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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

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Humor : A turtle's only weakness is being flipped onto its back. So if you duck tape two turtles back-to-back, they are the most invincible creature on this earth.

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PostSubject: Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord   Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2015 7:11 pm

Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord
A SQEX RP by Swampurtz
*Note: Any spoiler to any SQEX game is in no way mine or the person who spoils something's fault*
*Second Note: This RP will not start until May or June or until enough people can join, and 4 characters are plotted on each side. With possible story editation and smoothening.*



Harmony, the pillar of the realms. Discord, the hammer attempting to break the pillar. Cosmos and Chaos, two gods in constant war, bound by one nature: they cannot kill each other.

Cosmos and Chaos stand in a realm of only sea. No lands touch it. The two gods decide to open portals to bring lands from the realms to cater their battlefield . That's when Chaos got the idea to bring warriors from the realms to assist his cause. As they are not gods, meaning they can kill Cosmos.

Cosmos got wind of this ideal, and used it herself and summoned multiple heroes and warriors to assist her cause, to kill Chaos.

However unbeknownst to each of the Warriors, a power set by the true Creator: Shinryu, has set in motion something known as the Fifteen Cycles. The cycle repeats the war for Fifteen times, each one previous effects the current one. The Fifteenth one is on Eve, saying the final one is to now, the winner will govern the realms as they see fit.

A land, built of different realms, and Gods, commanding different Warriors, and the final cycle is in place. The warriors, to give all their strength, to the last ounce, for the greater good of their cause. The ultamite battle between good and evil is nigh.


The Battle:

The war between Chaos and Cosmos is a war where each warrior is to capture the crystals suspended in each land. To capture a crystal, the Character must stay near the crystal and let their Aucitite that they receive from Cosmos/Chaos align with the Crystal and the gods influence. Once all the Crystals are on one gods side, the Opposite God can be killed by the Warriors, ending the war after their death. However, only one warrior cannot win the war by themselves. Cause both the gods remaining warriors and themselves arise as a threat.


Character Lists:

Warrior of Light: Swampurtz
Sephiroth: Eon

Tiz Arrior: Swampurtz


First post rule:

When each person posts for the first time in the RP, the characters start after my big post of where Cosmos and Chaos tell the Warriors of their cause and give each hero their Aucitite. It is then up to the Heroes on teaming up and to begin the battle of Cosmos/Chaos.


Battling and defeat in battle:

When two Characters of opposite sides interact, they duel and the two people who are battling can agree on how the battle goes on or they post and can just see how they play out.

When a character is defeated, two things can happen, either the defeated person is revived in their gods realm, or an ally can revive them. Which makes teamwork and strategy important.

Upon using a characters special, it's to be quoted like below:
Quote :

White Mage uses magic to heal nearby allies
In a single post, a character can only use two specials, no matter their battle styles, and if they call their summon, it's the only special they can use.


Sign Up:

For the sign up, any character from a SQEX game can be used, from Final Fantasy, to Bravely, to Kingdom Hearts.
Each Person can sign up two characters, one for each side (To keep each side fair)

Side: (Cosmos or Chaos)
Reason why they where picked by Chaos/Cosmos:
Home Game:
Specials: (Each character has 4 specials, those are their major Attacks, they can be from Thundara, to Jump, to Minus Strike. Explain how the character uses their moves and powers. aswell their battle style and how it synergies with their specials.)
Summon: (Each character has a summon that assists them in battle. The summon isn't unlocked at the beginning of the game and it is up to the RPer on how they receive them. Each Summon has 3 Basic moves then a Gestalt, that are their strongest Attack, but uses up their summon and buts them in a rest mode that prevents their usage for a while.
In story, Summons (Similar to those in FF13) are to appear to their summoner during a time of weakness (A sort of, Mark in Character Development) and challenge them to deem if they are fit to serve Cosmos/Chaos. If the Character prevails, they are able to make use of their Summon as a boon in combat. While an Eidolon is in battle, they are treated as x2.5 stronger then normal Characters. It is possible with strategy and planning to defeat the Eidolon solo, but it's not reccomended.)

Examples: (Both being Chaos and Cosmos, as one or both will eventually fight the opposing gods warriors. Please note that both Gods are suppose to be extremely OP being All-powerful gods.)

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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

Posts : 198
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Join date : 2014-05-02
Location : Somehwere where it doesn't rain and I wish it would
Humor : A turtle's only weakness is being flipped onto its back. So if you duck tape two turtles back-to-back, they are the most invincible creature on this earth.

