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PostSubject: Re: Gamble & Prosper   Gamble & Prosper - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2016 8:26 pm


App finally woke up after who knows how long. Soon he realized he was relocated to a different room and was strapped to the side of a wall with a bunch of wires and pads connected to him. He looks around to see that only a middle aged man sitting on a chair looking down on his tablet. "Who are you? Where did John go?"

The man suddenly looks up to App, almost startled seeing him wide awake. He turns off his tablet and sets it aside onto the desk next to him. "The name's Dr. Gidan, I'm just here to watch over you since John is busy with the other subjects. However I am glad I am finally able to talk to you one on one." He then moves his chair closer to App, just a few feet in front of him.

Staring at the strange man sitting in front of him, he starts to wonder what this guy's deal is. None of the scientists really cared about him, they just made sure to stay at a safe distance knowing of his abilities. "What does a random scientist want with me? If there's anyone interesting, it would be Raph, 404, or 666. They always get the most attention since I can't do much..."

"It's because I am a fan of you! You remind me of those old Greek tales about the Minotaur, except just a more awesome modern day one. He rolls over to the computer and brings up a video. It was an overhead view of the test in which App had demolished the test drones. Another video is shown within the habitat itself, a camera was hidden within the rocks recording App's little training session. "For the time you are able to move around as you please, you are a force to be reckoned with. If you so wished, you could break out right now and help your fellow experiments. And now you are given a new ability with the DNA John injected to you!"

Breaking out? That thought never really occurred to him since he was always so tired after his experimentations and testing. The only thing he could really do was just help anyone within the habitat if they were being treated wrongly. He also has a lot of questions about this new ability that Gidan is talking about. All it has done so far is twisting his reality and then passing out after the immense torture. Perhaps if he could control it, it may prove useful with his other abilities. "Just what am I able to do with this Devil's Snare? I'm sure you know already, but it is just leaves me helpless once it goes into effect."

"I don't know how to help you with that, however you may be able to learn on your own. You'll need to take these special pills that Eve forgot to feed you, and while that takes into affect, I'll hit you up with some electricity to enhance it. That is when you'll try to figure out how to use your new powers. Well, sounds like a plan?" He then holds out his hand with a couple of pills that Gidan mentioned.

With one last chance to improve himself even more, he questions why this man wants to even help him succeed in escaping this place. "Before I go through with this, just why are you even helping me in the first place?"

Gidan closes his eyes and sits back in his chair, "The reason is because I am not particularly fond of these acts that ALPHA does. However, if I do wish to quit, they'll most likely kill me off just like the rest. This is my only chance to help bring this place down and make sure nothing like this happens with anymore young kids like yourself, even if your powers are extraordinary."

That's all App needed to hear, and with a quick "I'll do it!", his body began to feel drowsy all over once he swallowed the pills. Then came the electric shocks which shut off his consciousness. In the corners of his mind, a memory played out. He was in the library, reading about all sorts of animals and of their biology. He had always fascinated about them and wondered if they had thoughts just like humans. The site of a heartbeat flashes in his eyes, the books started to glow. Another heartbeat flashes, he's on the roof of the library with grass by his feet. Eventually the heartbeats began to flash rapidly, changing the landscape App saw, from grassy plains to snowy mountaintops. With one final flash, App can see the Earth as he stands on the moon before he quickly falls into the Earth's atmosphere, burning up into stardust.

Opening his eyes, he sees his own reflection in the water. His eyes were glowing a bright, watery orange, which then faded away a few seconds later. Not really sure what he accomplished, he get's up to realize this wasn't a dream, he was back in his old habitat, wide awake.
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PostSubject: Re: Gamble & Prosper   Gamble & Prosper - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2016 9:41 pm


Gamble & Prosper - Page 2 0cde8cd20ad0177631e55753a25460d2

My name is Aaron, but you probably already knew that. The failure, the screw up, the reject. But let's back up a bit, shall we?

My brother was always treated special due to his blindness. But, there is a dirty little secret about that...something ALPHA would never reveal. ALPHA had their eyes peeled on him every since they tested him in their lab, well, actually it was done in a hospital. Raphael, the poor kid didn't even know what was going on.

