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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2015 10:41 pm

And I am back with the second part on the Battle of Kai,. Quick Recap:
The Tokugawa forces fell for the ambushes that where set up. Which dwindled the opposing forces of the Sanada.
Asuna was killed by Kirito before the Vaike regiment initiated a Pincer strategy with the Sanada Force.
Sanada Nobuyuki appeared on the war front to assist Tadakatsu as the Ōtani legion are in bound, unknown for which side they will assist, the Tokugawa, or the Sanada.

Provedence 15

Yukimura charged forward on his horse admissed the Chaos. His spear was firmly gripped in his left hand, he strikes any Tokugawa soldiers in his way, he neared his brother, then jumped from his horse, and thrusted his spear at his brother. Nobuyuki jumped back and prepared to fight his brother. They exchanged no words but readied to fight. Yukimura and Nobuyuki charged at each other, giving off their war cries. Yukimura swung his spear at his brother, who blocked it with his Katana. The two then blocked their blows with their weapons, with Nobuyuki having abit of a lead on Yukimura.

In the distance, the Ōtani force set up artillery on the ridge, and prepared to fire, preparing to announce which side they're on. Men loaded the cannons then fired. Cannonballs whizzed through the air, across the feilds of fallen soldiers, and then hit a squad of Tokugawa soldiers. They sided with the Sanada. Following the artillery fire, Calvary followed, Yoshisugu himself lead the charge.


Yukimura and Nobuyuki's battle was tense. Despite Nobuyuki having a slight lead due to his Katana, Yukimura still contained speed and power to almost fully make up for the disadvantage. The Sanada twins still didn't exchange a word, as their weapons where what sung their words. After constant deadlock of Attacks, Nobuyuki jumped back and charged blue energy into his weapons then swung his Katana, sending waves of Blue fire at his brother, who spun his spear around, to ward off the fire.


Kirito had set his sights on Tadakatsu, right before their horses would collide, Kirito jumped off his horse, then forward at Tadakatsu, who knocked Kirito back with his Titanic Pike. Atleast the Titan's strength wasn't false. Tadakatsu stood on his horse, charging at Kirito, swinging his Pike at the Swordsman, who with his twin blades repealed the attacks. It was neck and neck, then suddenly, Kirito strikes Tadakatsu's horse, which the horse then kicked off Tadakatsu then rode off.

Tadakatsu was atleast on the ground now, which gave the swordsman to close some of the gap between the Titan. Kirito then asked, "The Titan, Tadakatsu, so far hasn't been a lie to me in strength. How do you think that one makes a name to be in legend for himself?"

Tadakatsu grunted, then ran at Kirito, striking his back with his pike, which nearly missed striking Kirito in the chest but luckily Kirito was able to block it. He then replied, "Don't ask the Sparrow how the Eagle soars!"

Kirito then headed at Tadakatsu, then swung at him with Freiheit, followed by Shi, but Tadakatsu repelled it back. The Titan had a huge advantage in strength and speed against Kirito. The black cloaked swordsman still persisted against Impossible odds (We choose to fight, Blossom Dance! (had to make a Dunban reference there)), and fought his foe, without fear or flinching.


The twins then fought, until Yukimura jumped back, then heared a familiar voice in the distance, "Yukimura!"

Yukimura looked around quickly then blocked Nobuyuki's next attack, Yukimura was curious to who the voice was, then changed his concern to continuing his duel with his brother. Yukimura then replied by swing his spear generating a razor of fire that charged forward at Nobuyuki, who jumped to dodge it. Yukimura and Nobuyuki then charged at each other, their weapons glowing from their magic as the swung at each other, causing an explosion that knocked them both back.

Nobuyuki then looked around to see the Tokugawa forces become increasingly over powered by his brothers. Nobuyuki then gave the order to the remaining Tokugawa force to retreat. Nobuyuki then covered the Tokugawa remaining forces as they began their retreat.


Kirito neared by every attack that Tadakatsu made to be hit, each one, wearing the swordsman's defense slowly but surely. The black swordsman was then hit on his left arm by the Pike. He was lucky that the powerful strike didn't take his arm clean off. Kirito knew he needed to retreat, but the Honda Titan would surely be able to chase him down. Kirito had to delay the inevitable, Kirito swung at Tadakatsu, but was blocked, then hit in his side by the Tiran. Kirito knew, this was the end.

Right before Tadakatsu would strike Kirito down, Nobuyuki then gave the order to retreat. Tadakatsu then ended the fight with Kirito and went to assist the retreat cause. Kirito was lucky that the timing was so well, later, he would have been dead. Kirito then sheathed his blades and used his right hand to cover the wound on his arm. He then walked to Kai castle, grateful for his luck.

Yukimura allowed the Tokugawa forces to retreat. He looked around to see who he called his name earlier. He then noticed a woman who was riding over to him as she sheathed her weapon, a sword. She got off her horse then walked over to Yukimura who said, "I thank you for fighting with us. who's clan do you serve? If you are not a Sellsword."

The woman looked at Yukimura then replied, "You are welcome. I once serve the Hojo, but Lord Uijayasu recently died and his son told me to flee those lands for my safety. I am Suprised you don't remember me, Yukimura."

Yukimura looked at the girl curious. She seemed Abit familiar, but he couldn't remember who she was. The woman then sighed and yelled, "I'm Kaihime, idiot, remember that time you visited Hōjo territory with your father and brother?"


Yukimura then remembered, almost kicking himself as he thought about that a day or two back. He was excited she kept her promise, to join the Sanada if the Hojo fell, his first question was, "Why are you not serving the current Hōjo lord? They are still alive, right?"

Kai then looked down, then replied, "Lord Tsunahige, Uijayasu's eldest son told me to flee for my safety, he knew that the Oda or that Kraken would be back to kill off the Hojo. He wanted me to survive. I hope that Lady Hayakawa is alright."

Yukimura put his hand on her should replying, [/color=#ff0000]"I hope she is to. So she can continue her father's legacy. Will you be joining the Sanada or any other clan?"[/color]

Kai smiled and replied, "You're a lot different then the shy kid I meet when we where younger. For your offer, Aslong as I'm enstated to be higher then a basic warrior, yeah."

Yukimura nodded, then stopped a passing by Mitsunari, "Mitsunari, arrange a room for Kai here to stay in."

Mitsunari nodded to go do so. Kai smiled then followed Mitsunari back into the castle.

Kirito walked over to Yukimura, grasping his wound on his side, saying, "We've done it milord. We fought against the Tokugawa and lived."

Yukimura was startled to see Kirito in his wounded condition. He then told Kirito, "It has been, but get patched up my freind, then I need you to ride to Echigo, and alliance with the Date."

Kirito nodded then went into the castle and got patched up, having his robes mended, then he took his horse, given a letter by a servant from Yukimura of the alliance letters. He then headed torwards the Date lands.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2015 11:09 pm

~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
Hanbei was left in the room to make a strategy. Masamune doesn't seem to know anything about strategic planning! I guess I will have to help him, seeing his last plan. It was....surprising.
Hanbei first went through the documents of the Date army's current budget. Knowing the amount of money needed for trade, the army's weaponry, the city, and the reserves was all important. Hanbei used to calculate and manage the budget of the Otomo with the other advisers, so this was not a big deal for him. He noticed that a portion of the Date's money actually went missing, and all the documents seemed to point towards it heading to Oda land.
Kojuro.....I bet he knew Masamune wouldn't actually check this, or even inquire. The Oda basically robbed the Date.
Hanbei took the document and set them aside, clearing the table. He took out a piece of paper and drew a map of Japan as he has many times, but only drew the northern part. He had the entire layout memorized from the textbooks he used to read. He wrote the names of each province down.
To defeat the Tokugawa, we should try do this with minimal casualties. The Tokugawa are one of the biggest armies out there. For now, I will plan for solely taking Oshu as well as a defense system to keep both of the provinces protected because the Tokugawa may be provoked. Oshu is the province located right next to Date land, which makes the attack even easier to launch. Not much travel.
First, Hanbei will propose that a small unit advances to the castle disguised as citizens. They will be armed. This unit will scout out the major entrances that lead in and out of the castle, and will report them to him. Once the entrances are found, the unit will become a little bigger. In the first fifteen minutes of the attack, those part of the unit will slaughter the guards and create a pathway into the castle. Burning the down the doors, destroying the wood, whatever is necessarily to allow the army to infiltrate the castle. By now, Hanbei suspects that someone might see  and inform whoever is in charge of the castle to prepare for defense - therefore, the unit will murder anyone that sees them perform these actions to try and prevent that. However, the Date army will be ready to attack - after the 15 minutes are up, Masamune will charge his men down into the city and into the castle. He would have a front row of men on horseback to get there faster as well as a slower set of foot soldiers as reinforcements.
The men on horseback will be able to freely infiltrate the castle, and the war would begin. The men with the fire will continue to burn anything necessary. Hopefully, it would end in victory, especially with the idea of taking the Tokugawa on by surprise.
Hanbei began to add adjustments to the plan he had just created, and was getting ready to perform the defensive side of the plan. Suddenly, he heard something fall with a clink! in the room. He turned around. He then heard something that sounded like a shi......but no one seemed to be in the room. He inspected the walls as well as the surrounding objects. Everything seemed to be in place. He got back to work.
"And soon it'll be time to create heaven full of hell for Kojuro. I can't wait."

~Gracia~ the ship
“No sir, my sister died of the fever during the winter while father was away, it’s just me and mum now. No, why would I lie about that, can’t you see were alone here. Wait, where are you taking me… mom! Mom!!! Help me please.”
Okay, I can't fail to do my best here now! I already failed once today - time to find out if something is happening to Mr. Meanie Krabs.
Gracia checks under the bed, under Kraken's covers, in the closet, under the chair she was sitting in....and she could not find any cause of affliction for Kraken. She saw no signs of new infections nor wounds aside from ones he had before that were currently healing. She approached him, and reached her hand out to feel his head again. No fever. No sickness. Nothing. He looked completely ordinary.
"Mr. Meanie Krabs?" Gracia blinked, looking at Kraken with a worried expression, "Are you okay?"
"Let go of me!" Kraken screamed, then more softly, "Kana, are you safe? I hear your always cared so much about me. I did this to protect you."
Gracia got closer, "Mr. Meanie Krabs? Are you ill? I can't leave my let me know if something is wrong."
"Nothing is wrong at all, Kana. You're safe - father is coming home soon. We'll be one big happy family, like we used to be."
"Kana? No, I'm Gracia! But I like big happy warm welcoming families!"
"!!!!" Kraken suddenly moaned, looking at if he was in pain. He was now covered in sweat, his body shaking and his arms starting to flail.
Gracia screamed for help. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. Was this a test? Was this real? She was afraid for the big man's life.
She did the only thing she knew how to heal someone no matter how much pain they were in. It didn't matter if someone broke their toy, if they fell and scraped their knee, or had battle wounds. It wasn't a way to heal all the physical pain, but a way of coping with the emotional. Something that shows someone else you care about them and only want the best for them. It's the only way to show them kindness when there are no words in distress.
Gracia hugs Kraken. She knew the Red Fangs were coming, and Kraken can't be in this condition. Hugs heal.
Oddly enough, Kraken hugged Gracia back. He stopped breathing heavily, the look on his face softened, and he smiled.

~Nobunaga~ Kuroda Territory
Nobunaga and Mitsuhide followed Berry until they approached the castle. Berry stopped and then turned around.
"He must come alone. Sorry, but any of your men must stay behind," Berry stated, and Mitsuhide nodded. He watched as Nobunaga dismounted and followed the girl inside the castle. The castle was dark inside, but Berry seemed to know her way around. She lead him into a room where Kanbei Kuroda was sitting. His room was plain except for the fact that there was many candles surrounding him. They illuminated the room, revealing a ghostly face.
"Welcome Nobunaga. And thank you Berry, please remain over there. Nobunaga, as you know, the Oda forces have picked off some of my land. Of course, I knew something of the sort would happen sooner or later. But I would like to put any bloodshed behind us and join forces," Kanbei said, his gaze showing no sign or fear nor bravery but emptiness, "The Kuroda have no quarrel with the Oda, even though you have started to torture and hurt our people. We would like to remain having peace from now on. In exchange, I will offer you my troops to aid in combat as well as strategies. The deal is to leave my people alone mainly though. We do not wish to fight you, so we will join you."
"I see you must already know the alternative if you choose to fight me. Very well. I will allow you to keep your land as long as you obey me and every order I give you. That goes for your little ninja too - we had a talk earlier. You will not go against the Oda, you will live breathe and die for us. Otherwise I will mount your head on top of this castle as an example for those who do not follow me."
Kanbei showed no expression to that comment, he just gave a nod.
"Now, as our first order of business with this alliance, I would this Berry girl here to gather information about the armies in the north- the Date, the Uesugi, the Tokugawa, and the Sanada. Find out what their plans are, and report back to me."
"No problem! I'll try to see if they fight each other or something so it will be extra easy to come in and take over a famished army. I'll do what I can!"
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Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2015 11:13 am

All my characters are in castles at the start of this post, lololol.

~Masamune - Province 4 - Castle~

** Too many characters talk in pink  Razz**

Masamune retired back to his casual clothes. He thought that he wouldn't be leaving for a while, and armor gets stuffy after a while. He did keep one kanata, though, just in case. This time, he decided to carry around the family one. He walked out of his room and found his wife Oichi, examining some flowers. She looked up and said, "Aren't they lovely? However, winter is bound to arrive soon and the flowers will wilt. Winter always destroys everything full of life and wonder. Just like the Oda army.." She trailed off.

"The Oda will soon be destroyed, I'm sure. I got a bone to pick with that Akechi guy, but that'll be a different battle. Right now, I want to get my home back, so you and Hanbei can see where the Date originally were. Too bad the original castle was burned down by the Tokugawa so long ago..."
Masamune said, taking Oichi's hand.

"I'm sure it's still wonderful, even with the new castle. Ieyasu isn't that much older than you, you know. He's still pretty young, like you. But, he's trying to do the best for his people and his land. It was his father who was able to defeat Terumune, by launching a surprise attack. I learn a lot about this from the Oda, since they were so proud to be the one to put the dent in the Date army.
" Oichi said, squeezing his hand. "Please tell me one thing, don't kill Ieyasu unless you have too."

"I promise. I wasn't even aiming to kill Ieyasu. Just defeat him and get the satisfaction of defeat. His people look to him, and killing him would put a wound in the people's hearts. Plus, Japan is running out strong men like him. He died, then that's one less leader here."
Masamune said. He gave Oichi a small kiss on forehead and departed her.

He heard that the merchants had come for a visit. He wanted to see if it was Kimiko and her brothers. He quickly departed the castle, but was stopped by his faithful stable lady. "That boy Taka and his girl took a horse out. I think they mentioned something about visit Uesugi territory?"

"Let them be. I'm not a big fan of the Uesugi, but I picked up the girl has some family ties there. Since they both looked unarmed, I'm sure they'll get in and not provoke the Uesugi. Just tell me if they return  before I depart for my campaign."
Masamune said, folding his arms.

"Yes, milord. Enjoy your time in the town."
She bowed and walked away. Masamune nodded to her and continued his way out towards the port.

The port came into view quickly and he was stopped, yet again, by some sailors. "Do you want us to still have the blockade? It looks like fighting has died down."

"Keep it up for a little bit longer. Kraken told me....well, just keep a watchful eye on that part of the ocean. Also, I want a small supply ship to be sent to Kraken. Put medical equipment, food, water, and anything else you can find on that boat. Say it's to thank them for my wife, and for the alliance we have in the future."
Masamune said, making a list in his head.

"Aye milord. We'll get right on that. And we'll make it a small, fast vessel so it can get there on time!"
the sailor said. He turned around and faced his crew to bark orders at them.

Someone from behind Masamune called to him, "Hey dragon boy! Long time no see!" a familiar voice call out. Masamune turned around to see Kimiko and her brothers. Aki and Takao were engrossed in putting up their little shop, despite people looking at their wares already.

"Kimiko, it's good to see you. What's with that smile, though?"
Masamune asked, noting her wide smile.

"I'm just happy that you and your brother are reunited as one. He was pretty moppy for a while, though. Kojuro twisted the people's hearts in Bungo and even made Hanbei's foster family disown him."
Kimiko said, looking out to see.

"What?! Kojuro did that?! That son of a gun.."
Kojuro, have you really changed that much? Why? Why are you doing this?

"But, that's in the past. The future is the two Date brothers working together to mend their name and become prosperous!"
Kimiko said, her wide smile returning to her face.

"Before I go any farther, I have to thank you for bringing Hanbei here...I...I screwed up with him before, getting into a huge argument with him. I admit my arrogance got that best of me there.." Masamune said.

"Don't worry about it. You're both more alike than you even know. Plus, I had to repay you somehow for saving my life from those bandits."
Kimiko said, looking at Masamune.

"The bandits? That happened so long ago. I was only doing the right thing."
Masamune said, letting out a huff of laughter.

"Well, I better not keep you too long. We'll be here for a while, because we're kinda boxed it with battles. Captain Kraken's got his fight going on, and the people around here are saying that you're going on a campaign. We'll wait until some of the fighting dies down before we move again."
Kimiko said.

"Okay. You're always safe here. I just wanted to drop by and say hello."
Masamune said. He turned around and gave them a short wave of departure. Masamune headed back towards the castle, to check Hanbei's strategy. He smile, a true smile, that he hasn't done in a long time.

~Kojuro - Province 56 - Castle~

Ranmaru got the army together in front of the castle. Kojuro decided to give them a little pep speech before they head out to the battle with the last Hojo province. "Soldiers of the Oda, listen to me. We are going to destroy another Clan that has been alive for too long. The last remaining Hojo, Tsunahige Hojo, will be annihilated by the Oda. The Oda, once again will leave their mark on the world. Soon, the whole country of Japan will fall under our iron fist and bend to our will." Kojuro shouted to the men. They replied with an grunts and 'Aye'.

Kojuro then turned to Ranmaru, "Did you locate Gracia ever? Nagamasa will be expecting to see her as soon as possible."

"No, she's no where to be found....I'm now worried about her. She could be trapped in some castle or dungeon for all we know."
Ranmaru said, with glossy eyes.

"Well, we'll locate her after this battle. We have to head towards Tachibana territory anyway, to get a good look of Kraken. But, I want to finish up business here, though. If we can take this Hojo province and get Nagamasa to yield to us, this whole island will be ours, despite the Chosokabe to the southern tip of it. But, they'll eventually yield to us, seeing if the whole island is Oda." Kojuro adjusted his glasses. "Let's head out." Kojuro walked over to a nearby table and grabbed his shield. He attatched it to his arm and placed the sword in the hilt in the front of the shield. He noted that he still had plenty of ammo in his pistol and departed with Ranmaru.

They both mounted steeds that were waiting for them at the courtyard of the castle, Ranmaru's being black and Kojuro's being dark brown. Kojuro took the lead, heading towards the Hojo land, Ranmaru close behind him. The men followed in line behind him, some on horses, but most were footsoldiers. The Otomo didn't have many horses like the Date, so supplies were limited. Kojuro made the best out of the supplies and made sure his plan was flawless as flawless could be, to him. All should fold under my plan..

~Taka - Province 4 - Castle~

**The beginning happens before Masamune's part begins**

Taka and Hawakawa walked out of the castle and into the courtyard. The stable lady there, claded in a pink kimino, curiously walked up to them. "Hello, I've never seen you two around here before. Were you here to see my lord, Masamune?" She asked, looking at Taka, and then at Hawakawa.

"Yes, actually, I was here to see him. I think I'm going to be a strategist here for a while. I have the touch of Mori's famous strategies, so this castle won't fall as long as I'm around here."
Taka winked, showing a hint a bravery in his voice.

"Oh nice to meet you then! If you ever need to borrow a horse, we have plenty! The Date are famed for having their superior Calvary. Just see me if you need a horse." She said, clapping her hands together. She walked off, leaving the two behind.

"My father once talked about the Date's Calvary, and how it was the last good thing they had." Lady Hawakawa said, trying to remember her memory. "But, meeting Lord Masamune for the first time, he seemed pretty nice. He's nothing like his father."

"You know're right. I was expecting a power hungry guy with nothing but clouds for brains...but I had a feeling he would be a good guy, since he is related to Hanbei and all." Taka said, putting a hand on his chin, thinking.

