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PostSubject: Melee Superstar - ARC 1   Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2015 11:54 pm

Welcome to the Superstar Grand Melee.  I will tell you this.  It is not for those who want to be rich.  It is not for those who want to be famous.  The Superstar Grand Melee is reserved for those who aspire to be more.  Those who want to be immortal.

What IS The Superstar Grand Melee?
Simply put, it is the most important event held in the Northern Region of Wysp. It's held every five years to determine the region's newest "Superstar."  These individuals are granted riches and a title, thus gaining a significant degree of influence in the region, with which they can help to shape its future. Or they can choose to live the good life forever more. They will never have to worry about a thing after winning. And what do the runner-ups get? Brownie Points. You'd better try your darnedest to win.

The competition is fierce, but it isn't always about the fighting. The Melee operates on a Qualifier system. Competitors spend the year gaining approval in the settlements all around Wysp. This is done by visiting these settlements to put on shows, perform good deeds, and generally promote oneself. Players are constantly monitored and given Approval Points throughout the year.  Competitors may engage in Melees with one another prior to the actual tournament. The player who wins will always be awarded points from their opponent's score, based on how close the fight was. The closer the fight, the more points taken from the opponent. Players are equipped with wristbands. These serve two functions. They allow the player to be monitored by the Superstar Assembly and they activate "Safety Mode."  Also referred to by many as "The Handicap," the bands cushion the player's assaults in battle to prevent serious injury or accidental casualties.

At the end of the year, all competitors turn in their wristbands. Their points are compared and the top 32 are moved on to the Superstar Grand Melee, which is a week long tournament, pitting competitors against one another.

NOTE: The following information is essentially aesthetic. No one will actually be keeping scores unless they wish me to.

Plot Summary
It's the beginning of the year and that means that the Superstar Grand Melee is getting ready to begin. The competition is looking intense this year already. Several competitors have already begun to promote themselves in flyers and over the radio. But on the eve of registration, several people seem to encounter a strange little girl. Might you see her as well?


Fighting Style/Preferred Weapon(s):


*Experience Level:

*Bad Habits:
*General Personality:

Non-Immediate Family:
*Personal History:

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Superstar - ARC 1   Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 1:28 am

About Wysp
A land to the far north, Wysp is frigid and thought to have no land, being completely made up of ice.  It is a harsh environment, fit only for well adapted animals and monsters.  However, there are a handful of settlements in Wysp, all maintained inside of controlled, artificial environments.  There are dozens of settlements, all connected via bullet trains that run between them.  Wysp’s technology is incredibly advanced, surpassing even Heelia’s.  It uses magic to maintain its artificial environment as well and has extraordinary medicine.  However, not all settlements are created equal.  The region is suffering, in fact.  The capital city requires so many resources that the smaller settlements often have to go without.  Furthermore, heat is in short supply for the lesser settlements and poverty is a major problem, as well as crowding.  They can’t afford the more advanced technology or powerful medicine and education is often forfeited in favor of work.  The capital city, Neos, is located at the center of the region.

Wysp operates politically under a totalitarian government system.  The man in charge is known as the Magistrate.  He controls every aspect of how the settlements of Wysp are run.

Vangelon is home to three (recognized) species of sapient life.  These include Human, Zuman (Zum when speaking in plurals or as a collective race), and Noman (Non).

Humans make up the largest percentage of the population on Vangelon.  They were one of the first of the many races left on this world by the goddess and the others are technically offshoots of mankind.  Humans are almost inarguably the most independent and culturally/socially diverse species.  Furthermore, what humans lack in raw power, they make up for in versatility and adaptability, as well as pure numbers.

Zuman (Zum)
The Zum are a race of humanlike beings with the distinction of possessing some animal-like traits with varying levels of noticeability.  The original Zum were once humans.  However, they ventured into the Forbidden Lands against the warnings of the Goddess, who cursed them with their animal-like traits.  Originally the only Zum Sub-Race was that of the Lynx.  However, numerous experiments in attempting to remove the animal traits and some in attaining better ones resulted in the broad spectrum of sub-races that the Zum know today.  Even within the Zuman race there is a certain sense of elitism.  There are a handful of sub-races, including mammalian, avian, piscine, and insectoid.  Incidentally, that is the exact order in which the elitism tends to flow.