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PostSubject: Re: Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord   Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2015 7:20 pm

Tiz Arrior
Name: Tiz Arrior
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Side: Chaos (Later Cosmos)
Reason why they where picked by Chaos/Cosmos: Chaos choose Tiz, because Chaos could deceive the hero by giving a false promise to allow Tiz to protect someone close to him.
Home Game: Bravely Default
Personality: Tiz usually desolates himself from others, focusing on finding his 'Sole Ray of Hope.'
When Tiz opens up to others, he's extremely kind and loyal. Most people describe him as a 'bumpkin' living a peaceful life as a Sheep farmer until a chaotic event happened, unbeknownst of urban culture and technology (with the most technological thing he is used to are Scythes.)
Backstory: Tiz comes from the world known as Luxendarc, from a small village known as Norende. Tiz doesn't explain what happened to his village, only that it was destroyed and that he lost someone close to him.
Tiz then meet his 'Ray of Hope,' and took a pledge to protect her. He then went through the land of Luxendarc with her to hope to fix the events at Norende with two others he meet on his journey.
After their journey, Tiz went to work on rebuilding Norende. One day, Tiz was found collapsed in front of a grave scribed 'Til' and was sent to an Eternian Hospital to be checked on and healed.
Weapon: Tiz weilds a broadsword in his Freelancer class, A Katana in his dark Mage and a Rod in his Wizard Class.
Powers: Tiz uses a Brave-Default system to battle. Tiz has to use Default once to use his specials and Summon. Tiz can go into negative Default, but he has to Default and be above 0 Default to use specials.

1: Asterisk Change: Tiz changes his job between 2 different asterisk and his Freelancer/Non-Asterisk job, which changes his 3rd skill, along with his appearance and weapons. He can change between Freelancer, Dark Knight, and 4 Default
2: Default: Tiz charges power into blocking, able to ward off damage easier if Tiz has Defaulted previously. He can only default up to 4 times and has to default to use his Attacks. 0 Default
3: Freelancer: Hack and Slash: Tiz prepares his Sword, then sprints at his target releasing multiple slashes. 4 Default
Dark Knight: Dark Nebula: Tiz casts a powerful Dark Spell for a big fraction of his energy. 1 Default
Wizard: Elementa: Tiz charges magic and casts a random spell between Blizzaga, Firaga, or Thundaga. 3 Default
4: Brave: Tiz charges power into his next Attack, which does more damage the more damaged Tiz has taken. 1 Default

Summon: Susano'o: 4 Default (There are barely any good pictures of Susanoo in Bravely Default)
1: Sin: Susano'o summons ice from the sky and barrage the for with it.
2: Prometheus: Susano'o summons fire from the Earth and creates a Sheild around Tiz with it.
3: Dues: Susano'o summons Lightning from his blade to damage foes.
Gestalt: Dark Storm: Susano'o Weilds his giant Blade, then points it skyward creating a dark cloud that slowly expands that cracks gruesome lightning onto Susano'o, who released the energy into a deadly slice of dark electricity. As a drawback, Susano'o seals himself away for a large amount of time due to its power.


Warrior of Light
Name: Warrior of Light
Gender: Male
Age: 22?
Side: (Cosmos or Chaos) Cosmos
Reason why they where picked by Chaos/Cosmos:
Home Game: Final Fantasy
The Warrior of Light is calm, tactical, and focused, solemnly believing in Cosmos and that her victory will come as a result of the valor of her warriors. He pays no heed to the taunts and attempted manipulations of the villains he battles, and though he grows concerned that they know something vital that he does not, he continues to believe in the light and struggles onward. Even Cosmos is unable to sway his resolve, the goddess expressing doubts over the growing risk of the battle and the Warrior telling her that she taught him to always keep fighting.
The Warrior of Light, is a physical embodiment of 4 nameless heroes who served the Crystal pillars of his world. He taking the appearance of the Warrior Hero, using the other souls to advise him. Warrior of Light doesn't remember much of his past other then a similarity of Cosmos to someone of his realm, despite that, purely blank.
Weapon: The Warrior fights with a Long Sword and Sheild, that allow him to be a Tanky but quick fighter, making him dangerous up close.
1: Sword of Light: Warrior charges Radiant Energy into his blade then slams his foe with his Long Sword.
2: Ullr's Sheild: Warrior creates a Sheild to ward off a choice Attack from a foe.
3: Sheild of Light: Warrior charges Radiant Energy into his Sheild and blasts a spell at a single target.
4: Oversoul: Warrior charges Cosmos power into his blade, then aims to strike a target, if he it's, the target is bathed in Radiant Energy before being being slashed by Warrior.
Summon: Alexander
1: Kurasame's Sacrifice: Alexander summons the blade of a Tonberry and strikes his target with it. (Type-0 reference because Kurasame was awesome and I was sad that he died to summon Alexander. Though Type-0's Alexander is bae)
2: Perfect Defense: Alexander protects nearby allies.
3: Hope's Call: Alexander summons a boomerang and sends it at a foe, it exploding into electricity upon striking a target.
Gestalt: Divine Light: Alexander glows as he turns into a giant castle. The Castle Titan then opens its faceplate, revealing its eyes as a powerful blast of light is launched in a beam, burning anything the Castle Titan looks at. Right before disappearing, Alexander demands the sacrifice of Warrior of Light upon use, sending him back to Sanctuary.