C'mon, we shouldn't gossip about Lord Date anymore. Let's go try to find my brother Saburo." Lady Hawakawa said, as she tried to catch up to the stable lady. After a bit of negotiating, the lady lent them a cream-colored stallion, and she warned them to return the horse when they were done. Lady mounted it in the front and Taka behind her. He shyly grabbed her waist to hold on.

They left the courtyard and turned to the forest path that would eventually lead them to the Uesugi border. The path cut straight through a forest, but had bits of undergrowth growing on it. From the undergrowth, Taka could tell this path hasn't been used recently. Taka started to question why it wasn't used when the horse suddenly whinnied and reared up.

Taka fell off the horse and Hawakawa was trying to calm it down. Taka groaned on the ground and sat up. He moved his upper body sideways to see what made the horse whinny. A deer, specifically a fawn, had jumped in the way from the undergrowth. Since the trees were so thick, Taka missed it. However, the deer also seem to have armor attached to it, like a pack mule. It was wearing a helmet with deer antlers attached to it, a breastplate, some arm and leg guards, and a pair of nunchucks strapped to it's back. It made a happy cry and ran into the other trees on the other side. What a weird deer that was...

"OYASSAN!! You're going to fast!"
A voice was heard from where the deer originally came from. Taka stood up and grabbed the reigns of their horse, so it would not buck up again and possible knock off Lady Hawakawa. A boy, a lot younger that Taka, emerges from the trees, covered in bits of dirt and leaves, panting.


The boy looks up at Taka and Hawakawa, "Have you seen a deer about this high and wearing an antler helmet run by?"

"Err, I saw it run in that direction..."
Taka said pointing. He was astonished that a boy was traveling with a deer.

"Thanks. Oyassan likes to run off. She's one curious animal. I'm sorry if she's cause you any trouble."
the boy scratches his head and lets out a pathetic laugh.

"Oh, it's not a problem. I'm more wondering why a boy your age is traveling all lone...with a deer.."
Hawakawa said, confused.

"Oh us? Me and Oyassan are trying to revive the Amago Clan, who were destroyed by errr....what's his name again? We are also trying to reunite with our family. Oh, and explore Japan while we are at it!"
the boy started to ramble off a list of goals that made Taka's head spin.

The deer, Oyassan, seemed to have reappeared from the trees and made a small noise to let the boy know that she was there. "Oyassan! There you are! You got to stop running off like that!" The boy lightly scolded her.

Taka asked, tipping his head to one side, "What are you doing in Date territory anyways?"

"Oh, me and Oyassan wanted to see the Warlord over here, since the Date were neighbors of the Amago. We thought that they might of been able to help us."
the boy and his deer nod simultaneously.

"Well, Lord Date was having an emotion moment at the time. The guards were just trying to relieve their lord from stress that comes from nonsense."
Taka said, trying to be nice on saying how this kid's cause impossible.

"Oh, so THAT'S why those guards just told me to go away then. They thought I was some crazy kid who was pulling a prank. Well, then I better march right back to Echigo and demand to see their lord. He has to grant me an audience!
" the boy slapped a fist into a hand, like he just accomplished something.

"Errr, kid, you-"
Taka was cut off.

"Yamanaka, my name is Yamanaka."
Yamanaka said, "and this is Oyassan." He patted the deer on the head.

"Err, Yamanaka then, you can't just go up and demand Masamune to help revive your Clan. I doubt Masamune even has the power to do that. You're Clan, like my Clan, was destroyed from this war. Face your fate, and return home immediately. Also, you are too young to be traveling."
Taka lectured the boy.

Lady Hawakawa finally spoke up to the matter, "Look Yama, I'm sorry for you Clan dying down, but please return home. You're such a cute kid to die from this war-torn country."

"Home? I can't go home now! I still haven't complete my mission!"
Yamanaka said, a hurt look in his big blue eyes. Oyassan stared at Hawakawa with a look of sadness.

Hawakawa was quiet for a moment, then an idea sparked in her head, "Why don't you come along with us for a while? We're going to see my brother Saburo in the Uesugi lands. You might find out something about the Amago there."

I'm glad Hawakawa is giving Masamune some time for space! This kid would just bug him to help with the Amago. I give him props though, for taking action before me. I should be the one running around, trying to revive the Mori Clan. But look at me, I've turned into a drifter..

"That sounds great! Hey, what are you're names?"
Yamanaka asked.

"Well, I'm Lady Hawakawa Hojo, and this is Takakage Mori. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Lady Hawakawa nodded her head a little and gave the kid a smile.

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~ Ginchiyo Tachibana - Providence 23 - Castle ~

Ginchiyo eyes carried a heavy burden. Large circles rested beneath, any man could see the critical stages of exhaustion. She had taken the reigns of everything for her people in the last month. With Lord Tachibanas passing things did not grow better. While she was rightful ruler by all codes and etiquette, she had been challenged in her time of grief. Many high ranking officers and loyalists stood against her, claiming her inability to lead her people. The very people she fought for, bled for, lost part of herself for.

The first few weeks were the worst, convincing challengers to relax, to let her lead was by far the most terrified she had been. Battle could not compare to the thought of losing her people to the infighting this could of caused. The second week was great, everyone united for the funeral of the lord. Men were humble and accepting, news of Krakens success reached shores. People were beginning to be confident. The third week disaster struck. Otomo had planted the seeds of rebellion in her most trusted advisor and she had to fight him to the death to regain control. A hit that caused strife with her people. Along with the word of continued success from Kraken helped her feel better but it had become apparent that her people thought she was lacking in ability if a pirate could be so efficient. The fourth week people returned to normal. Her entire staff made her aware of the continued pressure of the Otomo to surrender to their control. Even on the field of battle defending her cities, she could feel the toll of her state taking control. She made bad decisions amidst the fight. While victorious she knew she let more men die then necessary. Worse yet her general knew this as well.

Today she sat staring at the water. Her hope to maybe regain sanity by Krakens council was delayed by an all out battle and without a large navy of her own she had to sit and watch idly by hoping for the best. Finally the battle had ended. She was just awaiting word of aftermath, She knew the Leviathan remained afloat and cheers of victory could be heard throughout the town, but what of the fate of her comrade.

*knock *knock *knock

Ginchiyo: “It is opened, please come in.”

A high ranking general enters the room, he is greeted with great respect and is known for his loyalties to the Tachibana. He bows and speaks.

General: “My lady, I did not wish to cause problems but for the longest time I have been searching for an advisor, a strategist for you. I have found one and in the short time he has been here he has refortified all our defenses against the Otomo and even gained land. He has easily bolstered us to safety in days.”

Ginchiyo: “Why am I just hearing about this man now?”

General: “I wanted to test his ability, to not waste your precious time with useless idiots. May I fetch him.”

Ginchiyo: "Yes, if has proven himself to you I can trust him.”

The general exits the room and a few minutes later the door opens, in walks a man she had heard most about. Well dressed and poised he crosses the room with authority and respect in each step. He bends to bow and introduces himself.

Stranger: “My noble lady. Shigeharu Takenaka, but you may call me Hanbei. If you have not heard the defeat of my lord has left me angry with hate for his killers and led me to you. I am willing to provide information and strategies that will astound you. I can make you a power that even the Oda would not be willing to threaten.”

Ginchiyo: “This is so shocking, I have heard of your abilities but all of this is so sudden.”

Hanbei: “Yes, I agree. But war is dangerous and always evolving. You need to adapt faster that ever. May we talk about your next move? I have drafted several easy things we could do to make us able to take the Otomo easily. Or is the lady not ready, still grieving wishing her Lord was here to do all this.”

Ginchiyo reeled from his tone and got angry quickly standing and moving to her table. She looked at him in anger but sighed.

Ginchiyo: “Yes, you are right, lets figure out our next step. What do you suggest?”

Hanbei: “Have you heard the term, the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

Ginchiyo: “Yes, but who are we talking about.”

Hanbei: "The Oda, if you look at what has occurred at sea and from information obtained Kraken has dealt a serious blow destroying three of their revered warships. I’m sure Nobunaga would be thrilled to have him removed from his maps all together.”

Ginchiyo: Wait, we are aligned to Kraken. What are you talking about.”

Hanbei: “Yes, but how simple would it to be to lure Kraken here and capture him. Hand deliver him to Nobunaga and half of the lands he has taken in exchange for the defeat of the Otomo. You gain the lands you’ve wanted, along with half of Krakens. Plus you land yourself on the side of the man who is probably going to conquer Japan. It’s perfect.”

Ginchiyo: What! You want me to sacrifice the man who has never done nothing but good for my people to that monstrous Oda? This is horrible, get out, I have nothing to say to you further.”

Ginchiyo began to walk away as Hanbei watcher her gently smiling. Her mind racing at the very thought. Yet, she could help her people. They would be safe if she took out the enemy. Oda is a monster but she couldn’t fault their effectiveness. For some reason all thoughts of reason seemed to fade. Like her mind was being manipulated into liking Hanbei’s idea. She saw darkness in her eyes and turned back to the man.

Ginchiyo whispered quietly and regretfully.

Ginchiyo: “Do it…”

Hanbei: “Yes my lady, I will draft up plans to take him and Crow captive. Crow will be my prisoner to deal with while you hand over Kraken. I also suggest we not mention my presence here, your people may think you unable to lead and question your commands.”

Ginchiyo still felt influenced but some reason invaded her mind.

Ginchiyo: “Why take Crow? Why hide?

Hanbei: “I have my reasons, but we do need to remove her as a threat, can’t have her stopping the trade in some way. Also, we will wait to officially announce my joining once success has been obtained. Will make it look like you did everything and it wasn’t by my hand you pulled off the greatest exchange in the history of Japan. Ending the dark pirate while protecting your people. I can see it now, a land of perfection and happiness ruled by you.”

Ginchiyo turns and walks away, thinking. Finally she sits on the windowsill, tears forming in her eyes, she speaks quietly at nothing while Hanbei exits the room.

Ginchiyo: "Father, Mother, please forgive me for doing this. Kraken, please understand. The people need a strong lord. Not a pirate. I’m so sorry.”

Hanbei stands in the hall. Looking both ways for guards, seeing none he enters an empty chamber. He smiles at the mirror in front of him.

Hanbei:”Well, time to inform the men of Lord Tachibana’s decision. General lets go.”

Hanbei looks in the dark corner, stuffed into a bloody bag the Generals hand hangs out, blood dripping from his fingertips. Hanbei glances back into the mirror as his body begins to change, his hair extends and his face becomes more radiant. Other physical aspects change and what was once Hanbei staring into the mirror is now a woman, with a look that many could consider sinister, almost pure evil. She smiled and wiped her hair from her face. She spoke softly.

Sinister Woman: “Thats right Crow, fly as fast as you can, momma’s coming home.”

Suddenly she heard some guards and her appearance quickly began to change yet again, turning to that of the deceased General, she quickly stepped out of the room with a smile on his face. Two soldiers pass by him as he walks the halls, they nod in salute and he stops them to issue orders.

General: Ginchiyo has been notified of Krakens imminent betrayal, we must keep this quiet while gathering loyal men to the Tachibana to coordinate the capture of this pirate. Can you handle that?

Guards: “Yes sir, I can’t believe he was going to betray us, the commoners hero I guess not.”

Thats right people, time for the darkness to spread. Crow’s mother is making her appearance soon and will have a profile once more is found out about her.
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-Floating Island- Krakens chamber -

I'm going to let Raven handle the situation on the outside of the ship. In this post I'm just focusing on Krakens Chamber.

The nightmare continued, like it had many nights before. Kraken relived his childhood. His real name. He recalled that night he sent his sister into hiding, so young yet forced survive. His mind retraced that day in great detail. His father being hauled away for his crimes. His mother hung out in the front yard. His sister hiding in the cellar trying to reach out to him as he was taken away as well. Then the execution. His father to be boiled alive. He himself to also share in the fate. He remembered the burning water before it became scalding. Then suddenly he was raised, he felt his fathers hand on him, pulling him from the water holding him above his head while he steamed alive. Just before he was dropped from his fathers death he felt the hands of the guards pull him from the scene. Just then he saw his sister with their nanny, in disguise and hiding in the back row, horrified.

Back in the bed chamber Kraken felt pressure on his body, it was comforting, soft. It made him feel safe. He smiled. He opened his eyes slowly to be greeted by the dim lighted room, and of Gracia, holding him. It took a moment before he himself realized he was embracing her as well. Suddenly his mind returned to the current state, his injuries and the situation. He rose up without even realizing he still embraced the girl. Raising her from the floor. Kraken looked down at her shocked face.

Kraken: "You're quite short aren't you.?"

Gracia tried to talk but her words were muffled in his chest, he walked slowly to his desk and sat her on the edge of it before releasing her. She stared back at him in confusion while he pulled his chair out and sat down.

Gracia: "Um, Mr. Pirate sir. Who's Kana?

Kraken tried to look busy as if the question went unheard, but he stopped and looked at her. His eyes told the story of loss, as the telltale pools of tears began.

Kraken: "Someone who I lost long ago. Someone who watcher her parents die and brother almost end up the same way. Someone who I miss so much."

Kraken leaned back placing his feet on his table and Gracia bunny hopped herself across the edge of the desk to be facing him, she kicked her legs back and forth while rocking herself back and forth.

Gracia: "Oh, so family, maybe you can still find her, reunite with her like Hanbei and Masamune."

Kraken: "It's not that easy, I'm supposed to be faceless, to be a legend. If I have family then everything I am is undone. I am not longer myth just man."

Kraken smiled at the conversation, it made him feel safe. No way in hell was he going to admit it to this girl but she was growing on him. Gracia noticed the smile and tilted her head in confusion.

Kraken: "The funny thing is I only have that nightmare right before something really big happens in my life. I wonder maybe it was late this time, should've come a night before and warned me of the Oda ships."

Kraken laughed hardily while Gracia released a cute giggle, more to make him not feel like his joke was not as stupid as it sounded.

Kraken: "Let me ask you this, do you miss anyone? Family, pets, a lover?"
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~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
Hanbei finished the strategy with ease. He decided he will explain the entire thing to Masamune, so he started to head to where he was. He passed by the stable and smelled something utterly disgusting - and it was not the smell of lovely horse chocolates.
Hanbei checked the stable to see what was inside. And lone behold, there was the pink-kimono stable lady lying on the floor. Her dress was covered in a pool of blood, and her chest appeared to be stabbed in the heart. Hanbei's eyes grew big upon the sight, and he took a step back before breathing and walking forward to investigate.
On the wall of the stall, the words read that were written in blood:


There were several dead horses in each stall, each one of them murdered with a pool of blood surrounding them. Hanbei thought he saw something red out of the corner of his eye, but when he blinked and turned around nothing was there. He decided to inform Masamune that there was a spy among them. He turned and ran to where Masamune was to warn him of the invaders.
"Masamune!" Hanbei came in, panting, "The stable lady is dead - I saw the body. I think someone got in."
"What?! But we have Sasuke..."
"All I know is that they could have potentially seen my plans, I heard a noise in the room. However, perhaps the strategy wasn't the target they were looking for at all - I think we can risk it. Besides, there is hardly any way for someone to read it because I was in the corner, cowering over the paper," Hanbei said, and then took out a map, " First thing though - the strategy.This is how we are going to lead the troops in. Send a small group and then come up from behind. As to our defenses, every man will be armed, but we will have a group of soldiers whose job is to kill anyone coming near the main unit. They will be a little bit away from the main unit..." Hanbei explained the details of his plan, Masamune nodding.
"...and now, what of the spy?"

~Gracia~ The ship
"Let me ask you this, do you miss anyone? Family, pets, a lover?"
Gracia blinked to see the sight of blood flash before her eyes.
No no no no no no no..there's nothing that happened in the past to me! Everything's the same as it was years ago. I am still the same, never changing, never growing up, never dying - pink cupcakes! Yes! That's all I must focus on now!
"Well, I miss my daddy, since he's all the way on Oda territory. And I miss Ranmaru, one of my bestest friends. And Oichi, even though I just saw her. And Hanbei! Maybe we could all have a big celebration once the war is over, and all spend time together. Don't you miss people once they leave, even just for a minute? Sometimes you dunno when they're come back!"
The answer when she is going to come back is never. You know that. Wait, no no no no no no no! Put a smile on your face! Unicorns! What did I just think? Memory gone. All I remember is Kraken's bright and shining face here! The present is the only time worth living in!
"A celebration...but a faceless man cannot come to such an occasion," Kraken looked distant in his eyes.
"Nonsense!" Gracia grabbed his hands, "Everyone can come to the party! No discrimination! No one wants to be alone - not even you! So, I will stick by you as long as I am a Lady in waiting Cutthroat and we can be friends, Mr. Krabs! You can be a legend in making many, many, friends who care about you!"

~Berry~ Location Unkown

*note - Berry's full name is Raspberry.

Berry swiftly hopped through the woods until she found the little cottage she was looking for. She proudly stepped inside.

Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Ninjagirl1
Kunoichi Cranberry

Sengoku Wars - Page 9 NinjaAnimeGirl
Kunoichi Blueberry

Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Emo_girl_by_window_to_the_universe
Kunoichi Holly Berry

Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Anime_ninja_boy
Shinobi Blackberry

"I made it back, just like I said I would. And you doubted me, Blackberry!" Berry huffed and puffed as she came in, "Well, that was easier than I thought."
"Raspberry, you never fail to amaze me. And you also amuse me as well," Blackberry replied, gazing down at her, "So, what's your job?"
"Information for the North. But we're way ahead of the game already, aren't we?" Berry blinked, smiling.
"Of course!"  Blueberry stepped forward, a mischivious smile on her face, "We just need to wait for Holly berry to come back."
"You sent HOLLY BERRY?! She's the most inexperienced kunoichi I've ever seen! She's going to get caught - you know she's clumsy!" Cranberry retorted.
"Well, I didn't want to go myself. I couldn't bear being on the land of the killers. Ichigo isn't with us anymore because as crafty as she was, she....she..." Blueberry's eyes started to fill with tears.
"Revenge. That's all we need. Revenge on the families of those involved with the murder as well as unending torture for he who actually tricked and killed her. Have we found his location yet?" Blackberry said as he scanned an old letter.
"No. Not yet. Unfortunately, he's off our radar. I can't find anyone who fits the description of Ichigo's letter as she described him."
Holly berry came bouncing in, her hands stained red with and a knife in her hand,
"Good news, everyone! I found our killer. Bad news everyone: I refuse to kill him!"
"What on earth are you talking about? Of course you're going to help us kill him!" Blueberry was stunned, "Besides, I thought that I had located him, I was just too afraid to speak up...and what is on your hands?!"
"Well, I went picking for some berries y'know what I mean - my hands get sticky every now and then. And not-uh! I found him, the description and all! He's north!" Holly Berry replied, wanting to win.
"No, he's south. I swear it that I saw him south. You, being inexperienced, could mistaken a cow for him."
"Ladies, back it up," Blackberry intervened, "If the two men look alike, I have a compromise. What's the big deal in killing both?"

~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 91%
Physical Health: 60%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 5%

Other: Bleeding.
"Why do I stand by Nobunaga?" Nohime blinked, wondering why they would question her motives. She decided she would answer in a considerate manner without revealing too much. Chess. That's a key to know they might be playing me.
"Why, I stand by him simply because he will stop the war. Don't you support peace? There will only be peace once every land is united by one army and under one ruler. Everyone will follow the same laws, the same morals, and there will be no question as to what is right and wrong. And who wouldn't want to be the wife of the conqueror that owns the world? And yes, I know how to play chess, but I only play on the side of my comrades."
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Kirito; Providence 4

Kirito rode quickly across the lands, he was heading north-west to Echigo castle. The Swordsman, was distracted. When he left from Kai, he saw something as he headed out. A small family of 2 parents, the father being a Sanada warrior, then a mother and a son of around 5 or 6, they where happy. Kirito was haunted by a past memory. One of his parents, his family before he ran away with Suguya, his sister.

Past Kirito;Provedence 62

Kirito, born by the name Kazuto, was extremely rebellious and loved to cause trouble for everyone, especially gaurds when he was young. Every day the kid would pry upon soldiers with their back turned, and chuck a pebble at the back of their head and mischievously run away, as the Gaurd tried to figure out who did it.

Kazuto was born into a poor family of 4, his father and mother, Mahkage and Kakage Kirigaya, and his two cousins who where 8 years older then him, Tsukakage and Sugou. Kazuto was the youngest child until he was 6, when his sister, Suguyaha, was born. Since Kazuto was young, he dreamed upon serving the Lord of his Kingdom, Motonari. The kid looked up to and respected the man, ever since when Kirito was around 9, he was caught by the gaurds when he caused a large amount of Chaos and brought upon Motonari once.