Noman (Non)
The Non are a race of metaphysical entities.  Not to be confused with the likes of reanimated corpses or spectral entities, the original Non are human beings who’d been exposed to excessive amounts of dark magic and were subsequently transformed into immortal (or nigh-immortal) beings.  It is possible for one to be exposed to exorbitant amounts of dark magic in life and never become a Noman.  However, these individuals will usually become one upon their death.  The Non are generally paranormal creatures, such as Vampires and Succubi.

Social Differences
Every race has its place in the world and interacts with other races differently.  That said, none of the less populous races are truly held to the same caliber as humans.  There are, however, varying degrees of this.

The Zum
The Zum are the most widely accepted of the various non-human races.  Having been around so long and become such a major part of society, humans have come to tolerate them though they are still looked down upon in many places.  This harks back to the story of their creation, being that they were shamed for disobeying Neorah.  Most Zum are not wealthy and it can be difficult for a Zum in certain places to get work.  Grandus is seen as something of a promise land for the Zum as it is far more open to them and grants them more opportunities.  It is for this reason that the Zum thrive, there, in such great numbers.

Humans have adopted the term “Beastmen” as a derogatory term for the Zum, which is meant to be something of an alternative to calling them “Monsters.”  While they are both politically incorrect, there are also a number of sub-racial slurs that tend to slip through the cracks.  Zum even use them to refer to one another.  Specifically, these terms include things such as “Peckers” for avian Zum, “Gills” for piscine Zum, and “Fleas” for mammalian Zum, just to name a few.  There are also much more specific ones that generally only Zum use against one another, such as “Salts” and “Freshies” as jabs between piscine Zum.

Even in Grandus, most Zum live in the smaller towns and villages or in the slums of larger cities.  In places much less tolerable of the Zum, such as Mazde Yarde, they tend to live in poverty or build villages of their own in the woods, living modest lifestyles away from greater civilization.

People are far less restrained in their contempt for the Non than the Zum.  Because of the theories as to where Non come from, people tend to automatically assume that they are evil or otherwise up to no good.  This is not the case, but it does not prevent them from calling the Non “Demons” and “Mojos.”

Most of the Non dwell in Sydna, where everything is essentially taken care of for them by their queen, Rose.  Because the Non are immortal or semi-immortal, do not typically require food, light or any other mortal hang-up, and supposedly don’t reproduce, they are incredibly independent.  To them living in the slums isn’t poverty, though it isn’t pleasant either.  And those that don’t live in Sydna generally live in slums or alone in the wilderness.

The Non are usually content to ignore humans.  However, the same does not always apply in reverse.

Off Limits List
The following my not be used as a race/sub-race.

  • Elves
  • Dragons
  • Dwarves
  • Spirits/Ghosts

This is not because these things do not exist. It is because they do exist but there is an extraordinary amount of backstory that comes with them. Also, at this time in the Vangelon Universe, Dragons and Elves are not public knowledge. Dwarves are, but they are savages that live underground and are pack creatures that don't resemble your typical fantasy genre dwarf. They are referred to as Subterrans.

Media, Communication, & Transportation
The Media in Vangelon is largely split between Newspapers and Radio. However, there is also the added medium of Film, which is used only in Wysp.

Radio and Newspapers are a staple of Vangelon culture in that every sliver of news about anything from monsters to treasure hunters passes through these mediums. Publishers, in particular, love printing tales of treasure hunters because they sell papers. And treasure hunters love newspapers because newspaper bring light to their exploits and get them recognition.

Film is predominantly used in Wysp’s Superstar Grand Tourney. It, combined with radio and newspapers, massively impact the public opinion of the competitors who learn to take every advantage of the media rush in the region.

