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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2015 5:07 pm

Yes I know I'm behind, but let me get this up as I can (Before I lose track of everything myself sheesh)

Leviathan, just outside of Province 23         *rewind somewhat*

A bright and shiny morning at sea on the massive Leviathan. Magoichi was discussing with Whisper and Indigo possible battle strategies to combine the talents of the cutthroats and Saika gunsmen all the while making fun of the less than competent men on board. They were just on the topic of Ryoga's horrible sense of direction when the High Lady Cutthroat herself walks straight into the three of them with her own mind on the next conversing topic.

“So if I was interested in a male in a loving touchy feeling kind of relationship," Crow says. "How would I go about convincing him that I am his best choice? Should I hurt him till he yields to me, maybe poison him so only I have the cure?”

“Morning to you as well, coming full crazy this day are you, and if I may? What!?” Whisper asks.

Indigo and Whisper cross looks at each other in confusion. Indigo gives a devious look at Magoichi, the look that something bad is about to happen.

“While we are able to offer some guidance in the matter of your odd relationship with Kraken maturing. I remember Magoichi here bragging about being an expert on the topic of bonds between a man and woman.”

Indigo and Whisper back up a few steps slowly while Crow focuses solely on Magoichi and steps uncomfortably close to her.

"Miss Magoichi," Crow states. "Enlighten me on the so-called 'courtship' between the human man and woman."

Magoichi, taken back by this surprise change of topic glares at the two. Whisper and Indigo will hear of this again. With a Saika Swear upon it. With a sigh Magoichi returns her attention to the ever present cutthroat whom will not take an extra step back to presume a respectable distance for proper discussion.

"I see, well Crow, I'm ...uh...flattered that you came to me for seeking help in this department," Magoichi begins. "However, this is not something that can be taught only in a few minutes. I can provide some highlights now to get you started."

Magoichi thinks for a second, to collect her thoughts, while Crow stares uncomfortably at her. Whisper and Indigo giggle among themselves.

"I'm thinking you're going to continue asking me for help now for as long as it takes to win him over, yes?"

The cutthroat nods.

"I see..." Magoichi says letting her gears rotate.

"Well If you're even in need of a quick decision, and I'm not around to help, a good rule of thumb is do the exact opposite of whatever your instinct is telling you."

Magoichi was just about to continue when she turned to the side to think for a minute.

"Now if it's a situation like should she poison Kraken, would the proper opposite be to not poison him, or instead to poison everyone else but him?" Magoichi thinks outloud. "And which would be the proper inverse? To not poison everyone else?"

She thinks for a moment longer in silence, before giving up.

"I'll just ask Kyoya later to figure out which would be the proper form of pure logic in that case," Magoichi says waving the issue away. She then turns back to Crow. "Basically, by opposite of your instinct, I'm saying the hostile or sadistic approach will dramatically hinder your goal, so you should opt for a kinder, non-violent, humanistic approach when dealing with this situation."

Magoichi freezes slightly as Crow steps into her face, and a flash of anger shows upon the other wise emotionless face.

"Miss Saika, you are not to speak of this matter with others, especially of the male gender."

"Of course I wouldn't. I would simply state it as a neutral question, giving no specific identities. Just enough to get the sentence structure across."

"Good. I will not have to kill you then."

"Gee thanks."

"Now how might I go about showing him that I am his best choice?" Crow demands. "What would be this 'kind' approach."

"No poisoning, no stabbing, no impaling, no nothing you would use against a victim of yours standing in your way."


"He is special to you so you should treat him as such, compared to other people at least. He is not your enemy nor should be treated as a victim. You want him to like you, not be afraid of you."

"Doing this accomplishes what?"

"Creates a closer bond. He must reciprocate this feelings back, and be given time to grow them himself."

"But what if I want them now?"

Magoichi sighs.

"The thing about this, is that it takes time. If it's truly special, and will work out, it takes time to develop. Time to develop the trust, the closeness, the period where you're comfortable doing physical stuff together, the-"

"I do not understand. I could and would do anything physical immediately. That is part of my duty: to relieve his stress in all ways necessary. He simply says he does not require it at the time."

All three of the other girls mildly cringe at this comment. Indigo even makes a gagging motion behind Crow's back.

"Mental image, please..." whispers Whisper.

With a weak smile Magoichi eyes the two Cutthroats, before returning her focus upon the one standing in front of her.

"That's a lovely detail Crow," Magoichi says. "Oh wait. We might have something to work with here. You said he denies your full services correct?"

"Yes, in fact even today he fled from the bed after my approach most strangely, so I went back to paperwork."

The Saika gains a bit of a hopeful look upon her fiery eyes.

"That's good to notice Crow. The fact he currently avoids you, in that setting, shows he thinks of you as a person, not an object or toy to use. He generally cares about you then."

"I can interject here by saying I agree with this statement, I've seen the way he looks at her." Indigo says quickly.

"Why would refusing-"

"Kraken must be from a culture that views that action as something one does with their partner. He refuses as initially, you view it as your job; not as a special moment to share with him. He doesn't like treating you as just his underling. You are lucky you have this advantage. It means you've been doing fine already in having him choose you."

"Then what do I do now?"

Magoichi stops for a moment. Her thoughts escaping her. At this, Whisper nudges Indigo towards the sea whose eyes widen briefly at the horizon.

"Well you could start by being the person whose always watching him. It looks like we haven't been doing that for a while now. Perhaps, you should report to him that foreign ship on the horizon; looks like trouble."

Crow then notices the floating vehicle to their northeast and immediately leaves to find the captain. Whisper and Indigo diverge to their normal posts as Magoichi spots one of her Saika to question about the merchant slavery ship update.
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Posts : 714
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Humor : They told me I was supposed to act 'normal', ha! good one.
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Roleplay Characters

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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2015 11:41 pm

Battle of the Red Sea - Part Saika    Fast forward: Stolen Oda ship outside of province 23

Staring down at the previously alive Oda captain, Magoichi spits at the body. "What was that about tiny pricks now… oh wait you can't answer that, your dead.  Stay down big boy."

Magoichi walks back towards the wheel reaching for her bottle of sake from her hip, she raises it towards her lips before she realizes it’s still broken with a sigh she grasps the wheel and spins it towards the Leviathan.

She looks down at the sailors and her crew. All over the ship is chaos, not unlike how the Leviathan was before the ship hopping. Mildly irked, Magoichi takes out her side pistol, the smaller one with just enough powder for a flare. She shoots it straight up. The bullet explodes a couple stories high into a light show pattern of red to green sparkles; thank you Tama from the homeland territory, Saika fireworks specialist. The commotion over the deck stopped. Raising her voice some, Magoichi speaks to the men (and women) on board.

"Alright, everyone whom still hold breath in your miserable lungs, I've taken over this ship. Your grizzly bear of a captain moves no more. Saika and Cutthroats head to your stations we discussed on the way here, we're going to see what Kraken pulls next, until then look alive awaiting orders. Except you Group 5, disperse to cover for losses in the others. Move now!"

Magoichi shifts her stance at the wheel, and her eyes change to that of sharp daggers with just a hint of kindness to show her honesty.

"Left over Oda Sailors, I have a proposition for you. Behave, and follow my orders and you may live. You've already had heavy losses and your captain is dead. I give you a chance for life. If you help me through this battle, those that survive I'll release to their home, bypassing your military district of course. You're simply to state you survived the wreckage of the battle and washed back ashore. No longevity ties to the Saika, and no Kraken to deal with."

Magoichi stops momentarily to keep control over the helm from a larger wave that hit port side. The handful of sailors stood still with multiple expressions.

"Behave and follow my orders, and you may return home. Maimed perhaps, but you'll go home to your beloved families and see the Great Amaterasu's cherished sun once again. If you're still thinking of your loyalty to the Oda, I will understand. However, just know this: I've been working with the pirate for only a short time, I haven't learned what he exactly does with his war prisoners, but I've heard its nothing to sneeze at. Furthermore, I do not permit extra harm towards my clan. If you truly wish to and commit lecherous acts towards my men, my guns men are to shoot you on instant until your last breathe. Now, I will still grant you this option as your own individualized choice. However, I'd personally go with the shot at being able to live."

Two Oda men started yelling and charged towards her from the main deck. One Saika soldier stopped his task to immediately fire a shot straight through the closer one's forehead. Meanwhile, Rinku, without even looking up from his knot work at the sails, flings a spare dagger across the deck which lands directly into the vocal box of the other misbehaving Oda-man. (A bad footstool? wait. I made a funny :3 heheh) The other men either stood ready for orders or started helping the Saika with the ropes.

"Well, I did flat out warn you about the punishment for misbehaving," Magoichi says smugly. "It seems the rest of you wish to tear my throat out another day. Excellent choice. Disperse around towards the sails and the cannons. I need at least two of you towards the aft, and make sure one person is at the Crow's Nest. Also, you, water boy I see, go below decks and fetch me some sake from your storage. Afterwards, you're on medic crew."

The Saika leader turned her full attention to the helm. The ship was built differently than her clan's ships, but nothing Magoichi can't learn to drive after two minutes. Her eyes dart between her workers on the ship to the Leviathan and the other Oda ships.

"Wow, you were able to bring down this large guy? Impressive." came a female voice behind her.

Magoichi turns toward her new company with gun pointed with fast reflex. She is surprised to see a woman not from her crew nor obviously being from the Oda clan. The woman had a mass of pink curls surrounding her head and heavy make up. Her attire features cloth of a white and pink design with a fish net mid-drift, bronze gauntlets, and elaborate noble high boots. She stood with grace and confidence overlooking the large body and pool of blood laying below

"Explain your presence," Magoichi orders.

The pink haired lady smiles.

"I am Koshosho, a lady in waiting," the woman replies. "I was trying to escape the Azai due to uh... misunderstandings with a particular Lord, but the ship I walked on ended up being owned by the Oda. I've been hiding below deck. Little did I know the ship was on it's way to a battlefront. Once found on board, they kept me alive due to my medical expertise and, well, the other service I easily provide. Thank you for killing their pathetic captain. He was most troublesome and never fully understood the idea of proper hygiene."

Magoichi relaxes, lowering her gun, and turns her attention back to the wheel. Koshosho sees the raven tattoo upon Magoichi's arm and grows curious.

"Saika are you all? How nice. May hap I go see my old acquaintance Magoichi. Are you his general perhaps?"

Magoichi grips the helm quite fiercely and her eyes darken ever so slightly.

"I am, Saika Magoichi, leader of the Saika clan," Magoichi says firmly.

"Oh I see," Koshosho says lowering her head. "May I ask how he perished?"

"Nobunaga Oda."

"Ah. I see, that bundle of love and sunshine of a man," Koshosho says with a respectful amount of sass.

Magoichi shouts a few more orders towards the men as she slowly maneuvers the Oda ship back towards the now less than prime shaped Leviathan.

During this time, Koshosho studies the lying corpse of the captain then turns back to Magoichi. She stares in-curiously at the Saika's arm and middrift. Koshosho leans in close for a better look then sticks out a finger to poke Magoichi's side. As such, Magoichi lets out what could be considered a yelp.

"Wha- what was that for?!" Magoichi asks while trying to hold both her waist and the helm.

"Just to see how beaten up you really are, Darling," Koshosho says half shrugging.

"I haven't really taken much notice to my body. Kind of focused on captaining a ship right now."

Koshosho looks down toward the prow. "And you are doing a fine job of it too, Darling. However, you need someone to look after your body and those of your men since you're so focused on your noble duty."

"Please don't spirit away my men into a cave with you of some ancient bewitching goddess. I'll shoot you." Magoichi states. Eyes never leaving the forward sea.

The woman in pink belts out a fine laughter. She finishes by wiping a dew drop sized tear from her heavily make-up wearing eye with a finger.

"Only if you really wanted me to, dear," Koshosho says. "I like you. You have a fire forming around you, but it burns with control as well. I'm giving you my medical services."

"Wait what?"

Before she knew it, Magoichi had her bruises covered in a sweet (yet bitter) smelling salve and bandaged up. Only with a few quick groans of pain from the Saika surfaced.

"I'll just find whichever of your crew needs attention. I'm sure the aid will come in handy."

Magoichi extends an arm to protest but is held quiet at the woman, humming to herself, casually walking to the other decks to look for potential patients. In response, Magoichi grabs for her sake bottle and only once it approaches her lips does she yet again realize it is still broken. With a sigh, she grabs the helm and spins it to pull up beside the Leviathan.
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Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 9:01 pm

~Gracia~ Province #56 Bungo
"Ran-chan! What's going on?!" Gracia bursted through the crowd.
"Gracia? What are you doing here! You're supposed to be back-"
"What is going on with Hanbei! I have to help my friends!" Gracia said as she looked up at what was happening, and soon Hanbei was off the balcony and on the ground, running. Ranmaru tried to grab the girl, but she ran until the made it to Kimiko's ship. Ranmaru was chasing her, and Gracia decided to jump in a crate to hid. It worked, and Kimiko's brothers thought it was just merchandise.
"Man, this is heavy......."
"Stop complaining, we need to close up shop and leave! Kimiko's orders."

~Hanbei~ Travelling by boat
Like a rodent, I am running away and treated like a piece of garbage. Where did I go wrong?
Hanbei began calculating in his brain the errors of his ways as he kept running towards the docks.
Masamune trusting Kojuro was a mistake on his part- but then wasn't it a mistake for me to trust the Date then? And letting Kojuro have an audience with just me....that was a mistake too. I need to be more careful from now on. He had his eyes on Bungo before I knew it. And now the province of Bungo belongs to the Oda! His strategy is to have minimal casualties and win people's trust-and now they have lost mine. But why does a strategist's demise appeal to him so much? My father just disowned me, and he made public humiliation out me, being a Da...
No. I refuse to accept that last name! I've never been one to like Teremune, but the thought of him being my father.....geez, that would stink! I will deny it until I reach the heavens!
"We need to flee now, Kimiko!" Hanbei yelled as he bursted onto her ship. She looked and noticed there was a crowd of angry people coming. Takakage soon came to the ship, also screaming for them to leave.

"Okay boys, close up shop! We need to hustle!"
"Aww, but we just- fine!" Kimiko's brothers eyes widened as they saw the angered people. They took their things and then the ship was off.
"What is going on, Hanbei!? You better pay us good for this trip. Are you a criminal or something? Because if you are, you're going to meet my boot and then the waters below. Have fun drowning!" Kimiko said as she raised a club.
"Whoa, calm down! The only reason they kicked me out is because the Oda took over," Hanbei gave half the truth.
"I see....well the Oda are bad for business. They murder the customers," Kimiko laughed, getting up, "Ya still gotta buy something from us, y'know. Well, two things now that we're giving you another trip. And don't forget to invite me to your wedding."
Hanbei sighed with relief as he looked out at the waves.
"They're very calm.......I wish I could live that way, but I'm just so tense," Hanbei blinked as he looked out over the ocean.
"I am know, you aren't the only one who has lost all that he has," Takakage came up from behind, "My father is....dead. I was trying to tell you that earlier, but you were very energetic about getting to the castle."
"Oh yea, I remember you mentioning that on the way now...I'm sorry the old man finally crocked. Wait, I didn't mean it like that! I'm just...."
"....suffering? As long as this war goes on, we will all be. I do not believe you are the man Kojuro says you are. People have a right to get to know someone before making assumptions. If I feared everyone just because of who their parents were, I don't think I would have many friends. I would just assume that they have all their flaws and bad habits, such as finger nail biting, complaining, and a bad taste in fashion," Takakage laughed, and Hanbei smiled.
"If you were like your father, your father's face would be smashed from being in a book! All Motonari ever seemed to do is read!" Hanbei lightheartedly mentioned, and Takakage smiled as he held up a book.
"Oh no, it appears that I am just like him, always with a book!"
"Heh. Maybe we could throw it overboard and you can deny your a bookworm?"
"But I am!"
"Well, I guess there's a gene for excessive reading!"
The two strategists smiled and looked out over seas. For some reason, I am in a good mood now....even though the worst has happened to me, none of it seems to matter now.

The seas seemed calm. Everything was perfect. Until suddenly, there was alot of smoke and the gunfires heard. The Captain, being unable to see, soon crashed into another ship.
"Sh....what happened?!" Hanbei yelled, and Kimiko grabbed both of the boys.
"Oda........Oda! It appears we have crashed into an Oda warship!" Kimiko screamed, and the merchants aboard the ship were frightened. But the ship did not seem to be lead by the Oda.....instead, there was a woman wearing red and black barking orders at people. She was holding her pistols, appeared to be hostile, and looking at an empty sake bottle. Hanbei noticed the crow symbol on her.
"Magoichi Saika...."
Kimiko grabbed Takakage and Hanbei. She took them below deck where much of the merchandise was.
"Listen up, I'm not letting anyone know I have two renowned strategists with me. So I want you to put these clothes on," Kimiko said shoving clothes at Takakage and Hanbei.
"What!? I don't want to wear this!" Hanbei looked at the outfit Kimiko was going to make him wear.
"Too bad so sad. Now, we're not getting in any trouble! My ship my rules. Now change and act like you're merchants or something!"
"Wow! I want to cross-dress like Hanbei too!" Gracia jumped out of a crate, startling them all.

their new outfits:
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Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2015 12:56 am

-Battle of the Red Sea- Part 4 (outside providence 23)

-Stolen Oda Ship-

A loud shot rings out and a flash of light dazes everyone. The fighting and sound of violence stops for a moment while Magoichi makes her stirring speech of a compromise few would refuse. The only ones not listening at the time are Crow and Nohime who continued their fight across the upperdeck.

Nohime: “You heard your captain, lower your blade and let me surrender peacefully.”

The hint of mockery in her voice as she attempts once again to take Crows face off with her left claw.

Crow: “Not my captain but feel free to call her for help, she may need to pull me off your face as I rip your tongue out with my bare hands!”

Crow reflexes kick in as she dashes left to avoid the blow, Nohime makes a jump and Crow braces for the kick, the impact is hard and powerful as the two stumble backwards. Their disorder and hatred has left them both faulting and falling into the open loading doors. While they fall towards the storage bay floor and it’s various crates and barrels they continue to slash at each other.

The impact knocks the wind out of both of them and dislocates a few bones, but Crow is up first stumbling towards Nohime with her blades ready, pulling a shard of wood from a deep wound on her thigh.

Nohime: “How do you keep going, why won’t you stay down like Kraken.”

Crow stopped over Nohimes body, still slumped awkwardly on a barrel she fell on. Crow grabs Nohime by the hair dragging her over the floor. She speaks while doing so with blood coming out her mouth and a sound like she was half gargling.

Crow: “Because I know he’s still up, and if he’s not then I’ll kill him… again. Do you not have something to stand up for other than yourself?”

Nohime was pulled to her knees and slumped forward with her head over a chest. Crow stepped onto the middle of her back to keep her from squirming free and the little struggle she put up ended in failure. Nohime let out one more gasp of pain and sadness before answering in a somber tone.

Nohime: “I thought I did…”

Crow prepared a blade in her hand and brought it down to Nohime’s neck, stopping with it resting on her skin, she then slit the back of her dress open and began carving delicately into her back, drawing the symbol of Kraken. With cringes of pain and confusion Nohime cried out but Crow only deepened the pain. Everyone around the open cargo hatch on the upper deck could hear the horrific screams of agony. Finally Crow stopped, a split second later Nohime felt a cold needle drive into her neck. As she lost consciousness she heard Crows voice in an echoing swirl.

Crow: “You tried to take everything from me today. I will be repaid in full and you’ll come to see things my way.”

On another part of the ship Indigo goes through the lower rooms, rooting out hiding soldiers and crewmen. While following Magoichi’s orders she sends Oda men running unequipped to the upper deck to follow orders. Finally she opens a door to find a curled up Oichi clinging to some netting in a corner. She smiles at her and Oichi jumps to her feet seeing a familiar face. Indigo grabs a blanket and covers the clearly shocked, upset and mildly bruised Oda/Date woman and walks her gently back to the upper deck. Once on the upper deck she feels another tremor travel through the ship.

Indigo: “Are we hit! Wait, who’s firing?”

Indigo looks around quickly noticing a random merchant ship that has just rammed the side of the vessel, she leans over with Oichi looking on and sees the female merchant shouting at some men on the ship. Indigo shakes her head and wonders how much more can go wrong today. Finally she shouts down.

Indigo: “Stay on your vessel and don’t move a muscle, and for the love of everything dark and dismal stop knocking us off course. Can’t you see this is no place for a merchant right now. Also you better say you’re on Krakens side, the red smoke from the Leviathan is summoning the Red Fangs for support and they are going to blow every unaligned vessel out of the water.”

Indigo moves back to her role as guardian to Oichi and helps her to the captains wheel, telling the captain of their latest interruption before pointing out how close they are to the Leviathan.

-The Leviathan-

The two ships colliding is enough to stir up everyones thoughts as they cling to hold as the Leviathan begins to tip higher and higher, almost overriding the Oda ship. Kraken struggles to bring it level, his left foot begins to slip, he pushes the wheel with all his might, screaming out in agony as muscles strain and injuries reopen. Finally Lady Hayakawa and Whisper both grab the wheel seeing Krakens need.

The ships finally come together and full barrage begins at point blank. The two vessels cannon bays open and begin firing point blank into each other. Causing horrendous amounts of damage. Death was a very real figure on the battlefield that morning. Saika soldiers stood by rails firing guns and death upon the enemy. Pirates and Cutthroats danced across the gap and raided the enemy ship while trying to repel the advances. Suddenly a loud explosion erupted, the Leviathan landed a decisive blow as the Oda ship's powder room went up, sending men flying and debris everywhere.

Suddenly a loud snap and crack as Kraken saw the worst thing occur. The Oda main mast fell towards the Leviathan, Intertwining with his own and crushing into the upperdeck. If it remained when the Oda ship sank it would take the Leviathan with it. Kraken turned to Whisper and Lady Hayakawa.

Kraken: “Take the wheel, keep us aligned and move with the ship. If you veer we will sink. Whisper keep her safe. I need to fix this now.”