Kazuto, at the time, was extremely scared of what would happen to him. He knew that Motonari was a powerful man. The kid didn't want to face execution or any unspeakable thing (He was a kid though so yeah).

Motonari stood by a window, seeing young Takakage outside, he then looked at the young Kirito and asked, "What is your name, child?

Kazuto was obviously scared amongst the powerful lord, he awnsered, "K-Kazuto Kir-Kirigaya, sir."

Motonari looked at Kazuto, two gaurds were beside the young kid. Motonari smiled and replied, "It is alright, Kazuto, you won't be in any trouble on account of your age. May I ask, what do you plan on doing with your life, once your older?"

Kirito seemed to relax abit and replied, "To help my father's merchantry or to serve as a soldier, under the Mōri."

Motonari smiled and replied, "Both are good ideas. Kazuto, I'd like to see when your older to become a soldier under me. I cannot force your decision, but it would be nice."

Kazuto smiled and nodded. He made his dream to serve under the Mōri from then on. He trained with only a stick from then on, acting as if it was a sword. The next few years after that past by fast for the kid. When Kazuto was about 13, he told his parents of his dream to serve Motonari, but it was then his dream went to flames.

"To serve as a soldier!? Kazuto both me and your father don't want you to die out there! You will help your cousins and father in his merchantry!" Mahkage said.

Kazuto replied, "Mother, I want to pursue my dream of assisting the Mōri in war. To become strong."

Mahkage replied, "No you won't assist Lord Motonari! War is a terrible thing Kazuto! Tommorrow you'll join everyone else with the Merchantry."

Kazuto angered and saddened, yelled, "You can't control my life! I don't want to be stuck in a dumb tradition! I hate the idea of being a merchant. And I... I hate you!"

Kazuto just angerly walked out, his emotions pitched. He waited until the night, then took a black Sword, Shi, the one he uses now, some yen he was able to find amongst his time as a youth from pick pocketing and scavenging, A small amount of food, and left. He then held a grudge, hatred for his parents. The Kid then settled out, unbeknownst of where he'd go.

Kirito; Providence 4

Kirito looked down, he no longer held hatred for his parents, only regret and sadness. The swordsman wished he never said he hated his mother. His last words to her. Suguya says that she ocasionally goes home to check on their parents. She tells them how their fine, and how Fathers Merchantry is doing alright. Kirito looked ahead, he just entered the Echigo territory. He put his horse into a stable, and then went to the gates telling a Gaurd of his buisness there.

Around 5 to ten minutes past and Kirito was let in by the gaurds. A group of 4 led Kirito into the War room of Echigo where Masamune stood with his wife, Oichi. They seemed to be happy together. Masamune talked to her until he noticed Kirito, which his wife steeped away for the two to talk. (Seeky you know what to do.)

Yukimura; Providence 15

Yukimura was in The war room of Kai, in a strategist meeting with his advisors and strategists: Sessai Daigon, Mitsunari Ishida and his two new advisors: Yoshisugu Otani and Kaihime. The only member missing was Kirito, who was off to Echigo.

Mitsunari pointed out the major locations of the Tokugawa saying, "The Tokugawa have multiple Commanders, 2 of which we fought just recently. The commanders are, The Titan Honda Tadakatsu, his daughter, The Lotus Inahime, The Red Devil Ii Naomasa, The Phantom Hatorri Hanzō, the Hawk, Sanada Nobuyuki, then the Tannuki Himself, Tokugawa Ieyasu."

Yoshisugu then said,"All powerful people. The most dangerous for us are Hanzō, Tadakatsu, Inahime, and Nobuyuki. Naomasa and Ieyasu are in the Oshu areas, the Date can deal with them."

Yukimura then said, "I want Hanzō brought back, alive. I have some... Payback that's deserved."

Kai then said, "Milord! I'll promise to be the one to capture the Phantom!"[/color]

Mitsunari then said, "Pft, the Bear Princess chases the Phantom."

Kai looked at Mitsunari and said, "It's better to shut your stupid mout, dolt!"[/color]

Mitsunari replied, "Don't bark at me."

Kai snapped back, "BARK!"[/color]

Yukimura then said, "Both of you be quite."

Mitsunari nodded and Kai huffed for a second then did the same. Mitsunari then said, "It'll be smart to orchestrate two Attack forces, one by us, the other by the Uesugi if they agree to be allies, and split their attention on two fronts. Nobuyuki's reinforcements can only go to one. We have no clue on what Inahime will do however. I don't know if she fights with her father, Nobuyuki, or owns a force."

A Gaurd then came in saying, "Milord! A representative from the Uesugi is here to speak to you and Master Mitsunari."

Yukimura then said, [/color=#ff0000]"Let him in. We can continue the war meeting later."[/color]

Kai and Yoshisugu then left to their own personal activities. A few minutes later, Naoe Kanetsugu was let in by guards. Kanetsugu bowed, saying, "Lord Yukimura, milord Kenshin has accepted your request as an alliance. However, he has, and has been excepted, to arrange marriage between Lucia and his son, Kagekatsu."

Mitsunari was shocked. He said no words, but was shocked. Yukimura looked down and said, "Very well. My strategists have been drafting up strategies to attack the Tokugawa. If you are fine at waiting a day in Kai to allow a full strategy to be made."

Kanetsugu replied, "It is perfectly fine. I can help if need be."

Yukimura nodded and Mitsunari gave a shrug as the three sat down around the map of Northern Japan. With Mitsunari and Kanetsugu's solid strategies at war they formulated a strategy that made good use of the power that was the Uesugi army. It took a few hours to create said strategy, but nonetheless solid.

As the three were preparing to leave to their seperate rooms (Kanetsugu to be lead to an open one), Kanetsugu said, "All three of us are three great and righteous warriors, we should bound our strength together into a code of honor."

Yukimura looked back and thought for a second as Mitsunari held back to call Kanetsugu a dolt. Kanetsugu Unsheathes his shortsword into the air, saying, "I, Naoe Kanetsugu, pledge to uphold this code of honor, until death abides us."

Yukimura picked up a nearby spear, and pointed it in the air, resting beside the tip of Kanetsugus Shortsword, and said, " I, Sanada Yukimura, pledge to uphold this code of honor, until death abides us."

Mitsunari sighed, knowing he'll be joining a crowd of idiots, said, pointing his fan upwards, saying unenthusiasticly, "I, Ishida Mitsunari, pledge to uphold this code of honor, until death abides us."

The three then lowered their weapons and putting them away in a proper manner. They all nodded to each other and to their seperate rooms.
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Kinda long. If you get lost since I bring up like 6 characters in Masamune's part, fill free to address it in the discussion or PM me Smile

~Masamune - Province 4 - Courtyard~

"...and now, what of the spy?"
Hanbei asked. He had a concerned look in his face. Masamune listed with a wide eye to Hanbei's description. He payed attention to the strategy, but it was hard with the news of the spy.

"We..errr...we will have to send Sasuke on a spy hunt for them. We can't have a spy just come waltz in here like they own the place. They will pay." Masamune narrowed his eye. He walked over to the stable and saw the massacre himself. He saw his faithful stable lady, lying dead in a pool of her own blood. Also, half the horses were dead in their stalls, staining the wood and ground with their blood. He noted the word Revenge written in blood on the wall. They will pay. What did the Date ever do to them. Can't ANYONE forgive my father and see a different man ruling the Date?

"We will have to clean up this mess, first off."
Masamune said, choking back some rage. Hanbei had followed him back up to the stable. "Me and some of the stronger men will fix up this place."

Hanbei looked surprised, "Don't you just hire some servants to do the job for you?"

"We work together in this army. The men, servants, peasants, merchants, we're all on the same plane. Well, that's how I run it. My father did it differently...wait.."
Masamune turned back to the stable. "Is my horse among the dead?" No can't die. You were given to me and you are the last memory I have of what it was like at home... He scanned the dead for the familiar black beauty.

A scream from behind Masamune made him whip around. His wife, holding the reigns of his black horse Lusa, had her hand over her mouth. "What happened?! I just took Lusa out for a ride and I come back to this?!"

"We were attacked."
Hanbei explained the details to her. She had a sad look in her face. "She didn't deserve to die...that poor lady.."

"Oichi, I want you to get in the castle immediately. The spy could still be around, eavesdropping at this very moment. I need you in a safe place."
Masamune said. His wife nodded as she handed Lusa's reigns to Masamune. She hurried off to the castle in a light sprint.

"Err, big boss?"
Sasuke said as he walked up to Masamune. In his arms was a girl who looked like she was sleeping, claded in the same poncho as Sasuke, just solid green. She bore the symbol of Sasuke's ninja corps on her shoulder. Sasuke had a sad look in his face. "I found her dead near the border of this province. A knife mark was found in her back. She was one of my best kunoichi...and now she's dead. And now I see just what the spy did." He examined the stable. "I was outfoxed by a single ninja it seems, since this is the only one of my corps dead. They must of killed her and found their way here without any other piece of trouble. I apologize for not being able to secure this province." Sasuke said. He looked at the ground.

"It's alright Sasuke. They will pay, and you'll be the one to help us track them down. I want you to figure out who and why they did this. The Date will show no mercy to them."
Masamune said to his ninja.

"So, like a secret mission? I'm on it big boss. I won't let another one of my ninjas die."
He placed the dead girl gently down on the ground. "Just give her a proper burial, kay?" He gained his composure again and jumped away in the nearby trees.

Masamune made his way to the castle himself. Hanbei started to follow him. Masamune turned to face his younger brother, "Hanbei, could you get the strategy together? I'm a little flustered right now and I need to take care of the accident."

Hanbei nodded, "You can count on me, brother." He seemed to head towards the warrior's barracks, with his strategy in hand. Masamune continued his way to the castle. He was greeted by a few flustered retainers who showed their concerned. Oichi must of told them. He told them not be alarmed and just get some men together to start cleaning the mess. He promised them he would help them as soon as possible. I just need a moment.. Masamune looked for Oichi down the long corridor. He entered a room with a wall painting of two tigers facing off. This was the War Council room, where Kojuro and Masamune used to hold their council with their retainers. Masamune was curious on why Oichi was in here.

"Masamune!" She said as he startled her. "I just thought..I wanted to help.." She looked sad. Masamune walked over to her and hugged her.

"It'll be okay. I got things under control. Once we obtain Oshu, people will think twice to step on the Date. I think our Clan now has been through the most suffering. We had to live through and after the wrath of my father..."
Masamune said, thinking back to his younger days.

"Don't blame yourself for your father's actions."
It was Oichi's turn to comfort Masamune. "You're not him. From the minute I met you, you had a different vibe. Let the world burn around you if you must. All that matters is what you believe in your heart." Masamune let go of Oichi and smiled.

Masamune looked up and noticed a new face at the entrance of the room. He had dark black hair and was much younger than Masamune. He carried duel blades, as Masamune noted the two sheathes. "Welcome to Echigo young man. What brings you here?"

"Kirito reporting from the Sanada. I have a message for you." Kirito pulls out a letter from his cloak. He handed it to Masamune with shaky hands. He must be nervous. Masamune casually opened it up and read the letter. It definitely was from Yukimura Sanada, since he signed his name at the bottom. The letter was proposing an alliance between the Sanada and the Date to defeat the Tokugawa. The letter also mentioned on how the Uesugi were allied with the Sanada and that would create a huge force in the north that could defy and defeat the Oda.

"What do the Date get out of this alliance?"
Masamune asked, folding up the letter. "The letter did not specify. It also looks half written. Did something happen to Lord Sanada?"

Kirito replied formally, "Lord Sanada got in a conflict with the Tokugawa. He went out to protect his town and never formally finished the letter, from what you said. Your reward for you efforts in helping us defeat the Tokugawa are gaining your former home, Oshu, back, a third of the treasury of the Tokugawa, and help eliminate Ieyasu once and for all."

"You don't need to sound so formal, you know. A kid like you shouldn't be in this war yet. Maybe in a few years. But not now."
Masamune said, putting a hand on Kirito's shoulder.

"And your answer for the alliance?"
Kirito asked. His body stiffened when Masamune touched his shoulder.

Masamune took his hand off and crossed his arms. He paused for a moment, thinking of his answer. "No." He plainly said. "The Date will not ally with the Sanada."

Kirito's eyes widened and mouth opened. He was about to form a question when Masamune cut him off.

"We won't because this seems more of a grab for the Sanada. A third of the treasury? Give me a break, if I conquested the Shima, I could get more money in one province. That will not help our treasury at all."
Masamune said, going off on a ramble. "Second, the Uesugi. They seem like a pretty nice Clan, helping weaker Clans out, like the Ishida. Well, the Uesugi never helped the Date. When I took office from the terror of my father Terumune, I sent out a messanger to see if I could get some Uesugi help. They said no and closed their doors on the Date Clan's most desperate time. They took me for my father and refused to help. Why would I ever help them in return? They could not get past their fear." Masamune clenched his fist at this point. "And third, the Date can get their home by themselves. We don't need the Sanada's help to get Oshu. We can take back our home back by our own hands."

"Masamune, please calm down!"
Oichi ran up to him and took his hand. She squeezed it tight.

"Don't worry Oichi, I'm not going to hurt the kid."
Masamune turned back to Kirito. "Inform your lord that the Date will not make the alliance. However, we will not attack the Sanada in any way because we said no, unless you interfere with our Oshu Campaign or show hostilities to us. Then, we'll fight to the very last man." Masamune finished his speech. The room became very quiet, as the young swordsman did not expect to leave empty handed. Kirito simply bowed and thanked Masamune for his time. He turned away to head back to Sanada. Masamune watched him leave the room. I hope I did the right thing. The Date need to prove their strength by themselves. I need to show the world the strength the Date has gained back. Also, I'm not to fancy with alliances. Kraken earned my respect. The Sanada and I have no relationship whatsoever.

~Kojuro - Province 58 - Border~

**Time to begin the destruction of the last Hojo province Twisted Evil**

Kojuro and the Oda army traveled swiftly over the hilly provinces of the Otomo. The weather was in their favor and the sun shined brightly down. A brown dot eventually broke the hilly greens. This was a watch post, that seemed abandoned from what Kojuro could see. He told the men to not be alarmed and press on. The town then could be seen over the next hill. This town and castle seemed to be at a lesser calibur than most castles. Kojuro assumed it wasn't the Hojo's main home, so they did a shabby job on the castle. That's good news for us. We won't have a hard time trying to bust through a wall or intimidate the remains of a once great clan. Kojuro felt another horse's presence come up. It was Ranmaru, with a determined look on his face.

"I'll lead the vanguard, if you won't mind. Do we spare the innocent?"
Ranmaru asked, not even looking at Kojuro. His eyes were glued to the poor farm town that laid ahead of us.

"Only if you must. Our main focus is Tsunahige Hojo. He must be elimited and killed for the Oda cause." Kojuro said, adjusting his glasses. "I've also heard a rumor that another Hojo lived through the massacre. But, I'm not sure. If they did, they probably will be in this castle with their older sibling."

"Right. I'll take the main force and charge right at him. Then, you take a smaller second wave to frighten them more."
Ranmaru said, going over the plan Kojuro explained on the way.

"That is correct. I'll hang here with our riflemen until I see smoke rise from that puny castle." Kojuro said, looking at Ranmaru. Ranmaru nodded and gave a sharp order for the army to move out. Kojuro watched from the hill as the massive black monster of an army made it's way to the helpless little town. The Oda are the way, the only way..

~Takakakge - Province 4/Province 16 -  Border~

Taka brushed off leaves and dirt that gathered on his garments after falling off the horse. He steadily jumped back on the horse, beind Lady Hawakawa. Yamanaka cheerfully smiled at both of them, "It's a pleasure to meet you both! Say, aren't those two Clans? Are you royalty?!"

"I really wouldn't call it 'royalty'. It's more like people with wealth and power-or used to have wealth and power."
Taka said, looking at the young boy. Oyassan, his deer, just butted her head against Yamanaka to get his attention.

"What is it, Oyassan?"
Yamanaka said to his deer companion. She made an impatient grunt noise at Yamanaka. "Oh, you  don't want you to travel with them? But, they could help us!"

Lady Hawakawa let out a giggle and said, "Well, it's totally up to you. We have to visit the Uesugi with our without you." She gave Yamanaka a smile.

"Oh, of course we're coming!"
Yamanaka said. Oyassan seemed to roll her eyes. She took the lead, eating some leaves and berries on the way.

Taka couldn't help but ask, "Why are you traveling with a deer? Wouldn't you want another person to be with you?"

"Well, I met Oyassan during the beginning of my travels, which weren't to, to long ago. Hmmm, maybe around a few months? Anywho, she seemed lost from her herd so I took her in. She's been with me since."
Yamanaka said. He kept a steady pace with the horse.

"Interesting....are you the prince of the Amago? Is that why you are trying to revive them?" Taka asked. "I have may briefly heard of the Amago from my father, but nothing extensive. They must of been eliminated when I was young."
Taka asked. Am I going to deep for him? He is younger than me. Why did I even bother to ask?

"Oh no way! My father was part of the army. He was one of the most loyal men and all. I want to be just like him when I get older, but I need a clan to do so. Also, the Amago did not deserve to die."
Yamanaka clenched his fist, "But, let's put the past behind us, shall we?" He gave a wide smile to Taka.

It's hard to read this kid's expressions. Sheesh, if he was upset, he can hide it up well. I need to know more about the Amago now. I can't just let this kid do this by himself. He'll get killed. Japan is in no stat for wandering vagabonds or travelers his age.

The forest eventually leveled off and the flat lands of the Uesugi laid ahead. It first was a sparcely forest that lead to an abundant town. There was a guard on a wooden post who noticed the single horseman and kid immediately.

"Halt Miss and Sirs. What brings you the Uesugi? It's not a good time to be traveling, as many would say." The guard narrowed his eyes. "You're an awfully young couple to have a kid that age."

"WHAT?! No! You got it all wrong. We're just three kids ourselves traveling to see Saburo Hojo, who resides here. No need to assume relationships."
Taka blushed, thinking if he ever was with Lady Hawakawa. And I would want a kid as cute as Yamanaka myself...

"Saburo Hojo? Sorry, but no Saburo Hojo lives here. I heard the Hojo Clan was destroyed. Only remnants of them remain."
The guard grumbled gruffly at them.

Lady Hawakawa was silent for a moment and then spoke up, "We mean, we are here to see Kagetora Uesugi. I know he should still be around, since I recieved a letter from him recently." Lady Hawakawa said, looking straight at the guard.

"Kagetora? If he is expecting you, then go right ahead."
The guard turned a blind eye to the misfit group. Hawakawa erged the horse forward. Taka had his mouth open, "You just lied to him..and who is Kagetora?"

"Kagetora is Saburo. He did actually write me a letter, but that was a year ago. He said that they changed his named to Kagetora so he would fit in more with the Uesugi." Hawakawa admitted.

"Oh cool!! Maybe one day I'll change my name!"
Yamanaka said, still full of energy. Oyassan was trailing behind him with happy yelps.

"Errr, it's not that simple.."
Taka said, blinking and amusing himself with the innocence of Yamanaka. I wish life was as simple as Yamanaka thinks. He has no idea what just went down. Kojuro, Kraken's battle, the Hojo and Fuma being annihilated...he makes it seem like it's a happy thing to be alive in this time.

**NOTE: I might do some Sasuke parts as he hunts for the 'spy'**

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~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 91%
Physical Health: 60%
Oda Loyalty: 90%
Kraken Loyalty: 5%

Other: Bleeding.

Nohime: "And yes, I know how to play chess, but I only play on the side of my comrades.”

The silence in the room radiated the feelings of unease and helplessness back to her, the presence that had been in the room was no longer there and the darkness became her friend once again. Did she even hear her answer she wonders. Why would they ask questions they do not care to hear the answers to, she grows confused as she rests once again.

Hours later the door creaked and told it’s telltale story of a guest. Faint footsteps behind her, she creaked within the chair, testing it’s limits once again. Behind her the intruder had stopped, not moving. Minutes passed and then the faint touch of something cold in her right hand as something was placed in it with delicate fingers. It felt like a stone, maybe a piece of metal. It had a heft to it but its texture could not be placed. Finally a lantern lit.

