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 Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?

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PostSubject: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:46 pm

Welcome to Seek's second attempt at a fic! Let's see how far I'll get. Also, this will be collab with Swampurtz.
I need something to entertain me while Cat is in Britain!

Of course, all character belong to Nintendo.


Pitch black darkness fills an ominous room. Nothing is a lit, and nothing seems to be in the room. A figure appears at the door, blazing in a blue aura around him.

“This is where it’s supposed to be.” The figure said in a gruff, deep voice, “Master Core has never been wrong before.”

“Nonsense, there’s seem to be nothing in this room.” A calmer toned voice replied. “We should keep searching.”

“Wahaaaahaa, I have a good feeling it’s in here, actually. We should trust our Master.” A sinister voice replied back to the calm one.

“Crazy Hand, when has your judgement been right? There is a reason you are named Crazy Hand after all.”

“That still doesn’t give you the right to judge the place by its cover, Master Hand.”
Crazy Hand said, his voice sounding unamusing.

“Are you two morons done arguing?”
the gruff voice replied from inside the room. “Ah, here it is, this is what we are looking for.” The blue figure lifted up a colorful sphere, shining in many different colors. However, if someone looked closely, rapidly changing sceneries could be seen in the sphere.

“Could that really be it? The key to unlocking the realms?”
Master Hand said, flabbergasted.

“You bet it is. Let’s try it out back at our base, shall we. Master Corse shall be please.”
The blue figure replied and led the way out of the room.

“I suggest, we eliminate our biggest threats first with the Memorium.”
Master Hand said, as they followed the figure.

Last edited by Seek on Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:56 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Posts : 761
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Join date : 2013-01-17
Location : Stuck in Feudal Japan
Favorite Roleplay : Sengoku Wars
Humor : Hide and ____.

Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:50 pm

Chapter 1: Trouble!

“Uh no! Someone disrupted the natural order of the realms! I let my guard down too long. Trying to destroy Medusa took too long.” Palutena, the Goddess of Light, said to herself. She was looking into a different realm with her heavenly powers. “Now, let’s see if I can find the culprit…” She murmured as she ran her finger over the small screen-like visual in front of her.

“Hey Lady Palutena! I just came back from a patrol around Skyworld! Not a fly in the sky!” A cheery angel boy came into the room. He had a big smile on his face.

“Not now, Pit, I’m busy!” Palutena said, ignoring the boy. She was engrossed in finding her culprit.

“Is something the matter?” Pit came around to her side and tried to looking to the screen. Palutena pushed him away.

“What did I tell you about snooping? Nevermind, it’s just that the natural order of the realms might be in jeopardy. It might be best to talk to Naga…she seems to know a lot about the order.” Palutena said, putting a finger on her chin, thinking.

“Who’s Naga?”
Pit asked. “I never heard about talk about this person before.”

“Naga isn’t a person, Pit, she’s a Goddess from another realm, very different from ours. Only us Gods can cross the barriers that separate the realms, but not many of us do it often.” Palutena said, turning to her angel servant.

“Oh, that makes sense now! Well, I better not butt into your ‘Goddess duties’ then.”
Pit said, turning away to leave the room.

“Wait Pit, I’m going to need your help with this. I need you to locate someone for me.”
Palutena called out. Pit turned around, curious on what she had to say. Palutena holds out her hand, and a hologram appears in it. A round sphere that glows many colors was now in her hand. “I need you to find whoever has this. We Gods thought we locked this away in a safe location, but for some reason, it’s now gone. We originally locked it in a place called Subspace, a ‘dumping ground’ for realms. It’s inhabited by many creature were rejects from the Realms, so it’s very dangerous. However, I’m going to send you to safest region to look first. I’ll always be on the lookout to scoop you out of danger if necessary.” The hologram faded from her hand.

“You got it, Lady Palutena. I won’t fail you!” Pit said, nodding in reassurance.

“Before I send you, here.”
Palutena holds out her hands and a bow appears in it. “This is my special bow. It can come apart and become daggers, and it creates arrows of heavenly light. Those arrows should be able to pierce anything you come across.”

“Oh wow, thanks!” Pit grabs it and gives it a few good swings. “This will really come in hand!” A light surrounds Pit and lifts him up. Then, he vanishes to Subspace.

“I hope he will be okay.”
Palutena murmured. “Now, to go see Naga.”
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Posts : 761
Likes : 9
Join date : 2013-01-17
Location : Stuck in Feudal Japan
Favorite Roleplay : Sengoku Wars
Humor : Hide and ____.

Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:56 pm

Chapter 2: Subspace, Here I Come!

Robin opens his eyes and sits up. He puts a hand on his whitish hair and tries to clear his thoughts. “What happened back there? All I remember some ‘thing’ came down and wiped us out. I hope Lucina is okay.” Robin took a glance around his surroundings. “Better question, where am I?” Robin stood up now, alert. He brushed some leaves off his coat and readjusted his belts.

He seemed to be in a forested area, with lots of green, lush undergrowth growing. There was also a few creatures crawling around on the ground, however, none seemed to look like a threat. One of the creatures approached Robin.

It said, as it tilted it’s head. It was a mouse-like creature with bright red cheeks.

“Hey there little guy, do you know where we are?” Robin asked, being unserious. He knew this creature probably only knew the forest.

It replied, some electricity came out of it’s cheeks. It had a scared look in it’s chestnut, brown eyes.

“Whoa, I’m not going to hurt you.”
Robin replied taking a step back. He started move slowly away from the mouse. But, the mouse seemed to follow him. “Why won’t it just leave?” Robin murmured. His showdown with the mouse was interrupted by something landing on top of Robin and crushing him to the ground.

Robin screamed. He quickly pushed whatever was on him off. It turned out be a boy, younger than Robin, with a bow.

“Hey, that hurt me too, you know!”
The boy said. He quickly stood up and drew his bow. An arrow of blue-white light appeared and was cocked and ready to fire. The mouse creature started to let out some chuckles.

“Whoa! Looks like a landed into a mess myself. However, I think it’s time to tip the scales.”
Robin said, pulling out a spare Thunder tomb from his coat. He also drew out a bronze sword. It was his last back up sword, since it was so weak, but it was all he had. The mouse seemed to take Robin’s side, getting in crouched position to attack. Electricity was really coming from it’s cheeks.

“Just hand over the stone, and we will be fine.”
The boy said. His wings spread out, to make him look slightly more intimidating.

“An angel?! Angels only exist in fairy tales. What…where did you come from?”
Robin asked, he started to charge up a weak Thunder spell.

“Ahem, let me introduce myself. I’m Pit, Lady Palutena’s servant, here to restore peace to the world-er realms.”
Pit said, he launched his arrow of light. The came at a blinding speed, but Robin was luckily able to cancel it out with his Thunder attack. The mouse launched itself at Pit and hit him square in the chest. Pit fell to the ground and dropped the bow. Robin pointed his bronze sword at his chest.

“You may be an angel, but you lack any sense of strategy. Also, I have no idea what kind of stone you are looking for. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be on my way back to the Shepards.” Robin sheathed his sword. The mouse jumped on Robin’s shoulder.

It said, nuzzling on Robin’s cheek.

Pit stood up and grabbed his bow. “Just..who are you? Who are the Shepards? Lady Palutena said nothing about a band of sheep herders living in Subspace.” He pointed at Robin, eyes wide open.

“Subspace? So that’s where I am. My name is Robin, and I’m part of the Shepards who live in Ylisse.” Robin said, folding his arms. “And I think I’m going to call this mouse Pikachu, since that’s the only thing it keeps saying.”

Pikachu said, amused.

“Oh so you don’t live here! You must be from one of the realms that Lady Palutena mentioned. Last thing she said was about seeing someone named Naga and-“

“NAGA?! The Dragon Goddess who watches over humanity? Well, I guess our fates are connected if your ‘Palutena’ knows my ‘Naga’.”
Robin said. “So, did you wake up here as well?”

“Well, no, I was sent here on a mission. But, I’m surprised to see you here, actually. Something must have happened to your realm I’m guessing. Next time I see Lady Palutena, or hear from here through telepathy, I’ll ask.” Pit said.

“I’m also guessing this little guy isn’t from around here as well.”
Robin said as he petted Pikachu. "He must be from his world as well. Our best course is to work together for the time being. Being alone, you’re more at a risk of dying or being fatally injured.”

“Wow, that’s a grim way to look at it. Are you some sort of tactician or something?”
Pit asked, “You seem like you always know what you are doing.”

“Well, yes I am actually. Head tactician of the Shepards. Now, our best strategy in this situation is to get a good scope of the area. It’s better to know our surroundings.”
Robin said, taking the lead. Pit followed closely behind him and Pikachu was still on his shoulder.
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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

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Humor : A turtle's only weakness is being flipped onto its back. So if you duck tape two turtles back-to-back, they are the most invincible creature on this earth.

PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:14 am

Chapter 3: Of Kingdoms Lost

Desolation, Death, Despair, the only words to describes this land. The great Altean Capitol, Pales, now destroyed. The soldiers that once served the Hero-King: Marth, their blood coat the floor like Strawberry Jam over Toast. The only man to remain, a blue haired individual, to see the horror story this Castle showed.

This Man, was the Hero-King, Marth. Recognizable by his short blue hair, and the Sword of Light, Falchion, by his side. Marth looked down, he saw a young soldier, he had blue hair abit brighter and longer then Marth, and resting by him, a large blade.'Kris,' Marth's lips moved, with no audio to be supplied.  Kris was Marth's captain of the Guard, and greatest freind.

Marth squated down to Kris, and looked at his corpse. A large claw wound across his chest, strong enough to pierce his armor, and strike the young paragon warriors heart. Marth looked over to see another figure, she laid against a Pegasus behind her, both the woman and steed dead. Her long blue haired stained red at parts. "Caede," Marth said.

Caede, Marth's wife. They both braved a lot in the past. Marth looked at her and her Pegasus's body, Her mount had the same Claw marks decorating it like Kris did, but Caede, seemed to have her head warped abit by magic, and a sword wound through her left breast. Marth then stood up then looked back, saddened by the scene, as he walked out of the throne room. He wished this was some cruel dream, but he braved on, he had to find what slayed his Friend and wife, and avenge them.

Marth walked slowly out of the castle, as he heard a voice speak in his head, saying,"You need to flee, right now."

Marth replied, "Why, what is wrong?"

"Just trust me, run," the voice commanded. The voice, it sounded to be that of a young girls.

Marth started running, he then asked, "Which direction?"

The voice replied, "Any stupid. Just run!"

Marth sighed and ran south from the castle, focusing on moving. After a good amount of time, the voice said, "There, your safe at this distance."

Marth then asked, "Who are you? And what was about to happen?"

Infront of Marth was a small gust of wind, then slowly a spectral shape of a human slowly appeared. The person shaped to be a girl, about 8 in appearance, with a red, purple, and pinkish dress decorated with vines, a long blonde ponytail with a vine as a scrunchie, as she held a long wooden pole that was somewhat comedically taller then her. She then said, "The names Viridi, Goddess of Nature. Despite me hating Human., I think it'd be better to help them instead of look at these unnatural, rutheless, and asinine idiots who serve the bigger asinine idiots who wanna kill us all."

Marth didn't even want to go into that. He then asked, "Were should I go?"

Viridi pointed her staff westward from were they where, saying, "West, you need to find others, then you may stand a chance against the enemy force, together."

Marth didn't complain. It sounded like Advice he wanted. Along with being used to. 'Politics makes strange bedfellows,' Marth was once told on how he fought during his time unifying Akenkia. Marth head west, the emphreal being of Viridi already disappeared.[/color]
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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:34 pm

Chapter 4: Dragon in the Woods

"Uhhhhh, how much more boring can this get. We've been walking for hours! My feet hurt."
complained Pit. He started to sulk and lag behind Robin. "How can you have so much energy?"

"Well, living off a bear meat and traveling long distances with the Shepards keeps your stamina high."
Robin said. He stopped and let the angel catch up. "I've been meaning to ask, if you're an angel, how come you haven't flown one bit of our journey?"

" tell the truth...I can't fly...It's so embarrassing I need my Goddess to help me every time I want to take a flight..."
Pit said, getting flustered.

"No need to be embarrassed. I lost all my memories. It can't get worse than that."
Robin said.

Pikachu came running up to Robin. Robin had let Pikachu take the lead and it seems Pikachu had gone too far. Behind him, was a huge flying dragon-like monster. It let out a huge screech as it landed in front of Robin and Pit.

"Is that...Grima?!"
Robin said with eyes wide open.

"Grima? No need to ask, we better take it down!"
Pit drew his bow and an arrow of light appeared. Robin grabbed his Thunder tomb and started charging it up. The dragon decided to attack first, with a huge breath of fire. Robin and Pit managed to dodge the fire attack, but Pikachu got caught right in the middle. He went flying into the air.

It cried out. Pikachu tried to attack back with a thunderbolt, but the dragon just swatted it to the ground with it's spiny tail. Pikachu skidded a bit when he hit the ground. The dragon was about to finish off the little mouse when an arrow hit it's neck.

