaked out at the conversation. His eyes started to become twice their size and his fist clenched with rage, "Heh! Let me beat that per-"

Masamune grabs Hanbei, covers his mouth with his hand, and slams the door shut. "Do you want us to get killed? I don't know what you saw but, get a grip! This is no time to be arguing about anything. Both our lives are on the line!"

"Don't you understand Gracia's out there? Do you know who she is with? She is with the monster Kojuro and some other guy. We should kill them both!" Hanbei broke free of Masamune's grip.

"And have an army come after us? If you didn't about Gracia, why would you want to kill Kojuro and his friend? Why not just kill them all? They are all part of the Oda, right?"
Masamune started directly at Hanbei.

Hanbei froze and turned his head away. He started to turn red again, in a different way. He mumbled, "I don't like her..."

"I don't care what you two were doing, I don't want two grown men alone with my baby girl. You weren't invited, Now GET OUT!" a loud booming voice said as a door slammed shut.

"Well we are-" Masamune started.

"-two grown men.." Hanbei finished.

"His baby girl? It's her father..."
Masamune said. He walked over to the door and peeked out to see how tough this guy was. He was expecting someone about Gracia's size and a goofy looking face. But instead, he saw one the elites of the Oda, Mitsuhide Akechi. Mitsuhide Akechi is Nobunaga's right hand man and led the attack against Oshu. He burned down the castle and destroyed the town. He killed his home. Masamune closed the door and punched the wall.

Outside, they heard, "What was that noise? Gracia, do you have MORE people in the house?"

"Oh no! I only Ran-chan and Mr. Kojuro in the house. No one else. We are alone."
Gracia's voice rang through the house.

"Why did you let them in our house, Gracia?" Mitsuhide sounded demanding. "You aren't supposed to get involved in this war."

"They're my friends! Now, I'm tired. I'm going to my room! Goodnight! Oh, that noise was probably my teaset falling off my table. I'll go reset it back up. Don't worry, it was empty, so no spills!" Gracia sounded cheerful as she skipped to her room.

Gracia opens the door and skips in. "Hey guys! How are we doing?" She closed the door behind her. "You guys have to be quiet because my daddy is here! Okay?" Gracia jumps on her bed and shouts to them, "Goodnight!"

Masamune had his mouth open, "You expect us to sleep here? Don't you know I'm a Warlord that rules a piece of land?"

"I know! But, it's a sleepover party, right? You guys can go in my closet to be extra sneaky!" Gracia points to the door in the corner of the room.

Gracia, before letting any of them respond, screams, "AHHHHHH, why is there a hole in my wall? Daddy!!"

Masamune grabs Hanbei the arm and shoves him in the closet and closes the door behind them."

"Thanks, now you made the baby upset!"
Hanbei said turning away.

"Not my fault that demon out there lives here. He deserves to get some home repairmen to fix that hole. It better cost him some big bucks too."
Masamune said.

~Kojuro - Providence 31 - Outside of Gracia's house~

"Well, we got kicked out by her father. It appears he doesn't like men in his house. If the Date brothers were there, they would kicked by now." Kojuro adjusted his glasses.

"If she really was talking to those fugitives, I would chop both of their heads off and give them to Mitsuhide as a present. Nobody will every lay a finger on her."

"Well-" Before Kojuro could finish, they heard a loud bang.
"Oh dear, it appears that Mitsuhide must still be mad at us. We better get out of sight of the house."

"Eh, don't worry. I'll eventually win his trust. Just remember, the more providences we conquer, the happier he'll be. And the more likely he'll let me have his daughter's hand in marriage."
Ranmaru grinned at the thought.

"We better get moving. They are probably still on the run. They'll probably tire out by now. We wasted too much time in that house. I could swear that they were there. The food, the door, and the voice. That voice definitely was the voice of one nosy little strategist."

"You're probably just imagining it, Kojuro. There was no one else there. They would of got kicked out by now if they were there. C'mon, let's go." The two got on their horses and rode away, nearing the next Oda province.

~Takakage - Providence 56 - Border~

Taka neared a familiar border. He slowed his horse to a pace and crossed it leisurely. He took off any symbols of the Mori on his horse's saddle and blanket and continued on. He didn't want anyone to know he was from the Mori, since news would spread fast they were defeated. Father, where would you go in this situation? Taka pondered the thought as he neared the pearly white town. He noted nearby that Mikasa and the Otomo army survivors were heading back to the town. Her horse was normal, no wings to be seen on it. I told her we would of talked after the battle, but I think she saw what hardship I was about to face..alone..

Taka rode into the town. He encountered one of the advisers who recognized him. Taka quietly told him the Mori were defeated and if there was any nearby ships that were leaving for the mainland. The advisor pointed to a merchant vessel. Taka rode to the harbor and gave his horse to a poor family. Taka walked up to the merchants, two men and a lady.

"Alright guys! We need to get to the mainland to stock up on more merchandise!"
the lady said. She was obviously in command of the two men.

"Kimiko, it's not that simple."
one of the boys said. He was loading the ship.

Taka approached them, "Hey, do you have room for one more? I don't eat much."

Kimiko, the lady, walks over to him, "And you are? You look like a strategist! Sure, we'll help you!"

"Just like that? My name is Taka, Takakage Mo-"
Taka stopped. It's best to leave my last name in the shadows.

"Well Takakage Mo, welcome aboard! Going anywhere in particular?"
Kimiko said. She was nose to nose with him.

"Well, not really. Wherever the wind takes me, I guess."
Taka replied. He looked at the ground.

"Kimiko, are you coming or not?"
the blond haired man said. He was already raising the anchor from the ship.

"Coming! Come on, let's go!"
Kimiko grabbed Taka's hand and pulled him on the boat with her.
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-Death’s Bridge, providence ???-

Deneb Rove: “You made a promise to me. I won’t let you break it.”

Pulling his arm is the blood drenched pirate captain he let go in his cabin that dark night so long ago. She had wounds all over and the very fires of hell seemed to hold her chest as home as the eerie blue light escaped the hollows in-between her exposed ribcage. He saw horror, pain and loss in her blazing orange eyes. He looked back at the beautiful maiden with her hands still outstretched, the light moving closer to him.

Beautiful Maiden: “I will let you rest, no more worries, no more hate, nothing but joy and peace. Just take my hand and it will all be better.”

Deneb Rove: “I promise you nothing but more pain and misery. But I will not stop you from doing something great, having something great. If you take her hand now, it ends, everything.”

Kraken pulls from Denebs dead hands. Turning towards the maiden he steps closer to her.

Kraken: “I just want to be happy, I never wanted any of this, I wasn’t meant for this. I’m just a pirate, a criminal. I’m not meant to be a Lord and everyone who is following me knows it. If I go now, someone will take over my ambition and continue to fight for the nameless.”

Kraken stopped suddenly, he felt someones lips on his, he tasted her yet she wasn’t there. His chest was pounding with horrible pains now. He tasted her again on his lips, warmth spreading from within. He turns back towards Deneb, remembering the silent whispers, the soft touches...the care. He remembers what he fights for.

-The Leviathan, outside providence 23-

Kraken awakens in the hall, blood still pooling. Crow sits over him, her hands on his chest still forcing his lungs to work. She turns to give him air again when she realizes his eyes are open. A flash of happiness flashes across her face, a look Kraken had never seen before. The chirurgeons are stitching wounds and wrapping bandages. The dagger still resting firmly in his chest. Kraken raises a hand to remove it but a chirurgeon stops him.

Chirurgeons: “Removing it could kill you, we do not know what it’s holding in place.”

Kraken removes his hand from the hilt and places it on the ground, a burst of energy shoots through his body as he begins to raise himself up from the blood coated ground. The chirurgeons shriek and try to force him down as patched wounds reopen.

Chirurgeons: “Stay down sir, you will kill yourself if you try to move.”

Kraken: “Crow… “

Kraken braces himself on the wall as the chirurgeons race around him. Crow moves closer to hear Kraken, yearning for his voice. Kraken whispers in her ear.

Kraken: “Who the hell is Captain of my ship if you are down here. Now brace me and please tell me Magoichi is not giving orders above.”

Kraken begins to step forward without the help of Crow as all watch in amazement as Kraken steps down the hall blood dripping with every step and a blade jutting from his chest. A hole opens in the wall as a cannon ball flies in front of Kraken, mere inches from his face, wood splintering across his brow. Yet his stride continues.

Kraken: “If you want to keep patching me you better do it as I move! Get the other captives to a safer locations and… *gasp* *gasp* *wheeze*… damnable dagger.”
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~Gracia~ Province #31 Yamato
Gracia screamed as she saw there was a hole in her wall. How did that get there?! No one was in my room but Hanbei and Masamune! Eeek! It wasn't there before!
Mitsuhide ran into the room and saw the hole in the wall that Masamune had made. He was holding his sword when he came into the room.  
"Gracia! Where did this come from? Are you hurt? Is anyone else here?" Mitsuhide asked her with a worried look on his face.
"I'm fine! No, no one else here...but this hole is extremely ugly and making my room cold! I don't like the wind coming in from the outside!"
Mitsuhide inspected the hole, looking to see if anybody was outside. He then left the room and came back with a plank, nails, and a hammer. He nailed the wood to the wall so no one could look in.
"That looks ugly! It's not even pink!" Gracia complained.
"It's all we have to repair this wall for now. Now Gracia, I think we need to have a conversation. A very serious one," Mitsuhide breathed, "You've been acting quite strange lately. First, you were taking prisoner keys out of that room. I couldn't find you after that, but I had no time to look for you since I am supposed to be organizing an attack on the Kuroda. Now, you have Kojuro and Ranmaru in this house. While both of those men are respectable, they have other things to be doing than to be here at my home. So what I want to ask you is everything you've been doing over the past few days."
"Well, Mr. Kojuro put me up to guarding a prisoner. But it's okay, he ran away now and is totally not nowhere near this house. And Mr. Kojuro is looking for him along with another fugitive, which is why he was here! But more importantly, I want to help with the war!" Gracia excitedly exclaimed, "I think I can fight! I can help bring peace for my friends and family to be happy!"
"No, Gracia! You're not getting involved. For the thousandth time, let me deal with the war. You have no right to hurt yourself because you are overconfident. Besides, we still may need you in this war to help us make an alliance or something. Now get some sleep Gracia." He said as he closed the door and left.