Yu Zeneolsia
Name: Yu Zenolisa
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Side: Cosmos
Reason why they where picked by Chaos/Cosmos: Yu was chosen by Cosmos for his noble sense of mind and his Chivalry.
Home Game: Bravely Second
Personality: Yu, is very noble and chivalrous being a Knight to the Crystal Orthodoxy and honors everyone he meets ideals. Yu is generally very relaxed and nice person to talk to and puts everyone above himself, especially freinds and family. The brown haired boy generally finds tough time when he is betrayed by those he trusts, having no want to fight them. Yu is normally is seen as weird or awkward due to he being the only to hear Agnès as he wears her pendant that contains her soul.
Backstory: Yu, much like Tiz, comes from a land named Luxendarc. He is well know in the Crystal Orthodoxy as the, "Falcon of the Gale," and Captain of the Three Musketeers, the group of Knights who protect the Orthodocy's Pope, Agnes Oblige. Before Yu joined the Orthodoxy Knights, he left his native town of Guatelatio to spend four years studying abroad in Istantar.
Yu later with his freind, Jean Engarde, and Nikolai Nikolaikov, were placed as the Three Musketeers to protect Lady Agnes, Pope to the Crystal Orthodoxy. Agnes, during a negotiations of the Dutchy of Eternia and the Orthodoxy, was kidnapped by a mysterious man, who called himself Emperor Oblivion. Yu , was given Agnes Pendant, to which Yu uses to communicate with Agnes and learn where he is to go. The pendant in the realms of the war still holds the same bearing to allow Yu to communicate with Agnes, as she guides him with advice and strategic knowlodge of his opponents and allies. Where she has this information, Yu doesn't know.
Yu uses a Foil as a weapon in his Freelancer and Fencer Job, Confections (Literally) in his Pâtissier job
1: Asterisk Change: Yu changes his job between 2 different asterisk and his Freelancer/Non-Asterisk job, which changes his 3rd skill, along with his appearance and weapons. He can change between Freelancer (Starting), Swordmaster, or Performer. 4 Default
2: Default- Tiz charges power into blocking, able to ward off damage easier if Tiz has Defaulted previously. He can only default up to 4 times and has to default to use his Attacks. 0 Default
3: Freelancer: Falcon of the Gale: Yu uses the pendant around his neck to summon strength from Agnes. He then launched three Aeroga spells at his target while giving his allies Wind-based Attack buff. 3 Default
Pâtissier: Confections: Yu creates a confection that can be used to different effects (From Healing Allies to Poisoning Foes)
4: Tell Me Agnes: Yu talks into his pendant, asking Agnes for advice, normally for strategy against his foes. 2 Default.
Summon: Zalera
1: Holy: Zalera bathes his target in holy light.
2: Cura: Zalera heals surronding allies slightly
3: Kill: Zalera instantly defeats his or Yu's target in ratio of more Warrior of Cosmos then Warrirs of Cosmos. It is very unlikely to happen, but if it succeeds, the move will always fail afterwords, until Zalera has been summoned twice after his current.
Gestalt: Condemnation: Zalera transforms, becoming an angelic armor for Yu. Yu technically becomes a summon in strength. On his right arm, he gains a motif that signifies Agnès in lieu of the Shamaness.

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Humor : Of course. A humor section. After all, everyone knows that the best way to tell a joke is to have no context, and just improv on the fly *rolls eyes*

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PostSubject: Re: Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord   Dissidia: Of Harmony and Discord Icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2015 9:39 pm

*shrug* Why not. Nobody else is.

Also, yes. This is basically just a self-indulgent excuse to use Good!Sephiroth from Crisis Core. There was never enough of him to go around.