"Nice shot!"
Robin called to Pit. Robin ran up to the dragon, and hit it with his bronze sword. The dragon let out a small cry of pain, but quickly recovered. Robin grabbed Pikachu and ran for cover.

"Looks like you boys might need a little help against a Ripley."
a voice called out from a treetop. Then, a girl jumped down in front of Robin. She was wearing a blue jumpsuit and had long, blond hair.

Robin said, blinking, "You know what that thing is?"

"Of course I do, it seemed to have followed me all this time. If you want to live you better listen to my words. I want you, magic boy, to hit that thing with a fire attack, to distract it. Angel boy over there can continue to fire his arrows from the air. I'll come in and attack it close up."

"Hey, I'm the tactician here.."
Robin said, "And that strategy would work...if Pit over there could fly."

"An angel that can't fly?!"
the girl said, astonished. She let out a chuckle of laughter and regained her composure. "Well, now, 'tactician' what do you suppose we do?"

"The fire attack is a good idea. I'll do that, since I do have Archfire with me. If you could also distract it with your gun, that'll work. Then, Pit can get in close behind and attack it's blind spot."

"Not too shabby. Did you get that angel boy?"
the girl said.

"Pronto! Heard it loud and clear!"
Pit said. He detached his bow into two knifes and gave them a few swings.

"Okay here we go!"
Robin shouted.
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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

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Humor : A turtle's only weakness is being flipped onto its back. So if you duck tape two turtles back-to-back, they are the most invincible creature on this earth.

PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:27 pm

Chapter 5: The Benevolent Swordswoman and The Foreseer

Marth walked through the foresty area that he was lead to by Viridi. A cloak over the Hero-King was in play as he walked, incase any soldiers from the ones who attacked Pales could recognize him. Falchion was hidden under the cloak Aswell. Marth was thirsty. He had traveled throughout the night to cover ground from Pales, but the path from the forest lead to plains. The sun heated down on the warty hero. Marth found himself panting and sweating after some time.

Marth was tired, hot, hungry and parched from leaving his home. He still holds in the back of his head the death of his wife and great freind. Caede and Kris stood by him throught out major foes, never fretting to fall. The Hero pressed on, needing to live this. He is the only one who can avenge them. However the Hero found himself slowing, his vision draining, and his legs weakening. Marth then slowed to a stop and took off his cloak. Until he he heard,"Need a hand?"

Marth looked about seeing not to far away from him a woman, with green hair, dressed in blue, and an interestingly designed blade by her side. The Hero-King then passed out, the heat getting to him.


Marth found himself regaining consciousness. However he wasn't in the feilds he passed out in, but a nice cottage. He looked to his side, Falchion wasn't on his belt, along with his cloak on him. He looked over to the side wall. Falchion was leaned against the wall nicely with his cloak folded beside it.

Marth looked about, he then saw the green haired woman, she was wearing a blue top with some tribal designs to it. Her hair was tied up into a long ponytail that goes down to her back. She looked over to him and say, "Your awake. That's good. Don't worry, I didn't take any of your things." They're all over there."

Marth then stood up and bowed to her, saying, "I thank you. I am Marth, Hero-King of Altea."

The woman bowed back, replying, "I have never heard of the Kingdom of Altea, good sir. Either way, I am Lyndis, most call me Lyn. I am the princess of Caelin and wife to the Marquess of Phaere, Lord Eliwood. I'm guessing all of what I have said made possibly no sense, to you."

Marth nodded and replied, "It didn't but I owe you a gratitude, Lady Lyndis."

Lyn smiled and replied, "It's no big deal. I don't think that many others would show equal benevolence. May I ask why you journey alone without a steed or soldiers?"

Marth awnsered, "My kingdom was utterly destroyed by an unknown force, I am going after them, to avenge countless deaths of my people."

Lyn looked down, then responded, "I can understand your pain. I lost my parents and tribe by bandits. I however learned about my spot as royalty with a traveling Tactition who become one of my greatest freinds."

Lyn then looked outside to see a small legion of dark troops start marching on the plains. Marth grabbed Falchion and joined her saying, "Those soldiers where the ones who ravaged my Kingdom and slaughtered everyone I knew."

Lyn looked down, then responded, "Your going to fight them?"