~Hanbei~ Province #31 Yamato
The two were stuck in the closet together. There wasn't much room, since there were so many stuff animals and frilly dresses in the closet. Hanbei was literally forced to curl up in a little ball and wait for something to happen. He started to doze after a while.
After he'd slept for a few hours, Gracia hastily opened the door.
"Rise and shine! You guys need to go while my daddy is asleep. So, let's go!" Gracia exclaimed, grabbing the hands of both Masamune and Hanbei. Masamune, who had also been asleep, was startled by this. She dragged them out of her room and soon outside the house.
"So, what's the escape plan?" Hanbei asked, turning to Masamune, "Did you bring any horses?"
"Yep! As long as Kojuro didn't get smart and kill them, they should be in a pastor still."
The group traveled silently until they found the horses. Masamune got on the biggest horse, which was black and female. Hanbei got on the second horse, which was gray. Gracia then jumped on the same horse as Hanbei.
"No, you can't come with me!" Hanbei kicked her off the horse and onto the dirt. He then brushed the dirt off, and adjusted his pant leg that rolled up when he kicked her.
"But I wanna come too! I have things I have to accomplish in my life too!" Gracia complained.
"You should take her. It would be like a date," Masamune replied with a smirk on his face.
"No way! I'm not taking this girl- did you see her room? Did you see who she let into her house? I don't want to attract unwanted Oda company. Therefore, I will travel alone swiftly and safely WITHOUT Gracia."
"Please! When you get me where I need to go, you won't have to travel with me anymore! But I need someone to protect me while I travel-preferably you!" Gracia explained as she got back on the horse. Hanbei's face turned scarlet as she she sat down next to him. Why won't this nuisance get out of my hair?!
"Traveling in a pack is better than traveling alone- now you flock of lovebirds can head to wherever your going. I'm going back to my land," Masamune winked, and then started to ride off.
"It's not like that!" Hanbei yelled at him, but he was already on his way. Hanbei sighed, looking back at Masamune. Well, goodbye hotshot. It's not like I need you anyways.
"So, where are we going now?" Gracia asked.
"To Bungo. I need to go to the Otomo land before somebody else does, mostly Kojuro," Hanbei replied, "No one knows Sorin is dead but us, Masamune, and Kojuro. So we need to beat him there before he decides to take that land over."
"Ooooh! I always wanted to see Bungo!" Gracia clapped excitedly, "Let's go!"
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~Masamune - Providence 31 - Crossroads~

Masamune rode a little ways away from Hanbei and Gracia. He turned back, for one last time. What if that really was my brother right there? But, on the other hand, it could not be. What I saw on his ankle when he injured Gracia looked a lot like the Date birthmark, but I could be wrong. I better focus now on what I'm going to do. Masamune turned around and urged his horse forward, toward Iyokuno land. I have to get home and tell Oichi what happened. My next course of action will be...hmmm, maybe I can try for Oshu, but I lost my strategist..

Lusa whinnied and pulled Masamune out of his thoughts. The Iyokuno border loomed ahead. Masamune took off his crescent moon hat and attached it to the side of his horse's saddle. I better take off my signature if I ever want to get home. Lusa rose up into a gallop and crossed the border. The terrain was very easy going and smooth for Masamune. He felt safer off of Oda territory as well. Kojuro, why did you have to turn evil? Weren't we friends? I know the old Kojuro is there somewhere deep down inside.

~Kojuro - Providence 38 - Town~

Ranmaru and Kojuro decided to see Lord Nobunaga for a status report. Kojuro told Ranmaru that the two fugitives will eventually surface again, they should be patient. Word that Nobunaga was in Iga reached the two retainers, they made their course and swiftly made it there.

Kojuro dismounted his horse once he reached the courtyard. Lord Nobunaga must be in the castle. I can give him the status update and that Sorin Otomo is dead. The land of Bungo is up for the taking. I'm sure Masamune will make a very generic move and return to Echigo. I'll just kill him there, knowing that territory inside and out.

Ranmaru stopped right before they entered the castle, rummaging through his pockets and armor, obviously looking for something.

"Is something wrong?" Kojuro asked as he opened the castle doors.

"Just missing a letter someone gave me. I think Gracia knocked it out of my pocket when she tackled me. I just really hope that she doesn't have it."
Ranmaru said, sighing. "It would worry her too much."

"Oh, I see. Well, let's go see our Lord. I can't wait to give him the news of Sorin's death. I just wish I could of also told him the demise of the Date. Terumune and legacy must be eliminated." Kojuro straightened his glasses and walked down the hall. Ranmaru followed him.

~Takakage - Providence 30 - Harbor~

Taka was talking to Kimiko during the whole trip.They finally neared the harbor later that day. The vessel was made to move swiftly and smoothly on the ocean to transport goods safely. "So, tell me more about yourself. Were you a warrior or a strategist? You don't really look like the merchant type."

"Well, I was a strategist, or I thought I considered myself one. My father was really the brains behind all the plans. But..but...he's gone." Taka looked in the ocean, holding back tears.

"Oh, sorry for your lost. If you don't mind asking, what army were you a part of?"
Kimiko asked curiously.

Taka mumbled, "I'd rather not say..."

"Hey, you two, help us load the ship! I know you're not a merchant, but you have arms, right?" Aki shouted to them. Taka learned the names of her brothers after the short trip.

"Oh, of course! It's the least I can do for taking me across the ocean."
Taka jumped off the ship onto the dock. He helped Takao, Kimiko's other brother, with a large box. "What's in this box? Bricks?"

"It's jewelry in this box. We have furs, fresh fruit, jewelry, weapons, and tools to load on the ship. Our goal is to be the merchants with the widest variety of merchandise." Takao said, walking backwards onto the ship.

Taka and Takao gently place the box down, "Well, that is a lot to be selling! I would never be able to keep track of all the merchandise!" Taka joking said.

"That's why there are three of us, silly!" Kimiko said. She was carrying a bundle of fruit and placed them on the jewelry box. She playfully punched Taka on his arm. Wow, they are so laid back. Maybe this is the lifestyle I needed. But, am I too smart to be a merchant? Am I destined to be a strategist? I could possibly join a new army...
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-Battle of the Red Sea- Part 1
Aboard the Leviathan in the East Sea (Sea of Japan)

***got permission from Raven for Magoichi RPing***
-Upper Deck-

On the upper deck Magoichi moves through a sea of pirates and soldiers to get better view of the enemy ship. Its deck slowly pulling up towards the middle of the Leviathan, many Oda soldiers are climbing the few feet up from their decks to the Leviathan. The conflict is being held near the front of the Leviathan but Oda soldiers are using rope lines to land further inward and trying to disrupt the men on the mounted guns unloading on the Oda ships deck. She see’s the captain, shouting orders. She pulls a firearm aiming up the shot, the ruckus around her is disrupting but she narrows to focus when suddenly Indigo appears in her sights with a blood covered Rinku at her side, the two clearly had waded through enemies to get to her. Indigo is panting heavy catching her breathe while Rinku catches a spear in mid-air. He turns quickly returning it to the senders chest as if nothing odd just occurred.

Indigo: “Kraken, is badly injured, last I saw he could barely stand. The man-at-arms in charge just caught an arrow to the face. We have no captain and the men are hesitant to listen to anyone else other than Crow and she’s with Kraken. We need you at the helm….Now!”

Magoichi tries to find her target again but he has moved. She gives a shrug of annoyance and stops to ponder for a second. She raises her bottle from the hip uncorking the sake as it explodes in her face from an enemy bullet.

Magoichi: Son of a gunsman… I’m gonna shove everything this ship has down that guys throat! Now out of my way!

Magoichi walks her way to the helm pulling her second pistol and firing in both directions at Oda soldiers, carving a path towards the wheel in front of Krakens personal quarters.

Rinku and Indigo look at each other and move back into the fray sending more Oda bodies into the seas cold grip. Most of Crows cutthroats have made their way from the various hideouts they occupy and have joined the midst of the chaos in the front of the ship, greatly turning the odds in the Leviathans favor. Krakens pirates have accepted the Saika prowess at firearms and have occupied rolls of reloading the rail mounted guns while Saika soldiers continue to unload on the Oda’s ship deck killing the soldiers as they appear from below.

Magoichi arrives at the wheel, tossing the body of the man-at-arms to the side she grabs a firm grip and grinds the Leviathan against the enemy ship while shouting orders.

Magoichi: “Open firing doors, wherever they are! Raise that giant slingshot and load that harpoon thingy! Lets go people, the first man to complain gets a bullet in the head now MOVE!!!”

