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 Year 3115: Redemption

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RP Laureate

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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Year 3115: Redemption   Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:19 pm

Commander Renum, leader of one of the most advanced militaries in the galaxy (if it could even be called a military; he preferred to call it united radicalism, and he hated it) was deeply troubled. A Gray Martian, he had single-handedly created the Martian Military, after years of arguing, political maneuvers, financial campaigns and propaganda that not even the most moronic soul would believe. Yet, here he was, about a thousand years after the "Great Ascension" - the day that Earthlings and Martians first made contact - and this is what he had? The leaders of each planet, with the exception of Pluto (thanks to it's political turmoil), had decided to organize the PDPC (Planetary Defense and Protection Confederation): a galactic joining of both police and military forces. So, when these same leaders demanded that Pluto be brought to heel by any means necessary, it was Commander Renum who was ordered to create a task force that could pull enough strings, destroy enough landmarks and send enough souls to the Creator in order to accomplish the PDPC's goals. They had to be ruthless, they had to swift, they had to be powerful, and they had to ultimately accept their expendability. Renum asked for the galaxy's best, and this is what he got.

He was staring at them through the one-way mirror. Some of them looked uncomfortable, almost to the point of being rigid. Some of them looked a little too comfortable, like they'd been through this before.
"That's a quite a crew you got there!" exclaimed Commander Kublai, leader of Earth's military sect.
Kublai's sudden appearance startled Renum. Kublai had taken so long to go to the bathroom, Renum had forgotten he was here at all.
"Yes, hopefully they'll do." replied Renum solemnly.
Renum and Kublai had a bit of a rivalry. Nothing personal, but it seemed as if the two were also competing to see who was better.
"What's the sitrep, Renum? Who are these people?"
Renum sighed. He knew he'd have to do this eventually.

Renum first drew his attention to the heavenly looking female who was at the head of the table. Her chair, notably, looked a bit nicer than everyone else's.
"The Divinas is Meldarya Fayette Kalafina, the-"
"You mean the Meldarya? Venus' 'Guardian of the Jewels?'"
"The very same one. Why Venus appointed her, they refuse to tell me. Something about teaching responsibility or making her fit to rule."
"As if years of guarding hadn't done that for her already. Don't they think it's a little dangerous to be sending the heir to the throne into the line of fire?"
"I'm not entirely sure they know what they're getting her into, but from what I've heard, she knows how to protect herself."
"Heh... Nice pick, Renum. Real nice. You do understand that if she dies, the entire galaxy is going to blame you."
"Yes, Kublai, I understand that fully. But it will be the galaxy's imperative to understand that these souls were sent to me, I had little to no choice in the matter."
"Are you saying you weren't chosen to lead the- what did that one Magmagore call it?"
"'The Greatest Special Operations Force in the universe?'"
"That's it!"
"Kublai, you of all people should understand the way that politics and the military work. Ultimately, I"m just another scapegoat."
"Another pawn... like them."
Renum nodded silently.
"The Zarkov-" Renum was cut off by Kublai's scoffing.
"That's General Snow, yeah?"
"Yes, actually. I didn't tag you as one who often kept up with Pluto's political affairs, Kublai."
"Heh. Leave it to the Zarkov to send the general of the most powerful state in Pluto- the one state that we're backing, simply because it's got the guns - to the task force who's sole purpose is to unite Pluto under one will. Ain't that politics if I ever seen 'em."
"Yes, the PDPC's 'tolerance' had only 'worn thin' because Snow's leader, uh... what's his name..."
Kublai could also not recall.
"Well, her leader practically begged the PDPC to help."
"Heh... typical."

Kublai was not very happy with who was up next.
"Is that... The Yokai?"
Kublai grabbed Renum's collar with enough force to intimidate, but not enough to threaten. Renum waited a while to answer.
"He practically volunteered."
Kublai released Renum, pushing him a little.
"What the devil is one of the galaxy's most well-known vigilantes doing on a military task force?!"
"Yes, Kublai, what would the esteemed bounty hunter and vigilante want to do with an operation who's entire purpose is to eliminate the same corrupt cartel lords, crime rings and trafficking organizations that he's been hunting for years?"
Kublai didn't answer, but he didn't look too happy either.
"Think about it: when we came to him with this, he had the opportunity to do what he does best, get paid far more than he could ever make working on his own, and, if he succeeds, he may even become a galactic hero."
Kublai had calmed down, but he was still very upset.
"Yes.. Can you imagine? 'Yokai coffee mugs,' 'Yokai t-shirts,' 'Yokai Halloween costumes.' Your greatest challenge smiling at you from a billboard as you return home every evening."
"That's enough, Renum. It's not my say, but if I were you, I wouldn't trust him any further than I could throw him."
Renum chuckled, pleased to have upset his rival in such a way.
"Who's the Magmagore?"
"He calls himself Augustus. That's about all we could get out of him in terms of history. His files indicated that he enrolled at 13 and become one of their top soldiers. Now he's here."
"Not much of a talker, huh?"
"No, not at all, I'm afraid."
"Good. They're the ones that follow orders the best."
"Yes... Next up is your abomination, Kublai."
"Excuse me?"
"Not a machine, not a man, but with the qualities of both. You took this man, Michael North, and man who was just trying to do his job, and you snatched him from the clutches of death. You made looked at your Robocop action figure on your desk (yes, I know about it) and you made it into a reality!"
"Renum, understand, North here is the best soldier to ever exist. I have brought you a soldier who has beaten death!"
"Yes, Kublai... Unfortunately, death is not so forgiving the second time around. See to it that your slave doesn't do anything foolish."
"He won't, Renum. He knows what he has to do to get the job done."
"He's spent every day since you saved him waiting and wanting to die, Kublai. Trust me, I know. Make sure that he doesn't."
"He won't."
Renum faked a smirk, his heart sinking a little bit as he knew what was about to happen next.
"And next is your abomination, Renum."
"R339 is nothing like Michael. R339 is was created, not repurposed."
"83 dead in a department store, Renum."
"You're acting like I built the thing!"
"You were the biggest investors, Renum. You got your little robot finished, then you set it loose on my planet, all proud-like. Then he kills 83 of my citizens and you just take him away as if nothing happened!"
"That was an unfortunate accident, Kublai. But now, it will serve the galaxy better than it ever could in the medical field."
"Heh, yeah, only because the R341's have made him obsolete."
"Not obsolete, dear Kublai. He has been reborn."
"Looks like Michael and he aren't so different after-all."
Renum paused at this.
"I'll go and talk with them."