Marth grabbed Falchion, then went outside and ran at the dark soldiers. They were devoted in green with their body features an ominous dark gas shaping them. Marth ran at one and drove Falchion through its upper chest, killing it instantly, exploding in a harmless combination of dark gas. Marth then swung Falchion,!cutting down another and followed up with other strikes from his blades, taking them down in a similar manor to the first he defeated.

The whole legion then tried to overpower the Hero King, as 5 suddenly were defeated. Lyn had her blade out, she then but it back into its scabbard as the dark soldiers fell. Marth looked over to see how Lyn defeated the opponents, she decided to assist him, and the Hero-King didn't deny the help he received.

The two sword weilding nobles cut through the foes as if they where butter, clearly calling their victory.

Marth then spotted something in the distance. It seemed to be a Titan made of Metal fighting someone. A human, was the most deffinent guess. Marth and Lyn then headed that way.


A teen with Golden Hair dressed in red clothing grasped his strange blade as he faced the Mechanic Titan. The Titan was colored in Black and Gold, with long claws designed in similar coloring. It's face, a chrome white with pulsing red eyes.

The teen grasped his blade, yelling, having a British-Wales accent, "Metal Face! You'll pay for what you've done! You'll pay for all the suffering to the families of the ones you've kiled. And... And... FIORA!"

Metal Face then cackled evily, replying, "You homs are pathetic. Now give me the Monado, and I'll think of sparing you!"

The golden haired teen then ran at Metal Face, and slashed at him only to be retaliated back with his claws. He didn't give up, he continued to fight. Even if this was a fruitless task, he continued. That was until, he was knocked back, and Metal Face prepared the cannon on his back to fire at the tired Hom. Metal Face then taunted, "Pesky bug. That Monado is now mine!"

The cannons barrel began to flow with a green energy as it slowly starts humming, generating its attack. The blonde him only watched, thinking, 'This is the end...'

That was, until Marth ran and striked Metal Face with the tip of Falchion, sending robots aim to the sky as the blast launched skyward, harming no one. The Hom looked up to see Marth and Lyn come to his assistance. Lyn helped her ally up, then asked, "Are you alright?"

The Hom got up, then responded, "Yes, thank you."

Marth then prepared Falchion as Metal Face silently prepared to fight the Hero-King. Marth spun Falchion in his hands then prepared to charge as much power to Falchions tip, then dashed at the mechanic foe. Metal Face then prepared one of his claws, to strike the Hero King. The blonde Hom's eyes glew blue as he saw in a vision that Marth was about to be killed by the claw.

"Watch out!! Monado speed!

The Hom then launched a blue wave to Marth, which made Marth move faster, jumping, hiring Metal Faces right arm with Falchions tip, and he then lands behind him, sheathing Falchion, as Metal Faces right arm, deactive, but still attached.

Lyn then grabbed the hilt of her Katana, then Unsheathes it, aiming at the wound arm of the Mechon, then said, while disappearing, "Prepare yourself!"

Lyn then appeared and slashed at Metal Faces wounded arm and fully cut it off, saying, "Taste my blade

A small beeping sound was heard from Metal Face, as he said, "Your lucky I have to leave. Next time, the Monado will be mine."

The three sword users watched as the Robot flew out. The Hom sighed, saying, "I thank you. My name is Shulk."

"No problem, I'm Marth," Marth said as he walked over.

Lyn smiled, saying, "I'm Lyndis. You can just call me Lyn. Which ever is fine for you to call me as."

Shulk responded, "It's a pleasure to have help out here. Ive been traveling about. This land is deffinently no longer on the Bionis or Mechonis."

Lyn replied, "I can say the same of this place looking like Elibe. May I ask, have you seen a red swordsman anywhere? Around my height and age, a noble from the land of Pherae?"

Shulk shook his head, "I'm sorry, I haven't. I've only traveled where I felt was right. A goddess told to me last night to head this way, seems that she wanted us all to meet maybe?"

Lyn said, "I haven't had a dream like that. Though, it would be smart if we do travel together. We all seem to have our own goals. Mine to find my husband and Freinds, Marths to find who killed everyone he knew, and yours, Shulk."

Shulk happily agreed as Marth said, "We should head out tommorrow. We'll be fully rested by then."

Marths two new allies agreed to what the Hero-King said. They all headed back to Lyn's cabin, as he then thought, 'We all ally to find our own causes? It's strange that it was the same way that I found my allies during my journey... 'Politics make good bedfellows,' Kris always told me...'
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PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?   

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Super Smash Bros: What Are We Really Fighting For?
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