-Below Deck-

Kraken stumbles up to the 2nd level. His injuries limiting his movement in every way, Crow struggles to carry him. He moves into one of the tri-cannon chambers, the startled crew quickly moves to let him see through the opening. Outside he sees the 2 of the Oda Atakubunes in an L formation. The one turned sideways is firing directly at their bow (front side). The other ship not in the formation has made a drive towards the Leviathan’s starboard (right side). The ship firing the initial barrage that Kraken saw traveling through his ship earlier. While some distance remains from the 2 ships Kraken can feel the Leviathan slowing down more and more as it’s tri-cannon doors all open, the harpoon chamber opens and the tribuchet is raised, the Leviathan is in command for full combat. Suddenly everyone feels the ship shaking as it grinds against another ship.

Kraken: “Seal this doors, stop bringing about weapons. Tell them all to shut all the cannon doors. If we slow more we might as well roll over and die now, we ca…” *cough* *hack*

Kraken stumbles and coughs as more blood spews forward. The chirurgeons plead with him to settle down and lay down but Kraken moves aside and with the help of Crow makes his way to the final staircase. Each step is a burden as Kraken sees his vision wavering. Wood can be seen shattering and The screams and sounds of war can be heard above him on the upper deck.

Kraken: “Crow, release me, I must make my way to the wheel mys… *cough* *gasp*… the men can’t see me looking like this… *gasp* *hack*… needing help… It will make them lose hope. And were gonna need lots of…”*cough* *gasp*

Crow: “Stupid as always. Theres something I need to tell you, and it wouldn’t be the same saying it on a corpse.”

Crow pulls forth her sleeve and cleans blood from Krakens face before giving him a final push out the stairwell onto the war torn upper deck.

-Upper Deck-

Kraken emerges amongst pure chaos. Enemy cannons fire on them from the bow and starboard side while Oda soldiers duel with pirates, cutthroats and Saika soldiers. It’s as if everything has slowed down in the moment Kraken can be seen by all. Pirates rejoice and push forward as Oda soldiers look in panic at the walking corpse. With a powerful stride Kraken walks right past enemies and allies. With a whistle a cutlass and pistol are tossed to him. Crow follows close behind. Catching the wanna-be assassins trying to finish off the wounded Kraken off guard with her blades.

Magoichi is currently shouting an order in another direction when she feels someone grab the wheel. She turns with her pistol pointing it into Krakens already re-bloodied face. With that demented smile he pushes her out of the way and pulls the ship from grinding with the Oda vessel.

Magoichi: “You look like sh…”

Kraken: “I know, now get off my… *cough* *hack* … ship”

Magoichi: “What in the 9 circles of hell is wrong with you, I was doing your job because you were too busy having a dagger plunged into your…. IS THAT A DAGGER IN YOUR CHEST?!?

Kraken: “Yes, forget about it for now.” *cough*

Magoichi: “Forget about it, if I took a step closer to you it would be getting to know my chest in way I wouldn’t welcome.”

Kraken: “I need speed, and I need you to… *gasp* … I need you to captain another ship for me.”

Magoichi: “What! You’re losing it, The Leviathan is the only vessel you have in this tilted fight.”

Kraken raises his hand and points at the Oda ship he just broke contact off with, slowly pulling away from it.

Kraken: “Better hurry before I pull past it. I’ll distract the other 2 ships, you take control of it and join me before the Leviathan falls. Also... *gasp* *cough* look after Oichi if you find her aboard, I promised h… “*cough* *hack*

Crow: “I’m going with Magoichi, I saw Nohime make her way on that ship and I have a score to settle with her. “

Magoichi turns to the rest of the ship and whistles loudly for her men to gather as she makes her way jumping from the Leviathans deck down onto the Oda ship, blasting her guns in all directions clearing a landing area for her men. Saika soldiers jump along with several pirates and Cutthroats. Indigo, Rinku, and Crow join her as well causing mass panic to the Oda vessel. On the Leviathan Whisper moves to Krakens side per Crows assignment to protect the bleeding man.

Kraken gives a respectful nod toward Magoichi before the ships break and separate too far. Kraken shouts encouragingly to his men fighting on the deck.

Kraken: "Ok, Magoichi kept us in this fight but I'm gonna end it! Seal all cannon rooms and lower the *cough* *gasp* *wheeze* *cough* lower the trebuchet! We need full speed! All men, prepare for impact. Will see if the Oda build em like the Leviathan!"

Kraken shouts receive enthusiasm and battle-cries as all men not currently repelling the last waves of Oda rush to positions.
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~Hanbei and Gracia~ Traveling through Oda territory
Hanbei and Gracia were traveling along. It was strangely quiet, with Gracia sitting in front and slowly dozing off resting her head on Hanbei. Hanbei sighed, unable to fathom why he let her come with him.
She's only going to bring me trouble! And yet, I'm letting her come with me. She's an enemy, part of the Oda. And even though Masamune was trying to get under my skin, if someone thinks we are dating then my plans are ruined. I will never waver for the enemy. I do not bow for them, or yield to them. My job is - well, was- to serve my lord and only obey his ambitions. My job was to use my intelligence to outwit the enemy, to protect the what can it be used for? My world is crumbling before me. How can she be so happy in this world when everyone and everything is dying? She had no knowledge of anything! Yet, my disillusionment makes me.....
Gracia stirred, opening her eyes. She looked up at the sky at the stars.
"Aren't they beautiful?" she suddenly said.
"Huh?" Hanbei raised an eyebrow.
"The stars! they make pictures....the constellations! I love each and every picture....the world will always remain the same, with them burning brightly every night."
"I think star gazing is a waste of time. You don't gain any practical knowledge from it."
"Oh, what is your favorite constellation? Mine is Gemini! The twins, don't you know? How there's two sides to everything!" Gracia exclaimed.
"I don't have time for that nonsense. I think we should just keep pressing on," Hanbei muttered.
"Oh, speaking of siblings what about you and your brother? Aren't you and Masamune going to travel together? I thought it was weird you ditched him," Gracia said, with a look of wonderment on her face.
"We aren't brothers! Kojuro lied!" Hanbei yelled loudly, his voice echoing throughout the land. Gracia blinked, knowing she had upset him. No. The facts don't add up. I don't care that I have a birthmark on my ankle, I am not related to that man! I will erase this evidence, somehow...I will think of something soon. That is my nightmare. I am not a Date, I am a Takenaka...and I intend to keep the Takenaka name alive. 
"Brothers stick together...through it all. Like Gemini, they make up for each other's faults, y'know? For what one lacks in, the other will help him out. Its a mutal relationship. Sometimes I wish I had a sibling," Gracia mused, and Hanbei sighed. She doesn't understand. She never will. 
"I know he needs you. We all need each other. If you have no one left to count in this world, you'll be lonely..." Gracia yawned, starting to doze back into her light slumber.
But don't you see? I already am lonely....

~Nobunaga~ Province #30 Kii

Nobunaga was preparing the men for the massacre that will happen this afternoon. Lucia still had not come, and so her people were going to die because of it. Nobunaga did not care about the lives that were just about to crumble.
Soon, two of Nobunaga's most loyal men came into the room. One was a tall man with brown hair and glasses, which was Kojuro. The other one was a swordsman, and his name was Ranmaru.
"My lord, I bring good news to you. Sorin of the Otomo clan has been slain. We can now invade and take the land over now that there is no lord there," Kojuro said as he bowed to Nobunaga.
"That is good news indeed. We were planning on taking the Otomo land anyways after our alliance with the Azai. But now that we can just come in and take it without their help, they will help us guard it. I would like you to go take it as quickly as you possibly can. I will provide you with an army."
"Yes sir. I will inform you once operation is complete," Kojuro nodded, "However, I have failed to obtain the Date land. And I have some news regarding Oichi, your sister," Kojuro said, and Nobunaga nodded for him to go on, "Oichi has married the one-eyed fool."
"What?!" Nobunaga's voice echoed throughout the castle, "My sister has married a Date? The Date are a disgrace! They deserve to be spat at and stepped all over!"
"But do not worry sir, we will attempt to locate her once we take Bungo," Kojuro replied with a calm tone, adjusting his glasses.
"I have more news regarding Oichi. Noh, your wife, has set out. She believes a spy has located her aboard Kraken's ship."
"Kraken? I would murder that pirate in a second! I wish to see his demise. I applaud my beautiful wife for her excellent work," Nobunaga uttered.
"Will we go through with the alliance with the Azai, sir? They are getting agitated that she has not arrived, and have even murdered Motonari Mori. They believed that fool had her, but he did not. His son has disappeared, so we do not know if he is a corpse or not," Ranmaru told him.
"Absolutely. We will retrieve her back and she will be remarried to Nagamasa. I want her personally brought back to me once she is found. That is an order."
"Yes sir. I will make sure if I find her, she will come back to you unharmed," Kojuro nodded.
"What about Gracia?" Ranmaru asked, "I wish to marry her."
"Well, you may want to ask Mitsuhide about that. She isn't my daughter. But we still may need her to make a possible alliance with another clan. So she will stay here under the Oda for now. You two are dismissed now. I have some business to be attending to."

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~Masamune - Providence 27 to Providence 4 - On the road~

Masamune was in the middle of the Iyokono providences when night fell. He was sure to avoid any contact with people in towns or on the road. Lusa started to show signs of tiring out, so he took a break by a stream. Masamune decided to look up at the stars.