So how did I get roped into all this? I'm not that much older than my brother. Maybe by like four years, but it's hard to say nowadays when all the days blend together. Well, they took my brother away, to 'fix' his eyes. However, I tried to tell my gullible parents about how I didn't trust those guys in white coats, but they refused to listen to me. They cared more about Rapahel than me, the 'normal' one. I was just a kid who knew nothing to them. However, when I finally had a brain, I ran away. I needed to find what happened to my brother and they were giving me no answers. My parents could not stop me. Stealing a wad of cash from my parent's savings and an old, beaten bookbag full of what I thought I needed, I set out on my quest.

My journey toughened me up. I saw the world in the light that my parents tried to hide: cruel. I saw people die, people torn away, people praising false gods. I didn't want to know any of that...I just wanted Raphael back. I hardly survived in the world...I almost let the corruption consume me. I finally ended up at a facility in the middle of plains. Such a charming little place that hid the darkness inside. I remember walking through the huge pearly white doors, hoping to see my brother smiling on the other side. I must of looked like a street rat at that point, as the lady at the desk dropped her pen when she saw me.

She was such a sweet lady, telling me that Rapahel was indeed there and she would get the doctor to see me. However, when the doctor, Dr. R, entered the room, he only had a sly smile under his clean-shaven face. He told me little things, like how Rapahel was exceeding beyond his expectations and that he was pleased with the progress. What should of caught me off guard was the way he addressed my brother...not by name, but by a number. However, my eager young self took in every word he said. He told me he wanted to see if he could help me as well. He said I had great potential, like Raphael. Dr. R ruffled my greasy hair and lead me through two doors with small circular windows...two doors I would never exit again.

All I wanted to see was my brother again....if only I was smarter, stronger, and not naive. The procedures involved many needles, injections, and surgeries. I was kept like an animal in a cage. I remember crying myself to sleep most nights from all the pain. They were pretty much stitching me into something I didn't want to become. But why? Why were they doing this? I felt like an angel of deception with those wings. Every day, I asked the aid about my brother, but they just scowled and called me by a number. Gosh, how I hated that number.

But let's skip that part. It's not pleasant and I don't want to remember it. Sonar was my ticket to finding my brother, even though that procedure was the worst. It has unbearable pain that starts in my chest every time I tried to use it. It was like my body knew that what they were doing were not normal. I kept trying to reach my brother..I got a few feeble responses, but none were my brother. I heard the others..their pains, their cries, their hopes, their deaths....Until that one day...the day I found hope again.

And that's it, or at least the important parts. Now it's time to survive to make it out of this mess.


It must of been a few hours when Raphael finally came to. He groaned and scratched a part of his tail that itched. It seems a patch of fur was now missing, leaving some bare skin. He tried covering it with the fur around the patch. However, something was right...Raphael smelled blood. Usually the scientists covered the wounds they caused with plaster, but not this one. He followed his nose to the scent of blood and picked up 839's scent.

"Are you alright?" He bent down since her scent was near the ground. He guessed she was sitting. "You seem hurt?"

"What does it matter anyway." A bitter voice responded. It was nothing like her usually peppy self.

"Well, I wouldn't spend my time mopping probably should clean yourself up." Raphael smiled, but he didn't know how she would react. "We'll make it out of here. Just give yourself a chance." He didn't even know her name, but that didn't matter. Raphael was tired of it all, especially now that Aaron was involved.
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PostSubject: Re: Gamble & Prosper   Gamble & Prosper - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2016 1:00 pm


Lyca continued to draw in the dirt. Her stick's tip broke after a time, but she used the new angle to add more depth to the pattern.

Her ears twitched at the sound of the doors opening. After a moment, her nose picked up a new scent. Musky, so male. Not crisp or pristine so another experiment, not a scientist. And a hint of corrosive toxicity. Great, another experiment messing around with poisons. Like, seriously, Lyca is the only one who doesn't have a deadly toxin in her body. She's just regular, flat damage, deadly.

She continues doodling in the dirt, though it looks more than a doodle now. Her ears shift, picking up someone approaching. She already knew who the someone was.

Experiment #839 came up to her, feeling overly frisky, and hissed at her face. Lyca didn't quite catch all of it (so many cat puns) mostly something about the cat being cuter and a whole lot of "nyas~".

Lyca just calmly replied, "that's a lot of mews. You seem very overly excited today, little kitten."

The cat girl stormed off with another hiss.

The nerve of that cat girl, Lyca thought. She needs a reality check.

Lyca looked down and saw tracks through her pattern in the dirt. She huffed.

Another reason to dislike her.