Communication between two individuals who live within the same locale is dominantly achieved through direct dialogues. Individuals get up and leave their homes to personally speak to one another. Alternatively, a person can get a Messenger Bird, which is actually not a bird at all, but a form of monster with psychic and clairvoyant abilities. These creatures imprint on their owners. After that, they’re trained to scan the minds of their owners when given a message to determine where it’s going. The bird flies off with the message and returns afterwards.

There is essentially only one sure-fire way to achieve long distance communication, however. While other methods are in the works, there is presently just no means of getting something from Point A to Point B like a Courier. Couriers are the mailmen and women of Vangelon. Despite their seemingly mundane job, they actually have a very demanding occupation that requires them to be able to defend themselves. Why? Because they’re dominantly traveling on foot. They’re vulnerable to attack from bandits and monsters, onslaughts from the elements, and all manner of perils.

In Wysp, trains are the most prominent form of travel, as bullet trains are used to get from one city directly to the rest. Within the settlements, themselves, people generally walk or bike or ride in bike/horse-drawn carts. There are no automobiles in Wysp.

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Superstar - ARC 1   Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 1:39 am

What are the Three Arts?
Mind, Body, and Spirit are the three elements of life.  They are each represented by one of the three arts; Science, Alchemy, and Magic.  The world of Vangelon can exist because of cooperation between these three.  There is little to no real conflict between which is superior, as they all have their advantages and shortcomings.  Some places will emphasizes one or two over the others, but that isn’t a way of stating that one is, in any way, more important.  They all have their uses.

People are born with what is called an “Affinity.”  This is, of course, a natural ability to utilize one (or more) of the Three Arts.  A human being may have an affinity for either magic, science, or alchemy.  Zum and Non, however, have a natural affinity for all three.  Though this is at the cost of potency.

Someone with an affinity for magic will be capable of using magic in all its forms.  Magic can be powerful, but it requires exceptional emotional control and spiritual fortitude to master.  Otherwise it can be volatile and exceptionally dangerous.  Magic is achieved by manipulating the spirit energy present in the world around the user.

Someone with an affinity for science will be capable of understanding vast quantities of complex cerebral information.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be able to go around inventing things, but they are able to comprehend things on the greater level than others and applying that brain power.  Those with this affinity often need to be wary, however, as they can easily become slaves to logic.

Those with alchemic affinity are attuned to nature and their own bodies.  This allows them to make effective medicines, dishes, potions, and so-on that allows them to lend strong support to others or improve their own parameters.  They can even determine all of something’s ingredients simply by smelling or tasting it.  Those with alchemic affinity must keep themselves in generally acceptable condition, however, lest they become misaligned with nature and their concoctions be their undoing.

As with any skill, those attained through the affinities are not inborn.  Someone may have an affinity but if they never take the time to develop it, then they will never realize it to its potential.  Likewise, someone can simply not be born with any affinity at all.  The Three Arts aren’t for everyone, truthfully.

What can magic do?
Magic, unlike in many other fictional worlds, is not the superpower that it tends to be, there.  Magic, by its very nature, can be divided into a handful of types:

• Elemental – Magic that takes on or loosely manipulates any of the elements represented by the Aesir Spirits by tapping into the spirit energy present within that element around them. These "elements" consists of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Flora, and Fauna.

• Mirage – Magic that plays subtle tricks on the target’s head by manipulating the spirit energy in their minds.

• Enchantments – Magic that is applied to an object to make it more powerful or give it magical properties.  Essentially applying a foreign type of spirit energy to an item, thus giving it the traits of a completely different element in addition to its own.  This can be anything from a flaming sword to a mace that hits harder because of a bubble of force around it.  This is achieved through the use of Harmonite in most cases.

• Force Magic – Magic that has an output of telekinetic force in a wide variety of forms.  This is generally the most base form of magic and it can actually be blended with the likes of elemental and provisional magic.  It is typically transparent, only identifiable by traces of distortion where the effect is cast.  It is the only form of magic that the raw spirit energy can be seen, as it tends to appear as glistening particles within the cast spell, be it a telekinetic bolt, construct, etcetera. It is achieved through sheer concentration. A mage taps into the spirit energy of their mind and uses it to create invisible constructs.