She saw Crow move about the room lighting all the others illuminating her dark world. She looked down at the object she had been given. It was rounded lead bullet, smashed on one side from an impact. This seemed slightly larger than a normal sized round and was fired from a more unique weapon. Nohime looked in confusion as Crow finished her motions, she now moved and stood in front of Nohime beginning to loosen the restraints. She allowed her to stand. This time Nohime looked about the room, no others could be seen. She was alone, untied with Crow.

Nohime: “Whats going on, whats the point of all of this? Why this bullet?”

Crow held out the object towards an emotionless Crow.

Crow: “You will survive. Just like I did.”

Crow took off her jacket and loosened her shirt showing the scar right above her breast. Her heart would be right behind the tear.

Crow: “Kraken pulled that bullet from my chest with his bare hands that night. The very bullet that the former Magoichi Saika thought would kill me during the hanging.”

Crow put herself back together and took the bullet from Nohime’s hands placing it on the table next to her. She then began to draw a large dagger familiar to Nohime.

Nohime: “My weapon?”

Crow: “Yes, the very one you plunged into Krakens chest. The one you thought killed him. He survived and I can already see a better side of him a side that can only become when one is so close to death they can see it, taste it. It makes your priorities and histories reveal their true selves.”

Crow walks around the room toward the exit door with Nohime watching her carefully, Nohime eyes some items around the room that could be used as weapons wondering when to take her chance.

Crow opens the door and several Cutthroats entered, but a few other people entered. They seem like maids carrying various medical like items, was it time to check the bandages again? Nohime wondered, her wounds seemed to be fine.

Crow walked back to Nohime eyeing her in the face with a look that could hide mysteries for years forever.

Crow: “I think you are worth it. Do you feel you are worth it?

Nohime: “What are you talking about? Worth what, a ransom?”

Crow: "No. A second chance, only a chance that death can bring so close before we take you back.”

Nohime looked at Crow in confusion as she noticed Crow drop her wrists to the ground quickly. Sliding out of her cuffs were small silver blades. She raised them at horrifying speeds as Nohime tried to step backwards.

Too late, she felt both blades enter her chest, one on each side. She felt pain but that quickly faded to nothing, he eyes began to fill with blood as she lost balance and vision. She was caught by Crow who lowered her to the ground gently. Finally she stood and looked at the others in the room as Nohime lost consciousness, the last thing Nohime heard was Crow.

Crow: “Save her life!”

Nohime passes out as the chirurgeons dressed as maids go to work. The best in the land and with all the recent practice they make quick work of stopping the process of death. The speed at which they work even impresses Crow who looks to the table and picks up the bullet and spins it in her hands as she rethinks her near death experience.

-The Leviathan, outside 23-

I’m still trying to leave some room for Raven to get a post in so I’m just going to do a bit.

Kraken looks down as Gracia holds his hands in hers. He smiles and stands releasing her grip. He moves to his wardrobe and opens it. He talks while he places a new shirt on.

Kraken: “I live in darkness, I deal with sin on a daily basis and my army is comprised of some of the most horrifying people I’ve ever known. Yet I always have a blind eye to that kind of stuff. You know what I am quite keen on picking up on?

Kraken turns and looks directly at her eyes.

Kraken: “When someone is choking back the truth and giving me lies because the truth hurts too much.”

Gracia eyes widen at the comment as she quickly avoids eye contact with the Captain.

Gracia: “er, um, no I would never lie, I don’t kn…”

Kraken: “No worries, I will not try to dig up your secrets, they are yours to keep.”

Kraken walks to her and places his hand on her chin and raises her face to his.

Kraken: “You can be a legend in making many, many, friends who care about you. You said this. But can you say the same thing when I am fighting the Oda. This includes your father and Ranmaru. Are you going to be my friend then, how will you fix the world?

Kraken stands a few moments before going to his wardrobe to place his heavy mantle on his shoulders along with his hat before preparing his entrance once again to his ship.

-Unknown location, approaching 23-

Large merchant vessels stacked with building material, exotic warships and other vessels of all shapes and sizes make their way to the location of the Leviathan. Guided by various pirate vessels who had been awaiting their appearance. They are Krakens hidden allies, his sources of trade. While they will not fight in another lands squabbles they will not turn away coin and deals with the man that always brings pleasant business to them. They will deliver the materials Kraken needs to rebuild his empire and bring new threat to his enemies. A surprise of great proportions hides amidst the ships, it will be a gift to surprise any would-be lord.
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*Omg, before I keep thinking of more things to add. I already knocked 2 ideas of scenes. Enjoy.*

*Floating Island*

Koshosho and Whisper had already left Kraken's cabin, leaving him to the watch of little Gracia. They go above deck to see all the Red Fangs moving around, circling their captain. Whisper gives Koshosho a nod before joining some other cutthroats. Whisper and the other ladies move nearer the rude sailors, Crow the most evil of glares.

"Oh what's this?" Koshosho says watching the spectacular. "Why that saucy Magoichi, she's got enough power right there even I don't want to attempt getting into her way."

Still watching, her eyes widen slightly at seeing Magoichi display her act of fire breathing. She giggles at the Saika's threat of barbecue on the bold, shirtless pirate drenched with sake.

"I just wonder how good of a cook that woman really is." thought Koshosho outloud.

Koshosho went about the deck, surveying the situation. Upon Magoichi's orders, the Red Fang leader had his sailors disperse, traveling between the two ships. Some were still a bit cynical or otherwise bitter but some most were at least no longer as hostile.

Oh well there doesn't seem to be much fun left going on
Koshosho thought. I'll get back literally doing something, I don't want to give them a chance to shove me off, I'm enjoying my time here for right now.

Turning to head to the other side of the ship, towards the claimed Oda ship, Koshosho sighs and starts past a few sailors and cutthroats when a large figure blocks her path. She backs up a step to get a better angle on the bald head above her. While the shirtless muscles were quite a pleasant show, the egocentric sneer was more than enough to ruin the view.

"Ah, one of Kraken's other new concubines I presume?"

"Not exactly. Still, I don't believe we've met," Koshosho said restricted.

"Why, little lady, you are in the presence of the great and powerful Iron Feng, leader of the Red Fangs," says the large man.

"I see, ..." Koshosho says, very unamused. "And why am I bestowed this pleasure?"

"The gods put your kind's whole purpose to take care of us," Iron Fend begins. "You will help clean this sticky sake covering me, your Saika lady poured over me."

"I may be trained in many ways, but you will not receive any aid from me." Koshosho says crossing her arms.

"Ah but little lady, a little bathing time will be more than just work, but also play."
Feng continued. "And who wouldn't want the honor of personal time with the famous leader of the Red Fangs? Go and gather the water."

"Maybe, perhaps, a sake shower is an act of endearment in the Saika lands, and you wouldn't want to dishonor Magoichi now would you?" Koshosho says with a serious face.

Iron Feng lets out a hefty laugh, still with his typical arrogance.

"Why the catches Kraken has found in his catches in recent moons, better senses of humor than that pathetic merchant along the northwestern coast." Iron Feng said loudly.

"Hmph, 'manners maketh man,' " Koshosho says turning around irked.

In further response, Iron Feng swings his arm to force his hand to contact right on Koshosho underneath her belt. Koshosho jerks slightly off balance in a forward motion from the force. Iron Feng laughs out even louder. Koshosho faces Feng again with a death glare in her eyes, holding back the massive urge to strangle this 'man' with her razor scarf.

"Oh don't be that way, darling," amused Feng, still laughing. "You know you enjoy the personal attention, you lucky little cherry blossom."

The lady in waiting opens her mouth to say something but she stops from a distraction behind Feng. Feng, realizing the delay looks at her confused then turns around to find a Magoichi giving him a look of true danger, even putting Crow in run for her yen. If Koshosho's death glare was that of daggers, Magoichi's would be that of a large cleaver.

"Well?" Magoichi says tapping her foot.

"Oh, uh, Miss Magoichi Saika-sama, I was jus-"

She motions her hand to silence him. Koshosho glances at each side for fellow witnesses before redirecting her eyes back to the two captains. Magoichi closes her eyes for a short almost tormented sigh. She then opens her eyes, a little too wide, and bestows the widest smile ever to muster. No sake involved here.

"Well Mr. Steak Le Well-Done, it must be your lucky day because you reminded me of your seventh task for the Red Fangs to do."

Iron Feng was not sure what was more terrifying, the Saika woman appearing like a cutthroat right behind him, or the mock warmth with a promise of grilling emitting from that smile.

"I am most pleased you introduced yourself to one of my top ranking generals, for your next order is to provide her and my other general each with new ships. For High Lady Koshosho, a ship grand at maneuverability. Moderate in size, constructed with high elegance in mind. For my other officer, one also of moderate size, but balanced within all assets, one ready for any and all events."

"Uh, yes, your captainness." Iron Feng says before walking towards his men dispersing the next batch of orders.

Magoichi gives a quick nod to the lady in waiting before heading back to Crow at the Helm.

Koshosho, more than happy to get out of the way, turns back to head below deck when the door opens. One of the orphans from below grew a little too curious. With a smile, the lady in waiting turns the orphan back inside. A welcome distraction from her recent encounter.

"Oh come on, sweet child, you need to rest," Koshosho says, placing her arms on his shoulders. "We've all had a long day, and there are far too many ruffians on board for you to come out and play just yet."

She leads him back inside and down the first level of stairs. Indigo, whom was just taking care of a few items for Crow walked near by. She looks up from her papers and sees the two.

"Oh, hey, I was just going to check on them, I'll take him back." Indigo says.

Koshosho smiles at her. The boy looks back up the stairs towards the faint bits of sunlight left.

"Go along, stay put for right now."
Koshosho says to him. "A maid or cutthroat will let you know when you may play on deck again."

Indigo smiles, "She's right, come now. There's too much chaos on the deck currently."

The cutthroat takes the child away, their footsteps creaking slightly on the floor.

Koshosho turns back up the first flight of stairs, thoughts wandering around recent events. She continues down the hall, speaking to herself the whole way.

"Thank the Great Amaterasu I'm off that dreadful Oda ship," Koshosho says outloud. "Surely Miss Saika will redecorate to remove any essence of that gone wretched captain. However, I had more than enough of crap from the Oda ship; if we continue having too many encounters with this 'Iron Feng', I'm high-tailing it out of this place before I'll do something I'll regret."

She gets to the next set of stairs to head back up to the deck, still talking to herself. Before stepping onto the first step, the lady in waiting was interrupted.

"What about your new student? Gonna dump her then?" comes a male voice.

Koshosho turns to see a figure of green half hidden by the lantern light.

"Excuse me?" she asks.

"The Oda girl," says the young man stepping forward into more light.

"Ah, why it's Rinku, you're the cutthroat of the Saika," Koshosho says. "It does not matter what becomes of the girl. She's amusing but will still get herself or those around her killed sooner or later."

Rinku raises an eyebrow.

"Yes I know she looks up to me. Me and Whisper," Koshosho sighs. "She's a sweet girl. I'd hate for that swine Iron Feng to infect that poor child. I will refrain from most of the sentences that are running through my mind, but I can say that ugly - to use Magoichi's term - 'son of a gun' needs to leave soon. "

Rinku looks at her with a curious face giving out a hmph.

"So Magoichi will take care of him I take it?" Koshosho says with a gesture. "Speaking of which, she ordered for them to get a ship each for me and whom I figured for you. I should express my gratitude. Though I have to ask, it was so spontaneous, was it Kraken who really wanted the ship order or is that Magoichi talking?"

Rinku smirks in response but remains silent. Koshosho grows slightly flustered, not used to being teased as such.

"Oh come on. Tell me." she insists.

Rinku thinks about it for a second, then looks at her.

"It's a secret to everybody," he says with a slight smile.

Koshosho sighs in defeat, but looks at the green clad samurai with analyzing eyes.

"Clever." she finally responds with. "Don't worry, I won't backstab the girl."

She leaves Rinku standing quietly as he was, to head back down the hall. It was time to check up on her student.
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~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
Hanbei was troubled by the fact a spy had gotten in. Revenge? Is this another person crying about Teremune and his men? I hope not...I don't want to wake up dead one day! I will use my intelligence to help track them down.They most likely will be planning another attack. But when? That's just the question....
Hanbei decided that he would go purchase some horses for the attack, since the spy had murdered the  some of the good ones they had. He went out to the market, where many people were bustling about. People were haggling, bartering, and buying wares everywhere. Hanbei walked up to a gruff-looking man. The man looked down at Hanbei with his beady eyes, staring straight at him, and saying grimly,
"Can I help you, kid?"
"Actually, I would watch your words. I'm a customer, and I'm willing to pay you money for what you're selling. For the record, I'm twenty-three, going to be twenty-four soon, so I'm fully grown," Hanbei narrowed his eyes, "And, I wouldn't bother you for no reason naturally. So, I would like buy some of your horses you are selling here." 
For a moment in a hearty, but brief laugh, the man wiped a tear away from his eye and then answered, "Well kid, I don't sell to just anybody. I always go for the highest paying visitor, so how much yen are you willing to pay for each one?"
"Listen, I'll pay whatever the normal price is naturally. Masamune Date wants these horses as soon-"
"-M-m-masamune?! My lord needs my horses? Bart, what do you think? This guy much be rich if Masamune sent him!" The gruff man turned to a nearby bald companion who was putting a bridle on the horse. The bald companion scratched his head, and walked over the gruff man. He looked at Hanbei with a frown on his face, and seemed to disapprove of him.
"Well, if Masamune needs the horses, then we can't overcharge him, he'd know; it'd be bad business for us," the bald man answered, "But we really need the money, and the only way we can do it is scam it from people. Are you sure this kid isn't lying to us though? Anyone could just mention 'Masamune' to try to sweeten us up to lower the price."
"Well, this kid might not have any affiliation with Masamune and might be trying to get the money from us...I see. Sorry kid, we ain't selling to you. Go back to wherever you crawled from, and tell your mommy we aren't going to sell you a pony," The gruff man replied, and Hanbei was now annoyed the word "kid" has been said one too many times. He crossed his arms.
"Wouldn't your lord be angry if you declined to sell him the horses? I am now one of his main advisers as well as strategists. I would know if you're overpricing the item anyways. Well, your horses seem average anyways, and if you don't want to sell to me then I can always take my business elsewhere," Hanbei yawned, stretching his arms over his head. I'm going to outwit these guys to sell them to me for cheaper. Masamune is low on funds because of Kojuro already, and I just have a slowly work my way in.
"Joe, maybe we should sell the horses for normal price," Bart replied, "We have to make the due date. You know what happens if we don't-"
"I know! I know! We can't let anybody know we're in the Black Market! We lost a ton of money on those illegal herbs.." Joe replied, and Hanbei smiled and looked back up at him.
"Oh, illegal aren't we? You must sell more than just horses. Well, I'll be sure to tell Masamune about this, being his brother and all-"
"Brother?" Joe repeated, and then he and Bart laughed hysterically. They told Hanbei to cut the game and to leave.
"Hey, I watch who you're laughing at if I were you. I'm serious," Hanbei said, lifting his pantleg to show them his birthmark, and the two men instantly shut up. They stared for a moment, in shock.
"So, how much for the horses again? I would like a discount for your rudeness. Oh, and I'll  "tell on you" if you don't sell to me."

Hanbei returned back to the castle with ten horses. He lead them into the stalls, and then found Masamune.
"I got your horses. Now, are we ready to start the campaign?"

~Gracia~ The ship
Gracia watched Kraken for a moment, blinking. Why would he even question her?
"Yes, Mr. Krabs! I'm gonna be your friend and I'm also gonna stay Ranmaru's, and I love my daddy. Therefore, I will not fight any of them. Some such as a banner won't stop me, I'm not tied to anyone or anything. Names such as the Date, Oda, Mori, Sanada, don't mean a thing. All that matters is how happy you make the other people around you, right?"
"Can happiness exist while this war continues? War happens because two people are in conflict. And when there's a conflict, only one side is going to win, get what they want, and be happy in the end - maybe not even happy nor satisfied, but it's still a possibility. But until then, both sides will suffer." He then opened the door, and  walked out.Gracia got up and noticed there was a piece of paper on the table and some ink. So she decided to take it to write a letter, and then promptly followed Kraken. His words were starting to gnaw on her, tearing apart everything she has believed up to this point. But instead of dwelling on it, Gracia decided she will remain his shadow and focus on her task.
Gracia was watching Kraken as she leaned over a barrel to write a letter:
Dear Ran-chan,
   How Are you? I miss you so much! But I'm going to tell you I'm doing something extra special for you - I'll give you your gift soon. But right now I am learning to be a Lady-in-waiting Cutthroat and I want to learn how to fight and win men. Maybe, since you are a man, can tell me what men like in a girl! There's a really cute boy named Shigeharu I that I am in love with and I want to impress him! So as one of your bestest friends, you need to help me kay? See you soon!
                Your Pal,
                     <3 <3      Gracia =^o.o^=  <3 <3

She wrote occasionally glancing up at Kraken. Koshosho soon comes around, smiling down as Gracia.
"Now what are you doing darling?"
"Kosho-sensei! I'm so happy you've come around. I've been doing a good job watching Mr. Krabs. I am writing a letter to Ran-chan now! Now, I want some advice on how to make men appeal to me as part of my lady-waiting part of me!"
"Patience, child," Koshosho chuckled, "We need to make sure each lesson we give you sinks in well before we move to the next task. Would you let me read your letter?"
"No! It's for his eyes only! And please teach me, there's so much I want to learn! So, how should I dress? Is this outfit okay? Do you think men like bows and lolita?" Gracia asked her, and made sure she kept a hawk-eye on Kraken as she did so. She never knew when somebody was going to attack Kraken or if someone was going to try to play another trick on her.
"Well, it depends on the man. Some like older, more mature women; some like youthful looking ones. And you look very girly."
"Well, I am a girl, so I'm supposed to be! Maybe you can help me buy a new outfit Kosho-sensei sometime. I love clothes. Something pink like Hanbei was in is very pretty and nice! Maybe I should've bought that outfit from him..."
Gracia looked in the distance, suddenly starting to get all day-dreamy about Hanbei. She noticed some ships in the distance, but did not take much note of them or what direction they were coming in.
Gracia realized she needed more ink for hearts at the end of her letter.
"Watch Mr. Krabs for me a moment!" Gracia buzzed off to go find some ink. She then bumps into someone.
"I'm so sorry! I was just-" She looked at him, and then got a new idea, "You look like a messenger of some sort, right?"
"Actually, I'm a swordsman-"
"Oh that's even better! I want you to help me deliver this letter! You can't read it, it's for someone else!" Gracia shoved the letter into Rinku's hands, and then she ran back down the hall to find Koshosho and Kraken.
"Where did you go?" Koshosho asked, "Something could've happened to that big boy over there."
"Oh, you know!" Gracia giggled.

~Berry~ Location Unknown
There was a long pause before someone spoke up. They all looked at each other, silently agreeing with Blackberry.
"Well, I want in on the fun in that case," said Cranberry, "I ain't gonna let a man kill my sister and expect to get away with it, especially since he lied he loved her or something."
"The only identifying factors we have are contained in this letter Ichigo has written to us," Berry said, "But even this doesn't give us much, but enough to locate him at least. However, we should also remember that people change with time, so we might be on the completely wrong track."
"No, this guy IS the killer. We have evidence from over the course of the years. Besides, Ichigo never wrote personal letters except for this one. They all contained her plans for the future,"  Holly Berry pointed out, "Plus, Ichigo was like, a gazillion years old, old enough for this guy to not look much different from how he did. Wasn't her puberty over by that point?"
"Yea. it was," Blueberry replied, "But don't boys mature at a different rate than boys?"
"That doesn't matter, Blueberry!" Holly Berry retorted, "I found him, and I say, we shouldn't kill him!"
"Why not?" Blackberry glared at her, "Are you loyal to Ichigo or not?"
"Of course I'm loyal to Ichigo, but I don't want to kill him! I just don't!" Holly Berry crossed her arms.
"Well, it doesn't even matter since she isn't even in real ninja getup! Look at that tacky outfit!" Cranberry sneered, "I'll take em' on. For Ichigo!"
"So in order to kill both of these men, we will split. Me and Cranberry will go south. Holly Berry and Raspberry will go north, since Raspberry needs to go up north to get information for Nobunaga and Holly Berry knows the killer. Blueberry, you tag along."
"I don't want to go with her!" Holly Berry moaned, "Why can't I go with you?"
"Because I need you to work with us and get the job done. Division is necessary."
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2015 11:22 pm

~Masamune - Province 4 - Castle~

Masamune and a few of the buff men get the dead horses out of the stable and on carts to bury them somewhere away from the town. As for the kunoichi who passed away, the ninjas promised to bury her and let her family know. Masamune returned to the castle to gather the men up. The Oshu Campaign was still going to happen, despite all that has happened. I'm counting on you Sasuke. I need my lands protected from the hidden force of the ninjas.

