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 Two halves of a whole

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Pen Wielder
Pen Wielder

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PostSubject: Two halves of a whole   Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:09 pm

Doing some more writings for possible illustrated storybook. I like horror but sometimes real life can strike into your heart just the same.

Here’s a story to close your eyes, it was always you I despised. The song is over the lullaby has ended, yet you won’t die. I know my life would be better if I just let you go, yet I cannot. You cling to me like a leech, slowly draining my life. Why… can’t you close your eyes and say goodbye.

You push forward, even though your limbs are broken. You continue, even though your insides bleed. You persevere, even though your mind is damaged. You believe, even though you want to die.

Why do I let you continue? Why do I care if you survive? Why shouldn’t I be happy? Why do you do for others which they do not do for you? How long can you give before there is nothing left?

I am watching you fall apart to sustain the need of others. You smile as you tear off your hand. You laugh while you bleed. You joke when you feel yourself choke.  

You cannot keep giving unless you somehow sustain. Yet you cannot. I know you will not ask.

So you continue… to give.

I know one day you will die. The bullet will taste so sweet. The lake so cool. The fire so invigorating. Any will be invited as welcome guests.

You and I are two pieces of a whole. I created you, I made you. I molded you to be better in others eyes. You like to make others happy, but that doesn’t seem to work. People will continue to drain you of everything you can give. They don’t care that you’re tired, weak, and need to cry.  So I have to let you die. So that some part of me can survive. Yet I know you will not go willingly, life lessons of pain and misery haven’t killed you yet. So what hopes do I have.


Here’s a story to close your eyes, it was always… me I despised.
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PostSubject: Re: Two halves of a whole   Fri Oct 23, 2015 4:39 pm

Thats just horrible, this is depressing. When I saw the title I thought "oh, Dusk wrote a story on twins or siblings or some pair of things." Then I read this. I could see this being an amazing art piece almost done to look like an xray or somethings with the lyrics around it somehow. I can't tell if you're writing this and getting into character or if you are going through some stuff but if you need me you have my number.

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Two halves of a whole
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