• Physical – Magic that can be used to mildly affect a person’s physical attributes by manipulating the spirit energy coursing through a person’s physical being.  This is also used to the effect of healing wounds and suppressing illnesses.

What can’t magic do?
There are a number of things that magic cannot accomplish without a boost of some form or at all:

• Alter Reality
• Control Spirits
• Shape Shift
• Impenetrable Barriers/Wards
• Spell Negation
• Absolute Mind Control
• Resurrection
• Aesir Level Elemental Manipulation
• Necromancy
• Sustained Flight
• Flawless Supernatural Condition
• Crossing Spirit World Boundaries
• Perfect Teleportation
• Absolute Terrain Control
• Perfect Transmutation
• Creation/Destruction

Execution of Magic
There are a handful of methods utilized to actually perform magic. While some magic of lesser power is relatively easy to quick-cast, such as a fireball or weak bolt of lightning, simply requiring the user think of what they wish, more powerful or elaborate magicks require more work. All magic requires the user have the sufficient spiritual fortitude and force of will to utilize it. But some magic requires even more.

•Incantations – These are essentially your most common form of magic, used by mages of all skill levels. These are spells, cast through verbal chants. The longer the chant, the more powerful the spell typically is. Although it’s been rumored that there are some individual words that are, themselves, as powerful as entire chants.

•Gestures – Meaning hand gestures or other bodily gestures, these are spells evoked through the use of incredibly specific bodily movements. In some cases these can be beautiful dances. In others they can be bizarre contortions.

•Paper Charms & Inscriptive Magic – The two are often confused with one another. Paper Charms are slips of paper with a magical symbol on them and charged with spirit energy with the purpose of executing a specific purpose. The charms, themselves, are specific spells. And usually powerful ones. But they only activate after being stuck to something. Inscriptive Magic works differently. While often used on paper, it is the word that matters, not the charm. The words, themselves, are magic. Once the inscription has been made, a mage can sit on it. It won’t activate until they pour spirit energy into it. When they do, the inscription allows them to invoke the power of whatever the symbol was.

•Seals – Seals are often associated more with Dark Magic, though normal mages can utilize it (in which case they’re referred to as Runes). This generally involves drawing spell circles and infusing them with spirit energy. Seals can work as traps, left on the ground, they can be drawn on a person to allow them to easily invoke specific magical abilities, or they can be used for summoning if a mage is allowed the time to pour that much spirit energy into the circle.

((I would suggest, when making a mage, you run the extent of their abilities by me, just in case.))

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Superstar - ARC 1   Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 2:03 am

Making Your Character
These are the details describing what goes where in each of the three sign-ups.

General Fields

Experience Levels (Season/Story Arc 1)
Beginner - Little to no true battle experience.
Trainee - Battle experience is very limited and needs work.
Rookie - Improved to the point of being able to handle themselves a bit better in battle. They won't be stumbling around as much at least.
Basic - Less likely to make highly critical mistakes but it still doesn't rule out the possibility. They're finally getting a little power behind their attacks.
Intermediate - Can certainly hold their own in battle. They have some power and enough skill to really shine if things are in their favor.
Adept - True experts. They know how to execute some pretty strenuous or complicated battle maneuvers have have some decent power behind them.

This is just any little character quirk that is easily noticed about the character.  Something that stands out right away and typically becomes a running joke or defining trait.

Items, Skills, & Abilities
-Items are just things that your character pretty much always has on their person.
-Skills are things that your character knows how to do and is really good at.
-Abilities are basically powers.  Only Non-Humans have these unless you are a special case. All special cases must be run by me first.

If you're a Non-Human, what are you? You can make something up or use a known type.