Many constellations dotted the sky. When Kojuro and him were kids, Kojuro taught Masamune all the constellations. Why did those days have to end. Kojuro, why did you turn? One constellation caught his eye, it was Gemini. The twins the work together as one. Is Hanbei really my brother? No, he denies it, it can't be true..or is it. Whatever it is, it is my duty to protect my family. Masamune looks away, My life is crumbling before by eyes. Lusa nuzzles her nose on Masamune's head, letting him know that she is ready. He gets up and travels along for the rest of the night.

-After a long night of traveling, he reaches Providence 4 (Mostly to make the story move along faster)-

Masamune neared a familiar town and castle. The people were very happy and surprised that Masamune returned alone. He gathered the people in front of the castle and dismounted his horse. "Fear not people, for your lord has returned safely. I have to inform you now that Kojuro, our former strategist, is now an enemy. We must be weary of him and attack him if he nears our town." Masamune choked on the words. The people muttered to themselves as Masamune entered the castle gates into the courtyard.

A familiar stable lady takes his horse and says, "I haven't seen your wife in a while. After Magoichi and those Kraken cutthroats came to visit, at least."

"Wait..what?! My wife is missing!" Masamune yelled, stunned. No, this can't be happening! Not her too!! Masamune stormed into the castle. He vigorously searched for the familiar pink outfit of Oichi. She was no where to be found. The bed in their room seemed to be untouched. Masamune placed his hat on the nightstand in his room and sat on the bed. I have to straighten my life out. First Kojuro, then Shigeharu, and now Oichi. Do the fates hate me that much? Is this karma for my father?

A maid comes in and breaks Masamune's train of thought. "Oh, I was sent in to see if you got injured on your travels." She said as she bowed to her lord. "I brought some first aid for you."

"Ah, yea I did. I got shot in the side."
Masamune said, taking off his coat and armor. His undergarments were stained red with his blood. The maid fixes up his wound and then departs. He climbs into his empty bed and tries to get some rest from the never ending chaos.

~Kojuro - Providence 30 - Castle~

Kojuro beckons Ranmaru to follow him, "Come on, let's see if we can catch a ship. We are in a providence by the ocean." Ranmaru, looking slightly disappointed by Nobuaga's answer, followed.

As the two walked out of the castle and into the town, Ranmaru rambled on. "I want Gracia's hand in marriage. I really do love her. I just fear for her safety. She always wanted to see the world. I want to be the one to show her the world."

Kojuro listened, "Well, I'm sure you can see her after we take the Otomo providences. I just hope to arrive there before Hanbei does. I believe that would be the place where he would go first." They neared the harbor, which was busy with activity.

Ranmaru went ahead and rented a speed vessel for the two. The sailor warned them not to head towards Tachibana territory because some Oda ships went there for a full out assault on Kraken. "We understand, thank you for that info." Ranmaru said as he paid the man.

The two set off. Kojuro pulled out his flute and started to play it to pass the time on the boat. Ranmaru just looked out to the ocean, deep in thought.
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-Battle of the Red Sea- Part 2 (outside providence 23)

Aboard the Oda vessel
*Magoichi, Crow, Indigo, Rinku, and Oichi*

Magoichi looks in all directions as her men and friends land on the platform next to her. The Leviathan breaks off in a quick jerk making her lose her balance for but a moment. She see’s Rinku and Indigo already moving their way towards the captains wheel while Crow makes a line drive slashing at all Oda soldiers paths towards the stairwell down to the lower deck.

Indigo: “Lady Crow, where are you going, Magoichi needs to make it to the wheel!”

Crow: “You have your orders and I have mine!”

Indigo looks at Rinku and shrugs in acceptance before dodging an enemy blade. The two continue slashing a path to the helm.

Magoichi looks about for the enemy captain she saw earlier but cannot find him. At the helm is just an officer holding the reigns. With a quick bullet from her pistol the officer falls against the wheel spinning it aggressively. Magoichi walks against the panic and upheaval as the ship lurches towards the left in a violent turn. As Oda soldiers tumble past she fires careful shots into the legs of soldiers trying to regain balance, bringing them to the ground in defeat. Those that did not learn the lesson to stay down receive another bullet so they stay down permanently.

Magoichi: “This is almost to sad. I mean, I almost feel mean for taking this ship so easily… but I’ll get over it.”

Oda Captain: “You Saika. Dirty peasants dragging nothing but dirt and debris across the clean floors of the Oda legacy.”

The Oda Captain appears almost from nothing, his voice gruff and low. He holds a dead Saika soldier and Kraken pirate in his hands, raising their corpses upwards towards the morning sun. Magoichi turns to face her foe, with a glean of excitement in her eyes. She sees the girth of the man firsthand and realizes it may take more than a bullet to drop this bear sized man. She readies her hand over one of her firearms, in a standoff position ready to draw. Enemies and Allies seem to stay clear as the two eye each other from the short distance between them.


Below deck Crow cuts through any soldier that gets in her way, Naginatas cut into her skin as she makes foolish moves trying to keep her speed. While her wounds are light, the ones she leaves the soldiers with are not so shallow. Sliced achilles, slit throats, and broken limbs laid men incapacitated or dead. A shot rings out as Crows body jerks backwards. She looks back up to face a surprised soldier holding a smoking gun. He quickly backs up to pull his sword but is met with a blade through his throat before he could scream. Crow looks at her shoulder, the bullet wound bleeding profusely.

Crow stops for a moment but hears something around the corner. Something that infuriates her. Rushing ahead she hears Nohime’s voice, commanding someone around. With a quick sprint down the corridor she turns to see Nohime trying to force Oichi into a room while pulling her hair tight and holding a clawed finger to her cheek. Nohime turns to catch a look from Crow, she drops Oichi and kicks her into the room before looking back at Crow who has now begun a slow walk in her direction.

Nohime: “Stupid girl doesn’t know whats best for her, doesn’t realize her lot in life is to be a cattle sold to the highest bidder. Seems my day is full of stupid girls who don’t know their roles.”

Crow hesitates for a moment, she thinks of what to say. So many thoughts running through her head, she opens her mouth to speak but stops. Past conversations with Kraken return to her. He always told her to look at the bight side of things, to have fun and remain calm. All she can picture now is Kraken in a coffin, laughing as they sealed it up. A creepy smile spreads across her face as she looks at Nohime, the one who tried to pry Kraken from her.

Crow: ”Whats the difference between you and a pile of onions?”

Nohime: “What kind of stupid question is that? I killed Kraken, I destroyed the one thing that kept your ragtag army together? Thats the question you ask? Really what is the answer then if it’s so important to you?”

Crow:”I won’t cry when I’m cutting you up!!!”

Crow screams like a banshee as she bursts towards Nohime who jumps back in shock of the sudden sound and movement. Crow presses the levers on her wrists bringing the blades out while Nohime throws her hands to the ground allowing her large claws to sink out.

-Aboard the Leviathan-
*Kraken, Whisper*

Kraken sets his eyes on the vessels ahead, as his crew work hard to prepare everything commanded earlier. Kraken looks through his sights to see a panicked Oda vessel trying to raise sails. He smiles knowing it is far too late. The pain in his chest is traded with pride. He looks over his vessel as the last of the Oda soldiers are dealt with. A Saika officer approaches him with a worried look.

Saika Officer: “There is no way will win this fight, the Leviathan will sink with the Oda vessel and leave our Lady with no aid, I beg you change course.”

Kraken: “Have faith my friend, it will work. Whisper, launch the red smoke... ”

The Saika officer begins to speak again when Whisper places a gentle hand on his lips, she nods towards Kraken who steps forward from the helm to address all the men aboard his vessel. He inhales and coughs one more time before releasing his booming voice across the deck.

Kraken: "I know you have your doubts, hell I have some as well. I need you to understand. Today we don’t fight for ourselves, for Magoichi or Crow or anyone else here. We fight for Japan, for our families, our children. We fight so they don’t have to. I don’t know whats going to happen, I can only dream. But if we are destined to sink today then we will sink, but I will stand till that moment."

Kraken looks over the crew eyeing each other some more frightened than others.

Kraken: “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. I’m going to keep moving, I may die, but you can count on my soul to keep moving forward. I will not let our Japan die today, and neither should you. We need to just keep moving forward.”