Name: Sephiroth
Gender: Male
Age: 22? (exact date of birth unknown)
Side: Cosmos
Reason why they where picked by Chaos/Cosmos: Because Sephiroth needs something to belong to, or he'll fall to his inborn darker nature. Cosmos, as the embodiment of good and order, doesn't exactly want that to happen.
Home Game: Final Fantasy VII -Crisis Core-
Personality: Sephiroth is cold and ruthless. He's not exactly anti-social, as he has friends, but his outward countenance tends to turn people away. Sephiroth maintains an outwardly professional demeanor, but is loyal and friendly to a select few, and has a dry sense of humor. He is confident to the point of arrogance, but as the strongest SOLDIER alive, it could be argued he has the right to be. Well-spoken and graceful, Sephiroth is calm, collected, and in control. He can be frustrated and caught off guard, but this rarely happens.

Backstory: Sephiroth was born to Dr. Lucretia Crescent and Professor Hojo, as part of the JENOVA Project, under the code-name Project S. Given the name Sephiroth by his mother, Sephiroth never knew her, or that Hojo was his father, and was raised as a lab experiment until his teens, when he was enlisted into Shin-Ra's SOLDIER program. Quickly gaining fame for his exceptional skill, strength, and cunning, he was promoted through the ranks at exceptional speed, and became known as "The Hero of Wutai" and "The Silver General". Towards the end of the war, however, his friend and fellow SOLDIER 1st Class Genesis Rhapsodos defected from Shin-Ra, taking a large number of other SOLDIERs and genetic modification data and tech related to the JENOVA Project. Unbeknownst to Sephiroth (at least at first), Genesis and their friend and fellow 1st Angeal were both part of a seperate branch of the JENOVA Project, code-named Project G. With the help of SOLDIER 2nd Class (and later 1st) Zack Fair, Angeal's former student, Sephiroth hunted down Genesis and his copies, and later Angeal and his copies. At the time of Sephiroth's being brought into Cosmos' fold, Angeal has died via suicide by Zack, and Genesis is MIA after his battle with Zack in Modeoheim.

Weapon: Masamune, a massive seven-foot long ōdachi, longer than Sephiroth is tall. It's amazingly durable and light, and it's sharp enough that it sings as it cuts through the air. Sephiroth is the only person capable of wielding it, thanks to his skill, strength, and speed.

Specials: 1. Octaslash- An eight-hit combo attack, made to break down an opponent's defenses, but it also works decently well as a finishing move.
2. Stigma- Swinging his sword causes a broad energy attack to lance out at the opponent. Useful as a ranged attack.
3. Regen- Uses Regen Materia to cause healing over time. Not a Cure spell, so it's not instantaneous, but it has the advantage of healing more damage than a standard Cure.
4. Blizzard- Uses Ice materia for a low-leveled freezing attack. Generally used to hold enemies in place or slow them down so Sephiroth can land a killing blow.

Summon: Bahamut Fury
1. Hexafang: Bahamut Fury fires off its six spears one after another to impale its opponent. Looses its ability to fly while doing this, as it needs to focus on launching and aiming the attack.
2. Cluster Sphere: Charges up, then fires three explosive homing spheres that converge on the target. Individually weak; their power comes from the synergy of all three blasts.
3. Blast Wave: Sweeps its spears, arms, and wings out to throw out a large blast of air. Capable of causing stun, and near impossible to avoid, but does almost no damage.
4. Gestalt- Exaflare: Detaches its six spears, then focuses an energy network between them, to act as an amplifier. Then, Bahamut Fury unleashes the full power of its golden flame breath through the center, cratering the earth and causing immense, explosive damage. Bahamut Fury is forced to revert to astral state after this attack, and cannot be revived for the two "days", regardless of all other factors.


Also, yes. I realize this isn't the way Kain fights in Dissidia012. Oh well.

Name: Kain Highwind
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Side: Chaos
Reason why they where picked by Chaos/Cosmos: Kain is easily manipulated (as shown when Golbez controlled him), and he has a rivalry with Cecil, as well as both of them having feeling for the same woman.
Home Game: Final Fantasy IV
Personality: Calm, cool, and bitingly sarcastic. Originally friends with Cecil, but their rivalry and mutual love interest strained their relationship into eventual animosity. Extremely wise and well-read despite his fairly young age, he often serves as a source of information to others. He is temperamental and easily aggravated, which sometimes makes him rash. His motivations are entirely his own, and sometimes he may do things to damage the aims of his allies if it does worse damage to the plans of his enemies.
Backstory: Kain was born in Baron to the Commander of the Dragoons, Ricard Highwind. His father was particularly active, but died suddenly one day while Kain was still young, sprouting rumors that he may have been assassinated. In The After Years, Kain recounts that he used to hate his father for how strict he was. Kain was raised with Cecil by the King of Baron.