As per usual, it was, at the moment, relatively silent upon Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and the location of one of the PDPC's newest military outposts. The soldier, Owens, put his feet up on the desk, as he did every day after his morning coffee. Unfortunately, Owens was battling with another wave of depression. He spent years serving Earth's military faithfully, and his assignment now was watching a couple screens, all while his pregnant wife worked like a dog aboard the base. His eyes were again welling up, until something caught his eye on the screen. There was way more activity than usual in Jupiter's "Big Red Spot." Owens thought that perhaps he should tell his commanding officer, but the poor sap was off with whatever single women the base had to offer, as he always was this time of day. Owens just leaned back in his chair and decided to let the cookie crumble where it may... And then, as is the usual fashion for Owens, decided against it. He radioed in to Mars, where his commanding officer's commanding officer was posted. He explained the situation, hoping to get his commanding officer fired, and then leaned back in his chair again. It was out of his hands now.

Renum stepped into the meeting room, where the members of his task force were gathered, each of them in a slick, uncomfortable chair.
"You should all know why you're here. Whether it's for your government, the good of your planet, or yourselves, you're all here for one reason: To bring the galaxy together. As you should know, I am Commander Renum, and I"
Renum was interrupted by a human secretary coming and whispering something in his ear. Kublai was at the door, and he seemed concerned.
"Please excuse me for a moment."
Renum stepped out of the room.


Michael North, referred to by his fellow soldiers as "Archangel," looked silently at the other people in the room with him. These were the people that he'd be working with for at least the next year? Princesses, outlaws, and soldiers, all in one place. Michael, particularly, was deeply disturbed by the robot. It looked even more human than he did. Looking down at his metallic hand, Michael couldn't help but wonder when he, like the robot next to him, would become obsolete by the power of science. What would happen to him? Would he finally die, and join his wife and stillborn son? Or would he simply be shut down, living in a coma for the rest of eternity? He wasn't even paying attention to the Gray Martian commander as he spoke, but when he left the room, things got even more awkward. It was all a question as to who would speak up first.
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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

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PostSubject: Re: Year 3115: Redemption   Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:03 am

R339 rose its head finally after Renum had left the room It's beautifully crafted ears had heard every word the two had uttered even behind the wall. It seemed to speak out as if questioning itself more than speaking. "Abomination...noun....definition...a thing that causes disgust or hatred." R339 looks towards the man that Renum and Kublai had called Michael North. "You do not seem to be causing distress to the others in the room, so I can safely draw the conclusion that the term abomination was used in a derogatory sense to insult us." R339 rose for a moment as if stretching after a long sleep.

"Processing... error found. R339 is being used for purposes other than original program dictates. Run field test...."
R339 lights around its system run a gamut of colors. Red, green, violet. At one point its entire body fades and goes translucent before returning to sight. R339 looks at the others in the room and moves about. "Medical records located on all seated, need to veri...." A soft but very audible beeping can be heard coming from R339's torso as a red light can be seen blinking just below it's chest piece near where a heart would be located. "Anomaly detected... R339 has been equipped with a kill switch." R339 looked down at itself as a child would look the first time they were scolded, arms spread in a questioning way, it sat itself down.

Another original thought had crept into it's computerized brain. "Why would R339 need a killswitch? Is R339 not trusted... is R339 dangerous?"
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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

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PostSubject: Re: Year 3115: Redemption   Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:16 am

~7 years ago~

Tsubaki held his right fist up, circling his left nearby his right, counterclockwise, with a sarcastic demeanor of suprise as the two Gaurds then went over who he is:

"Tsubaki Myrrh, a 14 year old human, from Soeul, has almost uncountable amounts of misdemeanors that were excused for his age. Well, until now. We caught him stealing a weapon core from the markets," the first gaurd said.

"Send him to the Galley, didn't his parents agree to it. Get him to fix himself?" The other questioned.

"That's correct."

Tsubaki then swung his middle finger up from his right hand, giving the Gaurds then finger, showing a Suprised look, looking between them and his middle finger, saying, "Oh... Oh my god. I-I'm sorry. I didn't know how this new toy worked."

The gaurds unflattered from Tsubaki's action of giving them the finger,  then prepared him to the Gallows, a correctional facility orbiting Earth.

~Current day~

Tsubaki, listening to Renum and Kublai talk about him, thinking, 'If I see one peice of merchandise having to do with me, I will make their corpse a Jason Pullock painting.'

Tsubaki looked amoungst everyone in the room, looking at the two ladies, already unflattered by the fact of them being of different speceis. Tsubaki then stood up and sighed, toying with a small device that he found back on his restock in Mars. He then pressed a button on his mask to allow him to take it off. Tsubaki's red hair fell down to the fold on his back, he then held his helmet in his right hand, looking out to the Moon's landscape outside. His long red hair was normally what had people question his gender. He then said, "If anyone comments about my appearance, be prepared to have a Shuriken in your brain."
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PostSubject: Re: Year 3115: Redemption   

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Year 3115: Redemption
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