Kraken jumped from the platform and stumbled and the landing. He pushed his way through combat to his main mast, looking up he saw his most agile men jumping line from line already cutting the Oda tangle away.

Kraken: “Gandy Dancers… I need you to bomb up. On the double men or we sink.”

Kraken moves to grab a heavy flare rifle from a chest by the side deck. 3 of the men have already dashed down and are placing barrels on their backs and running across the broken mass attaching it to the base. They are protected by some Cutthroats who hear the order and rushed to their aid. Kraken aims for the area they are preparing, steadying his aim when he sees a large black object coming down through his peripheral, his reflexes kick in before he does as a small yet still very heavy anchor crashes down on his previous spot. He looks to see a tall proud man in a fancy outfit portraying the Oda symbol across it. He hefts the anchor in one hand before lighting a molotov from a cigar in his mouth. He smirks at Kraken and doesn't even speak before he begins to swing the anchor again.

Suddenly Both ships rock and tilt as Magocihi’s ship impacts the Oda vessel. Kraken loses track of the anchor and feels it swing past him and begin to wrap his body. Coiling down to his legs. He stumbles back and forth before losing his balance and going overboard. The anchor pulling him down quickly, water blocking his vision immediately.

Kraken (inner thoughts): Silence now, no air to breath. The cold water creeping up my nostrils… let it in, let it fill your lungs. They were counting on you, and you blew it. Let the anchor take you down. Accept it.



Skinny, steely fingers at my wrist. Who are you? An angel, a saint, savior.

Light returns to normal as air enters his lungs again. He looks towards the lady holding him, towards the pirates pulling the rope up she held fast to. She’s everything he could of hoped for. She’s strong, powerful and brave, one of Crows best… and he can’t recall her real name. She raises him to his feet and he thanks her, saddened he cannot recall who she was.

Unnamed Cutthroat: “You never get caught off guard like that, I must be dreaming.”

Kraken looks for his adversary but suddenly everything goes red and hot. As the unnamed Cutthroat bursts into flames as a molotov explodes on her back charring her immediately. The Oda captain laughs as he lights another from the safety of his ship once again. Kraken looks forward in rage, with a strength he never felt before he swings the chain violently above his head, the Oda captain steps back in surprise. Kraken slams it down on the ground breaking his own railing to the captains surprise.

The Oda captain lets out a bellyful laugh of mockery as Kraken heaves the rail mounted gun he broke free. With a signal in the sky he catches Magoichi’s attention, just as her ship begins to slide alongside the Odas. She knows the signal, and the motions all to well. Full fire. Kraken points at the Oda Captain and begins turning the handle cranking out bullets. From both sides the Oda Captain is hit, bullets from Kraken are very inaccurate and gruesome opening massive holes when they hit. The bullets from Magoichi are precise and downing. Smaller exiting wounds but never lacking in effectiveness. As the Captain falls Kraken whistles loudly for Magoichi’s attention one more time. Pointing at the pile of barrels at the middle of the Oda ship. With one well aimed shot the eruption of fire begins, the mast splits and the last remaining Oda ship sinks immediately between the two vessels. Kraken looks down at the swimming helpless Oda. He wants to give the order so badly of execution but thinks of who he was, and who is now. He delegates an order of surrender and help for the men before returning to the charred Cutthroat.

She reaches up to him, half her face covered in blisters and ash.

Unnamed Cutthroat: “It’s just a dream isn’t it. I think I drank too much last night. I shouldn’t have challenged Magoichi afterall.”

She writhes in pain a few more times and Kraken places his other arm around her to hold her up by her unburnt should having her resting in his lap.
She looks up at him terrified and shaking. A quiver from her voice.

Unnamed Cutthroat: “I… I feel like I’m dying.”

Kraken: “Shhh, it’s just a dream, it’s a just a dream, (quivering) it’s just a dream (crying) it’s …. just a… dream.”

Kraken looks down at the lifeless corpse in his hands, he gently caresses his savior one more time before resting her hands atop her chest. He kneels in silence. Hating himself for not knowing her name.

Kraken to himself: “The battle is over, the Leviathan crippled, all for a girl. For Oichi. No! This has been coming. Today I showed the Oda I… we have survived and soon. We will show them just how terrifying it is to have us as an enemy. “

Kraken arises to a sea of faces awaiting commands as Magoichi’s vessel is tethered to the Leviathan to aid in its condition. A solemn nod to Magoichi as she steps from her post and previous armies are returned to each other. Indigo and Crow seem to pass hidden amongst the cheering and congratulations escorting their guests to safer locations below deck. Magoichi finally steps within earshot of Kraken as he waylays another order of repair and rescue.

Magoichi: “Well, that was all very awesome of me, what did you get done?”

Kraken returned a bloodied glance at her, motions with his hands his current condition and then returning his gaze to hers. He motions at her broken glass at her waist.

Kraken: “The one time I was going to ask you for a drink… and you don’t have one.”
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2015 7:28 pm

~Masamune - Providence 4 - Castle~

"Milord! I have some news from one of our spies out by the island. They reported seeing a sea fight out near Tachibana's penisula. From the looks of it, it was Kraken's ship versus some Oda vessels."
a servant came in bowing.

"What?! He's in a fight? Should we interfer-
" Masamune turning, realizing no one was there. Oh, I forgot. Kojuro's gone.. "Well, I'm going out to the harbor to check out the fight."

"Oh, and some further news, Magoichi seemed to take an army out and headed for Tachibana territory. She probably reached there by now. Sorr,y but this is older news as well." the servant continued.

"Wait...she is with Kraken?!"
And the stable lady said that Magoichi came here and then Oichi disappeared...She must be there, on the ships! "Alright then, I'm going to check out this fight at the harbor immediately now. I'm not going to take an army unless necessary." I can't be the hothead I used to be. Kraken will take care of Oichi, hopefully. I hope her Oda past doesn't mean she is dead. Also, I need a serious conversation with Magoichi. Nobody just enters Date land and leaves without notice!

It didn't take that long for Masamune to get to the harbor. He took Lusa out there. A few advisers went with him. Masamune dismounted Lusa and walked along the wooden harbor. Some people were pointing and glancing at the rising black smoke in the distance. Some people approached Masamune with worried comments.

He replied to the people, "It will be alright. I'm not abandoning you and will protect you, my people." He turned to one of his advisers, "Order some of our warships to make a makeshift blockade here. Let the merchant ships in with identification. Also, send out some patrol troops here every few hours for an update." The adviser nodded and headed off to talk to some sailors.

Masamune looked out at the ship again. Oichi, I hope you are safe..

~Kojuro - Providence 56 - Town Square~

"People of Bungo, I will take up as the ruler of this province. This is now Oda territory. I promise we will keep you safe if you cooperate." Kojuro replied, jumping down from the box. The people quieted down after hearing him speak. "I also promise that we will work to destroy the Date completely. I'll even bring you Masamune's helmet to prove it." The people roared with cheers. Ranmaru made his way through the crowd.

"Kojuro, I can't believe that you just..took that province from the All-Knowing Hanbei. Gracia was here, but she ran off."
Ranmaru said reluctantly.

"Look, we'll work on getting you Gracia after I destroy the Date. Besides, I found enjoyment from watching Shigeharu Date suffer. Now, he has no where else to run too. He is too stubborn to confront Masamune and no home to look too. I did my work here." Kojuro said smiling and adjusting his glasses.

"Shall I get the troops?"
Ranmaru asked.

"Of course. And once you deploy them around, see how many Otomo soldiers we have to join them. Our next move is the Azai." Kojuro said.

"We are taking over the Azai?!"
Ranmaru asked with his mouth opened.

"No, we are simply going to talk to Nagamasa. I think we can get an alliance with him without using brute force. We have smarts on our side." Kojuro said, smirking. Ranmaru nodded and turned away to walk to the docks. Kojuro, then, entered the rich Otomo castle. All is going according to plan.

~Takakage - Outside of Providence 23 - Oda Fight~
Oh, Taka and Hanbei talk in lighter colors because they are trying to make their voices higher and girl-like. Enjoy Very Happy

She wants me to put THAT on? Taka said to himself, looking at the girly kimono. Gracia was bouncing around the walls, "Wow, I wanna cross-dress, too!"

Kimiko replied, shoving the clothes in Hanbei's and Taka's hands, "Well, young stowaway, I wasn't anticipating you, so you don't get to participate. Why don't you help these two on how to act like a proper lady?" Kimiko left the underdeck to talk to her brothers.

Taka sighed and started putting on the kimono on. He took off his orange overcoat and put on the red kimino. He took a nearby piece of robe and tied up his spike hair into a small ponytail. He looked over at Hanbei to see him wearing a pink kimono, a bit too large for his small frame. Taka let out a huff of laughter.

"Wow, you two look like girls, but I know you're not. Hey, this might help!"
Gracia ran over to the crate she jumped out of and pulled out two fans. "Girls love these things!" She handed one to each of them. "Oh, and make sure you talk very girly as well. Taka, your feet are a little to big to be a dainty maiden, too!"

"Well," Taka says in his attempt to sound like a girl as he pushes his skirt down, "not my fault I was born with big feet."

"Well, we better get going, ladies."
Hanbei says. He opens the fan and covers half his face.

Taka and Gracia followed him up to the upperdeck. Kimiko was on the side of the ship, talking to someone on the Oda vessel.

“Stay on your vessel and don’t move a muscle, and for the love of everything dark and dismal stop knocking us off course. Can’t you see this is no place for a merchant right now. Also you better say you’re on Krakens side, the red smoke from the Leviathan is summoning the Red Fangs for support and they are going to blow every unaligned vessel out of the water.”
a voice shouted from the other ship.

Kimiko replied, "Well, we are just humble merchants with no weapons! I guess we will be on Kraken's side until then. I was just trying to make my way to Date territory. I heard that he was in a bit of distress and we are friends." Taka, Gracia, and Hanbei see her leaning on the side of the boat, looking at the warrior.

The warrior from the other ship (Wearing indigo colors?) just nodded in reply. She just continued to lead a pretty maiden to the lady directing the ship. Kimiko noticed her friends and approached them. "Okay, so our status is that our left side of the boat has a minor hole in it. The ship will survive, if we can get it to a port pronto. The Oda ship, however, isn't in good condition. We will have to back up out of the ship so we can get to that port. Takao is working on steering the ship. If this place starts to go down, then we will have to abort the plan."

"Well, let me say something."
Taka said, trying to make his voice higher, "Looking around and observing the battle, that ship, I believe it is called the Leviathan, is winning this sea battle. Some Oda ships seemed to be retreating at this moment."

"I see. Well, you two be careful. Where's Aki?"
Kimiko asked herself as she walked away. The battle seemed to not go on like Taka predicted.

The Oda ship was then tethered to the Leviathan, with the lady driving it talking to an injured captain. Aki came back and reported that he patched up the hole. "There is some water in the ship, however." he reported shaking his head.

"Well, I wanna talk to this pirate dude then. Pull the ship up next to the Leviathan! I also think I saw Oichi in their midst. When Aki went to Masamune's wedding in my stead, he told me it was Oichi who was his bride. I want to know why she is here?"
Kimiko said, looking and pointing at the Leviathan.

"Is it really necessary to talk to him? Wouldn't it be safer just to leave this area?"
Taka said, with a furrowed brow.

"Well, bookworm, I'm a risk taker, you know?"
Kimiko said, winking. Takao moved the ship near the Leviathan, but safe enough distance for a speedy getaway. I guess one thing leads to another. So this is the mighty Kraken that Takatora was telling me about. Wow, he really lives up to his title. I'm weaksauce compared to him.. Taka adjusted his ponytail and dress. But, I don't every want to wear this again. How do girls live?
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2015 3:11 pm

Oda Ship- you know where    color coding later

Magoichi continues to give orders to the ship, feeling dreadfully tired of this battle, but still enjoying her dose of adrenaline. Once she caught a few men staring at the fight between Crow and Nohime.

"Hey, belay there! You have work to do! Ignore the cat fight going on behi-" Magoichi was interrupted by a large crashing noise not associated with those normally used in being blown apart ships. She looks behind her to see there were no angry women but just the open deck's hole to the storage hull. With a raised eyebrow, Magoichi turns her attention back to the crew.

"As I was saying, you have no cat fight to watch so back to your posts! Move, move!"

Magoichi steers the ship toward the Leviathan when it suddenly shakes and veers just slightly off course, crewmen stumbling momentarily.

"Sing out Susano'o!" Magoichi says with a few curse words added. "What hit my ship?!"

Magoichi can't take much time to figure it out was she was trying to hold the helm to keep the ship from going further off course. After a few moments, Indigo comes up, Oichi in tow, with news.

"Magoichi, a merchant slammed into the ship." Indigo informs.

"Where away?"

"The aft, Lady Saika. We can still move forward to the Leviathan."

"And not too soon, there's the signal," Magoichi says as the pirate ship sends up the flare to action. "Okay! Everyone shake a leg! Move, move!" She points to the water boy who was just finishing running a stack of rags to Koshosho. "You, water boy! Make sure we don't need to bail water out from the lower decks. And where's that liquor I asked for?!"

The borrowed Oda ship unlocks from the merchant ship, staying put as Indigo ordered, as the war vessel makes its way toward its position toward the other two ships currently engaging in massive destruction causing mayhem. As they near it, Magoichi can clearly see the pirate captain unleashing a kind of wrath towards the last Oda captain.

*Dusk's part (for mental refreshment)
The Oda captain lets out a bellyful laugh of mockery as Kraken heaves the rail mounted gun he broke free. With a signal in the sky he catches Magoichi’s attention, just as her ship begins to slide alongside the Odas. She knows the signal, and the motions all to well. Full fire. Kraken points at the Oda Captain and begins turning the handle cranking out bullets. From both sides the Oda Captain is hit, bullets from Kraken are very inaccurate and gruesome opening massive holes when they hit. The bullets from Magoichi are precise and downing. Smaller exiting wounds but never lacking in effectiveness. As the Captain falls Kraken whistles loudly for Magoichi’s attention one more time. Pointing at the pile of barrels at the middle of the Oda ship. With one well aimed shot the eruption of fire begins, the mast splits and the last remaining Oda ship sinks immediately between the two vessels.

Upon victory, with a sigh of relief, Magoichi fully pulls up the ship next to the injured Leviathan. The crews are then sent to tether the two together. She was about to make her way off the off the borrowed Oda ship when she notices a small bottle stuck between two barrels. She picks up the small bottle, and examines it in her hands.

"Huh, it looks like I've got a jar of dirt. Strange beings these Oda." she says shrugging, and clipping it to her waist holster.

Just before leaving the ship, the water boy stops her to hand her a large scroll sized stick of bamboo with a cork at the end and a handle. Giving the boy a questioning look, she opens it to find a delectable liquid inside. Patting the boy on his head, she leaves while adding the bamboo to her hip as well.

Kraken arises to a sea of faces awaiting commands as Magoichi’s vessel is tethered to the Leviathan to aid in its condition. A solemn nod to Magoichi as she steps from her post and previous armies are returned to each other. Indigo and Crow seem to pass hidden amongst the cheering and congratulations escorting their guests to safer locations below deck. Magoichi finally steps within earshot of Kraken as he waylays another order of repair and rescue.

Magoichi: “Well, that was all very awesome of me, what did you get done?”

Kraken returned a bloodied glance at her, motions with his hands his current condition and then returning his gaze to hers. He motions at her broken glass at her waist.

Kraken: “The one time I was going to ask you for a drink… and you don’t have one.”

Magoichi glances at her surrounding, the cutthoat corpse, and smiles comfortingly at the sea pirate. She unhooks something from the back of her waist.

"I see a lot of damage has been done. I must apologize, I take back my original thoughts. Your ship is not cheap Chinese wood. Here, take this, and guess what's inside it."

Grasping the stalk in his hands, Kraken looks at the bamboo and the Saika, confused. She nods.

He opens the cork, his shoulders relax and he drinks the whole bottle.

* * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a few moments, the crew were able to make some progress with the start of repairs. Meanwhile, the small merchant ship cruised beside the borrowed Oda ship. It was easier getting on board from the more intact ship.

Just as Kraken finishes the bamboo bottle, Magoichi sees Koshosho leading the people she presumes are from the merchant ship. There's a young woman with a man following the lady in pink. They were twisting and turning past all the debris to get to the two; it was a mini maze of mess. Magoichi turns to Kraken.

"You shouldn't worry about this. They ran their ship into me so I need to speak with them. You've got enough things on your mind. I'll take over for now." Magoichi insisted.

Kraken started to speak in protest when the Saika put her finger on his lips to silence him. She motioned to their surroundings then pointed to Kraken's chest.

"We've just gone through an incredible ordeal, while somehow coming out in victory. You just nearly got yourself killed, fell into the water with the sea's salts somehow not infecting you, not to mention however much psychological trauma you've experienced. You really shouldn't be standing if not already dead. Get some rest. I got you covered."

Kraken motions to begin a point, then thinks better of it. Nodding his head in agreement, he takes a deep breath and slowly makes his way to his quarters, stopping every bit to direct a sailor on the ship. Magoichi watches him slowly weaving through the damage, making at least some progress, when Koshosho arrives with the two merchants.

"Magoichi dear, these seem to be the owners of that adorable little merchant ship."

"Yes, I'm Kimiko," the young woman says. "I'm here with my brother Aki. We just dropped anchor from Bungo and wish to talk abo-"

"I know exactly what we need to talk about." Magoichi interrupts.

She gestures to where the ship is anchored.

"You see that wooden thing sticking out of the back of your ship? It's called a rudder. You use it to steer the ship. So it doesn't crash into another one." Magoichi says with a completely straight face.

Kimiko opens her mouth to make a comment, when her brother grabs her arm, with a shake of his head. She looks back at the Saika woman and answers with a "yes ma'am." Koshosho snickers to the side.

"And really, we'll have to make some major repairs to that ship." Magoichi says thoughtfully. "Other than just wood and caulking, you do realize we have to raise it out of the water just to redo the protective iron cover? I should really charge you something as payment for the damage. How many barrels of sake are you currently shipping?"

"Actually, you came here from Bungo right?" Koshosho asked more so to herself. "We're just out into the sea outside Tachibana. How did you ever travel so quickly? It's no wonder the ship took so much damage."

"Hey! .... Hey!" came a higher but slightly off voice.

The conversation Two women came running through the damages on the deck toward the conversation. The others just stared, Koshosho more so.

"You should have told us you were coming over here to talk with them." said the taller one in green.

"Yes and how dare you leave us with the girl. She never stops calling me cute!" cried the smaller one in yellow.

"I thought I told you to stay put." Kimiko says with her hands on her hips.

"Well yes but we can't have you conversing with these nasty-"

Suddenly a figure drops down from above directly in front of the smaller one in yellow.

"Ahhh! What a- I mean... what are you supposed to be?"

Stands up, in his blood stained warrior's kimono, is Rinku, staring down straight into the eyes of the two fresh newcomers.

"The Saika general, Rinku Kokiri," Rinku declares, a stern if otherwise emotionless look on his face. "Who might you two be?"

One could see a bit of sweat forming on their faces. They both started fanning themselves in a flustered manner.

"Why my name is uh Tamaiki," claimed the taller 'woman' in green.

"And I am Haruka," replied the short yellow clothed one.

Koshosho steps forward much to everyone's surprise.

"Who do you guys really think you're fooling?" Says Koshosho unamused.

"Why whatever do you mean?" asks 'Tamaiki'.

"Oh my, please don't tell me you're trying to come across as courtesans or something. Men like you could never pull it off. You could never perfect the art of grace and your make up is never the right color for your skin tone."

"We're not hiding anything! We are who we say we are!" yells 'Haruka'.

"Please dear boys, do yourself a favor and stop. You can't pull this off. Although, you there squirt, stop speaking higher than any normal girl. Please, you're more convincing in your normal voice."

Magoichi, looking down, cleans her pistol with a cloth when she does a double take of what she just heard.

"Wait. You mean to tell me these two maids are actually men?" Magoichi question, eyes slightly widen.

"Yes, darling. That is what I just said," Koshosho said slightly irked.

Magoichi nods her head once real slowly. She looks at Rinku. He hands her a spare bottle of sake which she then takes to chugging it a midst sitting on a nearby barrel. After a moment, she realizes they were watching her. She motions for them to continue as she went back to consuming her beverage.

"Are you talking about my friends and their game?" came a cheery female voice.

A girl with pigtails, a frilly purple and black rounded dress, and a big smile pops out from behind a pirate crew member carrying something past. 'Haruka groans to himself.

"I followed you over here. You aren't supposed to leave me on the ship! I want to play dress up too. And meet the salty, mysterious pirate captain."

Whisper then walks by seeing the small party form.

"And who is this, little darling?" Koshosho asks curiously.

"My name? Oh can you guess?! Can you guess?!" the pigtailed girl in purple spurted out in bounces.

"She's gonna sell us out..." Hanbei whispered to him, with a shutting up nudge from Taka.

Whisper walks closer.

"Oh, I see. That is the maiden called 'Gracia'. Her father works for the Oda."

Magoichi, having finished her bottle, starts to grab toward her one on her hip; only to be foiled by the sight of it still shattered. She then grabs the bamboo casing, only to find a single drop inside. She glances at the others then back at her sake-less bottles beside her barrel chair. With a sigh, she rubs her forehead, eyes at a distance.

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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 12:30 pm

Time to swing out beginning of one of my 2 biggest ideas I have had planned for this RP. This will mainly focus on Yukimura and how, in historical records of late Sengoku era, his brother was married to Ina Honda/Sanada and how Nobuyuki served against his brother during the Osaka (I think I said the right one, I'll fact check later) campaigns, which lead to Ieyasu's Shogunate, and Yukimuras death/ and or second Exile. (First was after Tadakatsu killed Shingen Takede and he was allowed to live Aslong as he never went to war again (Which he broke after the incident at the Capitol and Mitsuhide's betrayal)

Yukimura: Provence 15

Yukimura was meditating as a messenger came in, saying, "Milord, three people are wishing to talk to you, two of which are Lucia and Mitsunari Ishida, the other is... Well, your brother, Nobuyuki."