Ink wrote:
Character Alignments

Alignment ChartOrder Versus Chaos
GoodLawful GoodNeutral GoodChaotic Good
NeutralLawful NeutralTrue NeutralChaotic Neutral
EvilLawful EvilNeutral EvilChaotic Evil

Time to adress the little issue known as Character Alignments! Now many of you would have a fairly rough idea of what this might entail, giving your character a general moral scope that is in line with their beliefs and actions. Keep in mind, these alignments are not meant to shoehorn your character and it is not uncommon for a deviously evil character to have a change of heart, as long as it is believable! The same can be said for a once noble and stout knight whose personal code slowly gets skewed into a more violent and stubborn mindset. Characters are fluid entities with their own aspirations and personalities, alignments simply assist in guiding a character's moral behaviour. 

If someone is having difficulty depicting a character of a particular alignment because of the alignment, or in imagining how to do so sensibly, it's probably because they're putting the cart before the horse. Alignment isn't personality and doesn't determine it. Personality determines alignment. You should first come up with the personality and see how the character functions based on it, and then see which alignment it fits. For example, instead of presenting Chaotic Evil as doing random evil acts for no reason, you might come up with a character who thinks the only way to get by is to dominate everyone else by using physical violence, and is willing to apply this method at the least provocation, lest he seem "weak", not caring that he hurts others — and then realise his behaviour and attitude amount to a kind of Chaotic Evil, this time with a reason.

"Law is order, and good law is good order."
— Aristotle
Lawful Good - A Lawful Good character believes in the goodness inherent in all beings, in a code of conduct — be it a personal one or a set of laws —, and that an ideal world comes from promoting this dualism of structure and benevolence. These are the most blatantly good guys there are 
"I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong."

Frederick Douglass
Neutral Good - The Character Alignment of sweetness and light. A Neutral Good character will usually comply with laws if doing so benefits the greater good, but rebel against those they consider unjust or which conflict with the greater good. Neutral Good characters value freedom and will protect others' freedom as long as it's not used to do harm.
"An unjust law is no law at all."
— St. Augustine of Hippo

Chaotic Good - Chaotic Good characters are rebels and free spirits who believe in doing good, by their own standards. Some don't have a problem with greater systems such as laws as long as they leave them alone; others are anarchists who believe that too much 'order' is bad for everybody, and the betterment of all can only be achieved by actively rejecting any higher instances of power.


"God knows, it's easy to be kind; the hard thing is to be just."
 Inspector Javert

Lawful Neutral - characters who believe in order — personal, systemic, both or either — above all else. They will always seek to obey and preserve order, even to the inconvenience of themselves and others, and even if they themselves admit the law in question is an annoying one. They must always follow their own personal vision of law and order!

"I stick my neck out for nobody."
— Rick Blaine

True Neutral - they're not selfless enough to be Good, but not exploitative enough to be Evil; they're not rule-abiding enough to be Lawful, but not arbitrary enough to be Chaotic. They could be described as morally bland.

Shirahoshi: "But if you're a pirate, Luffy... Then aren't you a bad person?"
Luffy: "... Hm? ... Mmmm... I dunno, that's up to you to decide."
— One Piece

Chaotic Neutral - do whatever the hell they like and darn the consequences (unless they're too noble or hurtful, watch out for that part!). Some say they're the ultimate free spirits, others that they're just crazy. Either way, there's no telling what they'll decide to do next — their main, and often only, concern is their own freedom. Whose side are they on? It's doubted that they even know themselves. Being Chaotic Neutral does not make them Chaotic Stupid however, these characters won't jump off a bridge for the lols, their main aim is their own freedom.  


"Peace through tyranny."

Lawful Evil - A Lawful Evil character is an evil character who either tries to impose or uphold a lawful system on others without regard for their wishes, and/or adheres to a particular code. They believe in order, but mostly because they believe it is the best way of realising their evil wishes, or they feel it is a realistic and necessary compromise or restraint on them. These characters are clearly evil, but nevertheless organised, consistent, rule-abiding, and/or maybe even trustworthy and reasonable in their own limited way — in other words, Lawful Evil.