The Leviathan enters its final distance, the point of no return. The men on the Oda ship panic, some jump overboard. The rallies and cries of the men aboard the Leviathan sink the guts of the Oda captains and men. They know the hell that is about to befall them and get a sight at something that they have not seen in most men they fought before… hope.
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~Hanbei and Gracia~ Province #30 Kii - Harbor
Hanbei and Gracia rode along until it was nearing dawn. They reached the harbor in no time, but Hanbei noticed an Oda ship was leaving and heading in the direction of Bungo.
Are they really going in that direction...I have to find a way to beat them there if they are!
Hanbei noticed a group of merchants. They were selling a variety of goods such as fruits, jewelery and clothes, but Hanbei was more concerned about their ship. Hanbei approached them.
"Listen! I will pay you- just let me use this ship!" Hanbei hastily exclaimed, "I need to get to Bungo- now!"
"Whoa, we just don't let any ragamuffin 'round here just take control of our ship. We're a buisness- now are gonna buy something or what?" The merchant lady replied.
"I'll buy something too, whatever! Please, I need to go to Bungo!"
The boys that were carrying the merchandise looked up from what they were doing. Among them, Takakage, the son of Motonari Mori, stepped up.
"Aren't you Takakage, Motonari's son? Please! I don't believe we have formally met, but my name is Hanbei- Hanbei Takenaka. It's important that I make it back to Bungo, because Sorin has been murdered!"
"Murdered? So has my father...the Azai have taken over," Takakage looked like he was about to cry, "Did the Azai go for him too?"
"No, no! Worse- Kojuro! Now let's go!"
"Wait a minute? Kojuro? Isn't that the little one-eyed guy's strategist? I don't know, or maybe it was Ieyasu," one of the boys replied.
"Kojuro is evil, news flash- now please! Let me have this ship!"
"Shigeharu is in a hurry, he needs to borrow your ship! Please let us use it, we'll take extra good care of it!" Gracia excitedly exclaimed.
"It's Hanbei," Hanbei muttered, face-palming.
"Maybe I can consider it- if you pay a hefty price. Or at least do what I want," The lady said, crossing her arms.
"What do you want?" Hanbei sighed.
"Well, you two strategists from what I know are in your books too much. So I want you both to invite me to your weddings, ya hear? You can't find love on a piece of paper. You both need to settle down after this war. I went to Masamune's, and he's a happy guy now! I want you both to be happily married too!" 
"Since when did this deal include me too?!" Takakage said with surprised.
"Ever since you decided to board my ship. Now, let's go!" The merchant lady exclaimed, "The name's Kimiko!"
"Yea, let's go- save the introduction for later!"
"B.....but....we just finished...."
"No slacking! Let's roll!" Kimiko said, and soon they were on their way to Bungo.
I'm not doing what this random lady says. My only intention is to sleep my days away once this war is settled. As long as she thinks I'm going to go through with it, I'm good.

Nobunaga is traveling at this point in time.
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Long, but it anything, read Kojuro's part Wink

~Masamune - Providence 4 - Castle~

Masamune awoke with the sun gleaming on his eye. He groaned and got ready for the day. His side was still stiff and sore from all the traveling and the wound. He put on his casual clothes and left his room.

"Good morning, Lord Masamune!"
A maid said as she walked by. "Planning on going anywhere today? Oh, and I have some news, Kraken's ship is in a full out war with some Oda vessels. A spy reported that to me this morning."

"A full out war, eh?"
Masamune said. What if Oichi is aboard the Leviathan? I'm just too weak and tired to engage in another battle, dang it! "We will take no major part in this battle. I will take a small army over to Tachibana territory when I hear of the news dying down."

"Okay, Can I get you anything, then? Oh, and the Mori were defeated by the Azai. Motonari is dead and his son is missing.."
the maid asked, bowing.

"Just some breakfast would be nice. That old man finally croaked? Well, we have no influence on that outcome, so we will just make a mental note of that."
Masamune said as he looked out the window. I have no strategist, and I'm falling apart mentally inside. I have to stay strong, for everyone. A few minutes later, the maid came back to say breakfast was ready. Masamune went to go eat with heavy thoughts.

~Kojuro - Traveling to Bungo (56) - Boat~

Kojuro and Ranmaru traveled quickly and swiftly through the ocean. The weather was great, with not a cloud in the sky. The waves were calm and smooth. They arrived at Bungo later that.

"It appears we have arrived." Kojuro said, adjusting his glasses. He put his flute away safely in his coat.

"Should we sent the troops out?" Ranmaru asked.


"Why not? This is our chance to take it since you killed that Otomo kid." Ranmaru raised an eyebrow.

"I still have some business here in Bungo. Taking it now would be too easy. Plus, I just want to make Shigeharu suffer. Terumune ruined my family's life. Now it's time for revenge on his family." Kojuro said, making a fist.

My mother was so ill she couldn't work. They killed her because she was too weak. I can't let that monster's legacy linger here any longer. I must make them suffer as much as I can, too, to avenge my family and everyone else oppressed by Terumune.

"So, do you think that Hanbei-kid that you are so worried about got here yet?"
Ranmaru broke Kojuro's line of thoughts.

"I don't know. But, I don't think so. There would of been some huge ceremony to welcome his return." Kojuro said calmly. "I don't see any confetti around here. C'mon, let's go in town to figure out the true state of the castle." The two depart from the ship, leaving the troops to tend to it. As they are walking through the pearly white town, Kojuro recognizes a face through the crowd.

"Oh hello Kojuro! How's my nephew, Masamune, doing? Is he well?"
Lilly, said walking up calmly. A man walked closely behind Lilly.

"He's doing well. He got married to Oichi." Kojuro said, biting back any crude remarks.

"Oh, that's wonderful that he finally settled down with a nice young lady!"
Lilly clapped her hands together. "If you were wondering, this is my husband, Tamaki Takenaka! Isn't he a sweetie pie?"

These are surely Hanbei's parents. Or should I say foster parents... "Nice to meet you Mr. Takenaka. I bet you are wondering where your son, Shigeharu, is now, correct?" Kojuro adjusted his glasses, again.

"Shigeharu, that's..that's my son. He died in the fire that Terumune set off. I wanted to strangle that Date fool after that. I finally cornered him in the battle of Oshu, to get my revenge for killing my son. He was a born genius and I was so proud of him. A father would not have been any prouder to have son like him and he was taken away from me."
Tamaki turned away, tears falling to the ground.

Oh, so this is Terumune's killer? Interesting. A mere farmer caused his demise. Terumune must of pissed off one too many people. I'm sure Tamaki is going to love this news. "What if I told you Shigeharu was still alive?" Kojuro said.

"Wait just a minute? Where are you going with all of this? It's nice we now know Masamune's Aunt and Uncle, but this does not help us find the status of the castle!"
Ranmaru sounded irritated.

"Ah, shush up Ranmaru. I think every father deserves to know where his son is and what his son is doing." Kojuro said, "Now, what if I tell you your son was in the ranks of Sorin Otomo?"

"Really? He went that far? I'm so proud of him! Where is he?"
Tamaki said, brushing away tears, "I really just want to return home so we can be one big happy family! We built a new farm and everything. It was a new life without any influence from Terumune. We are happy."

Well, time to break the old man's heart. "Here is the good news, he is alive and well. But, I more to share. He is really a Date. Terumune's second son."

"What?! That's not true. He's our son! Tamaki even watched me give birth to him!"
Lilly argued with Kojuro.

"Oh really? I thought you said Shigeharu was Rose's second son. Remember our conversation back in Echigo?" Kojuro said, smirking.

"Well, ummm I never said such a thing!"
Lilly said, obviously lying.

"Then you lied to your nephew them. You gave him false hope. You made him think he was part of such a nice, kind farm family. You are just a family full of prideful liars." Kojuro argued back.

"I watched Shigeharu be born with my very eyes. Take you and your lies and leave."
Tamaki said.

"Did you forget your wife had a twin sister named Rose? An identical twin sister to be exact. How do you know they didn't switch places on you? Was Lilly ever round enough when she told you she was pregnant? Maybe it was Rose? Or it could of been Lilly? You'll never know." Kojuro said, his smirk getting bigger and bigger.

"Honey, I swear I never meant to lie to you, I swear, I love him as if he was my own. We had to switch places, just for the pregnancy. We wanted him to have a normal life, with a mother and a father, the right father. We knew we couldn't have given the same to Masamune, and rose cried about that every night. She just wanted the best for him, but he was stuck with a total monster." Lilly said, confessed everything with tears.

Tamaki instantly raised his fists and punched Lilly in the face. She fell down to the ground, crying. Kojuro turned to leave, knowing he had done enough damage. "Shigeharu will most likely make an appearance in the next few days. There, you will be able to reunited with your 'son' if you wish. You can also check his ankle for the Date birthmark, if you believe I'm lying."

~Takakage - Traveling on the sea to Bungo - Boat~

Me? Getting married? I have had no time to think about such petty matters. Does this lady even know what I've been through? My father is dead and I have no home. Taka sighed. He looked out to sea. The seagulls seem to be guiding the way for the ship. Kimiko approached Taka.

"So, Taka MORI, tell me more about being a strategist. Hanbei over there is grumpy."
Kimiko said. She leaned against the side of the boat.

"Well, it's not as easy as it looks. You have to think of all possible outcomes and make sure your army is fit and ready to go. You can't get caught up with friends in war. My best friend was on the last battlefield...He offered me a place with the Azai, but I couldn't accept.."
Taka looked into the ocean.

"Well, sounds hard. You could always become a merchant, bookworm!"
Kimiko jokingly said.

"Ah, I don't think I'm meant for that. I'm too smart to be a merchant, no offense."
Taka said.

"That's alright, no offense taken!"
Kimiko said as she walked off.

The boat sailed smoothly through the ocean. The Bungo harbor gleamed in the distance. The pearly white town reflected off the sun. The merchant boat slowly stopped in the harbor and put the plank down to get to the docks. Hanbei instantly ran off, yelling, "I have some business to take care of!"

"Wait! Wow, that stinker got away."
Kimiko said, puffing out her face. "What about you, Taka? We are probably going to set up shop. This place is teaming with riches always, even though we were just here."

"Well, I'm probably going to find Hanbei. I'm interested in what he is going to do. Also, I wanted to talk strategies with him.."
Taka said. He walked more slowly to the docks. He headed into the town, looking for the short strategist.

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I think I got you beat on length Seek, also poor wifeless Masamune, such inner torment. Tell the man to smile more often.