Yukimura first showed slight suprise at the Ishida names, then full on suprise after he heard Nobuyukis name. Many remember the twin sons of Masayuki Sanada, Nobuyuki and Yukimura, they where pretty much best Freinds, as they'd train together, eat, sleep, you can name it. About 8 years ago, when the Sanada twins were 15, Ieyasu threatened the Sanada over outrageous assumptions, and almost declared war, until Masayuki asked for peace by marrying Nobuyuki to Ieyasu's retainers, Tadakatsu Honda, daughter, Ina. Which declared peace between them, but turmoil for Yukimura.

Yukimura then said to the retainer, "Allow them in, tell the two Ishida guests to wait and to tell my brother to come up here."

The servant bowed and did as she was told.

Around 5 minutes passed, and the advisor brought Nobuyuki with her, bowing and saying, "Lord Yukimura, Nobuyuki Sanada is here."

Nobuyuki stood behind the advisor, his two sided Katana strapped to his belt, the shorter side of the blade sticking forward. The Sanada older twin's black and red robes draped down his body in somewhat of an intimidating way. His grey colored hair was short with small strands comming down off his head and down to the fold of his back. He came in as Yukimura turned around, saying, Brother, it's been 8 years."

Nobuyuki nodded and replied, "It has been awhile, since Ieyasu threatened father."

Yukimura responded, "Why do you serve that Tunuki? He threatened father, and was about to kill all of us."

Nobuyuki responded to his brother, "It is complicated Yukimura, you wouldn't understand. Anyway, to why I am-"

Yukimura cut him off angrily, "To hard for me to understand!? How?"

Nobuyuki responded, "I am here to relay a message from Ieyasu. He is becoming restless, during the agreement with father, Ieyasu agreed with him to not harm us if: I married Ina, and you to not conquer land. Taking down the Imagawa broke that agreement. Ieyasu asks that you give him the Imagawa land or he will cause war."

Yukimura responded, "I think you know my Awnser brother, tell that Tunuki, if he wants my territories, He's going to have to fight for them!"

Nobuyuki seemed to want his brother not to go to war, "Yukimura, please reconsider! I don't want my twin brother to die!"

Yukimura snapped at his brother, "I'm not all bark, Nobuyuki. You should see this dogs bite!"

Nobuyuki knew he couldn't change his brothers mind, and turned to take his leave.

After Nobuyuki left, Yukimura called for his advisor, saying, "When Kirito arrives, tell him he has a small chore to do. Aswell for the Ishida guests they have to wait for a little while longer."

The advisor nodded then Yukimura stood up and went in to an office-like room, and started writing a letter, and the first words he wrote where, Dear Lord Masamune of the Dāte.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 26, 2015 2:05 pm

-The Floating Island (currently Levithan, Oda atakubune and merchant ship bound together (outside providence 23)-

Whisper walks closer to the group, entering the conversation.

Whisper: ”Oh, I see. That is the maiden called 'Gracia'. Her father works for the Oda.”

“No, no, no, no, no, nope, no, no, not again, no, nee, jo, la, voch’, nie, ne, bu, nej, ei, non, pa, lo, nahi, hem, nai, neit…”

The words are heard faintly then slightly louder and louder until the doors of the captain chamber burst open, Kraken spouts words of apprehension from all kinds of dialects, most in languages the others don’t understand. He begins a very powerful walk and tunnel vision towards the pig-tailed frilly dressed girl. Shirtless with a massive bloodied bandage in the middle of his chest and wrap circling his waist and shoulders, several other hastily stitched wounds line his arms, face and neck. His pants and hat still professionally bearing his symbols of captain hood. Chirurgeons chase behind him calling for him to stop while his crewmen just move to the side allowing him past, looking on with confused faces.

Kraken: “No, no nope, nooooooo, not on my ship, nein, pa, lo, no, no, no, nee, la, voch’, no, no, no, nooooope, never, nein, no, no, no, no, no, nope, no, no, not again, ei, non, pa, lo, nahi, no, no, no.”

Kraken is just a few feet from the group. Magoichi stares with a half closed eye and tilted head in confusion. Whisper and Indigo back up not sure how to react.

Taka: “What the heck is going on…”

a nudge back from Hanbei this time

Hanbei: “Don’t egg him on, guy is crazy, blew up a shop for no reason when I first met him.”

Kimiko looks back and forth in the confusion trying to make sure everyone else is seeing what she is seeing. Gracia on the other hand has just noticed Whispers slightly faded and smeared lipstick and is staring intently at her, but the sound of approaching negativity gets her attention. Koshosho eyes the captain up and down as he approaches and gets a flirtatious smile and places her hand to the side of her lips and flutters her eyes a bit.

Koshosho: “Why hello, long tall and  hands…”

Kraken walks right past the flirtatious women in mid wooing. She gets a somewhat disappointed and upset look as she eyes him from behind. Kraken stops in front of Gracia and looks down for a moment, her gaze meeting his in a somewhat worried look. Suddenly he bends down and grabs her at her waist and hefts her into the air. She squirms and objects.

Gracia: “What the frick! You’re raising up my shirt, put me down, you’re ruffling my dress, stop it. I just wanted to play dress up!”

He begins walking to the side of his ship with a group of people following some objecting telling him to put her down, some confused and some just wondering whats going on.

Magoichi shrugs and sits on a barrel leaned against a mast pulling for her broken bottle once again and sighing. Suddenly a bottle appears as Rinku hands her one which he claimed from some crates the men pushed by recently. She smiles and pats him rewardingly as she grabs the cork with her teeth and spits it out.

Kraken: “No, no, no, no nope, nooooooo, not on my ship, nein, pa, lo, no, no, no, nee, la, voch’, no, no, no, no, no, no, nope, no, no, not again, ei, non, pa, lo, nahi, no, no, no.”

Kraken stops and looks over the side, not seeing what he was looking for. He moves to the other side. Still chased and yelled at by others.

Kraken: “Nee, la, voch’, no, no, no, nope, never, nein, no, no, no, no, no, nope, no, no, not again, ei, non, pa, lo, nahi, no, no, no, nope, no, Why do I not have any longboats!”

Whisper: “You smashed them all when you rammed a ship in half and side swiped two others. Remember?”

Kraken stops and looks at her puzzled and seems to recall with a disappointed sigh

Gracia: “Put me down, what are you doing because I have to be honest with you this seems wildly inappropriate and my daddy would not like you touching me. “

Kraken stops and looks up at the girl.

Kraken: “Thats exactly the point, you’re an Oda. The first Oda made me get attacked. The second Oda pierced my chest and almost killed me. I don’t want to see what a third one will do.”

Kraken then realizes after looking about that not one longboat remains, all have been smashed or damaged badly. Also all three tethered ships are currently damaged and not fully ready to cast off. Kraken sighs and begins to walk to Magoichi.

Kraken: Hold her!

Kraken plops the girl in her lap and goes to a side chest pulling out a length of rope, he beings to walk back to her when suddenly a chirurgeon comes running to him from below deck.

Chirurgeon: “We’re almost out of medical supplies, we can’t handle all the injuries, were losing people.”

Kraken drops the rope and looks at the medic and thinks quickly. He turns to some crewmen.

Kraken: "Find anything you can salvage from the Oda ship, liquor and alcohol anything that can be used, go through my private quarters and take anything needed. Get the cooks to warm water and towels. Cutthroats go through your poisons and toxins, find anything that can relieve pain or anything... anything. Do anything you can! All Chirurgeon, maids, crewman anyone who has any kind of medical skill head down. The few medics that had been following and beckoning him to stop moving object."

Chirurgeon(2): “But sir, you still need aid.”

Kraken begins to head down below deck.

Kraken: “I’ll be fine, and you little miss Oda, don’t move, touch, or even think about anything. As for the rest of you I’ll talk to you later. Magoichi deal with our guests.”

Whisper and Indigo delegate orders to surviving Cutthroats then finally look at each other.

Indigo: I’ll go through our toxins, you watch the riff raff, if anything else goes wrong Kraken will break. Where the heck is Crow anyway?

**************Torture Interrogation Time*****************

Willpower: 85%
Physical Health: 30%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 0%

Other: Bleeding, broken arm.

Nohime finally comes to, sitting in a heavy metal chair, bound and tethered by several restraints. Bound and gagged she can’t move an inch. She feels a stiff breeze as a door somewhere in he darkness opens and closes, she hears light footsteps moving behind her but can’t see anything. Suddenly a voice enters her ear, so quite like a mouse.

Crow: “What do you think, comfortable enough for you.”

A match strikes and a lantern brightens, She see’s the figure of crow go through the room lighting other lanterns making it bright as day. There are tables with various metallic tools and other frightening things on it. Barrels of water sit around and Crow picks up a pair of metallic braces and moves towards Nohime. She smiles and sits in her lap, smiling in her face she moves down and begins to unloosen her right arm. A small tinge of pain goes through Nohimes body as Crow uses some gear and towels to splint and fix the broken arm, she correctly places it and takes all the care in the world to do it right, sadly she doesn’t use any pain reducers so the actual act is excruciating. Crow finishes and rebinds Nohmie's arm to the chair carefully not to undo the patching.

Crow: “That wasn’t so bad now was it? I’ll stitch your major wounds now and clean them. Then tomorrow I’ll do something about your bruised ribs and other minor cuts and abrasions.”

Crow pats Nohime's ribs causing a grunt of pain, she removes the gag from her mouth and raises a glass of water to allow her to drink, she then rolls up some medicine in the palm of her hand and places it in her mouth forcing her to swallow. She goes about cutting her clothing and cleaning wounds hidden beneath. All the time leaving the gag out to allow Nohime to speak.
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Lucia Provence 15: Kai

Lucia and Mitsunari were let in by Yukimuras servant, they where brought to a small room and asked to wait till Yukimura comes to get them.

Lucia looked out a window in the room and saw a veiw of the sun preparing to set. Lucia said, "This land; the colors, the veiws, the sights, they are like a dream."

Mitsunari coldly responded, "But the clan itself is on the edge of a terrible war. The Sanada-Tokugawa agreement has been broken, Ieyasu is going to invade soon."

Lucia remembered the agreements contents as Mitsunari drilled it's meaning in her head and important things about the Sanada on the way here. Most large Warlords remember what Masayuki, marrying his son to Inahime Honda for peace.
It seemed to be for a few and the servant who let them in with Nobuyuki earlier opened the door, saying, "I'm sorry Lady Ishida, Lord Yukimura is busy right now and will get to you soon."

Lucia nodded and replied, "It is alright, we know he must be busy after he talked with his brother."

The servant nodded then walked away.

Mitsunari then said with his cold tone, "He is being very rude..."

Lucia then snapped at Mitsunari and told him to shut his mouth and behave. To which Mitsunari rolled his eyes.

A little while later, the door opened and the servant came in again with Yukimura behind her, saying, "Lady and Master Ishida, I present, Milord Sanada Yukimura."

The servant stepped to the side, and Yukimura followed her in, the servant walked outside and closed the door behind her. Yukimura exchanged bows with Lucia and Mitsunari, then spoke, "It is an honor to talk to you, Lady Lucia, daughter of Krom Ishida. Why is that you meet me here?"

Lucia replied, "I shall say the same, Lord Yukimura, one of the twins of Masayuki Sanada. It is to pay a debt to your ninjas, I would be dead if she didn't help me. I ask of you, Yukimura Sanada. That you will allow me to serve under your crest in the name how our fathers both wanted peace instead of war."

Yukimura bowed to Lucia, saying, "Lady Lucia, I accept your proposition to join the Sanada, along with your cousin. Welcome under the Sanada. However, you must prepare for the upcoming war. Us versus the Tokugawa." And as your first mission, I must ask you to deliver this to Lord Kenshin Uesugi."

Yukimura handed out a note and Lucia took it then bowed. Yukimura then turned to Mitsunari, saying, "Mitsunari, I shall be putting you in charge of the Sanada Stratagem, my ninjas told me of your skill."

Mitsunari stood up and replied, "I shall take your offer milord. Just remember, this won't be an easy war even with the Uesugis help."

Yukimura responded, "I already know that and have a plan."
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~Gracia & Hanbei~ On the ship
Hanbei was impressed that the lady figured out their little disguises.  I guess our disguises were pretty bad and not put well together. He wanted to yell at her but bit his tongue when she insulted his voice. My voice isn't THAT high! And says the lady wearing fish-net everything, who are you calling a courtesan? Yeesh, YOUR the one that looks like she works at the nearest tavern.
Hanbei looked in horror to see Kraken take a hold of Gracia. He started to narrow his eyes, looking at what the massive man would do to her. For some reason, he had an urge to knock the guy out because of this sudden cold treatment. He couldn't explain the feeling, it was as if he just wanted protect her from something she didn't deserve. Kraken was obviously someone Hanbei didn't want to pick a fight with, but Gracia hasn't done anything. She's the sweetest thing I've ever met! What's he going to do to her.....she's unlike any Oda I've ever met in my life. She's a fool, but a harmless one at least... He then hands her over to Magoichi.
“I’ll be fine, and you little miss Oda, don’t move, touch, or even think about anything. As for the rest of you I’ll talk to you later. Magoichi deal with our guests.” Kraken says as he departs.
Two of the ladies were delegating jobs out.
"Don't leave me here! I don't wanna be left here held by some random old lady!"
"Oh, you do realize Gracia hasn't done anything wrong? We wouldn't let her on our ship if we thought she'd cause trouble. If you've seen her house, her room looks like rainbow unicorns pranced around it and then decorated it." Koshosho narrowed her eyes, looking at Hanbei closely as well as Taka next to him. Creepy extremely-exposed lady, stop looking at us like we're little dolls or something!
Kimiko came up to Magoichi with two boxes. Her brothers also had two boxes in their hands. Kimiko opened the box. It contained Sake.
"We were saving it for a celebration, but-"
Magoichi dropped Gracia in astonishment, being frozen for a complete second. Her eyes seemed to pop out and be glued to the liquor. Her mouth was opened so wide, a bug could've flown in and she would not have known. She then hastily picked up two bottles in delight. Gracia fell on the floor, dazed for a minute. Magoichi then opened up her bottles, and then took a swig.
"This'll do nicely."
"Wait! I can help too!" Gracia said hastily getting up, "You will apologize Mr. Krabs, and also, you Ms. Lipstick,"She points to Whisper, "I need to talk with you! My friend Ran-chan is poisoned and he most certainly needs the antidote to live!" Gracia then ran off faster than anyone could catch her, and she went next to someone that was wounded. She held her hands together, and soon she was illuminated by a green light. Their wounds started to heal.
"I will help cure all these wonderful people for the antidote! That is our deal!" Gracia excitedly exclaimed loud enough for Indigo, Whisper, and Magoichi to hear, "No more big meanie Oda people will come I promise you! I don't have an army following me! If anything, big, fat, mean Mr. Kojuro just took over Bungo in the name of the Oda! So that's where they are now, not here!"
Hanbei facepalmed himself. No Gracia, I don't want them to know we came from Bungo....You're the biggest idiot to ever walk this earth. Really. You are. That's what I'd tell you if I could.
Gracia healed several of the wounded men and women on the ship. The others appeared to get help by some other means. Some of the people were in bad shape, others good; but regardless of it all, the entire crew was recovering. She came back around where Whisper, Magoichi, and Koshosho were.
"Now, I would like the antidote please! Look at this letter!" Gracia said taking it out of her boot, "Look! Addressed to Ran-chan and from someone who wears lipstick, which must be you! (points to Whisper). So I need your help! Also, I like you!" She walks up to Koshosho, "You're pretty! You should tell me how you look so elegant! I want to look pretty too so I can attract lots of men! Specifically Hanbei!"
Hanbei shot a glance at her, turning red in the face. He raised his fan up to it to cover it, and  felt like he was going to hurl over into the ocean. I don't like her. Anything she tries isn't going to work.

~Nobunaga~ Province #38 Iga
Tsuruhime came back with no news from Lucia. She said that a messenger told her Lucia would not be coming today.
"Now is the moment. Your leader, Lucia, is indeed a coward and will remain one forever. She did not come back to sacrifice yourselves for you- and now she must live with the weight of her people's deaths."
Nobunaga ordered his men to slaughter all the former Ishida followed. The massacre occurred with the Oda men going  into every house and killing every man, woman, and child. Their corpses were then hung outside their homes as a message of what happens when you mess with the Oda.
The Ishida were no more.

~Torture Interrogating Time!~
Willpower: 85%
Physical Health: 40%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 2%

Other: Bleeding

Nohime is looking at Crow as she heals her broken arm and then starts to patch up the bruises on her body.
"Why are you being so nice to me? I've just tried to kill you all. I'm loyal to the Oda, my husband, and the cause of world domination. It will be a glorious world once Nobunaga takes it over, don't you think?" Nohime smiles, but it fades from the pain of no painkillers for her arms. The pain seemed to sting her more and more, but she wondered if Crow was making it seem like she was helping her. Perhaps she was channeling a kind of poison through her body, but Nohime was unsure.
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~Masamune - Providence 4 - More Filler stuff since the merchant ship is STILL by the Leviathan ARRRGGG~

"Milord, I have returned from my short trip. I was going to go farther, but found out a lot of interesting information." Masamune turned around to see Sasuke there, arms folded. "The Sanada are going to make an alliance with the Ishida, first off. Also, I caught wind of the Sanada breaking their code with the Tokugawa. War will be waged upon them. And that's not all, the Sanada are also looking for Uesugi help."

"The Tokugawa?!" I have a bone to pick with them. I won't let the Sanada get in my way of my homeland! "Well, we need to keep a close eye on the Sanada and Tokugawa then."

"Understood. However, why would they look to the Uesugi? And have the Ishida take refuge with them. Isn't that showing signs of weakness?"
Sasuke said, scratching is head.

"The Uesugi tend to help the weaker Clans, one of their faults in my eye. The Ishida have proved nothing to the world. They just were like cowardly puppies who ran away from the wolf. If Lucia had the guts to fight Nobunaga, then I would have some respect for her. However, she is nothing more than a puppy in my eye. I lost some respect for the Sanada for taking in that wimp." Masamune said, narrowing his eye.

"Eh, the Sanada are like the Uesugi, in a way. Always looking to help. It seems you might be in this category, too, sparing the lives of the men you conquered." Sasuke said.

Masamune paused for a reply. I just try not to be like my father. Does that really give me that reputation? I try to do the best for the Clan, which is even harder now. He sighed and replied, "I guess I'm becoming a bit soft."

"See, your heart is too big for your ego. That's probably something you gained from your mother." Sasuke said, chuckling.

"I never really knew my mother. But, she left for the better."
For Shigeharu..

~Kojuro - Providence - 60 - Azai Castle~

Kojuro and Ranmaru arrived at the Azai castle in short time. Kojuro told the guards why he was there, and they gladly let him in. He found Nagamasa in a room, with his hat off, staring at a map of Japan. His retainer, Takatora, was standing beside him.

"Good evening, Lord Azai." Kojuro said, walking him. Ranmaru followed shortly behind him. "I congratulate you on defeating the Mori. May their strategies get lost like their clan."

"Wait...Kojuro?! From the Date?!"
Nagamasa said with a puzzled look.

"The Date? Puff, I'm actually with the Oda. The Date are nothing compared to the awe of the Oda." Kojuro said, adjusting his glasses.

"Then...why are you here?"
Nagamasa asked. Takatora put a hand on his hilt, prepared to unsheathe his sword.

"I'm here to talk about a possible alliance with the Oda...and Oichi." Kojuro grinned as Nagamasa's expression changed.

" you know where she is?!"
Nagamasa blurted out. "I destroyed the Mori clan for her..and hurt a dear friend..."

"Oichi, well, you are not going to like this news. She is currently with the Date. But, that is not all, she denounced her Oda loyalty and married Masamune Date." Kojuro said, staring straight into Nagamasa.

"She did what?! But..but I thought we both agreed to this marriage, that is what the messenger told me..." Nagamasa said, taking a step back.

"Well, looks like she broke from her promise and ran away with a mere monster. Looks like Terumune's legacy might live on." Kojuro said, twisting the tale.

"No..not him, never him...I..I need to save her from him."
Nagamasa declared.

"But what if she is a lost cause now? The Oda, I assure you, will bring the Date to their end. Once we destroy Masamune, the Date will be no more." Kojuro made sure to leave out the news of Shigeharu, to make him sound more appealing.

"Then what are you suggesting?" Nagamasa said, with a raised eyebrow.

"There is another maiden in the Oda land. Her name is Gracia Akechi, Mitsuhide's daughter. She is quite the beauty and old enough to be wedded off. We can simply offer her instead of Oichi, the betrayer." Kojuro said.

Ranmaru butted in, "But I thought you said I would get her!" He looked flustered and upset.

Kojuro whispered in his ear, "Don't worry, I just need the alliance with the Azai. Gracia will be safe if we can delay her as long as we can." He turned to Nagamasa, "She will come for a visit first, to see if you want her hand. If not, we simply ask you still for an alliance with the Oda. We will destroy the enemy, for you, it seems it's the Date."

Nagamasa was quiet for a moment. He looked at Takatora and back at Kojuro. "We will accept this alliance proposal, for now. Until I see this 'Gracia', I'm not making anything official."

"Splendid response. C'mon Ranmaru, our business is done. I will return here in a few days with news of Gracia." Kojuro said, adjusting his glasses. He beckoned Ranmaru to follow him out. Seems we've made another Clan against the Date. Just watch Masamune, you will perish in the depths of hell, like your father.

Taka - Providence 23 - Revised Boat Post! (So sorry about before. Hasty decisions and stress really got the better of me)

Stepping onto the boat was a brand new experience for Taka. So this is Kraken, the one that Takatora was talking about... He glanced around the battle-torn ship. Dead bodies were lying on the floor, pools of blood forming around them. Debris and rubble were everywhere. The ship was in no state of repair, barely afloat.

Hanbei stiffened next to Taka when Gracia called out his name. Dang, does she have to blow our cover for everyone or what? That one pop diva saw through our disguises though... Taka decided to take a look around the ship and leave Hanbei to deal with Gracia. He walked over a groaning body, clutching onto life. "Hey..girl..." a groan said, "Could you get me some water?" Taka looked down at the bruised body. The man gave him a slight smile.