"For mine own good, all causes shall give way."
— Macbeth 

Neutral Evil- these characters will ally with anybody as long as it advances their own interests — and it is all about their own interests. These characters do not respect other people as people like themselves with feelings and needs; rather they are tools or obstacles inferior to the Neutral Evil, to be used for their advancement. Neutral Evil characters are intrinsically selfish and amoral and commit evil for self-serving, but not necessarily for malicious purposes. They tend to be in it for money and power.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn."
Aflred Pennywoth 

Chaotic Evil-  If Chaotic Neutral is the truly free spirit, Chaotic Evil is the truly free evil spirit.They will do whatever they want whenever they want to do it, which, seeing as they are evil, usually entails lots and lots of death and destruction. These characters are usually the most aggressive of the Evil alignments, more often than not being possessed of an impulsively violent nature and a total disregard for people, laws, or even the world around them. In short, Chaotic Evil represents the destruction of not only life and goodness, but also the order upon which they depend. Chaotic Evil does not mean the most evil or stupid, in it for the lulz (which can be a motivation to any villain of any Evil alignment), nor even psychotic. A character does not fall under Chaotic Evil solely because they're really evil, stupid, or crazy. They simply have a complete and utter disregard for laws and believe that their own evil impulses are their best guide. 

Note: If you must play a villain, speak to me. There are things I'll have to run by you.

Affinity & Abilities
The Affinity portion of the application does not apply to Non-Humans. The Zum & Non have a Catch-All Affinity.  Because they are part human, they are "Jacks-of-all-Trades", capable of utilizing any of the three arts effective, unlike humans who can only use those matching their affinity.  The limitation, of course, is that it isn't perfect.  They can't always tap the full extent of their affinity because of their halfling nature.

Affinity comes in three forms.  There's Magic, Science, and Alchemy.  These attributes play a major role in the society of Vangelon.  If you are human, you may only pick one. These affinities also come with natural aptitude for regular science, magic, and alchemy.  However, the average spectrum must be tempered throughout life as with any skill. Also: You are not required to have an Affinity at all.

Most Zum and pretty much all Non have some sort of unique abilities that come with their non-human halves. Ex: K, of Wishful Thinking, is a cat girl and is thusly capable of jump over twice the height and running nearly three times the speed of a human being. Rose, of The Darklight Chronicles, is a Succubus and a Vampire, capable of flight and hypnosis, among other things.

This is simply a question asking if your character begins the RP with the intent of actively participating in the Superstar Melee or if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and just get swept up in the story.

While not a necessary field to fill out, this is essentially asking if your character has any "Signature Moves" they use in combat. I.E "Falcon PUNCH!", "Get Over Here!", "Shoryuken!/Hadouken!", "Kamehameha!" etcetera. If so, name and describe 'em. You have have as many as you want, but try to keep them simply. No extremely long, elaborate maneuvers.

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Superstar - ARC 1   Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 11:59 am


*Name: Jocelyn Josephine Knotts
Nickname(s): JoJo
*Age: 16
*Gender: F
*Alignment: NG
*Competitor?: Yes
*Species: Human
Occupation: Priestess-in-Training
Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Jojo11

Affinity: Magic
Item(s): N/A
Fighting Style/Preferred Weapon(s): The best way to define JoJo's combat style is "Magic Brawler". She's fairly decent in unarmed combat and magic. In combat she combines swift, acrobatic feats with brawling and some martial arts, using physical and elemental magic at close range.  In terms of magic, her specialty is Lightning Magic, but she also uses physical magic to reinforce striking and resilience.
*Skills: Very good at making friends, Adaptability
Iron Hide - A tactic in which JoJo uses physical magic to reinforce herself, making her body tough as steel to endure hits. However, it also renders her immovable. Thus it is a risky move.

Galvan Punch - A move that has JoJo electrically supercharge a punch. If it connects, it brings down a bolt of lightning on her opponent.


