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All the Roleplaying Possibilities are Up to You!
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 Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:48 pm

Hello Everyone! Here are the Official Roleplay guidelines:
1) Be original if you can. I'm personally not against role-plays based on games and things, but if you know a specific author does not allow fictions about their work please do inform us. The best thing to do is make up your own role-plays with your own concepts.
2) All content needs to be appropriate, including language and explicit scenes. You may hint at them, but keep it tasteful and enjoyable for the entire community
3)No harassing anyone. You may not make fun/judge anyone's roleplay and/or their role-playing. You will respect all members on here.
4) Please respect the beliefs of others. Discrimination will not be tolerated by the USARP staff.
5)No killing off other people's characters unless the roleplay calls for it. If you do kill off somebody's character, be tactful about it. Roleplayers put a lot of time and dedication into their characters, and they may not appreciate them being killed in a horrific way.
6) You will obey the creater of the role-play's guidelines if they have any additional ones such as turn orders, etc.
7) You will not fight with any members about anything under here. Do not start drama. Your account will be banned if you cause numerous problems.
8)You will not join during the middle of a roleplay; you have to join during the join session, unless it is otherwise stated you may join during the roleplay. Started Roleplays can be joined in Out of Character Discussions.
9)Only the creater of the roleplay can start it and end it
10) You may have as many roleplays as you like, but if your roleplays are inactive they will be moved into the Dismissed area.
11)When you finish a roleplay, either ask for it to be moved into the finished roleplay category in the request section or write FINISHED on it. Any discussions that go along with the roleplay should also be requested to be moved also.
12) Do not repost a roleplay somebody else made.

Have fun creating your roleplays!
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Roleplay Rules
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