This is wrong. There should never be this much death..this war, this era, has to end! I can bring some peace to this man by fufilling his last request. In a higher pitched voice, Taka replied, "Of course. The water must be below deck, just hold on."

Taka walked over to an forbidding door. It was swung open, barely on it's hinges that lead to the darkness below. Taka took a deep breath and went through the door. Dimly lit lanterns greeted him at the end of the stairs. He walks past a few doors. Besides one, he could hear a girl sobbing loudly. Is everyone suffering on this ship? Taka was so clouded in his thoughts, he bumped into something.

A light voice said, dropping bundles of something. "Look what you made me did?! Now those people will most likely die!" the girl glared at Taka.

"Uhh, ummm, sorry? I just..I just wanted to get some water for one of the crew.."
Taka forgot to use his girl voice.

"So, mister cross-dress, you look lost. You're not from the crew, I'm guessing. I was ordered to get some supplies as one of the more skilled members took the wheel."
she said, picking up what looked to be some bottles of salve and linen wrapping.

"Well, our ship crashed into Miss Magoichi's ship and well, yea. And well, I'm dress like a girl because....ummm, Kimiko didn't want the expensive clothing to get soiled.."
Taka lied.

"Oh really? You seem to have a small cunning side."
she said with a raised eyebrow, "Like a bookworm."

"A bookworm?!"
Is that the word of the day or something? "Well, yes, I do enjoy reading but..."

"Then, you are a bookworm."
She concluded. "The name is Lady Hosakawa from the H-, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Well, nice meeting you Lady Hosakawa. You can just call me Taka, nothing more, nothing less."
Taka mumbled.

"Nice to meet you Taka. I'm guessing you don't usually pull your hair up and wear green kimonos, correct?"
Hosakwa said chuckling, "So, what's your goal in this war?"

"Well, a goal of mine..before..was to end this my father wanted to do..."
Father...why did you have to go..

"Are you going to carry it out for him?
" She asked, "I mean, he isn't here right now. Is he at the farm or something? You don't seem like the rich type."

"Well...let's just say sure."
Taka said. "But, I dunno. I don't know what to do right now. I'm a lost soul myself..but my friend over there is probably more lost than me..."

"How so?"

"Well..let's just say the family he knew disowned him and...yea..."
Taka said, trying to block out the reoccurring memory of Kojuro's sly speech.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear. Well, I better get these supplies to the wounded. Water should be a bit farther down the hall."
She said and she walked off. Taka watched her go, his eyes glued to her. Why was I so flustered when she talked to be..
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-The Floating Island (currently Levithan, Oda atakubune and merchant ship bound together (outside providence 23)-

The upper decks looked bad, but the wounded up there were nothing compared to what awaited down below. Gracia ran from person to person aiding those above. While her magic would have been better used down below, the site alone may have caused her to freeze.

Lower decks

Kraken hastily moves down the halls towards the dining hall which has been converted to a triage room. He bumps into an attendant who asks quickly.

Attendant: What of Oichi captain, she is safely back in her room.

Kraken: “What, oh, send the letter on my desk to Masamune, let him make the choice. Also prepare Magoichi to coordinate with the Red Fangs when they arrive.”

I won’t include this letter or Red Fangs in this post, I will send the info to both Seek and Raven for them to either post or use how they wish. I want to keep this post more serious and showing the horrible aftermath of the battle and how Kraken is changing from it.

Kraken walks into the living nightmare that once was the happy deck, where men ate, danced, sang and lived happily on the ship. Now every table, chair and floorspace was covered with bodies, corpses sadly being piled in a corner to make more room for the constant flowing of horribly injured people. Kraken can’t speak, his mind is filling with sadness.

Kraken: “Genny, 4 kids. Yin, wife and newborn. Mau, 2 brothers and decrepit parents. Dorian, sister in need."

The list continued as Kraken eyed across the room, the dead all singing in his head. He shakes his head for a moment before the cries of pain recall him. He looks towards the injured and moves to aid, his limited medical skills all returning as he moves to one of the young ones. His arm horribly injured and needing to be amputated.

Daniels (young crewman,16): “No, please don’t take it, no, aughhh the pain.”

Kraken: “Stay still Daniels and watch me, you don’t want to see this.”

Kraken grasps his other hand and sits by his side, nodding for the medic to begin the cutting. Screams of pain and loss graze Krakens face. Blood spatters everywhere as the boy screams. As she sears the wound closed he closes his eyes. His heart rate slowing. Kraken raises his hand and slaps the back of the boys head. His eyes open as Kraken leans close to his face.

Kraken: “You will not die.” Slaps the back of his head again. “Hey, I’m giving you an order. You will not die!”

The boy nods and keeps his eyes open as a maid takes over covering his wounds. The medic that performs the amputation calls for Kraken as she moves to the next man, needing Krakens aid.

Moirat the nights helmsman. He’s coughing up blood and has a huge sword gash right at the base of his neck. The medic tells him to plug his wounds, with no rags in site Kraken rips a piece of fabric from his pants and puts pressure on the wound. The medic works and Kraken tries to plug holes as she finds them on his body. Two more gashes on his chest, a bullet wound in his thigh. Kraken is using his elbows and bare hands trying to stop the blood. Kraken notices the medic back away and shake her head.

Medic: “He’s gone, we have to move on.”

Kraken looks up in astonishment, the body already stiffening. He raises his hands and looks at them, blood covering every inch. He looks back at Moirat’s corpse. He just played mah jong with the man two nights before. The man taught Kraken the game. He has two sons serving under Kraken currently as well… and now he’s gone.

Medic: “Captain, no time to dwell, hurry.”

Kraken moves past the body already being picked up and hauled to the pile to make room for more injured.

He moves next to his favorite head maid. Aimi, just turned 35 last week, they celebrated with rice cakes and chocolate sake. She had 3 children and a dead husband and was sending the money to her grandmother to support them. She was missing a foot and had bad abrasions and splinters along her entire right side. She had thrown herself over one of the orphans to protect them from Oda fire as the ships collided. Kraken grabs her hand and holds it up to his face. He begins singing her favorite lullaby as he strokes her hair.

Kraken: “…my angel, now it's time to dream. And dream how wonderful your life will be. Someday your children may cry, and if you sing this lullaby. Then in your heart, there will always be a part of m….”

Kraken doesn’t have to look at what happened. He feels her hand go limp and her skin grow cold. He looks down, tears forming in the corners of his eyes, he tries to clear them and stop but is unable. He gently kisses her forehead before gently resting her hand on her chest. Kraken breathes deeply before catching up with the medic already working on a Saika soldier.

Sometimes in war you have to see things you never wanted to experience. You have to fight through it and hope you made the right calls, but unfortunately sometimes war picks a time when it’s just going to pile it on.

Medic: “Get the biter, we need to give him a shot to get his heart rate up.”

Kraken looks to the table to his left, grabbing the piece of wood and grabbing one of the large brass needles full of medicine. The Saika soldier looks up at him, he begins to go into shock and shake violently.

Medic: “Stab him, in the heart, we can stop this.”

Kraken hold him down and plunges the needle into his chest, his eyes flutter open and he looks up at Kraken with a soft glow.

Kraken: “Keep your eyes on me, stay with me kid.”

The soldiers eyes begin to shut again, Kraken shakes him with no response.
Kraken reaches for another needle and once again plunges it into his chest as the medic gives the soldier cpr. The soldier doesn’t move but Kraken feels his heartbeat slowing down more and more.

Kraken: “Come on.”

Kraken grabs a third needle as the medic moves to make room, once again he plunges it into his chest and rests his hands feeling for a heartbeat. The medic gives cpr before moving back again, looking towards Kraken with a solemn nod back and forth.

Kraken: “Ah Come on, Come on, Come ON!!!” Kraken slams the empty needles onto the table then throws it across the room. He places his hands on the back of his head as he screams  “COME ON, GOD, GOD WHY!”

Kraken looks around and seeing all the eyes on him. He begins to walk defeated back out towards the exit. He turns the corner and begins to head back towards the upper deck. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice behind him.

Crow: “Where are you going? They need you. Hey!”

Kraken turns slowly looking at her, eyes red and not speaking.

Crow: “Remember what you told me. The second you start blaming yourself for peoples deaths. Theres no coming back!”

Kraken (saddened tone): “Yeah, your right.”

Kraken turns back and continues moving towards the upper deck.

Crow looks towards the room, the site is awful, but the moral of the men is worse. While she knew how to help them medically their will gave them a better chance than any medicine would. She turns towards Kraken and runs to catch him. He just gets to the first step when he feels her hand grab his side and spin him.

Crow: “Wait, I need to tell you this. Of how proud of you I am. Not because you did your best for those people in there, but because after several years of being a pirate, of fighting and surviving. That when things go this badly, that you take it this hard.”

Kraken looks into Crows eyes, seeing something burning bright within her. He breathes heavily and allows his tall, proud stance to return once again.

Crow: “Thats the thing about family, when you fall off the deep end you can always count on us to rally around you. As long as we serve you, we all fight together, as one.”

Kraken: “Thank you.”

Kraken gently caresses her cheek and leans his forehead against hers for a moment. He then moves with haste again back to the room of nightmares with Crow at his heels. This time he dives back into helping people, while shouting orders and calling to his dying men and women.

Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours. Kraken moves from person to person, listening to orders from those with the medical skill. Trying to stop bleeding, encourage wills and fix problems as they rise. He watches 18 more people die in his hands that night. Every time he began to shake, when his will began to falter he would feel her. Crow would appear from nowhere, arms coming from behind pulling him towards her. She would stay like that, leaned against his back her face against his shoulder. Not saying anything, barely breathing, just embracing her captain until he calmed. Then he would breathe slowly and move towards death once again, trying to pry another soul from its boney grip.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeMon Feb 09, 2015 2:17 am

Okay, honestly, when it comes to color coding posts, we have way too many pink speakers. :P

*The Floating Island (currently Levithan, Oda atakebune and merchant ship bound together) outside providence 23*

Magoichi grunts as the purple dressed girl named Gracia is placed roughly on her lap. Kraken gives out orders before escaping into the madness below deck.

"Don't leave me here! I don't wanna be left here held by some random old lady!"

Magoichi flared in anger at the insult, sending daggers to the girl on her lap and having the blood just visibly pulse through her forehead. However, before she could get a comment in about her youth, Gracia's flailing bumped into one of the Saika's more sensitive bruises, causing Magoichi to bite her lip while waiting for the pain to simmer down.

Luckily, Magoichi did not have to wait too long for the pain to submerge. Kimiko presented a large crate of sake causing Magoichi to essentially leap with joy she was so stunned. The shock tossed little Gracia off her lap, which was a good thing for the gun holsters were making her skirt very uncomfortable.

Grabbing two bottles from the case, Magoichi opens them, testing out their initial value. Certainly, a different brewer. From her experience, the sake has origins of the newer arts of brewing. Done by a younger brewer practicing the ancient techniques. Magoichi guessed, with enough trading on the market, the brewer was the young maiden Kishu, a brewer from the eastern island.

While sipping from the bottle, Magoichi contemplated on the current matters at hand. Kraken had signaled his allies, the Red Fangs whom will be arriving to give aid. Kraken had not mentioned what task would be best performed by them.

There's more than enough subjects I need to bring up with that man. Especially about delaying the expiration of anymore of my beloved Saika. Even if certain things change however, I must honor Uji-sama by taking care of the Saika to the best that the Great Amaterasu and Enlightened Butsu will allow.

Magoichi looks around at the site. Two large ships, unable to leave these waters and one merchant vessel harbored along side. Exactly what the Red Fangs could do would matter once she meets them. Until then, the crew was on their own with the limited salvageable materials they had. They needed critical thinkers, and moral boosters...

If anything else goes wrong, Kraken will break... Magoichi's thoughts intruded by Indigo's words.

Kraken had put her in charge hadn't he? Temporarily at least. Crow hasn't been seen. Everyone will still be expecting Kraken's orders while the man's busy. She shouldn't enforce strict criticism, but how can one man really do all that he's trying? Even if motives are being questioned, the need for healing and regrowth was neutral.

The Saika woman looks down at the crate of bottles next to her. She brings her hand to her waist with a fierce grip on the sake bottle. Eyes closed, she takes a very deep breath. Inhale. Hold. Slow Exhale. Throwing her shattered bottle from her hip, she replaces it with her half drunken new one. Magoichi then stops Kyoya from walking past.

"Kyoya, I believe Indigo is going through the toxins. Have Rinku take this sake crate to her for patient distribution. Then, order some of the men, maybe those being rejuvenated by that guest on board, to grab supplies from the merchant ship as well."

The Saika strategist nods in understanding, and goes on his way while Magoichi walks back to continue speaking with the female merchant.

"Kimiko was it? For right now, ignore the damage. My attention must be placed on the matters at hand. Since I see most of your party dispersing about the ship, I know you won't be leaving anytime soon. As such, we'll be using your merchant vessel as transportation to the mainland until further noticed."

"Wait. What?! You can't force me to stay here. I have wares to sell."

"You're selling in the middle of a warzone. There are people, of all ages, barely hanging on to life; not to mention the entire batch of Oda-men now at rest below the tears of the Great Izanagi. Do you not see my brethren laying in pain in between all this damage? And even so, are you not on a pirate ship?"

Kimiko stayed quiet, unsure of where this was going.

"We're adding your supplies to our own resources. We will save as many of the injured as we can. If you're really hit that hard, I'm sure Kraken can scrounge up some extra yen to replace your cargo. Until then, think of it as the true payment for the damage"

The determined sharpshooter, with a new smugness about her walk, left the bemused merchant to her thoughts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Koshosho and Whisper follow the purple clad girl glowing an odd green around the deck. Gracia with insane vigor went to supply her magic to the minor injured crewmen intermixed the debris and parting gift of a ship mast from the sunken Oda ship. At some point, the two women got sick of following her around and, meandering past the supplies being carried to and fro, made their way back to the central deck of the Leviathan. After a few more minutes, the pig-tailed one made her way excitedly to courtesan and cutthroat.

"Now, I would like the antidote please! Look at this letter!" Gracia said taking it out of her boot, "Look! Addressed to Ran-chan and from someone who wears lipstick, which must be you!" (points to Whisper). "So I need your help! Also, I like you!" She walks up to Koshosho, "You're pretty! You should tell me how you look so elegant! I want to look pretty too so I can attract lots of men! Specifically Hanbei!"

The two women stand mildly stunned, the girl's energy so potent, yet so simple. Indigo continues to stare in disbelief; there are many people she's poisoned, none have ever sent a child for an antidote. Koshosho spoke up first.

"I take it this 'Hanbei' is the lovely boy in the pink dress standing over there?" Koshosho asked

"Yes! That's him playing dress up!"

Whisper and Koshosho glance at each other questionally before turning back to Gracia.

"Now darling, while your enthusiasm is certainly admirable, I don't usually take up apprentices. Contract and agreement issues see, and less than desirable test subjects."

"Oh but I'll be the best student you'll ever have, Kosho-sensei!" Gracia says gleefully. "Oh and Miss Lipstick, don't think I forgot about the antidote for Ran-chan. I just have many plans in store for Hanbei!"

Hanbei, whom was watching from a short distance this whole time, nearly fell off the crate he previously sat down on before hiding his face behind his fan once more. His face to the furthest corners reddens to that of a Fuji apple. Koshosho giggles slightly to herself and turns glances back to the cheery girl standing before her.

"Well, as it appears to me," Koshosho declares to the girl. "It seems you are already confident enough to not only ask this favor of me, but also talented enough to lure a man into your possession as your portfolio. There may hope for you."

"And you want the antidote for your other friend still?" Whisper interjects.

"Of course. That's the deal. I healed all your people on your ship. Now, you give Gracia the cure. And Kosho-sensei can teach arts of elegance to Gracia for attracting men!"

This time the two women glance at each other smiling mischievously.

"Well you are certainly a determined young woman to say the least that I might be willing to share a few of my techniques with. Howev-"

"Oh I wish Indigo was up here to see this," Whisper says outloud.

Koshosho eyes the cutthroat amused before continuing. "However, mastering these techniques is not a quick feat. The training is quite intensive and time consuming."

"Furthermore, how many months would you say it's been since your friend got poisoned? Two perhaps? Three? Your friend is in no dire need of it right away. Even with the travel time back to your homeland, if that's where is he currently."

"You see, we're going to make a new deal."

"You will be required to work on the ship."

"You have two options for the job." the two women spoke together.

"You can be transformed into a Cutthroat under my guidance."

"Or I can train you to be a Lady in Waiting."

"And only then will you be presented with your antidote."

The ladies all finished let the words be absorbed to their purple adorned guest. Both quite interested in what the girl might do or say. Though before long an irritable Magoichi appears behind them.

"What are you guys doing?" the Saika woman asks. "While the rest of these ships are working steadily to make repairs to the crew and the ship themselves, you all are standing around being completely unhelpful. I've got no time for this. Little Miss Bouncy Sunshine here, either be useful or go back on the merchant ship out of the way of all the cross-traffic please. Ladies, Crow's been missing for ages and Kraken will be down in the kitchen-made-ER for who knows how long. Are you gonna do something or not?"

Whisper and Koshosho looked at each other, surprised this time. But they turned back to Magoichi with respectful nods.

"Koshosho, while the deck seems to be a lot more lively, I've been informed just how grim things are going below deck. They need the extra medical service down there; more or less managing which supplies are heading where. Whisper, we earlier signaled the Red Fangs. I have no idea if they're planning on appearing in an hour from now or when the sun sets; all I know is I need help preparing for their arrival ad mists all this chaos."

Magoichi finished with a firm nod then preceded to start her rounds, becoming the main resource for everyone above deck. Koshosho and Whisper looked at each other once more before turning back to Gracia.

"Let yourself have time to think about it, darling."

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Wooo, long post. This took me a week and a half to make and I'm happy it's done.

Yukimura Provence 15

 Yukimura found himself inside his normal training grounds, in his normal sequence with his spear. However when he thrusted his spear, the Sanada Spearman had a feeling of an old memory lurking. The past memory depicted Yukimura back when he was a youth, around the age of 7 or so, the setting was next to unbeknownst to Yukimura showing it was not Kai castle, but one in the southern area of Japan, indicated by Hojo crests.

Past Yukimura Provence 58 (Didn't know how to announce this so meh)
 A Yukimura and Nobuyuki of 7 years old followed their father, Masayuki Sanada, into the Hojo Castle. the twins where lead intoa main room where Masayuki meet with Uijayasu, an old friend of his. Masayuki then said, "Lord Uijayasu, it has been along while."

 Uijayasu replied, "It is the same Masayuki, I see you brought your twin sons. My daughter currently is with her mother elsewhere. A retainer of mine's daughter is in the training grounds just outside. Sadly, Krom could not come, as his wife, Lucia, is giving birth any day from now."

 Masayuki then said, "It is sad that Krom couldn't come, but I understand the reason why. Now, Nobuyuki, Yukimura, you are allowed to go out to the training ground or stay here, just don't get into trouble."

 Yukimura nodded, saying, "Yes father, lets go Nobuyuki."
 Nobuyuki shook his head in disagreement, saying, "Id rather not Yukimura, im more interested in listening to Lord Uijayasu then train."

 Yukimura sighed then walked out, hearing his father and Uijayasu conversation slowly dip out as he walked away.

 Uijayasu grabbed his pipe then started smoking it, saying, "Now, my Freind, how has the winds blown in Kai? I hope it is well?"

 Masayuki awnsered the Hojo lord, " There has been many veiws of war, Teremune Daye from what my new allies, the Kirigaya's, have stated he may prepare for battles with Nobunaga eventually, the Imagawa are growing weak since Yoshimoto came in charge, so it's a matter of time till he falls. Then the Uesugi and a small civil war with finding their new Warlord, I am believing that Kenshin will take their spot."

 The rest of the conversation was unknown to Yukimura as he was out of earshot to hear how Uijayasu responded. The young Yukimura opened the door, and went into the training area of the Hojo Castle, he walked in to notice a girl the same age to him. She wore a black and red kimono, she had brown hair tied into what Yukimura could guess as a Ponytail with a red flower on the band that held it together. She wielded in her hands what seemed to be a wooden whip, which seemed like an interesting weapon to Yukimura.

 The girl then started practicing with her weapon, it seemed to be a powerful weapon as it strikes the training dummy with quick speed, the girl then seemed to charge at the dummy, then her whipped changed to a wooden sword as she stabbed through a training dummy.

  Yukimura watched how the girl fought and was not only amazed, he was stunned. That was then that the girl noticed him, then said,"What are you going to do, stand there like an idiot or introduce yourself?"

 Yukimura popped back, somewhat shocked and flustered the girl talked to her in such way, Yukimura then walked over to her and introduced himself, "Hi I'm Yukimura Sanada, son of-"

 Kai interrupted Yukimura, saying, "No need for fancy talk with me, I'm Kaihime, just call me Kai."

 Yukimura felt only slightly less flustered, and looked at Kai as he then asked, "What's your weapon Yukimura? If you aren't one of those calculating, know it all, boneless, weak, tacticians..."

 "Spear, Kai," Yukimura said, sounding completely flustered and intimated. Which made Kai smiled as she threw a training spear to Yukimura. She then got into a fighting position, which Yukimura mimicked, spinning the spear a bit.

Kai then swung her wood sword at Yukimura, who blocked it easily with his Training spear then kept in a defensive position. Kai then continued to swing at Yukimura who casually defended against her attacks. Kai then growled, indicating she's not going to go easy on Yukimura anymore. She then furiously slashed at Yukimura, who either blocked Kai's constant attacks or dodged them, Kai then yelled, "No fair, your only just defending, moron, attack!"

Yukimura ignored her comment and defended against Kai's swings, which eventually, the infuriated Kai angrily stopped her relentless assault to wave her fists in the air, as Yukimura then thrusted his lance forward and paused when it was about to touch her upper left chest area, which Yukimura then said, "Checkmate, I win."