Masamune was about to enter his castle when his brother found him, "I got your horses. Now, are we ready to start the campaign?"

"You got more horses?! Well, I'm impressed."
Masamune said, astonished. He ignored to answer Hanbei's second question.

"Yea, some little boys sold them to me."
A smug grin comes across his face.

"Good, that'll increase our numbers and strength. As for the campaign, we should be ready to start. Once we get the men saddled up and ready to rumble, of course."
Masamune said. He and Hanbei headed toward the men's quarters.

Masamune opened the wooden doors to the quarter hub. It's a small building where most of the men hang out or train in. There is a bar in there, where some nice ladies from the town work. "On your feet men! It's time to raid on Ieyasu's parade!" Masamune shouted. All the gruff men there, drinking or dozing off, rose to their feet. Masamune turned to his brother, "All right, can you take care of things here and get this men into formation? I have to go get my armor." Masamune then turned back to the men, "Bring your best weapons and food rations, this will be a long campaign."

"Aye!" The men shouted. Some of the men were already putting on their brestplates and grabbing their weapons.

He turned away and started for the castle. He encountered Oichi in the courtyard. "I'm going too. I can't just leave you again. What if I get captured again?" She had a hurt look in her eye.

"Of course you can come, but you're staying in the back lines. I can't afford to lose you."
Masamune said. He had a thought of his wife dying in his arms.

"I'll be careful. I did learn a thing or two when I was an Oda."
Oichi pulled out two spiked hoops from behind her. "I'm sure I'll be fine."

Masamune wanted to bite back his words of letting her come. What if I lose her again? What if I lose Hanbei, too? I gotta get these thoughts out of my head. I'm trying to take back the Date Clan's rightful home. My men will fight with twice the strength. "Just, please be careful," was all Masamune could say. He left her in the courtyard and entered the castle. He quickly located his quarters. There in the room, was his armor, nicely arranged by the maid.

Masamune grabbed his armor and put it on over his casual cloths. He decided to keep those clothes on under his armor because he knew the weather in Oshu was not always pleasant. However, it still was home to him. He covered his gray armor with his blue coat and he put on his gloves, the lighting bolt pattern running down each finger. He then picked up his signature crescent moon hat. He took a moment to look in the yellow crescent to see his reflection. Am I really just a reflection of my father? No, I can't be. I try so hard not to be him, but he always creeps up on me. All I wanted from him, was for him to love me. I was never the son that he was proud of. Are you proud now father, watching what became of your son from the depths of hell? Masamune put his hat on. He opened the castle gates and Oichi had gotten Lusa, his jet black horse, and two other horses. She handed him the reins and followed him with another horse she had gotten. It was cream-colored female that was a bit smaller than Lusa. The last horse was a small white male. Masamune guessed it was for Hanbei. Masamune nodded to her and mounted his steed.

Masamune and Oichi found Hanbei in front of the castle with the army all packed up and mounted. Of course, they were going to stick to the plan, by sending a small, hidden force. The men chosen for the job were dressed like peasants and only had a few measly horses between them. Hanbei did a good job on picking horses that were well worn and older. Oichi handed Hanbei the reins to the white horse. "You need a horse, too. Masamune and I will be waiting in your wake." Oichi gave Hanbei a smile.

Don't worry, you're big brother will protect you if something goes wrong."
Masamune said. He gave Hanbei a reassuring look.

~Kojuro -  Province 58 - Town~

Kojuro watched the swarm of Oda men follow Ranmaru. They looked like a huge monster and Ranmaru was the head of the beast. The riflemen, behind Kojuro, were loading and preparing their weapons. The scorching sun shone like a beacon in the sky. The ironic weather brought a false hope over the people of the town. Once the monster reached the town, walls started to tear down and screams were heard everywhere. Kojuro noted one woman trying to flee the town with a child in her arms. However, the Oda samurai were faster and she was knocked down, bleeding from her neck. The child fell to the ground and started to cry. What a pity. That child could of possibly been a good warrior one day. Kojuro turned back towards his men.

"Alright, we shall follow in Ranmaru's steed, with guns loaded. We have the advantage." Kojuro said. Then, he heard a whirling, screeching sound and saw the blue smoke symbol rise from the castle. "Just in time, Ranmaru has reached the castle." Kojuro mounted his horse and drew his sword. He then pointed it forward, signalling the men to fire their weapons. The loud bangs of the rifles rang out and more screams came from the town. Walls were blown down, people fell like dead birds, and fear was rising. The men prepared to load again. Kojuro held up his sword again, and the massacre continued.

"Alright, let's get closer to the castle." Kojuro shouted to the men, "We have risen the town into panic, so we shouldn't have too much trouble getting to that pathetic excuse of a castle."

"Aye sir!"
The men replied. They packed up with rifle equipment and started down the hill in a sprint. Kojuro urged his horse forward, taking over the foot soldiers quickly. He took the lead and rode through the desolated town. People stared in fear as the soldiers passed by. They closed their doors and peered out their windows. This will be what the Date people will do-cower in fear in the presence of the Oda's might.

Ranmaru was standing in the courtyard of the castle. The castle was aflame and the scorching heat became worse. Kojuro dismounted quickly and approached his friend. "What's the situation inside?"

"We're trying to flame them out. The doors are a lot stronger that they look. They must of barricaded the entrance when they heard the news from the town. However, they can't hide forever from the fire."
Ranmaru said, clenching his sword harder. Kojuro took a moment to notice the blood stained on the weapon.

Kojuro was about to reply, when he heard shouts from the castle. Tsunahige Hojo and some of his retainers had opened a window and was looking out. They had panic in their gazes and then realized that this was the end. They quickly left the window and went back inside to the deadly flames.

"They have two choices it seems," Kojuro said, looking up at the once open window. "They can either burn to death or commit suicide."

"They'll likely kill themselves first."
Ranmaru said with a straight face. "This castle is practically ours."

Kojuro nodded and adjusted his glasses. "We better get out of the castle area, since this whole area will be aflame soon enough." Kojuro watched as a Hojo banner burned in the wind. The two men turned and casually walked out of the courtyard.

~Takakage - Province 16 - Border~

Yamanaka cheerfully rambled on about how he would change his name and when. It was all childish nonsense that Taka tuned out. Oyassan also seemed to get bored of the rambling as she ran a few paces ahead of the horse. Yamanaka noticed and tried to catch up to his deer companion.

"Hey, Lady Hawakawa, should I get off and let Yamanaka ride on the horse, I mean, he is a lot younger. He must tire out before the both of us and he's walking."
Taka said, staring at the young boy.

"Well, that's very generous of you Taka. I hope the Uesugi Castle isn't too much farther now. I'm getting a bit tired myself."
Hawakawa said. She turned her head and smiled at Taka. Lady Hawakawa lead the horse to a stop and Taka dismounted it carefully. He called over to Yamanaka and said that he could ride with Hawakawa until they got to the castle. He could ride the deer, if Oyassan can support his weight... Taka pushed the thought away and helped Yamanaka on the horse. He clearly had little to no experience with horses. Taka was taller and bigger than him, and a lot stronger. Yamanaka still had the pull up on the horse himself. Hawakawa made room and once they were settled, they set off in a slow walk.

Oyassan decided to pace herself with Taka. She let out a small yelp to let him know she was there. Yamanaka started to talk again, "I was really hoping I could of seen Masamune..and Kojuro too! But, then I got wind of Kojuro betraying the Date and all. I guess I was a little too late then." He had a hurt look hidden beneath his deep, sapphire eyes.

"Kojuro too? Why?"
Taka asked curiously.

"Well, isn't he, well, wasn't he the strategist of the Date? He could of whipped up something to help me on my quest to revive the Amago!"
Yamanaka said. His sadness was replaced by determined look.

"Well, I've seen the guy once..but he seriously hurt a friend of mine. I can never forgive him."
Taka clenched a fist. "He's bad news. His facade of staying with the Date is over. He turned over a new leaf-a bad leaf."

"He hurt a friend? Wow, he really took a turn I guess. I heard of some great feats he accomplished by Masamune's side, such as taking over a Fuma province."
Yamanaka said.

"Yea..we both were in similar situations at the time-homeless and smart. However, my friend found a home-a happy home it seems. As for me, I'm still searching in the chaotic land for my purpose."
Taka said. He gazed forward as the trees started to thin out.

"I'm sure you'll get it, Taka! You just need to search around a bit. You seem to have a really should I put it..."
Yamanaka said, scrambling for the word.

Hawakawa said, joining the conversation. "Taka is sweet, to put it simple."

Taka started to turn red, "Tha..thank you guys. I'm trying to get by, just like you two. All of our clans seemed to have diminished to nothing." He tried to change the subject.

The conversation seemed to die after a little while. The Useugi castle was finally seeable through the trees. It was an impressive fortress built out of stone with a moat going around it. It seemed to stretch taller than the Date castle in Echigo, but it wasn't as well protected. Weathered walls stood strong, but look liked they would eventually be hit hard if another storm came through. Hawakawa picked up the pace on the horse and held the reigns tighter. Taka had to jog to keep up with the horse.

"Could you slow down a little? I'm almost out of breath!"
Taka shouted to his companions. Reading books does not really help my stamina. I really should be working on that than getting caught up in a good book. But books are so interesting, with vast amounts of knowledge. Wait, I'm getting lost in my thoughts. Gotta stay focused!

"Oh sorry!!"
Hawakawa answered back. She slowed the horse down. Oyassan was still pacing with Taka, making sure he wasn't abandoned. What a well behaved deer, I'm impressed.

They eventually reach the massive castle's gate. Two guards dressed in Uesugi army apparel were at the door. Taka assumed that they were the guards.

Hawakawa dismounted the horse and approached them. "Excuse me, may I request an audience with Sa-I mean Kagetora Uesgui?"

One of the guard's eyebrows raise, "And why should I let you in, Missy?"

"Because...I'm his sister of course. Family matters."
Hawakawa said confidently. Taka approached her from behind.

"Oh, if your his sister, you should get that audience. Follow me. If you're lying, then you're going to have to face Kenshin. Also, that deer is not allowed in the castle."
The guard pointed at Oyassan. "I don't know what kind of creepy people you are for bringing a deer."

"Oh don't worry about Oyassan. She'll behave out here."
Yamanaka said, running up to his new friends. Oyassan settled herself on a patch of grass outside the castle, next to the horse.

The guard led them through the brightly lit castle. Taka thought he could hear some sobs coming from the room, but he wasn't sure. He eventually stopped at a room on the second floor and knocked. "Kagetora, some people are here to see you. One of them claims to be your 'sister'."

A voice, sounding a lot like Taka's, answers, "I'll be there in a moment. I'll know my older sister from a mile away." A lot of rummaging was heard and then the screen door came flying open.


A boy, with the same deep, brown hair as Hawakawa answered. He seemed to be around Taka's age, based on looks. He was taller than Taka and Hawakawa and his hair was shaggy and unkept.

His eyes widened when he saw Hawakawa, "Sis, it really is you!" The guard, realizing that Kagetora was in no harm, left back to his post. "I've missed you so much. Why haven't you written a letter recently?"

"Well, that's because.." Hawakawa's gaze darkened.

~Sasuke - Somewhere in Province 4 - Forest~ (Yup, this post isn't over yet)

Sasuke, departing the castle, went into the forest. The Saratobi Ninja Corps had made their base among the tree tops. The ninjas sit around on the branches of a cluster of trees. Sasuke sat on the branch above all the other ninjas. They were waiting all there waiting for his next orders. The death of the kunoichi brought fear to all their eyes.

"Relax guys. We're the Saratobi Ninjas! Sasuke will have this situation taken care of in one day flat."
one the kunoichi said. She had light blond hair and a short green outfit on. All of the Sasuke's ninjas wore green, to distinguish themselves from all others.


Sasuke replied to her, "Natsumi! We have real problem on our hands. The fact that this ninja got past one of the border guards and killed horses without us knowing is a huge problem. We will have to start brainstorming ideas on what our first action will be, because if we don't, next time it could be people dropping dead like the horse."

Natsumi puffed up her cheek, "Well, I'm just trying to raise moral." She crossed her arms.

"We could burn their base! What's a ninja group without their location?"
One called out.

"Don't be silly! They'll just regroup somewhere!"
Another replied.

"We could have someone dress up like Lord Masamune and see if that draws attention."
A third one suggested.

"Or, I have a better idea. We dress up Natsumi like a helpless peasant and see if they come crawling out."

Hey! I'm not some doll you can just throw around!"
Natsumi said. She had a flicker of anger in her eye.

"Enough! We need to start thinking rational here."
Sasuke said. His gaze darkened as he glared at all the ninjas.

"We could try tracking this ninja. Since they killed the kunoichi near the southeast entrance of Echigo, I think we should start there."
a gruff tone replied. A boy, sitting on a branch with his legs stretched out, folded his arms. He also was cladded in green, with a black scarf blowing in the slight breeze.


"Finally some rational thought in this place, and from Ty too!! Well, big boss Masamune told me to figure out what's going on, so that's what we'll do. I think our best strategy is to send a small band of ninjas to investigate across Japan and the rest stay here to keep a watchful eye on the place."
Sasuke replied.

"Hey! Has anyone heard of lately of other attacks happening? They could possibly lead us to a link." Natsumi called out.

"Well, I think I heard of an attack when I was passing through Shima territory, however, it turned out to be bandits."
One ninja replied.

"Why bring up an attack if you already knew who did it?"
Sasuke asked, looking at the ninja. The ninja shrugged his shoulders. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Anyone else?"

"Well, while I was on duty, I heard of some strange activity in Uesugi territory. This happened a bit before the slaughter of the horses."
One kunoichi replied. "And since Ty said they came from the southeast, it's highly logical they are somewhere from the Uesugi."

"Or, even farther down in the country."
Ty added him. "It would be best to start at the border, and then move down into Uesugi territory. Then, I guess we'll have to go from there."

"It frustrates me how so little we know of this ninja group..or ninja. We have no idea if it's just one person, or a group of people."
Sasuke scratched his head. "But, we better get started as soon as possible."

"Oh, can I go? Please? I want to explore Japan!"
Natsumi said, her eyes lighting up.

"Natsumi, you've already seen Japan. We originally were from Fuma lands."
Ty said, rolling his eyes. "So, you've seen a good portion of the country."

"Hey! It's not up to you to decide if I can go or not. It's Sasuke's decision!"
Natsumi said, her cheek puffing out again. She looked directly at Sasuke, waiting for a reply.

Sasuke shrugged his shoulder, "If your that eager, than you can come. Of course, I'll be going. And Ty, you can come, too. The rest of you, please keep a watchful eye on this province and our lord. He is about to go conquer more land, so we'll be more spread out in the future."

"Well, I'll be glad to help you, Sasuke."
Ty said, standing up, "When do we leave?"

"Now, the faster we solve this mess, the happier I'll be."
Sasuke said, also standing up.

"NOW?! I guess that's just the way it is."
Natsumi said, joining the boys. The three ninja set off, jumping from tree to tree, near the death sight of their friend. The other ninjas departed back to their posts, with a more keen eye.
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PostSubject: Re: Sengoku Wars   Sengoku Wars - Page 9 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2015 12:39 am

The Floating Island (Totally not forgetting what actually is making it up right now) *keeping it short, splitting it by scene.

Dumbfounded by a small girl, the swordsman stands blankly staring at the sealed envelope while running a hand through his blond hair. After another moment, he walked to the upper deck.

I better get something out of it, even if it's as small as an empty bottle, Rinku thought.

Still as bustling as a market place, the deck continued on with the repairs. Rinku found his captain ordering more Iron Fengs around, as their leader was current on his own ship.

"Ah! Rinku! Just in time," Magoichi exclaimed. "Of course you'd come up after the big oaf leaves. I thought you were still doing your tasks below deck. Did you really finish that quickly?"

Rinku shook his head and handed her the letter. The Saika examined the letter. She sniffed it then thrust it back in the swordsman face.

"Little Gracia I see." Magoichi said thinking slightly. "Must be her next assignment or something. Well what'd she say? Deliver it?"

A nod.

"You don't even know who or where the client is, do you?" Magoichi asked.

Shaken head.

"Of course." Magoichi sighs. Finally she adds, "Well you might as well go and get on with it."

"You can't possibly-!" Rinku half frantically. He's not calm all the time

"Can't handle a new adventure now? Don't worry. All you gotta do is make it back in one piece and not use the letter as toilet paper." Magoichi said with a wink.

Rinku is unamused.

"No, seriously go deliver it." Magoichi continues more seriously. "We were planning on Mission River Crane soon anyway. Maybe you should take someone with you for the trip though. I know you can handle yourself well but who knows with Gracia where her 'friends' are in all of Japan."

Rinku motions Magoichi's bottle on her hip with his eyes.

"I'll have you know, because of what I'm doing for Kraken right now, I happen to be more sober than normal" she says with a hand on her hip. "By the time you get back, you''ll have your own ship and more stories to share around the dinner table. After you get back, we should be ready to stop back home. In the mean time, find yourself a traveling partner, I can't accompany you this time."

Rinku thinks for a second, his captain's hand on his shoulder. He nods before heading back below deck to grab his adventuring sack.

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~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
"Even if Date soldiers mur-" Hanbei stopped dead in the middle of his sentence, and Masamune raised an eyebrow, "Nothing. The Date soldiers are on my side now, I see. Not used to that!"
Hanbei took a deep breath in and then exhaled. That's right. I am on the Date's side. Forgive me.....I know you died by the Date's hand. But I am a Date. Well, even if you were alive, our relationship would have been complicated because I remember you absolutely positively despised the Date. I was an enemy to you all along.....but then again, maybe if I manned up and proposed way back then we would be living a totally different life. It wouldn't matter because we would be ignorant of it. I would be a nobody but somebody to you.
Maybe then, in that alternative reality, you wouldn't be dead.

"Hanbei? Are you okay? You're staring out into space!"
"Oh, I'm fine! I was just....analyzing the time it would take for us to get there. That's right, I'm leading the first group out. Let's go." Hanbei said, and the men cheered as they followed behind him. Hanbei instructed the men to act like natural peasants, farmers, and merchants. Then once they scouted out the entrances, they were to meet Hanbei at a meeting point which would be decided once they arrived in Tokugawa territory.
It didn't take long to get there at all - only a few hours of marching and soon enough they were in the land that used to be the Date's. As Hanbei looked around, he noticed the land was rich in resources - no wonder Masamune would want this land back! The Date could make a good chunk of profit.
"We!" Hanbei pointed to a building that read 'Robin Inn'. The men saluted, and then they headed to find the entrances into the castles. I better make use of my time and try to find out what state the castle is in.
Hanbei walked down the street, through the crowd of people. There really didn't seem anything remarkable about anyone, it just seemed like a typical area in the region. Yet there must be...something. Anything would do at all.
Hanbei scanned his eyes down the path. He saw a baker, a blacksmith, and a few merchants here and there. And then there were rice farmers. Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all.
Then, suddenly, he heard something whiz past his ear. He looked at a nearby man to see that a knife had been plunged into his shoulder and he was kneeling over, coughing, in need of help. Hanbei's eyes widened. He noticed the knife was thrown exactly at the height of his head.....does someone know he's here?!
Tokugawa guards rushed to help the man as well as raise their weapons. They know something is here.
"Is everyone alright?!" One of the guards yelled, and the nearby townspeople nodded. A mother pulled her children close to her.
"Is he going to be alright, sir?" the little girl asked the Tokugawa solider.
"I....don't know. Scout the land!" He ordered, and the Tokugawa men started to look for the source of the dagger. I hope that wasn't one of my men! Now that they are alert, this campaign might be harder than expected...
...or this could work in their favor. Hanbei's face soon had a smirk to it. Wherever the knife came from, he was thankful for it. While the Tokugawa looked for this threat, it would be a nice distraction for the Date to come down and infiltrate the castle.
Hanbei went back to the Robin Inn and met up with his men.
"We have all the entrances, Hanbei. We are just waiting for your order."
"Good. One of you run back and tell Masamune it's time."
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Roleplay Characters

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~Masamune - Providence 4 - Date/Tokugawa border area~

Masamune watched the men leave behind Hanbei, all wearing odd attire. Some looked like farmers, others looked like pirates. Some of them had horses, but the horses looked more like pack mules, with burlap sacks attached and hanging on the side. They vanished out of site and made their way to the first target-a small border town on the Tokugawa side of the border.

