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 Creating Your Character

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Roleplay Characters

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PostSubject: Creating Your Character    Creating Your Character  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 10:04 pm

Somebody posts a really cool roleplay you want to join.
It is the most original, epic plot you've ever seen.
You're excited, and can't wait for it to get rolling. You hope lots of people join, and that their characters are just as awesome as the storyline.
But wait a minute. You still have to create your own character. You don't want it to be something similar to anybody else, but you also want to it to fit the plot. You want something original that will stand out, be fun to roleplay as, and a character that will advance the plot forward.

Character creation is probably the MOST important part of a roleplay.

  • Your characters drive the story. The plot can be as complex as the person who creates the roleplay wishes. However, whether you are in a simple or complex world, your character must fit into that world.
  • Your character can add layers to the plot by utilizing it correctly. Whether it's a relationship or an ambition, the characters are the ones that drives the plot, NOT the environment. 
  • The character must be something that other people are willing to roleplay with. After all, their character has to "put up" with yours along the way. If your character has no depth, people most likely won't want to interact with them. If your character was interesting, then they would want to surround their character with yours to advance the plot.

1. Finding an identity
So creating a character isn't always easy - sometimes finding a visual of what you want your character to be is the most challenging part. You can search through google images all you like, looking at pictures of people from real life and cartoons, but inspiration may not come to you directly.
Have a vision: You can start simply with "Do I want my character to have blonde or brown hair?" "Is my character going to be old or young?"

But better yet, why not base your character's appearance based on who they are? 

Take a close look at the plot before creating your character. See where in that society or world you'd like to fit in. Are you a solider? A maiden? An inventor? 

Once you know what you want the character to be, then start forming your character.

2. Personality
Everybody on the earth acts differently - our unique personality is what defines us. That is why we make characters to model ourselves and others.

When creating a character, you need to plan ahead. You need to design a personality where the character can have clear and concise ways to react to a situation. Your personality models who your character is.

Example: A teenage high school girl may be the captain of the cheerleading team. She looks down upon others, only bringing up the jocks and her fellow cheerleaders. Her pride follows her around the school, leading her to bully others. Her self-esteem is high and she regards herself as perfect. She's also a straight-A student, and believes she can do no wrong.
This girl also has hobbies such as dancing and singing, and always tries out for the musicals.

So, the personality of this girl is bossy and egotistical.  This personality trait is workable.

So in the roleplay, this character encounters failure to make it into the school play. With her high ego, she may regard the try-outs as "rigged" and "unfair." Her actions lead her to tear down those who made it in the school play, sabotaging their props and their homework so they get bad grades, and trying to usurp a role. Does it sound like her pride is taking over? YES!

So try to make your personality based on what your character would do. However, leave room for growth and change! If your character stays they same, then that would be boring; aim to be as dynamic as you can. This character could change by her friends leaving her, knowing what she is doing is wrong. She could learn a lesson that she isn't the best and still change.

Create a character with a personality with multiple flaws and strengths too. Your character should be good at something, but also be lacking. Perfection tends to be boring; give yourself something to world on and do!

3. Develop a Background
You want your character to be developed and well-rounded. So, provide a background of who your character is to help justify their personality. This will also help you clarify their occupation and how they got to where they were today. 

When considering a background, make sure it suits the character. Did something tragic happen for them to act so mean? Or did they have a charmed life to make them spoiled? Consider these kinds of things! If your character is hardworking, perhaps they became an apprentice to somebody to learn the skills they have today. 

4. Create the Character
Now that you've thought your character through, you need to give them an appearance and a name. Give them an appearance that matches their personality. If they are like the teenage girl mentioned earlier, perhaps she wears short-skirts and has blonde hair. Consider the attire and age you want to give your character.  

Name your character to something that fits them. If they are an elf, give them an elven name! Name in the long run can be anything you like, but make sure it makes sense for the character.

Good luck creating your characters! Very Happy
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Creating Your Character
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