*Experience Level: Basic

*Likes: Attention, fantasizing, the Superstar Melee radio program, making friends, having fun
*Dislikes: Feeling unprepared, being embarrassed, seeing people sad
*Fears: Being forgotten
*Values: Joy
*Bad Habits: Forgetfulness, Grandstanding at inopportune times and generally being a bit... dramatic
*General Personality: JoJo's primarily consumed by an overpowering desire to just have fun, causing her to often times shirk things she should probably be doing.  It's just the way she is. She's a fun loving tomboy. But she’s also a big picture thinker as well, typically having difficulty with minute details. Despite this, she was ultimately sent off to become a priestess.  Jo-Jo probably isn’t cut out to be a priestess, however.  She’s sloppy, disorganized, forgetful, occasionally flighty, and oblivious to a great many things. But she is also empathetic and very good at whatever she sets out to do.  Jo-Jo tends to form tight bonds with people, liking to develop catch phrases between herself and her friends.
Trademark(s): JoJo tends to get caught in her own head and daydreams rather often.

Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Dana
Father: Joseph
Non-Immediate Family: Regis Knotts (Cousin)
Friend(s): Ethel
*Personal History: JoJo grew up in one of the better off settlements of Wysp, listening to the Melee Superstar Radio Show. Eventually, however, she was among several girls tested by the Magistracy. This test took her far and away from the life she'd always dreamt of. Her results got her selected to by the next Temple Priestess. She was sent off to Neos, where she was meant to undergo the training. However, her love of the Melee Superstar Radio show, combined with the year she was able to listen to the actual event, reinforced her adoration of it and she decided that the next time it swung around, she'd participate, thus abandoning the Temple.

*Name: ???
Nickname(s): Cider
*Age: < 8
*Gender: F
*Alignment: Neutral
*Competitor?: Yes
*Species: Non-Human, Unknown Sub Species
Occupation: N/A

Affinity: Catch-All
Item(s): N/A
Fighting Style/Preferred Weapon(s): Cider generally doesn't have much of a fighting style and doesn't use weapons. In combat situations she generally acts as the "Catalyst of Confusion". She runs around, avoiding her opponent and annoying them, diving between their legs, leapfrogging over them, and so on to disorient them. Occasionally, however, she'll pepper in some of her powers if she feels legitimately threatened.
*Skills: None, really.
Cider Scream - While not coined by Cider, herself, the Cider Scream is like Godzilla's Atomic Breath, fired from the mouth of a little girl. It's an incredibly powerful beam of spirit energy with a fair share of destructive force, though the name is rather misleading as she isn't actually screaming when she uses it. How she does this, no one knows.

Quick-Cast Magic - Cider possesses the uncanny ability to perform magical feats without casting times, spells, tags, charms, or any other trappings of doing magic.

Unlimited Ingestion - Cider can eat and drink virtually anything without negative side effects.

*Experience Level: Beginner

*Likes: Apple Cider, people, flashing lights, music, eating, stories, playing, toys
*Dislikes: Being patted on the head or touched in general, guns, sitting around inside, being shocked, "pointy things"
*Fears: Guns, Needles, Sudden Loud Noises, Lightning
*Values: Being a child, Cider thinks of very little aside from having fun.
*Bad Habits: Naivety
*General Personality: Cider is a clingy child with what seems to be severely limited world experience, even for someone her age. She's is quiet, rarely speaking more than a five word sentence at any given time. But for those she comes to know as friends, she's everything from a support in times of need to a guard dog. Goddess help you if you threaten anyone Cider cares about. Cider is very adaptable, generally mirroring the mannerisms of those she's close to. She has a habit of mimicking people as well. Cider is prone to panic attacks when frightened and fits of rage when threatened or when someone close to her is threatened.
Trademark(s): Cider refers to people, including herself, in the third person.

Brother(s): ?
Sister(s): ?
Mother: ?
Father: ?
Non-Immediate Family: ?
Friend(s): ?
*Personal History: The mysterious girl with the snow white skin appears during registration day for this year's Melee Superstar Competition. But who is she? Where is her family?

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PostSubject: Re: Melee Superstar - ARC 1   Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2015 2:25 pm

*Name: Antonio Derrington
Nickname(s): Tony
*Age: 20
*Gender: Male
*Alignment: NE
*Competitor?: Yes
*Species: Zuman
Occupation: Combat Trainer
*Appearance: Melee Superstar - ARC 1 Latest?cb=20130626031144

Affinity: Magic
Item(s): Knife
Fighting Style/Preferred Weapon(s): Despite Antonio having the affinity of magic, he has learned the way of melee fighting, as in using his hands and his handy Medieval Hunting Knife quite often in battle. Tony will use magic when necessary, however his preferred  and better choice is hand-to-hand combat.
*Skills: Throwing knives, quick thinking,
Running Wild - Drops to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal. Speed increases and has a boost of strength, ready to pounce on the victim.