-Battle of the Red Sea- Part 3 (outside providence 23)

Aboard the Leviathan
*Kraken, Whisper, and Lady Hayakawa*

Kraken gives the final order… brace for impact, evacuate the front part of the ship. His crew grasp what they can; netting, rails, each other. Some step away from their spots to welcome Saika soldiers for better safer positions. Kraken holds the wheel strong and sees the site of all his people joining together, no longer two factions aboard his vessel. Whisper moves behind him, moving her hands around both sides of him to grasp the wheel, trapping him between her and the helm. She speaks softly in his ear.

Whisper: “If you lose your grip, I promise I won’t. Now look towards your men, fore they are looking to you.”

Kraken summons one more gust of air, his chest ready to explode in agony, inside he feels something soft grinding against something hard, he feels like a barrel with a hole in it. The pain is excruciating; but the faces of his crew, the Cutthroats and the soldiers remind him what he’s standing for still.

Kraken: ”We stand together, united. Once we cleave through this ship, we will not rest, hesitate or slow. I will bring the weight of what is left of the Leviathan into the next ship, and we will fight for everything we have, everything we are, and everything we will be. We either show the Oda we are nothing to trifle at… or we sink to the bottom of the sea. No matter the outcome, I couldn’t imagine a finer crew being at my side as you all are today.”

Kraken feels his legs begin to shake and give out. He begins to sway but a moment before Whisper moves her hands higher up, bracing both his weight and the wheel against her. Again she speaks softly.

Whisper: “You will not fall, you will not die, not with me by your side.”

The Leviathan rumbles forward, parting waves in great tides, its speed with the wind makes the strongest willed man aboard the Oda vessel sweat. They have moved since they realized Krakens plan, but he has kept them in his sights. The second Oda vessel has moved further away, making a U turn it will be on the Starboard (right side). The other Oda vessel under attack by Magoichi sails slowly towards the struggle. Kraken shouts on last command before the Leviathan’s Bow (front side) plows into the Oda’s Port (left side).

Kraken: “Hold Fast!!! Impact!!!”

The Leviathan’s front tears apart immediately impacting the Oda Atakubune’s metal sides, but then something gives after about 2 feet in. The metal bends and finally tears, the wood underneath is nothing to the Leviathans craftsmanship and speed. Like a hot knife through butter or Magoichi going through a bottle of sake. The Oda vessel rips down the center. The Leviathan tearing along the way, years of craftsmanship and decor is lost in moments. A few brave Oda men jump from their vessel attempting to climb the sides of the larger vessel. Sadly most of them have their poor bodies bashed against masts and rails leaving them quite dead. The few who make it onto the deck are met with Saika firearms. The saika use the remaining rail guns to take out men as they cut through the ship. Those without braces have pirates hold them in place while they take aim with the bumpy deck not allowing normal standing. A few Cutthroats toss explosive bombs of the sides to cause more damage and allow the Leviathan to easily continue.

Below deck Oda men charge in the gaping holes left from the initial impact, while people flee the lower decks to escape the oncoming the men and woman tasked with the lower defenses meet the attack head on. The clash of steel and gunfire can be heard echoing through the Leviathans many decks. Suddenly Oda men gush forth onto the upper deck from the stairwell. Kraken tries to move but Whisper holds him firm.

Whisper:”We need you at the wheel, there is nothing you can do right now that is more important then getting us through this and to the next vessel.”

Kraken: “but…Fine! Then you go help them, I’ll hold the helm.”

Whisper pulls her hands and nods, she jumps down the platform and runs towards the nearest unit unleashing death amongst the chaos and upheaval.

The Leviathan finishes its final breech and upon exiting the Starboard (right side) of the Oda vessel the ship returns to normal balance. A slight tug can be felt in the front from the lower decks all being ruptured and allowing water to flood. Kraken wonders of the safety of all his men but realizes that he cannot focus on the needs of the few when everything is at stake. He grasps the wheel and begins the line drive towards the last Oda vessel. Behind him the burning Oda vessel slowly descends to the bottom of the sea, on fire and broken in two.

A voice calls out behind him, breaking his concentration. Amongst everything he discerns the familiar female tone.

Lady Hayakawa: “Kraken, how far you have fallen.”

Kraken turns to face the slightly ruffled Hojo child. She holds a blood stained sword of an Oda solider and points it at him. Kraken coughs a few times and waves his hand in an odd gesture before speaking.

Kraken: “Lady Hayakawa, I’m pleased to see you are safe. I have a feeling we are going to talk about things now even with all that is going on.”

Lady Hayakawa: “Talk, we are ending this now. You killed my father, and for that I have to have vengeance, now raise your blade.”

Kraken looks the girl up and down, her shaking and shivering reveals her inner emotions. Kraken draws his blade and drops it in front of her again making the same hand odd hand gesture.

Lady Hayakawa: “Pick it up, I won’t give you another chance.”

Kraken: “I never asked you to. What I ask now is that you let me finish what I started. If you still wish to kill me then you can quite clearly see, all you need to do is force the blade stuck in my chest a few more inches.”

She lowers her blade and moves up to Kraken directly, placing a hand on the blades hilt she feels the connection with Kraken immediately, his life pulsing in her blood stained hands. Kraken grunts in pain as the mere pressure squeezes his breath from him, he raises his hand repeating the same off hand gesture.

Lady Hayakawa: “I hate you for who you are…”

Kraken: “If I could do it over again, I do not know if I would change anything. I cannot apologize enough to you, but I cannot lie to you either. I made a call and am suffering for it, yet…”

Lady Hayakawa: “Stop! I was saying… I hate you for who you are. Not because you killed my father, but because you stand ready to die for your beliefs. In the midst of everything, you keep hope burning, you keep talking, rationalizing, trying to find an answer. An answer that many others never find, including my father.”

Lady Hayakawa grips the blade fiercely, placing her other hand on Krakens chest she pulls with all her might. Blood shoots from the wound as Kraken can feel great amounts of pain. He drops to his knees, but feels a weight lifted from him, he can breathe once again without burden. Lady Hayakawa bends down and removes her red ribbon and blue wrap from her shoulders and neck. She bunches the blue piece of cloth into a ball and shoves it into Krakens exposed wound. She then wraps the ribbon around to hold it in place. Whisper appears behind her as if out of nowhere and aids with the process.

Lady Hayakawa: “Where did you come from?”

Whisper: “I’ve been here to whole time, I just was waved off until now.”

Lady Hayakawa turns angrily towards Kraken, she grabs his shoulders raising him from the ground.

Lady Hayakawa: “You were playing with me then, why not kill me when I raised my blade.”

Kraken: “Because I saw what you were struggling with, what you felt. I figured I had good odds you could see my side. I’ve always been a gambling man.”

Kraken moves quickly and grabs the wheel, throwing it heavily in one direction.

Kraken: “Almost missed our chance. Brace for Impact!!!”

Aboard the Oda vessel
*Magoichi, Crow, Indigo, Rinku, and Oichi*

Crow and Nohime collide below deck in a sea of claws and blades, the two fight seamlessly with each other, neither one able to land a direct blow. They work their way throughout the halls, whenever a soldier became involved they became sandwiched between the two either sliced in half by Crow or used as a shield by Nohime. They make their ways to the stairwell returning towards the deck, Nohime jumps up first on the steps. Laughing she draws a small bomb form her sleeve, dropping it at her feet then leaping back to the upper deck.

Crow places all her pressure and weight on the wall next to her and leaps between the walls past the bomb, up high enough that when it detonates she is blasted up over Nohime. Landing on the upper deck like a cat, she turns and raises her gaze at Nohime, pointing her blade directly at her, challenging her with a beckoning finger. Nohime screams as she clashes claws with the blades and the two dance across the floor, tears appearing in clothing and superficial wounds but nothing major. A clash of titans and neither can best the other.

Magoichi and the giant Oda officer stare each other down, until a large rumble in the tides throws them both off. Mahgoichi looks out to the sea at the moment the Leviathan collides with the Oda vessel, fires breaking out and red smoke trailing off of the Leviathan.

Magoichi: “No more time I guess, no more playing with stupid people.”

The giant officer grunts loudly as he throws the two bodies he held at her and jumps slamming his massive hands down at the spot she once stood. Magoihci ends her defensive spin and drops her body, kicking one of her legs out to the side. The officer tries to plant a hit on her but his fist flies just over her head. She kicks back into a roll, firing a single shot into the bare spot on the officers wrist as she rolls by. While the officer stands shaking his injured hand Magoichi raises her two pistols, firing in succession as she walks her way towards the officer. Each hit sending him back in recoil. Some clink off armor, some make holes in his chest. Sending him down on his back.

Magoichi walks over and points the gun at the mans body, firing another shot for good measure she walks by towards the wheel. Suddenly something grabs her ankle and throws her in a wide arc across the deck. The officer begins to get to his feet again, with a low growl.

Oda Officier: “If I couldn’t handle tiny pricks like you I wouldn’t have become the man I am. Now I’m gonna break you in half and fly you as a flag, and I’m gonna go real slow so I can enjoy every moment with your body.”

He rushes over towards the Magoichi but she kicks herself against a wall and uses it to launch herself between the feet of the giant. Aiming up at certain vulnerable point on the male body she smiles before firing another volley of shots. The giant lurches forward with a small squeal of defeat and horrendous pain before landing flat on his face. Magoichi gets to her face wiping the blood off it in disgust.

Magoichi: "What was that about tiny pricks now… oh wait you can't answer that, your dead.  Stay down big boy."