As for Masamune's regiment of men, they were all claded in armor and mounted on horses. Masamune was at the head, waiting for the messenger of Hanbei's success. The army positioned itself on a hill, out of site of the town. Masamune sat on his horse, impatiently waiting. What if we are ill prepared? What if that ninja comes and assassinates all my retainers when I return? What if... Masamune stopped his thoughts as a sweaty man runs up the hill.

"Milord, it is time. The Tokugawa are in a panic from a knife being thrown ando injuring someone-not our doing. It seemed to be aimed at Hanbei, from what we soldiers got out of it. We will seize this chance."
He said, kneeling down. He didn't stop once in his sentence, despite his worn out appearance.

"Was Hanbei injured?"
Masamune said. The man shook his head. Someone wants to kill my brother on our first campaign together? Well, I will show them.He turned Lusa around so he could face the army. "Are you ready boys? 'Cause we have some Tokugawa scum to destroy!"

The men shouted back. Many drew out their swords and reared their horses. Masamune took the lead in the charge. He saw his wife, Oichi, on a cream colored horse close behind him. She had her pink, spiked hoops in one hand, and the other hand was holding onto the reigns.

The town quickly approached the army, and the Tokugawa soldiers were in more of a panic when they spotted the Date army. A harsh cry of a battle horn was let out. Masamune, withdrew one of his swords, and headed straight into the town. The townsfolk were scrambling to get inside their houses or to take cover. This was war.

Masamune slashed at a few Tokugawa soldiers who were trying to block his way. He evaded their predictable attacks and stunned them with lightning. He dismounted Lusa when he got near to Hanbei.

"You okay? I heard about the knife."
Masamune asked, as he glanced at the shabby castle-fort nearby.

Hanbei nodded, "It nearly missed me, but I'm fine."

"Holt! No one gave you the privilege to attack this town!"
a sharp, female voice said. Masamune glanced around, looking for the source of the voice. On top of one of the buildings, a girl stood there. She was quite tall, even when standing on the building. She took a jump and aimed her foot for Masamune's face. Hanbei acted faster and blocked the kick with his shield. She bounced back from the shield and onto the ground in front of her. Masamune took out another sword.


"Gotta even the odds, since you have two feet, which means two kicking boots."
Masamune smirked at her, catching the girl off guard.

"That crescent moon must be Masamune Date!"
The girl said in bewilderment. "Well, Date scoundrel, let us have a fair fight. I won't let you onto my Lord Ieyasu's lands!" She held out a hand and beckoned Masamune on. Hanbei noticed the oncoming fight, and edged away from Masamune.

Masamune lunged for the girl, with his swords crossed, making an X. She deflected with a high side kick right in between the two swords. However, her foot got caught between the two blades. They both broke from the duel, but Masamune was stronger than the girl, and she face some recoil.

"Wow, missy, you should just go home. I'm not really into fighting girls."
Masamune said.

"There is no way I'm leaving this place unintended. As being one of Ieyasu's commanding officers, Naotora Ii, I have all right to stand my ground."

The Iis? I haven't heard that name in a long time..after their province was demolished during the time of my father's reign. Ironically, my father wasn't the one to take them out. Well, now I know where they ended up!

~Taka - Providence 16 - Castle~

"...that's because.."
Lady Hawakawa started, "Because the Hojo Clan more.." She closed her eyes, waiting to bear the pain of her brother's grief.

"What?! My father...and brothers...they are all...dead?!"
Kagetora said, with eyes wide open. "'re lying..that can't be true!" Tears were forming in his eyes.

Taka did not know what to say. He felt sorry for the Hojo siblings. I wonder what will happen to them now. The Uesugi were very kind to Kagetora here, but Hawakawa..what will she do?

"Hey, you you guys lost your Clan too?"
Yamanaka said curiously. "Hey, why don't you guys try to rebuild it!" He gave them a big smile.

"It's not that simple.."
Hawakawa said. She looked at the young boy. Then, she turned to her brother,  "Can I talk to you...alone?" Kagetora nodded and they entered the nearest room. The cream-colored screen door closed behind them, locking.

Taka turned to Yamanaka, "We should give them some space. Let's wait outside." Yamanaka nodded and they turned to leave. Taka strained to hear any of Kagetora's and Hawakawa's conversation, but he was able to only hear a muffle.

When Yamanaka and Taka got outside, Oyassan quickly approached them. She had a look of distress on her face. "What's the matter?" Yamanaka asked.

"Eeeeeeee!" Oyassan squealed. She ran over to where they were keeping their horse. There was a huge cut on it's leg. The horse was lying on it's side, panting. Taka kneeled over and examined the wound.

"This is from a knife or a dagger. We must of hit a ninja trap in the woods somewhere, looks like it was framed for a a person. Maybe that's why the horse reared up so high when we saw Oyassan for the first time.."
Taka said, grabbing some salve from his coat pocket. He slathered the wound in it and wrapped it up tight. "I have a bad feeling that something terrible happened in Echigo."

"You mean, Date land?"
Yamanaka asked, "Are some people after Lord Date or something?"

"Well, his father wasn't exactly the nicest man, Yamanaka. I could see some enemies carrying over."
Taka said. He stood up and patted the horse gently.

"Terumune Date right? I will never forget that name.."
Yamanaka said. "My father, when I was really, really little told me some stories."

"Hmmm? You guys were farmers before you got involved, right?"
Taka said to him, turning to face him.

"Well, my mother was! But, my father was a huge warrior! I didn't see my mother often since I went to live with him when I was very small."
Yamanaka said to Taka. "So, it's important I follow in his footsteps and make the world right. I never want to see sadness in my life again. So, I will revive the Amago Clan!" Yamanaka put an arm around Oyassan, "With my trustworthy companion!"

From the small details Yamanaka has told me, it seems that his clan was brutally destroyed by Terumune, I think. I'll be sure ask around about the Amago Clan more. I'm curious what exactly happened to them..maybe Masamune will know...

~Kojuro - Providence 58 - Town~

The castle had fallen. The charred, black earth now belonged to the Oda, and the Hojo were a Clan of past. They joined the other fallen Clans. Kojuro and Ranmaru made their way to the hill where they stationed the camp. The survivors followed behind. Kojuro sent of two regiments to remain in town and protect it, just in case of rebels.

Ranmaru walked up to Kojuro, "You know, Gracia wasn't in town when we looked..and now I'm worried about her. I was thinking I should go on a little quest to find her, on behalf of Mitsuhide Akechi and Nagamasa's proposal."

"Hmmm, very well then. Please, do take care of yourself. I'm thinking of visiting Nagamasa myself, and forcing the alliance upon him. What we did her today was only a small fleet of the Oda's strength. He should be shaking in fear of the mere thought of a battle." Kojuro adjusted his glassed, smirking.

"Don't forget to inform Lord Nobunaga about this victory. I am sure he will be very pleased."
Ranmaru said.

"I will get right onto sending a letter. Take a horse for your travels, and I hope you succeed in finding Gracia." Kojuro turned away from his friend. He quickly wrote a short note that evening and gave it to a messenger to take to Nobunaga. Kojuro then gathered his men and slowly made the trudge to Bungo.
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Sorry about how delayed this post is.

Kirito: Province 4

Kirito was escorted out. He felt shame, he didn't know why, but it was shame. He felt pretty insulted by that he was brushed off as a kid. Shame was the easiest thing the Swordsman could say of his feelings. He had the feeling that he'd fail. The third time he felt this, first being the events with Magoichi, the second the time it took him to conquer Yoshimoto, the third were the previous events. Even though the swordsman might be over reacting, he wouldn't be Suprised if Yukimura kicked him from the position and out of service for the Sanada.

The swordsman sighed and stayed the night at a local Tavern. Eventually getting a message from a Sanada Ninja with orders from Yukimura intercept Tadakatsu Honda.

Yukimura: Province 15

Yukimura watched as Mitsunari and Yoshisugu where inducing soldiers to the Sanada. Showing fun at it being their jobs, or part of their job. Yukimura went into the castle's halls. Yukimura walked down the hall, and into a small garden his mother once kept. Yukimura didn't remember much of his mother, he was unknown of her current activities. Even if she's alive.

He heard inside it, a voice, saying, "I am bueatiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!"[/color]

Yukimura followed the sound of the voice. The closer Yuki got to whoever was saying that they where beautiful, was getting easily dectectable. He turned the corner to see Kai, who was sitting down with her eyes closed continuing,"I am Atractive!"

Yukimura smiled seeing Kai acctually having a small weakness, having courage in her attractiveness. Yukimura then said, "Yes you are, Bear Princess."

Kai open ended her eyes to see Yukimura, she was angry. Her anger was probably the most Yukimura has seen anyone be in their life. She then said, "HOW MUCH DID YOU HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yukimura replied, "Not much, so don't worry, your secrets safe with me."

Kai seemed to calm to an angered annoyance. She then said, "Leave me alone!"

Yukimura shrugged his shoulders then turned around, walking back to the castle.

Lucia Ishida: Province 16

Lucia slowly walked through the garden area in the Uesugi Castle, no longer in her basic clothing, but now in a white kimono with her left hip revealed. Blue designs line it. The Uesugi crest was designed in a gold plate above her Breasts. She then then had the classic Ishida 'Gold Horn,' placed like a crown on her head, with a fancy white cloth tied between the two horns, drapping on her hair.  She moved closer and closer to a lake, as she started singing:

Walk on wandering souls
For your respite we pray
Let our humble song clear your hearts of dismay,
Rekindle the flame in your souls and set you free
So walk on and become the light that guides the way

You stare up at the stars in the clear, endless skies
Slowly fading light shining back in your eyes
Completely consumed with your search for certainty
You'll lose sight of everything and get left behind

Lucia reached the end of a small dock that lay on a man made pond side, about to continue her song as she heard some one behind her, to which she spun around. It was Kagekatsu. 'Thank goodness,' Lucia thought.

Kagekatsu smiled to her, saying, "How have you settled, Lady Ishida?"

Lucia responded, "I have been alright. These clothes feel somewhat flashy then what I'm used to."

Kagekatsu nodded, then asked, "The song you just sung. Did you make it up?"

Lucia awnsered, "It was a song my father sung whenever I was distressed, in pain, or had a nightmare."

Kagekatsu then said, "Your father was a strong man in life... Respected by most... A large shadow a girl your age must overcome."

Lucia replied to her fiancé, and started tearing up, "It's been a struggle... The Oda have been my major problem. Nobunaga destroyed my home and killed everyone... So easily.... All this pain and regret has...."

Kagekatsu hugged Lucia, then turned about and silently walked away. Lucia looked down, confused. He coforted her but flees. 'Is he afraid to show heavy emotions?' The girl thought, she then looked at her reflection and started to continue her song, as she reflected on her past.
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-The Leviathan, outside 23-

The vessels approached closer, the large fleet of mismatched ships and flags neared the floating island. Kraken drew a smile as he saw a familiar sight atop one of the larger ships. Standing on the railing with her trademark umbrella the woman sings a hauntingly beautiful song.

Kraken prepared himself, he called over some men and told them to prepare for guests. Also to prepare his coffers for much coin was to pass ownership by the nights end. Gracia stood half on the railing looking out towards the fleet of ships.

Gracia: “Wow, so many, what are they all doing here?”

Kraken: “They have come to fulfill an obligation, to make good on a past debt. An eye for an eye if I should say so.”

Kraken motioned to his eyepatch and resumed his stance looking over the arriving vessels. Crewman bustled about on the ship cleaning and bringing tables and kegs up from below. Gracia looked towards Kraken in confusion trying to think what he did meant by his words, she glanced back out and saw a strange ship hidden amongst the fleet, it was finely carved with the entire front shaped as a gargantuan dragon ready to swallow its prey. Inside the mouth burned a violet flame that seemed to not burn the wood around it.

Gracia: “Hey, whats that ship, it doesn’t look normal at all.”

Kraken moved behind Gracia to get a better view of what she was talking about, he leaned over in a slight gasp.

Kraken: “Midgardsormr… it can’t be.”

Crow approached with surprise for the two looking out into the midst of ships. She placed her hands on his shoulder to gain his attention.

Crow: “The transactions are being brought up, it seems so many have come to pay the debts of the past. We are also being notified that several well trained mercenary bands are aboard many vessels as well.”

Kraken: “Crow, do my eyes not deceive me, is that not Midgardormr?”

Crow squishes in next to the two already glancing over the deck. She bends over Gracia’s head to analyze the situation.

Crow: “The sunken ship has arisen it seems. Yes, that is your first vessel my Captain. The fastest ship in the seven seas seems to live once again. Remember the night that we were sure we were to die?”

Kraken steps away back onto the deck of the ship clearly in deep thought. Crow and Gracia move away from the banister for a moment. Gracia looks towards Crow and then Kraken waiting for someone to speak.

Gracia: “What happened? Stop being so quiet. Mr Krabs you seem close to death all the time but I never see Miss Slashy even consider death.”

Crow: “What did you just call me… nevermind. Remember that night Kraken, it was the first time we embraced. Do you remember what I said to you as we were sinking. When you thought your dream of saving the forgotten and downtrodden was over?”

Kraken breathed heavily and then spoke under his breath.

Kraken: “I don’t want you to save the world. I just want you to put your arms around me when it ends.”

Gracia caught a brief smile from Crow, she was surprised for a moment before Kraken moved over to her and placed his hands over her ears before speaking to Crow.

Kraken: “I… pr..sed …o …old y…. han… t… th…. nd… i…. hel… too… y… I ..oul…. fi… t… evi… .o… you.”

Crow seemed to blush but turned and walked away to fast for Gracia to confirm. Gracia spoke loudly not able to know her own volume due to Krakens hands over her ears.

Gracia: “What just happened? What did you say? What are you doing?

Kraken removed his hands from Graica’s ears and looked towards the approaching vessels which had significantly slowed and were coming closer to the floating island.

Kraken: “You wish to make Japan happy you told me. You wish to make everyone happy. Well look to that woman there. She has solicited donations from every lord of the land for her shrine and has done so without being hurt, killed or hurting anyone. If you wish to learn to disarm people with confusion then look towards Okuni, the best singer and dancer Japan has ever produced. I never see any of her shrines she gets money for ever being built but that doesn’t stop her from gathering donations. Although she always has embarrassing songs to sing for me. I can never hate her, although there are times I wish to throw her overboard.”

Suddenly Okuni’s song stopped as if on queue, he could make out a grand meeting of people behind her on the ship, Okuni always enjoyed a crowd. Suddenly a song he never heard came from her lips while her ship slowly brought itself aside the Leviathan.

Okuni (singing): “Wings of redwood, nerves of steel,”

Okuni does a small flourish with her umbrella.

Okuni (singing): “partly broken, partly damaged.”

Okuni stops suddenly on the bow of her ship, she thrusts towards the sky releasing her umbrella to the sky which floats in midair while twirling.

Okuni (singing): “Soaring through the seaway, of the heavens in their flight.”

Okuni reaches out and grasps her umbrella from the sky and spins while pulling it shut, she now points her closed umbrella at Kraken himself.

Okuni (singing): “Kraken, a rainbow in the night!”

The umbrella begins to spout a flash of fireworks in Krakens direction, clearly illuminating his confused expression. Crow moves to his side touching his shoulder gently, while he turns towards Crow she moves her other hand to shut his mouth which had become slightly open in the awkwardness of the song.

A laughter could be heard from far behind as Magoichi was rolling on the ground, most attributed it to her being drunk. Koshosho muffled a small laughter as well but didn't lose her presence as badly as her captain had. Luckily Okuni only heard the cheering of the wave of fans who ran to the edge of the ship she was stepping onto.

Crow: “An interesting take on your situation, I believe you should clap or embrace her. It seems rude for you to stand with your mouth agape.”
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~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
Hanbei watched as Masamune slash at Natora Ii. 
"Wow, missy, you should just go home. I'm not really into fighting girls." Masamune said.
"There is no way I'm leaving this place unintended. As being one of Ieyasu's commanding officers, Naotora Ii, I have all right to stand my ground."
"Well Masamune, I'm not against fighting girls, especially ones that dress like their an animal at the circus, so let me handle her," Hanbei stepped in front of Masamune.
"Oh ho ho! What is this? A pet of yours, Masamune? I've never seen this little cutie pie before! Why don't you train him to watch his tongue?" Natora replied at she jumped up, landing directly behind Hanbei. Before he had time to fully turn around, she kicked his chest and Hanbei fell over, landing on his back. She was aiming for his back with her heel, when Masamune grabbed Hanbei under his arms and pulled him away.
"Aww, come on, we all would agree we should put our pets out sooner or this case, sooner," Natora aimed for Masamune's face, but he held his swords up to block her.
"He isn't a pet, Natora; He's my brother!" Masamune moved his arms straight out to his sides, which knocked Natora back. She almost fell over, but regained her footing. A small smirk crept across her face. Hanbei rose up, as if there was no pain in his side, and raised Northern Cross.
Natora Ii whistles as more men come to her aid. She snaps her fingers as the five men start coming at Hanbei, and she went towards Masamune.
I see. She has understood that one brother will protect the other. Which means...she's trying to corner Masamune and me so we don't help each other.
Hanbei bashed one of the men coming at his with his shield, and then kicked him in the stomach. He turned around to kick another man coming from behind him, and then raised his arms up, grabbed the chain to Northern Cross, and swung it down on the guy. But then Hanbei felt something cut at his back, sending him flying forward down into the man he just slaughtered and his Northern Cross. The man didn't hesitate, and was about to stick his dagger into Hanbei when Hanbei raised one of his legs back up, hitting the guy in his knees causing him to collapse. Hanbei rose quickly to find that the last of the two men were coming straight at him, same time. Hanbei decided to do the honors and rose his hands to the sky. Then he started to swing Northern Cross around, smashing both of the guys as it passed them and sent them flying back. Hanbei hunched over, the pain from his back setting in. He let out of scream, which caused Masamune to look over for a second.
Masamune looked like he had it rough, but Natora was on the floor and Masamune had all of his swords raised to her neck.
"Why are you working for Ieyasu?" Masamune asked her, "Didn't your family suffer from the war years ago the Tokugawa raised against my father? People dying, right?"
"That's none of your business!" Natora's eyes started to tear up, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! But today, victory won't be yours, Masamune."
"Why not? We came here. That's good enough," Masamune said casually, "And Hanbei made a well-thought out strategy. The castle will be ours soon."
"I'm afraid you fell for our trap," Natora smiled, "A ninja saw the Date come in.....and now, Ieyasu knows your here. Don't worry, you've caused some havoc even with the plan created, but we now have full defenses up at least where Ieyasu is. Have fun!"

No....this can't be...the strategy wasn't flawless?
Hanbei's back pained him again. He put one hand on his back, and hunched over, made his way to an alley way before Masamune noticed he was in pain. Masamune will be able to lead the men. I'm in no condition.
He sat down, removing his coat and then his orange shirt so he could see the wound. He looked over his shoulder. It's bad. I can't just go out there though, I'll die!"
"Need some help?" A voice said, and Hanbei turned around. It was a petite girl with bright red hair. She had fake cat ears on her head.
"N-n-no, get away!" Hanbei said as he raised Northern Cross.
"Relax! My name is Holly!" The girl knelt down next to Hanbei, "You need help! Why not let me help you?"
"I-I don't know you! It's not that bad! Really, I'm oka-" Hanbei stammered when the girl slapped him. What the heck?!!!! Hanbei wanted to kick her, but he was paralyzed with shock.
"Good, now you're quiet! And you'll listen to me!" Holly said, standing straight up, "Let me look at you! You know it's either die here, out there, or later in life. I would choose letting me help you and dying later in life. You'll thank me later. But please know that I cannot stay with you long, otherwise you really WILL die. So cooperate! I need you to live."