Kai looked down and saw that Yukimura won their dual. She seemed she was about to start a tantrum, but instead she smiled and laughed, saying, "You, Yukimura-kun, I respect you, being the first non adult able to best me. Though I might have won if I used my whip the whole time."

Yukimura then said, "Then use it this time."

 Kai replied, "Don't cry when I beat you. I'm not one to go easy, Atleast now."

 Yukimura was about to say something, but kept quite then prepared for round 2. Kai did the same and activated her wooden training swords whip mode then whipped it at the young, future Sanada warlord, Yukimura jumped to the side, barely dodging it, then kept moving around Kai to avoid her weapon, till it eventually wrapped around Yukimuras leg and she made Yukimura fall. Following it, Kai jumped at Yukimura trying to jump on him and strike him with the blade form of her whip-sword. Yukimura grabbed his mock spear and thrusted it forward and knocked Kai back, hitting her hip. Yukimura rolled backwards, and prepared to thrust at Kai, who charged at him again, trying to break his defense. Yukimura's speed was faster then Kai's, which allowed him to dodge, then drove his spear at her face, but Kai ducked but her hair was untied from Yukimuras spear, which maid her hair fall and cover eyes, which Kai jumped back trying to move it out of her face, but the young spearman thrusted the spear forward, striking Kai, which if it was a real spear would have cut down Kaihime.

Kai, instead of throwing a tantrum, complimented Yukimura, "Seems no matter what, you are the strongest of us both. I respect you, Yukimura. Seeing you are the Son of Masayuki Sanada, one of the members of the Kerbecs Triumvirate. If for whatever reason may the Hojo fall, I'll come to Kai."

 Yukimura bowed in response, as Nobuyuki came outside to join. Sadly, as this is where the flashback cutted out for Yukimura.

Present Yukimura; Provence 15

 Yukimura replayed the events of what was happening in his head. He remembered the Kerbecs Triumvarate, the alliance between the Sanada, Hojo, and Ishida. Sadly, the Triumvarate weakened on the day that Masayuki, Yukimura's father was killed. Where a ninja, Hanzō Hattori, a Tokugawa Jinon, assassinated Sanada Masayuki. Yukimura didn't dare to remember that date. The Triumvarate totally died once Krom Ishida, was killed by his brother, right before the war rose. Finally, there was Uijayasu, he died a few weeks ago, and Suguya reported the events to him as he was killed by a ugly ninja under Kraken. Yukimura had a slight longing hope that Kaihime was alive, and comming to Kai, as she'd said.
 Yukimura slightly kicked himself, trying to stay on topic in his head and prepare for war, against his family and the Tunuki, Ieyasu.
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~Hanbei & Gracia (Hanbei's Perspective)~ On the boat
Hanbei listened quietly, not speaking as the two women offered Gracia both two unfair offers. Then Magoichi came over, yelled at them, and Koshosho turns to Gracia saying:
"Let yourself have time to think about it, darling."
It was at that moment that Hanbei walked over to Gracia and pulled her back.
"Listen, I don't know who you are, but Gracia, I think you would prefer trying to bargain for the cure another way. Don't you see? Both ways will end up in a dead end.." Hanbei looked straight into her eyes.

"The offer isn't for you, let the girl decide herself. Silly child, you should behave yourself and think before you speak. You are merely hindering Gracia from saving her poor, sick friend," Koshosho chuckles as Hanbei gives her a hard look, "Let her decide for herself."
"That's right; this deal is between us three, and not you. Now scram."
Before Hanbei could reply, Magoichi's booming voice could be heard.
"Are you girls GETTING ON YOUR WORK or not?! There's work to be done!"
"We'll play later. Bye!" Koshosho winked as she headed for below deck. Whisper also headed to her new post.
Hanbei turned to Gracia, who was still smiling and seemed more enthusiastic than when he had first met her.
"Oh, isn't this lovely! I'm going to get the cure for Ran-chan! I just have to pick one of the two. Oooh, should I do both maybe? Then I'll get a doubly good cure!"
"No, that isn't how it works!" Hanbei said, scanning the deck. He noticed the damage that this war has caused for the first time; there were wounded people scattered about, although these did not appear to be the worst of the wounds. People were screaming, frantically looking for something. Kimiko looked like she was talking to a group of merchants, directing them to take supplies here and there. This isn't a game. This war is affecting everyone.......seeing the pain and suffering of others makes what happened at Bungo seem trivial...and now these women are looking to use Gracia. They don't understand that she is harmless, they only see her label: Oda. She's marked wherever she goes, carrying the stereotype she is so innocent to; her people lie, cheat, and kill, yet she doesn't. She's the exception. Why must everybody be categorized? Why are we labeling each other as good, evil, maniac, sane.....
....because, this is war. But does she deserved to be taken advantage of because she does not know what she is? She's born into a certain fate, and can't escape no matter how hard she tries.
But aren't we all the same way?

Hanbei remembers it was a lovely spring day. A few days before that fire that took out his town, that fire he believed had killed his family years ago. She was a lovely one, with the same naive nature as Gracia. And then she was called - called to work for the Date or die.
"But why? Why are you going leaving me?"
"Because it is my duty, Shigeharu. Thanks for teaching me how to read though. I was only able to dream of being literate until it was for you. Oh, whats behind your back?"
"Nothing. Don't worry about it," Hanbei said looking down with despair, clutching the object tighter, knowing that this was the last goodbye, "So you are really are joining the Date army? I hope they find your services well."
"Of course! That's why I'm being called. My entire family except me and my father live on Date territory- I am going to join them. Now smile, Shigeharu! I don't want to see you cry. You're like a little brother to me. I'll make the Date a little brighter, Teremune can't be as bad as people say he is. I believe in giving everyone a chance- it doesn't matter who they are or where they come from, right?"
"Right." Hanbei said hugging her, tears streaming down his cheeks. She wiped them away. And as she left, Hanbei looked at her wide-eyed, looking at what was in his hand. It was now shriveled up because of how hard he was holding it, but he looked down at the deep red color. The thorns has pricked his hand, as she had by leaving - and the petals were detached from one another. It was a rose.
Today was the day he was supposed to propose.

And then, three days later, Hanbei's home village was burned down- everybody and everything gone. And worse, as he traveled towards the next main city, he came upon a river. He saw Date foot soldiers holding a rope, lowering it into the water. Hanbei had hid behind a bush- and When they were done, they left the rope and whatever was attached to it lie there
It was her. She was caught by the Date foot soldiers, dragged, beaten, and eventually drowned. Hanbei grabbed her corpse, letting a scream out that echoed throughout the land. His family was dead, and now his first love.
On her body, he found a note. It was blurred ink, but it read as follows:
We think we have found L... D.... and Teremune seco... s.. We are loyal to t.. Oto.. an. assasin... T..emu.. bef.. h. kills the. Hur..y! Me.. m. .. ... docks.
Unable to verify the contents of the message, He had buried her, putting the single now half-wilted and detached Rose on her grave.
"Whoever used you, I vow that they will pay. I will never give anyone who hurts I love a chance again. I will learn more- I will gain more knowledge than you ever imagined. And one day, I will be a genius good enough for you. I will hunt down and kill these men who drowned you. You will be avenged. You will never be used again, whoever summoned you and put you in harm's way."

"YOU WILL NEVER BE USED AGAIN, WHOEVER SUMMONED YOU AND PUT YOU INTO HARM'S WAY!" Hanbei screamed loud enough for the entire boat to hear, "Gracia, I will not let these ladies trap you. You are too vulnerable; why can't you see it? Why can't you protect yourself before you become a corpse too?!"
"Hey, Hanbei-chan! What is wrong with you! This is to protect my friend, Ran-chan, you know that right? I've already made my decision; now let me help all my pals out! And you could be a really good pal too if you just let me make my own choices!" Gracia shoved him aside, and then headed for Koshosho. Hanbei watched Gracia as her tapped Koshosho on the back.
"I've made my decision, Kosho-sensai! I want to do both! I want to get that antidote for my friend!"

Meanwhile, Kimiko barked orders to the others. She glanced at Magoichi, hesitating to approach her or not.
"Listen, Magoichi, I've helped out in every way I can. Now please let my ship depart. We must make it Date territory as quick as we can. I am willing to corral my men and leave. It will be as if we have never been here," She looked nervously at Hanbei and Gracia, and thought of Taka, "I have some peo-cargo I need to be delivered and off my ship as soon as I possibly can. Its cargo I believe that causes me bad luck wherever I go, and I'm a lowly merchant- just let me sell my wares and I'll be happy."
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Okay, finally mah turn again, yayz!
Thanks to Dusk for that interesting letter he sent. I have my response waiting below, so enjoy~

Also is quite lengthy, sorry. ^^;

~Masamune - Providence 4 - Harbor~

"Oh sorry to hear. I guess your big ol' scary dad frightened her away."
Sasuke said, folding his arms behind his head.

"I better get back to the castle. Our work is done on the harbor."
Masamune said, turning away. He walked a few paces and stop to look at two children play with some rocks. They were two boys, brothers, playing in the sand and making pictures with the debris on the beach. If Mother stayed, would that have been Shigeharu and I? He pushed the thought away and steadily walked through the town.

The castle gates loomed ahead. They opened when Masamune neared them. He bowed to a few nearby advisers and headed into the castle. He walked through the wooden corridors, his footsteps echoing with each step. He opened a cream-colored screen door that lead to where he kept his armor. Masamune's six swords laid in a stand, all next to each other. On each sheathe, a word (Or kanji?) was written on it. Each sword represented a different aspect of the Date. Courage, for the men who risked their lives for the Clan, Regret for the lost loved ones and poor decisions, Truth for never losing sight of your goals and ambitions, Family for never forgetting your home and who you should protect the most, Thunder for you outcry and mark on the world, and Dragon for the never-dieing spirit of the Date. Masamune picked with the 'Dragon' sword and unsheathed it. It's blade was sheer steel crafted to a fine sharp edge, like a dragon claw. It was the Date's most valued heirloom. It was passed down through the generations to every ruling Date lord.

Looking at his reflection in the steel of the blade, Masamune was brought back to a memory. He was only a teenager at the time, around seventeen years of age. The battle of the Tokugawa was not going well for the Date. They were cornered at their home and their nearby borders. Ieyasu, being only sixteen at the time, was a warrior serving under his father. He was battling hard and fierce, like all other Tokugawa warriors.

Masamune, at the time, only used two swords. He hadn't master the six-sword technique yet and lashed out at Ieyasu. "Only one of our fathers is going to make it out of this war alive!" The brash, young Ieyasu said to Masamune. He wielded a spear at the time, with a iron tip.

"Hold your tongue weasel, because the Date are going to be victorious."
Masamune said, clashing swords with him.

"In your dreams, lizard-brain. You're Clan is falling apart from the inside out."
Ieyasu shouted, pushing Masamune back. Masamune landed on his rump and dropped one of his swords. He clutched the other in his hand tightly. He glared at Ieyasu with a cold eye.

"You know nothing about us, you imbecile yo-"
Masamune was cut off by screaming and shouting. Turning around, he saw the castle ablaze, smoking rising into the clear sky. "No!" Masamune said, stunned. He started to run towards the castle, ignoring the protests and insults coming from Ieyasu. He ran as fast as he could. No, please let everyone be safe!

"Masamune! There are people trapped inside. There is no way to get them out without losing more lives!" Kojuro said, in a frightened voice. Masamune skidded to a halt near his friend.

"We can't just leave them there. And the heirloom! That's our family's most prized possession. We can't let it just burn to ashes from the fire of our foes!"
Masamune said. I don't care if I die. Those people should of never got caught up in my father's war. Father, where are you? Without waiting for a reasonable response from Kojuro, Masamune ran for the blazing castle.

Masamune almost made it when something, or someone, tackled him. "Masamune, you idiot! Your life is more important that the commoners and maids inside. You need to live or the Date Clan will die out!" Kojuro said, on top of him. "I'm not moving until you stop trying to be the 'hero'. There are no heroes in war, only death, pain, and destruction."

"Get off of me, Kojuro! You can't stop me!"
Masamune said, struggling as Kojuro pulled him away from the castle. Masamune clutched the sword, still, in his hand. I vowed to never raise arms against my own friends.. Kojuro stopped yanking on Masamune when he saw backup arrive.

As the horsemen grew closer, Kojuro shouted. "Please, take Prince Masamune away from here. He must be kept safe!" What? You imbecile! I'll just come right back if you make me leave! One samurai stopped his panting black horse and dismounted.

"Alright. Don't worry kids, this fire will be out in no time. There is a safe refuge we set up in Echigo. Take my horse and go there."
He placed the reigns of the horse in Masamune's hand. "Take good care of her, will ya?" the namless soilder said as he ruffled Masamune's hair. He brushed past the two teenagers, never to be seen or heard of again.

Masamune and Kojuro mounted the horse, Masamune in the front and Kojuro behind him. "We only got one horse, so hang on tight." Masamune said reluctantly. He went to sheathe his sword when he noticed the kanji on the side. It read 'Dragon', which meant it was the heirloom. I took the heirloom into battle?! What was I thinking? Well, at least it is safe with him. He sheathed the sword and erged the horse forward, towards the safe refuge of Echigo.

"Uh, Lord Masamune? We got company."
Sasuke's voice brought Masamune out of his clouded memories. He put the sword back in it's holder and turned to face his ninja. Besides the familiar camo-poncho was a messenger covered in sweat. He was dressed in the colors of the Tachibana, indicating he came from their routy neighbors.

"I have a message from my captain, Kraken. I should of gotten here earlier, but we have no horses on our ship."
He said in panting breaths. He handed Masamune the letter, sealed with the crest of Krakan. Masamune casually tore the envelope open and whipped open the letter.

To my dearest Date friend,

Greetings Masamune, I sit here trying to write this letter with many thoughts in my mind. I’ll get to the point. I have your beautiful bride Oichi safely aboard the Leviathan. Apparently Magoichi had a moment of weakness… or boredom and decided to bring her to my ship. I still don’t know if it was against her will or not, the details are lost to me. I do know she did not come to me normally but at the same time did not behave as a prisoner which makes me wonder what transpired between the two. I know you must be distraught with worry. So I’ll make this very simple, you can come and reclaim your wife or if you wish I can have her brought to you but that may take time to safety arrange a guarded detail.

In return for this kind transaction I have one criteria that must be met. I feel you picked a fine wife, from what we have discussed she seems to be truly in love and smitten with you. So I feel like a fine marriage and the name Date does not deserve anything but the best. So I ask you name your firstborn after the man of legends, Kraken. When this child comes of age, he or she will be brought to me and will train underneath myself and other fine captains and lords for a year. So that they may live up to the great name they have been given and to ensure you are not raising an idiot.

The person delivering this notice will include two capsules of smoke.
Blue means you’re coming to me and I should expect you within the next day or two. The Yellow smoke means I should make arrangements for her to be brought to you. Please make your decision quickly as I feel to have such a prominent figure on board may raise some unwanted attention from her brother.

Also I feel now is the proper time to officially offer you the chance to sail your banner beneath the Krakens might and aid me in uniting Japan. This is not to be confused as extortion as your wife plays no part in this. I merely feel a conversation between us as Lords is long overdo.

Your friend, ally, potential captain or enemy;


Masamune's eye widen with the contents of the letter. "So, it was Magoichi who took my wife on a hiatus. Hmph, Kraken should not even ask on what I should do. Messenger, signal the blue smoke that you brought. I'm not just going to sit here and let my wife sit ideally by on a boat." He folded the letter and put it in his front pocket of his casual clothes. "I also need to talk to this pirate about my next move."

"Your next move? You already have a plan, yet with no strategist?"
Sasuke asked.

"You think losing Kojuro is the end of the Date? You got it all wrong, ninja. We are going to reclaim our land of Oshu. The Date deserve no less. The Tokugawa have reigned there too long. After this petty meeting with Kraken, I'm taking my troops there." Masamune said folding his arms. The messenger the nodded and fiddled with the smoke container.

"You might want to open that outside, or this room is going to turn into blue fog land."
Sasuke said, pushing the messenger out of the room.

Masamune turned back to the swords. After what happened in Oda territory, I'm not going to let my guard down. He quickly put on his usual armor and blue tabard (coat). He attached his 'dragon wings' to each side and grabbed his signature helmet. He was putting in on as he walked out of the castle.

Sasuke was waiting for him on the bottom steps. A trail of blue smoke rose in the sky. "That messenger couldn't open that capsule for his life. Geeze, does the ninja have to do everything around here?"

"Sasuke, it doesn't matter who opened the jar. As long as Kraken knows I'm coming, then I'm fine. I'm going to bring a small regiment of men with us., just in case we run into trouble."

"Good thinking. I'll scout out ahead. I'll see if the Shima have anything up their sleeve."
Sasuke said, disappearing into his shadow.

Masamune went to the nearby stables to get his horse. "Leaving so soon?" the stable lady said, holding a bucket of horse feed.

"There's never a dull moment."
Masamune said shrugging. He took Lusa out of the stables and mounted her. He rode her out of the gates to meet the small regiment. They were all saddled up on their own horses and eager to ride.

"Are you ready guys? We are going to pay that pirate a visit!"
Masamune said, rallying up the troops.

"YEA!" the responded as they started to follow their lord. Oichi, I'm coming. Please be safe. I would of come before, but I was full of shock from Kojuro and the Otomo excursion.

~Takakage - The Floating Island (Y'all know where this is by now)~

Taka went into the muggy, moldy room where the supplies were kept. A faint musk smell was in the air, that made Taka's nose cringe. He held his nose and found a barrel full of water. Grabbing a nearby canteen, he fulled it until it overflowed and made his way back to upper deck. Moans and groans were still filling the air as Taka left the unknown darkness. He found the man who wanted the water, but it was already too late. His glazed eyes stared into the distance, never to blink again.

Horrified, Taka made his way back over to the merchants. Kimiko seemed flustered about using her goods as resources. She crossed her arms and tapped her foot. She noticed Taka and said, "Good, we're all here. Now, we just have to make that pirate believe that we've done all we can so we can get moving. We-" Her voice was cut off by a scout.

"Look, blue smoke from the southeast! We've got our reply! If only it was sooner!"
the scout cried out. Everyone took a minute to look at the blue smoke trail.

"That's near Date's territory.."
Kimiko mumbled. "From the looks of it, he might be paying a visit here. Well, he can help us get out of this mess." Kimiko smirked a little.

Taka paused, She thinks Lord Masamune Date is going to save her from a grubby pirate? No, the Date aren't known for helping mere peasants and merchants..but what if that era is gone? That was Terumune's policy.. I've never met Masamune, but from what I've heard, he's less cruel than his father... "Hey,I guess that's good news for Hanbei. He can finally face his fear-the truth." Taka said, pulling on Kimiko's shoulder.

She nodded. "That's practically the reason I was going to the Date. Hanbei needs some comfort and love in his life. So does Masamune. Those two brothers must finally come together." Taka, still clutching the water, watched the blue smoke with Kimiko.

"But this war..this ship...this will be the whole country if we don't stop the Oda. Death, destruction, and misery.. This war has already hurt the Mori, Otomo, Date, and many other clans. I wish we could all live in peace."
Taka closed his eyes.

"Then, that's starts with you my friend."
Kimiko said, patting his shoulder. "You should take that water to the needy and see what you can do. But, don't stray to far, I'm going to need you to get the hightail out of here."

Taka said as he walked over to a group of struggling pirates. Their clothes were half torn from their weak frames and their faces wrer covered in soot. They gladly accepted the water from Taka and thanked him for it.

"Thanks, pretty one. Maybe one of these men will swoon for you."
One said, clearly half out of it. I really need to take off these clothes. Left and right these pirates want a kiss or something from me. YUCK!
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I warned you guys it was long and holy crap is it long. I wedged everything in needed to get you guys off my boat and on your way along with adding more fun story to the game. I did not grammatically edit this due to wanting to go to bed. Here you go.

-The Floating Island -

The blue smoke has settled and faded. The Leviathan has regained order and the nightmare was coming to an end for Kraken. More and more men emerged from below with their injuries treated, some with new attachments; hooks, eyepatches, the standard substitutes of the time for missing pieces. Only the seriously ill laid below still and they were taken to the appropriate rooms on the level to be watched over by the normal medical staff. The kitchen after being cleaned began to look and smell once again like a place to share a meal and not watch friends die.

Men openly talked again while repairing the ship and temporarily patching damage. It slowly became a ship in the water, not a floating wreck. Magoichi finally getting a break from the chaos aboard the Leviathan was able to instruct temporary repairs of her own newly acquired vessel as well. The sun was beginning to set as most the crew took a break for the night earning rest after the days events.

Koshosho, Whisper and Gracia stood near the wheel talking, the two older woman sharing devious smiles at each other from time to time. Crow stood at the helm allowing a leaning relaxed Magoichi a moment to enjoy her drink and restore her weapons. Pacing wildly back and forth was the infuriated Kimiko desperately wanting to leave. Hanbei and Take recounted the days events and still the choices they made as they eye their dresses. Hanbei keeps a trained eye over Gracia getting annoyed whenever one of the older woman would playfully take a jab at her. Kraken finally appears coming up the steps from below deck and stretching and washing his bloodstained arms at one of the buckets.

Koshosho: “Okay my new best friend, time to stop playing with the child. Lets give her the first tasks. hmmmm. Oh. I got it, I want you to persuade a man to do something for you that you would not wish to do yourself.”

Whisper: “Going easy on her, well I guess I should make this simple as well. There are many ways to screw up as a Cutthroat and die, but will cover those later. There is but one way to end everything we stand for. That is to have the big guy *gestures at Kraken* die. It’s that simple. We all take our turns watching over him. So your first task, stay on him for an entire day, 24 hours. I will try to plant this red bandana on him, if I do so without you stopping me then you have failed and will have to repeat the exercise down the road again. Got it?”

Gracia: “Convince a man to do what I want, and watch Mr. Meanie. Got it.”

Gracia begins to run towards Kraken but before she takes 2 steps Crow whistles sharply for her attention.

Crow: “If you try to trick my Captain… or harm him in any serious way. I will kill you, your friends, and your entire family. Got it?”