Magoichi walks back towards the wheel reaching for her bottle of sake from her hip, she raises it towards her lips before she realizes it’s still broken with a sigh she grasps the wheel and spins it towards the Leviathan.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2015 11:29 am

~Hanbei~ Province #56 Bungo
Hanbei hastily left the merchant ship and made his way through the town. As he passed by, people gave him odd looks for going so fast. He noticed there was a circle of people beginning to form around some kind of scene. He heard the noise of a sobbing woman and the yelling of many people. Unable to investigate, Hanbei continued on his way. I don't see any Oda here yet- that's good. I need to tell the guards to heighten up the defenses because I know they're gonna come. The Oda would never leave an empty province unclaimed.
When he made it up to the pearly white castle, he busted the doors open. The people inside looked at him with a startled look.
"Hanbei, are you alright?" a maid looked up from cleaning a window, "You look pale. Are you ill?"
"Where's lord Sorin? Has he returned yet? He went looking for you, and that was the last we saw of him," an adviser explained.
"Lord dead!" Hanbei's voice boomed throughout the castle. immediately, the maid and a few others burst into tears. They had now lost their lord, leader, and the one who kept the people having hope for the future. Sorin may have been an extremely selfish person, but he kept the place in order. He was young, and he has no heir. Now the land of the Otomo would be in question of who would take over.
There was now whispering among the people in the castle. No one knew what to do next. One of the advisers looked to Hanbei for an order on what to do. I'm not the leader! I'm just an adviser like you....being the leader of a land with people is a huge responsibility.
"Well, the bad part is one among the Oda ranks has killed him. So we have to immediately prepare the castle for war. Now isn't the time to discuss the best strategy, just do as I say and the castle should be fine. I thought this through as I was getting here on that ship. There's an Oda ship coming here, probably with an army, so we need to prepare with haste. Triple the amount of guards patrolling the borders of every city and town; Get the best mages we got to be on the front line of our army we send out, and to stay here inside the castle. It also won't hurt to have our best foot soldiers added to that too. Make sure that huge army we're going to conjure goes and stands waiting for the Oda army outside this town. They'll come straight for the capitol. Now go do it!" Hanbei ordered, and no one argued with him. Hanbei then made his way out to the balcony that looked over the capitol city. He grabbed two random foot soldiers to come with him out, to make sure that no one suspicious in the crowd would live. He told them both to find a pistol and come back, and shoot anyone that looks like an Oda. They nodded and both came back with guns.
As the madness started and the guards moved about, the people had panicked looks on their face. They looked up towards Hanbei for an answer to why their homeland was preparing for a war.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to inform you that Lord Sorin is dead! The Oda, the most feared army in all of the land, is heading here! We cannot give in to them; we will show them what we got or die trying! They are expecting this province to be unprotected, but we are not. We the advisers have just ordered the guards to get to their stations and protect our beautiful castle. I am one of Sorin's underlings, a scholar and an adviser, and I assure you that we are doing the best we can to make sure we do not become Oda land. We won't let the Oda just come here and take us; we'll beckon them to come with a warm welcoming of our blades! Now, join me and fight the Oda if you've the got the heart and the spirit of one against the Oda!" The crowd cheered, rushing to grab their pikes and shovels to stand against the Oda warriors.
Suddenly, the crowd died instantly as a gunshot went off. People looked around to see if someone was hurt. No one was, there was just a familiar man holding a gun raised to the sky to get everyone's attention. He adjusted his glasses and stepped up through the crowd. The people, fearful of this man holding a gun, a weapon they did not posses, let him push through.
"Kojuro....." Hanbei muttered, "Shoot him! Shoot him now!" Hanbei ordered the guards, and they raised their guns to point at him. So he is here...and the Oda army is probably going to come right from behind him!
"I assure you do not want to commit treason against your the Otomo. After all, you've already dug yourself a hole by giving these orders. Stop acting like the hero and show your true colors already. If you shoot me, you've just proved yourself to be a monster who will shoot anyone that opposes you. Just like your father," Kojuro smirked.
"My father was a good man who earned his living on a farm. I do not know what you are speaking about. Now, people leave this land Kojuro. I know you have an army coming from behind, and I will not hesitate to kill you. You are an enemy! Everyone, this is the man who killed Lord Sorin! I saw it with my own eyes!" Hanbei yelled, and the crowd started to get rambunctious, "I can't believe you did me the favor and came straight to this land. Now I can kill you easily once you give the order to your army to attack us. How thoughtful of you."
"Ladies and Gentleman, I believe this little pest is lying to you all. He isn't working for the Otomo, and he's lying through his teeth. He's lied to all of you. Now let me prove it," Kojuro stepped forward, "I will show you the truth. I want you to answer one question. What is your name?"
"What kind of a question is that? It's Hanbei. Everyone knows that. And if you want to be exact, I'm Hanbei Takenaka," Hanbei raised his weapon, Northern Cross, ready in case Kojuro shot at him. But surprisingly, the man kept his gun down. What's he playing at? Why won't he order his Oda army to come and kill us all already?
"Very...interesting. I thought your first name was Shigeharu," Kojuro said and Hanbei cringed, "Using a nickname is very clever. While you are indeed neither wrong nor correct, you have just lied to all of these people. Your whole life is a lie. If you shoot me, you'll just prove to everyone that you'll kill anyone that knows who you are to cover up the evidence of what you are trying to achieve."
"I am trying to achieve the safety of these people," Hanbei said, "And I know you are with the Oda. Now leave before I give the command to shoot."
"Oh, but you won't. Deep inside, we all know you are scared. Ladies and gentlemen, what if I told you that this was a descendant of Terumune? Would you all be afraid to stand next to him? I think so. This is the next tyrant. If you don't believe me, check his ankle," Kojuro smirked knowing Hanbei had just fell into his trap, "If you run we all know you are lying. And if you don't and what I say has proved to be true, then you have also lied. How do these good people know you didn't kill Sorin and try to put the blame on the Oda? How do they know there's even an Oda ship coming? Who says they have to believe you? What if everything you say is proved to be false, and everything I say is proved to be true...there's no strategy you can write then to cover up your lies. The truth is always visible once it is clearly seen."
Hanbei stared back, starting to back up. Who is this monster?! Why is does exist?! He's ruining my life...I get it now. Kojuro must have an army somewhere, but he will not give the command if he doesn't have to. He's trying to win the trust of these people while making them lose faith in the Otomo. That way, he can declare the Oda will never lie to these people and he can take it over with ease. It's a game, and right now I'm on the losing side. I thought getting here first would work in my favor, but I never counted on this...
"Here's what I have to comment on Terumune," Hanbei smiled, "If you are loyal to your country, does it matter where you are from?
Hanbei then pulled a pocket knife from one of the guards, and put it against his ankle.
To Hell with Terumune!
But Hanbei was unable to cut himself.
A tear fell down from his face.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 7 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 12, 2015 4:09 pm

~Masamune - Providence 4 - Castle~

After breakfast was finished, Masamune decided to start drafting the plan to take back Oshu, the plan that was supposed to be written way before Kojuro turned. He settled down in the strategist's room, full of past plans and plans that never saw the light of day.

Grabbing a fresh piece of paper and a brush, he was ready to start. Better start living again, can't be a slug forever. This shouldn't be too hard. I've seen Kojuro do this millions of times. All I need is a quick strategy to show how much the Date have grown from their demise. He quickly pulled out of map of Japan and traces the lines of Oshu. The castle was near the middle-top area of Oshu, safe from the harsh winter winds and from perilous attacks. He blotted a few dots on the map. What am I doing? I can't write a strategy!

Masamune sighed and put the brush down. Right now, his map looked like a bunch of black dots in a weird looking fish. The same maid comes in, bowing, "Milord, someone is here. They request an audience with you."

"Well," Masamune said standing up, "Let's see who it is." He brushed past the maid and greeted the guest.

A familiar camo poncho catches his eye. "Hiya again!" Sasuke Saratobi smile. "I know what I said about never forgiving a Date, but you seem different than the rest, sparing my life back there."

"Wait, why is a ninja with such a high reputation come here to visit me? Don't you belong to the Fuma?"
Masamune replied, shocked.

"Well, the Fuma are almost complete desolated from that Kraken dude. I was only in the fight with you, however. I spied on how your land was run after taking it from us. Not to shabby for such thin resources. I can say that that land is thriving now. They have their own set of laws and their government isn't corrupt." Sasuke said, folding his arms.

"Well, of course I would expect it to thrive. I make sure to get reports occasionally to see what needs to be done there."
Masamune said, "Is this going anywhere, or are you just here to gloat about a province I took from ya?"

"Well, I was wondering if you needed a new ninja in your services? I know what the Date did to Kasuga, but I think I can forgive the new generations. You're nothing like Terumune."
Sasuke said, offering out a hand.

Well, that's a first. It seems that everyone compares me to my father. I have to prove to them that I'm not him. But, a ninja in my services? Can I trust him? He is well known however. I guess it would not hurt to see how well he performs. Masamune grabs the offered hand, shaking it. "You got yourself a deal. No funny business, however. I'm under a lot of stress right now."

"Ah, great. And I promise you the finest of services! Hey, where's your creepy henchman with the glasses?"
Sasuke asked with curiosity.

"He is not here right now, and probably is never coming back. He..he betrayed the Date."
Masamune said, looking at the ground.

"Such a shame, I guess. Well, you can only look to the future right?"
Sasuke tried to turn the mood around.