Lyca scruffed her drawing and chucked the stick in the river. She then went into a deeper part of the forest section. She practiced her punching combos on a thicker tree, nothing too vicious so she doesn't lose her toy too early. She stays light on her feet and hits the tree rhythmically. She did this for a long while. Would take a 5 minute break before returning to her workout.

Every once in a while her ears twitch as she picks up what the other experiments are doing, and when someone gets hauled away for another torture session. Though for some reason one of the kids was yelling all the way from the mountain range. Most incidents she just locked away for mental notes. Strange to say, but it's nice usually being one of the first to get experimented on in the day. Get it out and over with. Right after Dr. R has his coffee, but before it runs out at lunch time. She succumbs to whatever the researchers dream up over night but a small price to pay instead of the pop up experimenting.

Only the incident on #666 made her heart drop, torture being done right by the larger bend in the river. Screams. Less natural screams. And a few other sound effects she rather not discuss, even compared to most others she's dealt with and at distance they were. The river will run red for a while.

Lyca clenched her fist and tightly closed her eyes. Her fist went straight through the tree on her next cross chop.

"They have done so much and yet they keeping pushing." Lyca growled softly to herself. These are all teenagers, human teens tortured worse than animals. Lyca's tail flicks irregularly. She squeezes a low branch in her arm, folding at the elbow, and it snaps in just a second.

"Something needs to be done soon. Even if not today, soon." Lyca scruffs. She throws a few more jabs at the trunk. She stops mid punch and sniffs the air, ears twitching. She studies her surroundings, trying to pinpoint it. She gets a slightly stronger signal when the doors open, but it's still too faint, even for her canine enhancements.

Lyca huffs in defeat. Then a bemused smile creeps on her face.

"Maybe I'm just missing the right angle." Lyca says quietly.

Lyca stares into the forest for a long moment. With a sigh, she shrugs, and wanders off to see if she can catch Eve anywhere.
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PostSubject: Re: Gamble & Prosper   Gamble & Prosper - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2016 11:08 pm


"Please wake up Subject Omega"

#666 stirred a bit, a jolt seemed to flow through his body. He felt the cool river with his left hand as he pushed himself upwards from the ground. He went to open his eyes, his vision was off, like the world was leaning or off in some way. He saw the blood splattered ground and rock in front of him, it suddenly hit him. He reached his hand up and slowly reached for his blind eye. He jumped when he felt the metallic cold of the new eye. "My.... eye.... is gone. What the hell is this thing?"

"Subject Omega, pleased to meet you. Shall I begin calibrating your vision?"

The voice echoes through his mind.

"I guess..." mutters #666 to himself, suddenly his other eye opens to a sea of red shades, his vision is correct but now a tint of red is seen everywhere. The some dialog appears in front of his vision. ~Calibrating spectrum~ His vision slowly alters and changes to the correct world view. ~Initiating protocols~ appears before him blocking part of his vision. #666 begins to walk, noticing his vision is working well, but a little off as he throws his head back and forth letting the eye race to catch up. Suddenly the voice echoes in his head again.

"Please stop shaking me for no reason subject Omega, I get sick. Priority one mission in effect currently. Locate all other test subjects and allow me to gather data."

#666 stops and listens intently to his newfound metallic friend. Politeness goes a long way in this place. Guess I better not make her mad. He begins to walk trying to locate the other subjects. Speaking to himself as he walks. "I'm sorry for spinning you earlier." He stops for a moment. "Oh good, now I'm talking to myself, not only is it ok for me to be a tool for these people now there driving me insane."

The metallic voice chimes in.

"You are not insane, subject Omega. You are you, and I am I. If you wish for me to initiate insanity features I can kindly do so."

#666 quickly responds "No, that is quite ok. It's just a little jarring having you in my head. You make me feel like a robot."

The metallic voice echoes back.

"I'm sorry, I do not wish you to feel wrong. I will initiate thespian protocols." The voice changes midway through the message from the metallic grinding to a soft female voice. "Is this better? I looked through your memories and found enough information from a female you found pleasing."

#666 began walking again, his vision had highlighted a figure just beyond the tree-line. "Yes it is, who is it? I can't recall anything."

The metallic female voice echoed

"Not a family member. Perhaps a good friend, maybe a love interest. I cannot tell you more. You have had plenty of conversations with her and from that I was able to piece together and alphabet. Now please locate the other subjects."

#666 giggled for a second. "Whatever you say metal lady."
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PostSubject: Re: Gamble & Prosper   Gamble & Prosper - Page 2 Icon_minitime

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