Gracia stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the lady giving her the death stare, she hadn’t heard much from her the entire day but the look alone shook her to the core. She backed away slowly before turning to run once again.

Kraken finished washing his hands as he noticed a rather nervous Lady Hayakawa approaching him slowly, one hand holding the wrist of the other rubbing it up and down. She tried to do her best to avoid eye contact as she walked over to him but his tilted head and stare caught her off guard.

Hayakawa: “Ummm, I was wondering… should I still… be in a cell?

Kraken: “I thought we had an understanding earlier, and why the sudden change in personality from the woman I met earlier. The person was ready to kill me to regain honor for her family.”

Hayakawa: “Yeah, I… uh I know. I’m just going to go back to my room now.”

Kraken moved over to catch her shoulder and turn her back to facing him.

Kraken: “Is this the first time you saw something this traumatic? It’s all catching up to you and you don’t know what is right?

She nodded slightly

Kraken: “I have those moments, luckily I always seem to have a little crow that brings me back. Just like you have me now. I owe you this much.”

Kraken stands tall and places both hands on her shoulders before speaking in a very docile knowledgable voice.

Kraken: “Your fathers dream may be over. But in waking, you are reborn. You may feel you are not ready for this world, but here you are. Your father will always be with you, his memories, his drives, and when you need him. You will feel him… whispering. At times you may not hear his voice when you need it. Yet, you will always hear mine. Fore when your father cannot answer your calls. I will. I owe you this. I also owe you a chance to live. Live a life of your choices. I ask now that you go forth and leave my ship. But know I will always have time and a place for you if you need either.”

Hayakawa: “I, I don’t know what to say.”

Kraken: “Say nothing now if you cannot find the words. I will have the men bring you a pouch of gold and gems, enough to buy a town if you wish. Use this to fund your realizations.”

Lady Hayakawa suddenly got a rather confused look on her face at Krakens last comment, Kraken thought for a moment, wondering if he misspoke. He noticed she was starring at him intently, as if starring through him, he took a step sideways and thats when he heard the quick pitter patter of another pair of feet behind his. Glancing backwards he only caught a glance of pigtails before they scurried to hide from his glance.

Kraken: “What in the fresh hell is this?”

He quick jumped to turn to face his shadow, which quickly tried to get behind him once again before he reached out with his left hand stopping her.

Gracia: “Let go, how am I supposed to shadow you if you’re holding me you meanie.”

Kraken: “Why the hell are you shadowing me?”

As if on cue a quick woohoo could be heard coming from Koshosho and Whisper who chuckled and waved at the rather flustered Kraken. Who begins to put two and two together. Lady Hayakawa laughs to herself as she walks off to stroll the ship.

Gracia: “I am a Lady in waiting Cutthroat now and I need to watch over you like a hawk so I don’t want to hear anything about it okay, fine now let me go.”

Kraken: “Are you serious, do you know what a Cutthroat even does. Wait, did you say Lady in waiting as well. What kind of deal did you make with those two.”

Kraken sits the girl down on an empty chest while she explains the situation to him. Afterwards Kraken stands up and calls out the girls.

Kraken: “There is a cure correct?”

A nod from Whisper and Crow confirm it.

Kraken: “Okay, a few ground rules for this then. One. You will not carve or tattoo this girl in anyway, because I’m sure you casually forgot to mention you like to initiate girls into your program with a burning hot brand.”

Kraken begins to walk towards Crow and the others while Gracia remains seated realizing how painful a hot brand would be compared to a hot tea kettle. Kraken looks back at Gracia before speaking.

Kraken: “Two. Stay with me when I walk and talk, you may notice I do it a lot and if you get lost in thought I’ll look stupid talking to myself.”

Gracia jumped and ran behind him quickly.

Kraken: “Three. You will treat her with careful consideration, I don’t want a corpse because you forgot to check to see if you had anti-venom after exposing her to a fatal poison. And my final question for you all. Why me?

Whisper walked over closely and raised her hand as if handing something over.

Whisper: “If you take this bandana it will explain everything.”

Gracia: ”No, no, no don’t touch it.”

Gracia ran in front of Kraken quickly and snatched the bandana from her hands and threw it on the ground stomping it.

Kraken: “What the heck is going on, you know what. I don’t want to know, you woman are causing me enough grief already. Anyway if any of you have taken the time to look out your scopes at any point you’ll notice some ships fast approaching. It seems the Date vessel will beat the Red Fangs by just moments. So let us prepare.”

Kraken jumped up onto the steering platform and relieved Crow.

Kraken: “I need you to gather the merchant and her friends and put them on their ship, the second you can signal the Red Fangs that she’s friendly get them away from here. Too many issues for me to be losing it with an anxious merchant.”

Crow: “I’ll go corral them up for you now.”

Crow took off and Kraken relaxed on the wheel for a bit before glancing over at the Whisper and Koshosho.

Kraken: “Well… we have a little of a time crunch so go help her, I apparently have a shadow now so if I need anything I can ask her.”

Magoichi eyed the two walk away before opening her mouth.

Magoichi: “Anything for me?”

Kraken: “Just rest, your part is coming up. The Red Fangs are ruthless, if their leader see’s me like this he’ll try to challenge me to damage my reputation. I need you to make sure this does not happen, so you will be talking in my behalf. Make him listen in anyway necessary. Once you have his attention send his men in a widespread Oda hunt along this coast, send a man to my foreign traders for repair materials and more. Do whatever you feel like is the right call. I trust you.”

Magoichi: “Sounds simple enough, next time make it more difficult.”

Kraken: “Fine, do this sober.”

Magoichi laughs a modest chuckle before taking another hit from new bamboo tube.

- below deck -

Crow goes through the lower decks before locating Kimiko, she informs her of the good news and tells her to prepare her ship while she hunts down the others. A few more rooms later and she finds the man dressed as a woman, Hanbei.

Crow: “You know we met before, so this disguise… fails. Come with me, I wish to tell you a tale while I take you to depart.”

Hanbei walks slowly behind the dark woman, not knowing her intentions.

Crow: “So I’ve heard rumors, intelligence and more that says you are a possible Date. Hearing that name brings back memories of my own mother, yes. I to have a… had a family. I remember her talking of your father, your Date father Terumune. Her greatest failure she called him. She played with the magics that only are mentioned in the dark. The stuff you get burned for.  She played with the minds of 2 other lords, I’m pretty sure they had similar reactions but not to the extent of your fathers. His was pretty magnificent. I still remember her as she left me as a child to take the blame for some of fires. She made me the woman I am, maybe she is the reason I cannot seem to die. Yet I do not care about that anymore.”

Hanbei and Crow reach the side of Kimiko’s ship, Hanbei almost bursting with questions.

Crow: “My story comes with a reason. Just because you see and hear one thing, doesn’t mean someone else wasn't pulling the strings the entire time. One does not blame the puppet for burning his stage box to the ground. They blame the puppeteer. So maybe give the Date moron some slack and try to not be so stupid as to think everything you know is the truth.”

Hanbei: “How do you even know all this, what are your sources and who is your mother?”

Crow: “Our conversation is over if you didn’t notice.”

Crow walks away with the same soulless walk she almost always seems to carry around. Hanbei stands, confused and annoyed more than ever before, boarding the ship.

- elsewhere -

Taka stands looking out to the ocean, breathing and contemplating his current situation. He barely notices Lady Hayakawa approach.

Hayakawa: “You seem as lost as me currently.”

Take: “I have experienced great loss, can you compare.”

Hayakawa: “Immensely. As Kraken told me, it is our decision to continue moving ahead that makes our losses not hold us down. I hear you are leaving now, and from the walk of the Crow towards us I feel a connection with you. May I join you back to mainland, I could use a voice on the same level as my own currently. Even if his voice is hidden behind a horrible disguise.”

Taka looked toward her, abut to answer but before words could escape his mouth Crow had cornered both of them.

Crow: “I see you have made a choice my lady, the real one not the disguised idiot. I did enjoy our talks, but now I must escort you both to your ship. So please before I get worked up.”

-Date vessel-

Masamune was anxious to see his wife once again, his eagerness was overfilling, as soon as his ship bumped the Leviathan. His men began to tie it as be grabbed the reigns to climb aboard.

Kraken: “That won’t be necessary my young friend. We can chat just fine from here. We are all most busy I’m sure so let us make this quick while one of my maids retrieves your wife.”

Masamune: “Is she ok, what befell her while she was aboard.”

Kraken gestures at his chest.

Kraken: “Trust me, compared to me she is perfect. Other than a few scratches she is fine and well. Now let us talk and I’ll make this simple as possible. I now hold a decent foothold in the South. I am making my name known and gathering allies. Would you consider standing beneath this Lords banner?”

Masamune thinks to himself intently, but his concentration is broken when he see’s Oichi appear at the Leviathans rails.

Masamune: “Oichi, my love, I am here for you.”

Oichi: “I knew you would, now how do I get off this vessel.”

Kraken: “You could jump but that would hurt seeing as were like 10 feet above them. I would suggest the reigns, one foot in front of the next, I’m sure when you get close enough Masamune will whisp you off them.”

Kraken sighed as he watched Oichi struggle, finally he moved over and aided her in the beginning. Once she was lowered and in Masamune’s loving arms he took a seat on the edge of his boat and awaited Masamunes response.

-Kimiko vessel -

A giddy Kimiko jumped for joy, just as the Date vessel touched they were given the signal to go, with the words that Masamune would be right behind them. A large satchel of gold was thrown at her by a seemingly annoyed Crow in the process. Kimiko’s merchant vessel made it’s way past the numerous Red Fang ships appearing before her. She smiled, down one original passenger and up a new one. Taka and Hanbei finally took off their disguises and laughed at each other in the process.

Ok, so some of it is a little rushed and sloppy and super long but moving the story ahead in lightning speed isn't always perfect. Smile
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So I was bored and thought this would burn some time and it did, plus I was so caught up with getting everyone else's stuff going that I forgot what I had going. Sooooo.

**************Torture Interrogation Time*****************

Willpower: 85%
Physical Health: 40%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 2%

Other: Bleeding.

Nohime sat in the room, the only light for most the day has been the oil lamp gently swaying in front of her. Her ears prick up as she hears the faint sound of a door being unlatches, chains falling the ground. The door shuts, then she hears another door being unlocked and opened, this one louder. A gust of wind causes the lanterns flame to dance briefly. A figure blocks out the light, Nohime’s eyes cannot make out the figure but she can guess who it is.

Nohime: “More?”

Crow: “Yes, the commotion has settled and I can trust Kraken to not die for a brief moment. You're still bleeding I can see, your trash of an outfit is getting worse."

Nohime: “It wasn’t trash before you tore it up fixing my a…. ahhhhhh!”

Crow tightens her grip around Nohime’s broken arm, making her seethe in agony for a few moments until she releases it.

Crow: “The time for you to talk is still not here. If you notice there are 4 of us in here so if you try anything you’ll be put down.”

Nohime: “How can I try anything.”

Nohime feels her restraints loosening as the other Cutthroats allow her to stand, Crow pushes her towards an open space in the room. She pulls a glittering blade quickly and slashes down Nohime’s tattered clothes letting them drop to the floor. Suddenly cold water is splashed at her from buckets. She shivers quietly while eyeing her situation, sadly she see’s no alternative but to take whatever they do to her. Two of the girls move in with herbs, patches and bandages and begin to treat her remaining wounds while Crow stares directly into her eyes. Never blinking. Nohime speaks up while shivering.

Nohime: “Wwwwwwhat are you going tttttto do nowwwww.”

Crow: “Clothe you and allow you to stretch for a few moments. Being in one place all the time leads to sores that kill peasants and lords alike. After that I am going to restrain you again, then leave you in darkness until I think of some questions I want you to answer. Sound good to you?"

Nohime: Iiiii Don’t understand you at allllllll.”

Crow: “Good, now eat.”

Crow tosses her a rice ball and does exactly what she said she was going to do before leaving Nohime bound and in the dark once again.
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~Hanbei~ Kimiko vessel
Hanbei and Taka laughed as they put the clothes Kimiko gave them back.
"I must say Taka, I never want to be a girl again. NEVER again," Hanbei laughed.
"Yea, some of the men I felt were starting to hit on me......not in a million years!" Taka finished hanging up the outfit, and then walked out of the room. Hanbei heard the ship start to move, and he sat down, alone, unable to contain himself.
What do I have left in this world? Am I living a lie? First, my one and only true love dies. Then, my parents are not really my parents. And I am the son of Teremune, one of the most hated men on this planet....Kojuro is trying to murder me for some unknown reason...Gracia is lost, just like her, all girls seem to live in their own little fantasy world where they think they can change things but they can't.....and now this Crow cutthroat's words just don't sit with me well. What did she mean by them? What's the point of her telling me stuff that only confuses the situation more.....
...I guess I was born to fail. It's Teremune's blasted self-fulfilling prophecy. There's nothing I can do now.
Hanbei put his head down, quietly sobbing. Kimiko soon appeared, he didn't know when, but she was standing over him, looking down at him.
"Pfft, what are you doing still down here? I was wondering whether you jumped overboard to become a fish or something," Kimiko stared, and then realized that joking was not the answer. She knelt down beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder. Hanbei looked at her.
"You know, I don't have anywhere to go. The Otomo are finished because of Kojuro. And I can't just show up to someone else's borders, and expect to be welcome in, not since Kojuro made me look like a fool in public. Everyone's going to think I'm the next Teremune or something; they're just that simple. Now, if she never died, I would've never tried to improve myself, which ended up degrading me instead.....Now I think I will take a nap, because maybe I can escape this nightmare once again and see her.."
Kimiko hit Hanbei as hard as she could. Hanbei let out a moan of pain.
"No napping here! You should listen to yourself speak. You were so headstrong before, what happened? I didn't feminize you with playing dress-up, did I? No! Look, bad stuff is happening to us all, that's what we call war. You're either going to tough it out, or you're going to die. Everyone needs to look to the future instead of dwelling on the past if they want to survive. And you do have someone left to care for in this world," Kimiko paused for a moment, looking at Hanbei who had a puzzled look, "Your brother. Masamune. You see, I met him one day by chance - I kind of fell in love too. There's just something about him that was charming, but he's married to Oichi now. I will support him even if he doesn't think anything more of me, and maybe I'll snag a husband somewhere along the way. I just haven't found him yet. But that doesn't mean that I don't care for him, and the same with you. I'm sure he will care about you, being family. You Dates sure have something about you that makes you some of the most loyal people I know. You need to support each other."
Hanbei looked at her for a moment, and smiled. He knew that Kimiko could come off as pushy sometimes, but her words rung true. He nodded. He would find Masamune and tell him the truth, and hope that Masamune wasn't still holding a grudge from when they last met. He would help Masamune change the Date name into something else. That was how he would use his intellect and become great, but teaming up with Masamune and become his tactician. And he would use his knowledge to destroy all of those who opposed the hopes and dreams of those that believe in peace.

~Gracia~ the ship
"If you take this bandana it will explain everything."
"No, no, no don’t touch it."
Gracia ran in front of Kraken quickly and snatched the bandana from her hands and threw it on the ground stomping it.
“What the heck is going on, you know what. I don’t want to know, you woman are causing me enough grief already. Anyway if any of you have taken the time to look out your scopes at any point you’ll notice some ships fast approaching. It seems the Date vessel will beat the Red Fangs by just moments. So let us prepare.”
Gracia was relieved the bandana was not given to Kraken. Now, should I continue to address him as Mr. Meanie or Mr. Krabs? He can't have two nicknames! This dilemma, for Gracia, continues as Kraken says:
“What the heck is going on, you know what. I don’t want to know, you woman are causing me enough grief already. Anyway if any of you have taken the time to look out your scopes at any point you’ll notice some ships fast approaching. It seems the Date vessel will beat the Red Fangs by just moments. So let us prepare.”

The Date? Masamoomoo! He's a friend. But who are these Red Fangs?
"I will continue to protect Mr. Meanie Krabs from this evil bandana. I will make sure that those Red Fangs don't lay a finger on him. You can count on me to protect him! Also, Kosho-sensei wants me to make a man do something for me that I don't wanna do....hmmm, I gotta tastefully do both tasks.." Gracia eyes Masamune. Perfect. I can use him as well as keep Mr. Meanie Krabs in my view. He is sitting with him, after all. Gracia ran up to Masamune, who was having a moment with Oichi. She took the bandana with her she stomped on the floor a moment ago.
"Masamoomoo, I want you to tear this bandana into a million little pieces with your big, heavy swords, and then I want you to make me more food. Ramon preferred."
Kraken gave Gracia a hard stare, unamused with the game still. Oichi giggled girlishly a little bit, and she obviously nodded because she knew Gracia. They were friends.
"Oichi! My bestest friend in the entire world! Wow, you look so pretty now! Oh wait, I'm supposed to be a shadow while I try to make Masamune do something for me!"
Masamune was going to reply when Gracia tossed the bandana in his hands, and then went to hide behind a barrel to become a "shadow" for Kraken. Whisper, before Masamune could do anything, swiftly jumps and takes the bandana in a blink of an eye from Masamune, and comes up from behind Gracia. She put her hand on Gracia.
"Listen Gracia, while your task still continues, the Red Fangs are a serious deal. Let Kraken be at his business, you are supposed to be a SHADOW only. So I want you to prepare to fight and die for our leader."
"Oh, so I should get ready to beat up a bunch of evil men? That's what my daddy does! He takes people into battle all the time, and then kills the other side!" Gracia said innocently, as if killing a bunch of men was nothing.
"Here." Whisper hands Gracia a dagger, "You're going to need to use it if they do not listen to Magoichi. The Red Fangs are approaching fast."
Gracia nodded as she took the dagger, and watched as the Red Fangs swiftly came towards the vessel. I will be Mr. Meanie Krab's shadow until I pass the test. Ran-chan, just wait for me. I can't wait to cure you!

~Nobunaga~ Province #38 Iga
A messenger came in swiftly, approaching Nobunaga. He was frantic, panting, and sweaty, and when Nobunaga looked at him he instantly became fearful. He bowed before his massive lord, shaking.
"I.....I....have news."
"Is it good?" Nobunaga raised an eyebrow.
"It....depends how much you love Nohime."
"Interesting. What is your news on my beloved wife? She told me she was going to attempt to slaughter Kraken, one of the men I loath and hate. He is no leader. He is a fool, refusing to slaughter everyone and keeping certain people alive. He is not an all-or-nothing man, which is what you need to be to win this war. Take the Hojo for instance. It seems he did not kill Lady Hayakawa, when it is evident the girl must die. She is a coward and a fool. She is nothing. And so is Kraken. That pirate thinks he can reign the seas, but every man like that will soon go down along with his little cutthroat pests. If we pick off his cutthroats, then the man will be vulnerable himself. Now please continue,"
"Nohime.....has been defeated by Kraken. I'm sorry, but the Oda vessels just weren't good enough to withstand him....the Saika apparently are also siding with Kraken, and the Date has an alliance with him according to Kojuro. But the good news is, she is not dead."
"Well, it would be foolish just to send an entire army to come rescue her. I trust that pirate will be stupid and too gracious and will let her live. She will eventually escape and come back to me. Now, I want you a take this - to Kojuro. It is informing him on our next move," The messenger nodded, and then rushed out.
Mitsuhide enters the room, saying "I have prepared an army like you asked me to. Now, what is our next target?"
Nobunaga, without turning to face him, simply replies,
"The Kuroda."

Don't worry I will update with the interrogation time on Friday! <3
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Provence 15; Kirito

Kirito and a small regiment of Sanada soldiers moved all day from the final Imagawa castle to Kais border, where they rested after the tiring travel. It was Asuna's turn to keep watch during the night, but Kirito noticed something completely different about her, so he faked sleeping and watched her throughout her shift. It was probably an hour to half an hour into her watch, when a shadowy figure appeared, saying, "Asuna, The Honda and regiment will be attacking Kai tommorrow, will you be getting rid of the Kirigaya brat?"


Asuna hushed the person saying, "Hanzō, you musn't speak so loud. I do not want to be caught! Anyway, I shall betray Kirito tommorrow during the battle. The chaos will make it unknown on who killed him."

Hanzō replied, "Good, he is the only heir to the Sanada once Yukimura dies, unless Nobuyuki betrays us, which is unlikely."

Asuna nodded then Hanzō disappeared. Kirito watched and was shocked, his advisor, works for the Tokugawa, she was preparing to stab him in the back, along with Yukimura. Kirito went to bed, but didn't sleep, as he professed what happened in his head, then planned to disrupt Asuna's schemes.

Provence 15; Yukimura

Yukimura was walking through Kai, as Suguyaha appeared infront of him, alarming, "Milord! Grave news, a Tokugawa army is only a good distance from us, by Tommorrow noon, we will be under attack!"

Yukimura took a breath, then said, "Thank you Suguya, alarm everyone, we have to prepare for war!"

In a flash Yukimura and Suguya alarmed Kai of their future invaders, the Soldiers prepared in minutes, and heard a quick, but solid strategy by Yukimura and Mitsunari:
The strategy relied heavy on suprise attacks, they'd allow the Tokugawa troops in the city, and lead themselves to certain areas, where they'd then get stuck into a trap, then mowed down by Sanada Riflemen, then wash, rinse, and repeat. Until they escaped and prepared to change their strategies where soldiers will sit in hidden holes with Rifles, covered by large bamboo bowls, designed to look like the ground, then fire at them in the cause of chaos. Finally, Riflemen hid in trees on off beaten paths to weaken any reinforcements that pass by. Stratagies that Nobuyuki taught Yukimura when they where young.
Soldiers worked through the night to make Kai seem desolate, families hid in their homes, and Riflemen squated out in every upstairs room that was available. While others worked through the night, digging holes for them to squat in

Yukimura and Mitsunari stood on a balcony overlooking the lands, as the Tokugawa force was seen in the distance, preparing to seige Kai. Tokugawa banners flew valiantly in the air across the sea of soldiers. Mitsunari then pointed on the feild to what was a giant, he weilded a titanic pike, saying, "Seems the Great-warrior God and one of the four pillars of the Tokugawa, Honda Tadakatsu, is showing us his presence."