"I guess so. Well, I guess your first mission is to scout out the Tokugawa lands."
Masamune said, leaving out details.

"You got it, big boss!"
Sasuke said as he disappeared into the darkness.

~Kojuro - Providence 56 - In the Capitol City~

Kojuro smirked, "Now you try to cut the truth? How pitiful. That will bring you more pain, physical pain." Kojuro adjusted his glasses.

"Listen, what gives you any credibility to listen to this man?"
Hanbei looked at the crowd, "You're with the Oda, right?"

"Yes, I am with the Oda. I was just doing some research under the Date." Kojuro folded his arms.

"Research?! You were planning on MURDERING Masamune. It was more like an investigation on when to murder him." Hanbei spat back. "The only one who has betrayed his friend and country is you. We know that you are pretty much a resident of Date territory, yet you work for the Oda. Me, on the other hand, has been raised on Otomo land and is loyal to them for my whole entire life. You have no credibility here. Everyone knows that you are just trying to take this land without shedding a single drop of blood." Hanbei wiped his tears.

Kojuro adjusted his glasses again, smiling as someone rises next to him. It was Tamaki Takenaka. "Shigeharu, my son! Why did you lie to me? I was so proud of you and when I heard that you were under Sorin, I was even more proud. However, that monster from the Date striped all my pride away. He burned my home, took my living, and even my son now belongs to him. Death to the Date! You are no longer my son, I disown you!" Tamaki shouted above the noise in the crowd. Everyone fell silent after he had finished speaking, waiting to see how Hanbei would react.

"'re alive?! Is Mom alive, too? Wait, don't disown me! I didn't do anything. I never lied to you!"
Hanbei started to tear up. "Alright," turning to guards next to him, "I give you permission to shoot that man in the funky glasses."

"It is true that I am part of the Oda, but not everyone has to be from Oda land. Not everyone has to be from Otomo land, vise virsa. I have never betrayed the Oda as long as I pledged my services to them. You just blamed your problem on others, such as blaming me for the death of Sorin. Look at your own hands, they are a replica of Terumune's. You have no loyalty to your own people, how can you bare to even speak in front of them like this?" Kojuro glared directly at Hanbei.

"I did not murder him-"
Hanbei was cut off.

"Get that Date scum off our territory!" Kill him! Burn him! Death to Terumune and his children!"
outcries were heard in the crowd.

"If you want to fight the Date and and stay true to your beliefs, join the Oda. We will never lie to you. We will make your land prosperous for generations to come. The next generation won't even know who or what a Date was." Kojuro stood up on a barrel, elevating himself above the people. The people cried and rallied up with Kojuro, turning their backs on Hanbei. Even the soldiers ordered to shoot lowered their weapons. "You are now banished from this land. LEAVE NOW, or I will shoot you." Kojuro smiled at the wide-eyed strategist. I'd rather watch him suffer as much as I possibly can until I'm satisfied with this revenge. Then I'll kill him, and then he can find peace in hell.

The guards behind Hanbei grab him and throw him off the pearly white balcony shouting, "Death to Terumune and his children!" Hanbei caught himself in mid air with his Northern Cross and safely floated down. Then, Hanbei started to run, straight to the docks. My work here is done. This province of Bungo is ours. The biggest and most wealthy trading city in all of Japan.

~Takakage - Providence 56 - Harbor~
Let's rewind this a bit to see what our Mori friend is doing Very Happy

Taka was about to start running when something pushes him from behind. "I'm coming too! I wanna see Hanbei talk to the people! I also want to see Hanbei's home!" Gracia said, pushing Taka foward.

"Well okay then. Let's see this speech together."
Taka said, pushing Gracia to stand next to him. The two walk into two, which a lot of commotion was happening. A women fell to the ground, sobbing, in a ring of people. Who would treat anyone like that! Taka pushed his way through the ring to the woman's side.

"Are you alright, miss?"
He asked, helping her stand up. Blood was oozing out of a wound from her head.

She said as she bursted into tears, "My Shigeharu is in trouble!" Taka helped guide her to the nearest facility, which happened to be a motel. He told the lady that worked their to look after her, handing her a wad of coins from his pocket. Gracia watched with wide eyes.

"Look! Mr. Kojuro and Hanbei are arguing!"
She said, looking out the window.

Taka and Gracia pushed their way out of the motel and into the crowd that gathered underneath the castle. Hanbei was visible from the balcony with guards who flanked him. He seemed to be yelling about Terumune, the past Date ruler.

"Here's what I have to comment on Terumune,"
Hanbei smiled, "If you are loyal to your country, does it matter where you are from?" Hanbei seem to  grab a knife and held it at his ankle.

Taka looked to see who was responding. It was a tall man wearing a green coat with glasses. He smirked and replied, "Now you try to cut the truth? How pitiful. That will bring you more pain, physical pain."

The two men argued for a bit more and then a new face emerged from the crowd. He cried out, "Shigeharu, my son! Why did you lie to me? I was so proud of you and when I heard that you were under Sorin, I was even more proud. However, that monster from the Date striped all my pride away. He burned my home, took my living, and even my son now belongs to him. Death to the Date! You are no longer my son, I disown you!" Uh no, Hanbei! This is worse than death! Taka closed his eyes and took in the scene. The people around him seemed to start to get rowdy and loud. They were screaming things to lash out to the Date Clan.

"Gracia, we need to get out of this crowd. We should go to the docks where Kimiko and her brothers are. We'll be safer there." Taka said, grabbing Gracia's arm.

she looked sad. She then instantly jerked her hand away from Taka's grasp, "Is that Ran-chan? I have to talk to him about this!" She disappeared into the rowdy crowd. Taka sighed and made his way to the docks. The crowd seem to thin out when he got out of town square. He saw Kimiko and her brothers setting up their stand. Taka started to walk to them.
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I wanna say before anything goes on with this post is that: I am sorry for not posting, I've been working on a lot of things and have been busy with a lot of things which the most apparent are: Holidays, New Xbox Obe with Destiny, and working on getting an RP Idea.
This Post will be all Kirito cause I wanna finish of the Imagawa, which was needed along time ago. Next one I do will Focus around Lucia and such, but I wanted to finish off this part of the Story, as its long overdue.

Kirito Provence 7

Kirito charged through the halls of the Imagawa Palace, ultimately ignoring any Gaurds as they'd just slow him down. The Black Swordsman then reached the entrance to Yoshimoto's Chamber.

The Swordsman then suddenly opened the Door, and saw as a few small platoons of Imagawa soldiers waited for him, and tried to overpower the Swordsman dressed in black. They however where cut down where they stood faster then anyone expected. The Swordsman watched all the soldiers he cut down slowly stumble to the ground then go limb.

Kirito then looked over and saw a large man almost fully unaware of Kiritos presence, he was distracted polishing a ball of some kind. Kirito looked at him for a second and sighed.

Yoshimoto turned around and saw Kirito, saying, "Ohh are you here for tea..."

Kirito sighed, almost irritated at the giant man, the Swordsman then said, "Are you that oblivious to know you are being invaded?"

Yoshimoto seemed dumbfound at the idea of what Kirito said, which made the Swordsman even more irritated. Kirito then ran at Yoshimoto, and punted the man with Shi, which startled and blinded the Imagawa Warlord. Kirito then kicked the man over near a window, then pointed Freiheit at Yoshimoto.

The Imagawa Warlord then said, "Please stop, I surrender!"

Kirito kept Freiheit out as he sheathed Shi.

*A few hours later*

The whole Castle was taken by the Sanada and Vaike forces. All the Imagawa soldiers that survived joined the Sanada army. Kirito was lating down near a tree at the base camp just outside the town. The Swordsman then thought about his day he had with his first successful battle. The Swordsman then closed his eyes as he heard Asuna say, "Milord, now is not the time for sleep! The execution of Imagawa Yoshimoto will begin soon and you've been asked to come."

Kirito sighed the sat up., abit angered he couldn't nap, and yawned, followed by going to the square of , to watch the execution.

Citizens where standing near the sides of the streets and watched as the execution was about to Begin, Kirito stood, as he was given the honor to execute Yoshimoto. A few moments later a squad of 4 Sanada Soldiers came from the Palace leading Yoshimoto to where he'd be executed. The crowds screamed and yelled as Yoshimoto passed by, swearing and insulting their previous warlord for the bad job he was as their leader. One women even ran at him and slammed her fist against him, which the Sanada soldiers pushed her back to keep some order.

The previous warlord neared the podium and was pushed down by the Sanada soldiers as Kirito walked upto Yoshimoto. He then had the crowds become silent, as Kirito spoke, "This man, Imagawa Yoshimoto is sentenced to death for many reasons you all know. And I want this exact moment to play as a message to the Oda, the Date, the Tachibana, and whoever may oppose us! If you mess with us, the Sanada! You will end up like this man, and face Execution! I am Kirigaya Kazuto, Right hand to Sanada Yukimura, I am the Legendary Swordsman, dressed in black, and sings with the blades of Freedom and Death! And this is what happens when you oppose the Vaike Mercenaries, or the Sanada!"

Kirito then drew Freiheit and Shi and spun them upwards, and let them come down on Yoshimoto's neck, beheading him. Kirito then picked up Yoshimoto's head by a few strands of hair and held it up, listening as the crowds roared. Yoshimoto's head then blinked and his jaw went wide, then slowly went limp, signifying the end of the Imagawa.

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Sengoku Wars
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