~Gracia~ The Leviathan
Before Kraken could respond to what one would deem, an "embarassing" song for a big guy like him, Gracia ran up to Okuni. He big green eyes were wide open.
"Whoa! You sing good! I liked how you called Mr. Krabs a rainbow in the night, that's what he is! A big rough guy on the outside but a bounty of hope and love inside! Bravo!" Gracia clapped as more laughter erupted from Magoichi, and a few chuckles from the other crew members.
"Why thank you," Okuni let out a gracious smile, "Kraken, I hope you enjoyed it too. I always put love into my words."
"Of.....course," Kraken somehow choked out as politely as he could, "It's always...a treat to hear you sing."
"Whoa! You should teach me how to sing! And sing a song about me! Oh, can you sing one about Hanbei too?!" Gracia spurted out, grabbing Okuni's hand, wanting more songs.
"Oh, you'd like a performance? I guess I could sing one about both you," Okuni said twirling her umbrella.
"A foxlike girl is trying to catch sneakily catch her prey,
But she cannot see the path, even in the day,
Always running fearless in the woods, never going to yield,
Yet her "love" is not there, he's in the strawberry field."

Okuni poses as she finishes her song. Gracia tipped her head.
"I don't get it."
"It's okay, darling. I wasn't here to speak with you anyways," Okuni brushed passed her, and approached Kraken, "It's good to see you again, Kraken. Don't worry, I'm not here to look for trouble."
"I see you've come here with a nice fleet of ships. What's this all about?"
"You see, with this war going on, I can't afford to die. So of course, we choose to protect ourselves together," Okuni said, "But this war is heating up - I have heard of what happened to the Otomo, and there are many more territories that are fighting. I wish to propose an alliance."

~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 81%
Physical Health: 50%
Oda Loyalty: 85%
Kraken Loyalty: 10%

Other: Bleeding. Wounds in the chest.
Nohime felt as if the pain was a dream. It's the kind of thing you remember, but you're not quite sure how much it actually existed. As she recovered consciousness, she realized it was not a dream - Crow had stabbed her. There were a group of maids working on her. They had appeared to stopped most of the bleeding by now, and her wounds were patched up.
"I'm....alive," Nohime breathed.
One of the maids clapped, "Oh goodness! You're awake. We will inform Crow immediately."
"How long was I out?" Nohime asked as she looked around her surroundings. She was surrounded by medical equipment.
"Oh a few hours, but we fixed you up really good. Here comes Crow!" The maids stepped aside as Crow walked in.
"Why did you do this to me?" Nohime snapped instantly, letting go her temper for a moment.
"I wanted you experience the same pain that I have," Crow looked down on her, "And Kraken. This is what you put us through - not just the person physically, but their lvoed ones as well. They feel the same pain drop in their heart even if they are not experiencing it. This is what the Oda does to us all."
There was silence for a moment. Nohime looked away.
"I....swear that I'm trying to kill him...." Nohime breathed, "Do you...really think I want to play this game on your side though?"
"You may think that you're tough, being on your own side. But it took me a long time to realize that...others give you strength too. You don't have to be alone in this world. There's others you."
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~Masamune - Province 4 - Battlefield~

I'm afraid you fell for our trap,"
Natora smiled, "A ninja saw the Date come in.....and now, Ieyasu knows your here. Don't worry, you've caused some havoc even with the plan created, but we now have full defenses up at least where Ieyasu is. Have fun!"

"Ha, I'm always up for a more interesting party. However, defeating you here will lower moral, something your men seem to lack." Masamune gestured to other soldiers. "All of them were in a panic when that knife was thrown. You lack leadership."

"What?!" She said in shock. Fear rose up into her face as she realized her fate. Masamune slowly lifted his arm with three swords and was ready for the killing blow. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't kill me here!" Naotora said as she fought for her life.

Not everyone can live...but why do I feel pity killing her? She is an enemy after all. She sent a note to Ieyasu..if she lives, she could spread our numbers. Masamune closed his eye and drew his swords down on the girl. He heard a screech of pain as the blades hit her. He looked at her and his blades hit her shoulder, right next to her neck. Blood oozed from the wound, disabling that arm. Masamune wiped the blood off  of his swords and sheathed them. "Surrender now or I will take your life. Who cares if Ieyasu knows now since I already have victory in my sights."

Naotora grabbed her shoulder and looked up at Masamune, "I'd rather die than live to see you rule Oshu!" She shakily stood up to face Masamune again. Determination burned in her eyes as she readied another battle stance.

"You throw away my pity and stand up again? Wow, very stubborn aren't we?"
Masamune was about to take out one of his swords again when Naotora staggered to the ground. She had already lost a lot of blood from her shoulder since the wound was so deep.

Naotora started gasping for breathes, "I..I..I just wanted to make a happy place for my son in...I'm...sorry..." She slunk to the ground, her eyes closed forever. Masamune looked over the lifeless body. This is the result of war. I must move on. Masamune started to walk away from the body, back to his command center.

The men slowly noticed the enemy officer's death and started to retreat. The Tokugawa men quickly snatched up her body and kept it away from the Date. They didn't want their enemies to tamper with it. The men slowly surrounded the command center, waiting for Masamune's next order.

Masamune, before saying anything was glancing around. Okay, we made it out of that skirmish in good shape. I only see a few wounds here and there and maybe a few deaths. I need all the men I can get for when we face Ieyasu's real army. He then noticed that Hanbei was missing. I hope he's alright. That was quite a gang up we faced back there. He must be seeing one of our medics or talking with an adviser. "Alright men, we don't want to delay Ieyasu any longer. We will be entering Oshu territory and riding straight to the castle. We might have to fight our way there, now that Ieyasu knows of our threat."

The men said eagerly. Some of them started to head to their horses and get their supplies together.

"I never was one for the battlefield, but fighting for this cause gives me purpose."
Oichi approached Masamune from the crowd. "I want to see your home...under Date rule. The Tokugawa will never give it the same life."

"I do too, but I want you to be careful. If I lose you...." Masamune said. He quickly stopped before he lost it. I have to stay strong...for the men and for myself. Most of the men by now have stopped fighting each other as death settled among them. They were quiet and didn't share in the excitement of others.

"Masamune, we might have a bigger problem.."
Oichi pointed to the Tokugawa army. Instead of the retreat Masamune thought they were going to do, they instead went into a defensive stance, waiting for the Date to strike again. Crap! What if they have rifles waiting for us in the back lines? I have to think fast...

"We shouldn't just sit here. I'm going to have to send a front line to check out the situation..even though I don't want to..I'm going to lose more men trying to get into Oshu than getting in!" Masamune cursed at the ground.

~Takakage - Province 16 - Outside~

Yamanaka waved a hand infront of Taka's face,"Come back to earth, Taka-sama!"

"Huh?" Taka blinked a few times and looked at the young boy. "Oh, it was nothing, I was just lost in my thoughts."

"Do you think Lady Hawakawa is going to stay here...with her brother?"
Yamanaka asked Taka.

"It's hard to say...I mean, she has passion deep within her to re-build the Hojo...She could easily ask him to join her. As for me..." Taka stopped for a moment. Is it my destiny to re-build the Mori? Or should I help another Clan rise victorious from the turbulent times.. So many unanswered questions...father, why did you have to die! It's all Nagamasa's fault! Taka squeezed his right hand into a fist. Oyassan looked curious at Taka with wide eyes.

"We can leave this place together – all alone, you and me
We both know the road to follow and where it may lead"

A distance female voice was heard. The delicate singing of the girl brought Taka out of his trance. "Together... we can know where the road leads..." He repeated the words slowly, thinking about each one. Do I really have feelings for Lady Hawakawa? I mean...we bother lost our Clans...but I never thought I liked her in THAT way... But she could be the one to help me along the road..

"But if the world should come between us and you fall behind
Then just call me"

The singing continued. Yamanaka closed his eyes and took in the voice. "Mmmmm, that lady has a really nice voice. I wonder if she is a maid around here."

"It sounds a bit childish to be a seasoned singer, however."
Taka said, thinking. "I'm going to look for the maiden. Just come find me if Lady Hawakwa comes around."

"Okay! You got it!"
Yamanaka winked and gave Taka the thumbs-up sign with his left hand. Oyassan laid down at Yamanaka's feet, ready to take a nap. It was like the deer knew that Lady Hawakawa was going to be a while. Taka tried to follow the voice.

"Let your voice reach out, and tell me to wait"

He went through some nearby trees off of the path he was taking, and found himself near a foggy lake. On the pier, he could see the girl. It was a young girl looking into the lake. Her gaze seemed distant as her mind was in a different place. That is one young girl...did she get married off? I probably should ask her.  Taka started to tiptoe down, near the pier, to talk to the mysterious girl.
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-Floating Island-

Kraken laughed at Okuni’s comment. He seemed to smile and become his old goofy self. Crow even rolled her eyes and walked by patting Okuni on the back.

Kraken: “First you take money from me, then you use my ships out of my generosity and meet with my outland connections. Finally you try to say you’re the captain of them now. I… I never know what side you stand on but I can never get mad at you.”

Okuni grins a bit then claps excitedly for a bit.

Okuni: I used to stand on the side that helped me get my temple built. Yet this war has caused many of my hopes to fall. My dreams are falling to rubble, so for once I need to take a stand. May I stand by you?”

Kraken returned to his professional posture and looked into Okuni’s eyes.

Kraken: “I may distrust you when it comes to money, but you have never given me reason to not trust your ambitions. If it is something you desire to do then the word NO wouldn’t stop you even if I said it. So welcome aboard. Don’t swoon to many of my men, I need them to fight.”

Okuni: "Well then my captain, or should I call you my lord. Lets talk in private while my friend set up for the feast. I have a surprise for you and will be singing later. "

Okuni grabs Krakens elbow and drags the reluctant captain to this ships captains room. Outside men set up tables and begin to open barrels of food and drink calling for all men to be merry and happy.

Crow moves over to Gracia and motions for her to follow her as they walk alongside the edge of the ship.

Crow: “Be sure not to mention to any of these men your affiliation to the Oda. A lot of them have lost friends and family to them. Thats just the people we know. Aboard these ships are lots of highly trained and specialized mercenaries that have come to pledge service to Kraken for reward.”

Gracia: “Why would they hurt me if they pledge allegiance to Kraken.”

Crow: “A word is worth nothing more than the person who states it. From me, it should mean nothing with how much I lied to you in the past. From Kraken it should be held close and cared from, but cross him and that word could mean your death. Its your place to judge those who talk to you. But let me just say this. If I was one of them, I would pull your pretty little head back and slit your throat now and cash in the reward for killing a prominent family member affiliated with of the Oda clan.”

Gracia: “…but you wouldn’t do that would you.”

Crow: “You mean if I would ransom you, too annoying. I couldn’t handle that much pain. Killing you would be easier and make me happy.”

Crow looked towards the clearly nervous Gracia and began walking her towards the edge of the ship with a dark glare.

Crow: “That was a joke.”

Suddenly the doors of the captains chamber open and Okuni can be seen dancing her way forward singing aloud as she can. People can be seen hustling about. She sings aloud while dancing in step. Kraken just prepares for the embarrassing song.

Okuni: “Then one day, a pirate appeared. With powers of crow, wolf, serpent and bear. Proudly awaken, mystic man from afar,  no one greater, Lord Captai…."

Okuni stops suddenly noticing his face of dread.

Okuni: “What? Do you not like the song?”

Okuni jumped from her little stage and hopped her way to Kraken who stood holding his head in a sigh.

Okuni: “You didn’t like it?”

Kraken: “It makes no sense to me, you’ve always had a touch for the song, but I don’t get it. This seems off.”

Okuni: “Whats wrong with it?”

Kraken: "Crow I get, *gestures at Crow* Wolf I understand as well since I have the fangs under my command. Serpent fits for the Leviathan. But where did you get bear?"

Okuni smirks and lets out a devious smile.

Okuni: “The better question is where are you going to keep the bear?”

Kraken: “Wait… I’m so confus…”

*Animal Roar that shakes the whole deck.*

The large doors open as a massive white furred creature is brought in. Its hide covered in heavy metal cobalt plates, a massive throne like saddle is attached to the back. The crewmen stumble back as a massive Polar Bear make it’s way to the center of the ship, being guided by several well equipped animal handlers. Okuni turns from Kraken to look off the side of the ship out to sea and laughs. The polar bear stands on its back legs, almost 10 ft. tall and weighing around a half ton. It releases a fearsome roar once again that makes everyone shudder but Kraken.

Okuni: “I see you are impressed, we heard tales of a massive bear in the southern frozen lands. When we found it we knew it could only be trained for the future lord of Japan. So we taught the beast to fight, to scare and kill. It will serve as a horrific reminder to your enemie….”

Okuni turns to notice Kraken missing from his previous location. She looks toward the bear which is now releasing happy grunting noises. She leans back and sighs while placing her head into her hand just looking at the current sight.

Okuni: “Stop hugging the monstrous beast of death Kraken!”

Kraken continues his hold of the bears furry tummy smiling deeply. The bear seems to enjoy the embrace.

Kraken: “*muffled* “This is the best gift ever. I don’t know what to say, or do. This is amazing. He is so fluffy I could just let him smother me in softness.”

Okuni: "Ok, first… it’s a her. AND she is supposed to be feared and powerful. Not soft and cuddly. So please stop hugging her."

Kraken backs up and the beast falls back to all fours. Kraken moves to its head and begins rubbing one of her ears while scratching her chin. Her whole body shakes in enjoyment before growling angrily at a crewman who ventures to close.

Okuni: "Awww, she knows her captain, maybe this will work out after all. Now I shall continue with my song. Now that you have a bear."

Okuni begins to sing once again but Kraken cannot care less, he is amazed at the monstrous creature on this vessel and begins to think of names for his new steed.
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~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 81%
Physical Health: 50%
Oda Loyalty: 85%
Kraken Loyalty: 10%

Other: Bleeding, Wounds in the chest.

After their talk Nohime slept unbound in the middle of the room. Hours must of passed, suddenly Nohime felt a cold splash of water across her face. Crow stood above her lit by an open window for once. Fresh air can be breathed and felt on her face. How long has it been she thinks, how long has she been here.

Crow motioned at the gathering of cutthroats in the room, they all seemed to have a formation some sitting / standing or leaning around them in a circle. Crow motions for Nohime to rise and hands her a dueling blade. Crow draws a duplicate from her waist and then puts her right hand behind her back.

Crow: “Can you do this for your lord, can you do this for Nobunaga, can you offer everything for him? I will fight for my Lord, you will fight for yours.”

Nohime looks down at the blade and grows confused.

Nohime: “Whats the point of this, I don’t understand your game?”

Crow laughs and raises her blade and begins to move forward.

Crow: “You do it for him, keep your stance wide, keep balanced.”

Crow lunges her blade as Nohime backs up half tripping over herself.

Crow: “Why do you back up, you need to move faster, as you move back always keep your eyes on me.”

Nohime grunts angrily, feeling like this is a game, She learned her own techniques and only studied what she felt important.

Nohime: “Is this a lesson, what are you trying to teach me.”

Crow just returns to attacking, easily deflecting Nohime’s attacks.

Crow: “Why are you failing, why can you not kill me, why can you not even step forward? Concentrate, don’t you want your lord to live?”

Nohime jumps back and stops, her blade kind of droops from attention.

Crow stands still and looks at the frail form before her.

Crow: “Everything you are you have to give, on the battlefield. When all is chaos, when all you have is the way you feel. A technique and a weapon is all you bare. You must focus on the life you will have after the war.”

Crow motions for a cutthroat, the woman steps forward and relieves Nohime of her blade and moves to take Crows.

Crow: “You stopped, you’re thinking I hope. What will Nobunaga be like after the war, will he live with you happily and raise a family. Or will he do what I… no… what we know what he’ll do. Find the next conquest, either it be another battle, war or lover. You are a tool, just as I am. Yet I’ll ask the same question as before, if you die, will he cry for you. Fore I know Kraken will not take my death lightly.”

Crow moves to open the door for her cutthroats to leave. She looks at her confused stare one last time.

Crow: “Let me ask one more question. If Nobunaga did not instruct them to listen to you, would any of his army move for your command. I know Kraken trusts me completely to allow me full command over my own team. Even his own men listen to me as if I was him. Do you have that kind of involvement in the Oda army, other than being known as his woman, as his property?”

Crow leaves the room and instructs several cutthroats to keep guard.
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Quick post to update all the things I have to do. It'll be Lucia only, for Seeks Sake.

All I know is that I want to be with you
To be the one that, 'til the end, you can hold on to
I'll keep you safe, so place your trembling hand in mine,
We've made it through the storm, as we are free

Lucia sighed, the lyrics of her child hood lullaby painted in her head. 'If my storm was gone. If he was dead. If only I didn't make that choice.' She ran through her mind. (Unintentional If spam. Not trying to make any references.)

The Ishidan, soon to be Uesugi princess looked at the murky water infront of her. She then used her wind magic to clear the water infront of her to a clear blue. Lucia then heard a thing snap behind her, causing her to turn around again, looking at the person behind her. It was a boy, older then her, with chestnut brown hair, and an orange coat. Lucia then said, "Hello."

Lucia then scrambled in her head to find more words, then she somewhat noticed more of the boy, accidently having the words slip out, "Mōri....."
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Some backtracking but then actual progress.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Floating Island of ship repair central

”Wings of redwood, nerves of steel,
partly broken, partly damaged.
Soaring through the seaway, of the heavens in their flight.
Kraken, the rainbow in the night!”

What composure! What style! What fierce technique and vocal range! What pure singing talent! And done so to completely humiliate the great, powerful, pirate Lord Kraken!

How could the red raven Magoichi Saika not fall to the ground in pure laughing fit bliss?

"Great Goddess Amaterasu thank you for this vivid memory of glorious-ness." Magoichi says when able to recover enough to speak at all.

“This is most certainly different and amusing,” the pink lady in waiting adds hiding the smile on her face.

Koshosho helps her captain off the ground, brushing off excess dust and dirt, onto a nearby barrel. The two continue to watch at a near distance to the theatric stage.

“Why has this woman not appear sooner?” Magoichi says taking a quick sip from her bamboo bottle. “She’s brilliant! I know there are already so many faces to keep track of but still! Everything about her is pure entertainment!”

The two women continue to watch as Crow walks around the ship with little Gracia while waiting for Kraken and Okuni return from the captain’s chamber.

“Shouldn’t you be doing some ‘Captainy’ things, my lord, like organizing crew in the repairs or keeping yourself in an appearance of power?”

Magoichi waves loosely a hand in dismissal.

“They’re doing just fine. After the losses from that sea battle and the fact we’re pretty much stuck on this floating wooden island until repairs are finished, the crew needs the laugh. Heck, don’t you like seeing the pirate lord get caught with his mouth gaping?“

“It is a rare spectacular indeed, though the amount of women on his ships that can turn him to such a level of fluster is still impressive.” Koshosho adds flatly.

Magoichi gives out a gregarious laugh in response to which Koshosho just gave a smirk. They continue watching as Kraken returns back from his chambers with as still singing Okuni.

"They returned, I wonder how the dancer will humiliate the big lug next." Magoichi asks, taking a sip from her sake.

Suddenly a loud animal roar shakes the whole ship.

Dusk wonderfully wrote:
The large doors open as a massive white furred creature is brought in. Its hide covered in heavy metal cobalt plates, a massive throne like saddle is attached to the back. The crewmen stumble back as a massive Polar Bear make it’s way to the center of the ship, being guided by several well equipped animal handlers. Okuni turns from Kraken to look off the side of the ship out to sea and laughs. The polar bear stands on its back legs, almost 10 ft. tall and weighing around a half ton. It releases a fearsome roar once again that makes everyone shudder

"What a monstrosity!" Koshosho says wide eyed.

"Is that even from Asia?" Magoichi follows suite.

"How is Kraken just hugging that beast?" Koshosho questions

"Must be secretly a big softy to match that fur coat of its," Magoichi says slowly approaching the armored beast.

She gets about two bear lengths before it gives out another loud growl sending Magoichi to the ship deck, and crab walking back to her barrel breathing heavily.

"It's not."

Koshosho sneers. “Truly.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    *   *   *

A few hours pass and the sun has just went below the horizon. The materials Okuni brought with her ships have immensely helped the repairs coming. This well timed arrival surely will knock a good month off of repairs if not more.

Back below deck, Rinku finished preparing a bag for travel. He had all the supplies he should need. Hopefully he won't have to be gone long from Magoichi, the others don't exactly know how to handle her being perfectly sober. Though the initial differences are subtle.

“Swordsman, hold up.”

Rinku turns around with a hmph? to find the icy Crow approaching him. She was coming up from the lower decks.

Rinku stares back at the cutthroat.