Death Howl- Tony stands up and howls in the direction of his target. The sounds waves fill up the victim's body, bruising and fracturing as many bones as it can.

At a time of his choice (usually on the battle field), Tony can be faster and stronger than the average Zuman, Noman, or Human for that matter.

*Experience Level: Intermediate

*Likes: Being the best, gloating, victory, being well-known
*Dislikes: Anyone that threatens his victory, people who claim to better than him
*Fears: Defeat, being humiliated, losing his fame
*Values: Victory, Fame,
*Bad Habits: Gloating, bad memory, quick to attack
*General Personality: Tony is extremely self-centered and arrogant. He's constantly determined and focused to get good results. Ever since a child, Tony wanted to be the best. So from they very beginning he trained himself to get the results he wanted. He loves being praised and will never let people forget how great he thinks he is. I guess he's your typical "Draco Malfoy".
Trademark(s): A manipulative laugh that is annoying to some, but frightening to others.

Brother(s): Borgan, Wulfrun, and Deryn Derrington
Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Adela Derrington
Father: Deegon Derrington
Non-Immediate Family: Raulf Derrington (Uncle)
Friend(s): Pierce Nutlea and Baryn Earle
*Personal History: Antonio grew up always traveling with his three brothers (Borgan, Wulfrun, and Deryn) and their uncle, Raulf, who was a professional fighter. They traveled to big cities and Tony and his brothers watched their uncle battle it out in a variety of tournaments with a variety of fighters. Tony always looked up to him and told himself from the beginning that he was going to be just like Raulf. When he turned 13, he enrolled in many different little league fighting tournaments and was victories is many of them. He used his teenage years to build himself up to what he is now.

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*Name: Valentine
Nickname(s): "Little Miss Cupid"
*Age: 12
*Gender: Female
*Alignment: Chaotic Good
*Competitor?: Duh.
*Species: Zuman
Occupation: Making people find their true love Candy Shop Clerk
Melee Superstar - ARC 1 5237bfcce8739fc657cf2d2dea5e235b

Affinity: Alchemy
Item(s): Exploding Candies, Sticky Gumdrops used to trap enemies, and just regular candy to munch on
Fighting Style/Preferred Weapon(s): Bow & Arrows of Love (They are just regular bow&arrows)
*Skills: Jumping High, Balance, and speedy
"Heart Shooter!" This attack is when Valentine throws a giant candy heart of the user first to cause unconsciousness. She then points her arrow and shoots you in the heart. Note: Doesn't always work 100%, she can end up missing and hitting your arm


*Experience Level: Basic

*Likes: Strawberries, Playing Matchmaker, Singing, Dancing, Candy, People who will play with her
*Dislikes: "Meanies," People who don't want to get married, Veggies
*Fears: That she won't find her true love and will live alone
*Values: Loyalty, Honesty, Teamwork
*Bad Habits: Gossiping
*General Personality: A young energetic girl always in your business. She's friendly to everyone she meets on the road. It's as if she's always on a sugar rush and won't ever stop. She loves to give hugs and will sometimes spill important details.
Trademark(s): Has a habit of saying "Nya!" and "Meow!"
Always eating sweets and sugary things

Brother(s): None
Sister(s): 1 older sister named Angeline
Mother: Name is Flora
Father: His name is Mark, and he owns the Candy Shop
Non-Immediate Family: An uncle named Joesph. He is jobless, and is always losing his money from gambling. He is not married.
Friend(s): She considers everyone her friend. But her best friend is Fred, her neighbor.
*Personal History: Valentine grew up in a middle class household of Nekos. She works in the Candy Shop with her father. Over the past years, she's made many friends and is a favorite to the locals.
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If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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