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 The Nine Rulers

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Kojirou Sasaki

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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: The Nine Rulers   Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:28 pm

With a yell, Greiger falls over, his left arm grasping at where his hand had just been. Amelie, the last standing member of the group, rushes over to clutch him.

A laugh rings out, and the Enchantress steps forward. "Is this the best you have to throw at me? PATHETIC!"

Wordlessly, Amelie grabs Greiger and runs, abandoning the party. There was no reason to try and save them; they were already dead.

The Enchantress watched them, chuckling. "I'll let you flee. How else will fear of my power spread?"

She looked down at the corpses in front of her, smiling and licking her lips. With a snap, she calls one of her attendants, a scrawny fellow with an abnormally large left eye, forward.

"Yes mistress?" he replies in a squeaky voice.

She snaps again, "write this down, a letter to all the realms of the verse."

"Yes mistress," he replies, withdrawing a piece of parchment and a feather pen.

"You know who I am, you know what I do. You know the spells that bind me, and the others, are waning, and soon we will come for you."

As she says this, she waves her arms over the corpses, her magic copying the images to the parchment.

"So build your armies, dream your dreams."

As she speaks, she summons a sword, surrounded in black energy, and clasps it in her hand.

"Make your plans, scheme your schemes."

She steps up to the corpses, raising her sword high.

"Send your heroes, one and all."

She chuckles at the dead men who dared try to prevent her reawakening.


Their heads roll before her as she laughs maniacally into the night.

150 Years Later

"Everything is set for the coming of age ceremony," Greigor said, trying to lighten Amelie's mood.

She shrugged. She hadn't spoken since the event 150 years ago.

"Come now," Greigor said, "you can't blame yourself. None of us were prepared for her."

Amelie nodded, but Greiger knew she wasn't listening.

Greigor sighed. "Come now, let's just focus on this now. It's an important day for the kids, they're finally going to learn their ability attunements. They've been waiting their whole lives for this."

Amelie sighed, but nodded her agreement.

Greigor smiled. "Alright. Let's get it started," he said as they walked towards the stage.

Hey guys, this was an idea I had formed a few weeks ago and I wanted to see if anyone was interested in turning this into a roleplay. Let me know if you're interested!

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Roleplay Characters

PostSubject: Re: The Nine Rulers   Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:16 am

Sounds like a great roleplay
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The Nine Rulers
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