"Rinku, you received a letter from the pig-tailed one yes?" Crow asks.

The green clad swordsman nods his head slowly.

"Then you are to deliver a second letter to the same man." Crow says handing over a slip of paper and envelope to the young man.

"Fine Lady Death Blade Crow, I am not a postman." Rinku says flatly.
Heehee hee:
"Matters not." Crow responds. "I am sending Indigo out on a mission. It is past where your target happens to be. So I tell you, if you help on her mission she’ll help with yours.”

Rinku stares at the letter then turns his gaze back at Crow. He nods in understanding.

"Good. We have heard word from our spies recently about the man you seek. He is somewhere along the borders of the Tango and Tajima territories. Be on your way."

Rinku nods again.

A voice comes from the stairs.


The two turn to see the Saika captain looking not the smiliest. Magoichi stomps over to the two and glares directly into the cutthroat's eyes.

"Are you giving orders to my Taishó?"

"What does it matter?" Crow says without any visible emotion.

"Just because you are Kraken's second in command does not mean you may order my men around." Magoichi fumes. "We are not currently under attack. They are to be under my command."

Crow's eyes lowered in temperature. "What are you going to do about?"

Magoichi's eyes jumped in temperature. "What are you going to do about it?"

Rinku, wider eyed, sidesteps then slowly shuffles away. He bumps into Koshosho. She looks mildly surprised then turns up the charm.

"Oh Rinku dear, I didn't know you had this side o-" Koshosho says interrupted by a swift hand placed over her mouth.

Rinku signals her to be quiet before not wasting time heading to the upper deck. Confused Koshosho looks back around the corner and hears Magoichi continuing angering words towards the ever so silent Crow. Koshosho nods to herself slowly.

"Not sure if this will be amusing or more terrifying then the new bear." Koshosho says under her breath.

She looks over upon hearing the slight humming a previous song of Okuni coming from a bouncing girl in purple. She steps in front of the doorway quickly.
“Hold it there Small Lady” Koshosho says firmly, placing one hand on Gracia’s shoulder and the other upon her lips.

She turns back at the moment of silence as the two women participate in a staring contest, each slowly reaching towards preferred weapons.
Quickly the lady in pink turns back to the girl.

“As a lady in waiting, it is highly necessary to know when not to intrude upon the business of your employers.” Koshosho says. "This is one of those times. If you were to speak now, I am sure it would worsen the event at hand ten fold. And we cannot let that happen."

Koshosho turns Gracia around and pushes her to start walking back from where she came.

"But I just got here!"

"And now you are leaving here, sweetie."

"Aaawwwww," the girl whined.

From the hallway behind them Koshosho hears a shout, "Such inhumanity! Not the sake!" and she pushes Gracia faster.

"Hey, Kosho-sensei where are we going anyway?" Gracia squealed.

"Oh um... to ... give you your new task as a lady in waiting."

Gracia brightened up dramatically, "what? really?!"

Once a safe distance away Koshosho stopped them and brushed off Gracia's outfit, fixing the collar and such.

"Yes, because uh, you see," Koshosho stumbles while Gracia gives her the fullest attention. "It is highly important for a lady in waiting to have an idea about others' relationships. ... As of course you must tend to various people while understanding where they stretch their attention and emotions too."

She stops momentarily to think of anything cohensive to say.

"Your next task darling, is... to play match maker!" Koshosho announced.

"Really? That's so amazing! Match Maker Gracia the Gorgeous and Super Cute!" Gracia squealed with glee.

"Hold on now. It's not that easy." Koshosho stops her. "You can't just pair yourself up with Hanbei, or yourself with anyone for that matter. Think you can handle that?"
Can you handle shipping? lol. The requirements are to ship 2 characters controlled by players. They cannot be already planned on being shipped. And you cannot be one of them So no HanbeixGracia.

"Hmm, okide-dokie Kosho-sensei, I'll match two sweeties you'll see." Gracia said before skipping away.

Koshosho releases her breath with a sigh as she watches her pupil disappear around the corner.

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~Hanbei~ Province #4 Echigo
Hanbei couldn't help but turn scarlet as he let the young girl examine his wounds and slowly bandage them. She worked for a full half an hour, never saying a word nor averting her eyes from her work.
"You should be good to go, the bleeding's stopped all thanks to me!" Holly cheerfully announced.
"Right. Uh, thanks. But seriously, who are you? What army do you serve?" Hanbei asked as he stood up, putting his shirt and coat back on. 
"I serve no one but my own heart. Of course, haven't we all lost someone in this war though? Name not one person doing something out of revenge," Holly stared at Hanbei and then grabbed his right hand, "now tell me, who do you fight for?"
"Huh?!" Hanbei blinked, "I fight for the Date now."
Holly slapped him.
"Not the answer I was looking for," Holly crossed her arms, "Come on. No sob story? Nothing?"
"Well, nothing that would take a minute to explain," Hanbei held the side of his face, "is that all you wish to know?"
"I...didn't know you were such a man. Come on, there's always someone special in your heart to be fighting for. For me, it is my sister," Holly said.
"Your sister?" Hanbei looked at her, "She died? Well pfft, yea, I got someone who died in my life I fight for too. She may very well have been my one and only love, but she is gone now. How I wish that life could've been simpler. We only wanted to be happy."
"Oh! I see! So there IS someone worth fighting for, your love!" Holly clapped happily.
"Uh...yea. Don't say that too loud, it isn't too flattering of a detail," Hanbei said as he turned, "thanks. I must go help Masamune. He will be missing me."
Hanbei turned, running out of the ally and back to the fight. Holly smiled.

"Well, you weren't like they said at all. You're actually kind of nice. I'll make sure you and your brother live. And I swear, I get will get the real story of what is going on!"

Masamune was now starting to lose his cool Hanbei noticed as he advanced.
"We shouldn't just sit here. I'm going to have to send a front line to check out the situation..even though I don't want to..I'm going to lose more men trying to get into Oshu than getting in!"
Hanbei rode up next to Masamune, past him, yelling, "C'mon! We can still win this, men! I'll lead the front line!"
"Whoa! Hanbei! Wait-" Masamune started after him, but Oichi stopped him and smile. Hanbei winked as he rode up to the castle. The Date unit that was sent out to start burning the town and castle had mildly succeeded, and were certainly causing some damage to the Tokuagawa. A few of the castle doors were already raised to the ground as well as the guards protecting them. However, the Date were just simply outnumbered - Masamune and his force were the reinforcements needed to pull this off, but are they really enough? Natora certainly bought the Tokugawa time.
And then Hanbei saw him. One of the fiercest warriors in the land, well known. There were rumors of his brute strength taking out just small cities single-handedly.
It was Naomasa Ii, Naotora's son. And he was killing the Date-disguised peasants, one by one. He slaughtered one of the men right before Hanbei's eyes. Fear suddenly took Hanbei over as he watched the monster of a man grin with no sense of honor or remorse.
"I need a strategy...and fast!" Hanbei suddenly said out loud as something jumped over his head and landed in front of him. It was Holly!
"Well, I hope you can include me in that strategy, Hanbei! Just give me the word and I'll help!" Holly smiled.
"Uh...Right? Wait, what?!! Holly, I want you to find where Ieyasu is and tell Masamune. I'll deal with Naomasa in the mean time to buy you both some time. Good luck."

~Gracia~ The Ship
Gracia instantly became wide-eyed after Crow's rude commentary. I would never betray Mr. Krabs! I believe I can still be loyal to him, the Oda, and anyone else that's my pal!  But she instantly stopped venting once she lays her eyes upon a polar bear.
“*muffled* “This is the best gift ever. I don’t know what to say, or do. This is amazing. He is so fluffy I could just let him smother me in softness.”
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!! She's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Gracia screams so loud the entire boat heard it, and possibly the people on the other side of the world. It let out a growl at Koshosho and Magoichi, but Gracia didn't seem to take warning to this. She walked up to the polar bear proudly, and then touched its soft fur. It swiped at Gracia, growling as it moved to sit behind Kraken.
"Aww! Mr. Krabs tell it to be nice! From now on, her name will be Snowflake!" Gracia proudly announced.
"Who says you get to name my bear?" Kraken replied.
"Snowflake.....that's a wonderful name, I will add her into my song, shall I?" Okuni winked as she started to sing and dance.

Koshosho eventually pulled Gracia, and gave her the best task in the world. Gracia was bouncing up and down with excitement, knowing that she was going to make two people happy for the rest of their lives. And it'll be all thanks to Koshosho and her wonderful teachings!
"Hmm....but who needs a love life?!" Gracia sighed, wondering whose life she needed to make perfect.
Gracia looked over a crate and noticed Magoichi.
"I need to find someone who doesn't have anyone..." Gracia whispered.
"I can't believe this," Magoichi takes a sip of her sake, "Ordering my men around....I didn't sign up for this."
"Someone who will waste away if they don't find anyone..." Gracia was talking to herself as she watched Magoichi take a sip of sake, "Come to think of it, Kraken has his Crow, Masamune has his Oichi, and I already have a feeing Kosho-sensei has a man because she is an expert."
Magoichi then started to chug the bottle, and then threw it aside. It let broke as it hit the ground.
Ding! Clash!
"I KNOW! MAGOICHI DOESN'T HAVE ANYONE IN HER LIFE AND SHE'LL BE A LONELY OLD CROW WITHOUT ANYONE!" Gracia said a little too loud, and Magoichi even heard that, "Don't worry Magoichi! I know the perfect man for you and to even help you become sober!"
"Wait? What?!" Magoichi stammers as Gracia ran out.

~Nobunaga~ Kuroda Territory
Now that the Kuroda's ninja was out and gathering information on the Uesugi, Sanada, Date and Tokugawa, that left Nobunaga to just to focus on the south, as well as Kraken.
"I have received no new news from Kojuro as of late. a personal matter, where is my daughter? Gracia should've been home a long time ago," Mitsuhide said with a worried look on his face, "I worry about her you know. She lacks....common sense sometimes. But I do love her and want the best for her."
"I'm sure the little girl will turn up soon enough. My wife has also been missing for some time. For now, we have an even bigger fish to fry. I've heard rumors of Okuni joining forces with Kraken. That man must be stopped. He seems to be building some kind of monster-force, from his cutthroats to alliances with clans like the Date."
"Then shall we send out a force and crush them?" Mitsuhide asked.
"No. We will do even worse to him and make sure that everything he has is completely taken away."
"What are you saying?"
"I am saying I know of a very loyal cutthroat of his," He says as he takes a letter out of his pocket, "Give this letter a page that looks like a normal man not of our ranks. Let him tell us her reaction to it. Either way, we can use whatever reaction she has as bait and bring her in."
"What shall we do then?"
"You'll see."

~Torture Interrogation Time!~
Willpower: 73%
Physical Health: 50%
Oda Loyalty: 60%
Kraken Loyalty: 40%

Other: Bleeding, Wounds in the chest.

Nohime looked up at the other cutthroats, and then let out a "tsk!"
They keep hurting me, and healing me.....why?
But Crow's words pieced her heart, and it was a wound that could no longer be healed. She knew that Nobunaga probably wasn't concerned about where she was now; he would never come to save her. And Nobunaga's conquest was always about land. But yet, she always felt that people such as Gracia were fools. Thinking you can hold a personal relationship without a political stance.....what was the chance of that when you were a woman in this world?
Maybe Mitsuhide's daughter is right, and that I should learn to love and make friends. But then what of my loyalty to the Oda? Was it all for nothing? Did I sacrifice my entire being just to be shut down and told that I was wrong?
"Hey, cutthroats!" Nohime said to the cutthroats who were watching her, "I would like you to bring Crow here. Tell her I would like friends."
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~Masamune - Province 4/2 - Border~

Naomasa was drawing near the Date army. He had fury in his eyes. Masamune was more worried for Hanbei, who shot out to the front lines. Naomasa was heading straight for him. Masamune turned to his army, "Don't just stand there, man your ground men!" The men roared with hope and started fighting the new threat. They streamed pass their lord and took on the defense line. The roar of battle filled the town.

Masamune turned to Oichi, "I want you to stay here. I don't want you getting hurt. I-" Oichi cut him off.

"I know your concern, but I am skilled. Please, I can take care of myself for once. The army, and your brother, need you more now." Oichi rode past him. Masamune was startled at her sense of bravery. He was about to ride to aid his brother when a girl appeared in front of him. She wore cat ears and had bright red hair.

"I'm going to scout out to find Ieyasu for ya! Doesn't that sound sweet?"
The girl giggled.

Masamune narrowed his eye, "Who are you?"

"I'm just a friend of Hanbei, your brother. You can trust me!"
She smile and hopped away. A kunoichi I see. Well, I'll assume she used to be from the Otomo.

Masamune urged Lusa on and drew out one of his blades. Naotora's blood was still stained on the silver blade, crusted over and flaking off. He slashed at a few of the Tokugawa soldiers. Naomasa was locked in a deep fight with Hanbei.

Masamune jumped off his horse and started to run towards Hanbei. However, he was intercepted by some soldiers. They looked sternly at him. One of them shouted, "If we take Masamune's head, we could get a promotion!"

"Let's get him then, together! For Lord Ieyasu!"
Another one replied.

Their moral is strong, very strong. Ieyasu must of turned out to be a strong leader. Well, he still is no match for a dragon! Masamune easily took down the two of the soldiers. "Is that the best you got? I thought Ieyasu would of trained stronger men."

"Don't insult our lord!"
The next one said. He lunged for Masamune's stomach with his sword. He came from behind Masamune and struck his left side. Blood oozed from the wound and started to stain Masamune's blue coat.

"You little-"
Masamune turned to face him. He gritted his teeth at the pain and slashed at the soldier. He cut the soldier's stomach open and he fell over, dead. Masamune clutched his left side as more pain dug into him. He dropped his sword and almost fell over. I have to keep going..I have to get Oshu back..I have to be strong for the men, Oichi, Hanbei...

~Takakage - Province 16 - Lakeside~

"Mori..." The girl was now staring intently at Taka. She had a bit of fear in her eyes.

Taka approached the girl, "Don't worry. The Mori have no more power in this world...we've been reduced to begging dogs." Taka looked away. He wasn't sure why he was telling this girl all his Clan secrets.

"The Mori..are no more?"
She blinked in shock. "What happened?" She looked sadly at him.

"The Azai destroyed us over a petty lie. I..I'm pretty much a fugitive."
Taka looked away. "A pretty lady like yourself with status shouldn't talk to scum like me." I should just leave and find Yamanaka..I'll only embarrass myself more with the truth..

"Oh, so your clan was destroyed, just like the Ishida. I completly understand. Oh, I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Lucia.
" Lucia approached Taka.

"The Ishida? Didn't they perish to the Oda?"
Taka racked his brain for the answer.

The girl nodded and turned away. "I have nobody now...except my uncle. My adopted clan is treating me well, will never be the same."

"Wait...Lady Ishida?! I'm glad to see you survived and made it here...I just thought you would be...older." Taka was startled.

Lucia looked at him and smiled, "Youth are innocent and the old are wise. I've been learning a lot from my cousin. He teaches me about all the clans and how to run the army."

"Sounds like you rely on your cousin a lot. Sadly for me, I have nobody to turn to. My father was killed and I was run out of my clan."
Taka looked at the dirt. I'm such a failure to my father. He would never be proud of me...

"Oh, my father died as well. It seems we share a lot in common, what's your name, Mori boy?" Lucia put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's Takakage, but I go by Taka for short."
Taka looked at her straight in the eyes. Her blue eyes were wet with past tears and redden by lack of sleep.

Nearby footsteps loudly pound the ground and approach them, "Lady Ishida! Your fiance wanted to see you inside." It was a servent for the Uesugi.

"I guess this is goodbye, Taka."
Lucia turned to the servent and started to follow them.

Taka watched them go. The burden of war has torn me and her many more lives will this beast take?

~Kojuro - Province 60 - Town~

Kojuro peeled away from the Oda Army, as he wanted to finish matters with Nagamasa Azai. He figured he made a promise he could not keep, as Gracia was no where to be seen, and Ranmaru wouldn't make it back in time with her. He took a small fleet of men with him, and then rode to the capital of the Azai. The soldiers protecting the perimeter of the town were skeptical at first, but they let the small band of Oda through.

The town was as busy as ever. Moral as sweeped high as the defeat of the Mori still lingered in the people's hearts. They felt safe and protected under Nagamasa. Some people, however, shot glances at Kojuro as he passed by. The Oda's reputation had reached here as well. Kojuro sighed and ignored them, as they were insignificant. He approached the the castle and dismounted his horse.

"State your business, Oda."
The soldier at the front asked. He had a furrowed brow, as he was wondering why such a powerful clan was at the Azai.

"I'm here to meet with Lord Azai. We have some unfinished business." Kojuro said. He signaled his men to keep their weapons at bay. Kojuro didn't want anyone leave a bad impression of them. The soldier nodded and led them inside the castle. The corridors were the same, but Nagamasa was found in front of a map of Japan. Little flags represented the different clans. He seemed deep in thought.

"Good afternoon, Lord Azai. I have come with some dire news." Kojuro approached the young lord.

"Uh? Oh, it's you, Kojruo Katakura. Is Gracia with you?"
Nagamasa looked up at Kojuro. He noticed that Nagamasa looked tired, as he hasn't had enough rest in a while.

"That is the dire news-Gracia won't be able to see you..anytime soon. My companion, Ranmaru, is looking for her. But, is there any way you would accept an alliance without her?" Kojuro asked. He wanted to secure this region under Oda rule, so they could start to build up a force int his region.

"Without her? Well..."
Nagamasa looked at his map again. His eyes glanced over each flag and then looked back at Kojuro. "Is there anyway to get Oichi back and demolish that Date brat?"

"Oh, hard feelings about Oichi's betrayal? Well," Kojuro plucked the Date flag off the map, "They shouldn't be hard, as their leader is soft. His overall moral is depleting. Leave it to the Oda to wipe them clean off the map and retrieve Oichi. She might say she is married, however, she can be widowed and re-married off anytime."

"You really think you can accomplish this? I would be glad to lend the Azai army for the campaign to destroy the Date." Nagamasa said. He must of been losing sleep over the loss of his bride-to-be. Destroying the Mori might still linger in his heart, as they were clearly innocent.

"Of course I'm positive. I would gladly take your support, but it is up to Lord Nobunaga Oda to see if he wants you with that campaign. I know he wanted your support overall." Kojuro said. He crushed the little Date flag between his fingers and watched the remains flutter to the ground.

"It seems we have a deal. I will get one of my retainers to make a contract right away."
Nagamasa said. He signaled a nearby maid to find a retainer.

"I'm glad you made the right choice. The Oda army will not only eliminate the Date, but conquer Japan and bring peace to this land. Peace that Terumune couldn't achieve."

~Sasuke - Province 4 - Southeastern Border~

The three ninjas finally made it to the border's edge. The spot where the kunoichi was murdered was stale, as there was only little traces of blood on the ground. However, the bark on the trees were still stained red, showing she was killed on that tree. Natsumi walked near the trees. "Wow, she seemed she was backed into a corner and then murdered..

"Our murderer is very skilled it seems."
Natsumi bent down near the trees. She brushed through some of the undergrowth for a clue or a sign of the murderer.

"Skilled or not, we have to crack this case. They obviously have to be ninja, with the horse incident and murdering a kunoichi."
Sasuke put a hand on his chin. "We don't want them interfering with our Lord's campaign."

Nearby Ty was silent and examining the cuts on the trees. It took a few tries for the murderer to hit their target, as deep slashes cut through the dark bark, revealing a lighter layer. He mumbled to himself, "Cuts with these kinds of curves aren't known in the north or the south-western parts of Japan. I think I saw these once near Oda land once...." He put a finger on one of the cuts and followed it along the bark.

Sasuke turned to look at him. Natsumi was getting nowhere in her searches. "Find something Ty?"

"I think we should head a bit more south. Our enemy isn't from the north."
Ty turned around to face them. "A blade curved like that..I've seen it somewhere south here."

"You know, someone could of just bought a southern blade."
Natsumi said, standing up. Her hand was covered in dirt and leaf bits.

"But, it's a start."
Sasuke said. "You could always turn around, if you get too scared." He playfully grinned at Natsumi.

"What?! I'm not scared."
She glared at him with flustered eyes. "I'll even lead the way into Uesugi territory!" She jumped into a tree and started off.

"It was only a joke."
Sasuke shrugged and followed, with Ty close behind him.

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