Honda Tadakatsu:

"CHARGE!" Tadakatsu roared, and the armies of Tokugawa foot soldiers followed the call.

Providence 16;Lucia
 Lucia rode through the Forest of the Uesugi Providence, determination lit her eyes. She fell from the top of the mountain of her families honor, into the abyss, with a broken back, she waited for her end, Seppuku. Suicide wasn't going to be an option, not first, second, or even last.

Lucia approached the Uesugi castle, only to notice gaurds surounded Her, one telling her, "Please get off your horse and tell us who you are, and why you are here."

Lucia obeyed what they said, put her hands behind her head to signify she won't harm them, and said, "I am Ishida Lucia, I mean no harm, only to ask for alliance between your lord and the Sanada."

The Gaurd nodded then let the group lead Lucia into the castle, where a few more gaurds joined the escort group, Lucia heard faint voices saying things such as, "Is that the Ishida girl?" or, "Is that the honorless daughter to the great Ishida Krom?"

Lucia ignored their comments and was let into the castle, then down a hall and into a room where most of the gaurds went away, but 5 remained, two Riflemen, 3 soldiers weilding Nariganatas. Lucia sat in the middle of the room, as a few minutes passed by and a door opened, comming in was 4 people, one she remembered, Naoe Kanetsugu, then Uesugi Kenshin, Uesugi Ayahime, and then Aya's and Kenshin's adopted son, Uesugi Kagekatsu.
The Uesugi people and Kanetsugu:

The four who entered sat from left to right similar to how they entered, Kanetsugu on the far left, then Kenshin, then Ayahime, finally Kagekatsu on the far right. Lucia showed a sign of respect to them as they walked in. Kanetsugu seemed happy to see that Lucia is safe. Kenshin then spoke, "Iahida Lucia, daughter of the great, Ishida Krom, I am honored to meet you. Kanetsugu has told me that your plan to prevent the Oda's plan. A Sanada ninja told us that it was due to an unexpected alliance between the Ikuyono and Oda."

Lucia nodded, saying, "It is true. Those events ravaged my families honor. I regret fleeing, I could have been able to strike Nobunaga down, and cause his major retainers, such as the Mori and Akechi to cause a civil war for the next heir, to weaken each other." Luckily, my cousin killed Mori Ranmaru."

Kenshin then replied, "It would have been great. However, time is impossible to change. Now why are you here?"

Lucia held out a scroll, which one of the Rifleman behind her, grabbed it then handed it to Kenshin. To which Kenshin took from the Gaurd, and opened as the Rifleman walked back to his position. While Kenshin read, Kagekatsu stood up, walked over to Lucia, and Unsheathes one of his giant blades, then swung it at Lucia, who startled, grabbed her Sheild to block the swing. The gaurds, startled, aimed their weapons at Lucia. Lucia was extremely scared and startled, and most of all confused.

Kenshin looked up and ordered the Gaurds to stand down, the Countinues reading. Kagekatsu sheathed his giant blade. Aya then said,"I am sorry, Lucia-dono. My son tests any who talks to our lord like that. His blade wouldn't have claimed your life, he would pause before cutting you down."

Lucia, who was taking heavy breaths, put her sheild down, saying, "I wish... I was told..... earlier."

Kenshin finished reading, then said, "Lucia, I accept your lords plight, on my own term."

Lucia asked, feeling pleased, "What is it?"

Kenshin looked at Kagekatsu, asking, [color#ccccff]"Does she pass your test?"[/color]

Kagekatsu replied, "She is strong, despite it being a fail. I shall say yes."

Kenshin then turned back to Lucia, saying, "My term is for you to marry my nephew, Kagekatsu."

Lucia looked down, then took a breath, saying, "I accept to marry him. Despite the heart attack I received."

Kanetsugu was shocked, question, "Milord, is that a good idea? The girl is still young."

Kenshin replied,"She has already agreed. Now, Kanetsugu, go to Kai to tell of what is to come."

Kanetsugu took a breath, saying, "Yes milord."
Kanetsugu turned around, then exited the room.
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~Masamune - You know where - Date Vessel~

Oichi was gently placed in Masamune's arms. He hugs her tightly, taking in her scent. "Oichi, I'm sorry, I should of been there for you...I..I"

"It's alright, Masamune. I'm just glad to be back with you." She put one of her hands in his cheek, looking at him with gentle eyes. Kraken sat down on the edge, waiting for Masamune to adress him.

Before Masamune could adress the gruff, pirate, two pink, curly pigtails catches his eye. A familar girly face jumps into his view, saying cheerfully, "Masamoomoo, I want you to tear this bandana into a million little pieces with your big, heavy swords, and then I want you to make me more food. Ramon preferred."

"Uh.." Masamune was about to comment when Gracia perked up seeing Oichi.Gracia! What is she doing on a pirate ship! I thought she would be having a teaparty with her stuffed plushes! This is no place for her. What is she doing? Where's her father?

"Oichi! My bestest friend in the entire world! Wow, you look so pretty now! Oh wait, I'm supposed to be a shadow while I try to make Masamune do something for me!"  Gracia shouted out. She seemed to be bobbing up and down with joy, until one of the cutthroats, Whisper whisked her away, out of earshot of Masamune.

"Well, I didn't know you were hosting a babysitting service now, Kraken."
Masamune said, addressing the old pirate.

"She is with Crow and Whisper, trying to become a cutthroat. She's their problem."
Kraken replied.

"Alright, on to business. I think I can agree to take over Japan with you, but me and my army shall stay under the Date's banner. The Oda need to be opposed with a strong enough force. Plus, I have a bons to pick with Kojuro next time I see him. My next move is to take back what's rightfully mine-Oshu. I thought I might tell you, since if I obtain Oshu, I'll let take full ownership of the island outside of Echigo. Just make sure to look after the people. I don't want to hand off to a bad leader now." Masmaune said, getting all his thoughts out.

Kraken listened quietly. When Masamune finished, he responded, "Alright, that works for me, if we make it out alive after the Red Fangs." Before Masamune could ask any further questions, Kraken continued, "But don't worry about us. You just worry about the battle ahead of you with the Tokugawa."

Masamune nodded, "Before I go, if you have anything you want to clear up with me, just send a messenger. I have a ninja who can get a response to you pronto." Masamune said. He then picked up Oichi in a princess fashion and left the captain to his own ship. He walked the bright decks of the vessel to the captain and told him to head home.

Masamune then took Oichi to the nearest barrel and set her down on it. There was not anywhere nicer on the boat, since the  Date's navy isn't the greatest. "Oichi, I hard about the battle. Please tell me you weren't hurt.." Masamune had sympathy in his voice.

"No, I was fine.."
Oichi trailed off, lying. "It was horrible! was all my fault. Nohime...and.." Oichi started to tear up.

Masamune pulled her into another hug. "It was not your fault. You disowned yourself from the Oda. They have no rights not to respect your choice. Your brother threw to the wayside anyways. Never think you are anything less. All that should matter is that I love you."

Oichi whispered, crying silently.

The boat moved smoothly through the waters. The sea winds were with the white sails, making the boat cut through the water faster. The familiar, sandy shore of Echigo soon loomed ahead, with the harbor in sight. The voices of the sailors on the harbor could be heard.

The boat soon docked on the harbor. The sailors tied the ropes and put down the wood makeshift bridge to get on and off the boat. Masamune picked up Oichi again and carried off the boat. The sailors bowed when their leader passed. Sasuke, who appeared from the shadows, pointed out, "A merchant ship shortly arrived before your vessel did. The Shima seemed to be up to nothing right now, but one of my shinobi checking on the Sanada reported news. Apparently, Tokugawa is making the first move in their little dispute."

"That's actualy great news. We can attack them from our side while they are fighting the Sanada. They'll have a hard time fighting two fronts." Masamune said, smiling. "Good work Sasuke. I might have t give you a pay raise."

"That's up to you, my lord. I'm just doing my job, Saratobi style."
Sasuke winked and vanished into darkness again.

Oichi stayed silent the whole way to the castle. Masamune carried her all the way, not letting her touch the ground. He kept her close and held her close.I won't let them take away another important person away! I'm lucky I get her back this time!

~Kojuro - Province 56 - Border~

Ranmaru was silent for a long part of the trip. He must be upset that I used Gracia for the deal. Oh well, sacrifices must be made to obtain my greater goal. Kojuro and Ranmaru have been traveling on horseback for a while now from the Azai castle. It was around midday, with light blotches of clouds in the sky. The hilly road to the former Otomo castle was peaceful, with a woodland creature stirring here and there. Kojuro tried to lighten the mood by playing his flute. The silence was unnerving him. I've been around that Date boy too long. He's too loud and headstrong all the time. I can't wait to end his life with my hands.

Ranmaru finally decided to talk, "Gracia...she ran away from me last time I saw her. I don't even know if she is still in Bungo."

"Don't be silly. How far can one girl go? And it's Gracia, for crying out loud. She has less brains that a caterpillar."[ Kojuro replied, adjusting his glasses.

The rest of the ride was smooth sailing. The hill rolled along and the horses panted on. However, there was someone quickly approaching them on horseback.

"Master Katakura, I have news from Lord Nobunaga!"
a raspy voice said, quickly approaching on a grey horse. He was a messenger, beading with sweat from the hot sun.

"Hand the note here." Kojuro said, as they came to a complete stop. The messenger fumbled in his bag and pulled out a half crumpled note. He handed to Kojuro with shaky hands.

Kojuro tore the letter open and read the contents.

Dear my loyal servant Kojuro,

I heard good news of the Otomo land falling into your hands. Good job. Now, I have my next assignment for you. I want you to research the mysterious cutthroats of Kraken. They seem to be posing quite a threat around Japan. I know you are the right man for the job. Also, I want you to anilate the last of the Hojo. They must all perish under the Oda.

Also, I wish you luck with taking down the Date. I'll give you a large army if you plan to march on the fool's doorstep.

-Nobunaga Oda

Kojuro folded the letter and placed it in his coat, along with his flute. "It looks like we are going to be busy for a while. Tell our lord that I'm on it. Also tell him that I'm working on an alliance with the Azai. Nagamasa is falling right into my trap."

"Aye sir!"
The messenger turned around and rode back the way he came. Kojuro and Ranmaru were nearing the last stripe of land, the city in sight.

Kojuro stopped and turned around, "I know you're there." The nearby bushes rustle and Takatora tumbles out.

"I didn't trust you, so I followed you. So, you really are in line with the Oda."
His eyes narrowed. "What are you planning to do with the Azai?"

"That is none of your business. You better rush back and protect your petty lord before something terrible happens." Kojuro said, gesturing Takatora to leave.

"It is my business. I'm not afraid to fight you here if I have to!"
Takatora's eyes narrowed, as he put a hand on the hilt of his sword.

"We're leaving Ranmaru. I'm not going to waste my time with insignificant fools." Kojuro turned away and lead his horse away. Ranmaru followed behind with a brisk pace. Good thing I didn't spill too much. That Azai brat almost foiled me.

**Note: Ranmaru Mori is not related to Motonari Mori or Takakage Mori. Their were two Mori Clans, but Ranmaru is more of a servant, like Kojuro.**

~Taka - You know where - Merchant Vessel~

Taka quickly discarded the woman garments and put on his old outfit. A nice white undershirt with a orange coat to top it off. He quickly left Hanbei by himself, wanting to find Lady Hawakawa.

He found her by the edge, looking at the water. She had a look of sadness in her eyes. "I need to find Saburo...he's technically the heir to the Hojo.."

Taka asked, walking up.

"Oh, he's my younger brother. A while ago, we were waging war with the Uesugi, so he was the peace treaty. He's with the Uesugi as far as I know. Since that war has been over for a long while now, it might be time for him to return home. Then, we can both rebuild our family. Maybe not our Clan, but at least our family."

"Wow, you really have strong goals, admitting that you don't want to revive your Clan. But, you should get out of the sun. It's really hot today."
Taka grabbed her hand and started walking.

Taka lead Lady Hawakawa to a bunch of merchandise crates, creating a cool spot on the deck. He let go of her hand. "I haven't felt the wind like this in a long time. It's so gentle." She said, smiling.

Taka tensed up. I want to know more about her, but...I get all fuzzy around her... "Uhh, what was is like in the Hojo? I mean, I'm just curious."

"Oh, it was like any other clan, with a large family. I loved the people and my father so much. And then....." Hawakawa turned away.

I hit a nerve, great.. Taka started to walk away, to give Lady Hawakawa some space. He seeked out Hanbei, who also looked like he was on a meltdown. The side of his face was also red, in a hand-like shape. "What happened to you?" Taka blatantly asked.

"I just needed some alone time, but that was ruined with Kimiko."
Hanbei said, staring at the headstrong merchant. "I also figured out what my next move will be."

"Really? Where are you going to settle down? I still have no direction."
Taka looked away. I must be an embarrassment to you, father. Look at me, on a merchant ship doing absolutely nothing with my life. I'm not even trying to revive the Mori Clan. His hand turned into a hard fist.

Hanbei interrupted his thoughts, "I'm going to find my brother, and serve under him." He seemed to want to leave out as much detail as possible.

"Oh, so you finally accept you are a Date? Well, wasn't there a Date vessel just around here a few moments ago? You could of just met up with him there." Taka said, putting a hand on his chin, thinking.

Hanbei slowly nods, "I wasn't ready then. But, I am now."

"Oh, I see." Taka just noticed that the merchant ship is moving. It sailed swiftly through the waves. Looking to the back, he could see the Date Vessel on the horizon. I need to straighten out my life. I might tag along with Hanbei for a while longer. "Hey, I can tag along with you? Mori strategies are known throughout of Japan."

"I suppose, but it's up to Lord Date ultimately."
Hanbei said. He walked over the the railing of the boat and leaned against it. The boat swiftly reached it's destination - Date's harbor. It anchored there and Kimiko started to yell at her brothers to set up shop.
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~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
As soon as the ship stopped, Hanbei practically ran off. He whizzed past Kimiko, who was telling her brothers to set up their shop. He made his way towards the Date castle.
Hanbei arrived at the gates and just sort of made his way past the guards, who recognized him from previous visits. They shrugged as Hanbei made his way to Masamune. He was with his wife, giving her a little kiss and exchanging a few words.
"Masamune! I am sorry to interrupt, but may I speak to you alone?" Hanbei looked at him and then Oichi, who looked at Masamune and smiled. She nodded and left the room. Masamune then crossed him arms and narrowed his eyes.
"I don't like to be interrupted often unless there's a good reason. Now, what brings you here to Echigo?"
Hanbei turned around and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, then opened them, and began.
"Everybody has experienced heartache from this war - foot soldiers have been killed out of loyalty to their country. Families have lost their homes and their entire life as they know it. Lords have turned to madness and warfare in order to strive for peace. However, we both know the man that has caused us both pain as well as heartache...." Hanbei paused for a moment before continuing on, "Teremune. A name that fills anyone with rage. If someone's town burned down, most likely it was the Date army. If someone's loved one died in one the wars during his time, most likely the Date army was involved. He's tainted the Date clans name, as well as has abused those around him......I can't speak much for you, but I know how he has affect Rose."
Masamune's eyebrows lifted up.
"Rose.....she is my mother. She left me when I was so young though, and left me with Teremune. Teremune had focused all of his attention on me. He forced me to train and to fight to become the "ideal" man. And one day, I just wasn't good enough - and Teremune took my eye out. My right eye! Sometimes I wonder if I'll be ever to see the truth and the light again. I'm trying to revive the Date clan name from the damage my father has caused. But I'd like to hear more about Rose," Masamune looked down at Hanbei, softening his gaze.
"Rose left because of abuse. But that's not the only reason why Rose you know Rose was bearing a child at the time. Rose must have loved the child more than anything else in the world, but not enough to save me....." Hanbei looked down at the ground, "I am Teremune's second son. I accept it now, even though my adopted family has disowned me and I am an outcast. She couldn't save me from the hardship I had to face - building my way up to the top, and then my love.......well, that girl must be irrelevant to you. No one else would understand what it is like for someone to die by the Date hand, and now that I know I am a Date, I feel like I've somehow betrayed her.....why was she summoned to serve the Date army, I do not know, or why they would kill her...but coming back to Rose, she wanted to save me. But she couldn't."
Hanbei lifted his pantleg, revealing the birthmark on his ankle. Masamune looked at it wordless for a moment, staring at it. Were - tears forming in his eyes? Hanbei's eyes were surely watering.
"I am truly Shigeharu Date. Now that I am lordless, disowned, and pretty much on the bottom of things....I don't know what to do, who to turn!" Hanbei bursted into tears, and Masamune suddenly grabbed him, hugging him. Masamune had tears rolling down his face.
"Dragons are loyal and will protect those that are dear to them. I, Masamune Date, will never shut out anyone from my family. We will protect our land and our name together. We do not have to become like our father. Together, we can form a new nation based on the principles of loyalty and trust. As the One-eyed dragon, I accept your apology and your tears. Shigeharu, in truth I've been looking for you all this time. I couldn't get you off my mind. I knew that if I had a brother out there - somewhere - we should be sticking together. And I'm happy that you've finally come home."
Hanbei smiles, and so does Masamune. They embrace again with joyful spirit.

~Nobunaga~Traveling to Kuroda territory
Nobunaga lead the troops out, with Mitsuhide by his side. So far, they've chipped away some of the Kuroda army, but not in its entirety. With the end of the Ishida, Nobunaga planned to bring an end to the Kuroda.
The army was making its way to Kuroda territory. Suddenly, a shadow jumped in front of him, his horse stopping abruptly.
"Heh......" a girl was standing there, "Sorry, but I can't let you pass!"
Sengoku Wars - Page 8 60180893ab3ba1460b6f4f78df5eb982
"Kunoichi Berry will protect her lord with her entire heart and soul. You shall not pass, Nobunaga Oda. I've been spying on you, and I'm not afraid to admit it because I come in peace believe it or not. I am serving as Lord Kuroda's voice."
"Interesting. Kanbei sends a little pet to come talk to me instead of coming face-to-face. I'd like to hear what you have to say," Nobunaga grinned, looking down at the girl.
"Well, Kanbei would like to request an audience with you naturally - alone. No one with you. He'd like to propose an alliance due to reasons that he will explain to you- I will not reveal everything that our lord has to say so hastily. I know what kind of man you are, and I like it - you don't let anybody step on you. So, if you make an alliance with my master, I have a proposal," Berry looked at him, determined to succeed, "This is a new deal that comes when you make peace with the Kuroda. You see, I've been trained to be a Kunoichi by my sister ever since I could barely talk. So I know the routes around here, as well as the ever-famed Sasuke Sarotobi and Hanzo - of course they know nothing of me, at least not yet. I have the skills you get you what you want - information. And I'd gladly obtain it on the account that one thing happens."
"And what is this trifle you want in exchange for your services? If you do not serve me, I would remind you the alternative is death anyways," Nobunaga raised his sword, giving her a demonic look.
"With my skills, I am a master of disguise. I've been mistaken for a merchant, a messenger, a warrior, and even an adviser. My sister, well she was a master at this sort of thing. But she's, of longer available," Berry paused before continuing, "Now, my condition is that you allow me to slaughter a few Dates I have in mind. The Date army, as you know, was awful and my family was deeply affected by them. I have a list of names to pursue, and I will kill anyone you want as long as I can murder those on my list."
"Well, as long as they are an enemy to the Oda, I can agree to that. Now, take me to Lord Kuroda."

~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 87%
Physical Health: 60%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 6%

Other: Bleeding.

Nohime sat in the darkness, contemplating what had just happened to her. They're being nice, healing my wounds, yet they restrain me and interrogate me. What kind of ship is this? Who do they think they are? She's going to ask me questions?
She closes her eyes. They're surely going to want to know about Nobunaga and what the Oda is doing. And she doesn't know how much she wanted to tell them - not necessarily because she was a hundred percent loyal to Oda, but because she did not want to admit wanting to kill her husband at times. If anyone should be the one to kill him - why not her?
That's something most people would keep personal.

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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2015 1:48 am

-Floating Island-

Kraken rose up after his conversation with Masamune. He looked forward out over the darkening waters as the Red Fang ships came closer. He turned to return to his helm when he noticed his shadows pathetic attempt to hide. A chuckle escaped his throat, he remembered playing hide-and-go-seek with his sister when they were younger. He smiled for a moment at the memory until his vision began to haze. He stumbled forward like a drunk after last call. Holding a hand to his head his crew jumping to their feet to brace him. Kraken could feel hands all around, but couldn’t make out anything in front of him. His sight was gone and his hearing was fading. He heard commotion and Crow calling out.

Crow: “Get…h.m..t…his..hamb… Mago…. prepa…self…we don….time…”

He felt the air stop on his skin. Kraken was indoors but he still couldn’t see, he could hear Crow continuing her words but just then his hearing went as well. All he could do was feel the padding of his bedsheets on his back, a burning sensation on his forehead followed by a cool rush across his face. His bandages being changed, and shortly after his sheets being pulled over him. He had not the strength to move a muscle during this period. All he could do was feel everything happening with no way of interacting.

Outside Crow talked to the crew.

Crow: “Get him into his chamber NOW! Magoichi prepare yourself, we don’t have time for you to second guess anything. Prove to me you’re worth a darn. If the Red Fangs see you hesitate for but a moment they will question Kraken’s judgment. If Iron Feng sees this he will take his opportunity to challenge Kraken in a duel. Kraken will need to call me as his champion and he will lose face. While I can easily kill the man the Red Fangs respond to strength and Kraken not fighting his own battles will damage his reputation. Currently they are horrified of Kraken and we don’t want that to change. So speak true, strong and dignified.”

Crow pauses and noticed Gracia hiding.

Crow: “Get your little pink annoyance into his chamber with him, and stay in there and don’t come out… until I come get you. I don’t need any confusion why we have amateur day on the Leviathan right now. Also if Kraken dies under your care I have no problem fulfilling my words I spoke to you earlier.”

Crow looks to Magoichi as she nods and takes the wheel, she raises her Sake bottle and just before taking a swig lowers it and breathes deeply.