Initially, Kain disliked Cecil, since the king treated Cecil more like a son than Kain himself. It was often Rosa who would stop the two from fighting. The three eventually became friends, and Kain became Cecil's rival and developed romantic feelings for Rosa, although she and Cecil were likewise enamored.

The king wanted Kain to become a Dark Knight like Cecil was, but Kain wished to follow in his father's footsteps down the path of the Dragoon in order to defend the castle. Kain cared for his father's dragon, who grew weak but still faithfully awaited his master's return. The Dragoons were on the verge of disbanding after Kain's father's death, but reformed when they saw the devotion of both the dragon and Kain. Kain was eventually appointed the Commander of the Dragoons.

As Final Fantasy IV begins, Kain tries to defend Cecil after Cecil was discharged from the command of the Red Wings. Cecil is ordered to deliver a ring to the village of Mist, and slay the Eidolon Mist Dragon in the Misty Valley that blocks the way. Kain is ordered to accompany him. The next morning, Cecil and Kain depart for Mist. They pass through the Mist Cave and dispatch the Mist Dragon. When they arrive at the village, the ring they were supposed to deliver activates, and bombs are summoned to burn the village.

Cecil and Kain find a little girl and her dead mother, the Summoner who conjured the Mist Dragon who died when the Eidolon was slain. While Cecil and Kain discuss the fact that they must have defeated the Mist Dragon and thus accidentally killed her mother, the girl blames them for her death. Cecil and Kain offer to take her to safety after pledging not to follow any more orders from the king, but she does not listen. She summons Titan and causes an earthquake that sparks an avalanche, which separates Mist from the rest of the valley.

After this event, Kain's whereabouts are unknown. It is assumed, however, that he returned to Baron, where the mage Golbez was named new Lord Captain of the Red Wings. Kain is appointed Golbez's second-in-command, although it is unknown if he did this of his own will or if he was already manipulated. Either way, Kain eventually becomes subjected to Golbez's mind control. During an attack on Fabul to seize their Crystal, Kain betrays Cecil, knocking him down. However, before he can deliver the finishing blow, Rosa enters and Kain hesitates when she calls out to him. Golbez arrives and kidnaps Rosa, and Kain takes the Crystal, leaving Cecil alive.

Kain is assigned to guard Rosa in the Tower of Zot, a task he does faithfully in order to remain near Rosa and keep her safe from any harm one of Golbez's other minions would inflict upon her. He requests Golbez give him another chance to defeat Cecil, but Golbez refuses and sends one of his Archfiends instead—Scarmiglione. When the second Archfiend Cagnazzo, who was impersonating the King of Baron, is slain, Golbez has already stolen the airship fleet. As Golbez ponders retrieving the last Crystal, Kain suggests they exchange Rosa for it after having Cecil get it for them. Golbez agrees, and Kain delivers Cecil the ultimatum - deliver them the Earth Crystal, or Rosa perishes. As of this point, they are on their way to the Tower of Zot, and Kain is still under Golbez's influence.

Weapon: Brionac; the Five Roaring Stars. A powerful lance meant for incredibly strong thrusts and wide sweeping attacks.

Fighting Style: Unlike Sephiroth, who fights as a generalist despite his mastery of swordsmanship, Kain fights almost purely as a super-fast, super-vicious melee attacker and dodge-type agility tank.

1. Jump- Literally just a super-high, super-fast jump into a falling strike. The precision aim necessary to use the skill makes it pretty exclusive to the Dragoon class.
2. Quicken- A temporal magic used to increase the user's attack rate. Obviously, for an attack specialist, this is perfect for Kain.
3. Black Bough Wheel- A barrage of high-speed, sweeping strikes, meant to completely overwhelm an opponent's guard or juggle them in midair. Can also be used as a form of defense.
4. Karna- A single thrust, but one with all of Kain's power and speed behind it. Unmistakably a killing blow.

Summon: Cockatrice
1. Stampede Rush- Rushes the enemy and kicks them about like an angry ostrich.
2. Terror Shriek- Causes Fear status, lowering hit rate, decreasing energy, and lowering morale. Can be resisted, but not outright ignored.
3. Storm Lancer- Flaps its head-wings to fire off lightning bolts propelled by wind. Wide ranging and fast, but slow to charge up and gives ample warning.
4. Gestalt: Cybele- The Cockatrice goes into a shade-like form and attacks the target, entering their body and seemingly being absorbed before turning them into stone. As long as the target remains stone, the Cockatrice cannot be summoned again. In addition, any damage done to the target while in a petrified state is also dealt to the Cockatrice, though a fatal injury will simply render the Cockatrice impossible to summon again.
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