Magoichi: “Just watch and listen Crow, this is how you captain a ship in my waters.”

Crow eyes Magoichi from behind, she turns and takes an item from a maids hand and walks behind her.

Crow: “This is why one of our pirate factions does so great in your waters then? Maybe you great captains needs to grow a bit more. Now remember, you are the baddest most dangerous monster on this ship besides me currently, make them believe that.”

Crow raises the mantle of Kraken places it on Magoichi’s shoulders, she gives her a pat on the back and assumes a position of awaiting orders at her right side.

The Red Fangs flagship “Mayhem” ties itself to the Leviathan. A shirtless musclebound man walks forward followed by a small entourage of similarly dressed men. They all look like they have been greased and shine even in the rising moons light. The man opens his mouth to talk as he approaches the helm, his voice echoes with an enraged tone that could shake a man to his core.

Iron Feng: “What is this stupidity, were is Kraken and why do you stand at his helm.”

One of his men elbow him and says something in his ear, laughter comes from the crowd as they walk closer.

Iron Feng: “I apologize for the tone earlier dear, I did not know you were one of his concubines. I mean wearing his attire and standing as if you had command on his ship, it all makes sense to me now. Crow my deadly darling can you fetch the man of the ship? I wish to talk with someone a little more important than his latest catch.”

Magoichi turned to eye Crow who subtly nodded. Magoichi with lightning fast speed whipped her sidearm out and shot the peg leg off one of the Red Fangs crewmen bringing the man down fast in a crash ending the laughter and bringing surprised looks as they all eyed her.

Magoichi: “Good, now that I have your full attention I can tell you what Kraken wants you to do. One, stop acting like monkeys on this ship, we stand upright for a reason, if you wish to sling poop then get the hell off before I blow your heads off. Two, I need you to s…”

Iron Feng stepped forward and yelled out cutting her off. He stepped closer and closer with each line before ending up on the other side of the wheel across from Magoichi.

Iron Feng: “Who do you think you are talking to me like that, I aught to rip that mantle off your back and put you to work on my ship doing the only thing you whole gender is meant to do. Now get Kraken out here before I ha…”


Sake flings itself across the deck as Iron Feng recoils from the explosion of glass that had been Magoichi’s Sake bottle. A few misplaced steps caused him to fall back off the landing with a loud thud. His men began to move to his aid but stop suddenly when they see the shadows appear and the hollowed looks of Crow and her minions on them. Magoichi looked down at the shards of her glass and sighed before raising the bamboo container and taking a swig. She walked forward and looked down at Iron Feng, pouring the remains of her container on his slowly rising body.

Iron Feng: “What the hell, no one cheap shots me and lives…what are you doing you crazy woman, why are you pouring this crap on me.”

Magoichi:”Oh, has no one informed you, I am quite capable of using fire magic and am having the urge to start a barbecue.”

Magoichi raises her head to face the sky, with a quick huff from her throat a small flare of fire could be seen, she turned back to face the man who backed up slowly.

Iron Feng: “Dear gods and the heavens, where did Kraken find you…uh I mean, what can the humble and mighty Red Fangs do for you today?”

Magoichi: “Good. Two, I want you to send word out for supplies to be brought for repairs, offer double the usual amount for quick turnout. Three, tell the foreign traders to bring out all the good stuff, money is no concern. We want the best weapons, armor and everything that they have to offer. Four…”

The conversation carries on while Iron Feng gives orders to his men to implement each thing Magoichi commands.


While this happens Krakens cabin remains silent as Gracia watches the maids change his bandages.

Maid: “young lady, bring a bowl a water and a towel, he has a fever and needs to be cooled.”

Gracia nodded and helped the best she can. At one point she prepared her healing magic but the maid frowned on that.

Maid: “My dear, I’m afraid while you would heal his apparent wounds your magic may tax his system too much, he only has so much energy left after today and needs to recover.“

They rise up and gather the dirty bandages and move to leave the room quickly as Whisper and Koshosho enter casually.

Whisper: “You kill him yet girl?”

Koshosho: “Oh hush, you’re doing fine my child. Will make this a lesson, we ladies are not only there to fulfill the needs of our chosen men, but to also take care of them when they cannot. This can be simple as nursing a hangover, or cleaning wound. In this case keeping a constant eye on a fever and making sure it doesn’t get worse. If he is alive in the morning and happy will consider this a success.”

Koshosho claps happily as a gunshot is heard outside, peeking through the door she wiggles excitedly.

Koshosho: “Lets go Whisper, we missing the fun.”

Whisper: “Fine, Gracia let me tell you I want you to only worry about Koshosho’s lesson tonight… also because you failed to check his bed.”

Whisper pulls the sheet back a little and pulls a red handkerchief out from underneath. She pockets it and smiles and points at the bed. Gracia’s eyes widen at this sight.

Gracia: No fair, thats cheating. I was watching him so good all day.

Whisper: “Now you have nothing to worry about, see you failed once already, but if you pass the test of keeping him alive then I can maybe not mention this to Crow.”

The two leave the room and Gracia sags her shoulders a bit in defeat. She thinks of the nasty trick the green lipsticked woman played. She sits in the comfy and super huge chair that is Krakens. She watches him for what seems hours and begins to doze a bit when she hears his voice faintly in the dark.

Kraken: “Kana, stop crying, it’s going to be ok… dad will come back for us. I swear it.”

Gracia jumped to her feet and moved to the bedside, laying her hand on his forehead she felt neither the heat of a fever or the cold of near death. He was dreaming, or something. Suddenly he moved and grasped her hands in his. He was looking at her in an odd way, as if he was looking past her, at something that was not there.

Kraken: “I need you to run, and hide and never come back. If they catch you they will punish you with father. Now Go!”

Kraken releases her hands and slumps down once again, half on the bed and half falling of the edge, he continues to talk in his strange state.

Kraken: “No sir, my sister died of the fever during the winter while father was away, it’s just me and mum now. No, why would I lie about that, can’t you see were alone here. Wait, where are you taking me… mom! Mom!!! Help me please.”

Gracia stepped back in confusion, not sure what was currently occurring.

~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 87%
Physical Health: 60%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 6%

Other: Bleeding.

A faint breeze enters the room once again, but the footsteps are different. She doesn’t feel anyone close, just someone eyeing her. A faint voice echoes from across the room.

Unknown Voice: “Crow wishes me to ask you this one question right now. Why do you stand by the man you do, would you die for him? Crow wants you to know she would die in any fashion and handle any pain for Kraken, and wonders if your bond is that strong as well. Or if you are just a Pawn that doesn’t realize that she is a Queen due to how deeply she’s being controlled. Crow also hopes you are cultured enough to know the game of chess as Kraken is quite fond of it.”

The presence leaves the room and Nohime is once again alone, the words echoing trough her head.
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PostSubject: Battle of Kai (And Lucia stuff) part 1   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 10:38 am

Just a small announcement before this Titan of a post:
I'll be working on a 'big character update' for all my PCs, ENPCs, and NPCS.
Seeky did help me write a part of this post so credit to her

Providence 15; Kirito and Yukimura
Kirito had everyone wake up extremely early, he had a full on plan, as he forgot to sleep, he would kill Asuna before he called his battalion to assist his lord. A quick strike to her chest with a needle, where he'd question why she betrayed him and the Sanada, before taking her life. His task force moved out quickly, being right beside Asuna as they traveled. Asuna acted normal, different from the previous day, as if nothing was wrong.

The group reached a clearing over looking the castle, to see the Tokugawa force charging into the castle, seeming as if it was abandoned. Asuna kept her façade, acting startled. Kirito didn't, he looked at Asuba, overlooking her act, as he ordered everyone to get off their horses. Asuna obeyed the order with the Sanada soldiers.

Kirito knew this was the moment. He grabbed one of his needles, then grabbed Asuna's shoulder and drove the needle into her stomach, to hear her cry out in pain. Kirito said, "Did you think that your betrayal and façade would go unoticed, Asuna?"

Asuna held her chest around the wound and lightly cried out, looking at the needle, asking, "The Sanada are weak... They.. They will fall, like the Date did, the Hojo, Mōri, the... The..."

Kirito hushed her, saying, "Pick a god... And pray."

The Swordsman then stood up, and threw another needle into Asuna, striking her lung, letting her die a slow, painful death. She hemmorhaged for a bit and looked at Kirito, struggling to say, "The... The..."

Asuna fell back, succumbing to her wounds, and died.

Kirito looked at the soldiers, who where startled, and afraid. Kirito killed Asuna. Even though it was justified, her blood tattered the ground around her. Kirito retreived his two needles, then commanded his soldiers to get back on their horses and Attack the Tokugawa from behind.


Yukimura watched Tadakatsu's forces drive in. They took no time or a care for danger, Lady Luck shines on the banner of the Six Coins, those to be payed to the boatsman to cross the river of Styx. As the opposing forces neared the entrance from the castle to the town, logs where dropped in their path, startling the enemy soldiers, as the Sanada Riflemen peered their rifles from the windows, holes in walls, and such, then a loud, "BAM!" was heared.

The Tokugawa soldiers were from atop their horses or on foot, to the ground with rifle shots marking them. A few survived, that's where Tadakatsu ordered, "Retreat back to the fields."

Tadakatsu lead the soldiers out of the towns, and back to the fields, where reinforcements came. The Army was weakened, but still able to fight. But a new face was seen with the reinforcements, Nobuyuki, was beside the great Titan, he glanced behind him to see Kirito's forces aproaching them.


Kirito charged with his forces, weild Freiheit as he yelled, "Honda Tadakatsu, prepare to feel my blades!"


Yukimura looked out, saying, "Is that?! Kirito?! Suguya, assist your brother, Mitsunari, prepare a strike force of my best soldiers for us both. Well join the Attack!"

Mitsunari nodded, then did as Yukimura said. Suguya, who was on the roof above them, jumped down, grabbed a rope connected to a crane that was used to move meterials  to strengthen the wall and to a roof outside the wall, and headed to the Battlefeild.


Tadakatsu looked at Kirito and charged, alone, at him, telling Nobuyuki, "Deal with the Sanada, son-in-law."

Nobuyuki nodded then turned around, preparing to give the order to commence an attack, but the squaring troops revealed themselves then fired upon the Tokugawa forces, taking them down quickly. Soldiers are then heared saying, "Wooo! Worth waiting over night!"

Nobuyuki still had a huge force to lead, and looked over, seeing flags of a small force under the Tokugawa, the Otani, lead by Yoshisugu (Cause I can't say his original name, thanks censors). Nobuyuki knew that he had reinforcements and could change the tide thanks to his reinforcements.


Yukimura was preparing to go to battle, and he asked Mitsunari, "Mitsunari, did you get your old freind to assist us?"

Mitsunari got on his horse, and grabbed his fan, replying, "The Otani are on our side, Yoshisugu owes me a lot after I got him to a doctor when we where younger."

Yukimura then got on his horse, spinning his spear and charged, moving across the streets of Kai. Yukimura lead them out of the castle, seeing the Otani banners ahead, then Tadakatsu charging at Kirito, finally his brother. Yukimura told his soldiers to charge at the Tokugawa forces, as he alone went after his brother.

Provedence 16; Lucia

Lucia didn't know who she was now, part of the Uesugi, the Sanada, more importantly the Ishida. Her people she once governed, murdered, by Nobunaga. The only person who she could look up to now was Mitsunari. It was strange, all Lucia could imagine of her fathers face, was not his own, but Mitsunari, he helped her past this, even though his father was killed by Lucia, he stood by her, and he protected her. All the people she let down, all who died for her, they tax her heart and break her, pulling her to darkness. She couldn't take anymore heartbreak. Lucia just wants this to somehow magically fix itself, but it can't.

Lucia finished her meeting with the Uesugi and watched Kanetsugu cast off to go to Kai. She was to marry a man she knew nothing about, Uesugi Kagekatsu, Son of Ayahime and adopted son of Kenshin. He was strong, both in pride and strength. A lot more than the daughter of one of the greatest leaders of his time. Lucia felt unworthy to be married to a strong man.

Lucia was given shelter into the Uesugi. Accepted as if she was of their blood. Lucia put her stuff into a room beside Kagekatsu's; where she'd be staying until she is married. She looked down, then shed a tear, the darkness that was pulling her down was winning. She just began to cry, letting the tears fall down her face and she just looked down, and buried her face into her hands, and wept. Until she heard a familiar voice, which calmed her, "I know Nobunaga destroyed your home and most of your people, but what you have left should be important. Stay strong little one. Remember, I'm always here for you."

Lucia felt, safer. The voice she heard, it was her aunt, Nene. Lucia felt a hand caress her cheek, and she slowly moved her head out from her hand and slowly up, looking at Nene in the eyes, question, "Nene-Sama, is that really you?"


Nene was important to Lucia, being both her father's sister, and a mother figure to Lucia. Nene disappeared not to long before Krom was killed. to see her here, and now, brought joy to Lucia. Nene happily said to Lucia, "It's really me, Lucy."

Lucia happily hugged Nene, then asked, "Why are you here with me? Instead off our son, Mitsunari?"

Nene smiled then replied, "Because Mitsu doesn't need my help right now. He can get through these tragedies like they are nothing. You need some help right now, You've been taking all these bad moments back after back, and I know it's been taxing, but it'll be alright. I promise Lucia, the Uesugi will help the Ishida. They always lend out a hand to Clans in need. Also, you still have Mitsu-chan around. He's always there to protect you, and your Auntie Nene will to."

Nene heared someone walking outside them whispered to Lucia, "I'll be watching over you Lucy, if you need help, just call my name."

Nene then disappeared right before a Gaurd opened the door, asking, "Lady Lucia, are you alright?"

Lucia, no longer crying, replied, "I am fine now."
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 8 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 3:31 pm

Shorter post this time guys. Just trying to prepare for the great Oshu Campaign! Very Happy

~Masamune - Province 4 - Castle~

Masamune gave Hanbei a hard hug. My brother finally has returned home. Are you watching us, Rose? I know you would of wanted our family to be together, just like this. If only Father... Masamune let go of Hanbei and wiped away one more tear. "Together, we will get Date's homeland back - Oshu. Even if it's just the two of us."

"I'll be glad to make a strategy."
Hanbei said, regaining his posture. Masamune finally noticed how small Hanbei looked compared to him. His frame was smaller and his head only reached up to Masamune's upper chest. But, he could see the resemblance in the face. Masamune led them into the castle. Oichi reappeared and gave Masamune a brief hug.

"I saw what happened. I'm so happy for you."
She smiled and let the two reunited brothers walk by. Masamune led them into the strategy room, with his old strategy still lying on the table. It still looked like a fish with blobs of black over it. Hanbei looked at it and sneered.

"Wow, you really need a strategist. This strategy would flop before you even set out for battle." Hanbei said, picking it up and ripping it in half. "I'll be sure to make a much better one." He winked and grabbed a fresh scroll.

"Hey, I'm more of a leader than a strategist. I'll get the people, you just work on where to place them."
Masamune said. He let out a huff of laughter, acknowledging his mistake. Shigeharu, I promise I'll look after you. Family needs to stick together. You'll always have a home with me. Masamune silently vowed and walked out of the room.

Sasuke greeted him, leaning on a pole after Masmaune closed the door. "Greetings Big Boss, another of my shinobi has found out more news. This time, that Ishida girl is going to marry Kagekatsu Uesugi. Looks like the Sanada, Uesugi, and Ishida are becoming friendly with each other."

"As long as their alliance doesn't get in the way of getting Oshu, I really don't care. Just because you have strong ties doesn't mean all your men do. Did the leaders over there every talk to their common man?" Masamune said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, that I'm not sure of. Being a spy around Kai can get dicey since they have their own ninja corps. But being around you, I see you care about everyone, from the fisher to the general. It amazes me how much the people trust you.
" Sasuke said, putting a hand on his chin.

"They had no one else to turn to after the mess my father left. He left me with a chunk of land, a lost people, and burning hate from everyone else. I had to be strong for them. Kojuro also took the burden with me...until he turned on us. I swear, next time I see four eyes, he's going to get a tongue lashing."
Masamune said, clenching his fist.

"Well, Terumune did destroy my fellow ninja Kasuga's village. Burned it right to the ground, along with her. He was a relentless man, that's for sure."
Sasuke said, looking away.

"Sasuke, my next task I want you to do is keep watch around the area. With the Tokugawa attacking Kai, we have to keep an eye open. I want to surprise attack them from the bottom tip of Oshu. We're the last people on their mind."

"You got it."
Sasuke said, jumping into a pit of darkness. I still don't know how he does it.. Masamune said as he walked up to the nearby window. The sun was shining down on the grass, causing some of the blades to appear lighter. They stuck out from the rest. Life is turning around slowly it seems.

~Kojuro - Province 56 - Town~

The town quickly came into view and the Oda's banner could be seen flying on a nearby flag, showing everyone that it was Oda land now. The soldiers patrolled the town relentlessly. Kojuro turned to Ranmaru on hes steed, "Can you gather a decent army of men. We are going to attack the Hojo as soon as possible." Even though I would more rather be working on destroying the Date...

"I'm looking for Gracia, while I'm at it."
Ranmaru said, galloping off. Kojuro instead turned to the castle. The pearly white gates gleamed in the sunlight as Kojuro passed by. The two Oda guards just stood stiffly as Kojuro dismounted his steed and walked into the castle. He open a gem incrested door and confidently walked down the hall. There has to be a library somewhere in this rich place. Kojuro said to himself, looking for it.

He luckily found the library, have many, many beautifully made books, lining the shelves perfectly. It seemed the library was there only for decoration. Kojuro quickly walked in and scanned the books row by row. He pulled out one book, with the title reading, The Silent Side of Japan. He flipped through the pages and stopped on one about the mysterious cutthroats. I need a general knowledge of what these people are and do before trying to study Kraken's. He spent about an hour analyzing the page. The book only held general information and theories on cutthroats, but that was enough for Kojuro. He closed the book and put it back. So, they generally remain in the shadows, trying to be someone's shadow. They also hold no emotions or feelings to anyone or anything. They must be ready to die for this said person. Kojuro adjusted his glasses collecting his thoughts. He took out a scroll and scribbled some notes on it.

Kojuro then turned his attention to making a strategy for destroying the last of the Hojo. He made a generic strategy, since the Hojo was already desolated from Kraken. He would just destroy them with brute strength. And after I took down the Hojo, I'll be setting my sights on the Date, and Kraken.

~Takakage - Province 4 - Merchant Ship~
Taka watched Hanbei bolt off towards the castle. Taka was tempted to follow him when Kimiko appeared in front of him. "Give the brothers some space. Why not help me set up shop instead?" She handed Taka a heavy box. Taka sighed and followed her to the spot on the harbor where they were setting up. He placed the box down and Aki opened it. It contained many wares and weapons that they were selling.

Lady Hawakawa seemed to have followed him off the ship, since when Taka turned around, she was there. She was talking to some small children playing with some rocks. She smiled at them and patted one on the head. She's really good with kids, even though they are not theirs. Taka walked up to her and caught a bit of her conversation.

"I'm sure one day you will all be strong warriors, serving under your lord. Never lose sight of your dreams." Hawakawa soothed them. The kids stared at her with wide eyes and then returned to their play. Taka approached her.

"You're really good with kids."
He said, "I would never be able to talk that gently to them."

"I have many siblings, so I'm very good talking to younger souls. That reminds me, this province borders the Uesgui, where my brother Saburo is." Hawakawa said, looking out to the town.

"Well, first, should we go see Lord Date? I mean, he probably would want to know if someone was traveling through his land and stuff."
Taka said nervously. Why does she always unnerve me so much!

"That's a good idea. But, we should wait until Hanbei settles down with him."
Hawakawa said. "Why not we enjoy the town and it's people in the meantime?"

Is she inviting me for a walk? A date?! Taka blushed and nodded. Lady Hawakawa led the way to the town. The people of Echigo seem to take no notice to the two foreigners. They keep going on with their daily life. Everyone seems to be pretty happy and content here. Taka looked around. He could see many horses being used as luggage carriers and transportation. He notes how many he saw.

The two travel through the town together, holding light conversation. Then, their light travels led them to the castle, where two Date guards blocked the door.

"Holt, state your business young ones."
One of the said.

Nodding to Hawakawa, Taka said, "I'm here to see Lord Masamune Date. I'm a friend of Hanbei. My name is Takakage Mori." Taka boldly said his name. I have to face reality one day!

The two guards looked at each other and nodded, "Alright, we'll let you in since you're a friend of Hanbei. But, no funny business. We already had to deal with this kid earlier today. Man, he was persistent." One of the guards said as they opened the door.

Taka and Hawakawa walked into the castle. Lord Date was nearby, looking out of a window. Taka recognized him from his signature Crescent Moon Helmet. "Ummm, Lord Masamune Date?" Taka said, to try to get the lord's attention. He turned his head to face Taka, one eye gazing down on him.

"What brings a young man like you to Echigo?"
Masamue said, in a calm tone. I was expecting yelling or something else...

"Well, my friend Hanbei came here to offer his services and..well..since I'm a strategist too..I thought I...uh..I.."

"You want to also offer your service, correct? Just who are you?"
Masamune said, folding his arms.

"I'm Takakge Mori, from the Mori Clan..before they fell."
Taka closed his eyes thinking of his fallen clan.

"So, a sorry sap who lost him him? I know old man Mori would have to croak one of these days. I'll let you take refuge here for a while, but you really need to find your own direction.
" Masamune said.

"My own direction?"
Taka asked curiously.

"What's your new purpose in life. Rebuilding your Clan? Becoming a hermit? Serving someone else? You seem uncertain."
Masamune said, looking at Taka.

"Oh, my own direction..I never really thought about it...since I was grieving so much for my father.."
Taka admitted.

"Well start searching now. Maybe this lady you brought can help you."
Masamune winked and walked down the hall.

Taka called down the hall, "What?! She's only..uhhhh ummmm." Taka lost his words and quieted down.

Lady Hawakawa let out a huff of laughter. "That's okay Taka. He was always joking around. Maybe you can help me go seek out my brother Saburo."

"I would be glad to!"
Taka said, smiling.
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Sengoku Wars
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